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Image from Spectator, Vol I

Spectator Technical Notes

Note to the Reader:

The technical aspects of the Spectator project have changed (the date of this note: 2003-05-29).

2000 to 2001

  • Text is scanned into tif files which will also serve as archival copies.
  • TIF files are rendered into simple text using OCR software.
  • The text files are proof-read and edited as necessary.
  • The footnotes are appended to the issue and numbered.
  • The text is marked up using a variety of editors:

    Amaya W3C's Editor/Browser

    KDE Advanced Editor

    GNU Emacs

  • Tidy is used to validate the code and transfer it to XHTML.
  • The footnote javascript is cut and pasted into the issue. Remember to remove double quotes (") from the text in the javascript, use single quotes (').
  • The finished pages are transferred from the workstation to the host server by sftp.

2001 to 2002

  • We moved from XHTML to XML. If you are interested in the XML markup, please see: LatinML
  • We used Cocoon from the Apache Foundation to transfrom the XML to HTML so that any browser could render the XML text.
  • Please refer to the Spectator XML page for those issues in XML and XHTML. These were marked up almost entirely with vim.

2002 to 2003

  • All of the Spectator is now available in DjVu format.
  • Please refer to the Spectator Main Page for other texts including the Tatler and Bailey's Dictionary.