April 13, 1992 Vreme News Digest Agency No 29


Danilo Z. Markovic, Enlightener

Lies, Hatred and Stupidity

by Stojan Cerovic

When the MP Seselj kicks teachers who are demonstrating in front of the Parliament, it is because he has understood quicker and better than anyone the times that are coming. He wants power and knows that this kind of gesture only increases his reputation and popularity. Who cares about teachers and schools?


A Brief Review of Anti-inflation Programs

The Curse of Dead Programs

by Dimitrije Boarov

If Serbian and military estimates that the Yugoslav People's Army must remain in Bosnia & Herzegovina for another 5-8 years are translated into the language of economics, then it becomes clear that the hesitation concerning the implementation of an anti-inflation policy, allegedly due to the lack of an exact definition of the territories in which it would be implemented, is just an excuse for Bozovic's government to go on with its hyperinflationary policy. One can assume that it finally became clear to everybody that it will not be possible to define the exact territories which will be affected by Yugoslavia's newest economic policy in the near future. That is, these territories will be defined by the firing range of an expensive army



International Protectorate is the Solution

by Roksanda Nincic

Radovan Karadzic fled to Pale (near Sarajevo) where he is protected by guns, leaving the Serbs in Sarajevo in the lurch


The Soothsaying Powers of Mr. Branko Kostic


Serbia In a Cracked Mirror

A Little Change to Stay the Same

by Milan Milosevic

Announcement of a general strike in Radio Television Belgrade uncovers pathological state of the Serbian Government


War Against Bosnia

by Milos Vasic, Zehrudin Isakovic, Milan Sutalo, Mensur Camo, Tanja Topic

War came to Bosnia with its independence. The March barricades in Sarajevo were just a dress rehearsal, the incidents in front of the "Holiday Inn" the premiere of a long rehearsed play about blowing Bosnia to pieces. The leading actors met all the expectations: SDS (Serbian Democratic Party) has fRAMed its picture, the Croatian side has dug-in its positions, JNA is finding it difficult to choose between General Adzic's hard-line and General Kukanjac's more realistic attitudes, SDA (Party of Democratic Action) is regrouping with fatal delay, and the people are desperate


Bozovic on the "Silk Road"

The news of the "conditioned" lifting of sanctions against Serbia has found the Serbian prime minister on a quest for new markets: he kept a vigilant eye of the meeting of the European Twelve ministers in Luxembourg, from - Beijing


Opinion Poll

Should Ante Markovic Be Brought To Trial?

After rumours that the ex Yugoslav prime minister Ante Markovic would be nominated by a group of Croatian opposition parties to run for president of the Republic of Croatia, "Globus", the Zagreb weekly asked 244 Croatian citizens to comment on this. One hundred and twenty eight (52.5%) out of the 244 polled said that "Ante Markovic should be brought to trial"


From a Personal Point of View

Badly "Organized" News of a Well Organized Madness

by Nenad Pejic

Two years ago when we in Television Sarajevo analyzed the political situation in the country and the task of our profession, primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the assessment was as follows