June 11, 1996 Vreme News Digest Agency No 244


Marko Milosevic

by Dragoslav Grujic

Son of the Serbian President

Born: July 3, 1974.

Education: Went to Veselin Maslesa high school, dropped out and graduated as a part-time student, "that was the only way to get rid of that misery" and became a culture associate. Now he's a student at the Karic Brothers' College studying management.

Career: Similar to his peers- none for now.

What is he known as: The son of Slobodan, president of the republic of Serbia.

Does that bother him: "I don't want anyone to see me as just the son of the president, not even the police." Still, "why not say it, this position brings me certain privileges."

What does he want his father to be: "Retired."

Did he have problems with the police: "They report me frequently."

What does he think of the police: "I think the Belgrade SWAT team is a little immoderate. They're too arrogant."

Does he have security: "I have no bodyguard, or security and the policeman you saw in front of my house isn't there to guard me but the house. That's a little humiliating for me."

Greatest passion: Guns when he was younger. He owns a Rufer GP 100 357 magnum. "I loved guns so much I wanted to become a police inspector."

Why didn't he become an inspector: Mother influenced him to change his mind. He became a rally driver.

How did he become a rally driver: Under a decision of the family summit, after a series of car accidents. "We concluded that car races are safer for me than new adventures on the road."

When does he feel best: "At 200 km an hour on the road. Then I'm my own man on my own."

What kind of driver is he: "Dangerous. He's had several accidents in which people were injured.

Does he drive his parents: "I drive my mother occasionally but she gets scared. Father acts like a driving instructor and I avoid him."

As a race driver he is second class - his best achievements were two fourth places in Kraljevo and Novi Sad. In a 1993 race in Sofia he won second place and got an international racing license.

How many cars has he totaled so far: "I've had 19 accidents. Father got angry about the first 15 cars. After that no one paid attention.

Sports: "I trained judo for two years."

Is he independent: He started earning money early. Work in the Rolex cafe in Pozarevac. The owner of that cafe is one of his main sponsors and he says he has many others (Sprint Studio, Union MZ, Interspid, Di Steffano.... He lives alone in Pozarevac in the family house (Nemanjina 33). He owns the Madonna disco.

How does he see himself: "I'm a gentle, sensitive Cancer who needs someone to care for and love him. But I have a big problem. I'm slightly prone to depression and I am a pessimist."

Wishes for the future: To graduate university in the next 10 years and become a rally champion.

Would he leave the country: "You know how it is, a country is a country, once you have your own country you have huge potential. I have to admit if I were forced to leave Yugoslavia for material, social or any other reason, I probably would. But I think a country isn't an empty Coca-Cola can which can just be thrown away."

What does he like: Jeans in different colors, Nike shoes, cars, guns, pagers, girls and his mother.

What does he like best - guns, cars or girls: "Music, guns and cars are things I see myself in completely. I can't sit in a car alone without music and a gun. Everything has to be there. I have to have a girl and music and a car and gun. I would like guns to remain my passion."

What is Communism: "Read Das Capital by Karl Marx and Sociology by Mira Markovic and you'll see."

Politics and ideology: Claims he's not interested in politics but is an ideological communist. "Ideologically I am a communist and I think I would be that regardless of my parents."

Did he vote: "No, I didn't. I was prevented from doing so, and unfortunately I now have the right to vote but that does not attract me too much."

Did he really rent a villa in Greece: Greek weekly Ependitis said Marko rented a villa for 12,500 DEM per month and paid 150,000 DEM in advance for a year. That report was denied fairly convincingly by Politika: "The house was bought by our company which has five other companies abroad," Interspid founder Petar Komljenovic said.