June 5, 1995 Vreme News Digest Agency No 192

A Letter of Secession

Hadzic Re-activated

by Filip Svarm

Will Hadzic separate Eastern Slavonia from the rest of the Krajina if Pale and Knin go ahead and unite? That could be a serious blow to the leaders in Knin since Eastern Slavonia is the richest, most populated and best armed part of the RSK

Conclusions from the latest session of the Krajina parliament especially "condemned the destructive activities of the so-called President of the coordinating board Goran Hadzic, parliament deputy speaker Bora Bogunovic, deputies Jova Rebraca and Slavko Dokmanovic and ministers Sime Sijan and Branko Petrovic".

Most probably the former RSK president angered deputies with his letter to the Knin political leaders. It said the members of the newly formed coordinating board (which includes another five Eastern Slavonia mayors) feels that "the urgent separate unification of the RSK and RS is an act which is not in the function of achieving basic national goals but brings about new damaging divisions among the Serb people and is in the function of a duel between the Pale leadership and Seselj's Radicals with the legal authorities in Serbia and FR Yugoslavia". The decision, it added, "is in the function of breaking up the Krajina since it's only natural that Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srem won't cast doubts on their links with Vojvodina, Serbia and Yugoslavia". Hadzic said the population of the area decided in 1991 to unite with Vojvodina.

Hadzic also expressed unreserved support for "the policies of peace by the leaderships of Serbia and FR Yugoslavia" and stressed that "we highly esteem the help that FR Yugoslavia has given us in strengthening our defense potentials and we consider the great stories of a joint war council of the RS and RSK which showed itself to be an empty slogan to run counter to the interests of the Serb people".

The letter added: "We have no intention of placing our military, personnel, natural and production resources under the command of Pale since that is the certain road to a great disaster for both this area and its people".

And that is the essence: "Representatives of Eastern Slavonia will not participate in any way in further implementing this decision (on a union). We will do everything necessary to protect the vital interests of the region and the Serb people. Dismissal procedures are underway for all deputies who are participating or acting counter to those interests".

The Knin authorities are now demanding that the army and police and all other state bodies prevent Hadzic and his coordinating board from achieving their "secessionist intentions" and establish authorities which will give full support to official RSK policies. His activities have certainly been taken seriously: Milan Babic can hardly have forgotten that Hadzic ousted him as president at Belgrade's instructions in 1992.

Hadzic does not seem to be paying much attention. On his side he has Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan who told Radio Jagodina that "Slavonia, Baranja and Srem will not join the new state since they won't have any physical contact with it", and added that Milan Martic "is practically president only of the Knin Krajina and his authorities don't function" where Hadzic is.