Prices & Wages

About the Prices &
Wages (Munro) Data Set

The annual data on textile-related trade, textile production, textile prices, price indices, and wages in the medieval Low Countries and England provided in the following spreadsheets have been extracted, over the course of many years, by Prof. John H. Munro (Toronto) from the annual civic treasurers' accounts that have been placed in: the Rekenkamer or Chambre des Comptes in the Belgian National Archives (Algemeen Rijksarchief/Archives Générales du Royaume) and in the town archives of Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, and Mechelen; and from the National Archives (Public Record Office) and the Archives of the British Library of Political and Economic Science, and and certain published documentary sources for both countries.

Some of these data have been published in quinquennial (5 year) or decennial means, along with other textile data in: John Munro, "Medieval Woollens: Textiles, Textile Technology, and Industrial Organisation, c. 800 - 1500", and "Medieval Woollens: The Western European Woollen Industries and their Struggles for International Markets, c.1000 - 1500", both in David Jenkins, ed., "The Cambridge History of Western Textiles", 2 vols. (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003), Vol. I, chapter 4, pp. 181-227; and Vol. I, chapter 5, pp. 228-324, 378-86 (bibliography).

Some data have also been reproduced in similar fashions (but not in annual indices) in various other publications of Professor Munro, whose bibliographic citations are available online at: