Prices (Metz)

About the Price (Metz) Data Set

For all quotations of grain prices and quantities, as well as bread prices and weights, see Dietrich Ebeling and Franz Irsigler, Getreideumsatz, Getreide- und Brotpreise in Köln, 1368-1797 (Köln, 1976), which provides a detailed explanation of the source material.

All data on price and quantity are drawn from sales of the weekly market in Cologne, which served as a trans-shipment hub for grain. Prices are weekly averages and quantities refer to volume sold during an entire week. The weeks in each month are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. These data reflect, insofar as officials took care in recording them, the activities of a "free" market. The data from the seventeenth century should be used with special caution, because transactions from these years were often negligently recorded.

All prices are quoted in monies of account of Cologne, either in Gulden or Mark (1 Gulden = 4 Mark = 24 Albus = 288 Heller). For information about the bullion equivalents of these monies of account or their exchange rates, see the data set named Currency Exchanges (Metz).