RG 04/A12

Inventory to the Records of the Office of the President (John Martin Thomas), 1902-1932 (1925-1930, bulk)

By Kathy Stewart, Christopher O'Hare, and Matthew Brown

September 2004

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Rutgers University. Office of the President
Title Inventory to the Records of the Office of the President (John Martin Thomas)
Dates: 1902-1932 (inclusive), 1925-1930 (bulk)
Quantity: 11.6 cubic ft. (29 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: Administrative records generated by the Office of the President at Rutgers University during the administration of John Martin Thomas, 1925-1930. These records document a brief period in Rutgers history and captures major events such as the Duffield Commission's investigation into the relations between the State of New Jersey and Rutgers College as well as the day-to-day demands on a university president. Many of Thomas' speeches and writings are among the documents.
Collection No. RG 04/A12
Language: English
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives.

Administrative History and Biographical Sketch of John Martin Thomas

John Martin Thomas was born at Fort Covington, New York, a graduate of Middlebury College, and the Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He served as pastor of the Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church in East Orange, N.J. from 1893 to 1908. In 1908, at the age of thirty-nine, he became president of Middlebury College and served at the Vermont school until 1921, when he became president of the Pennsylvania State College. He left Penn State in 1925 to become president of Rutgers.

By 1925 Rutgers University had shifted its focus to become as leading public educational institution, and its Trustees secured the services of a man who would lead the school in that direction. "The college has accepted a great responsibility in becoming a land-grant college of the State and in permitting the designation of the State University of New Jersey," declared Dr. John Martin Thomas (1869-1952), the twelfth president of Rutgers University.

A former college president, Martin possessed the administrative experience required to assume the leadership of a State University and he embarked upon his duties with characteristic vigor and determination. Dr. Thomas's five-year reign at Rutgers was marked by a period of growth and expansion in student enrollment, academic programs, and physical facilities; it was also a time of increased frustration over relations with the state. In 1925 when he assumed the presidency, Rutgers had 1,343 undergraduates and a total registration of 2,396. By 1930 the undergraduate population had increased to 2,662, and combined enrollment in the University was nearly 17,000 students. In 1925 the University Extension Division was established providing educational service to over 40,000 residents of New Jersey. The following year Dr. Thomas invited the Bureau of Education to conduct an extensive survey of the University and submit a detailed report, which was used to develop long range plans for the institution. As a result of the study, faculty salaries were increased and four-year courses in economics and business administration were added to the curriculum. In January 1927, the New Jersey College of Pharmacy in Newark was incorporated into the University, and in the same year the Bureau of Biochemical and Bacteriology Research was established. By 1930, the University consisted of seven schools and colleges: Arts and Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Education, the New Jersey College for Women, Pharmacy, and Chemistry.

With the growth of new academic programs came new facilities. The Dramatic Arts Building was completed in 1925, and one year later, Hegeman Hall, an addition to the Voorhees Library, and Van Dyck Hall. Construction at the Women's College included Recitation Hall and the Voorhees Chapel in 1926, and the Willets Infirmary and the Music Building in 1928. In 1929 three dormitories --Wessells, Leupp and Pell Halls--were begun on the Bishop Campus.

Throughout his term, Dr. Thomas and the Trustees deliberated over the University's relationship with the State of New Jersey. State appropriations had not amounted to the levels needed to expand the school into a State University, and the problem remained over the dual private-public role of Rutgers. By 1930, numerous attempts to resolve the differences had failed and on September 19, 1930, Dr. Thomas announced his resignation as president of Rutgers University. He had championed the idea of Rutgers becoming a state university but he had become discouraged with the lack of results. Upon his resignation he assumed the vice-presidency of the National Life Insurance Company in Montpelier, Vermont. He later became acting president of Norwich University. The Trustees of Rutgers University named Philip M. Brett, devoted Trustee and a graduate of Rutgers College, Class of 1892, as acting president. On February 26, 1952, John Martin Thomas died, at the age of eighty-two, in Rutland, Vermont.

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Scope and Content Note

The bulk of the records of the Office of the President during the tenure of John Martin Thomas (1925-1930) reside in the large series of Subject files, which are arranged in alphabetical order and range in date from 1911 to 1932. Though some issues unique to Thomas' presidency, especially as outlined in the "Administrative History" are well represented in the collection, a large amount of material reveals the day-to-day demands on a university president. The nature of President Thomas' more ordinary daily tasks is obvious in the files such as Admissions, Applications, and Appointments.

The Admissions series, for example, contain many letters of recommendation for acceptance to the university, as well as for financial scholarships. These include several from New Jersey Governor Morgan F. Larson. Of unique interest may be two letters that address issues of anti-Semitism related to Rutgers. One letter questions quota policies on acceptance of Jewish students at Rutgers, while the other discusses the apparent difficulties faced by Jewish graduates of Rutgers in getting accepted at medical schools.

The Applications files include hundreds of letters sent to Thomas from men and women in search of possible teaching positions at Rutgers College and the New Jersey College for Women. While there are very few resumes outlining qualifications, the sheer bulk of the letters indicates that, at a time when the academic world was much smaller, it may have been common for job-seekers to directly address the President when looking for employment.

Similarly, the Appointments correspondence provides a glimpse into the numerous demands placed upon a university president, not only by his academic community, but by other segments of society. These files contain a large number of requests for President Thomas to speak at meetings, conferences, commencements, religious services, and even a marriage ceremony. The invitations, most of which President Thomas declined, are from social and civic organizations, public and private schools, and religious organizations located primarily in New Jersey.

The Commencement folders contain correspondence relating mostly to the awarding of honorary degrees by the university, as well as biographical information about the recipients and the procedures for conferring these degrees during commencement exercises. Some ephemera associated with commencement, such as programs and ticket stubs, were removed from the collection and can be found in the Commencement collection.

Thomas occasionally called upon New Jersey politicians for help in getting bills passed, or defeated, as suited the university's concerns. For example, the files for U.S. Senators Stewart Appleby, Walter B. Edge, and Edward I. Edwards contain correspondence about copyright issues and professors' course packages, mandatory military training in land grant colleges, and a tariff bill regarding the importation of chemicals and scientific supplies used by the university. There are often copies of these House Resolutions contained in these folders.

The College of Agriculture folders hold a prominent place in this collection as well. Of particular interest are two documents entitled "A Program for the Advancement of Agriculture through the More Efficient and Complete Equipment and Maintenance of the State Agricultural College and Agricultural Experiment Station" and "A Memorandom Concerning the Organization and Activities of the College of Agriculture and Experiment Station". These documents can be found in an undated folder in the Schools and Colleges Series. Administrative issues of Extension Service programs continued to be relevant throughout Thomas' administration, as this is one area in which the college was extremely visible to many segments of the state's population who may not have had previous contact with the college.

As stated above, state appropriations issues for Rutgers was a primary issue during Thomas' tenure. The files labeled "Appropriations Statistics and Budgets" specifically contain statistics and financial allocations relevant to this issue. Specific schools and departments also were involved in this issue and more information can be found in the folders for Aeronautical Engineering and the College of Agriculture, especially in Dean Jacob Lipman's files. The correspondence contained in N.J. Senator William H. Bright's folder deals with state appropriations issues. Related to this issue is the folder labeled "Chamber of Commerce Dinner," in which there is correspondence on the need for cooperation between Rutgers and the N.J. Chamber of Commerce on legislation. Names and addresses of members of the Chamber with whom Thomas hoped would be sympathetic to Rutgers' cause are included.

The expansion of Rutgers campus was a major initiative during the Thomas presidency and several folders are rich with information about this topic. The folders on Harland Bartholomew contain materials and correspondence between Thomas and the city planning engineer from St. Louis, Missouri, that spans approximately four years. In addition, researchers may also want to consult the Campus Development folders, which contain additional correspondence with Bartholomew, a blueprint for the "Suggested Layout of Rutgers College" (1924), building needs of various academic departments, and faculty housing proposals. Both folders also contain Bartholomew's report on a campus plan for Rutgers, as well as the final chapter of the U.S. Bureau of Education's survey, "The Future of the University" (1927). Correspondence and documents in the file on Winthrop Alexander, the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, contains information on the conditions of many of the campus buildings, as they directly relate to expansion, as well as fire safety issues which gained exposure following a fire in Winants Hall.

The Faculty series contains correspondence and other documents and information concerning those who taught at Rutgers during Thomas' presidency. These files include requests by faculty members addressed directly to the president, as well as issues of faculty disagreements, brought to President Thomas' attention by various deans. The school fire prevention report, drawn up by the Nielson Parker Company, gives an even further and more detailed account of the condition of all the campus buildings, with an emphasis on safety. This includes a fire safety evaluation of the Ballantine Gymnasium, which would be destroyed by fire less than four years after the report was presented to the school.

Information on various monetary and real estate gifts presented to the University through the generosity of alumni, trustees, and others is included in a file entitled "Gifts," which also includes letters detailing items presented to the school by various businesses and corporations. The Universities' partnership with a major contributor is clearly documented in the Johnson & Johnson University Fellowship. Several folders in the collection outline this fellowship from its very beginning, right up to its implementation. Rutgers own recognition of people who have achieved outside of the school is evident in the Honorary Degrees awarded. Letters discussing various degree candidates' qualifications and backgrounds reveals the sort of person the University deemed fit to recognize.

The folders on Military Education cover extensively issues surrounding that department from 1920 following World War I to 1932, when the department was abolished. The small but important section on the New Jersey College for Women, contains documents that call to attention certain daily concerns that faced that institution of Rutgers, during it's formative years. Similarly, those folders on the College of Pharmacy document the merger of the New Jersey College of Pharmacy with Rutgers in 1927 and subsquent years of development. Many of the letters and documents outline difficulties and struggles in the colleges development.

Perhaps no issue was more pressing during John Martin Thomas' tenure as president than the relationship between Rutgers and the State of New Jersey. The efforts to align itself more closely with the state and the difficulties encountered are thoroughly documented in the folders on State Scholarships and State Relations, as well as the Duffield Commission series.

The Trustees and Trustee's Committee Records provide a view of the highest levels of the University. This series consists of correspondence between the president and the many individuals who served as Trustees of the university. Many of the documents center on particular issues or events of concern, such as: the relations of Rutgers University to the State of New Jersey, conferring of Honorary Degrees, and commencement planning. Several of these files of might be of particular interest due to the longevity of their tenure as Trustee. Among those to serve as Trustee during the presidencies of Demarest, Thomas, and Clothier are: Philip M. Brett, Joseph R. Duryee, Joseph S. Frelinghuysen, Edward Katzenbach, Leonor F. Loree, John W. Mettler, James Neilson, Duncan D. Sutphen, and Foster M. Voorhees.

The Duffield Commission series focuses on the relationship between Rutgers and the state of New Jersey. Officially known as the Commission on Relations Between the Rutgers and the State of New Jersey, it was more commonly referred to as the Duffield Commission, after commission chairman Edward Duffield, President of the Prudential Insurance Company and a Trustee of Princeton. The commission was formed by Assembly Joint Resolution No. 6 as introduced by Assemblyman Guy George Gabrielson of Essex County on January 23, 1928. The resolution provided for "a resolution to investigate and report with respect to the relations between the State of New Jersey and educational functions and activities of the State University of New Jersey and Rutgers College, popularly known as Rutgers College. The commission was comprised of three citizens named by the governor, three members of the senate to be named by the President of the Senate, and three members of the House of Assembly to be named by the Speaker of the House. The commission was "authorized and directed to examine the existing relations of the State with Rutgers University and to recommend to the present Legislature such reorganization and means of adequate support as may be deemed to the best interests of the state".

The commission submitted two reorganization plans, both calling for the establishment "of a State University and providing for the government of the same." Reorganization Plan No. 1 called for the creation of a Board of Regents of the University of New Jersey to consist of "the Governor, the Chancellor, Chief Justice, Attorney General, President of the Senate, Commissioner of Education, President of the State Board of Education, ex-officio; and fourteen citizens of the state to be nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate." Each of the appointed citizens would hold office for fourteen years. The plan called for a contract between the Regents of the University of New Jersey and the Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey that allowed twenty of the Trustees to serve with the Board of Regents in the government and management of the University of New Jersey. The plan further provided the Trustess of Rutgers College would gain interest in or control of appropriations made by the State of New Jersey, nor to acquisitions made by these appropriations. Additionally, none of the rights, privileges, obligations or trusts of the Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey established by the original charter of 1766 were to be altered, amended, or abridged by the plan.

The second plan called for the creation of a Commission on Higher Education of the State of New Jersey to consist of seven citizens appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The plan called for a contract between the Commission on Higher Eduaction and the Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey for the operation and management of the University of New Jersey. The plan further provided the Trustess of Rutgers College would gain interest in or control of appropriations made by the State of New Jersey, nor to acquisitions made by these appropriations. Additionally, none of the rights, privileges, obligations or trusts of the Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey established by the original charter of 1766 were to be altered, amended, or abridged by the plan.

Commissioner Dear submitted a minority report of the Commission that called for free college education for all qualified New Jersey residents, funded by a mil tax. The second provision was for the diversion of railroad tax funds to the Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey. Thirdly, it empowered the State Board of Education as the only State Board to receive and disburse all appropriation for higher public education. And finally, that the State University of New Jersey should be removed from the administration of the Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey and placed directly under the management of the State Board of Education. The dissent stemmed from the belief that the majority report evaded the issues that the legislature wanted solved. Commissioner Mercolino issued a statement that he could not support either report, preferring the creation of a State Board of Regents as provided in Reorganization Plan No. 1 of the majority report, with the addition of the free higher public education provided in the minority report.

In the end the commission concluded that the best solution was to "retain the present arrangement." Members of the Duffield Commission included Edward Duffield (chair), Leonard Robbins, J. Albert Dear, Jr., Hon. Frank D. Abell, Hon. Arthur N. Pierson, Hon. Blasé Cole, Hon. Dryden Kuser, Hon. Patrick V. Mercolino, and Hon. Georger R. Morrison.

As noted in the Applications and Appointments series, Dr. Thomas was highly sought after as a speaker. This is reflected the series entitled Remarks, Speeches and Statements which contains the 23 remarks, and 63 speeches given by Dr. Thomas, as well as 6 statements issued by Dr. Thomas. Similarly, the Articles series contains 9 articles written by Dr. Thomas. Among these series, education is the most common general theme, with the relation between the university and the State of New Jersey being one of the most common specific themes. Many of his speeches were given as sermons. In addition, there are series of newsclippings and personal papers, both of which include materials on Dr. Thomas's inauguration to and resignation of the presidency of Rutgers University. Many of the newsclipping files are related to speeches made by Dr. Thomas.

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Arrangement Note

The records of the Rutgers' Office of the President during the administration of John Martin Thomas are organized into the following series:

I: Subject Files, 1920-1931
II: Faculty Files, 1916-1932
III. Applications and Appointments, 1925-1932
IV. Schools and Colleges, 1920-1932
V. Trustees and Trustees' Committee Records, 1925-1931
VI. Duffield Commission, 1928-1929
VII: Articles, 1925-1930
VIII: Remarks, Speeches and Statements, 1916-1930
IX: Newsclippings, 1902-1931
X: Personal Papers, 1911-1930

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Name and Subject Tracings

Personal Names

Abell, Frank D.
Adams, I. Murray
Agger, E. E.
Alexander, Winthrop
Alles, Adam
App, Frank
Appleby, Stewart
Askew, Sarah E.
Baker, Herbert Jonathan
Barlow, John S.
Bartholomew, Harland
Becker, Irving
Billetdoux, E. W.
Blake, M. A.
Bloch, Joshua
Boyd, Elmer
Brewer, C. P.
Bright, William H.
Brooks, S. C.
Brown, G. H.
Buttles, John S.
Canfield, Frederick A.
Coffman, Lotus D.
Crane, Warren G.
Curtis, W. R.
DeVries, John H.
Edge, Walter B.
Edwards, Edward I.
Elliot, Charles H.
Heylar, Frank G.
Huber, Howard F.
Keller Jr., Henry
Lipman, Jacob G.
Quakenboss, I. E.
Sampson, H. O.
Woodward, C. R.

Corporate Names

Air Map Corporation of America
American Bankers Association
American Council on Education
American Motion Picture Corporation
American Red Cross
American Society of Agricultural Engineers
Association of Colleges and Prep Schools of the Middle States
Association of Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Athens College, New York
Beaver College, Pennsylvania
Boy Scouts of America
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Cleveland, Treadwell
Democratic National Committee
Eastman, Dillon andamp; Company
Rutgers University -- Admissions
Rutgers University -- Bequests
Rutgers University -- Budgets
Rutgers University -- Buildings
Rutgers University -- Campus
Rutgers University -- Commencement
Rutgers University -- Committees
Rutgers University -- Deans
Rutgers University -- Employment Applications
Rutgers University -- Faculty
Rutgers University -- Gifts
Rutgers University -- History
Rutgers University -- Presidents
Rutgers University -- State Appropriations
Rutgers University. Agricultural Experiment Station
Rutgers University. Agricultural Extension Services
Rutgers University. Athletic Council
Rutgers University. Book Store
Rutgers University. College of Agriculture
Rutgers University. College of Engineering
Rutgers University. Committee on Application of Rules
Rutgers University. Committee on Curriculum
Rutgers University. Committee on Extracurricular Activities
Rutgers University. Committee on Permanent Schedules
Rutgers University. Committee on the Selection of the President
Rutgers University. Department of Aeronautical Engineering
Rutgers University. Department of Ceramics
Rutgers University. Department of Chemistry
Rutgers University. Department of Economics
Rutgers University. Department of German
Rutgers University. Department of History andamp; Political Science
Rutgers University. Department of Physiology andamp; Biochemistry
Rutgers University. Department of Romance Languages
Rutgers University. Industrial Extension Division
Rutgers University. School of Education
University of Minnesota -- Presidents -- Coffman, Lotus D.


New Jersey -- Associations -- Chamber of Commerce
New Jersey -- Associations -- University Club of Hudson County
New Jersey -- Legislation
New Jersey -- Magazines -- Charm
New Jersey -- Newspapers -- Daily Home News
New Jersey -- State Senators
New Jersey -- U.S. Representatives
New Jersey -- U.S. Senators
United States -- Legislation

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Detailed Description of the Records/Container List

Series I: Subject Files, 1920-1931
Arrangement: A single series arranged alphabetically by subject.
Summary: This series contains general subject files maintained by the Office of the President during Thomas' administration and is arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
1 1 Abell, Senator Frank D. 1927-1929
2 Academic Organization 1926
3 Adams, I. Murray 1926-1928
4 Admissions 1928-1931
5 Aeronautical Engineering 1925-1926
6 Air Map Corporation of America 1927
7 Alexander, Winthrop, Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds 1924-1928
8 "Alumni Association - Notes from Meeting Minutes of the Association of the Alumni of Rutgers College, 1834-1836" undated
9 American Association of University Women 1927-1930
10 American Bankers Association 1928-1929
11 American Council on Education, Correspondence 1926-1928
12 American Council on Education, Minutes 1927-1931
13 American Motion Picture Corporation 1927
14 American Red Cross 1927-1929
15 American Society of Agricultural Engineers 1925
16 App, Dr. Frank, Agricultural Editor, Morning Post 1927
17 Appleby, Stewart, U.S. Representative 1926, 1928
18 Appropriations Statistics, 1900-1929 undated
19 Askew, Sarah E., State Librarian 1927-1930
20 Association of American Colleges 1927, 1930, undated
21 Association of Colleges and Prep Schools of the Middle States 1925
22 Association of Governing Boards and State Universities and Allied Institutions 1925-1928
23 Association of University Professors 1926
24 Athens College, NY 1927
25 Athletic Council 1925-1928
26 Athletic Council 1930-1932
27 Automobile Mileage Study 1928
28 Axton, Col. John I., University Chaplain 1926-1929
29 A-Miscellaneous 1925-1929
30 A-Miscellaneous 1930-1931
31 Bamberger Institute 1929-1930
32 Band Uniforms 1929
33 Barlow, John S., University Club of Hudson County, NJ 1926
34 Bartholomew, Harland, City Plan Engineer, St. Louis, Mo. 1925-1926
35 Bartholomew, Harland Mar. 1927-June 1927
36 Bartholomew, Harland Oct. 1927-Dec. 1927
37 Bartholomew, Harland 1928, undated
38 Beaver College 1929-1930
Box Folder
2 1 Becker, Irving 1928-1929
2 Bequests to the University undated
3 Bequests to the University - Form undated
4 Bequests: Bacon, Edgar B. 1928-1932
5 Bequests: Bogart, Emma C. – for the John Bogart Math Prize 1926
6 Bequests: Grant, Thomas Henry 1928
7 Bequests: Herbert, Richard W. 1926-1927
8 Bequests: LeClear, Bonnie Wallace July 1929-June 1930
9 Bequests: Murray, Martha Neilson 1930
10 Bequests: Parker, Mrs. Frederick W. 1929
11 Bequests: Parmly, George L. 1926
12 Bequests: Smith, Mary von Meske Nov. 1929-Dec. 1929
13 Bequests: Thompson, Frank T. 1928
14 Bequests: Van Pelt, Cornelius B. 1926
15 Bequests: Winner, John Parker 1928-1929
16 Bloch, Joshua, New York Public Library 1929
17 Board of Trustees - Committee on Gymnasium Financing - Report April 1930
18 Board of Trustees - Recommendations Made to the Board by Walter T. Marvin, Dean of the Faculty June 1925
19 Board of Trustees - Special Committee for Raising Funds for a New Gymnasium April 10, 1930
20 Book Store 1926
21 Boy Scouts of America 1926-1928
22 Boyd, Elmer, Secretary and Treasurer, Daily Home News 1926-1927
23 Brett, Philip M. Dec. 26, 1928
24 Brewer, C. P., Industrial Extension Division undated, 1926-1928
25 Bright, Senator William H. 1926-1928
26 Budget 1925-1927
27 Budget 1927-1928
28 Budget 1928-1929
29 Budget undated, 1929-1930
30 Buttles, John S., Commissioner of Industries, State of Vermont 1926-1927
31 B-Miscellaneous 1925-1928
32 B-Miscellaneous 1929
33 B-Miscellaneous undated, 1930
34 Calf Barn, College of Agriculture 1926-1927
35 Campus Development 1909, 1924-1925
36 Campus Development 1926-1927
37 Campus Development undated
38 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 1926-1929
39 Carpenter, Harry B. (Class of 1924), re: football 1927-1929
40 Chamber of Commerce Dinner 1926-1927, undated
41 Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey 1927
Box Folder
3 1 Chapel Preachers 1924-Nov. 1925
2 Chapel Preachers undated, Nov. 1925-1927
3 Chaplain (Definition of position and duties) 1928
4 Chaplain Association 1930-1931
5 Charm, the Magazine of New Jersey Home Interests 1925
6 Charter Realty Corporation, New Brunswick 1927
7 Chemistry, Dept. of 1930
8 Cleveland, Treadwell 1930
9 Clifton Heights Realty Corp., re: Douglass Campus 1928-1929
10 Coffman, Lotus D., President, University of Minnesota 1926-1929
11 Commencement 1926
12 Commencement 1927
13 Commencement 1928
14 Commencement, 1929 – Correspondence 1929
15 Commencement, 1929 – Miscellaneous undated, 1929
16 Commencement, 1930 – Correspondence Mar. 1930-Apr. 1930
17 Commencement, 1930 – Correspondence May 1930-June 1930
18 Commencement, 1930 – Miscellaneous undated, 1930
19 Commencement, 1931 – Correspondence Dec. 1928-Apr. 1931
20 Commencement, 1931 – Correspondence May 1931
21 Commencement, 1931 – Correspondence June 1931
22 Commencement, 1931 – Miscellaneous undated, 1931
23 Commercial Teacher Training 1926
24 Committee on Application of Rules 1926
25 Committee on Curriculum, Report undated
26 Committee on Extracurricular Activities, Report 1926
27 Committee on Permanent Schedules 1930
28 Committee on Selection of the President 1930
29 Community Chest 1930
30 Complaints 1920-1930
31 Comptroller 1925-1926
Box Folder
4 1 Cook, George H., Professorship 1928
2 Cook-Voorhees Foundation 1928-1929
3 Crane, Warren G. 1926-1928
4 C-Miscellaneous 1925-1927
5 C-Miscellaneous 1928-1930
6 Dear, J. Albert, Jr., President, League for a Free State University in N.J. 1931
7 Democratic National Committee 1928
8 Department of the Interior, U.S.: Bureau of Education Questionnaires Oct. 1926
9 DeVries, Rev. John H. 1930
10 Distribution of Students by County and Religious Affiliation undated
11 D-Miscellaneous 1925-1930
12 Eastman, Dillon and Co. 1930
13 Edge, Senator Walter B. 1919, 1926-1929
14 Education - New Jersey undated
15 Education, Commissioner of 1929-1931
16 Education, Council on 1927-1928
17 Education, School of 1929-1931
18 Edwards, Senator Edward I. 1926
19 Employment Candidates 1926-1929
20 Endowment Fund Jan. 1927-Aug. 1927
21 Endowment Fund Sept. 1927-Dec.1927
22 Endowment Fund Jan. 1928-Apr.1928
23 Endowment Fund May 1928-Aug. 1928
24 Endowment Fund Oct. 1928-Nov. 1928
25 Endowment Fund Jan. 1929-Feb. 1929
26 Endowment Fund May 1929-July 1929
27 Endowment Fund Sept. 1929-Nov. 1929
28 Endowment Fund Jan. 1930-May 1930
29 Endowment Fund June 1930-July 1930
30 Endowment Fund Sept. 1930
31 Endowment Fund – Cancelled, Not Paid 1927, 1929
Box Folder
5 1 Endowment Fund – Deceased Subscriber Cards 1928-1929
2 Endowment Fund – Disputed 1927-1928
3 Endowment Fund – Indefinite 1927-1929
4 Endowment Fund – Johnsom, Mr. A. S. 1927-1931
5 Endowment Fund – Miscellaneous undated, 1927-1929
6 Endowment Fund – Records to be Corrected 1927
7 Ennis, William Duane, candidate for Dean of College of Engineering 1928
8 Estate: Canfield, Frederick A. 1926-1927
9 Estate: Canfield, Frederick A. 1928
10 Estate: Duke, James B. 1928
11 Estate: Leupp, William H. Dec. 1925
12 Estate: Monroe, Virginia Marquand Apr. 1927
13 Estate: Pell, Mary B. Dec. 1926-May 1928
14 Evening Schools of New Jersey Nov. 1926
15 E-Miscellaneous 1925-1929
16 "Facts Regarding 100 Industrial Leaders" - Report Compiled by the Sherman Corporation, Engineers undated
17 Faculty Constitution, Proposed undated, 1925
18 Faculty Meeting Minutes undated, 1926-1930
19 Faculty Questionnaire, A - I 1926
20 Faculty Questionnaire, J - Z 1926
21 Fancher, B.H., 5th Ave. Bank, NYC Nov. 1926
Box Folder
6 1 Farmers Complaints, Agricultural College 1919
2 Fellowships undated, 1929-1931
3 Financial Statistics: Appropriations to Rutgers and Within Rutgers, and Financial Benefit of Rutgers 1918-1930
4 Finegan, Dr. Thomas E. July 1926
5 Fire Prevention Report (Neilson Parker Co.) (Bound) Nov. 1926
6 Floyd, James B., New London, Conn. Oct. 1926
7 Folsom, Rev. Joseph F, Clinton Ave. Presbyterian Church, Newark, NJ Feb. 1926
8 Ford, James B., NYC Oct. 1926-Apr. 1929
9 Form Letters May 1921-May 1929
10 Forman, Ralph Dec. 1925-Feb. 1926
11 Forsythe, Dr. Warren E., University of Michigan Nov. 1926
12 Fort, Franklin W., U.S. Representative (N.J.) 1928
13 Fort, Leslie R., Newark NJ July 1926-Aug. 1926
14 Forum, The 1928
15 Fox, Amos W., East Liberty Y.M.C.A., Pittsburgh PA July 1926-Sept. 1926
16 Fraternities undated
17 Fraternities: Chi Psi Nov. 1925-May 1926
18 Fraternities: Chi Psi June 1926-Dec. 1926
19 Fraternities: Chi Psi 1927
20 Fraternities: Chi Psi 1928
21 Fraternities: Chi Psi 1929-1930
22 Fraternities: Delta Upsilon - re: Sale of Fraternity House to Rutgers 1926-1928
23 Fraternities: Lambda Chi Alpha 1927
24 Fraternities: Omega Kappa 1927-1930
25 Fraternities: Omicron Alpha Tau 1927-1928
26 Fraternities: Phi Alpha 1928
27 Fraternities: Phi Kappa Sigma Sept. 1925
28 Fraternities: Tau Kappa Epsilon 1927-1930
29 French, Mrs. Martha H., Tulsa Oklahoma Oct. 1928-Jan. 1929
30 Freshman, Courses for 1926-1927
31 "Freshmen Week as a Preventative for Maladjustment" - D. B. Lucas, Submitted to Dr. C. E. Benson as a Term Paper in Mental Hygiene Aug. 4, 1927
32 Freylinghuysen, Joseph S. Dec. 28, 1927
33 Friends Society of New Brunswick 1928
34 Fuller, Harold DeWolf, Washington Place, NYC Nov. 1926
35 Fundraising, Literature and Reports on undated
36 Futall, J.C., President, University of Arkansas Nov. 1926
37 “F” Miscellaneous undated, 1925 1930
38 Gallagher, Frank, Metuchen, NJ Aug. 1926
39 General Electric Co. 1925- 1929
Box Folder
7 1 Gepson, Lawrence H., Lehigh University undated
2 Gifts Dec. 1925-Dec. 1928
3 Gifts Feb. 1929-Jan. 1932
4 Government of the University: Plans From Other Colleges and Universities From Lists Letters and Reports 1919-1929
5 Graduate Club of Rutgers University 1927
6 Green, Channing Mar. 1930
7 Griffis, Dr. William E., Oct 1926-Sept. 1927
8 Goodnow, President, Johns Hopkins University undated
9 Graham, Alexander S., Rutgers University undated
10 Greacen, Major Walter S., College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ Dec. 1926
11 Green, John C. Jr., Lawrence School, Hewlett, NY Nov. 1926
12 Guggenheim Foundation 1928-1929
13 Gymnasium, Ballantine 1893, 1930
14 Gymnasium Fund Feb. 1930
15 Gymnasium Fund - Correspondence Jan. 1930-June 1930
16 Gymnasium Fund - Forms, Form Letters, and Publications" Jan 1930-April 1930
17 Gymnasium Fund - Instructions to Canvassers and Leaders Jan. 1930-April 1930
18 Gymnasium Fund - Subscriber Lists Jan. 1930-Dec. 1930
19 Gymnasium, New - Possible Memorials" undated
20 Gymnasium, New - Preliminary Study, Program, and Proposal" Jan. 1930
21 “G” General Aug. 1925-Apr. 1930
22 Hafner, Charles Andrew, W. 54th Street, NYC July 1929-Feb. 1930
23 Hagerman, Maurice H., South Boundbrook, NJ Nov. 1926
24 Haight, Dr. Harry W., re: hygiene education 1929
25 Half Mill Tax to Finance Rutgers: Resolutions by New Jersey Organizations in Support of a Mar. 1927-Mar. 1928
26 Hamilton, Willard I., Vice President, Prudential Insurance Co. 1926-1930
27 Hamlin, Rev. C.R., Great Meadows, NJ Oct. 1926
28 Hampton Meeting undated
29 Harding, William F., Somerset St., New Brunswick, NJ Feb. 1926-May 1926
30 Hardwick, J.T., West 23rd St., NYC Aug. 1926
31 Harkins, William F., New Brunswick, NJ Dec. 1926
32 Harper Adams Agricultural College, Newport, Salop., England Aug. 1926
33 Hayes, Lydia Y., N.J. Commission for the Blind 1926
34 Herrman, Dr. William G., re: address by Dr. Metzger 1928
35 High School Concert Mar. 1928-May 1928
36 Hill, Paul A., re: Woodrow Wilson 1930
37 Hills, Dean Joseph L., College of Agriculture, University of Vermont 1919-1929
38 Hoffman, Honorable Harold May 1927-Nov. 1928
39 Honor School 1927, undated
40 Honorary Degrees Dec. 1926-June 1929
41 Honorary Degrees, Nominees 1927
42 Hostetter, Samuel K., Main Building, State College, PA. undated
43 "How Are Age and Technical Changes Affecting Employment of Executives?"-J. P. Jordan, Published by the American Management Association 1930
Box Folder
8 1 Howard, James M., Morristown, NJ Oct. 1926
2 Hutchison, Rev. Charles E. 1926
3 Hyper Humus Fellowship Oct. 1929
4 “H” Miscellaneous Sept. 1925-Apr. 1930
5 Inaugural Invitations 1928-1931
6 Industrial Extension Division Papers undated
7 Ingram, Rev. John A. (D.D.), East 22nd St., NYC Jan. 1926
8 Insurance 1928-1930
9 Intelligence Test Records, by Graduating Class" 1928
10 Internal Reports From Various Department to President Thomas 1928-1930
11 Interscholastic Debating 1925-1928
12 Ivy Club of Rutgers College 1926
13 “I” Miscellaneous Nov. 1925-Feb. 1929
14 Jacoby, Vincent, Hotel River, Newark, NJ Apr. 1930
15 Jelin, Jerome Jan. 1930-Feb. 1930
16 Jersey Journal 1929
17 Johnson and Johnson June 1926-Apr. 1929
18 Johnson and Johnson Fellowship Sept. 1926-May 1929
19 Johnson and Johnson Fellowship Reports: Biochemistry of Bacteria 1927
20 Johnson and Johnson Fellowship Reports: Biochemistry of Bacteria 1928
21 Johnson and Johnson Fellowship Reports: Biochemistry of Bacteria 1929
22 Johnson and Johnson Fellowship Reports: Thermal Death Rate of B anthraces, B tetani, and B botulinus A + B 1927
23 Johnson and Johnson Fellowship Reports: Thermal Death Rate of Spore Forming Anaerobes 1928
24 Johnson and Johnson Fellowship Reports: Thermal Death Rate of Spore Forming Anaerobes 1929
25 Johnson and Johnson Fellowship Reports: Synthesis of Derivatives of Cholesterol and Glucose 1929
26 Johnson and Johnson Research Reports Aug. 1929-Dec. 1929
27 Johnson and Johnson Research Reports Jan. 1930-June 1930
28 Johnson, Edmund S. Nov. 1925-Dec. 1925
29 Johnson, Robert W. Nov. 8, 1925
30 Jones, Elwood K., Class of 1930 Feb. 1930
31 Jost, Mr. John F., Hartford Conn. Aug. 1926-Sept. 1926
32 Journal of Industry and Finance, vol. III, No. 6: New Jersey banking May 1929
33 “J” Miscellaneous Oct. 1925-May 1928
Box Folder
9 1 Kahn Foundation 1927
2 Kalisch, Justice Samuel, Supreme Court of N.J. 1928-1929
3 Kapp, David F., First National Bank, State College, PA. Sept. 1925-July 1927
4 Kean, Hamilton F., U.S. Senator (N.J.) 1929
5 Kellogg Lectures 1927-1929
6 Kelly, William P., Headmaster, Rutgers Preparatory School 1927
7 Ketels, Rev. Luther H., Philadelphia, PA. Jan. 1926
8 Kilmer, Joyce - Memorial Prize 1929
9 Kitchen, Wilmer Oct. 1926
10 Klein, Arthur J., Bureau of Education, Survey of Rutgers Mar. 1927-Oct. 1931
11 Kleinhaus, Edgar H., re: gift of chemistry prize 1926
12 Klock, Claude W., re: Allen Meredith Klock Memorial Scholarship 1926-1930
13 Kraft-Phenix Cheese Co. Sept. 1929-Feb. 1930
14 Kuhl, Mrs. H.A., RE: Son William Kuhl, Student Oct. 1929-Nov. 1929
15 Kunze, Mr. Edward J., Cantonsville, MD July 1926
16 “K” Miscellaneous Nov. 1925-Dec. 1929
17 Land Condemnation Bill undated
18 Land Grant College Association 1925-1926
19 Land Grant College Association 1927
20 Land Grant College Association 1928
21 Land Grant College Association 1929
22 Land Grant College Association 1930
23 Land Grant College Association 1931-1932
24 Land Grant College Survey undated, 1928
25 Lane, Sanford H., Broad Street, NYC Aug. 1926
26 Lang, Major John W., Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, KA Nov. 1926-Dec. 1926
27 Lavery, Mrs. A.A., Round Lake, NY June 1926-May 1929
28 Law, Linwood B., Buffalo, New York Nov. 1929
Box Folder
10 1 Lawrenceville Quarries, Lawrenceville, New Jersey Nov. 1929
2 Lecture Bureau undated, 1928-1931
3 Lee, James M., Director, Dept. of Journalism, NYU, New York City undated
4 Legislation: Introduction of an Act to Establish New Jersey University, a State University Principally for the Free Education of Qualified New Jersey Residents undated
5 Legislature Feb. 1926
6 Lehigh University 1928
7 Lehlbach, Arnold (Class of 1931) 1928-1929
8 LeJeune, Major General John, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington D.C. Feb. 1926
9 Lewis, Burdette G. Oct. 1925-Nov. 1925
10 Library 1925-1926, 1930
11 Life Extension Institute undated
12 Lincoln Citizenship Foundation Nov. 1929-Dec. 1929
13 Lincoln Prep School, Philadelphia, Pa. May 1930
14 Lincoln Scholarship Fund Jan. 1928-Nov. 1929
15 Lipman, Joseph G. May 1911-Feb. 1921
16 Lists for Invitations 1925
17 Loan Funds 1927
18 Logan, Dr. J.H., State Commission on Education Sept. 1925-Mar. 1929
19 Louisiana State University 1926
20 Louvain University Apr. 1930
21 Ludlow and Peabody, New York City Nov. 1925-Dec. 1925
22 Lynd, Roberts, The Commonwealth Fund, NYC Nov. 1926
23 “L” Miscellaneous 1925-1929
24 MacKenzie, Wm. Douglas, Hartford, Conn. June 1926
25 Mallorey, Alfred S., Leconia, New Hampshire Nov. 1929
26 Manikham, Mrs. R. B., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Aug. 1926
27 Marking Systems 192[6]
28 Mason, Mr. A. Freeman, College of Agriculture July 1926-Aug. 1926
29 Materials Used for U.S. Survey undated
30 McComb, William R., NYC Nov. 1926
31 McCormick and Co. Fellowship 1929
32 McCullough, Hall Park, NYC May 1926
33 McNamara, James M. Apr. 1930
34 Mead, Dr. Albert D., Providence, R.I. Jan. 1926
35 Menorah Society Sept. 1925
36 Mercer, E. Leroy, Swarthmore College, PA Nov. 1926
37 Middlebury College Sept. 1925-July 1929
38 Migrant Fellowship 1930
39 Millage Tax, Education Bill Sept. 1925-Jan. 1927
40 Millage Tax, Education Bill Feb. 1927
41 Millage Tax, Education Bill Mar. 1927-Feb. 1930
42 Monarch Desk Corporation, NYC Jan. 1926
43 Moore, Governor Harry A.: Report of President Thomas undated
44 Moorefield, R.E.L., NYC Nov. 1929
45 Morgan, Edith J., Newark, NJ Dec. 1926
46 Morrill Act undated
47 Muller, Edward J., re: Gift of Indian Artifacts 1926
48 Mutual Chemical Company, New York City Jan. 1926
49 “M” Miscellaneous Sept. 1925-May 1929
50 Name Changes at Yale and Princeton undated
Box Folder
11 1 National Association of State Universities Jan. 4, 1926
2 National Bank of New Jersey 1927-1930
3 National Educational Council for Foreign Travel, NYC Oct. 1926-Nov. 1926
4 National Farm School, Philadelphia, Pa. Jan. 1927-Dec. 1927
5 National Life Insurance Co., Montpelier, Vt. Oct. 1925-July 1929
6 National Life Insurance Co. Sept. 1929-Sept. 1930
7 National Stockman and Farmer, Pittsburgh, Pa. Jan. 1926
8 Navy Chaplains Mar. 1926
9 Near East Relief, NYC Oct. 1925-Jan. 1926
10 Near East Relief 1927-1928
11 New Brunswick, City of 1925-1931
12 New Brunswick, City of: Report of the City Planning Commission Sept. 1925-Oct. 1925
13 New Brunswick Trust Companies, New Brunswick, NJ Sept. 1925
14 New Jersey Agriculture, Index, Vol. VI-X Jan. 1924-Dec. 1928
15 New Jersey Colleges - general 1917-1921, 1925-1929
16 New Jersey Facts 192[6]
17 New Jersey Federation of County Boards of Agriculture 1926
18 New Jersey Journal of Education 1928
19 New Jersey Legislative Manual, Trenton, NJ Oct. 1925-Nov. 1925
20 New Jersey Legislative News 1928
21 New Jersey Optometric Assoc., West New York, NJ Dec. 1929
22 New Jersey State Federation of Labor Dec. 1927
23 New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs Feb. 1928
24 New Jersey Student, The, NYC Nov. 1925
25 New York Evening Post 1928-1930
26 New York Real Estae Securities Exchange Dec. 1929-Jan. 1930
27 New York Times 1927-1928
28 New York University 1926
29 "Newark: Just What You Want to Know About Metropolitan Newark, the Heart of New Jersey" - Compiled by Chamber of Commerce of the City of Newark, NJ. 1929
30 Newark Museum 1927
31 Newman, Aleine-Newark NJ Sept. 1926
32 Newspaper Releases undated
33 Non-Metallic Minerals Station: Bureau of Mines - Reports etc. undated, 1926-1929
34 Non-Metallic Minerals Station: NJ Bureau of Mines, New Brunswick, NJ undated, Apr. 1928-May 1930
35 Non-Metallic Minerals Station: NJ Bureau of Mines, New Brunswick, NJ undated, June 1930-May 1931
36 Noonan, Thomas H. (Judge) Oct. 1925
Box Folder
12 1 Normal Schools of New Jersey undated
2 Norris, Monsignor J.W., New Brunswick, NJ May 1927-May 1928
3 “N” Miscellaneous Sept. 1925-June 1929
4 Olcott, E.E., Debrosses Street Pier, NYC Apr. 1926-Aug. 1926
5 Oneota, N.Y. May 1930
6 Organic Chemistry May 1929-May 1930
7 Organization undated, 1929
8 Osborne, Mrs. William Hamilton, Newark, NJ Oct. 1927-Nov. 1927
9 Oscillograph undated
10 “O” Miscellaneous Oct. 1925-Dec. 1928
11 Pack, Charles Lathron 1926-1929
12 Partridge, Frank C., National Life Insurance Co. Jan. 1926-Oct. 1929
13 Pearce, Rev. Elmer E., D.D., Englewood, NJ Sept. 1926
14 Peck, W.T., Iron Fireman, Atlantic Highlands, NJ May 1927
15 Peckworth, Mrs. Charles H., Ridgewood, NJ Jan. 1926
16 Peninsula Property 1926-1927
17 Penn. State Sept. 1925-Jan. 1929
18 Pensions and Annuities [1929]
19 Perkins, H.R. - Philadelphia, Pa. Mar. 1930
20 Personnel Records: A- K (Some Include Publication Lists) Oct. 1926
21 Personnel Records: L - Z (Some Include Publication Lists) Oct. 1926
22 Phelps, C.E.D. Jan. 1927
23 Physician College May 1926-Aug. 1926
24 Phillips, Paul C., Dept. of Physical Education, Amherst, Mass. Feb. 1926
25 Physics Building Mar. 1928-Feb. 1929
26 Pierson, David L. Sept. 1925-May 1928
27 Pillars of Fire, Bound Brook, NJ June 1929
28 Plooij Lectures Jan. 1928-Apr. 1928
29 Prepatory School 1921-1930, undated
30 Princeton University Mar. 1921-Feb. 1929
31 Pringle, A.D., NYC undated
32 Program 1926-1927
33 Procurement of Munitions Training 1926
34 Psychological Clinic 1929-1930
Box Folder
13 1 Public Information Campaign 1927, 1928-1929
2 Public Relations: Statistics, Letters, Editorials, Resolutions and Articles Supporting Rutgers 1926-1928
3 Public Service Corporation undated, 1926-1930
4 Purdue University Feb. 1927-Jan. 1929
5 Purington, Florence: Dean, Mount Holyoak College Dec. 1925
6 “P” Miscellaneous Oct. 1925-June 1929
7 Quality Credit System undated
8 Questionnaires June 1926-May 1928
9 Radio Broadcasting June 1926-Jan. 1932
10 Raritan Valley Conservations Association Mar. 1926-Jan. 1929
11 Real Estate Boards, National Association of 1925
12 Real Estate Boards, New Jersey Oct. 1928-Jan. 1929
13 Recommendations Aug. 1925-Aug. 1929
14 Reeves, Col. Ira L., Maplewood, NJ Oct. 1926-Dec. 1926
15 Redfield, Hon. William C., NYC Feb. 1927
16 Referred Letters July 1927-Apr. 1929
17 Regents, New Jersey State Board of 1929-1930
18 Reorganization undated, 1929-1931
19 Republican Platform (State) Aug. 1928-Oct. 1928
20 Requisitions and Orders Dec. 1928-June 1930
21 Research University, Washington D.C. Dec. 1926-May 1927
22 Resolutions Oct. 1926-Oct. 1927
23 Revenue - The Magazine of Light Feb. 1930
24 Rice, J.K. undated
25 Rice Case Apr.1929-May 1929
26 Richardson, Darby, Publisher of Industry and Finance undated, 1928
27 Robinson, A.L. - Arlington, NJ Mar. 1926
28 Rogers, Miss Cora M., - Elmont, NY Sept. 1926
29 Rooney, Joe - Milltown, NJ Sept. 1929
Box Folder
14 1 Ruggles, Frank G., Jersey City, NJ May 1928-June 1928
2 Rutgers Club of California 1927-1928
3 Rutgers Football Underwriters 1928
4 Rutgers University undated
5 Rutgers University Statistics 1929
6 “R” Miscellaneous 1925-1930
7 Sahloff, Willard 1930
8 Saint Peters Hospital Campaign Mar. 1930-Apr. 1930
9 Salaries Feb. 1929
10 Sampson, F. D. (Governor of Kentucky) Aug. 20, 1928
11 Sanford, G. Foster: Smyth, Sanford, and Gerard (Insurance) 1926-1930
12 Scattergood, E.F, Bureau of Power and Light, Los Angeles, CA Jan. 1926-Feb. 1926
13 Schench, Rev. Harold W., Franklin Reformed Church, Nutley, NJ Nov. 1926
14 Schepp 1927-1930
15 Schneeweiss, Henry P. - Campus Sept. 1925-Aug. 1927
16 Scholarship Aid (Appeal for Funds) June 1931-July 1931
17 Scholarships 1912- 1929
18 Scholarships (State) 1916-1921, 1929
19 Scholarships - Upson 1926-1927
20 School of Foreign Travel, NYC Jan. 1926
21 Schultz, Helen - Nutley, NJ Mar. 1926
22 Scudder, Mrs. Wm. H., Berkley, Ca. Apr. 1926
23 Schuck, Albert C., Board of Education, Freehold, NJ Apr. 1926
24 Schultz, Mr. A.D. - Jersey Central Power and Light Co., Keyport, NJ Dec. 1926
25 Seamen, Ruth A., Locust Valley, Long Island NY Oct. 1926
26 Serven, Isaac A. Feb. 1927-Jan. 1929
27 Seventh-Day Adventists Apr. 1926
28 Shearer, Dr. Augustus H., Grosvenor Library, Buffalo, N.Y. 1926-1928
29 Sigma Delta Club 1925-1928
30 Silvers, Earl Reed Oct. 1928-Sept. 1929
31 Silzer, Govenor George S., State House, Trenton, NJ June 1925-Dec. 1925
32 Simmons, Dr. Lucretia V.T., State College, Pa. 1926
33 Simpson, Rev. Williams E., Reformed Church Manse, Mahwah, NJ Apr. 1926
34 Skinner, Alfred E. Dec. 29, 1928
35 Sleeper, Professor Frank M., The Fessenden School, West Newton, Mass. Mar. 1926
36 Smith, Ray H., State College, Pa. Dec. 1925-Aug. 1927
37 Snedes, Frank B., NYC June 1926
38 Society of Colonial Wars in the State of N.J. 1930
39 Sons of the Revolution New Jersey Society 1929-1930
40 Spargo, William C. Jan. 1928
41 Special Bulletin to the Trustees of Rutgers University from the Presidents Office Nos.1-6 May 1929-May 1930
42 Speer, Dr. Elliott, Northfield Schools, Northfield, Mass. Jan. 1930
43 Spence, Dr. Henry P., Jersey City, NJ Oct. 1926
44 State of New Jersey Departmental Questionnaire - June 1925
Box Folder
15 1 State Relations 1864-Jan. 1928
2 State Relations Feb. 1928-Mar. 1929
3 State Relations, Correspondence Related to undated, 1927-1928
4 State Student Council of NJ Oct. 1925
5 State Trade School, Stamford, Conn. Jan. 1926
6 Statistics: Rutgers Teaching Fellows, Dormitories and Student Enrollment, Mortality and Attributes (Note: mortality means men entering as freshmen and not graduating with their class) 1916-1930
7 Statue, William the Silent Oct. 1925-May 1928
8 Stedman, Mrs. E., Hackensack, NJ Nov. 1929
9 Steinman, Samuel, NYC Sept. 1926
10 Stevens Institute of Technology undated, 1929
11 Stevenson, Harrison and Jordan, NYC Apr. 1930-May 1930
12 Stewart, Dr. George B., Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, NY Nov. 1925
13 Stillman, Wm. M., Plainfield, NJ Nov. 1925
14 Stoddard, Dr. Charles W., State College. Pa. June 1926-Oct. 1926
15 Stulesbury, Gen. Louis W. Sept. 1929
16 Streitwolf, A.C., New Brunswick, NJ Dec. 1928
17 Strickland, F.H., U. of Maine May 1926
18 Stout, Mr. J. Provost, Spring Lake Beach, NJ Sept. 1925-Dec. 1925
19 Student May 1926-Nov. 1927
20 Students 1928
21 Street and Highway Conference 1926
22 Sturtevant, Ralph, Washington, D.C. Oct. 1929
23 Survey of University by U.S. Dept. of Education, Washington D.C. Sept. 1926-June 1927
24 Sutphen, Paul F., Cleveland, Oh. Sept. 1926
25 Symphony Orchestra May 1929
26 “S” Miscellaneous Sept. 1925-June 1929
27 Tailor Shop, YMCA Building, New Brunswick,NJ Dec. 1925
28 Tax Free Chemicals for Educational Institutions 1929
29 Taxes - City of New Brunswick 1920-1921, 1929
30 Taylor, Everett Killburn, South Orange, NJ Feb. 1930
31 Taylor, Henry L., Albany, NY Jan. 1926-Feb. 1926
32 Taylor, John T., State College, Pa. Sept. 1925
33 Taylor, Roland, Norfolk, Va. Jan. 1926-Feb. 1926
34 Taylor, William P., St. Paul Rectory, East Orange, NJ Jan. 1930
35 Taylor, Vernon B., Indiana, Pa. Oct. 1925
Box Folder
16 1 Thomas, Percy H., Broadway, NYC Feb. 1926
2 Thompson, Charles A. – Mt. Holly, NJ Sept. 1926
3 Thompson, Geraldine L. 1927-1928, undated
4 Thorndike Intelligence Examination - Scores Made by Freshman since 1919 1926
5 Thwing, Pres. Charles F., Broadway, NYC Aug. 1926-Sept. 1926
6 Tigert, John J., Fed. Bureau of Education Dec. 1928-Apr. 1928
7 Tompkins, Richard A., New York Times, NYC Aug. 1926
8 Transportation Companies June 1926
9 Travelers Insurance Co., Newark, NJ Sept. 1925-Oct. 1925
10 Treasurer’s Report 1925
11 Trenton Times 1927-1928
12 Trett, Edward L., Chaplain, Fort DuPont, Delaware Nov. 1926
13 Tritelion Lodge 1928, undated
14 Truce, John Preston, Wabau, Mass. Jan. 1930
15 Trust Funds 1925-1926
16 Trustee Attendance Chart 1915-1926
17 Tuition 1927-1930
18 “T” Miscellaneous Oct. 1925-Mar. 1929
19 Underwood, A.I., Atlantic City, NJ Sept. 1926
20 United States Patriotic Society, New York, NY July 1929-Dec. 1929
21 University Council 1927-1928
22 Upsala College, East Orange, NJ Nov. 1925
23 Urbano Scholarship Fund Feb. 1928-April 1931
24 Vaill, Mr. C.P., American Steel and Wire Co., Trenton, NJ Nov. 1926
25 Van Duzer, R.D. 1929
26 Van Dyck, Sarah M., Highland Pk., NJ Apr. 1927-May 1927
27 Van Winkle, Winant 1926-1927
28 Vernoll, Thomas Powell, Paterson, NJ Aug. 1926-Sept. 1926
29 Vilbert, Mr. Henri, Q-W Laboratories, Bound Brook, NJ Oct. 1926
30 Victory Bridge June 1926
31 Vilentchitz, C. Sept. 1928
32 Vorhees, Oscar M., NYC 1925-1928
33 Wade, Leighton T., Cambridge, Mass. Apr. 1926
34 Walter, J.E., National Assoc. of Placement Officers, Lafayette, Indiana Apr. 1930
35 Ward, H. Judd - Estate May 28, 1931
36 Washington - Lafayette Institution, NYC Sept. 1925
37 Water Supply and Sewage Disposal 1926-1927
38 Watkins, S.C.G., Montclair, NJ Feb. 1926-Sept. 1929
39 Watson, George L., Trenton, NJ Sept. 1926-Oct. 1926
40 WEAM - Radio Station 1928
41 Weeks, Govenor John E., Middlebury, Vermont Sept. 1926-Nov. 1927
42 Weigel, Frederick 1926, 1930
43 Wells, Mrs. Susan, Rutheford, NJ Nov. 1926
44 Wendt, Dr. Gerald, State College, Pa. Jan. 1926-Feb. 1928
45 Wessells Memorial Hall 1929
46 Westinghouse Lamp Company, Bloomfield, NJ Dec. 1926
47 Wentzel, Principal William A., Senior High School, Trenton, NJ Feb. 1926
48 Whinery, S.M., Ohio State University Nov. 1926
49 White, E.A., Chicago, Ill. June 1926
50 White, Lee A., Detroit News, Detroit Michigan July 1926
51 J.G. White Engineering Corp., Exchange Place, NYC Feb. 1926
52 White, Mr. Marsh W., State College, Pa. Apr. 1926
53 Whiton, Dr. W.H., Neshanic Station, NJ June 1927-Oct. 1927
54 Wickendon, Mr. W.E., NYC Oct. 1926-Nov. 1926
55 Wilds, Percival, NYC Nov. 1926
56 Wiley, Maxine, Riverside Dr., NYC Mar. 1928
57 Willard, Mr. H.N., State College, Pa. Mar. 1926
58 Williamson, James A., Chi Psi Lodge 1928
59 Wilsey, L.C., Washington Park, Newark, NJ Apr. 1926-Mar. 1927
60 Wolf, Manager, Monument Pottery Co., Trenton, NJ Nov. 1926
61 Woods, Dr. Arthur F., College Park, Md. Sept. 1926-Aug. 1927
62 World War Memorial Feb. 1930
63 Wright, Miss Belle E., Middletown, Conn. Mar. 1926
64 Wright, R.G., Dept. of Chemistry 1926, 1930
65 Wright, Mrs. Roy V., re: N.J. College for Women Board of Managers 1926-1930
66 Wynkoop, Asa (Class of 1884) May 1925-Feb. 1930
67 Wynkoop, Stratton. Albany, NY Jan. 1926-Feb. 1926
68 Wyomissing Trade School, Wyomissing, Pa. Mar. 1930
69 “W” Miscellaneous June 1925-Dec. 1930
70 Y.M.C.A. Sept. 1925-Oct. 1925
71 Y.M.C.A. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ Jan. 1926-Aug. 1926
72 Yale News, New Haven, Conn. Oct. 1925-Nov. 1925
73 Zelley, Mrs. Pearl, Jobstown, NJ Sept. 1926
74 Zeta Psi, 18 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ Nov. 1925
75 Zook, George F. Nov. 26, 1928
Series II: Faculty Files, 1916-1932
Arrangement: This series is arranged alphabetically by surname of faculty member.
Summary: The Faculty Files series contains files on individual faculty members containing correspondence, committee-meeting minutes, minutes of individual meetings with President Thomas, and other material such as newspaper clippings.
Box Folder
17 1 Agger, E. E., Dept. of Economics 1926-1931, n.d.
2 Alles, Adam, Prof. of German 1926
3 Baker, H.J., Director - Extension Service, College of Agriculture 1930
4 Billetdoux, E. W., Dept. of Romance Languages, and Custodian of Academic Costume 1927-1929
5 Brooks, S. C., Prof. of Physiology and Biochemistry 1926-1927
6 Brown, G. H., Ceramics Department 1927-1928
7 Curtis, W. R., Dept. of History and Political Science 1926-1927
8 Daggett, Parker H., Dean, College of Engineering 1929-1930
9 Davidson, Forrest K., Professor Oct. 1927-July 1930
10 Davis, Edwin B., Professor 1926-1930
11 Dawson, R. MacGregor, Professor June 1926-July 1927
12 Elliott, Charles H., Dean and Professor, School of Education 1925-1927
13 Fales, Dr. Harold A., Dept. of Chemistry May 1930
14 General-Faculty 1925-1927
15 General-Faculty 1928-1931
16 Hatfield, Harold D., Dean, College of Applied Science Dec. 1927-June 1928
17 Headlee, Thomas J. 1930
18 Henderson, Alfred R., Bursar - N.J. College for Women 1926-1930
19 Johnson, A.S., Comptroller 1927-1930
20 Klain, Zora, Head, Dept. of Education 1927
21 Kull, Irving S., Professor 1925-1926
22 Lewis, J. Volney, Professor Jan. 1926-Oct. 1926
23 McLeod, Dr. N.S. , University Physician Dec. 1926-Jan. 1927
24 Martin, Luther H., Registrar Dec. 1925-July 1929
25 Martin, William H., Dean - College of Engineering 1926
26 Marvin, Walter T., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Oct. 1924-Jan. 1932
27 Metzger, Fraser, Dean of Men 1925-1929
28 Miller, Norman C.: Director - Industrial Extension Division 1925-1930
29 Moore, Arthur R., Professor of Physiology and Biochemistry Apr. 1916-Sept. 1929
30 Morris, Richard, Professor May 1923-Jan. 1929
31 Nelson, Thurlow C., Professor of Zoology Nov. 1926-Oct. 1928
Box Folder
18 1 Osborn, George A., University Librarian 1927
2 Partch, Clarence E., Associate Professor of Education 1926-1930
3 Pumphrey, Fred H., Professor, College of Engineering June 1928
4 Reager, Richard G., Professor Oct. 1926-Jan. 1928
5 Rockwell, Edward H., Dean, Dept. of Engineering Apr. 1923-May 1928
6 Russum, William A.R., Professor Oct. 1929-Apr. 1930
7 Shive, John W., College of Agriculture 1927, 1930
8 Smiley, Colonel S.E. Feb. 1926-July 1926
9 Titsworth, Alfred A., Professor Dec. 1927-Dec. 1928
10 deVisme, H.P.W., Professor Oct. 1925-Aug. 1927
11 White, Reverend Stanley D.D., University Chaplain June 1925-Aug. 1927
12 Whitman, Charles M., Professor 1926-June 1930
13 Will, Allen S., Professor, School of Journalism 1926-1930
14 Wright, Ralph G., Professor June 1926-Jan. 1929
Series III: Applications and Appointments, 1925-1932
Arrangement: Files are arranged chronologically
Summary: Letters of introduction, requests for faculty and staff appointments to Rutgers, and invitations for speaking engagements comprise the contents of this series of records.
Box Folder
18 15 Applications 1925
16 Applications Jan. 1926-Mar. 1926
17 Applications Apr. 1926-Dec. 1926
18 Applications Jan. 1927-May 1927
19 Applications June1927-Dec. 1927
20 Applications Jan. 1928-Mar. 1928
21 Applications Apr. 1928-Dec. 1928
22 Applications Jan. 1929-Mar. 1929
23 Applications Apr. 1929-Dec. 1929
Box Folder
19 1 Applications Jan. 1930-Apr. 1930
2 Applications May 1930-Dec. 1930
3 Applications Jan. 1931-Mar. 1931
4 Applications Apr. 1931-May 1931
5 Applications June 1931-Dec. 1931
6 Applications undated
7 Appointments Sept. 1925-Oct. 1925
8 Appointments Nov. 1925
9 Appointments Dec. 1925
10 Appointments Jan. 1926
11 Appointments Feb. 1926-Mar. 1926
12 Appointments Apr. 1926
13 Appointments May 1926
14 Appointments June 1926
15 Appointments July 1926-Sept. 1926
16 Appointments Oct. 1926-Dec. 1926
17 Appointments Jan. 1927-Feb. 1927
18 Appointments Mar. 1927-Apr. 1927
Box Folder
20 1 Appointments May 1927-June 1927
2 Appointments July 1927-Oct. 1927
3 Appointments Nov. 1927-Dec. 1927
4 Appointments Jan. 1928
5 Appointments Feb. 1928-Mar. 1928
6 Appointments Apr. 1928-May 1928
7 Appointments June 1928-Aug. 1928
8 Appointments Sept. 1928-Oct. 1928
9 Appointments Nov. 1928
10 Appointments Dec. 1928
11 Appointments Jan. 1929
12 Appointments Feb. 1929-Mar. 1929
13 Appointments Apr. 1929-May 1929
14 Appointments June 1929-Sept. 1929
15 Appointments Oct.-Nov. 1929
16 Appointments Dec. 1929-Jan. 1930
17 Appointments Feb. 1930-Mar. 1930
18 Appointments Apr. 1930
19 Appointments undated, May 1930-June 1930
Series IV: Schools and Colleges, 1920-1932
Arrangement: This series is divided by school or college into nine sub-series, which are arranged alphabetically. Within each sub-series the files are arranged alphabetically by title. The subseries are lettered "A" through "I".
Summary: The Schools and Colleges series contains correspondence and memoranda concerning issues related to the College of Agriculture, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, College of Engineering, the Department of Military Science, the New Jersey College for Women, and the College of Pharmacy.
A. General:
Box Folder
21 1 Curricula and Courses undated
2 Educational Extension undated
3 Education, Graduate Instruction undated
4 Summer Session - Enrollment Distribution, 1922-1926 1926
B: Agriculture, College of
Box Folder
21 5 Agriculture, College of 1925-1927
6 Agriculture, College of undated
7 Agriculture, College of, Agricultural Education undated
8 Agriculture, College of, Experiment Station undated
9 Baker, H. J., Dir., Extension Services, College of Agriculture 1925-1927
10 Blake, M. A., Chief in Horticulture, Agricultural Experiment Station 1923, 1926-1928
11 Heylar, F. G., Dir., Short Courses in Agriculture 1920, 1926-1928
12 Huber, H. F., Ass't. Dir. of Research, Agricultural Experiment Station 1926, 1928-1929
13 Keller, Henry, Jr., Chief, Dept. of Agricultural Economics 1924, 1928
14 Lipman, J. G., Dean, and Dir., Agricultural Experiment Station 1922-1925
15 Lipman, J. G., Dean, and Dir., Agricultural Experiment Station 1926
16 Lipman, J. G., Dean, and Dir., Agricultural Experiment Station 1927
17 Lipman, J. G., Dean, and Dir., Agricultural Experiment Station 1928
18 Lipman, J. G., Dean, and Dir., Agricultural Experiment Station 1929
19 Lipman, J. G., Dean, and Dir., Agricultural Experiment Station 1930
20 Lipman, J. G., Dean, and Dir., Agricultural Experiment Station 1931-1932
21 Quakenboss, I. E., Treasurer, Agricultural Experiment Station 1925, 1929-1930
22 Sampson, H. O., Prof. of Agricultural Education 1926, 1928
23 Woodward, C. R., Secretary, College of Agriculture 1926-1927
C: Arts and Sciences, College ofC: Arts and Sciences, College of
Box Folder
22 1 Arts and Sciences, College of undated, 1926
2 Academic Mortality, and Report on the Required Increases in the Teaching Staff for the Academic Year 1926-1927 1926
3 Appropriation for Erection of Biological Laboratories (Botany, Zoology, Bacteriology, Physiology) 1929
4 Biological Departments undated, 1916-1929
5 Music Department undated
D: Education, School of
Box Folder
22 6 Education, School of July 1927-Aug. 1927
7 Education, School of Sept. 1927-Mar. 1928
8 Education, School of (President Thomas's Notes) undated
9 Graduates undated
10 Teachers College undated, 1927
E: Engineering, College of
Box Folder
22 11 Engineering, College of 1923-1926
12 Engineering, College of Jan. 1926 - July 1928
13 Engineering, College of Aug. 1928-Dec. 1928
14 Engineering, College of 1929
15 Appropriation for a Laboratory Building 1929
16 Curriculum in Engineering Subjects 1922-1926
17 Enrollment undated
18 Information on the Engineering Faculty undated
19 Investigation of Engineering Education Conducted by the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education June 1925
20 Standing of Rutgers Students in Iowa Placement Tests 1926
F: Extension
Box Folder
22 21 Graduate Courses in Medicine (Pamphlets) undated
22 Industrial Extension Division 1925-1928
G: Military
Box Folder
22 23 Military Dept. undated, 1921-1927
24 Military Dept. 1928-1929
Box Folder
23 1 Military Dept. 1930-1931
2 Military Educations 1920, 1923-1925
3 Military Educations 1926-1928
4 Military Educations 1929-June 1930
5 Military Educations July 1930-Jan. 1932
H: NJ College for Women
Box Folder
23 6 General Sept. 1929-Feb. 1931
7 Admissions 1930
8 Barbour, Professor Edna, NJC Apr. 1926
9 Class Size undated
10 Curricula 1926
11 Dean's Reports 1918-1926
12 Department of Education, Survey Materials 1926
13 deVisme, Mrs. Alice July 1927-Nov. 1927
14 Douglass, Mrs. Mabel 1920-1929
15 Extra Mural Activities undated
16 Faculty 1926
17 Hickman, Miss Emily (Prof.) Apr. 1930-June 1930
18 Mortality, 1918-1926 1926
19 Rice, Professor John A., Latin 1929
I: Pharmacy, College of
Box Folder
23 20 Pharmacy, College of 1922, 1925-1926
Box Folder
24 1 Pharmacy, College of 1927
2 Pharmacy, College of Jan. 1928-June 1928
3 Pharmacy, College of July 1928-Dec. 1928
4 Pharmacy, College of Jan. 1929-Aug1929
5 Pharmacy, College of Sept. 1929-Dec. 1929
6 Pharmacy, College of Jan. 1930-June 1930
Series V. Trustees and Trustees' Committee Records, 1925-1931
Arrangement: This series is divided into two sub-series, "General Files" and "Individual Trustees". The "General Files" are arranged alphabetically by folder title and the "Individual Trustees" files are arranged alphabetically by the trustee's last name.
Summary: This series largely consists of letters between Dr. Thomas and the trustees. Topics are often of importance to the Board of Trustees, such as candidates for honorary degrees, the relations between the university and the State of New Jersey, but also include many letters reminding the members of meeting dates, and letters of recommendation and support for candidates of high-ranking positions. Other materials include: reports; publications; wills; and resolutions.
A. General:
Box Folder
24 7 Blodgett Scholarship 1925
8 Committee on Alumni Investigating 1928
9 Committee on Bequests/Endowments 1926-1928
10 Committee on Trustees 1929
11 Form letters, Announcements, etc 1925-1930
12 Leaves of Absence 1929, undated
13 Notes 1929-30
B: Individual Trustees:
Box Folder
24 14 Bergen, Tunis G. 1929
15 Blakeley, George H. 1926-1929
16 Brett, Philip M. 1925-1927
17 Brett, Philip M. 1928-1929
18 Brodie, Warren J. 1926-1929
19 Buzby, Walter J. 1926-1930
20 Case, Clarence E. 1926-1930
21 Cobb, Rev. Henry E. 1925-1930
22 Craven, D. Stewart 1929-1930
23 Demarest, William H.S. 1925-1930
Box Folder
25 1 Dorr, John V.N. 1925-1930
2 Duryee, Joseph R. 1926-1930
3 Edgar, Charles L. 1925-1930
4 Elliott, Hon. Charles H. 1927-1929
5 Fiske, Haley, President 1925-1929
6 Florance, Hon. W. Edwin 1926-1930
7 Frelinghuysen, Hon. Joseph S. 1925-1929
8 Fuller, Howard N. 1926, 1929
9 Gilbert, S. Parker 1926-1930
10 Gourley, William B. 1926-1930
11 Gummere, William S. Oct. 8, 1925
12 Hanson, Thomas L. 1927-1930
13 Heckscher, August 1925-1930
14 Herbert, John W. 1926-1930
15 Jameson, Edwin C. 1927-1930
16 Kahn, Otto H. 1927-1930
17 Katzenbach, Edward L. 1925-Mar. 1927
18 Katzenbach, Edward L. Apr. 1927-1928
19 Katzenbach, Edward L. 1929-1930
20 Larson, Governor Morgan F. 1929-1930
21 Loree, Leonor F. 1925-1926
22 Loree, Leonor F. 1927-1928
23 Loree, Leonor F. 1929-1930
24 Mettler, John W. 1925-1930
Box Folder
26 1 Moore, Gov. A. Harry 1926-1929
2 Myers, William S. 1925-1929
3 Neilson, James 1925-1930
4 Parker, Henry G. 1925-1930
5 Pierson, Arthur N. 1930
6 Raven, Rev. John H. 1925-1930
7 Reed, Irving L. 1925-1927
8 Sanford, Francis B. 1929-1930
9 Skinner, Alfred F. 1925-1929
10 Speer, Judge William H. 1925-1930
11 Stevens, Hon. William A. 1927
12 Sutphen, Duncan D. 1925-1930
13 Tinsley, John F. Nov. 20, 1929
14 Tompkins, Vreeland 1926-1929
15 VanDyck, William V.B. 1928-1929, 1931
16 Voorhees, Foster M. 1926-1927
17 Waldron, William H. 1928
18 Walker, Chancellor Edwin R. 1927
Series VI: Duffield Commission, 1928-1929
Arrangement: The Duffield files are arranged alphabetically by folder title.
Summary: This series is composed of correspondence related to the Duffield Commission; a resolution related to the creation of the commission; reports and statements generated by the commission; and competing plans for reorganization.
Box Folder
26 19 Appreciation for Testimony Before Duffield Commission Nov. 10, 1928
20 Correspondence: Other Duffield Commission Members 1928
21 Correspondence Regarding the Duffield Commission: Miscellaneous 1928
22 Creation and Members of the Duffield Commission 1928
23 Duffield, Edward D (Chairman) 1928
24 Listing of Documents Submitted to the Duffield Commission 1928
25 Mercolino Statement Feb. 9, 1929
26 Minority Report of the Duffield Commission Feb. 9, 1929
27 Public Hearing Trenton, NJ Nov. 8, 1928
28 Reorganization Plan No. 1 1929
29 Reorganization Plan No. 2 1929
30 Report of the Duffield Commission as Suggested by President Thomas Feb. 1928
Series VII: Articles, 1925-1930
Arrangement: Articles are arranged chronologically by date of publication. The lone undated article follows the chronologically ordered folders.
Summary: The majority of the folders in this collection contain annotated typewritten drafts of articles. In some cases these are accompanied by the print publication.
Box Folder
27 1 “A Christmas Message”: Charm Dec. 1925
2 “Greetings to Freshmen”: Rutgers University Freshman Handbook 1926-1928
3 “The Economic Neccesity of a State University”: Journal of Industry and Finance Jan. 19, 1928
4 “The Present Opportunity”: Alumni Monthly Jan. 19, 1928
5 “Why State Support of Higher Education”: New Jersey Journal of Education Dec. 1928
6 “What About Rutgers?” Dec. 24, 1928
7 “The Third American City”: Journal of Industry and Finance Apr. 1929
8 “Glorious ‘90”: Middlebury College News Letter Mar. 1930
9 “What Is a Land-Grant College”: New Jersey Journal of Education undated
Series VIII: Remarks, Speeches and Statements, 1916-1930
Arrangement: This series is organized into three sub series: Remarks, Speeches and Statements. Within each sub series the folders are arranged chronologically according to the date of the remark, speech or statement. Undated folders are arranged alphabetically by title following each chronology. The sub-series are lettered "A" through "C".
Summary: Each sub series consists of typewritten transcripts of the remark, speech or statements, notes, and/or publications from which the communication had been published or republished.
A: Remarks
Box Folder
27 10 “To the Friends of Education in New Jersey” Feb. 28, 1927
11 “An Old Tin Box” (written for National Life Regarding Professor DeVisme’s death) June 1927
12 “Charter Day” Nov. 10, 1927, Nov. 10, 1928
13 Results of the Survey of Rutgers University Apr. 4, 1928
14 “On the Importance of Teachers” Aug. 2, 1928
15 “Why Athletics?” Scarlet Letter Jan. 21, 1929
16 Agricultural Field Day June 12, 1929
17 “Rutgers University as Location for the Institute for Advanced Study,” Home News June 17, 1930
18 “The Art of Dentistry” undated
19 “Benefits From the Commission to Survey Public Education” undated
20 “The Democracy of Higher Education” undated
21 “Education” undated
22 “Education with Purpose” (Comments on article by Dean Dagget in Revenue: TheMagazine of Light ) undated
23 “Higher Education” (alternate title “The State University”) undated
24 Notes on the Morrill Act and its Operation in New Jersey undated
25 “The Raritan” undated
26 “Regarding the Incorporation of the New Jersey College of Pharmacy in Rutgers University” undated
27 “Regarding Representative Hanson’s Bill Proposing Increased Spending For New Jersey College Education” undated
28 “Regarding Site and Location in Connection with the Bartholomew Report and Establishing a Graduate School” undated
29 “Regarding the Development of a College of Chemistry at Rutgers University” undated
30 “A State University in the Metropolitan Area” undated
31 “To the Young Farmers of New Jersey” undated
32 “What One College President Thinks of Publicity?” undated
B: Speeches:
Box Folder
27 33 “Ten Rules for Students and Others” The Bulletin of the Livingston Ave Baptist Church. NOTE: A publication of a speech given before the Convocation of the University of the State of New York, republished in May 1929 1909
34 “The Public Library a Community Necessity”: (Address at the opening of a new town library in Vermont as printed in New York Libraries) Feb 1916
35 Speeches from Penn State (Copies – Originals binder sent to Penn State) Part 1 Aug. 1921-Jan. 1922
36 Speeches from Penn State (Copies – Originals binder sent to Penn State) Part 2 June 1922-Sept. 1925
37 Opening Convocation Sept. 16, 1925
38 “Influence of Frontier Life on American Christianity” (Given at the 80th annual meeting of the New Jersey Historical Society in Newark, NJ) Oct. 28, 1925
39 “To the Society of Colonial Wars” Nov. 12, 1925
40 “Education for Citizenship in the New Era” (Given before the Women’s Club in East Orange, NJ) Nov. 30, 1925
41 To the New England Society of New York City Forefather’s Day Dec. 22, 1925
42 “Sufficient Ideals” - two versions (Given in Elizabeth, NJ) undated
43 “Agriculture and Higher Education” (State Agricultural Convention; Assembly Chamber State Capitol) Jan. 13, 1926
44 Address to the New Jersey Clay Workers Association(Published in The Ceramist) Feb. 1926
45 “The Influence of Washington upon American Character” (The Washington Association of New Jersey at Washington’s Headquarters) Feb. 26, 1926
46 Address Before the Atlantic City Kiwanis Club Mar. 25, 1926
47 “The Higher Education of Women in New Jersey” (The New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs) Apr. 28, 1926
48 “The High Schools and the University” (High School Conference Rutgers University) May 7, 1926
49 “Discrimination” (Baccalaureate Sermon, New Jersey College for Women) June 3, 1926
50 “Pilots of Tyre” (Baccalaureate Sermon) June 11, 1926
51 Alumni Dinner June 12, 1926
52 Summer Session Convocation June 30, 1926
53 Address at Extension Dinner Sept. 14, 1926
54 “Greetings From Education” (Elks Dinner, New Brunswick, NJ) Oct. 25, 1926
55 Speech at Princeton University (As reviewed in the Daily Princetonian) Oct. 25, 1926
56 Speech Before Orange Alumni (Rutgers Alumni) Nov. 4, 1926
57 “The Age of the Engineer” (The New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce) Dec. 3, 1926
Box Folder
28 1 “Honey Bees and Optimism” (New Jersey Horticultural Society; Atlantic City, NJ) Dec. 8, 1926
2 “Son of a Blacksmith” (Kiwanis Luncheon; Rahway, NJ) Jan. 4, 1927
3 “The Multitude of the Wise is the Virtue of the World” – Outline (State Chamber of Commerce) Jan. 7, 1927
4 “Education and Industry” (Before the New York Credit Men’s Association, Hotel Astor) Note: alternate title “The Sower” Apr.1927
5 “Making of the Soul of America” (Hope Lodge; East Orange, NJ) May 12,1927
6 “The University Extension Idea” (The American Association for Adult Education; Cleveland, OH) May 18, 1927
7 Invocation at the Heights of Middlebrook June 14, 1927
8 Address at lunch of the Rotary Club; Paterson, NJ June 30, 1927
9 “What Will Tomorrow Demand of the Public Library?” (The New York Library Association; Lake Placid, NY) Sept. 26, 1927
10 “What is Rutgers and Why” (Trenton Kiwanis Club) Oct. 19, 1927
11 Presidents Day Oct. 25, 1927
12 “Behold a Sower Went Forth to Sow” – Absract(Sermon at the Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church) Nov. 6, 1927
13 Address at the State Teachers Convention; Atlantic City, NJ Nov. 10, 1927
14 “Are Our High Schools Colleges and Universities Meeting the Needs of Present Day Conditions and Requirements?” (The National Republican Club, 54 W 40th St., New York City) Feb. 4, 1928
15 “Address of President John M Thomas at the Annual Meeting of the American Cranberry Growers Association” Feb. 11, 1928
16 “Greetings From the State University” (High School Conference) May 3, 1928
17 “The Outlook” (Abstract of Address at the 10th Anniversary of the New Jersey College for Women) May 10, 1928
18 “The University and the Public” (WOR Radio) Oct. 17, 1928
19 Address at the Dedication of the Fairmount Mausoleum; Newark, NJ Nov. 14, 1928
20 “Higher Education and Dairying” (The Agricultural Convention; Trenton, NJ) Jan. 8, 1929
21 “Lest We Forget!” (The Lincoln Dinner New York Republican Club) Feb. 12, 1929
22 “What About Rutgers” (Public Higher Education in New Jersey) May 29, 1929
23 “Thou Therefore Endure Hardness as a Good Soldier” (Baccalaureate Sermon) June 6, 1930
24 “Brothers College Dedication” (The Inauguration of Rev. Dr. Brown at Drew University; Madison, NJ) Oct. 17, 1929
25 “Educational Consequences of Industrial Expansion” (Essex County Teachers Association, Tremont Temple; Boston) Nov. 1, 1929
26 “And Including Military Tactics” (The Annual Convention of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities;Chicago, IL) Nov. 14, 1929
27 “Our Colonial Colleges” (Radio Speech) Dec. 1929
28 “Home From College: A Greeting to Parents of students at Land-Grant Colleges” (Address on National Farm and Home Hour, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, NBC) Dec. 14, 1929
29 “Rebellious Youth” (on WOR) Dec. 30, 1929
30 National University Extension Association; New York May 17, 1930
31 Alumni Dinner June 7, 1930
32 “Getting a Good Start in College” (On the National Farm and Home Hour, Radio) Aug. 9, 1930
33 “The Banker and the Farmer” undated
34 “For Dad’s Sake” – Abstract (to Rutgers students at Kirkpatrick Chapel) undated
35 “The Joy of the Battle” – Abstract (at Pennsylvania State) undated
36 “Let All Things Be Done Unto Edifying” undated
37 “Some of the Marks of an Educated Man” (Extracts from Baccalaureate) undated
38 “What We Should Remember of the Great War” undated
C: Statements:
Box Folder
28 39 Regarding Governor Moore’s Message on the State University 1928
40 “Regarding the Abell Bill Providing a State Board of regents for Higher Education” undated
41 “Regarding the Report of the Duffield Commission” Jan 1929
42 On the Present Trend of Education From the More Cultural to the More Practical undated
43 Regarding Governor Silzer’s references to Higher Education undated
44 “Regarding Policy for Freshmen Who Would Have Been Dropped Mid-Year” undated
Series IX: Newsclippings, 1902-1931
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically according to date of publication.
Summary: This series consists of newsclippings from a variety of newspapers. The bulk of the material bears the markings of the Henry Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, New York.
Box Folder
28 45 “Preaching by Character: Sermon by Rev. John M. Thomas at the Arlington Ave Presbyterian Church , East Orange, NJ, Sunday, November 16” (Published in the New York Weekly Witness) Nov. 1902
46 Thomas Leaves Penn State to go to Rutgers (from scrapbook) June 1925
47 Thomas and Family 1925-1931
48 Appointment to Rutgers June 1925
49 Sermons at the Collegiate Reformed Church of Saint Nicholas, New York, NY Aug. 1926
50 Speeches 1927
51 Thomas is Highly Regarded as a Speaker 1927
52 High School Commencement Speeches June 1927
53 Speech Before the Paterson Rotary Club June 1927
Box Folder
29 1 Purchase of Estate in Mendon, VT Aug. 1927-Sept. 1927
2 Principal Address at the Annual Meeting of the New York Library Association Lake Placid, NY Sept. 1927
3 Speech Before the East Orange Rotary Club Sept. 1927
4 Speech Before the Kiwanis Club of Trenton Oct. 1927
5 Annual Report by President Thomas to Governor Moore Oct. 1927
6 Presidents Day (Celebrates the second anniversary of Thomas’ Presidency) Oct. 1927
7 Speaker at Princeton Chapel services at Alexander Hall Oct. 1927
8 Attendance and Speech at the National Association of State Universities and the Association of Land Grant Colleges, Chicago Nov. 1927
9 Speech at the New Jersey Teachers Association, Atlantic City, NJ Nov. 1927
10 Speech at Joseph Henry Selden Memorial Lecture at Connecticut College Nov. 1927
11 Speech Before the Annual Meeting of the Sussex County Board of Agriculture, Newton, NJ Dec. 1927
12 Speech Before the Middlesex County School Board association at Maple Mead School Dec. 4, 1927
13 Speeches 1928
14 Thomas’ Reaction to Governor Moore’s recommendation to Appoint a Commission to Examine Relations Between the State and Rutgers Jan. 1928
15 Speech Before the Rutgers Club at the Hotel Walt Whitman in Camden Jan. 1928
16 Speech Before Officers of the New Jersey Association of Real Estate Boards and All Member Boards at the Newark Athletic Club Jan. 1928-Feb. 1928
17 “Rutgers to Ask More State Aid” New York Times Article Jan. 1928-Feb. 1928
18 Speech on the Half Mill Tax Before the Morristown Vicinity Unit of the Republican Women’s Club Jan. 1928-Feb. 1928
19 Thomas’ Appointment to the Land-Grant College Survey Conducted by the Bureau of Education Jan. 1928-Feb. 1928
20 Speech Before State Federation of Women’s Clubs, Trenton, NJ Feb. 1928
21 Discussion “Are Our High Schools Colleges and Universities Meeting Modern Needs and Conditions?” at the National Republican Club New York, Broadcast over WGBS Feb. 1928
22 Thomas’ reaction to the Low Amount of State Appropriation to Rutgers Mar 1928
23 Annual Report by President Thomas to Governor Moore Nov. 3, 1928
24 Speech at Inauguration of Rev. Dr. Brown as President of Drew University Oct. 1929
25 “Private Institutions Have No Appeal For Me” Oct. 23, 1930
26 Resignation From Rutgers Oct. 1930, Jan. 1931
27 Rutgers Miscellaneous 1926-1928
28 Sermons 1927-1931
Series X: Personal Papers, 1911-1930
Arrangement: This series is arranged alphabetically by folder heading.
Summary: The Personal Papers are a miscellaneous collection of papers, articles, clippings, programs, brochures, letters and honors that are of a more personal nature than the other series.
Box Folder
29 29 Biographies of Dr. John M. Thomas 1911-1913
30 Hughes, Bertram L. (Theme on Dr. Thomas and Correspondence) May 4, 1920, April 20, 1928
31 Inauguration at Rutgers 1925
32 Miscellaneous Personal Papers 1926-1932
33 New Jersey State Commission for the 150th Anniversary Celebration of American Independence May 1926
34 Pennsylvania State College Thomas’ Inauguration Program 1921 and Resignation in The Penn State Alumni News July 1925 June 1930
35 “Middlebury” NOTE: A poem written by Dr. Thomas for the 1910 Commencement, Published in the Middlebury College News Letter June 1930. June 1930
36 Resignation from Rutgers July 1, 1930-Oct. 1930
37 Tercentenary of Founding of the Reformed (Dutch) Church in America 1928
38 "Historic Nova Scotia": Brochure Published by Authority of Hon. Percy C. Black, Minister of Highways undated