Inventory to the Rutgers University Photograph Collection

By Special Collections and University Archives

June 2013

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

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Creator: Rutgers University. Special Collections and University Archives
Title: Rutgers University Photograph Collection
Dates: 1839-Present
Quantity: 63.86 cubic feet (196 boxes)
Abstract: The Rutgers Photograph Collection represents the photographic documentation of Rutgers University. It is organized into the following categories: Academic and Administrative Functions, Athletics, Art, Buildings and Grounds, etc.
Collection No.: R-Photo
Language: English
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives

Photographic Documentation of the University

The photograph collections are maintained by the Rutgers University Archives as an assembled collection. Photographic materials in multiple formats, but primarily prints, documenting the University, its constituents, and activities are regularly added. However the primary basis of the collection was formed by photographs originally transferred to the Archives by the Office of University Relations, formerly Office of Public Relations, Office of Alumni Relations, and Office of Media Relations and also includes images weeded from other large collection such as the Rutgers Vertical Files, administrative records, donations and gifts, as well as single or small accessions from individual donors.

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Scope and Content Note

The Rutgers Photograph collection comprises of more than 100,000 items in multiple photographic formats and cover the years 1839-the present and visually documents the University, its constituents and activities from the changing physical landscape to the changing student body. Although the collection heavily emphasizes the New Brunswick Campus, it also includes imagery of both Camden and Newark campuses as well. "R-Photo" is organized by thematic/functional category, then further by Campus (when applicable), and then alphabetically by subject and then chronologically.

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Arrangement Note

The photographs are arranged into 21 series:

Academic and Administrative Functions (AA)
Alumni Association (ALU)
Art (ART)
Athletics (ATH)
Bicentennial (BI)
Buildings & Grounds - Fraternities (BGF)
Buildings & Grounds (BG)
Buildings & Grounds - Camden (BGC)
Buildings & Grounds - Newark (BGN)
Bureaus & Institutes (BU)
Classes (CL)
Commencement (CM)
Founding & Early History (EH)
Homecomings (HOME)
Military Functions (MF)
Portraits (PO)
Portraits II (POII)
Seals & Proclamations (SP)
Special Events (SE)
Student Life (SL)
Student Organizations (SO)

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Rutgers University Photograph Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

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Detailed Description of the Collection/Container List

This section provides descriptions of the materials found within each series. Each series description is followed by a container list, which gives the titles of the "containers" (for example, folders, volumes, or cassettes) and their locations in the numbered boxes that comprise the collection. The availability of any digital items from a container is indicated with a hyperlink.

Academic and Administrative Functions (AA)
AA01 Academic Laboratories with Students
Academic Laboratories without Students
Academics 'Firsts' and Milestones
press release available 5/18/72, 5/23/75
Admissions Office, 1957
Admissions Office, 1968
Admissions Office, undated
'Affirmative Action' - First Ph.D. Student
press release available 5/13/87
Afro-American Studies, Department of
Agricultural Experiment Station
(folders 1-2)
Agricultural Extension Program
Agricultural Laboratories and Classrooms
Agricultural Photographs
(folders 1-3)
Folder 3: Livestock
Agricultural Station - Poultry Science
Air Pollution
press release available 2/16/67
Alcohol Studies
Alcohol Studies, Journal of
American Association of University Professors
American Studies, Department of
press release available 1/13/80, 3/9/83, 3/21/85
Appropriation Committee/Budget, 1957 & 1975
cross reference President's Jones & Gross
Archeology, Department of: Mayan Dig
press release available 12/5/78
Architectures & Urban Planning, Department of
Art Department - Douglass College
Art Department - Graduate School
Art Department - Rutgers College
Art, Department of
(folders 1-2)
Asian Studies, Department of: Students
press release available 3/1/79
Athletic Hall of Fame
AA02 Biochemistry Computer Lab, 1985
Biology, Department of
Botany, Department of
Botany, Department of - Pine Barrens Research
(folders 1-2)
press release available 4/3/80
Brown-Bag Seminar
Busch: Computer Center, 1982-1984
Busch: Greenhouse, 1977
Center for Advanced Biotechnology & Medicine
Center for Advanced Information Processing
Center for Alcohol Studies
Center for Information Processing
press release available 4/4/63
Center for Plastics Recycling Research
Center for Urban Policy Research
press release available 7/8/86
Chemistry, Department of
(folders 1-4)
press release available 3/17/67
Classics, Department of - First Ph.D. Graduate
Classroom Scene, Language Class, ca. 1880s
The Centennial Committee, 1969
press release available
AA03 "Clifford P. Case Professorship on Public Affairs"
Center for Computer and Information Services
Classroom Scenes, circa 1970 -1980's
(folders 1-2)
College of Agriculture
cross ref w/ Agriculture & Cook College
Comparative Literature, Department of
Computer & Information Services, Center for
(folders 1-2)
Computer Classes, 1977-1982
Computer Science, Department of
press release available 11/25/70, 10/4/83
Computers, in classrooms
Computing Services
Cook College, 1962-1964
(folders 1-3)
Cook College, 1965
Cook College, 1966
Cook College, 1970
Cook College, 1971
Cook College, 1972
Cook College, Agricultural NJ Society
Cook College, thru 1961
(folders 1-2)
AA04 Cook College - Instructors, 1974-1976
(folder 1/4)
Cook College - Miscellaneous , 1974-1976
(folder 2/4)
Cook College - Staff/Speakers, 1974-1976
(folder 3/4)
Cook College - Students, 1974-1976
(folder 4/4)
Cook College, 1967
Cook College, 1968
Cook College, 1969
Cook College, 1970-1972
press release available 8/27/71
Cook College, 1973
Cook College, 1978
Cook College, Administration
Cook College, Agricultural Biochemistry
Cook College, Agricultural Chemistry
Cook College, Agricultural Economics
Cook College, Agricultural Education
Cook College, Agricultural Engineering
press release available 8/19/65, 3/26/71
Cook College, Agricultural Microbiology
Cook College, Animal Husbandry
Cook College, Barns, 1977-1982
Cook College, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Department of
press release available 1/17/73
Cook College, Center for Coastal and Environmental Studies/Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
press release available 7/2/75, 7/22/75, 9/30/76
Cook College, Center for Coastal and Environmental Studies/Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences: Little Egg Research Station
press release available 8/23/78
Cook College, Community Land Use Game
press release available 12/11/70
AA05 Committee on Problems of War and Peace (Faculty)
Cook College - Soil and Crops
Cook College Horticulture: Fruits-Tomatos
Cook College, Miscellaneous
(folders 1-2)
Cook College, Environment Sciences, Department of
press release available 3/24/72
Cook College, Cooperative Education Program
press release available 8/15/75, 10/12/78, 10/21/85
Cook College, Cooperative Extension Service
press release available 1/24/69, 1/15/75
Cook College, Cooperative Extension Service - Administration
Cook College, Cranberry Research
Cook College, Dairy Science
Cook College, Entomology
press release available 2/19/71
Cook College, Farm Crops
Cook College, Floriculture
press release available 4/1/64
Cook College, Food Science
press release available 6/17/64, 2/25/72
Cook College, Forestry
press release available 5/31/68
Cook College, Greenhouses, 1980-1982 & undated
Cook College, Home Economics
Cook College, Horticulture
press release available 4/13/61, 12/29/66, 7/9/75, 1/3/80
Cook College, Landscape Architecture, Department of - First Female Graduate
press release available 5/22/69
Cook College, Meteorology
press release available 10/11/61
Cook College, Mosquito Spray Research
press release available 4/3/73
Cook College, Nutrition, Department of
press release available 2/20/70, 6/25/75
Cook College, Ornamental Horticulture
Cook College, Oyster Research
Cook College, Plant Biology and Pathology, Department of: Peach Breeding
press release available 5/4/67
Cook College, Plant Pathology
Cook College, Plant Physiology
Cook College, Poultry
Cook College, Resident Instruction
Cook College, Rhizosphere Group
press release available 9/6/79
Cook College, Vegetable Crops
Counseling Service
Counseling, 1979-1980 & undated
Criminology Course
press release available 11/3/83
Curriculum - NJC Students
Day Care Center
AA06 Center for Continuing Education- Douglass
Douglass College, Academics
(folders 1-2)
Douglass College, Admissions Office
Douglass College, African Crossroads
Douglass College, Afro-American Studies - Department of
Douglass College, Alumnae
Douglass College, Archaeology - Department of
Douglass College, Beauty Queens
(folders 1-2)
Douglass College, Black Students
Douglass College, Career Conference, 1961
Douglass College, Career Development Center, 1984
Douglass College, Cheryl Wall's Black Literature Course, 1987
Douglass College, Chick Experiments, 1982
Douglass College, Children's Summer Theater
Douglass College, Citizenship Institute
Douglass College, Date With Dad
Douglass College, Daycare Program
Douglass College, DeCourcey Triplets
Douglass College, Developmental Disabilities Center
Douglass College, Donations and Gifts
Douglass College, Drama - Department of
Douglass College, Driver Education Grant
Douglass College, Faculty
Douglass College, Faculty Retirement
Douglass College, Features, 1959
AA07 Douglass College Features, 1960
Douglass College Features, 1961-1962
Douglass College Features, 1963-1964
Douglass College Features, 1965
Douglass College Features, 1966
Douglass College Features, 1967
Douglass College Features, 1968
Douglass College Features, 1974
Douglass College Library - Art Displays
(folder 1/2)
Douglass College Library - Students and Staff
(folder 2/2)
Douglass College, Fiftieth Anniversary
(folders 1-3)
Douglass College, Fine Arts
(folders 1-2)
folder 2: dance
Douglass College, Fine Arts Center Dedication
Douglass College, Fine Arts - Center for
Douglass College, Folk Festival
Douglass College, Founders Day
Douglass College, Freshman
Douglass College, Home Economics - Department of
press release available 2/19/64
Douglass College, Honors House
Douglass College, International Weekend
Douglass College, Langauge Laboratory
Douglass College, Little Theater/Theater Arts
Douglass College Library - Instruction Section, 2001
AA08 Center for Ceramics Research
Ceramics, College of Engineering - First Class of Students, 1902
College of Engineering
Douglass College, Loree Gymnasium
Douglass College, Mary I. Bunting Students
Dougalss College, Music - Department of
Douglass College, N.J. State Federation of Women's Clubs
Douglass College, Neilson Dining Hall
Douglass College, Physical Education
Douglass College, Psychology - Department of
Douglass College, Scholarships
Douglass College, Science Lab, 1986
Douglass College, Seal
Douglass College, Speech and Hearing Center
press release available 9/20/61
Douglass College, Unidentified, 1980-1986
Douglass College, Voorhees Chapel Concert Series
(folders 1-2)
Douglass College, Willets Health Center, [circa 1970s]
Douglass College, Winterim Program
(press release available 12/31/69
Douglass College: Sacred Path Ceremony
Eagleton Foundation
Economics, Seminar, 1961
Economics, Survey
Economics, Workshop
Edison Papers Project: Edison Caricature
press release available 1/29/86 - negative included
Education, Department of
Educational Placement Office
Electronics Labs
Emergency Service
Endocrinology Research
AA09 Center for Ceramics Research
Ceramics, College of Engineering
(folders 1-3)
Engineering Academics
(folders 1-2)
AA10 Engineering - Center & Facilities
(folders 1-3)
AA09 Engineering Labs
press release available 2/23/68
Engineering Open House
Engineering Presentation
Engineering, Department of, circa 1903-1961
Engineering, Department of, circa 1961-1970
Engineering, Department of, circa 1971-1988
AA10 Engineering - Chemical, Department of
press release available 4/30/71, 6/22/83
Engineering - Chemical, Department of: Students
press release available 5/13/76
Engineering - Civil, Department of
Engineering - Civil, Department of - Concrete Lab
press release available 5/26/67
Engineering - Civil, Department of - Highway Study Research
Engineering - Industrial, Department of
Engineering - Open House
Engineering, Department of - Faculty
Engineering, Department of, circa 1970s
Engineering, Department of, Faculty with Students
Engineering: Civil, Department of - Regional Planning
AA10a Alcohol Studies, Department of
Engineering - Electrical, Department of
press release available 5/15/80
Engineering - Fiber Optic Materials Research, Program in
press release available 8/19/86
Engineering - Mechanical, Department of
press release available 12/7/67
Engineering - Miscellaneous Photos
(folders 1-4)
Engineering - Packaging Science and Engineering, Program in
see also: Morrow, Darrell R. - press release available 2/14/74
Engineering - Student Labe Technician Program
press release available 3/20/86
Engineering - Television Display, 1957
Engineering, Department of, Society
Engineering: Department of Models and Graphics
Engineering: the Maddida Drum Digital Differential Analyzer
English, Department of
press release available 4/16/64
Entomology, Department of
Environmental Resources, Department of
Enzyme Research
Esso Research and Engineering Company
Exchange Program - Host Family Program
press release available 8/10/72
Experiment Station
see Agricultural Experiment Station
Food Technology, Department of
Fort Dix
French, Department of
Fulbright Scholars
Graduate School of Education, 1963
AA11 Geography, Department of
Geology Museum - General
see also Portraits (Faculty & Staff): Rowe, George
Geology Museum - Mastadon
Geology Museum - Dinosaurs
Geology, Department of
press release available 9/21/72
Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology
Graduate School of Banking
Graduate School of Education, 1947
(Off-campus in Trenton)
Graduate School of Education, 1949-4964
Graduate School of Education, 1964
Graduate School of Education, 1965-1967
Graduate School of Education, 19639
Graduate School of Education, 1970
Graduate School of Education, 1972
press release available 3/3/72
Graduate School of Education, 1973
Graduate School of Education, 1975-1976
Graduate School of Education, 1980
Graduate School of Education: Research Projects
press release available 7/7/77, 10/14/77 - negative included
Graduate School of Education: Special Education Training, Program in
press release available 12/2/77 - negative included
Graduate School of Education: Students
press release available 8/4/74, 5/18/77, 1/4/79
Graduate School of Sales Management and Marketing
Graduate School of Social Work
press release available 9/10/75, 12/16/80
Graduate School of Social Work
(folders 1-2)
Rutgers Fire Department
AA12 Busch: Hill Center for the Mathematic Sciences
Graduate School of Social Work: Students
press release available 5/3/78 - negative included
Heads Up Project
press release available 2/2/68
Hebraic Studies
High School Scholar Program
press release available 1/4/72
History, Department of
press release available 1/11/83, 1/23/84, 7/17/84, 1/29/86
Home Economics, Department of - First Male Graduate Student
Home Study Groups
correspondence cross reference
Human Communication
Hungarian Studies
AA13 Graduate School of Management, circa 1980s
Industrial Management
Inter-American Culture and Education Conference
International Center
International Farm Youth Exchange
press release available 10/3/63
International Labor Organization Internship
Joint Hospital Campaign Fund
see also Douglass Journalism - press release available 12/27/67
Labor Education Center
cross ref w/IMLR & Labor Institute - press release available 9/14/67
Laboratory Groups
see also academic labs with students
Language Labs, 1979
Libraries - Bequest Photos, 1950
Library Service, Graduate School of
Livingston College, Administration, 1967
press release available 4/27/67
Livingston College, Urban Teaching
press release available 5/20/80
Livingston Features, circa 1973-1975
Management and Labor, Institute of (IMLR)
AA14 Mason Gross School of the Arts - Dedication
(folders 1-4)
Mason Gross School of the Arts - Classes
(folders 1-4)
Mason Gross School of the Arts - Drama
(folders 1-4)
Mason Gross School of the Arts - Professional Performances
(folders 1-4)
Mason Gross School of the Arts, Costume Shop
press release available 10/8/83
Mason Gross School of the Arts, Dance, 1978-1982 & undated
Mason Gross School of the Arts, Music, [circa 1970s-1980s]
Mason Gross School of the Arts, Theater, 1974-1983 & undated
Mason Gross School of the Arts, Visual Arts, 1977-1982 & undated
Material Research Lab
Mathematics & Science Retraining Program
press release available 7/15/64
Mathematics Study Project
Mathematics, Department of
Medicine, Post-Graduate Courses
Merchandising Course
Meteorology, Department of
Microbiology (College of Agriculture), Department of
Microbiology, Department of
press release available 12/20/72
Microbiology, Department of -- Halloween Party, 1953
Mosquito Control
Motor Fleet, Supervisor's Course
Mug of the Year
cross reference Senator Clifford Case
Music House, Department of Music
Music House, Performers
Music, Graduate Program in
press release available 1/29/85
Nelson Biological Lab
New Employee Orientation
North Hudson Off-Campus Center
AA15 Open House Celebrating 30 Years as a State University
(folders 1-2)
cross ref. Presidents Bloustein, Gross & Jones
Parents Association of Rutgers College
Parents Council
Partners of the Alliance Program
press release available 7/12/68
Personnel & Placement
Pharmaceutical Extension Service
press release available 1/12/67
Pharmacy Catalog, 1977
Pharmacy, College of
(folders 1-3)
press release available 3/5/71, 1/28/73
Pharmacy, College of: Lab Scenes
press release available 2/8/78
Pharmacy, College of: Pharmacology, Department of
press release available 3/2/83
Pharmacy, Miscellaneous
Philosophy, Department of
Physical Education (Clinic and Institutes)
Physical Plant, Department of
press release available 8/19/75
Physics and Astronomy, Department of: Student Labs
press release available 5/17/78
Physics Research
Physics, Department of
press release available 7/23/64
Plant Pathology
Police, Rutgers University Department of Parking, Security & Transportation
Polish Studies
cross reference President Bloustein
Political Science, Department of
press release available 10/21/86
President's Administrative Awards
President's Administrative Awards, 1990
President's Administrative Awards, 1991
President's Administrative Awards, 1992
Press Association, NJ
Print Shop
AA16 Prizes & Awards
cross reference Special Events
Psychological Clinic
Psychology, Department of
press release available 9/13/74, 3/22/84
Psychopharmacology Lab
press release available 4/28/64
Public Responsibility for Educational Success
press release available 9/19/85
Public Speaking Class, 1951
Publication Association, NJ School Board
Queens Theatre
Radiation Safety, Department of
Radiation Science Center
Raritan Landing
Raritan Valley Park
Reading Center
press release available 5/2/69
Recreation and Leisure Services, Program in
press release available 4/18/86
Recreation, Department of: Recreational Classes
press release available 4/6/77
Renaissance Group
Research Council
Robeson Campus Center
see Newark-Robeson Hall
Romance Language Department
Runyon, Damon Memorial Fund
Rutgers Carnation-College Farm Research
Rutgers College, General Honors Program
also pictured: Torricelli, Robert - press release available 1/21/83
Rutgers Division of Instructional Television
press release available 3/14/69
Rutgers' Economic Contibution to New Brunswick
Rutgers Law Review
Rutgers Medical School
press release available 3/30/67
Rutgers University and the State
Rutgers University Forum (Broadcating)
Scholarships - Alumni
Scholarships - General
Scholarships - Lions Club
Scholarships - Recipients
Science for Teachers
Science Photos - Various Departments
(folders 1-2)
Science Training Program for Secondary School Students
cross ref w/ Selman Waksman
Service and Retirement Recognition Program
Shellfish Research Laboratory
press release available 3/21/69
AA17 Short Course on Ice Cream
Short Courses
press release available 7/16/75
Slavic Language Department
SOAR (Hoagies & Hoops), 1989
Sociology, Department of
press release available 2/23/67, 1/21/88
Special Activities (Academics)
Special Collections and University Archives,
Special Collections and University Archives, 1950
Joseph Ishill/ Oriole Press
Special Collections and University Archives, 1959
Special Collections and University Archives, 1961
Special Collections and University Archives, 1962
Special Collections and University Archives, 1963
Special Collections and University Archives, 1965
Special Collections and University Archives, 1966
Special Collections and University Archives, 1967
press release available 7/6/67
Special Collections and University Archives, 1968
Special Collections and University Archives, 1969
Special Collections and University Archives, 1972
press release available 9/18/70
Special Collections and University Archives, 1974-1975
press release available 3/22/74, 4/17/75
Special Collections and University Archives, 1976
press release available 8/11/76
Special Collections and University Archives, 1977
Special Collections and University Archives, 1979
George Washington's Compass and Surveyor's Chains
Special Collections and University Archives, undated
Special Collections and University Archives, Charles S. Hartmann Collection
Special Collections and University Archives, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Collection
press release available 4/28/83
Special Collections and University Archives, Symington Collection
Speech and Dramatic Arts
press release available 8/2/61, 3/11/66
Spencer Miller Lecture Series
State Science Day
Statistics Center
Summer Session Classes, 1914-1921
Summer Session Class, (1927-1934)
Surveying Class, 1899
Television - CBS 20th Century, 1958-1959
(folders 1-2)
Television - Channel 52
Television - Classroom
Television - DTV
Theater Arts, Department of
Toxicology Research
Training Institute for Sex Desegregation of the Public Schools
press release available 4/14/76
Transportation Studies - "Project Eagle", 1971
AA17 A Newark - University College
Newark - University College
Newark - NCAS, Art Class- Weaving, circa 1977
Unidentified, [circa 1960s-1980s]
University College, General
(folders 1-4)
University College, New Brunswick Division
University College, Newark Division
University College, Paterson Division
AA18 Camden - Art Studio, 1979
Camden - Art, Department of
press release available 11/30/73
Camden - Arts & Sciences, 1977-1981 & undated
Camden - Biophysics, Program in
press release available 10/25/73
Camden - Chemistry, Department of
Camden - Classroom Scenes
press release available 8/16/73
Camden - Greenhouses [circa 1980s]
Camden - History, Department of
press release available 1/29/76
Camden - Lab, 1981
Camden - Law School
Camden - Law School, 1979-1985 & undated
Camden - Miscellaneous Academic Features
press release available 9/24/75
Camden - Psychology, Department of
Camden - Publicity Announcement
Camden - Sociology, Depeartment of
Camden - Unidentified Classroom Scenes, circa 1981 & undated
University Press
(folders 1-3)
cross ref. Governor Bryne, Hall/Mills, Henry Ford
Urban Communications Teaching and Research Center
press release available 2/28/74
Urban Planning & Policy Development
Urban Studies Center
press release available 12/18/63, 1/14/65
Urban University Program
Veterans Guidance Center
Vocational-Tech Ed. Department
(cross reference President Gross)
War on Poverty
Women's Studies, Department of
press release available 5/3/84
Workshop for Elementary School Principals
Workshop in Advanced Quantity Food Preparation
Workshop in Community Leadership
Workshop in Creative Art Education
Workshop in Elementary Education
Workshop in Human Relations
Work-Study, Mutual Security Agency
press release available 4/3/69
Zoology Department, circa late 1950-1960's
AA19 Camden Division - Publicity Announcements
Camden Division - Urban Studies, Department of
Camden - Youngest Bachelors Candidate
College of South Jersey: Political Science
Medicine- Graduate and Post-Graduate Courses
Newark College of Arts and Sciences Features, 1973
Newark College of Arts and Sciences Features, 1977
Newark College of Arts and Sciences Features, 1981
Newark - Academic Foundations Center
Newark - Biology Learning Center
Newark - Business Administration
Newark - Campus Scenes, circa 1977-1978
(folders 1-3)
Newark - College of Arts and Science
Newark - College of Pharmacy
Newark - Computer Classes, 1979
Newark - Courses held at Mutual Benefit Life Insurance, circa 1928
Newark - Day Care
Newark - Drop-In Center
press release available 1/21/72
Newark - Education Opportunity Fund
Newark - Features, 1972
Newark - Graduate School of Business Administration
press release available 11/22/67
Newark - Insurance Courses, circa 1920-1930
Newark - John Cotton Dana Library, [circa 1980s]
Newark - NCAS Academics (Miscellaneous)
Newark - NCAS Art Class
Newark - NCAS Art Class, Weaving, circa 1977
Newark - NCAS Astronomy Class
Newark - NCAS Biology Class
Newark - NCAS Brochure, circa 1977-1978
Newark - NCAS Chemistry Class
Newark - NCAS Dramatic Group, 1961
Newark - NCAS Economics Class
Newark - NCAS Features, 1973
Newark - NCAS Features, 1981
Newark - NCAS Physics
Newark - NCAS Program for Puerto Rican Studies
Newark - NCAS Speech Class
Newark - NCAS, 1965-1971
Newark - NCAS, Features, 1959
Newark - NCAS, Features, 1960-1964
Newark - NCAS, Geology, Department of
press release available 7/29/63
Newark - NCAS, History, Department of
press release available 8/5/65
Newark - NCAS, Sociology, Department of
press release available 9/20/74
Newark - NCAS, Theater Arts and Speech, Department of
press release available 5/30/74, 2/5/76
Newark - NCAS, Zoology, Department of
see also: Anderson, James D. - press release available 1/10/74
Newark - Various Scenes 1977
AA20 Homecoming College of Pharmacy, 1980
Newark - College of Pharamcy - The New Library, 1954
Newark - College of Pharmacy - 10th Reunion, Class of 1942
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Alumnus of the Year Award, 1963
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Assistant Dean Schicks, 1928-1944
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Class of 1954
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Class of 1956
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Deans (Dean Colaizzi, 1978)
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Deans (Dean Hommell, 1892-1921; Dean Fischelis, 1921-25; Dean Mayo, 1925-26)
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Deans (Dean Little, 1926-46; Dean Rowe, 1946-51; Dean Bowers, 1951-78)
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Dettail of Newspaper Ad. for Velvetta Cheese, 1931
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Eastern Intercollegiate Pharmacy League Champions, 1935
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Faculty Baseball Team, 1936
Newark - College of Pharmacy - First Lectures Notes in Materia Medica Preparations
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Groundbreaking, Busch Campus, 1968
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Historic Notes by P. E. Homnell, MD
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Homecoming Day, 1980
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Insignia Patch
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Louis Delwin King, Bartley J. Sciarrone (both Asst. Deans) and Trustees Levine, etc.
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Pharmacognosy Lab, 1936
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Student Dispensing Lab, 1955
Newark - College of Pharmacy - The Rat Tower, Lincoln Ave. Building, 1935
Newark - College of Pharmacy - Trustee Advisory Committee
Newark - College of Pharmcay - Lamda Kappa Sigma Sorority, 1936
Newark - Law School through 1963
Newark - Law School Alumni Association
Newark - Law School Moot Court Program, circa 1951
Newark - Law School Review, 1950
Newark - Law School, 1965-1980
Newark - Law School, 1964
press release available 4/22/64
Newark - Law School: Student Photographs, [1950-1959]
Newark - Minority Recruitment and Investment
Newark - Music, Department of
Newark - Nursing School -- General
(folders 1-4)
press release available 11/8/68
Newark - Nursing School -- Obstetric
Newark - Nursing School -- Pediatric
Newark - Nursing School -- Psychiatric
press release available 6/22/67
Newark - Olson Chemical Lab
Newark - Open House, 1978
Newark - Pharmacy, College of- Annual Banquet, 1933
Newark - Pharmacy, College of, Alumni
Newark - Physical Education, 1953
(folders 1-2)
Newark - Reading Clinic
Newark - Robeson Hall
Newark - School of Business Administration
Newark - Social Science and Humanities Courses (Miscellaneous), circa 1928-1930
Newark - Speech Class
Newark - University Extension Division
Newark - University of Newark
Newark - Urban Gardening Program
Newark - Youth Opportunities Project
Alumni Association (ALU)
ALU01 Alumni Reunions, Class of 1876-1910
ALU02 Alumni Reunions, Class of 1911-1920
ALU03 Alumni Reunions, Class of 1921-1929
ALU04 Alumni Reunions, Class of 1930-1936
ALU05 Alumni Reunions (Miscellaneous), 1952-1965
Alumni Reunions (Miscellaneous), 1966-1969
Alumni Reunions (Miscellaneous), 1970-1976
Alumni Reunions, Class of 1937-1943
Individual Portraits of Alumni
ALU06 Alumni Reunions, Class of 1942-1951
Alumni Reunions, Class of 1944-1954
Alumni Reunions, Class of 1944-1970
ALU07 Alumni Day(s), Undated
Alumni Day, 1916-1957
Alumni Day, 1964
Alumni Day, 1965-1966
Alumni Day, 1967
Alumni Day, 1968
Alumni Day, 1969
Alumni Day, 1970
Alumni Day, 1971
Alumni Day, 1972
Alumni Day, 1973
Alumni Day, 1974
Alumni Day, 1975
Alumni Day, 1976
Alumni Day, 1977
Alumni Reunions, Class of 1955-
ALU07A Alumni Reunion, 1990
Alumni Reunion, 1991
Alumni Reunion, 1993
Alumni Reunion, 1994
Alumni Reunion, 1995
ALU08 All Rutgers Dinner, 1952-1954
All State Dinner
All State Foundation
Alumni Day
Alumni Day
Alumni Day, 1916
Alumni Day, 1917
Alumni Day, 1919
Alumni Day, 1925
Alumni Day, 1929
Alumni Day, 1930
Alumni Day, 1931
Alumni Day, 1932
Alumni Day, 1934
Alumni Day, 1935
Alumni Day, 1937
Alumni Day, 1938
Alumni Day, 1940
Alumni Day, 1942
Alumni Day, 1945
Alumni Day, 1946
Alumni Day, 1947
Alumni Day, 1948
Alumni Day, 1949
Alumni Day, 1950
(folders 1-2)
Alumni Day, 1951
Alumni Day, 1952
Alumni Day, 1953
(folders 1-2)
Alumni Day, 1954
(folders 1-3)
Alumni Day, 1955
Alumni Day, 1956
Alumni Day, 1957
(folders 1-2)
Rutgers Fund
Rutgers Fund, 1970
Rutgers Fund, 1972
University Award
ALU09 Alumni Day, 1958
(folders 1-2)
Alumni Day, 1959
(folders 1-2)
Alumni Day, 1960
Alumni Day, 1961
Alumni Day, 1962
Alumni Day, 1963
Alumni Day, 1964
Alumni Day, 1965
Alumni Day, 1966
Alumni Day, 1967
Alumni Day, 1968
Alumni Day, 1969
Alumni Day, 1970
Alumni Day, 1971
Alumni Day, 1972
Alumni Day, 1973
Alumni Day, 1974
Alumni Day, 1975
Alumni Day, 1976
Alumni Day, 1977
ALU10 Alumni Clubs: Burlington County, 1949
Alumni Clubs: Chicago, (1943, 1948, 1949, and undated)
Alumni Clubs: Fort Benning, GA, 1942
Alumni Clubs: Guam, 1946
Alumni Clubs: Hawaii, 1945
Alumni Clubs: Hudson/ Mohawk Valley
Alumni Clubs: Long Island, 1958-1959
Alumni Clubs: Lower/ Central New York, 1951
Alumni Clubs: Manila, 1945
Alumni Clubs: New England, 1950
Alumni Clubs: New York, 1916
Alumni Clubs: New York, 1940
Alumni Clubs: Newark, 1947
Alumni Clubs: Newark, 1950
Alumni Clubs: Ohio, 1939
Alumni Clubs: Orange County/ Mid-Hudson Valley, 1948
Alumni Clubs: Philadelphia, 1948
Alumni Clubs: Rochester, 1950
Alumni Clubs: Southern California, 1949
Alumni Clubs: Southern California, 1950
Alumni Clubs: Washington, DC, 1941
Alumni Clubs: Washington, DC, 1949
Alumni Clubs: Washington, DC, 1954
Alumni Clubs: Boston, 1988
Alumni Committees, 1948
Alumni Committees, 1953
Alumni Council Executive Committee, 1955
Alumni Council, 1931
Alumni Council, 1950
Alumni Council, undated
Alumni Day, 1978
Alumni Day, 1978-
Alumni Day, 1979
Alumni Day, 1981
Alumni Day, 1982
Alumni Day, 1983
Alumni Day, 1984
Alumni Day, 1985
Alumni Day, 1986
Alumni Day, 1987
Alumni Day, 1988
Alumni Day, 1989
Alumni Day, 1991
Alumni Faculty Club
Alumni Federation Officers, 1988
Alumni Federation, 1985
Alumni Federation, 1990
Alumni Federation, 1991
Alumni Federation, 1994
Alumni Federation: Board of Governors, 1950
Alumni Federation: Board of Governors, 1954
Alumni Federations, 1955
Alumni Federations, 1956
Alumni Federations, 1957
Alumni Groups, 1942
Alumni Groups, 1944- 1945
Alumni Groups, 1947- 1948
Alumni Groups, 1950
Alumni Groups, 1953
ALU100A Alumni Leader's Conference, 1991
ALU10A Alumni Leader's Conference, 1992
Alumni Leader's Conference, 1993
Alumni Leader's Conference, 1994
Alumni Leader's Conference, 1990
Leader's Conference, 1947
ALU11 All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1952
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1953
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1954
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1959
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1963
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1965
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1966
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1967
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1968
All-State Dinner, 1940
All-State Dinner, 1941
All-State Dinner, 1942
All-State Dinner, 1946 (folders 1-3)
All-State Dinner, 1947
All-State Dinner, 1948
All-State Dinner, 1949
All-State Foundation, 1953
Alumni Paraphernalia
Alumni Regional College - Michigan, 1988
Alumni Summer College, 1981
Alumni Summer College, 1978
Alumni Summer College, 1979
Alumni Summer College, 1985
Alumni Summer College, 1988
Alumni Trips- Peru, 1983
Alumni Wind Symphony
Ashmead Award, circa 1947-1948
Ashmead Award, 1947
Ashmead Award, 1948
George Westinghouse Centennial Forum, 1946
George Westinghouse Centennial Forum, 1946
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1958
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1959
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1960
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1961
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1962
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1963
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1964
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1965
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1966
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1967
Midwinter Alumni Day, 1968
Midyear Alumni Day, 1971
Midyear Alumni Day, 1972
Rutgers Fund, 1949
Rutgers Fund, 1950
Rutgers Fund, 1951
Rutgers Fund, 1952
Rutgers Fund, 1953
Rutgers Fund, 1954
Rutgers Fund, 1955
Rutgers Fund, 1956
Rutgers Fund, 1957
Rutgers Fund, 1958
Rutgers Fund, 1959
Rutgers Fund, 1960
Rutgers Fund, 1968
Rutgers Fund, 1970
Rutgers Fund, 1972
Rutgers Fund, Miscellaneous
Rutgers Fund, Undated
University Award, 1951
ALU12 All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1955
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1962
All-Rutgers Alumni Dinner, 1964
Rutgers Fund, 1967
Rutgers Fund, 1971
Rutgers Fund, 1974
ALU13 Associate Alumnae of Douglass College, 80th birthday High Tea
Hall of Distinguished Alumni, 1990
Hall of Distinguished Alumni, 1992
Hall of Distinguished Alumni, 1993
Hall of Distinguished Alumni, 1994
Hall of Distinguished Alumni, 1995
Art (ART)
ART01 Art Exhibition - Allan Kaprow & George Segal, Z & Z Deli New Brunswick, 1956
Art Exhibition - General
Art Exhibitions - Douglass
Art on Campus
Computer Art
DeWitt, Simeon - Bust
Historic Football, [circa 1870s]
Miscellaneous, [circa 1970s-1980s]
Outdoor Drawing Class, 1923
Scarlet Letter Artwork
Sculpture - Herbert Ferber Collection
Sculpture - Herbert Ferber Lounge (Voorhees Hall)
Stedman Gallery (Camden): Exhibits
University Art Collection
University Art Collection -Donors
University Art Gallery - Conservation
University Art Gallery - Exhibits
University Art Gallery - Patrons
University Art Gallery - Pieces
(folders 1-4)
University Art Gallery - Vorhees Hall
(folders 1-2)
University Art Gallery - Zimmerli Art Museum Opening
Athletics (ATH)
ATH01 Football: 1869 First Intercollegiate Football Game/ Composite
Football: 1869 1916 First Intergollegiate Football Game Reunion (1869 team in 1916), 1916
Football: 1869 First Intercollegiate Football Game/ Composite with text
Football: 1869 Painting of First Intercollegiate Football Game (Boyd painting), 1932
Football: 1869 Painting of First Intercollegiate Football Game (Chevrolet painting)
Football: 1869 Portrait of William Leggett (Captain of 1869 Team)
Football Team, 1882
Football Team, circa 1888
Football Team, circa 1889
Football Team, circa 1890
Football Team, 1891
Football Team, 1893
Football ("Scrub" Team), circa 1893 - 1895
Football ("Don't Monkey with the Buzzsaw" and Small Group shot), 1895
Football (Small Groups; sign: 96 vs. 97,95, 98; "noseguard"), 1896
Football Team, 1896
Football, 1897 - 1899
Football (Individual Players), 1900-1919
Football (Small Groups), 1900-1919
Football Team, 1902
Football (includes some action/game photos), 1903
Football (Rutgers vs. Stevens, includes some action/game photos), 1904
Football (Includes some action photos; "noseguard"), 1905
Football, 1906
Football (Game Photos), 1906
Football Team, 1907 (or 1909?)
Football Team, 1908
Football (Game Photos), 1909-1912
Football, 1909-1915
Football, 1911, 1912
Football (Team and Small Group photos), circa 1918-1919
Football [Captain of 1869 Team (Leggett) with Captain Of 1925 Team (Terrill)], 1925
ATH02 Football: 1900s-1910s (Game Photos), undated
Football, 1912 - 1913
Football (Game Photos), 1912 - 1913
Football, 1916
Football (Game Photos), 1916
Football, 1917
Football (Paul Robeson Era), 1917 - 1919
Football (Game Photos), 1919
Football, 1920 - 1921
Football (Game Photos), 1920 - 1925
Football (Individual Players A-M), 1920s
Football (Individual Players N-Z), 1920s
Football (Individual Players Unidentified), 1920s
Football (Game Photos Unidentified/Undated), circa 1920s
Football (Small Group Unidentified), circa 1920s
Football (Unidentified/Undated), circa 1920s
Football, 1922 - 1923
Football, 1924
Football (Small Groups; Ozzie Nelson Era), 1924 - 1927
Football, 1925 - 1927
Football (Game Photos), 1926
Football (Individual Players), 1926
Football (Game Photos), 1927
Football, 1928
Football (Game Photos), 1928
Football, 1928 - 1929
Football, 1929
Football (Game Photos), 1929
ATH03 Football: 1933 Rutgers vs. Princeton at Palmer Stadium (First football game; Meeting of current captains with survivors of the 1869 game), 1933
Football (Freshman Team), 1920s
Football [Team (Unidentified/Undated)], 1920s - 1940s
Football, 1930
Football (Team), 1930 - 1931
Football (Game Shots), 1930 - 1932
Football (150 lb. Team), 1930s
Football (Freshman Squad), 1930s
Football (Individual Players), 1930s
Football (Small Group), 1930s
Football [Team (undated)], 1930s
Football [Game shots (undated)], circa 1930s
Football, 1931
Football (Team), 1932
Football (Game Shots), 1933 - 1934
Football (Team), 1933 - 1934
Football (Game Shots), 1935 - 1939
Football (Team), 1935 - 1939
Football, 1939
Football (Freshman Squad), 1940s
Football (Game Shots), 1940s
Football (Group and Action Shots), 1940s
Football (Indivudual Plyers A-R), 1940s
Football (Indivudual Players S-Z & unidentified), 1940s
Football (Team Photos), 1940s
Football, 1942
Football [Re-inactment of First Intercollegiate Football Game (1869)], 1946
Football, 1949
ATH04 Football: "Among the Rutgers Greats"
Football [Individual Players and Small Groups (Unidentified)], circa 1920s - 1940s
Football [Game shots (Undated/Unidentified)], 1920s - 1940s
Football, 1950s
Football (150 lb. Team), 1950s
Football (Game Photos), 1950s
Football, 1952
Football [People: "Rutgers All American Footballers" Bill Austin (1959), Homer Hazel (1925), Alex Kroll (1961)], circa 1958
Football, 1959
Football - Pep Rallies, 1950s-1960s
Football, 1960s
Football, circa 1960s
Football (Game Photos), 1960s
Football, 1961
Football, 1963
Football: Army - Rutgers Game, 1965
Football: Army - Rutgers Game, 1967
Football, 1970s
Football (Game/Action Shots), 1970s
Football (Garden State Bowl), 1978
Football (Unidentified), 1980s
Football (Game Photos), 1980s
Football (Individuals), 1980s
Football (Re-Inactment of First Intercollegiate Football Game), 1986
Football (125th Anniversary Game), 1994
Football: Coaches/Coaching Staff (and groups)
Football: Coaches/Coaching Staff, circa 1920s
Football: Coaches--Anderson
Football: Coaches--Bateman
Football: Coaches--Burns
Football: Coaches--Graber, Doug
Football: Coaches--Harman, Harvey
Football: Coaches--Rockafeller
Football: Coaches--Sanford
Football: Coaches--Shea, Terry
Football: Coaches--Wolrath, Albert
Football: Football Hall of Fame (proposed), circa 1966
Football: Robeson, Paul
Football (Undated/Unidentified/Unknown)
Football (Individual and Small Groups), 1950s
Football (Team), 1950s
Football: First Induction into the RU Football Hall of Fame, 1988
ATH05 Baseball, circa 1896 - 1906
Baseball, circa 1907 - 1913
Baseball, circa 1914 - 1919
Baseball, circa 1920 - 1928
Baseball (Freshman), circa 1927 - 1931
Baseball, circa 1929
Baseball, circa 1930 - 1938
Baseball, circa 1950 - 1958
Baseball, 1969
Baseball, 1929
Baseball, 1948
Baseball, 1962
Baseball, 1963
Baseball, 1972
Baseball, undated
Baseball, undated (circa 1920-50's)
Baseball, undated (circa 1980)
Baseball, 1890
Baseball, 1893
Baseball, 1896
Basketball, 1929
Basketball, [circa 1980s]
Basketball, circa 1907 - 1925
Basketball (Freshman), circa 1925 - 1944
Basketball, circa 1950 - 1956
Basketball - Camden (Womens), 1983
Basketball- Camden, undated
Basketball, 1926
Basketball, 1927
Basketball, 1928
Basketball, 1930 - 1939
Basketball, 1947
Basketball, circa 1950 - 1959
Basketball, 1961
Basketball, 1963
Basketball, 1965
Basketball, 1969
Basketball, 1970
Basketball, 1971
Basketball, 1972
Basketball, 1974
Basketball, 1975
Basketball, 1976
Basketball (Womens), 1976-1978
Basketball, 1978
Basketball (Womens), 1982
Basketball, 1983
Basketball, 1984
Basketball (Womens), 1987
Basketball (Womens), 1989
Basketball, 1990
Basketball, 1991
Basketball (Womens), 1991
Basketball, 1993
Basketball, undated
Basketball (Womens), undated
Bowling, circa 1899 - 1951
Boxing, circa 1928 - 1939
ATH06 Cheerleading, 1949
Cheerleading, 1964
Cheerleading, 1966
Cheerleading, 1971
Cheerleading, circa 1990s
Crew, 1864
Crew, circa 1934 - 1956
Crew, circa 1990's
Crew, 1897
Crew, 1971
Crew, 1972
Crew, 1974
Crew (Womens), 1980
Crew, undated
Cross Country - Men's and Women's, 1990s
Cross Country, circa 1919 - 1956
Cross Country (Freshman), circa 1923 - 1941
Cross Country, circa 1990's
Cross Country, 1963
ATH6 Fencing, circa 1898 - 1952
ATH06 Fencing, 1979
Fencing, undated
Field Hockey, circa early 1930s
Field Hockey (Womens), 1986
Gymnastics (Womens), 1976
Gymnastics (Womens), 1977
Hockey, circa 1951 - 1952
Hockey, undated
Intramural Sports, 1919-1950
Lacrosse (Freshman), circa 1928 - 1941
Lacrosse, circa 1953 - 1990
Lacrosse, undated
Lacrosse, 1930
Physical Training, 1923
cross reference with Douglass
Rifle Team, 1958
Roller derby-Camden
Rugby, 1970
Rugby, undated
ATH07 Soccer, 1943
Soccer, 1959
Soccer, 1983
Soccer (Womens), 1986
Soccer, undated
Softball, 1876-1977
Swimming, circa 1916 - 1929
Swimming (Freshman), circa 1926 - 1950
Swimming, circa 1930 - 1952
Swimming (Womens), circa 1976
Swimming, undated
Tennis (Freshman), 1934 - 1936
Tennis, circa 1890 - 1918
Tennis, circa 1920 - 1939
Tennis, 1951
Tennis, 1969
Tennis (Womens), 1975-1977
Tennis (Womens), 1986
Tennis, undated
Track, 1895
Track, circa 1895 - 1900
Track, circa 1901 - 1905
Track, circa 1906 - 1910
Track, circa 1915 - 1919
Track, circa 1920 - 1925
Track (Freshman), circa 1916-1952
ATH08 Athletes as Volunteers, 1991
Miscellaneous Sports
Miscellaneous Sports Groups
Track, circa 1926 - 1929
Track, circa 1930's
Track, circa 1940's
Track, circa 1950's
Track, circa 1960's
Track, circa 1970's
Track (Womens), circa 1980's
Track, 1914
Volleyball, 1978
Water Polo
Wrestling, circa 1905 - 1928
Wrestling, 1839-1831
Wrestling, 1934-1960
Wrestling - Camden, 1984
Wrestling (Freshman), 1937
Wrestling, Camden - Mike Cornely
Wrestling, undated
ATH-OS1 First Football Game 1869
First Football Game Reunion
Football Team Photos, 1882 - 1898
Football, 1880's - 1890's
Football (Team), 1882
Football, 1882
Football (Small Group Photo), 1896
Football, 1914
Football, November 6, 1869
Miscellaneous Negatives, undated
Bicentennial, 1966 (BI)
BI01 Athenian Society Cartoon
Charter Night
Charter Night - John Lenkey III Expedition in Honor of RU
(folders 1-2)
press release available 8/17/67
Charter Night - Patriotic Costume Contest
Closed Circuit TV
Convocation - Contact Prints
Convocation - Miscellaneous
Convocation - Platform Views
(folders 1-2)
Convocation - Platform Views -P resident Gross with VP Hubert H. Humphrey)
Convocation - Procession
Convocation - Procession - President Gross with VP Hubert H. Humphery
(Folders 1-2)
Convocation- Protests
Convocation - University Band
Dr. Gross, Dinner, 1967
Features - Alumni Around the World
press release available 10/27/66
Features - Baseball Team 1890
Features - Dramatic Club 1890
press release available 4/11/85
Features - Japanese Students, 1870
press release available 7/28/66
Features - Miscellaneous
Features - Seedlings
Features - Student Styles 1766, 1870 and 1918
press release available 9/16/66
Features - Summer School 1899
Features - Tennis Team 1890
Foreign Student Reception
BI02 200th Anniversary Commemorative Plate
Bicentennial Miscellaneous
Coat of Arms
Gonfalon Display
Loree Gymnasium- Modern Dance Students
Military Field Day
Open House
Planning Committees
Postage Stamp Petition
Proclomation- President Gross and Governor Hughs
Rutgers University Night Around the World (Celebration in Japan)
Ringing of Old Queen's Bell
Science Center (Interior)
press release available 8/4/66
Science Center (Van de Graaff Accelerator)
Sesquicentennial Pageant- 1916
BI03 Ackerson Hall - Newark
Aerial View - College of Agriculture
College Center - Camden
College Hall
Engineering Center
Hickman Hall - Douglass
Institute of Microbiology
Livingston College Model
Newark Campus Under Construction
Old Queens, 1906
Rutgers Library
Rutgers Medical School
Rutgers on the Raritan
Willie the Silent
Buildings & Grounds - Fraternities (BGF)
BGF01 Alpha Chi Rho, 1951
Alpha Chi Rho, New- 1950
Alpha Chi Rho, Old- 1950
Alpha Kappa Pi, 1932
Alpha Kappa Pi, 1950 1950
Alpha Kappa Pi, undated
(folders 1-2)
Alpha Sigma Phi, 1948
Alpha Sigma Phi, 1979
Alpha Sigma Pi, 1950 - 1952
Alpha Sigma Pi, 1951
Alpha Sigma Pi, undated
Alpha Sigma Rho, 1932
Beta Theta Pi, 1910
Beta Theta Pi, 1924
Beta Theta Pi, 1926
Beta Theta Pi, 1930
Beta Theta Pi, 1932 - 1933
(folders 1-2)
Beta Theta Pi, 1934
Beta Theta Pi, 1938
Beta Theta Pi, 1948
Beta Theta Pi, 1949
Beta Theta Pi, 1950
(folders 1-3)
Beta Theta Pi, 1951
(folders 1-2)
Beta Theta Pi, 1961
Beta Theta Pi, undated
(folders 1-7)
Cross Reference Evergreen Club (1)
Chi Phi, 1924
Chi Phi, 1932
Chi Phi, 1948
Chi Phi, 1949
Chi Phi, 1950
Chi Phi, undated
Chi Psi, 1887
Chi Psi, 1892 - 1893
Chi Psi, 1924
Chi Psi, 1924 - 1925
Chi Psi, 1926
Chi Psi, 1948
Chi Psi, 1950
Chi Psi, 1952
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1924
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1929
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1931
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1948
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1949
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1951
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1951
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1952
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1980
Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pre-1924
Delta Kappa Epsilon, undated
(folders 1-5)
Delta Phi, 1890 - 1900
Delta Phi, 1930
Delta Phi, 1947 - 1951
Delta Phi, 1948 - 1950
Delta Phi, Interior- undated
(folders 1-2)
Delta Phi, undated
Delta Phi, undated
Delta Sigma Phi, 1951
Delta Upsilon, 1908
Delta Upsilon, 1910
Delta Upsilon, 1924
Delta Upsilon, 1925
Delta Upsilon, 1930's
Delta Upsilon, 1948
Delta Upsilon, 1949
Delta Upsilon, 1950 - 1951
Delta Upsilon, Summer, 1929
Delta Upsilon, undated
BGF02 Fraternities Unidentified
Gamma Sigma, 1951 - 1952
Kappa Sigma, 1924
Kappa Sigma, 1948
Kappa Sigma, 1951
Kappa Sigma, Pre-1924
Kappa Sigma, undated
Lambda Chi Alpha, 1924
Lambda Chi Alpha, 1932
Lambda Chi Alpha, 1948
Lambda Chi Alpha, 1950
Lambda Chi Alpha, 1951
Lambda Chi Alpha, undated
Omicron Alpha Tau, 1932
Phi Epsilon Pi, 1948
Phi Epsilon Pi, Pre-1924
Phi Epsilon Pi, 1942
Phi Epsilon Pi, 1951
Phi Epsilon Pi, undated
Phi Gamma Delta, 1924
Phi Gamma Delta, 1934
Phi Gamma Delta, 1945
Phi Gamma Delta, 1948
Phi Gamma Delta, 1949 - 1951
Phi Gamma Delta, 1968
Phi Gamma Delta, undated
Phi Kappa Alpha, 1951
Art House
Phi Sigma Tau, 1951
Phi Sigma Tau, undated
Pi Kappa Alpha, 1924
Pi Kappa Alpha, 1932
Pi Kappa Alpha, 1948
Pi Kappa Alpha, 1950
Pi kappa Alpha, undated
Sigma Alpha Mu, 1948
Sigma Delta, circa 1920
Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1948 - 1949
Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1951
Tau Delta Phi, 1950 - 1951
Tau Delta Phi, Pre-1950
Tau Kappa Epsilon, 1951
Tau Kappa Epsilon, 1950
Thata Chi, 1948
Theta Chi, 1951
Theta Zeta, 1924
Theta Zeta, 1929 - 1930
Zeta Beta Tau, 1951
Zeta Psi, 1924
Zeta Psi, 1951
Zeta Psi, After-1892
Zeta Psi, undated
(folders 1-2)
Zeta Tau Alpha, 1981
Buildings & Grounds (BG)
BG01 Aerial Views, 1927
All New Brunswick Campuses - Construction, 1962
Booklet, undated (circa 1890's)
Booklet, undated (circa 1900)
Campus Maps/Map of Land Owned by Rutgers
(Various Campus Views)
Campus Plans - College Avenue Area, 1927
Campus Plans - Agriculture & Women's College, 1927
folder 1/2
Campus Plans - Agriculture & Women's College, 1927
folder 1/2
Campus Views, 1957, 1964 and undated circa 1900
(folders 1-3)
Campus Views, Booklets, Miscellaneous
College Avenue Aerial View, 1923
(folders 1-3)
College Avenue Aerial View, 1950-1953
College Avenue Aerial View, 1957
College Avenue Aerial View, 1958
College Avenue Aerial View, 1962
College Avenue Aerial View, 1964
College Avenue Aerial View, 1985
College Avenue Aerial View, undated
College Avenue Map
College Avenue Map, 1941
College Avenue Map, 1949
College Avenue Map, 1950
College Avenue Map, 1961
College Avenue Map, 1964
College Avenue Map, Before 1930
College Avenue Models, 1930
College Avenue Parking, 1949
College Avenue, Men Fixing Sidewalk
College Avenue, undated
College Avenue, 1951
Libraries, Miscellaneous
Maps of Douglass and Cook 1945
(6 maps)
New Brunswick Views, 1923, 1927
New Brunswick - Douglass & Cook, 1945
New Brunswick & surrounding area map, undated
New Brunswick Cultural Center - Concept Plan
New Brunswick - Canal, undated
New Brunswick - Train Station
Newark - Administation Building
Newark - Beth Israel Hospital
Newark - Museum, City State
Raritan River, circa 1912-1919
Raritan River, 1911
Raritan River, 1935
Raritan River, 1950
Raritan River, undated
BG02 Kirkpatrick Chapel
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1875-1904
(folders 1-2)
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1891
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1892
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1894
Kirkpatrick Chapel - Interior, 1901
Kirkpatrick Chapel, before 1905
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1905
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1905-1906
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1916
(folders 1-2)
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1924
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1931
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1934
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1937
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1943
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1945
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1946
cross ref. Baccalaureate Service & ROTC
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1947
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1948
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1949
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1950
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1952
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1955
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1959
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1959
(folders 1-2)
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1960
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1963
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1964
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1965
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1966
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1970
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1972
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1978
Kirkpatrick Chapel, After 1905
Kirkpatrick Chapel, After 1916
Kirkpatrick Chapel, After 1959
Kirkpatrick Chapel, Before 1916
Kirkpatrick Chapel - Portraits
BG02A Kirkpatrick Chapel - Stained Glass Window, undated
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1978
Kirkpatrick Chapel, 1991
Kirkpatrick Chapel - Organ, circa 1960's
Kirkpatrick Chapel - Stained Glass Windows, undated
Kirkpatrick Chapel - Weddings, undated
Kirkpatrick Chapel - Class Stones
Kirkpatrick Chapel - Prints plus photographs
Kirkpatrick Chapel, undated
Kirkpatrick Library, Before 1916
BG03 Old Queen's Building, 1938
Old Queen's Building, 1955
Old Queen's Building, 1960
Old Queen's Building, 1961
Old Queen's Building, 1970
Old Queen's Building, 1977
Old Queen's Building, undated
Early Drawings (4 folders)
Old Queen's Building, 1862
Old Queen's Building, 1892
Old Queen's Building, 1897
Old Queen's Building, 1901
Old Queen's Building, 1906
(folders 1-2)
Old Queen's Building, 1909
Old Queen's Building, 1914
Old Queen's Building, 1915
Old Queen's Building, 1916
Old Queen's Building, 1924
Old Queen's Building, 1934
Old Queen's Building, 1935
Old Queen's Building, 1936
Old Queen's Building, 1938
Old Queen's Building, 1946
Old Queen's Building, 1947
Old Queen's Building, 1949
Old Queen's Building, 1963
Old Queen's Building, 1965
Old Queen's Building, 1966
Old Queen's Building, 1967
Old Queen's Building, 1975
Old Queen's Building, 1978
Old Queen's Building, After 1934
Old Queen's Building, Before 1934
Old Queen's Building, 1959
BG04 Old Queen's Painting, 1966
Old Queen's Painting to President Mason Gross, 1966
Old Queen's at Night
College Avenue Models, 1930
Old Queens Building - Dedication as a National Landmark, 1977
Old Queen's Building, undated
(folders 1- 7)
Old Queen's Campus, [circa 1950s]
Old Queen's Campus, undated
(folders 1-3)
Old Queen's - Architect
Old Queen's - Entrance
Old Queen's - Weston Room
Queen's Campus
Queen's Campus, 1842
Queen's Campus, 1846 - 1864
Queen's Campus, 1856
Queen's Campus, 1873 - 1889
Queen's Campus, 1888
Queen's Campus, 1888 - 1891
Queen's Campus, 1890
Queen's Campus, 1892
Queen's Campus, 1894
Queen's Campus, 1900
Queen's Campus, 1901
Queen's Campus, 1902
Queen's Campus, 1903
Queen's Campus, 1905
Queen's Campus, 1906-1907
Queen's Campus, 1909
Queen's Campus, 1912
Queen's Campus, 1914
Queen's Campus, 1916
(folders 1-2)
Queen's Campus, 1920
(folders 1-2)
Queen's Campus, 1924
Queen's Campus, 1932
Queen's Campus, Before 1904
Queen's Campus, After 1908
Queen's Campus, Before 1826
BG05 Architectural Rendering
(class of 1882)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1905
(class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1906
(class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1907
(class of 1883)
folders 1-2
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1911
(class of 1883)
folders 1-2
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1912
(class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1919
(Class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1924
(Class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1930
(Class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1931
(Class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1931
(Class of 1883)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1939
(Class of 1883)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1947-1950
(Class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1948
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1952
(Class of 1883)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1956
(Class of 1883)
Gateway to Old Queens Campus, 1960
(Class of 1883)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, 1990's
(Class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus - Baldwin Gates
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus - Baldwin Gates, 1905
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus - Baldwin Gates, 1907
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus - Baldwin Gates, 1914
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus - Baldwin Gates, 1930
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, Before 1950
(Class of 1902)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, undated
Gateway to Old Queens Campus, undated
(Class of 1883)
Gateway to Old Queen's Campus, undated
(Class of 1902)
Queen's Campus, 1938
Queen's Campus, 1940
Queen's Campus, 1965
Queen's Campus, After 1904
Queen's Campus, After 1906
BG06 Alumni House
Alumni House, 1890-1906
Alumni House - Interior, 1892
Jane Way Art Collection
Alumni House - Interior, 1908
Alumni House, 1924
Alumni House, 1954
Alumni House, 1957
Alumni House - Demolition, 1954
(folders 1-2)
Alumni House - New, undated,
Alumni House - Old, undated
(folders 1-2)
Alumni Relations, Department of, 1962
Alumni Relations, Department of, undated
Athletic Grounds
Ballantine Gymnasium Pool - Restored, 1930
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1896
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1901
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1907
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1913
(Construction of Pool)
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1914
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1915
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1924
(folders 1-2)
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1924
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1925
Ballantine Gymnasium, 1930
(folders 1-3)
Ballantine Gymnasium, After 1925
Ballantine Gymnasium - After Fire Campaign, 1930
Ballantine Gymnasium - Pool, After 1913
(folders 1-2)
Ballantine Gymnasium - Before Fire, undated
(folders 1-5)
BG07 Bartlett Street, 1962
Bethany House
Bishop Campus
Bishop Campus - Fountain, 1926
Bishop Campus, 1933
Bishop Campus, 1937
Bishop Campus, 1947
Bishop Campus, 1948
Bishop Campus, 1949
Bishop Campus, undated
Bishop House, 1924
Bishop House, 1933
Bishop House, 1935
Bishop House, 1937
Bishop House, 1948
Bishop House, 1950
Bishop House, 1952
Bishop House, 1957
Bishop House, 1960
Bishop House - Chimneys
Bishop House - Exterior Tower
Bishop House - Fireplaces
Bishop House - Interior Decorations
Bishop House - Interior Staircase
Bishop House, undated
(folders 1-2)
Bishop Quadrangle, undated
Boathouse, 1914
Boathouse, 1950
Boathouse, 1950
Architectural Rendering
Boathouse - Dedication
Boathouse, undated
Bookstore, 1946-1949
Bookstore, 1949
Bookstore, 1956
Bookstore, 1960's
Bookstore, undated
Brett Dormitory, 1950
Brett Dormitory, 1962
Brower Commons, 1959
Brower Commons, 1963
Brower Commons, 1964
Brower Commons, 1966
Brower Commons, 1968
Brower Commons, 1976
Brower Commons - Presidents Dining Room, 1979
Brower Commons, 1985
Brower Commons, 1989
Brower Commons, undated
Cannon, 1949
Cannon, 1962
Cannon - Etchings of the Cannon War
Cannon, undated
BG08 Civic Square Building
College Hall, undated
College Park Classrooms, 1941-1945
College Park Classrooms, 1948
College Park Classrooms, 1950
College Park Classrooms, 1954
Continuing Education Center
Cook House, 1886
Dean of Students Building, 1966
Demarest Hall, 1958
Demarest Hall, 1951
Demarest Hall, 1952
Demarest Hall - Architects Rendering, 1950
Demarest Hall - Comptroller Johnsonson & Opening Bid Submit, 1950
Demarest Hall - Construction, April - June 1950
Demarest Hall - Construction, August - September 1950
Demarest Hall, undated
Demarest House, 1941
Also known as "Riverstede" (original house of George Cook)
Demarest House - Postcards
Demarest House, Pre - 1871
Demarest House, undated
(folders 1-2)
Dining Halls, 1976
Doolittle House, 1906-1939
(folders 1-3)
Doolittle House, 1907
Doolittle House, 1924
Doolittle House, Post-1939
Doolittle House, undated
Plaque where College Hall Once Stood, 1930
BG09 Dormitories - Frelinghuysen
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1973
Dormitories - River, 1979
Dormitories - River, undated
Dormitories - Clothier, Mettler, Brett and Tinsley
Dormitories - Easton Avenue Project
Dormitories - Ford and Demarest
Dormitories - Miscellaneous
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1949
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1960
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1990
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1932
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1936
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1940
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1946
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1950
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1956
Dormitories - Quadrangle, 1957
Dormitories - Quadrangle, undated
(folders 1-2)
Dormitories - River - Contract Bidding, 1955
Dormitories - River - Groundbreaking, 1955
Dormitories - River, 1955
Dormitories - River, 1956
Dormitories - River, 1957
Dormitories - River, 1959
Dormitories - River, 1960
Dormitories - River, 1963
Dormitories - River, 1961
Dormitories - River, 1967
Dormitories - River, 1970
Dormitories - River, 1974
Dormitories - River, 1975
Dormitories - River- Architect's Model
Dormitories - River - Architect's Rendering
Dormitories - River - Architectural Renderings
Dormitories - River- Construction
Dormitories - River - Residents
Dormitories - River, undated
Economics Building
Education - Graduate School Building
Education - Graduate School Building, circa 1960
English, Department of, 1961
(Morrell Street)
Entomology Building - Biology Laboratory
Entomology Building - Biology Laboratory, 1906
Entomology Building, undated
BG10 Ford Hall
Ford Hall, 1915
Ford Hall, 1915-1924
Ford Hall, 1924
Ford Hall - Architect's Rendering
Ford Hall - Construction, 1915
Ford Hall - Dormitory Floor Plans
Ford Hall - Laying the Cornerstone
Ford Hall - Plaque Dedication, 1949
Ford Hall, undated
(folders 1-3)
Ford, James - Photo of Check Given to Rutgers by Mr. Ford
Frelinghuysen Dormitory - Construction, 1955
(folders 1-2)
Geology Hall - Cornerstone, 1942
Geology Hall - Dinosaur Footprints
Geology Hall - Exterior, 1892
Geology Hall - Exterior, 1915
(folders 1-2)
Geology Hall - Exterior, 1924
Geology Hall - Exterior, 1961
Geology Hall - Exterior, 1966
Geology Hall - Exterior, 1970
Geology Hall - Exterior, 1978
Geology Hall - Exterior, Pre-Van Dyck Porch
Geology Hall - Exterior, undated
(folders 1-2)
Geology Hall - Exterior, Van Dyck Memorial Porch
Geology Hall - Ink Sketches, 1931
Geology Hall - Interior Museum, undated
(folders 1-2)
Geology Hall - Interior, 1892
Geology Hall - Interior, Display Exhibits
Geology Hall - Interior, Fossils
Geology Hall - Interior, Mastodon Skeleton
Geology Hall - Interior, Museum Specimens
Geology Museum [circa 1970s]
George Street, 1950-1951
German House, undated
Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, 1980
Graduate School of Social Work, [circa 1970s]
Graduate Student Center, circa 1932-1950
Graduate Student Center, 1964
Graduate Student Center - Demolition, 1965
Grease Trucks, 1989
Gymnasium - Construction, 1930
Gymnasium - Construction, 1931
Gymnasium - Construction, November 1931
Gymnasium - Drawing
Gymnasium - Ground Breaking, 1930
Gymnasium - Interior, 1931
Gymnasium - Architect's Rendering
BG11 77 Hamilton Street (University College Office), 1957
77 Hamilton Street (University College Office), Pre-1930
77 Hamilton Street (University College Office), 1892
77 Hamilton Street (University College Office), 1924
77 Hamilton Street (University College Office), 1937
77 Hamilton Street (University College Office), undated
Gymnasium - Addition, 1961
Gymnasium - Addition, 1962
Gymnasium - Addition, 1964
(folders 1-2)
Gymnasium - Addition, undated
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1932
(folders 1-2)
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1933
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1936
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1946
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1949
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1950
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1957
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1959
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1960
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1962
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1971
Gymnasium - Exterior, 1977
Gymnasium - Ink Prints
Gymnasium - Interior, 1932
Gymnasium - Interior, 1937
(folders 1-2)
Gymnasium - Interior, 1947
Gymnasium - Pool, 1932
Gymnasium - Pool, 1936
Gymnasium - Pool, 1939
Hamilton Street, undated
Hardenburgh Hall, 1955
Hegeman Dormitory, 1924
Hegeman Dormitory, 1925
Hegeman Dormitory, 1927
Hegeman Dormitory, 1928
Hegeman Dormitory, undated
Hurtado Health Center, 1958
Hurtado Health Center, 1959
Hurtado Health Center, 1960
Hurtado Health Center, 1962
Hurtado Health Center, 1965
Hurtado Health Center, 1966
Hurtado Health Center - Artist's Renderings
Hurtado Health Center, undated
Industrial Chemistry Building, undated
Ivy Club, undated
BG12 Alexander Johnston Hall
SCILS Building, previously Rutgers Preparatory School (the School House)
Alexander Library, 1979-1980 & undated
Language Lab, undated
The Ledge, 1957
The Ledge, 1960
The Ledge, 1962
The Ledge, 1963
Leupp Hall, undated
Library Service, Graduate School of, (SCILS), 1965-1969
Lynch Bridge
Mall, College Avenue, 1955
(see also Voorhees & Neilson Hall)
Mall, College Avenue, 1957
(see also Voorhees & Neilson Hall)
Mall, College Avenue, 1961
(see also Voorhees & Neilson Mall)
Mall, College Avenue, 1965
(see also Voorhees & Neilson Mall
Mall, College Avenue, 1969
(see also Voorhees and Neilson Mall)
Mall, College Avenue, 1971
(see also Voorhees and Neilson Mall)
Mall, College Avenue, 1978
(see also Voorhees & Neilson Mall)
Mall, College Avenue, 1989
(see also Voorhees and Neilson Mall)
Mall, College Avenue, 1990
(see also Voorhees and Neilson Mall)
Mall, College Avenue, undated
(see also Voorhees and Neilson Mall)
Marine Sciences Center - Tuckerton, NJ
Mason Gross, School of the Arts
Mathematics House
McKinney Hall, undated
Milledoler Hall, 1914
Milledoler Hall, 1923
Milledoler Hall, 1924
Milledoler Hall, 1952
Milledoler Hall, 1965
Milledoler Hall, 1966
Milledoler Hall - Interior Labs
Milledoler Hall - Interior, Seminar Room
Milledoler Hall, undated
(folders 1-2)
Milledoler Hall - Rendering
Miller Hall (Original Ceramics Building), 1902
(2 folders)
Monument Square
Cross Reference - Douglass
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1908
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1909
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1914
(folders 1-3)
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), undated
BG13 Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1922
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1924
(folders 1-2)
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1930
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1932
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1934
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1949
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1950
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1990
Murray Hall (Engineering Building) - Annex, 1940
Murray Hall (Engineering Building) - Architects Rendering, 1939
Murray Hall (Engineering Building) - Ink Sketch, undated
Murray Hall (Engineering Building) - Interior, undated
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), Pre-1939
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), undated
Murray Hall (Engineering Building), 1922
Murray Hall, 1957
Music Activities Building
Music House, 1960
Music House, 1951
Music House, undated
(folders 1-2)
Neilson Campus, 1894-1900
Neilson Campus, 1900
Neilson Campus, 1903
Neilson Campus, 1905
(folders 1-2)
Neilson Campus, 1910
(folders 1-2)
Neilson Campus, 1911
(folders 1-2)
Neilson Campus, 1912-1914
Neilson Campus, 1920
Neilson Campus, 1930
Neilson Campus, 1937
Neilson Campus, 1946
Neilson Campus, 1947
Neilson Campus, 1952
Neilson Campus, 1960
Neilson Campus, Pre-1925
Neilson Campus, Pre-1929
Neilson Campus, Pre-1930
Neilson Campus - Tennis Courts, 1908
Neilson Campus - Tennis Courts, 1913-1916
BG14 Neilson Campus, 1932
Neilson Campus, undated
(folders 1-4)
Neilson Field House
Neilson Field House, 1915
Neilson Field House, 1950
Neilson Field House, Post-1915
Neilson Field, 1898
Neilson Field, 1900
Neilson Field, 1901
Neilson Field, 1924
Neilson Field, 1924-1925
Neilson Field, 1925
Neilson Field, 1935-1936
Neilson Field, 1938
Neilson Field, Post-1911
Neilson Field, Pre-1915
New Jersey Garden, 1963
New Jersey Garden, 1991
New Jersey Hall, 1976
New Jersey Hall, 1978
New Jersey Hall, 1979 & undated
New Jersey Hall, 1989
New Jersey Hall, 1892
New Jersey Hall, 1893-1903
(folders 1-3)
New Jersey Hall - Fire, 1903
(folders 1-2)
New Jersey Hall, 1924
New Jersey Hall, 1926
New Jersey Hall, 1930
New Jersey Hall, 1946
New Jersey Hall, 1957
New Jersey Hall, 1962
New Jersey Hall, 1963
New Jersey Hall, 1965
New Jersey Hall, Post-1903
New Jersey Hall, Post-1905
New Jersey Hall, Pre-1924
(folders 1-2)
New Jersey Hall, undated
Pell Hall
Protestant Foundation
Psychology Building - Sketch, undated
Psychology Building, undated
Raritan Club, 1932
Raritan Club, 1932
BG15 Hertzog Hall, 1892
(New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
Hertzog Hall, 1930
(New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
Hertzog Hall, 1942
(New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
Hertzog Hall, 1946
(New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
Hertzog Hall, 1959
(New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
Hertzog Hall, undated
(New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
Records Hall, 1957
Records Hall, 1979
Records Hall, 1950
Records Hall, 1960-1970
Records Hall - Conference Room, 1947
Records Hall - Construction, Pre-1947
Records Hall, Fall 1946
Records Hall - Interior, 1947
Records Hall - Interior, May 1948
Records Hall, March 1946
ROTC Building, 1979
ROTC Building, undated
Rutgers Club
see also - Alumni House
Rutgers Field
Rutgers Student Center, 1982
Schanck Observatory, 1892
Schanck Observatory, 1894
Schanck Observatory, 1939
Schanck Observatory, 1946
Schanck Observatory, undated
(folders 1-4)
Scott Hall, circa 1961-1962
Scott Hall, 1979-1987 & undated
Scott Hall, 1963
Scott Hall, 1971
Scott Hall, 1990s
Scott Hall, undated
Sign of the Red Lion (New Brunswick Tavern), 1771
Social Work, Graduate School of, 1920
Social Work, Graduate School of, 1922
Social Work, Graduate School of, 1923
Social Work, Graduate School of, 1952
Social Work, Graduate School of, circa 1950s
Social Work, Graduate School of, circa 1964
Social Work, Graduate School of, undated
Stonier Hall, 1966
Stonier Hall, undated
Stonier Passage, 1979
Student Center - Construction, 1968
Student Center, 1971
Student Center, undated
Student Center, 1967
Student Center, 1968
Architect's Rendering
Student Center, 1969
Student Center, 1970
Student Center, 1974
Student Center, 1986
Student Union, 1916
Theological Seminary - Campus Views, 1884
Theological Seminary - Campus Views, 1905-1907
Theological Seminary - Cannon, (undated)
Theological Seminary, undated
(folders 1-4)
BG16 Suydam Hall, 1892 - 1893
Suydam Hall, 1942
Suydam Hall, undated
(folders 1-2)
Toop Hall - Interior, 1936
Tritelion Lodge, 1924
Tritelion Lodge, Pre-1930
Tritelion Lodge, undated
(folders 1-2)
University Commons/Field House
University Press
Van Dyck Hall, 1960
Van Dyck Hall, 1927
Van Dyck Hall, 1932
Van Dyck Hall, 1937
Van Dyck Hall, 1947
Van Dyck Hall - Architects Rendering
Van Dyck Hall - Interior, undated
Van Dyck Hall, January 1927
Van Dyck Hall, undated
Van Nest Hall, 1850
Van Nest Hall, 1892
Van Nest Hall, 1903-1908
Van Nest Hall, 1906
Van Nest Hall, 1908
Van Nest Hall, 1912
Van Nest Hall, 1924
Van Nest Hall, 1929
Van Nest Hall, 1931
Van Nest Hall, circa 1893-1908
Van Nest Hall, circa 1890
Veterans Advisement Center, 1947
Voorhees Hall, 1915
Voorhees Hall, 1917
Voorhees Hall, 1903
Voorhees Hall, 1904
(folders 1-2)
Voorhees Hall, 1904-1910
Voorhees Hall, 1910
(folders 1-2)
Voorhees Hall, 1920
(folders 1-2)
Voorhees Hall, 1924
Voorhees Hall, 1926
Voorhees Hall, 1927
(folders 1-2)
Voorhees Hall - Floor Plan, 1914
Voorhees Hall - Floor Plan, 1918
BG17 Voorhees Art Gallery, circa 1966-1969
Voorhees Art Gallery, undated
(folders 1-2)
Voorhees Hall - Art Library
Voorhees Hall, 1960
Voorhees Hall, 1979-1982 & undated
Voorhees Hall, 1928
Voorhees Hall, 1930
Voorhees Hall, 1933
Voorhees Hall, 1934
Voorhees Hall, 1935
Voorhees Hall, 1937
Voorhees Hall, 1942
Voorhees Hall - Lamp in Front, 1947
Voorhees Hall, 1951
Voorhees Hall, 1953
Voorhees Hall - Architect's Rendering
Voorhees Hall, circa 1966 - late 1980's
Voorhees Hall, Pre-1930
Voorhees Hall - Sketch Model, undated
Voorhees Library
Voorhees Library, 1904-1908
Voorhees Library, 1910
(folders 1-2)
Voorhees Library, 1920
Voorhees Library, 1921
Voorhees Library, 1926
Voorhees Library, 1934
Voorhees Library, 1936
Voorhees Library, 1936
Voorhees Library, 1937
Voorhees Library, 1938
Voorhees Library, 1947
Voorhees Library, 1948
Voorhees Library, 1956
Voorhees Library, circa 1950's
(folders 1-2)
Voorhees Library, circa early 1900's
Voorhees Library, circa early 1900's - 1956
Voorhees Library - Interior, undated
Voorhees Library - Stacks, undated
(folders 1-2)
Voorhees Library - Stacks, undated
[scanned duplicate]
Voorhees Mall, 1982 & undated
BG18 Alexander Library - Boxes coming out a window
Alexander Library - Crates being loaded on truck
Alexander Library - Crating card catalogs and interior views with librarians and movers
Alexander Library - Dedication, 1956
(folders 1-2)
Alexander Library - Empty stacks, movers
Alexander Library - Empty stacks, office
Alexander Library - Interior, 1956
(folders 1-4)
Alexander Library - Interior of building
Alexander Library - Interior of library and contents being boxed
Alexander Library - Interior of library and contents being boxed and crates
Alexander Library - International Center, 1979
Alexander Library - Loading Truck, Truck view
Alexander Library - Movers
Alexander Library - Moving (Ellen Campbell Kelly, Gertrude Higgins), 1956
Alexander Library - Moving card catalog and crates
Alexander Library - Moving In, 1956
(folders 1-5)
Alexander Library - Moving men at windows and loading truck, 1956
Alexander Library - Moving Men Loading from Ramp, 1956
Alexander Library - Moving out of Voorhees Library, September 18, 1956
Alexander Library - Plaque, circa 1956-1962
Alexander Library - Plaque, 1956
Alexander Library - Portico, 1956
Alexander Library - Truck loaded w/crates, cellar
Alexander Library - Unloading Stack, Edith Deerr
Alexander Library - Unloading Stacks, 1956
(folders 1-6)
Alexander Library - Various librarians and movers
(C Louise Benedict)
Alexander Library - Various librarians, crates
(Rose Sieber, C. Zapp, etc)
Alexander Library - Voorhees interior with crates unloading card catalog, truck Rotundra room
Interior of truck
Murray Hall, 1979-1980 & undated
BG19 Alexander Library - Architect's Rendering
Alexander Library - Architect's Rendering
[scanned duplicate]
Alexander Library (Rear), 1955
Alexander Library - Architects Model, 1955
Alexander Library - Construction, 1953
Alexander Library - Construction, 1954
(folders 1-5)
Alexander Library - Construction, 1954-1955
Alexander Library - Construction, 1954-1955
[scanned duplicate]
Alexander Library - Construction, 1955
Alexander Library Groundbreaking - Governor Driscoll
Alexander Library Groundbreaking - University Librarian, Donald F. Cameron, 1953
Alexander Library Groundbreaking with President Lewis Webster Jones
Alexander Library Groundbreaking with Speakers, September 22, 1953
Alexander Library Groundbreaking, September 22, 1956
Alexander Library Planning, 1953
Alexander Library, 1955-1959
Alexander Library, 1956
(folders 1-3) folder 3/3 - New Jersey Garden
Alexander Library, 1957
Alexander Library - Exterior, 1958
Alexander Library - Exterior, 1959
Alexander Library, 1960
(folders 1-2)
Alexander Library, 1961
Construction Bids, undated
Construction Interior, 1955
Governor Alfred E. Driscoll - Breaking Ground, 1953
Voorhees Library Crates Cataloging Department and Crates, 1956
Voorhees Library Moving 1956 and Groundbreaking Ceremony Alexander, 1953
BG20 Alexander Library Expansion
Alexander Library, 1962
(folders 1-3)
Alexander Library, 1964
Alexander Library, 1965
Alexander Library, 1966
Alexander Library, 1967
Alexander Library, 1968
Alexander Library, 1970
Alexander Library, 1971
Alexander Library, 1974
Alexander Library, 1977
Alexander Library, 1987
Alexander Library, 1988
Alexander Library, 1988
[scanned duplicate]
Alexander Library, 1995
Alexander Library, Annex Dedication
Alexander Library, Minolta Gift
Alexander Library - Exterior, undated
Alexander Library, undated
Exterior (New Jersey Garden)
[scanned duplicate]
Alexander Library, undated
BG21 Campus Scenes - College Avenue, 1969
Campus Scenes - College Avenue, 1973
(Kemper Contact)
Campus Scenes - College Avenue, undated
Campus Scenes - Varius Schools, 1973
(Kemper Contact)
Construction (Unidentified), undated
Well Stone, 1978
(near Geology Hall)
Wessels Hall, 1930
William the Silent (Original in Holland), undated
William the Silent, 1978-1987 & undated
William the Silent, 1931
William the Silent, 1933-1934
William the Silent, 1937
William the Silent, 1946
William the Silent, 1947
William the Silent, 1959
William the Silent, circa 1960 - 1970's
William the Silent, undated
(folders 1-2)
Winants Hall, After 1893 through 1897
Winants Hall, 1891
Winants Hall, 1892
Winants Hall, 1903-1904
Winants Hall, 1906
Winants Hall, 1906
(Floor plan with room prices)
Winants Hall, 1924
Winants Hall, 1931
Winants Hall, 1937
Winants Hall, 1942
Winants Hall, 1950
Winants Hall, 1960
Winants Hall, 1972
Winants Hall, 1978
Winants Hall, After 1903-1904
Winants Hall, Before 1972
Winants Hall, 1985
Winants Hall, undated
(folders 1-4)
Wright Library
Zimmerli Art Museum
Zimmerli Art Museum, 1967-1990 & undated
BG22 Busch, Aerial View of Rutgers Football Stadium, undated
Busch, Aerial Views, 1977 & undated
Busch, Aerial Views, undated
Busch - Administrative Services Building
Busch - Allen Dormitory
Busch - Ariel View, 1964
Busch - Athletic Center
Busch - Boiler House
Busch - Buell Apartments
Busch - Campus Center, 1979 & undated
Busch - Campus Maps
Busch - Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine
Busch - Maps, 1952
Busch - Model of Proposed Science Center, 1965
Center for Alcohol Studies
press release available 3/25/64
BG23 Busch - (University Heights) Davidson Hall (folders 1-2)
Busch - Ceramics Research Center
Busch - Chemical Engineering, undated
Busch - Chemistry Building, Groundbreaking
Busch - Chemistry Labs, circa 1950's
Busch - Chemistry Library
Busch - Civil Engineering Laboratory (Annex) - Architectural Drawing
Busch - Civil Engineering Laboratory, [circa 1985]
Busch - College Center
Busch - College of Engineering, 1979-1985 & undated
Busch - Dining Hall
Busch - Ecological Preserve & Natural Teaching Areas
Busch - Engineering Building, 1963
Busch - Engineering Building, 1977
Busch - Engineering Building, 1980
Busch - Engineering, College of, 1963
Busch - Engineering, College of, 1964
press release available 4/8/64
Busch - Engineering, College of- Architectural Rendering
(folders 1-2)
Busch - Football Hall of Fame, Architectural Rendering
Busch - Golf Course, 1982
BG24 Busch - Microbiology Building (Waksman Hall)
Busch - Golf Course, undated
Busch - Greenhouse
Busch - Hale Center
Busch - Heights Hut
Busch - Hill Center for Math and Science, 1971
Busch - Hill Center for Math and Sciences, Architectural Rendering
Busch - Hill Center for The Mathematical Science, 1977
Busch - Hill Center Math and Science, 1975
Busch - Hill Center, 1979
Busch - Hillside Campus (Trailers)
Busch - Housing Construction
Busch - Housing- Married Students
Busch - Housing- Veterans
Busch - Housings- Faculty
Busch - Johnson Apartments- Architectural Rendering
Busch - Johnson Apartments- Married Students Housing
(folders 1-2)
Busch - Library of Science & Medicine
Busch - Library of Science and Medicine, 1982 & undated
Busch - McLaren Center for Ceramic Research Drawing
Busch - Medical School- Architectural Rendering
Busch - Medical School, 1962
Busch - Medical School, 1963
Busch - Medical School, 1977
Busch - Micorbiology Building - Groundbreaking
Busch - Microbiology Building (Waksman Hall)
Busch - Microbiology Building - Architectural Rendering, 1951
Busch - Microbiology Building, 1952
Busch - Microbiology Building, 1953
Busch - Microbiology Building, 1955
Busch - Microbiology Building, 1958
Busch - Microbiology Building, 1961
Busch - Microbiology Building, 1967
Busch - Microbiology Building, 1975
Busch - Microbiology Builing - Architectural Rendering, 1948
Busch - Microbiology, Institute of, 1977
Busch - Morrow Hall
Busch - Nelson Biological Laboratories, 1962
Busch - Nelson Biological Laboratories, 1977
Busch - Nelson Biology Laboratories, 1960-1961
Busch - Nelson Biology Laboratories, 1963-1964
Busch - Nelson Biology Labs - Construction, 1960
(folders 1-2)
Busch - Paul Robeson Cultural Center
Busch - Pharmacy, College of
Busch - Pharmacy, College of, 1970
Busch - Pharmacy, College of, 1972
Busch - Pharmacy, College of, 1977
Busch - Pharmacy, College of, 1987
Busch - Pharmacy, College of - Architectural Renderings
Busch - Pharmacy/Medical School
Busch - Physcis Building - Architectural Renderings
press release available 2/17/61
Busch - Physics Annex, undated
Busch - Physics Building, 1963
Busch - Physics Building, 1964
Busch - Physics Building, 1965
Busch - Physics Building, 1974
Busch - Physics Building, 1974-1989
Busch - Physics Building, 1977
Busch - Physics Building, circa 1970
Busch - Physics Building, undated
Busch - Physics Lecture Hall (Wired Classroom), 1996
BG25 Busch - President's House, undated
(folders 1-3)
Busch - Psychology Building, 1977
Busch - Psychology, Department of, - Archetectural Rendering
Busch - Psychology, Department of, Post-1974
Busch - Psychology, Department of, Pre-1974
Busch - Psychopharmacology Lab
Busch - Recreation Center
Busch - Science Center, circa 1964-1965
Busch - Science Center, 1966
Busch - Science Center, 1974
Busch - Silvers Apartments
Busch - Sonny Werblin Recreation Center
Busch - St Michael's Chapel, 1969
Busch - St. Michael's Episcopal Church
Busch - Stadium Construction
(folders 1-3)
Busch - Stadium, 1940
Busch - Stadium, 1946
Busch - Stadium, 1950
Busch - Stadium, 1952
Busch - Stadium, 1967
Busch - Stadium, undated
(folders 1-4)
Busch - Tandem Accelerator Facility (folders 1-4)
Busch - William Rieman Lab
BG26 Busch - Wright Labs, 1954
Busch - Waksman Institute
Cross ref. w/Chemical Engineering
Busch - Waksman Institute Drawing
Busch - Wrigh Labs, 1960
Busch - Wright and Reiman Chemistry Labs, [circa 1950s]
Busch - Wright Laboratories, 1960
Busch - Wright Laboratories, 1963
Busch - Wright Laboratories, 1977
Busch - Wright Labs - Groundbreaking
(folders 1-2)
Busch - Wright Labs, Library
Busch - Wright Labs, 1948
Busch - Wright Labs, 1949
Busch - Wright Labs, 1950
(folders 1-3)
Busch - Wright Labs, 1952
Busch - Wright Labs, 1960
Busch - Wright Labs, 1961
Busch - Wright Labs, 1963
Busch - Wright Labs, 1964
Busch - Wright Labs, 1973
Busch - Wright Labs (Architectural Renderings),
Busch - Wright Labs, circa 1950-1960
Busch - Wright Labs, Dedication Dinner, 1952
Busch - Wright Labs, Miscellaneous
Busch - Wright Labs, undated
BG27 College of Agriculture Experiment Station
Cook College - 100th Anniversary Celebration
Cook - Aerail Views, 1963
Cook - Aerial Veiws, undated
(2 folders)
Cook - Aerial Views, 1942
Cook - Aerial Views, 1966
Cook - Agricultural Experiment Station, 1979-1980
Cook - Agricultural Library, 1938 & undated
Cook - Alumni Pavillion
Cook - Barns, 1977-1984
Cook - Bartlett Hall, 1930, 1946 & undated
Cook - Bartlett, Martin and Thompson Halls, 1925, 1928 & undated
Cook - Biochemistry Lab Interior, 1930
Cook - Blacksmith Shop/Hay Drier Building, 1956
Cook - Blake and Waller Halls, undated
Cook - Blake Hall, 1958
Cook - Blake Hall, 1960, 1974
Cook - Blake Hall, pre-1958
Cook - Blake Hall, undated
Cook - Campus Center, 1987 & undated
Cook - Campus Map, 1927
Cook - Campus Map, 1977
Cook - Campus Map, undated
Cook - Campus Views - Bartlett, Martin, Thompson and Blake Halls, 1949 & undated
Cook - Campus Views - Greenhouse, Waller Hall, undated
Cook - Campus Views - Greenhouses, Martin and Blake Halls, 1930 & undated
Cook - Campus Views - Martin, Thompson and Blake Halls, 1924, 1930 & undated
Cook - Campus Views - Various Grounds, circa 1900
Cook - Campus Views - Various Grounds, undated
Cook - Campus Views, 1918, 1925
Cook - Campus Views, 1977
Cook - College Farm Barn, undated
Cook - Commons, undated
Cook - Composite of Buildings, 1924
Cook - Cook House, 1923, 1930 & undated
Cook - Cook House, 1948
Cook - Cook Memorial Boulder
Cook - Cook Office Building, 1977
Cook - Dairy Barns - New, 1924-1977
Cook - Dairy Barns - Old, 1930 & undated
Cook - Dairy Farm Houses, 1900, 1930 & undated
Cook - Dairy Interior, 1938
Cook - Dairy Pasture, undated
Cook - Director's House - aka Home Economics House, 1930, undated
Cook - Entomology Building, 1930 & undated
Cook - Entomology Shop, 1930
Cook - Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences Building, 1972
Cook - Extension Divisions, Helyar Forest
press release available 8/28/63
Cook - Extension Divisions, South Jersey Research and Development Center
Cook - Extension Divisions, Willowwood Arboretum
Cook - Farm Views - Agricultural Engineering, 1948-1956 & undated
Cook - Farm Views - Agronomy, 1924
Cook - Farm Views - Horticulture, undated
Cook - Farm Views, 1967, 1974
Cook - Farm Views, undated
(2 folders)
Cook - Food Science Building Construction, 1972 & undated
Cook - Food Science Building, 1973, 1974 & undated
Cook - Greenhouses - Interior, undated
Cook - Greenhouses, 1957, 1958 & undated
Cook - Greenhouses, pre-1918, 1930
Cook - Greenhouses, undated
Food Science Building
BG28 Cook - Hedlee Research Laboratory, undated
Cook - Helyar House, undated
Cook - Kilmer Oak, 1949
Cook - Kilmer Oak, 1963
Cook - Kilmer Oak, undated
Cook - Lipman Drive, 1930, 1977
Cook - Lipman Hall - Architect's Rendering
Cook - Lipman Hall, 1951
(2 folders)
Cook - Lipman Hall, circa 1948-1949
Cook - Lipman Hall, undated
Cook - Log Cabin, 1946 & undated
Cook - Machine Shop, 1930
Cook - Martin Hall, 1912, 1914
Cook - Martin Hall, 1915
Cook - Martin Hall, 1917
Cook - Martin Hall, 1918, 1919, 1925
Cook - Martin Hall, 1928-1934
Cook - Martin Hall, 1960, 1971, 1977
Cook - Martin Hall, 1985
Cook - Martin Hall, undated
Cook - McLean Research Laboratories, undated
Cook - Newell Apartments, 1972-1977 & undated
Cook - Passion Puddle, 1977-1984 & undated
Cook - Piggery, pre-1922, 1930 & undated
Cook - Plant Pathology - Post Harvest Research Center, undated
Cook - Plant Pathology Greenhouses, undated
Cook - Pond, 1930
Cook - Pond, 1949-1977
Cook - Pond, undated
Cook - Poultry - Interior, undated
Cook - Poultry Building, 1912 & undated
Cook - Poultry Farm, 1930
Cook - Poultry Research Building, 1958
Cook - Round House - aka Judging Pavillion, circa 1916, 1930
Cook - Round House - aka Judging Pavillion, undated
Cook - Ryders Lane, 1930
Cook - Sewage Lab Interior, 1930
Cook - Soils and Farm Engineering Buildings, 1930
Cook - Thompson Hall - Addition, circa 1957
Cook - Thompson Hall, 1921
Cook - Thompson Hall, pre-1957
BG29 Cook - Unidentified Barns, undated
Cook - Unidentified Building, 1977
Cook - Unidentified Buildings, undated
Cook - Unidentified Interiors, undated
Cook - Waller Hall, 1908, 1918
Cook - Waller Hall, 1924, 1925, 1930
Cook - Waller Hall, pre-1924
(2 folders)
Cook - Waller Hall, undated
(4 folders)
War Gardens, 1918
BG30 Douglass - Aerial View
Douglass - Aerial Views, 1923
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - Aerial Views, 1926
Douglass - Aerial Views, 1953
Douglass - Aerial Views, 1964
Douglass - Aerial Views, 1968
Douglass - Aerial Views, undated
(folders 1-3)
Douglass - Antilles Field, 1945
Douglass - Antilles Field, undated
Douglass - Beehive
Douglass - Beehive, undated
Douglass - Biological Sciences Building, undated
Douglass - Campus Maps, 1950
Douglass - Campus Maps, 1977
Douglass - Campus Maps, undated
Douglass - Campus Views
Douglass - Carpender House, undated
Douglass - Class of 1926 Bridge, 1978-1986 & undated
Douglass - College Center- Architectural Renderings
Douglass - College Center, circa 1950's
Douglass - College Center, 1975
Douglass - College Center, 1980-1986
Douglass - College Hall, 1880's
Douglass - College Hall, 1918
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - College Hall, 1923
Douglass - College Hall, 1924
Douglass - College Hall, 1955
Douglass - College Hall, 1978
Douglass - College Hall, 1979-1986 & undated
Douglass - College Hall, 1989
Douglass - College Hall, undated
(folders 1-8)
Douglass - Composite of Buildings, circa 1924
Douglass - Contacts
Douglass - Continuing Education Center
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - Coooper Hall, 1918
Douglass - Co-op Bookstore, 1949
Douglass - Co-op Bookstore, 1966
Douglass - Cooper Dining Hall
Douglass - Cooper Hall, 1899
Douglass - Cooper Hall, 1923
Douglass - Cooper Hall, 1960
Douglass - Cooper Hall, undated
(folders 1-5)
Douglass - Map, 1959
Douglass - Neilson Dining Hall- Architectural Rendering
Douglass - Neilson Dining Hall, 1960
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - Neilson Dining Hall, 1961
(folders 1-3)
Douglass - Neilson Dining Hall, 1962
Douglass - Neilson Dining Hall, 1976
Douglass - Unidentified
BG31 Douglass - Davidson Hall, 1965
Douglass - Architectural Model, 1966
Douglass - Davison Hall, 1963
Douglass - Davison Hall, 1964
press release available 2/19/64
Douglass - Davison Hall, 1965
Douglass - Dormitories - Corwin
Douglass - Dormitories - Gibbons
Douglass - Dormitories - Jameson Hall
Douglass - Dormitories - Katzenbach Hall
Douglass - Dormitories - Lippincott Hall
Douglass - Dormitories - Nicholas Hall
Douglass - Dormitories - Woodbury Hall
Douglass - Dormitories, 1958
(folders 1-4)
Douglass - Dormitories, 1962
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - Dramatic Arts Building (Little Theater), undated
Douglass - Federation Hall, undated
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - Fine Arts Building - Construction, 1972
Douglass - George Street Pedestrian Bridge, 1984
Douglass - Gibbons Campus
Douglass - Henderson Apartments
Douglass - Hickman Hall, 1964
(folders 1-3)
Douglass - Honors House
Douglass - Labor Education Center
Douglass - Landscape Views - Foliage
Douglass - Library - Addition
Douglass - Library - Architectural Renderings
Douglass - Library - Groundbreaking, 1959
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - Library, 1959
Douglass - Library, 1960
(folders 1-3)
Douglass - Library, 1961
(folders 1-3)
Douglass - Library, 1965
Douglass - Library, 1974
Douglass - Library, 1978
Douglass - Library, undated
Douglass - Loree Gymnasium
press release available 1/24/63
Douglass - Loree Hall
Douglass - Mabel Smith Douglass Library, 1984-1986
Douglass - Music Building, 1927
Douglass - Nicholas Music Center, 1984-1986
Douglass - Nicholas Music Center, undated
Douglass - Passion Puddle (aka, The Pond)
Douglass - Ravine Bridge
Douglass - Recitation Hall (Ruth Adams)
Douglass - The Lodge, undated
(folders 1-2)
Fine Arts Building - Architectural Renderings
Old Music Building, 1984
BG32 Douglass - Student Center, 1948
Douglass - Campus Scenes (Kemper Contact), 1973
Douglass - Chapel, undated
(folders 1-6)
Douglass - Student Center - Groundbreaking
Douglass - Student Center, 1946
Douglass - Student Center, 1947
Douglass - Student Center, 1951
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - Student Center, 1953
(folders 1-2)
Douglass - Student Center, undated
Douglass - Sundial
Douglass - Unidentified, 1986
Douglass - Voorhees Chapel, 1926
Douglass - Voorhees Chapel, 1941
Douglass - Voorhees Chapel (Organ), 1954
Douglass - Voorhees Chapel, 1956
Douglass - Voorhees Chapel, 1963
Douglass - Voorhees Chapel, 1978
Douglass - Willets Health Center - Sketch, 1927
Douglass - Willets Health Center, 1927
Douglass - Wood Lawn, 1938
Douglass - Wood Lawn, undated
(folders 1-5)
Douglass - Woodbury Hall - Architectural Rendering, 1957
Douglass - Woodbury Hall, 1959
Douglass - World War Red Cross Driver Monument, undated
Voorhees Chapel, 1979-1984
BG33 Campus Views, circa 1970's
Livingston Campus New Construction, [1968-1970?]
2 photos.
Removed from Livingston, Dean, Lynton, Box 24
Livingston College - View toward New Brunswick, [1967-1969?]
Removed from Livingston, Dean, Lynton, Box 24
Livingston Off Campus Sites - Industrial Reactor Lab
Livingston - Academic Building
Livingston - Aerial Views, 1975
Livingston - Aerial Views, undated
Livingston - Architect's Model - Livingston Campus [Phase 1] - [Residences and Tillett hall], undated
Removed from Livingston, Dean, Lynton, Box 18
Livingston - Architectural Model
Livinston - Beck Hall
Livingston - Bookstore
Livingston - Building Progress
(folders 1-4)
Livingston - Camp Kilmer
(folders 1-2)
Also, see Over-Sized Collection
Livingston - Campus Views
Livingston - Campus Views, 1969
Livingston - Campus Views, undated
(folders 1-4)
Livingston - Early Livingston Photos - Construction Contact Sheets, [1968-1970?]
2 sheets, 1 photo.
Removed from Livingston, Dean, Lynton, Box 24
Livingston - Kilmer Library
Livingston - Levin Building
Livingston - Lucy Stone
Livingston - Miscellaneous, circa 1970's
Livingston - Photograph of Architect Drawing, [Raritan Campus, 1966]
Housed in oversized section - O/S16. Removed from Livingston/Dean/Lynton
Livingston - Quad Dormitories, [circa 1973]
Livingston - Raritan Arsenal
Livingston - Residence Halls
press release available 9/5/69
Livingston - Rutgers Athletic Center
Livingston - Theater
Livingston - Tillett Hall
Buildings & Grounds - Camden (BGC)
BGC01 Camden - Administration Building
Camden - Aerial Views, undated
Camden - Armitage Hall (Classroom-Office Building)
Camden - Campus Housing, 1979
Camden - Camden Views
(folders 1-3)
Camden - College Center
Camden - Features, 1962 - 1966
Camden - Fine Arts Building
Camden - Fine Arts Center
Camden - Gymnasium
Camden - Law School
(foldlers 1-2)
Camden - Library, undated
(folders 1-4)
Camden - Features, 1973
Camden - Law School Catalog, 1977
Camden - Campus Maps, undated
Camden - Campus Maps, 1977
Camden - Campus Views, undated
(folders 1-4)
Camden - Camden Views -- Demolition
Camden - Library Construction, undated
Camden - Features, 1974
Camden - Features, circa 1971-1972
Camden - Bookstore
Camden - Features, 1970
Camden - Features, 1967
Camden - Catalog Photos, 1977
Camden - Dormitories
Camden - Campus Plan- Model, undated
(folders 1-2)
Camden - Armitage Hall, 1977-1980
Camden - Law School, 1979 & undated
Camden - Bookstore, 1977-1979
Camden - College Center, 1979 & undated
Camden - Financial Aid Office
Franklin Bridge Views, undated
Science Building, undated
BGC02 Camden - General Building Photos
(folders 1-2)
Buildings & Grounds - Newark (BGN)
BGN01 College of Pharmacy, early 1900s
Dana Library, undated
(folders 1-2)
Newark Campus Views, 1963-1964
Newark - Bookstore at 33 Washington Street, undated
Newark - Conklin Hall, undated
Newark - Interior Lab, undated, circa 1900's
Newark - Dana Library, 1967
Newark - Newark Campus, undated
(folders 1-2)
Newark - Hill Hall
Newark - Biology Learning Center
Newark - Housing
Newark - Business Administration, School of - Faculty Offices at 26 James Street
(folders 1-2)
Newark - 1952
Newark - Memorial Plaque for Charles M. Mason
Newark - College of Pharmacy, 1940
Newark - College of Pharmacy, 1945
Newark - Ackerson Hall
(folders 1-4)
Newark - College of Pharmacy, 1955
Newark - College of Pharmacy, undated
(folders 1-2)
Newark - Lab, circa 1940-50's
Newark - Aerial Views, 1966
Newark - Ballantine Mansion, 1958
(folders 1-2)
Newark - Aerial Views, 1967
Newark - Law Center, 1978
Newark - Bradley Hall
Newark - Alumni Field
Newark - Dana Library, 1951
Newark - Aerial Views, 1985
Newark - Newark, City of, undated
(folders 1-2)
Newark - Aerial Views, 1966
Newark - Campus Map, undated
(folders 1-2)
Newark - Newark, City of- Map, circa 1766
Newark - Campus Model, 1962
Newark - Campus Architectural Rendering, 1952
Newark - Aerial Views, undated
Newark - Campus Views, 1966
Newark - Campus Views at Night
Newark - Newhouse Center, 1976
Newark - Classroom - Office Building, undated
Newark - Englehard Hall
Newark - Newark, John Cotton Dana Library, 1982 & undated
BGN02 Nursing, College of, 1950
Newark - 51 Rector Street, 1948
Newark - 106 Plane Street
Newark - 40 Rector Street, Pre-1928
Newark - 510 Parker Street, undated
Newark - Student Center, 1968
Newark - 40 Rector Street, 1953
Newark - Robeson Campus Center
Newark - 40 Rector Street, Post-1928
Newark - Unidentified
Newark - 53 Washington Street
Newark - Talbott Apartments
Newark - Stonsby Commons
Newark - Smith Hall, 1975
Newark - 51 Rector Street, 1954
Newark - Robeson Gallery
Newark - 40 Rector Street, undated
(folders 1-8)
Newark - 40 Rector Street, 1951
Newark - 40 Rector Street, 1950
Newark - 40 Rector Street, 1937
Newark - Research Lab Building - Bureau of Biological Research, Presb. Hospital
Bureaus & Institutes (BU)
BU01 Bureau of Biological Research, through 1961
(folder 1/5)- Busch
Eagleton Institute of Politics
press release available 5/10/74
Institute for High School Teachers of English
Institute of Animal Behavior- Newark
press release available 4/11/68
Government Institute
Eagleton Institute of Transportation
Bureau of Mineral Research
Bureau of Government Research
press release available 11/21/61
Bureau of Engineering Research
Bureau of Economics & Business Research
Bureau of Biological Research - Serological Research
Bureau of Biological Research - Cancer Reasearch
Bureau of Biological Research, through 1961
(folder 1-6)- Busch
Bureau of Biological Research, through 1961
(folder 1/3)- Busch
Bureau of Biological Research, through 1961
(folder 1/4)- Busch
Bureau of Biological Research, 1962
(folders 1-5)- Busch
Institute for Women's Leadership
Eagleton Institute of Politics, Center for the American Woman in Politics
Institute for Continuing Legal Education
BU02 Institute of Microbiology, 1952-1964
Labor Institute
cross ref w/IMLR and Labor Education Center
Journalism Resources Institute
Jazz Institute (Institute for Jazz Studies)
press release available 11/23/66
Latin American Institute
Institute of Microbiology, Dedication
Knowles Institute for Town & Country Ministers
Institute of Microbiology, 1965-1983
press release available 2/9/83
Radioistotope Center
Psychiatric Institute- Busch
Mathematics Institute
Institute of Water Research
press release available 10/3/69
Classes (CL)
CL01 Class of 1856
Class of 1857
Class of 1859
Class of 1860
Class of 1861- 1866
Class of 1862
Class of 1863
Class of 1864
Class of 1866
Class of 1866 (Individual Photos)
Class of 1867
Class of 1869
Class of 1869 (Individual Photos)
Class of 1870
Class of 1871
Class of 1873
Class of 1874
Class of 1875
Class of 1876
Class of 1877
Class of 1878
Class of 1878 (Class Photo Album)
Class of 1878 (Individual Picture)
CL02 Class of 1879
Class of 1880
Class of 1881
Class of 1882
Class of 1882 (Individual Photo)
Class of 1883
Class of 1884
Class of 1885
Class of 1885 (Group Photo)
Class of 1886
Class of 1887
Class of 1887 (Group Photo)
Class of 1888
Class of 1889 (Group Photo)
Class of 1891 (Group Photo)
Class of 1892 (Group Photos with James Dickson Carr)
Class of 1893 (Group Photo)
Class of 1894 (Group Photos)
Class of 1895 (Group Photo)
Class of 1896 (Group Photos)
Class of 1896-1898
Class of 1982 (Individual Photo of James Dickson Clark)
CL03 Class of 1896 (Individual Photos)
(folders 1-7)
Class of 1897 (Group Photos)
(folders 1-2)
Class of 1898 (Group Photos)
Class of 1899 (Group Photos)
Class of Late 1880's Undated
Class of Early 1900's Undated
CL04 Class of 1900 (Group Photo)
Class of 1901 - 1903 (Group Photo)
Class of 1901 (Individual Photos)
Class of 1902 (Group Photos)
(folders 1-2)
Class of 1903 (Group Photos)
Class of 1904 (Group Photos)
Class of 1905 (Groups, Composites & Football Photos)
Class of 1906 (Groups, Composites & Cap and Gown Photos)
Class of 1907 (Groups & Composite Photos)
Class of 1908 (Groups, Composites, Caps and Gown & 40th Reunion Photos)
Class of 1909 (Groups, Composites & Caps and Gown Photos)
CL05 Class of 1910 (Composites & Caps and Gown Photos)
Class of 1910 (Basketball and Bowling Photos)
Class of 1910 (Civil Engineering Student Photos)
Class of 1910 (Group Photos
Class of 1911 (Group & Composite Photos)
Class of 1912 (Group & Composite Photos)
Class of 1913 (Group & Composite Photos)
Class of 1914 (Groups, Composite & Caps and Gown Photos)
Class of 1915 (Composite Photos)
CL06 Class of 1965 (Group Photos)
Class of 1916 (Group, Composite & Cap and Gown Photos)
Class of 1916 (Individual Photos)
Class of 1917 (Groups, Composite & Uniformed Photos)
Class of 1918 (Composite Photos)
Class of 1919 (Group Photos)
Class of 1919 (Group Photos)
Class of 1919 (Individual Photo)
Class of 1920 (Composite Photos)
Class of 1921 (Group Photos)
Class of 1922 (Group Photos- Honor Society)
Class of 1923 (Group Photos)
Class of 1925 (Group Photos)
Class of 1926 (Douglass)
Class of 1927 (Group & Sports Photos)
Class of 1928 (Group & Sports Photos)
Class of 1929 (Group Photos)
Class of 1930 (Group Photos)
Class of 1931 (Group Photos
Class of 1932
Class of 1933
Class of 1934 (Group & Individual Photos)
Class of 1935
Class of 1936
Class of 1937
Class of 1941
Class of 1942
Class of 1943
Class of 1944
Class of 1945
Class of 1948
Class of 1949
Class of 1950
Class of 1951
Class of 1952
Class of 1953
Class of 1955 (Group Photos)
Class of 1957 ("Presidents Reception for Freshman")
Class of 1957 (Freshman Week)
Class of 1957 (Seniors)
Class of 1958
Class of 1959
Class of 1960
Class of 1961
Class of 1962
Class of 1963 (Freshman Week)
Class of 1964
Class of 1964 (Class as Freshman)
Class of 1965 (Freshman Orientation)
Class of 1965 (Individual Photos)
Class of 1966
Class of 1969
Classes of 1958 -1964 (Group Photos)
CL07 Classes (University College), 1939
Classes (University College), 1945
Classes (University College), 1944
Classes (University College), 1940
Classes (University College), 1941
Classes (University College), 1938
Classes (University College), 1942
Classes (University College), 1947
Classes (University College), 1948
Classes (University College), 1943
Classes (university College), 1946
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1898
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1909
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1906
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1905
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1900
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1904
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1903
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1897
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1892
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1923
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1914
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1911
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1895
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1894
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1908
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1896
College Body- Students & Faculty, 1892 - 1923
Commencement (CM)
CM01 Commencement, 1913
Commencement, 1922
Commencement, 1923
Commencement, 1925
Commencement, 1926
Commencement, 1926
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1926
Small Group Photo
Commencement, 1926
Procession & Pipe Oration
Commencement, 1927
Commencement, 1927
Commencement, 1927
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1927
Pipe Oration
Commencement, 1928
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1929
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1930
Honarary Degrees
Commencement, 1931
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1932
cross ref. with Clothier
Commencement, 1933
cross ref. with Clothier
Commencement, 1934
Commencement, 1935
cross ref. w/Clothier & Gov. Harold Hoffman
Commencement, 1936
Honorary Degrees
cross reference to Clothier
Commencement, 1937
cross reference to Clothier
Commencement, 1938
Commencement, 1939
Two unidentified photos
Commencement, 1940
Honorary Degrees
Convocation, 1940
Commencement, 1941
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1941
Commencement, 1942
cross reference to Clothier
Commencement, 1942
Class of 1942 Members who died in WWII
Commencement, 1942
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1943
Commencement, 1944
Honorary Degrees
(folders 1-2)
Commencement, 1946
Commencement, 1947
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1948
Honorary Degrees
cross ref. Clothier & Pres. Eisenhower
Commencement, 1948
cross ref. Clothier & Pres. Eisenhower
CM02 Commencement, 1949
Honorary Degrees, General Clay
Commencement, 1949
President's Reception
Commencement, 1949
Honorary Degrees
cross ref. Clothier & General Clay
Commencement, 1949
Commencement, 1949
cross ref. Clothier & General Clay
Commencement, 1950
Commencement, 1950
Commencement, 1950
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1951
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1951
cross ref. Mrs. Clothier
Commencement, 1951
Convocation, 1951
Commencement, 1952
Honorary Degrees
(folders 1-2)
Commencement, 1952
Commencement, 1953
cross ref. President Jones
Commencement, 1953
Proof Sheet
Commencement, 1953
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1953
Commencement, 1954
Graduates with Advanced Degrees
Commencement, 1954
(cross ref. Hernandez-Medina, Ernesto w/daughter Aida Douglass College)
Commencement, 1954
Honorary Degrees
cross ref. Pres.Jones, Gov. Meyner & Panofsky
Commencement, 1954
Graduates (Mr. & Mrs. Coffin & Son)
Commencement, 1955
Honorary Degrees
cross ref. Sen.Clifford Case, Sen.James Fulbright
Commencement, 1955
Commencement, 1956
Commencement, 1956
Commencement, 1956
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1956
Commencement, circa 1950's
Commencement -- Camden, Undated
CM03 Commencement, 1957
Commencement, 1957
Commencement, 1957
Commencement, 1957
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1958
Commencement, 1958
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1959
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1959
Commencement, 1959
Commencement, 1960
cross ref. Pres. Gross
Commencement, 1960
(folders 1-2)
Commencement, 1961
Commencement, 1962
Commencement, 1963
President Gross with Honorary Degree Recipients
Commencement, 1963
Commencement, 1964
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1964
Commencement, 1965
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1965
Commencement, 1966
Commencement, 1966
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1966
CM04 Commencement, 1967
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1967
Commencement, 1967
(folders 1-2)
Commencement, 1968
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1968
Commencement, 1969
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1969
press release available 5/16/69
Commencement, 1969
Commencement, 1970
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1970
Commencement, 1971
press release available 9/22/71
Commencement, 1971
Commencement, 1972
press release available 5/19/72
Commencement, 1972
Commencement, 1973
press release available 6/7/73
Commencement, 1973
Commencement, 1974
Honorary Degrees
Commencement, 1974
Commencement, 1974
Commencement, 1975
press release available 5/30/75
Commencement, 1975
Commencement, 1976
Commencement, 1977
press release available 5/26/77
Commencement, 1977
CM05 Commencement -- Douglass, 1924
Commencement -- Douglass, 1926
Commencement -- Douglass, 1928
Commencement -- Pharmacy, 1943
Commencement -- Douglass, 1943
Commencement -- Douglass, 1947
Commencement -- Douglass, 1948
Commencement -- Business Administration, 1949
Commencement -- Douglass, 1949
Commencement -- Newark, 1949
Commencement -- Douglass, 1950
Commencement -- Newark, 1951
Commencement -- Douglass, 1956
Commencement -- Nursing, 1956
Commencement -- Douglass, 1958
Commencement -- Public Accounting, 1959
Commencement -- Douglass, 1959
Commencement -- Douglass, 1960
Commencement -- Douglass, 1962
Commencement -- Douglass, 1963
Commencement -- Douglass, 1964
Commencement -- Douglass, 1964
Commencement -- Douglass, 1965
Commencement -- Douglass, 1966
Commencement -- Douglass, 1967
Commencement -- Douglass, 1968
Commencement -- Newark, 1973
Commencement -- Newark, School of Law, 1975
Commencement, 1978
Honorary Desgrees
Commencement, 1978
Commencement, 1979
Commencement, 1980
Commencement, 1981
Commencement, 1982
Commencement -- Newark, 1983
Commencement -- College of Engineering, 1984
Commencement -- Cook, 1985
Commencement, 1988
Commencement, 1989
Commencement, 1991
Commencement, 1993
Commencement, 1995
Commencement, [circa 1970s]
Commencement, circa 1890 - 1910
Commencement, circa 1910 - 1940
(folders 1-2)
Commencement, circa 1940 -
Commencement, circa 1970 - 1980
Commencement -- Pharmacy, Undated
Commencement -- Douglass, Undated
Commencement -- Douglass, 1924
Founding & Early History (EH)
EH01 Jefferson, Thomas
City Hotel (formerly the Sign of the Red Lion)
William Franklin
Livingston, Governor William
Croes, Bishop John
Exhibit: University Historical Exhibition, 1965
Raritan River & Canal, New Brunswick
Frelinghuysen, General Frederick
Queen Charlotte
(folders 1-2)
Governor William Franklin
Queens College: Charter, 1770
College Hall (Old Building at Schureman Street)
Dutch Settlements: New York & New Jersey (Col. Henry Rutgers Estate)
Hardenbergh, Jacob Rutsen
Van Harlingen House at Millstone
(folders 1-3)
History: Rutgers
(folders 1-2)
New Brunswick Freedonian, 1861
Queens College: Rules and Regulations, 1787
Homecomings (HOME)
HOME01 Homecoming Weekend, 1949
Homecoming Weekend, 1957
Homecoming Weekend, 1958
Homecoming Weekend, 1959
Homecoming Weekend, 1960
Homecoming Weekend, 1962
Homecoming Weekend, 1963
Homecoming Weekend, 1964
Homecoming Weekend, 1965
Homecoming Weekend, 1966
(Bicentennial Celebration)
Homecoming Weekend, 1967
Homecoming Weekend, 1968
Homecoming Weekend, 1969
Homecoming Weekend, 1970
Homecoming Weekend, 1973
Homecoming Weekend, 1974
Homecoming Weekend, 1975
Homecoming Weekend, 1977
Homecoming Weekend, 1978
Homecoming Weekend, 1979
Homecoming Weekend, 1980
HOME02 Homecoming Weekend, 1981
(folders 1-3)
Homecoming Weekend, 1982
Homecoming Weekend, 1983
Homecoming Weekend, 1984
Homecoming Weekend, 1985
Homecoming Weekend, 1986
(folders 1-2)
Homecoming Weekend, 1987
Homecoming Weekend, 1988
(folders 1-2)
Homecoming Weekend, 1989
Homecoming Weekend, 1990
Homecoming, 1996
Military Functions (MF)
MF01 World War I
(Folders 1-3)
Core of Cadets/ ROTC Yearbook, 1891-1895
Core of Cadets/ ROTC Yearbook, 1896-1899
Core of Cadets/ ROTC Yearbook, 1900-1905
Core of Cadets/ ROTC Yearbook, 1906-1909
Corps of Cadets/ ROTC Yearbook, 1910 - 1915
Corps of Cadets/ ROTC Yearbook, 1916 - 1920
Core of Cadets/ ROTC Yearbook, 1920-1929
Specialized Training Program, circa 1900
Civil Defense Program
press release available 1/27/66
MF02 Army ROTC, 1969
Army ROTC, 1956 - 1959
Air Force ROTC, 1958-
Fall Review, undated
Fall Review, 1956 - 1957
Air Force ROTC, circa 1940 - 1957
Army ROTC, 1950-1955
(folders 1-2)
ROTC Yearbook, circa 1930 - 1950
Army ROTC, 1965 - 1968
Army ROTC, 1960 - 1964
(folders 1-2)
Army ROTC, First Female Graduate
press release available 6/4/69
Army ROTC, Rutgers Rangers
press release available 10/4/61
Possible ROTC Yearbook, undated
Army ROTC, 1940 - 1949
Army ROTC, 1930 - 1939
RC Cadets, 1892
MF03 Field Day, 1960 - 1965
Queens Guard
First Woman to enter AFTOTC
Field Day, 1965 - 1969
Field Day Queen, 1950 - 1959
Field Day Queen, 1960 - 1965
Military Ball, 1938 - 1964
Field Day, 1955 - 1959
Scarlet Rifles, 1960 - 1980's
Field Day, 1950 - 1954
Field Day, undated
Queen's Guard, circa 1960 - 1980's
Field Day, 1925 - 1949
Navy Program
Military Ball, undated
Scarlet Rifles, 1940 - 1950
MF04 ROTC Miscellaneous, 1952 - 1960
ROTC Miscellaneous, 1942 - 1945
Specialized Training Programs, 1966
"SHAPE" with General Eisenhower
ROTC Miscellaneous, undated
(folders 1-2)
Specialized Training Program, circa 1940's
(folders 1-5)
Specialized Training Program, 1978
War Training Program
Signing of Contract between US Army & University for Engineering
ROTC Summer Camp, circa 1930's
Specialized Training Programs, 1944
MF-OS1 Pre-1900's
Core of Cadets/ROTC
circa World War I
Portraits (PO)
PO01 Adams, H. Mat
Ahton, Mrs. John M.
Alexander, Archibald
Alexander, Archibald
[scanned duplicate]
Bell, Marie White
Bigelow, John O.
Brower, Charles H.
Case, Clifford P.
In Portraits II also
Dillan, C. Douglas
Foreman, Phillip
Gaskill, William J.
Gelzer, Milton
Hickman, Ruth M.
Hill, Bessie Nelms
Jacobson, Joel R.
In Portraits II also
Jones, Lewis Webster (ex officio member)
Jurgenson, Charles A.
In Portraits II also
Knowles, Francis
Levin, Phillip
McCormick, Richard P.
In Portraits II also
Mcnaughton, Donald
Members of the Board, 1956
Members of the Board, 1957
Members of the Board, 1958
Mitchell, Allen G.
Muccelli, Phillip C.
Nagle, Claire
In Portraits II also
Raubinger, Frederick N.
Richardon, Roy M.D.
Savidge, Edgar T.
Sizer, Dr. Irwin W.
Smith, Frederic W.
In Portraits II also
Smith, Howard A.
Stomato, Linda
Summerill, John M.
Torricelli, Robert
Twyman, Emma
In Portraits II also
Vogel, Bernard W.
Vorhees, Hon. Tracy S.
Weintraub, Joseph
Werblin, David "Sonny" A.
In Portraits II also
Wescott, Lloyd B.
Whelan, Mathew R.
White, Hon. Katherine Elkus
In Portraits II also
White, Ralph P.
Winkler, Henry
Yunich, David L.
Ziegler, Frederick
PO02 Ackerson, Henry E.
Barnard, Chester J.
Barnes, William O. Jr.
Beal, Orville E.
Bodine, Samuel L.
Bosshart, John H.
Bower, Joseph A.
Bragg, Floyd H.
In Portraits II also
Brett, Philip N.
Brown, Arnold E.
Burton, A. Paul
Case, Clarence E.
Conklin, Franklin Jr.
Cooke, Robert A.
Dorr, John V.N.
Driscoll, Alferd E.
Eagleton, Mrs. Wells P.
Geisler, Thomas M.
Hewlett, Gregory
Hughes, W.R. Jr.
Janke, Cecelia Schneck
Jordan, Virgil
Jurgensen, Charles A.
In Portraits II also
Kamin, Arthur Z.
Kaplan, Robert
Katezenbach, Edward C.
Kerney, James
Kreindler, I. Robert
Leonard, Florenece
Lippencott, Mrs. A. Haines
Loree, Leonor F.
Maddock, Mr. Charles A.
Margetts, Walter T.
McCarter, Thomas N.
McDougall, Leslie G.
McMillen, Wheeler
Meeting, 1993
Mettler, John W.
Millard, Donald A.
Milliken, Mahlon G.
Moore, Harry A.
Moxon, Rosamond Sawyer
press release available 7/1/64
Nagle, Claire
In Portraits II also
Neilson, James
Neilson, John
Nichols, Roy F.
Paynter, Richard K.
Potter, Francis Marmaduke
Quinn, William C.
Raubinger, Dr. Frederick
Reitman, Dr. Norman
In Portraits II also
Richardson, Roy M.D.
Rowe, Donald D.
Sahloff, Dr. H.
Savidge, Edgar T.
Schifflemeyer, Olga H.
Scudder, Richard B.
Seufert, Evelyn
Shanks, Carrol M.
Shield, Lansing P.
Summerill, John M. Jr.
Taylor, Mrs. Herbert
Thomas, Clifford
Tinsley, John F.
Trustee Group, 1930
Trustee Group, 1934
Trustee Group, 1940
Trustee Group, 1941
Trustee Group, 1942
Trustee Group, 1950
Trustee Group, 1961
Trustee Group, 1962
Trustee Group, 1965
Trustee Group, 1966
Trustee Group, 1968
Trustee Group, Undated
Trustee Meeting
Student Panel
Trustee Meeting
Student Panel
Trustee Meetings on Board Reorganization, 1956
Vanderbilt, Arthur T.
Volk, Harry J.
Vorhees, Tracy S.
White, Hon. Katherine Elkus
In Portraits II also
PO03 Abernethy, Bradford S.
Abraham, Dr. Herbert J.
Ackerly, Dr. Stanley W.
Adams, Dr. Ruth M.
Agger, Dr. Eugene E.
Alderstein, Dr. Arthur M.
Alexander, Dr. Edward L.
Alexander, Robert J.
Allison, Dr. James B.
Amacher, Dr. Richard E.
Amaral, Dr. Saul
In Portraits II also
Amaral, Jose Vasquez
Arnold, William J.
Atkins, Dr. William H.
Axelrod, David E.
Baker, Mildred A.
Baraka, Amiri
Bateman, John F.
Battis, Dr. Emery (History)
press release available 6/9/66
Beal, Orville E.
Bean, Marc
Bear, Dr. Firman E.
Bedout, John E.
Bellows, Dr. Roger M.
Bender, David T.
Berkowitz, Dr. Monroe
Bernrarde, Dr. Melvin A.
Bernstein, Dr. Allen (Physics - Newark)
press release available 3/15/79
Berrien, Dr. F. Kenneth (Psychology)
press release available 3/7/69, 11/13/70
Bertin, Gerard
Bethel, Dr. Leonard L., 1982
Bettenbender, John (Dean - Mason Gross School) [circa 1970s]
Beuhler, Emil
Bicksler, James
Blake, Dr. David
In Portraits II also
Bloustein, Ruth Ellen Steinman
In Portraits II under Steinman
Boehm, Dr. Werner W. (Dean - Graduate School of Social Work)
press release available 5/20/64
Boland, Rev. John A., S.J.
Bolger, Matt
Bonelli, Anthony
Boocock, Cornelius B.
Bowers, Roy (Dean - College of Pharmacy)
In Portraits II also
Boyd, Elizabeth R.
Boyden, Dr. Alan A.
also pictured: DeFalco, Ralph J.
Boyenton, William
Brill, E.H.
Brodskey, Judith K
Browder, Dr. Felix E.
In Portraits II also
Brown, Courtney (New Facilities)
press release available 6/12/70
Brown, Dr. Richard M.
Brown, Mel
Brown-Jacobs, Michele
Bunting, Dr. Mary A. I.
In Portraits II also
Burks, Ardath W.
Burks, Dr. Andrew
Caccamine, Don
Cahnmen, Dr. Werner J.
Cameron, Donald F.
Cameron, Donald F.
Campbell, Anne
Cannon, W. Roger
Capro, Raphael J.
Cardoso, Fernando
Carey, Dr. George W.
Carkuff, Robert P.
Carr, James A.
Carrey, Dr. Wilson
Cate, Philip Dennis
In Portraits II also
Cavender, Frank W. Jr.
Chaffee, Maurice A.
Charanis, Dr. Peter
Childers, Dr. Norman
Clantanoff, Col. Walter G.W.
Clark, Elwood C.
Cobb, Jewel Plummer
In Portraits II also
Cole, Darcie
Cole, Dr. William H.
Cole, Terrell A.
Conigan, Dr. Eileen
Connor, John T.
Connors, Dr. Charles H.
Connors, Paul
Cook, George H.
Cook, Lindley G.
Coppola, Harmony
Corwin, Margaret T.
Cowen, David
Crosby, Howard J.
Crosby, Rev. H. Dr.
Crossley, Dr. M.L.
Cunningham, Dale S. (German - Camden)
press release available 2/14/63
Cunningham, Earl L.
Curt, Michael J.
Curtin, Edward G.
PO04 Daggett, Parker H.
Davidson, Dr. Paul
In Portraits II also
Davis, Dr. F. Parker Jr.
Davis, John R.
DeFalco, Dr. Ralph
see also: Boyden, Alan A. (BOX PO03)
Della Torre, Dr. Edward
Demarest, Georgia
Deneker, Dr. David O.
Denker, Dr. David D.
Denker, Dr. David D.
Dennis, Dr. Emmet, 1987
Derenhardt, Nancy Rexford
Derer, Mike
Dill, Dr. Ellis (Dean, College of Engineering), 1985
Dobens, Frederick A.
Dockson, F.R.
Doolittle, J.L.
Douglass, Mabel Smith
Dow, Eddy
Dowd, Dr. Francis M.
Drinkwater, David A.
Dunbar, Phyllis
Dunnington, Dr. Frank G.
Dunston, Dr. Beverly
Durand, Dr. James B.
Easton, Elmer C. (Dean - College of Engineering)
Edelman, Hendrick
Elderstein, Tilden
Ellison, Ralph
In Portraits II also
Emig, Dr. Janet
Erfft, Kenneth R.
Essien, Dr. Francine
Esterly, George (Dean - Business Administration)
Evans, Dr. Henry Clay Jones
Fales, David Jr.
Farley, Arthur J.
Faulkner, Audrey
Feirer, W.A. MD.
Ferber, Mark F.
Fetzer, Dr. John C.
Fiddler, Hannah
Filmer, Robert S.
press release available 7/2/63
Filosa, Mary G.
Finletter, Thomas K.
Finley, Moses
Fiordalisi, Vincent E. (Law)
press release available 11/25/63
Fischer, Frederic P.
Fischer, Gustavus
Fiske, Dr. Jessie G.
Fitch, Fred
Florance, William E.
Flynn, Thomas R.
Folense, Mike
Fontera, Richard M.
Forgays, Dr. Donald
Foster, Bill
Foster, Margery M. (Dean of Douglass)
press release available 1/12/69
Frantzreb, Arthur C.
French, Dr. J. Milton
Friedelbaum, Dr. Stanley
Friedman, Dr. David
Frocher, Hans
Frolich, R.K.
Fussell, Dr. Paul Jr.
In Portraits II also
Lawrence, Francis
PO05 "G"- Unknown
Garard, Dr. Ira J.
Garber, Dr. Ralph
Garber, Ralph (Dean, Graduate School of Social Work)
Gardner, Ernest T.
Garrett, Orlando F.
Gaver, Mary V.
Gehm, Harry W.
Gemeroy, Dr. Douglas G.
Genovese, Dr.Eugene
George, Dr. John J.
Gerarde, Dr. Horace W.
Gerber, Dr. Nancy
Gideonse, Dr. Max
Gilbert, Seymour (Food Science)
see also Portrait II and Vieth, Wolf - press release available 9/23/66, 8/11/83
Gillespie, Dr. Hazel
Glasser, Abraham
Glor, Jan
Godfrey, Emmet R.
Godfrey, John C.
Goodyear, John
Gordon, Barbara
Gorman, Bud
Gottfredson, Don (Dean, School of Criminal Justice)
Gottfriedson, Dr. Don
In Portraits II also
Gould, Donald G.
Granett, Dr. Phillip (Entomology)
press release available 11/10/66
Greene, Dr. David G.
Greene, Riehard T. Thurston
Greenwood, Dr. W. Russell
Grentz, Theresa Shank
Griffis, William Elliot
Griminger, Dr. Paul
In Portraits II also
Grobman, Arnold
also in Portraits II
Gross, Donald M.
Gross, E.R.
Growbowy, Edmund
Gruenther, Gen. Alfred M.
Guam, Carl G.
Guerney, Dr. Bernard
Guest, Richard T.
Gurney, Dr. Clifford
Hachett, Bucky
Halstrom, Carleton
Hamaker, Dr. Hugo C.
Hamilton, Dr. C.C.
Hammer, Dr. Peter
also in Portraits II
Hammond, Col. Walter S.
Handler, Dr. Alfred H.
Hanes, James C.
Hardey, Floyd C.
Harris, Keith
Hartenstein, Warren
Hartley, Omar
Hartman, Dr. Mary (Dean - Douglass College)
press release available 5/22/84
Hartmann, Thomas B.
Hayes, Brooks
Hayes, Dr. Albert O.
Hayton, Thomas
Hazel, Homer
Headlee, Dr. T.J.
Heald, Mark M.
Hearn, Dr. George R.
Hech, Dr. Robert C.H.
Heffner, Richard
also in Portraits II
Heinlein, David
Held, Joe
Hellawell, George A.
Helyar, Frank G.
Herber, Rolfe
Herbero, Dr. Will
Herge, G. Henry
Hesslink, Dr. George
Heuchan, Maeschal
Higham, Dr. John
Hill, Frank
Hirschman, Albert
Hixson, Richard M. (Journalism)
press release available 5/23/79
Holtzscheiter, Earl W.
Hopp, Laurence
Hosford, Dr. David
also in Portraits II
Hotaling, Burton L.
Howard, Robert E.
Howell, George B.
Hughes, Richard J.
also in Portraits II
Hunczak, Taras
Hunt, Todd (Journalism)
also in Portraits II - press release available 1/30/70
Hurd, Helen
Hurtado, Dr. Edward
Hutchinson, George
Jenkins, Robert (Dean, Livingston College)
PO06 Imfeld, Louis A.
Inge, Jane
Ingham, Van Wie
Irby, Alice
Isaacs, Owen K.
Jackson, James W. Jr.
Jackson, Wilfrid J.
James, Freya
Jankowski, Dr. Francis (Nuclear Engineering)
press release available 11/25/64
Jeffrey, Fred P.
Jeffreys, Leonard C.
Jelin, Martin J.
Jennings, Kenneth Q. (Journalism)
press release available 5/19/66
Jensen, Harold N.
Johnson, A..S.
Johnson, Albert R.
Johnson, Capt. Robert B.
Johnson, Dr. Helgi
Johnson, Dr. Louise Snyder
Johnson, Dr. Marion A
Johnson, Earl D.
Johnston, J. Harold
Johnston, James A.
Jordan, Virgil
Judson, Dr. Margaret T.
Kantrowitz, Dr. Adrian
Katz, Solomon
Kells, Herbert R.
Kesel, William
Kirk, Rudolph
Kirkwood, John P.
press release available 1/19/67
Kirkwood, John P.
Klein, Dr. Sidney
Kleinman, Gladys S.
Kleinschuster, Dr. Stephan J.
also in Portraits II
Koeing, Dr. John H.
Kolodinsky, William J.
Kovach, Dr. Barbara E.
also in Portraits II
Kramer, C. Russell
Kramer, George
also pictured: Layton, Harry S.
Kurland, Marvin
Labow, Osie W.
Lamont, Dr. William H.F.
Lasser, Aaron
Layton, Harry S.
see also: Kramer, George (BOX 06)
Lazzarus, Dr. Arnold
also in Portraits II
Leemon, Thomas A.
Lendall, Harry N.
Lewis, Dr. Donald J. (Psychology)
press release available 2/18/65
Linville, Catherine Rowe
Little, George E.
Littlepage, Craig
Lloyd, Richard R.
Lowenthal, Alfred M.
Lukoc, George J.
Mann, Howard
Maramorosch, Dr. Karl (Microbiology)
also in Portraits II - press release available 8/23/74
Marchand, Leslie A.
Marden, Dr. Charles F.
Marr, Dr. Robert
Marrero, Chuck (Dean - College of Engineering)
also in Portraits II - press release available 6/4/80
Marron, Dr. Darrell
Martin, Dr.James K.
Martin, John R.
also in Portraits II
Martin, Lowell A.
Martin, Luther H.
Martin, William H.
Mathews, Reverand Dr.
McCarthy, Raymond G.
McCoy, Dr. John R.
McGough, Dr. W. Edward
McGuire, Edward
McKinney, Dr. Howard D.
McMahon, Ernest E. (Dean - University College)
press release available 12/6/61, 6/10/65
McWilliams, Dr. Wilson Carey
Mechanic, Dr. David
also in Portraits II - press release available 8/19/85
Meder, Dr. Albert E. Jr.
Meritt, Herb
Merle, Sherman
Merrill, Leland G.
also in Portraits II - press release available 6/26/70
Metcalf, Keyes D.
Metzger, Fraser
Metzger, Karl E.
Meyers, Howard
Mitchell, Allan G.
Mitchell, Broadus
Mondel, Dr. Bennett J.
Monroe, Margaret E.
Montagu, Dr. Ashley M.F.
Moore, Arthur Russell
Moore, Dr. Omar K.
Moreland, Wallace
Moss (Chemistry)
Murphy, Pat (College of Nursing)
press release available 9/19/79
PO07 Nadler, Paul
Nawy, Dr. Edward G. (Civil & Environmental Engineering), 1985
Neigeborn, Lenore
Nell, Howard
Nelson, Dr. Julius
Nelson, Thurlow C.
also in Portraits II
Nicholas, Dr. Roy F.
Nolan, Joseph F.
also in Portraits II
Noordewier, Michiel
Orenstein, Phillip (Art)
press release available 3/30/78
Owen, Harry G.
Page, Dr. R.H.
also in Portraits II
Pallone, Nate
also in Portraits II
Parker, Jane
Partch, Clarence E.
Pawa, Irving
also in Portraits II
Pearson, Dr. Paul G.
also in Portraits II
Pepper, Dr. Bailey
also in Portraits II
Peterson, Dr. Donald (Psychology)
Peterson, Dr. Houston
Pines, Charles
Platt, Edwin L.
Pomper, Gerald
also in Portraits II - press release available 10/23/75, 4/4/85
Pond, Dr. Alex
also in Portraits II
Price, Dr. Clement (History), 1980
Rabinow, Dr. Leonard
Riddle, Robin, 1990
Rieman, William III
In Portraits II also
Robbins, Dr. W. Rei
Rockafeller, Harry J.
Rolland, Max B. (Horticulture)
press release available 6/12/63
Rowe, George
see also Academic and Administrative Functions: Geology Museum
Rubington, Dr. Earl
Russell, Dr. Walter C.
Ruttan, Vernon
Schlatter, Dr. Richard
Schmidt, George P.
Schroeder, Walter D. II
Scott, Austin
Scott, Madeline
Searle, Bob
Shannon, Dr. David A.
also in Portraits II
Shaw, Ralph
Shirai, Dr. Tsune
Silvers, Earl Reed
Simon, Lee D.
Sinclair, Donald
also in Portraits II
Slade, James J.
Sloane, William
Small, Dr. John A.
Smith, Barbara
Smith, Carelton Sprauge
Smith, Dr. John B.
Smullyan, Arthur
Speer, William
Springman, Herb
Squibb, Dr. Robert (Poultry Science)
also in Portraits II - press release available 3/14/61, 11/20/63, 1/9/70
Stang, Mike
Starr, Dr. Anna S.
Stetten, Dr. Dewitt Jr.
Stevens, Dr. Charles H.
Stoddard, Susan
Street, Dr. James H. (Economics)
also in Portraits II - press release available 9/25/63, 3/31/77
Stringer, Vivian
Strubblebine, Jane
Strumeyer, David H.
also in Portraits II
Stuart, Dr. William A.
also in Portraits II
Susman, Dr. Warren I.
also in Portraits II
Swink, John C.
also in Portraits II
Tarres, Jo
Taylor, John C.
Temmer, Dr. Georges
also in Portraits II
Thomas, Henry S.
Toby, Dr. Jackson (Sociology)
press release available 1/19/68
Upson, Irving S.
Van Sutima, Ivan
VanderWerde, Dr. Christine
also in Portraits II
Wakin, Joseph
Wall, Cheryl, [circa 1986]
PO07A Walter, F. Austin "Soup"
also in Portraits II
Webb, Corrine
Weingard, Dr. Guido G.
Weissman, Dr. Gerard S.
Welkowitz, Dr. Walter
also in Portraits II
Whipple, Gen. William Jr.
also in Portraits II
Wilkenson, Louise Cherry
Wilson, Blenda
Wilson, Dr. Billy Ray
also in Portraits II
Winkler, Dr. Henry R.
Wong, John
also in Portraits II
Young, Jim
Young, Tom
Zingg, Wherry E.
Zipp, Margaret
PO08 Admissions Committee
Advisory Board of the Research Council
All University Development Committee
Alumni Records Committee
Alumni Relations Committee
American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA)
Camden: Visiting Professors
Campus Telephone Service Staff (Centrex)
Dean of Men Staff
Faculty Committee on Personnell Procedures
Faculty Football Team
Faculty Group, 1913
Faculty Group, 1944
Faculty Group, 1885
Faculty Group, 1898
Faculty Group, 1902
Faculty Group, 1903
Faculty Group, 1905
Faculty Group, 1908
Faculty Group, 1912
Faculty Group, 1950
Faculty Group, circa 1891-1892
Faculty Group, circa 1895-1896
Faculty Group, circa 1896-1897
Faculty Group, circa 1896-1899
Faculty Group, circa 1903-1904
Faculty Group, Cook Executive Board
Faculty Group, Cook Executive Board
Faculty Group: Admissions & Registrars Offices, 1946
Faculty Group: Admissions Office, 1957
Faculty Group: Agricultural Experiment Station, 1892
Faculty Group: Arts & Sciences Retirees, 1963
Faculty Group: Athletics Managers
Faculty Group: Biology Faculty, 1961
Faculty Group: College of Agriculture Editorial Office, 1949
Faculty Group: College of Agriculture, Undated
Faculty Group: College of Agriculture, Board of Managers, circa 1964-1965
Faculty Group: College of Engineering, Undated
Faculty Group: Cook
Faculty Group: Cook College, Retirees, 1986
Faculty Group: Emeriti, 1964
Football Coaching Staff, 1930
General Group: Douglass College Deans
Individual Admissions Office Staff Members, Unidentified, Undated
Individual Portraits, Unidentified, circa 1866
Individual Portraits, Unidentified, circa 1891-1911
Individual Portraits, Unidentified, circa 1948
Kilmer College Advisory Board
Library Cooperative Committee
Library Staff, Undated
Library Staff, 1962
Scholarship Committee
PO09 Camden: Carino, Albert J.
Camden: Loame, Paul
Camden: O'Brein, Jane
Camden: Visiting Professors
Camden: Armitage, Arthur Edward
Camden: Guttman, Paul
Camden: Hall, W. Layton
Camden: Jones, Paul R.
Camden: Pettenger, John C.
Camden: Pettenger, John C.
Dean, Law
Camden: Schwanger, Heinz
Camden: Young, Dr. James E. (Dean)
also in Portraits II - press release available 12/4/70
Newark: Aissen, Michael
Newark: Alumni Office Groups, 1976
Newark: Carroll, James, 1959
Newark: Dunning, John H.; Professor of International Business, Graduate School of Management 1989
Newark: Touhey, John F., Learning Resources Center 1972
Newark: Adler, Dr. Freda.
G. S. of C.J.
Newark: Alman, Emily.
Law 77. Douglass Faculty.
Newark: Asch, Soloman
Newark: Athletic Staff, Groups
Newark: Barry-Garvin, Mildred.
Public Administration
Newark: Benson, Goerge
FOM Former Dean
Newark: Bergstein, Melvyn H. School of Law
Newark: Biederman, Charles.
Newark: Blakeslee, Dr. David W.
Newark: Blumrosen
Newark: Boland, John A.
Newark: Bowers, Roy A. (Dean - College of Pharmacy)
In Portraits II also - press release available 7/30/64, 6/15/78
Newark: Brady, Thomas J.
Bookstore Manager
Newark: Bridge, Margaret
Newark: Brooks, Alexander D.
Newark: Brown, Alan.
Director, Campus Center
Newark: Brown, Vivian
Newark: Carey, Dr. George W., 27181
Newark: Chang
Newark: Chen, Professor King G.
Newark: Cheng, Dr. Mei-Feng
Newark: Christian, H.
Newark: Cohen, Gilbert.
Newark: Cooke, Helen J.
Newark: Crow, John
Newark: Deans
Newark: Demaio, Dr. Dorothy.
College of Nursing
Newark: Druding, Leonard
Newark: Dungan, Ralph.
N.J. Chancellor of Education
Newark: Durand, Edwin M.
Newark: Ehrlich, Heyward
Newark: Esquilin, Dr. Susan. Psychology Dept.
PO09A Newark: Faculty Groups (Law School)
Newark: Fadorenko, Eugene
Newark: Faulstich, John, 1976
Dean of Students.
Newark: Feffer, Solomon
Newark: Fitzgerald, Gary A.
Newark: Friedlands, S.
Newark: Gales, John
Newark: Ginsburg, Ruth
Newark: Graham, John
Newark: Haber, David
Newark: Harmon, Clark
Newark: Harris, D.
Newark: Harvey,
Newark: Harvey, Prof. Charlie R.,
Assoc. Dean/Dir. Law Library
Newark: Heckel, F.
Newark: Henning, Emilie
Newark: Hull, Dr. Elizabeth
(Law) press release available 8/26/85
Newark: Jeanpierre, Prof. Wendel A.
Chairman of Black Studies
Newark: Jemmott, Dr. Loretta Sweet
Newark: Jones, Delora
Newark: Kazin, Louis E.
Newark: Kelly, Dr. James B.
Newark: Kestin, Howard H.
Newark: Komisaruk, Dr. Barry
Newark: Larson, Charles
Newark: Lasky, Yetta
Newark: Lefelt, Steven L.
Assoc. Dean, Law School
Newark: Lehrman, Dr. Daniel S.
Newark: Leonard, Dr. Robert.
Newark: Lesh, Ann
Newark: Lewish, Richard
Newark: Mann, Alfred
Newark: McCaslin, Prof. Darrell.
Chemistry Dept.
Newark: Merritt, Dr. Herb
Newark: Meyer, C.F.
Newark: Mezzacappa, Carmine.
FASN Foreign Languages
Newark: Miller, Miriam.
Law School
Newark: Mizerek, Mr. Robert J.
Wrestling and Tennis Coach
Newark: Moran, Gerard R.
Newark: Morgenstern , Dan
also in Portraits II
Newark: Nanry, Charles
(Dean, University College)
Newark: Nanry, Dr. Charles.
University College
Newark: Nathanton, Dr. Melvyn B.
Newark: Nock, Dr. Bruce.
Inst. of Animal Behavior
Newark: Norman, Elizabeth
Newark: Olson, Carl
Newark: Paul, C.N.
Dean – Law School
Newark: Pine, Charles
Newark: Pond, Dr. Alexander
Newark: Posel, S.L.
Newark: Primer, Irwin.
FASN – English
Newark: Ramsey, James.
Associate Provost for Student Affairs
Newark: Rappaport, Dr. Blossom (NCAS)
Newark: Record, Albert L., 1974
Ass’t Dean, School of Criminal Justice
Newark: Record, Virginia.
Associate Provost, Public Affairs Dept.
Newark: Rivera, Ms. Marie.
Coordinator of Puerto Rican Studies.
Newark: Robbins, Lillian
Newark: Roberts, C.R. Wynne
Newark: Rodriguez, Angel
Newark: Rosen, Elliot A.
FASN – History
Newark: Rosenfeld, Paul
PO09B Newark: Saiber, Samuel
Newark: Santarelli, Vincent.
FASN – Physics
Newark: Scott, John.
Director of Admissions.
Newark: Seelback, Heinz
Newark: Shea, Carol
Newark: Sheppard, Annamay L.
Newark: Simmons, Peter
Dean, Rutgers School of Law
Newark: Simmons, Peter (Law)
Newark: Smith, Chester.
FAS-N, music
Newark: Smith, Dorothy W.
Newark: Smith, Dr. Pierre
Newark: Smoyak, Shirley.
College of Nursing.
Newark: Sonnenblick
Newark: Stein, Donald G.
Dean, Graduate School
Newark: Stephenson, Joanne.
Career Counselor
Newark: Stolbof,
Dean of Admissions
Newark: Stonsby, Ellen
Newark: Susman, Warren
also in Portraits II
Newark: Talbo, Malcom
Newark: Theokritoff, George.
Newark: Thomas, Janice M.
GSM – Assistant to the Dean
Newark: Tillet
Newark: Trunks, L.K.
Newark: Unidentified
Newark: Van Horn, Lawrence
Newark: Walker, Prof. George.
Music Dept.
Newark: Walters, George S.
Newark: Warr, Richard
Newark: Washburne, Norman.
FASW – Sociology
Newark: Weber, Gary
Newark: Weiker, Walter F.
FASN – Political Science
Newark: Werner, Prof. Robert.
Bus. Administration & Acctg.
Newark: Wheeler, Margaret
Newark: White, Thomas.
Alumni Relations
Newark: Wilbert, Michael.
Newark: Wilhoft, Daniel.
Biological Sciences / FASN
Newark: Wilson, Elenda
Newark: Winfield, Dr. Irwin W., M.D.
Student Health Office
Newark: Woodward, Herbert
Newark: Wright, Nathan
Newark: York, Hildreth.
Art Dept. FASN
PO09C Newark: Anonymous
Newark: Askin, Frank
Newark: Barchardt, Donald
Newark: Brooks, Geraldine
Newark: Brudney
Newark: Cahill, William
Newark: Campbell, Edith
Newark: Chepitch, Jane.
Newark: Cocco, Philip J.
Newark: Collins, Marie.
Newark: Constantacopoulos, George
Newark: Contact Sheets, Anonymous, (1988)
Newark: Cullity, John P.
Newark: Dutcher, Isabelle
Newark: Egatz, Ray.
Newark: Elohim, Raman
Newark: Feinsod, S.
Newark: Felmeister, Alvin
Newark: Fine, Dr. Seymour.
Newark: Fisman, Lawrence
Newark: Geller, Rhoda L.
Newark: Hirsch, Eva
Newark: Hyman, Virginia
Newark: Jaye, Michael C.
Newark: Kaish, Stanley
Newark: Katz, Stanley
Newark: Knapp, Edward D.
First National State Bank
Newark: Kugler, George F.
Jr. Attorney General of NJ
Newark: Lazaroff, Ura Ann
Newark: Loftus, Martin J.
Newark: Lopez, Arturo
Newark: Maldonado, Carlos
Newark: McClay, Douglas
Newark: McGraw, Marvin
Newark: McLinden , Mrs. Ellawese B.
Newark: Miller, Cassie
Newark: Molonari, Catherine
Newark: Monse, Ernst
Newark: Moore, John V.
Newark: Nagel, Robert
Newark: Negative, Anonymous
Newark: Peskoe, Florence
Newark: Pressman, Richard
Newark: Reynolds, Thomas T.
Newark: Rock, Irwin
Newark: Rodino, Peter.
(U.S. Congressman, ret.)
Newark: Rothberg, Irwin
Newark: Rothstein, Soloman
Newark: Rufino, Antonio
Newark: Sauro, William E.
Newark: Senkowski, Bernard
Newark: Shalahet, Aleksander
Newark: Swann, Jennifer
Newark: Sweet, Albert
Newark: Teitz, Elazar M.
Newark: Thayer, Theodore
Newark: Werblin, David A.
Newark: Whitmore, Richard
PO10 Bloustein, Edward J., circa 1970's
also in Portraits II - press release available 8/10/79
Bloustein, Edward J., circa 1980's
(folders 1-2)
also in Portraits II
Bloustein, Edward J., Memorial
Bloustein, Edward J.: Newark Events
also in Portraits II - press release available 8/10/79
Bloustein, Edward J: Inauguration, 1971
also in Portraits II
Bloustein, Edward J: Portraits, circa 1970's- 1980's
(folders 1-2)
also in Portraits II - press release available 10/29/71
Brett, Philliip M, circa 1920- 1930
Brett, Phillip M, 1950
With Grandchildren
Brett, Phillip M.
(acting president 1930-1931)
Brett, Phillip M: Portraits 1881 - 1892
Campbell, William H. (1862-1882)
Campbell, William M
Painting Based on Portrait
Campbell, William M
Engraving Based on Portrait
Campbell, William M: Drawing Based on Portrait
Campbell, William M: Miscellaneous
Campbell, William M: Portraits, Undated
(folders 1-2)
Campbell, William M: Signed Portrait
Clothier Robert C, 1936
Clothier, Robert C with Herbert Hoover, 1940
Clothier, Robert C, 1935
Clothier, Robert C, circa 1950's
Clothier, Robert C., circa 1940-1949
Clothier, Robert C: 1937
Clothier, Robert C: 1939
Clothier, Robert C: October, 1934
Clothier, Robert C: Administrative Welcome, 1932
Clothier, Robert C: Clothier Children , Undated
Clothier, Robert C: Dedication of Ford Plant, 1948
Three Presidents, 1951
cross ref. Clothier, Demarest and Jones
PO11 Clothier, Robert C: Portraits
Clothier, Robert C: Speaking, Undated
Clothier: Photos, Undated
Condit, Ira, circa 1800's
Demarest, William H.S, 1935
Demarest, William H.S, 1956
Demarest, William H.S, 1949-1950
Demarest, William H.S, 1952-1953
Demarest, William H.S, circa 1911-19PO14
Demarest, William H.S, Pre-1921
Demarest, William H.S, 1907-1908
Demarest, William H.S, 1936
Demarest, William H.S, 1937
Demarest, William H.S. (1883-1953)
Demarest, William H.S: 1883
Demarest, William H.S: 1951
Demarest, William H.S: "Our New President" Portrait, 1906
Demarest, William H.S: Inauguration, 1906
Demarest, William H.S: Scarlet Letter Portrait, 1925
Demarest, William H.S: Smedley Painting, 1916
Demarest, William H.S: Tercentenery Pagent
Frelinghuysen, Theodore: Engraving
Frelinghuysen, Theodore: Engraving and Biographical Information
Frelinghuysen, Theodore: House Built by Frelinghuysen in 1812, Millstone
Frelinghuysen, Theodore: Old Dutch Parsonage
Frelinghuysen, Theodore: Painted Portrait
Frelinghuysen, Theodore: Portraits
(folders 1-2)
Gates, Merrill Edward: Painted Portrait
Gates, Merrill Edward: Portraits
PO12 Gross, Mason W, 1959
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W, 1966
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W, 1968
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W, 1969
(with photogaghic portrait)
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W, 1970
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W, 1971
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W, Undated
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W, circa 1960-1965
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W: Before Presidency, circa 1948-1951
Gross, Mason W: Before Presidency, circa 1948-1958
Gross, Mason W: Chorus and Band at Inauguration
Gross, Mason W: Faculty and Academic Procession
Gross, Mason W: Faculty Preparing for Ceremony
Gross, Mason W: Inauguration Reception and Banquet (May 6, 1959)
Gross, Mason W: Inauguration, May 6, 1959
(folders 1-3)
Gross, Mason W: Preparing for Inauguration Ceremony (May 6, 1959)
Cross ref. Presidents Clothier, Gross, et al.
Gross, Mason W: President's Family at Inauguration Ceremony, (May 6, 1959)
also in Portraits II
Gross, Mason W: Rowing Photos, Undated
Gross, Mason W: Sketch, Undated
Gross, Mason W:: Portraits by Augusta Berns
(folders 1-2)
PO13 Hardenbergh, Jacob Rusten: Painted Portrait, Undated
Hasbrouck, A. Bruyn (1840-1850)
Hasbrouck, A. Bruyn: Painting in Alumni House
Jones, Lewis Webster, 1951
Jones, Lewis Webster, 1952
Jones, Lewis Webster, 1953
Jones, Lewis Webster, 1955
Jones, Lewis Webster, 1956-1958
Jones, Lewis Webster: After Inaugural Ceremony
Jones, Lewis Webster: As President of the University of Arkansas
Jones, Lewis Webster: Inauguration, May 8, 1952
(with Jones & Demarest)
Jones, Lewis Webster: J & J Committee, Fund for further Excellence in Education
Jones, Lewis Webster: May 8th Inaugural Procession
Jones, Lewis Webster: Series on "Conservation of Natural Resources", 1952
Jones, Lewis Webster: Undated
Jones, Lewis Webster: Wife (Mrs. Lewis Webster Jones)
Jones, Lewis Webster: With Family, 1952
PO14 Lawrence, Francis, 1991
Linn, William (president pro tem 1791-1795)
Linn, William: Portraits, Undated
Livingston, John H. (1810-1825)
Livingston, John H: Paintings of Wife and Son, 1806
Livingston, John H: A.H. Richie engraving
Livingston, John H: Longacre Engraving (Based on Painting)
Livingston: House
Milledoler, Phillip (1825-1840)
Milledoler, Phillip: Portraits (with negative)
Scott, Austin, 1892 - 1893
Scott, Austin, Undated
Scott, Austin: Clark Portrait, 1891
Scott, Austin: Dodge Portrait, Undated
Scott, Austin: Graves of Dr. & Mrs. Scott, 1939
Thomas, John Martin, 1925
Thomas, John Martin, circa 1928-1930
Thomas, John Martin, Undated
Thomas, John Martin: As president of Pennsylvania State University, 1921
Thomas, John Martin: Booklet with Photos of Inauguration, October, 14, 1925
Thomas, John Martin: Inauguration Ceremony with Silzer, Hillpot & Gumme, October 14, 1925
Thomas, John Martin: Inauguration Ceremony, October 14, 1925
(folders 1-3)
Thomas, John Martin: Innaugural Procession
Thomas, John Martin: Outdoor Photos and Home in Mendon
Thomas, John Martin: Portrait by Champlin, 1926
Thomas, John Martin: Portrait by Quair, Undated
Thomas, John Martin: Trustees by Cannon
Thomas, John Martin: With Silzer, Demarest, Frelinghysen, October, 1925
Portraits II (POII)
POII01 Abbatiello, Vincent A.
Adas, Michael
Adler, Freda
Agron, Sam L. (Geology - Newark)
press release available 2/13/64
Aguirre-Molina, Marilyn (Center for Alcohol Studies)
press release available 12/18/85
Aharonian, Natali G.
Ahmad, Suad Al-rabiai (Zoology)
press release available 4/3/73
Aiello, John R.
Ainsworth, Sharon A.
Alampi, Phillip
Albermian, Marie
Alexander, Jean
Ali, Yusef
Amarel, Saul
Anderson, Adrienne S.
Anderson, James D. (Zoology - Newark)
press release available 8/28/61, 3/22/68, 1/10/74
Anger, Per
Antione, Alan D. (Biochemistry)
press release available 2/7/73
Appel, Yetta (Social Work)
press release available 2/16/78 - negative included
Appleby, Alan
Applegate, James E. (Wildlife Biology)
press release available 11/3/76
Arctander, Steffen (Newark)
press release available 1/2/63
Aronoff, Myron F.
Artandi, Susan
Asbury, Lexine
Ashmead, Edward
Aumente, Jerome
Austen, Albert A. (Summer Session)
press release available 7/2/70
Axelrod, Allen
Bailey, Samuel
Baily, Edwin
Baker, Ross K. (Political Science)
Baker, William
Balmforth, Col. Edmund E.
Barber, Benjamin (Political Science)
press release available 6/27/74
Barber, Edith
Barr, Stringfellow (Humanities - Newark)
Bartha, Richard
press release available 2/13/70
Bauer, William (Ceramics)
press release available 2/23/78 - negative included
Baxter, Ann
Beattie, Ann
Beck, Felix
Becker, John A. (Sociology - Camden)
press release available 1/10/69
Becker, Ronald (Special Collections)
press release available 4/21/76
Beer, Colin
Beetham, Donald W.
Bell, Robert
Bell, Rudolph M.
Benjamin, Anna (Classics)
see also: Murray, Raymond C. (PORTRATIS II, BOX 10) - press release available 2/24/65, 12/10/71
Bennett, Dr. Virginia
Bernarde, Melvin A. (Engineering)
press release available 3/13/63
Berth, William
Berz, William
Bettenbender, John (Dean - Mason Gross School of the Arts)
also pictured: MFA William Mastrosimone - press release available 5/8/80
Bezpa, John (Poultry Science)
press release available 9/5/61
Billops, Camille (Art - Newark)
press release available 3/4/75
Bird, John (Bureau of Biological Research)
press release availabe 4/17/63, 12/2/76, 7/3/78, 10/11/84
Bird, Richard
Bishop, Michael
Blake, David
Blake, Richard (Social Work)
press release available 2/20/86
Blasingame, Ralph Jr.
Blaustein, Albert P.
Bloom, Allan
Bloustein, Oscar
POII02 Bluebond-Langner, Myra (Anthropology - Camden)
press release available 5/22/78 - negative included
Blumrosen, Alfred O.
Blydenburgh, John (Eagleton Institute of Politics)
also pictured: Herzberg, Donald - press release available 10/25/68
Bodzas, Julius, A.
Bohmer, Carol E. R. (Law - Camden)
press release available 1/11/77
Bond, Arthur C. (Chemistry)
press release available 9/23/65
Bongiovanne, Michael
Boring, Phyllis Z. (Assoc. Dean - Rutgers College)
press release available 6/2/76
Bormann, F. Herbert
Borus, Michael E.
Boustein, Edward (University President)
Bowers, Roy A. (Dean - College of Pharmacy)
Bowns, Beverly H. (Dean - College of Nursing)
press release available 11/20/78
Bradford, Phillips V.
Bradley, Bill
Brady, Alfred V.
Brady, Nicholas
Bragg, Floyd
Bredemeier, Harry
Brennan, Eileen
press release available 4/22/80
Brewin, Arthur
Broadbent, Travis
Brodzinsky, David M. (Child Psychology)
press release available 11/18/80
Brooks, Alexander (Law - Newark)
press release available 3/28/63, 10/8/65, 12/19/84
Brooks, Avery (Theater Arts/Distinguished Alumnus)
Browder, Felix E.
Brown, Dana
Brown, Karen McCarthy (Religion)
press release available 2/19/74
Brown, Linda Keller (American Studies)
press release available 3/13/75
Brush, Dr. John E.
Brzezinski, Bzigniew
Buchanan, Angela
Buell, Murray F. (Botany)
also pictured: Hess, Charles E. - press release available 6/7/68
Bunch, Charlotte
Bunnell, Margaret (College of Nursing)
press release available 7/8/65
Bunster, Ximena (Anthropology)
press release available 3/12/76
Bunting-Smith, Mary I.
Burdick, Anne
Burger, Joanna (Ecology)
press release available 8/2/79, 7/21/83
Burr, Donald
Burrows, David
Byrne, Brendan
POII03 Caccamise, Don (Entomology)
press release available 10/4/78 - negative included
Cahnman, Werner (Sociology - Newark)
press release available 7/14/67
Callaway, Barbara
Campanella, Anton J.
Campbell, Anne (Crimonology)
press release available 6/5/84
Campbell, Eugene
Campbell, John C.
press release available 7/30/71
Canino, Maria Josefa
Cannon, W. Roger (Ceramics)
press release available 4/3/84
Caprio, Raphael J. (Geography)
Carkhuff, Robert P. (Chief - Rutgers Fire Department)
also pictured: Byrne, Brendan - press release available 4/9/74
Carlisle, Rodney (History - Camden)
press release available 1/18/73
Carlson, Carol
Carlton, Bruce C.
Carr, James A. (Meteorology)
press release available 7/18/72, 4/26/74
Carr, James Dickson
Carr, Michael J. (Geology)
press release available 7/28/76
Carras, Mary (Political Science - Camden)
press release available 3/7/79
Carroll, Benjamin (Newark)
press release available 1/13/66
Carroll, J. Douglass
Carroll, Susan J. (Eagleton Institute of Politics)
press release available 8/7/85
Carson, William "Butch" (Rutgers Summer Mobilization Project)
press release available 3/21/75
Carter, Robert L. (Sociology)
press release available 11/13/80
Case, Clifford P. (Distinguished Alumnus)
Caspersen, Finn M.W.
Cate, Phillip Dennis
press release available 10/15/86
Cavazos, Lauro F.
Cayer, David
Champe, Sewell P.
Chandler, Marguerite
Chang, Stephen S. (Food Science)
press release available 3/11/64, 4/14/65, 8/6/71, 4/27/77
Charney, Maurice
Chase, Theodore
Chen, Chuan (Engineering)
press release available 7/29/80
Chen, King C. (Political Science - Newark)
press release available 11/9/78
Chen, Kuang Yu (Chemistry)
press release available 2/19/80
Chen, Tseh An (Agricultural Experiment Station)
press release available 9/25/80
Chepitch, Jane
Chernick, Jack (Institute of Management and Labor Relations)
also pictured: Craig, Roger K. and Indik, Bernard P. - press release available 5/12/65
Christ, Ernest G.
also pictured: Childers, Norman - press release available 10/11/70
Cialone, Joseph C. (Soils and Crops)
press release available 5/7/71
Ciotta, Jules (Cooperative Extension Service)
press release available 6/16/72
Cisnerors, Henry
Clairmont, Christoph W. (Classics)
press release available 4/18/69
Clark, Frances
Clark, Roger S. (Law - Camden)
press release available 2/1/83
Clark, Thomas A. (Center for Urban Policy Research)
press release available 12/4/84
Cobb, Jewel Plummer
Coburn, John
Coe, James B.
Cohen, Amy
Cohen, David Steven (History)
press release available 11/15/74
Cohen, Roger
Colaizzi, John C. (Dean - College of Pharmacy)
press release available 1/19/79
Cole, Susan Ablon
Coleman, Henry
Collier, George H. (Psychology)
press release available 3/6/63, 6/15/67, 3/9/77
Commager, Henry Steele
Commencement, 1986
Conney, Alan
Constantinides, Alkis (Engineering)
press release available 10/26/78
Cookey, Sylvanus J.S.
Cooney, John
Cottingham, Clement
Cousminer, Harold L. (Geology)
press release available 10/12/67
Coye, Molly Joel
Crans, Wayne J.
press release available 5/3/68
Credle, James
Cretien, Erica
Crocker, Clinton
Cross, John M.
Cross, Richard J. (Assoc. Dean - Rutgers Medical School)
press release available 2/9/68
Crow, John H. (Botany - Newark)
press release available 4/116/80
Crozier, Alice (English)
Crustian, Shirley
Cua, Florence
Cullen, James
Curtis, Michael R.
Curvin, Robert
Cutter, Susan L. (Geography)
press release available 3/27/86
POII04 Da Costa, Noel
D'Amato, Michael R. (Psychology)
press release available 8/11/67
Daria, Joan A. (Nursing - Camden)
press release available 10/10/85
Davidson, Burton (Biochemical Engineering)
press release available 6/8/78 - negative included
Davidson, O. Wesley (Floriculture)
press release available 8/24/67, 6/49/69
Davidson, Paul
Davis, David Howard (Political Science)
press release available 12/2/74
Davis, Frank F.
press release available 9/15/77
Davis, Janet
Davis, Keith (Psychology)
press release available 3/23/72
Davis, Robert B.
Day, Peter
De Grazia, Sebastian (Political Science)
press release available 1/15/64
De Podwin, Horace J.
Dector, Stephen A.
Deieso, Donald
press release available 11/19/75
Dekker, Jacob
Demaray, John G. (English)
press release available 8/1/74
DeMone, Harold
Denney, Donald B.
Dennis, Roger
Derr, Donn A.
Devlin, Lord
Di Edwardo, Anthony A.
press release available 8/9/77
Dickerson, Donald M.
Dickson, Geri L.
Dill, Ellis H.
press release available 1/5/78
Dinnerstein, Dorothy
Doak, Cowell C.
Dornstreich, Mark (Anthropology)
press release available 2/12/71, 3/15/73
Douglas, George (Sociology)
Douglas, Lowell A. (Soils)
Downing, Christine (Religion)
press release available 3/23/67
Downs, Raymond
Ducksworth, Sarah Smith
Dukakis, Olympia
Dunn, Jim
Dunning, John H.