R-MC 070

Inventory to the Records of The Conference on Literature and Urban Experience (CLUE), Rutgers University, Newark. April 17-19, 1980

By Vivian E. Thiele

March 2002

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University

Descriptive Summary

Creator: The Conference on Literature and Urban Experience (CLUE), Rutgers University Newark
Title: Inventory to the Records of the Conference on Literature and Urban Experience (CLUE), Rutgers University Newark, April 17-19, 1980
Dates: 1978-1983
Quantity: 5.4 cubic feet (13 boxes, 1 oversized letter box)
Abstract: The Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience (hereafter referred to as "CLUE"), took place on April 17, 18, and 19, 1980, in the Robeson Center, Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. It featured more than 50 distinguished writers and academics discussing a wide range of topics—"literature, theater, film, education, and the visual arts" focusing on the theme of urban experience. Designed as an educational experiment intended to engage a larger, public audience, CLUE intended to reach out to the public at large and involve it in a broad discussion of the modern urban experience. CLUE was an important event in several respects: first, it was an important humanities gathering focusing on a timely theme; second, it was a community outreach experiment; and finally, it succeeded in disseminating materials from the conference in a variety of formats. The records are divided into five separate series: I. Participants' Correspondence and Conference Papers, II. CLUE Organizational Papers, III. Fundraising Efforts, IV. Information on the Rutgers University Press (RUP) Publication Papers, V. Photographs
Collection No.: R-MC 070
Language: English
Repository: Rutgers University. Special Collections and University Archives

Administrative History

The Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience (hereafter referred to as "CLUE"), took place on April 17, 18, and 19, 1980, in the Robeson Center, Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. It featured more than 50 distinguished writers and academics discussing a wide range of topics—"literature, theater, film, education, and the visual arts"—focusing on the theme of urban experience. Additional public events were sponsored at the Newark Public Library, the Newark Museum, the Paul Robeson Art Gallery in Newark, the City Without Walls Gallery on Shipman Street in Newark, and the Institute of Jazz Studies, at Rutgers, Newark. The proceedings of the conference were broadcast live on local cable television, and on National Public Radio. Tapes of these broadcasts were later edited into video and audio recordings which were then marketed to the larger academic and public broadcasting community. Papers presented at CLUE were selected and published in a collection by Rutgers University Press (RUP), and a high-school-level textbook was later compiled, focusing on literature and the city. Details of the conference, its organization, broadcasts, taping, and subsequent publications are outlined below.

CLUE was a major event in the life of Rutgers University, Newark. It is estimated that CLUE attracted more than 6,000 visitors over the three days. There was an estimated daily audience of some 600 persons in the Robeson Hall, with a considerable, additional crowd watching live video feed in the "over-flow" rooms in Robeson Center. The National Endowment for the Arts' publication, Humanities, reported simply "a standing-room-only crowd." (1)

CLUE was not designed primarily as an academic exercise, although it no doubt succeeded in this respect. Instead, CLUE was an educational experiment intended to engage a larger, public audience. The Rutgers University academic community and the English Department at Rutgers-Newark in particular, designed CLUE with the deliberate intent of reaching out to the public at large and involving it in a broad discussion of the modern urban experience. By all accounts, it is in this respect that CLUE was truly unique and successful. In the words of Alan Shusterman, who reported on CLUE for the New Jersey Committee for the Humanities: CLUE was "the best public humanities project I have seen . . . drawing a large, predominantly public audience to discussions. . . [which] were timely and directly concerned with pressing social issues." In Shusterman's opinion, the major shortcoming of the conference was that it "was too crowded with talented people." He goes on to state that "state committees should learn from this experience how salable a good humanities project is," and suggests that they "ask the project planners . . . to prepare a five page on 'how we raised the money and involved the community' report." (2)

CLUE was an important event in several respects: first, it was an important humanities gathering focusing on a timely theme; second, it was a community outreach experiment; and finally, it was successful in disseminating materials from the conference in a variety of formats.

Below are short descriptions of CLUE's organizers and the organizational chronology; a description of the program (keynote addresses, forums, library and museum exhibits); and a short discussion of CLUE publications.

CLUE Organizers

The organization of CLUE began during the latter half of 1978. The original chief organizers were Michael C. Jaye, and Peter J. Ventimiglia, both from the English Department, Rutgers University, Newark College of Arts and Sciences (hereafter referred to as "NCAS"). In September 1979, Ann C. Watts replaced Peter Ventimiglia as co-organizer. Also included in the original organizational committee were: John R. Abram (librarian, Newark Public Library); Barbara Callaway (Urban Studies, NCAS); Henry Christian (English Department, NCAS); Margery Fredricks (Newark Museum); Wendell Jeanpierre (Black Studies, NCAS); Elpidio Laguna-Diaz (Spanish Department, NCAS); Charles Nanry (Vice Dean, University College, Rutgers); Estelle Robinson (Department of Community Education, Rutgers University, New Brunswick); James Scott (Department of English, NCAS); and Carl Sonn (Department of English, NCAS). Later, a Community Advisory Committee was organized to coordinate events with the City of Newark.

During 1978 and 1979 the organizers contacted a wide array of humanists as they put together the CLUE program. Having decided early on basic themes—Ethnicity, Drama, The Novel, Poetry, Youth, and the Interaction between Literature and Society—they set about gathering the participants who would come to Newark in April 1980, and establish the tone and attitude of these discussions. A complete list of participants, as well as persons contacted who declined to participate is found in this inventory (See Appendix A and Appendix B). Among those originally contacted who later declined to participate were writers such as Norman Mailer (originally slated as a Keynote speaker), Joseph Heller (for the Novel), Eric Bentley (on Drama), and Susan Sontag (on the Interactions between Literature and Society). (3) The final program did not suffer, however, from these omissions. As discussed in closer detail below, keynote addresses and featured papers were presented by such twentieth century literary giants as James Baldwin, Joyce Carol Oates, Edward Albee, Toni Morrison, Imamu Amiri Baraka, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, to name a few.

From the beginning the location was set for Rutgers Newark, with additional programs at the Newark Public Library, Newark Museum, the Paul Robeson Art Gallery in Newark, the City Without Walls Gallery in Newark, and the Institute of Jazz Studies, at Rutgers, Newark. These arrangements solidified over the course of 1979 and 1980, but did not alter significantly. The programs staged at these venues are discussed below.

In addition to arranging for speakers, the CLUE organizers arranged for a multitude of other necessities. These included arrangements for publicity, travel, health care, housing, caterers, special luncheons and dinners, fundraising, and post-conference publications. They had to gather conference papers from participants beforehand and send them to other participants on the various forums, arrange contracts for payment (as many CLUE participants were paid), take care of special housing and meal arrangements, and so on. They also had to print publicity flyers and CLUE programs and arrange to make T-shirts. And, after the conference, the organizers had to find a publisher for the CLUE papers, eventually settling upon Rutgers University Press. Then, the participants whose papers were to be included had to resubmit their papers for editing. In the end, the organizational work associated with CLUE, the correspondence, fundraising, reports, and publications, did not end until well into 1983.

CLUE Program(4)

CLUE began on the morning of Thursday, April 17, with introductions from the CLUE directors, Michael C. Jaye and Ann C. Watts, followed by keynote addresses by James Baldwin, Bruno Bettelheim, and Joyce Carol Oates. That afternoon the CLUE forums began with "Drama and the Urban Experience." This forum featured the following speakers: Edward Albee ("The Playwright v. the Theater"); Richard Eder ("Theater and Cities"); and discussants Albert Innuarato and Douglas Turner Ward. In the evening a poetry reading took place, featuring the work of poets Robert Ciardi, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Nikki Giovanni, David Ignatow, and Ntozaké Shange.

The second day of CLUE, Friday, April 18, began with the forum "Ethnicity and Urban Literature." This was the largest and most contentious forum of the conference. In addition to the four initial paper presentations, this forum featured three one-hour discussion panels that took place simultaneously immediately after the initial forum papers. Forum papers were presented by Imamu Amiri Baraka ("Black Literature and the Afro-American Nation: The Urban Voice"); Jerre Mangione ("A Double Life: The Fate of the Urban Ethnic"); Chaim Potok ("Cultural Confrontation in Urban America: A Writer's Beginnings"); and Pedro Juan Soto ("The City and I"). The three discussion groups were "The Black Experience," "The European Experience," and "The Hispanic Experience." It is reported that this forum and the subsequent discussion groups ("The Black Experience" discussion group in particular) prompted some rather serious confrontations. There were also later reported to be angry exchanges between several of the poets. (5)

The afternoon program on Friday, April 18, included two more forums: "The Novel and the City" and "The Poet and the City." Speaking about the Novel were the following: Ihab Hassan ("Cities of the Mind, Urban Words: The Derealization of Metropolis"); Alfred Kazin ("The City from Melville to Mailer"); Marge Piercy ("The City as Battleground: The Novelist as Combatant"); and Piri Thomas ("The Last Prison is the Prison of the Mind"). Speaking about the Poet and the City were: Lawrence Ferlinghetti ("Modern Poetry is Prose"); Nikki Giovanni ("The Poet and Truth"); David Ignatow ("Living with Change"); and Helen Vendler ("Lowell's Cities").

The final day of CLUE, Saturday, April 19, featured another large forum with three discussion groups under the title, "Urban Literature and the Young." Papers were presented by Joan Burstyn ("Borrowing and Lending: The Young Reader and the Library"); John Holt ("A People's Paper for the Inner City"); Jonathan Kozol ("The Re-invention of Childhood"); and M. Jerry Weiss ("Literature for Youth: The City as Heaven and/or Hell"). Three discussion groups convened subsequently: "Children and the Literature of the City"; "The City in Literature and Public School Curricula"; and "Young Writers in the City."

The final forum, "Literature and the Shaping of Society," closed the conference on Saturday. Speaking on this topic were: Leslie Fielder ("Mythicizing the City"); Leo Marx ("The Puzzle of Anti-urbanism in Classic American Writing"); Toni Morrison ("The City Limits; the Village Values: Concepts of Neighborhood in Black Fiction"); and Stephen Spender ("Poetry and the Modern City").

In conjunction with the main conference program, a number of events were sponsored to coincide with CLUE. The Newark Public Library sponsored afternoon film screenings throughout the conference of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times and City Lights, as well as the film, Lonelyhearts. Discussion groups were offered after each showing. The library also installed special exhibits in their galleries on the following themes: "Nine Views of Newark," "Cities and the Poetry of Place," "Graphic Art and the City," "Printing and the City," and "Music from the City." On Thursday night they sponsored a poetry reading in Spanish by the Cuban poet, Pablo Le Riverend. And, on Saturday morning the library organized a poetry workshop entitled, "Poet and City: A Workshop/The Poet is You," which was conducted by the poets Margaret Tsuda and Betty H. Neals. (6)

The Newark Museum and the City Without Walls Gallery (Shipman Street, Newark), in cooperation with the Rutgers Newark College of Arts and Sciences, Newark Museum Training Program, sponsored a major exhibit, "New Deal Art: New Jersey," with accompanying forums. (7) Participants at CLUE were invited to attend these forums free of charge. According to the official CLUE program, on Saturday, April 19, two forums took place in conjunction with the New Deal Art exhibition. The following presented papers: Hildreth York ("New Deal Art: New Jersey"); Adolph Konrad ("The W.P.A.: From the Artist's Point of View"); Francis O'Connor ("The New Deal Murals: A National Variety"); Lorraine Brown ("Federal Theater: Social Protest, Melodrama and Genius"); Warren I. Susman ("The Arts Project in Cultural Contexts"). A special exhibit of five murals by Joseph Stella (1877-1946), under the collective title, "New York Interpreted," was also part of the Newark Museum's special events surrounding CLUE.

Finally, The Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers, Newark put up a special exhibit of photographs of Newark-born jazz artists, books of jazz fiction, and album covers featuring urban themes.

CLUE Publications

As one would expect from an academic conference of this magnitude, the essays presented at CLUE were compiled into an academic publication under the title, Literature and the Urban Experience. Essays on the City and Literature (Michael C. Jaye and Ann Chalmers Watts, eds.), published by the Rutgers University Press. An educational booklet for high school students was also produced: The City and Literature: An Introduction (Henry A. Christian, et al.), published by Rutgers University in 1983. (8) Its most lasting archival legacy, however, is without doubt the video record produced during the conference.

Suburban Cablevision TV3 (covering North and Central New Jersey) broadcast live from the conference proceedings. It won a 1981 ACE award for this coverage. The cable network later rebroadcast CLUE in May-June, 1980; July-August 1981; and partially rebroadcast it again in the fall of 1981 through spring 1983. Subsequently, these tapes were edited by Professor Carl E. Sonn, into 17 one-hour videocassettes. These were marketed to educational institutions in the United States and abroad. Furthermore, in response to the ongoing interest in CLUE and specifically in the discussion of African American literature, Professor Sonn, in 1982, edited a special two-hour video, entitled "The Black Experience."

Finally, National Public Radio affiliates also broadcast large portions of the program live, with later rebroadcasts. (9)

In the final analysis, CLUE was truly a monumental gathering of distinguished speakers whose talents were skillfully solicited and organized into a program designed to extend art and learning to a larger community ordinarily excluded from academic proceedings. As of 2004, it remains the largest literary conference sponsored at Rutgers. And, the collection of essays presented at CLUE still regularly appears on course syllabi.

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(1) See Alan Shusterman "Evaluation for the New Jersey Committee for the Humanities," May 8, 1980. (Report included in this collection, Box 10, Folder 12); Humanities, (vol. 1, no. 4, July/Aug. 1980), p. 2. See also, references to selected news items included in the attached bibliography. Copies of some news items are included in, Box 14, Folder 3.

(2) See Shusterman, op. cit.

(3) See "Proposal for a Public Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience" (Oct. 1978). (Included in this collection, Box 7, Folder 7).

(4) Copies of the CLUE program are included in this collection (Box 3, Folder 17).

(5) See Shusterman, op. cit.

(6) A copy of the booklet produced for this workshop, Notes for a Poetry Workshop (Newark, N.J.: Newark Public Library, 1980) is included in this collection (Copy in Box 7, Folder 4).

(7) Because this exhibit and its programs were not part of the CLUE organization per se, the current collection contains very few documents.

(8) See attached bibliography for complete citations.

(9) See Ann C. Watts, "Final Report: Dissemination of Materials from the conference...," December 1983. (Report included in this collection, Box 10, Folder 16); Shusterman, op. cit.

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Scope and Content Note

The administrative records of CLUE cover the time period from 1978 through 1983. These fall into two basic chronological divisions—pre-conference (1978-April 1980) and post-conference (May 1980-1983). The records are divided into five series: Participants' Correspondence and Conference Papers; CLUE Organizational Papers; Fundraising Efforts; Information on the Rutgers University Press (RUP) Publication Papers; and Photographs.

Pre-conference records, as one would suppose, deal primarily with CLUE organization and arrangements. They include correspondence between organizers and participants, as well as between organizers and other institutions and persons about CLUE arrangements. Pre-conference records also include copies of participants' papers submitted prior to April 1980.

Post-conference records deal primarily with the publication and dissemination of materials produced from CLUE. Correspondence between organizers and participants dated after April 1980 focus on these themes. Participants' conference papers dated after CLUE reflect editorial changes made by the author and/or the editors in preparation for publication by the Rutgers University Press.

For detailed descriptions of the content and organization of each series, see Series Descriptions below.

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Arrangement Note

The records are divided into five separate series as follows:

I. Participants' Correspondence and Conference Papers, (1978-1983, bulk 1979-1980)
II. CLUE Organizational Papers, (1978-1982)
III. Fundraising Efforts, (1978-1983)
IV. Information on the Rutgers University Press (RUP) Publication Papers, (1979-1983)
V. Photographs, (1980)

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Name and Subject Tracings

Personal Names

Acosta, Edna
Albee, Edward, 1928-
Allen, Samuel W.
Anyon, Jean
Baldwin, James, 1924-
Baraka, Imamu Amiri, 1934-
Barrandas, Efrain
Bentley, Eric Russell, 1916-
Bettelheim, Bruno
Brown, Margery W.
Burstyn, Joan N.
Cartey, Wilfred G., 1931-
Christian, Henry A.
Ciardi, John, 1916-
DuBois, Rachel Davis
Eder, Richard
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
Fernandez-Fragaso, Victor
Fielder, Leslie
Flagg, Alma E.
Garneau, George
Gibson, Donald
Giovanni, Nikki
Goodlowe, Beverly
Hassan, Ihab Habib, 1925-
Higgins, Flora
Holt, John Caldwell, 1923-
Howe, Irving
Ignatow, David, 1914-
Innaurato, Albert, 1914-
Janen, Gail
Jaye, Michael C., 1941-
Jeanpierre, Wendell A.
Kazin, Alfred, 1915-
Kemper, George
Kozol, Jonathan
Laguna-Diaz, Asela
Mangione, Jerre Gerlando, 1909-
Marx, Leo, 1919-
McEniry, Joan
McWilliams, Carey, 1905-
Mohr, Nicholasa
Morressy, John
Morrison, Toni
Novick, Julius, 1939-
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
Oliver, Doris
Piercy, Marge
Pietri, Pedro, 1944-
Potok, Chaim
Price, Richard, 1949-
Scott, James A
Shange, Ntosake
Shusterman, Alan
Soto, Pedro Juan
Spender, Stephen, 1909-
Taylor, Betty
Thomas, Piri, 1928-
Toth, Marian
Veal, Betty
Vendler, Helen
Ventimiglia, Peter J
Ward, Douglas Turner
Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
Watts, Ann Chalmers
Weiss, M. Jerry (Morton Jerry), 1926-
Wesley, Richard, 1945-
Williams, John Alfred, 1925-

Corporate Names: Participating, Funding and Other Organizations

Fund for New Jersey (Foundation) Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
National Endowment for the Humanities
New Jersey Committee for the Humanities
Newark Chamber of Commerce (N.J.)
Newark College of Arts and Sciences (N.J.)
Newark Museum
Newark Public Library
Robeson Center Gallery (Newark, N.J.)
Rockefeller Foundation
Rutgers Foundation
Rutgers University Press
Rutgers University. Institute of Jazz Studies
WBGO (Radio station: Newark, N.J.)
WNET (Television station: New York, N.Y.)

Subject Headings

American literature—History and criticism—Congresses
Cities and towns in literature—Congresses
Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience (1980: Rutgers University, Newark)—Archives
Congresses and conventions—New Jersey—Newark
Literature and society—Congresses
Newark College of Arts and Sciences (N.J.)—Congresses

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Records of the Conference on Literature and Urban Experience (CLUE), Rutgers University Newark, April 17-19, 1980 (R-MC 070), Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

Acquisition Note

These papers were transferred to the Rutgers University Archives by the CLUE organizers.

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CLUE Publications

Christian, Henry A., et al.The City and Literature: An Introduction. Newark, N.J.: Rutgers University, 1983.

Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience [video recording].18 video cassettes published by the conference. 1980.

Jaye, Michael C. and Ann Chalmers Watts (eds.).Literature and the Urban Experience. Essays on the City and Literature. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1981. The main academic publication of CLUE papers.

Tsuda, Margaret and Betty H. Neals. Notes for a Poetry Workshop. Newark, N.J.: Newark Public Library,1980. Prepared for the "Poet and the City" Workshop held at the Newark Public Library, April 9, 1980. (Copy in Box 7, Folder 4)

Articles about CLUE

Catinella, Joseph. New York Times. Sun. April 13, 1980. Section 11; p. 1, col. 4.

Cornell, Phil. The Courier News. Fri. April 18, 1980. Section A- ?; Sat. April 19, 1980, Section B-10. (Copies in Box 14, Folder 3)

Glor, Jan and Barbara Murray Gordon. "Magic Mix for a Perfect Endowment Project:' the Conference... and the Exhibits"; Rutgers Alumni Magazine, vol. 59, no. 5 (July 1980): 7-15. Includes photographs. (Copy in Box 14, Folder 3).

Kakutani, Michiko. New York Times. Tues. April 22, 1980. Section 3; p. 7, col. 1.

Laskin, Daniel. "The Scribes Gather (But Will Everyman Take Note?)." New Jersey Monthly,vol. 4, no. 5 (Mar. 1980): 107-108.(Copy in Box 14, Folder 3)

Humanities.Vol. 1, no. 4, July/Aug. 1980. National Endowment for the Humanities publication. Has 8 pages dedicated to CLUE, with photographs. (Copy in Box 14, folder 3).

"Rutgers Takes Pulsebeat of the Urban Experience." Library Journal. March 1, 1980. Vol. 105, issue 5, p. 550.

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Detailed Description of Series/Container List

I. Participants' Correspondence and Conference Papers, 1978-1983, bulk January 1979-June 1980
Arrangement: Series I is arranged into three subseries: A. Participants' Correspondence with CLUE Organizers and Drafts of Conference Papers (alphabetical by name); B. Correspondence of Persons Invited Who Declined Participation (alphabetical by name); and C. Miscellaneous Papers Related to Participants (filed by folder title).
Summary: The correspondence in Subseries A dates from 1978 to 1983, with the majority from between January 1979 and June 1980. Inclusive dates for each individual folder are noted on the box list for this series. Correspondence within folders is sorted chronologically.
This subseries contains all pre- and post-conference correspondence between Conference Organizers (Michael C. Jaye, Peter Ventimiglia [before September 1979], and Ann Chalmers Watts [after October 1979]), and individual CLUE participants and/or their representatives (agents, assistants, etc.). In some instances the majority of correspondence was conducted by surrogates on the behalf of participants (especially Edward Albee and James Baldwin). The majority of post-conference correspondence (after April 1980) is conducted on behalf of the organizers by Ann Chalmers Watts.
Correspondence content includes discussions of conference arrangements, conference papers and their content, publicity materials, resumes, biographical sketches, news clippings sent with correspondence, notes on contractual agreements and copies of contracts, and other correspondence regarding the participant and the conference. Correspondence dated after the completion of CLUE (i.e. after April 19, 1980), sometimes includes remarks about the conference itself. Some folders include handwritten notes from the organizers referring to more than one participant, or to no participant in particular. These notes have been maintained within the Correspondence Folders in the order in which they were deposited. Some post-conference material includes discussions of the RUP Book Publication, video and audio publications, television and radio rebroadcasts, etc. (see also Series II, CLUE Organizational Papers, and Series IV, Information on the Rutgers University Press [RUP] Publication Papers).
Any publicity photographs sent with correspondence have been removed and put in folders under the participant's name in Series V, Photographs. The removal of these materials is noted within the Correspondence folder.
See Appendix A for a list of CLUE participants.
Subseries B includes correspondence between conference organizers and potential conference participants who declined to participate. Contents include contact and response correspondence where available, grouped by the name of the respondent. Dated from 1978 to 1980, most are from 1978 and 1979. Some include publicity materials. Most are simply declinations, although a few offer some passing observations, or are presented in such a way that they may be of some interest. For example, the brief letters from Lillian Hellman (October 31, 1979 and March 28, 1980), where she discusses her failing eyesight; Doris Lessing's postcard from London; the postcard from John Updike, where he alludes to his father's oath to "do and die for dear old Rutgers"; and a postcard from Fire Island sent by David Mamet. Others include only letters from the organizers with no reply (Isaac Bashevis Singer, Joan Didion, Thomas Pynchon). Some responses are undertaken by agents, rather than the invited participant (Arthur Miller, Ralph Ellison, William Styron, Susan Sontag (includes bio-sketch from agent), Norman Mailer, Saul Bellow, Joseph Heller (see individual description of contents below in "Special Folders"), Allen Ginsberg, Günter Grass.
See Appendix B for a list of invitees who declined to participate in CLUE.
Special Folders Individual folders are assigned to the following in this subseries:
Eric Bentley, who was included in the program for a time. Includes publicity materials for Bentley's Wansee, and other productions. There are brief discussions of several Rutgers productions of Bentley's plays. Bentley was slated to appear at the Drama Forum, but could not attend. Withdrew September 1979.
Joseph Heller's agent conducted lengthier correspondence with the CLUE organizers, and sent publicity materials which included a photograph, biographical and bibliographical materials. Heller was invited to participate in the Novel Forum, but later declined. All correspondence is via Heller's agent.
Edna Acosta, who agreed to serve as discussant on the Public School Curriculum Discussion Group, but dropped out in April 1980 because of professional commitments.
Wendell A. Jeanpierre, Professor of Black Studies, Rutgers, Newark. Jeanpierre originally helped organize the conference. Includes Jeanpierre's biographical sketches of several participants. Jeanpierre withdrew as moderator of the Black Experience Discussion Group, over a disagreement concerning panel arrangements (letter, January 30, 1980).
Joan McEniry who agreed to moderate Children and the Literature of the City Discussion Group, but withdrew in February 1980 because of poor health.
Subseries C includes all drafts of papers originally deposited with the Participants' Correspondence. Other Drafts of Papers, which reflect post-conference revisions for book publication, are included in RUP Publication Series. Researchers wishing to see all revisions of participants' papers should consult the documents in both this series, and the RUP Publication Series. Conference papers have been maintained in the order in which they were deposited, therefore, some papers in this series may reflect revisions made after CLUE. Wherever possible the dates of individual Conference Paper drafts are noted. Dated materials are sorted chronologically. Include Organizers' notes on participants and their panels (i.e. biographical data, schedules, etc.); copies of participants' signed release forms for post-conference print, audio, and video publications; various notes on travel arrangements.
This series includes drafts of presentations which were not included in the RUP publication (Ntosaké Shange, Nikki Giovanni, Jonathan Kozol, and the Spanish language version of Juan Pedro Soto's contribution).
The following are some highlights and notes for participants' correspondence and conference papers. These notes describe content which may be of special interest to researchers. They also serve to give a more specific idea of the general content included in this series.
Albee, Edward. News clipping "Albee Returns to the Living Room Wars," and theater review ( New York Times, 01/27/1980). Press release for lecture series, "The Playwriter [sic] versus The Theater" (circa 1980?). Correspondence reflects special contractual dispensations granted Mr. Albee regarding the conference broadcast and recording.
Baldwin, James. Most correspondence conducted on Mr. Baldwin's behalf by his agent, Edward J. Acton, Inc. Includes news clipping: "The Baldwin Method" ( New York Times Book Review, no date).
Bettelheim, Bruno. Includes news clipping: "'Anomie and autonomy' psychologist's topic" ( Rutgers Targum, April 10/1979).
Ciardi, John. Includes a greeting card with poetry and artwork by Ciardi.
DuBois, Rachel Davis. Correspondence includes a copy of an unpublished, "Report of the Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience at Rutgers University in Newark. April 17-19, 1980" by Rachel Davis DuBois (dated May 3, 1980). Includes correspondence from 1983 regarding the publication of DuBois' autobiography.
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence. Includes biographical material which reflects an uncertainty over the exact date of Ferlinghetti's birth (March 24, 1892?). Includes bibliography. Includes an original postcard produced by City Lights Publishers, (San Francisco) a company Ferlinghetti helped to found.
Fielder, Leslie. References are made in correspondence (April 21-24, 1980) to the "disturbances" that occurred on Friday, April 18 at the conference. Includes errata lists for RUP publication.
Giovanni, Nikki. The correspondence includes a discussion with Dr. Watts on publishing, writers, etc., in general. Boston University inquired about materials on the conference for inclusion in Giovanni's archive at that institution. (November 7 and 18, 1980). Correspondence was also conducted with the Mugar Memorial Library in Boston (March 26, 1981). Materials about CLUE were sent to both institutions. Manuscript of Giovanni's Conference Paper has the corrected title: "The Challenge to the Poet: Tell the Truth." This essay was not included in the Book. The reason for non-inclusion—brevity and informality—is outlined in a letter (September 22, 1980-October 15, 1980) and possible other publications are discussed. Conference papers in RUP Publication Series, subseries, RUP revisions, includes a transcript of Giovanni's talk (Box 12, Folder 3). Includes some publicity materials for Giovanni.
Ignatow, David. Includes news clipping: "Poems that Mean" (Review of Ignatow's Thread in Dark, by Hayden Carruth. New York Times Book Review, no date). Includes biographical and bibliographical material. Selma W. Warner, agent.
Innaurato, Albert. Helen Merill, agent. All correspondence undertaken by Merill on Innuarto's behalf. Includes biographical and bibliographical material.
Kazin, Alfred. Includes errata lists for RUP publication.
Kozol, Jonathan. Beverley Bickel and Tisha Graham (Kozol's assistant) writing on behalf of Kozol. Kozol's paper was not included in RUP publication because of its similarity to another of his publications, "Prisoners of Silence." (letter, 28 July, 1980).
Mangione, Jerre. Includes news clippings: "An Independent Identity in Mainstream America" ( Chronicle of Higher Education, vol. xvi, no. 21, 7/31/1978); "Book of the Times" (Review of Mangione's An Ethnic at Large, by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt. New York Times Book Review, no date); "On Books" (article by Rebecca Sinkler, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/22/1981). Includes biographical and bibliographical materials. Includes errata lists and editorial comments for RUP publication.
Marx, Leo. Includes discussions of RUP copy-editing (esp. letters dated around 12/1980). Folder, Conference Paper 1 (Box 3, Folder 4) includes a copy of Marx's typed lecture notes.
McWilliams, Carey. Carey McWilliams (Prof. of Political Science at Rutgers) died in late June 1980. Included is a copy of "In Memoriam: Carey McWilliams (1905-1980)," a eulogy by his son, Dr. Wilson Carey McWilliams, and some other, minor correspondence from Wilson Carey McWilliams.
Mohr, Nicolasa. Includes publicity material for Mohr's Felita, a children's book. Includes other publicity materials.
Morrison, Toni. Some correspondence (1979) from Morrison is on Random House letterhead, "Toni Morrison, Editor." Correspondence notes "punctuation is correct" in paper title, "The City Limits; The Village Values . . ."—" the ";" was later changed to "," for RUP publication (letter 11/12/1979). Includes other notes on RUP publication corrections.
Novick, Julius. Includes biographical and bibliographical materials. Some correspondence on letterhead from the "Village Voice."
Oates, Joyce Carol. Includes news clipping, "Novelist-poet to read at Douglass" (University Roundup, Rutgers Newsletter, October 19, 1979). Includes a postcard, "Ontario Review Poetry Postcard" (24 April 1980).
Oliver, Doris. Includes biographical material.
Piercy, Marge. Some correspondence from William Thompson (agent) refers to both Piercy and Richard Wilbur. Lordly and Dame (agents). Includes biographical and bibliographical materials. Includes publicity materials. Includes news clippings: Book Review of Piercy's Living in the Open, by Erica Jong ( New York Times Book Review, 11/12/1976); Review of Woman on the Edge of Time, by Karen Lindsey ( Boston Sunday Herald-American, 7/25/1976). Correspondence of February 1980 addresses the issue of smoking or nonsmoking at the President's dinner (the final resolution [letter 4/4/1980] was for a nonsmoking section). Piercy later commented that she had to leave another function because of the smoke, subsequently losing her hat (letter 5/12/1980). Piercy complimented the conference, but noted "the token representation of women on the panels diminished the impact," and further noted that "every panel was chaired by a white male" (letter 4/23/1980). Piercy sought permission to have her essay reprinted in a book issued by the University of Michigan Press (letter, June 1981).
Potok, Chaim. Harry Walker, Inc., Agent. Includes publicity materials.
Shangé, Ntosake. Zaki Pony, Inc., Agency. Bonnie Daniels, Assistant. Includes biographical and bibliographical materials. Includes publicity materials (with multiple news clippings). Includes news clipping, " 'For Colored Girls' will play Newark" ( Star-Ledger, 4/4/1980). Conference paper (Box 4, Folder 1) consists of Shangé's outline for her panel discussion, which she entitled "Our Cities as We See Them." This is a discussion of poetry which is itself poetry—" it includes bibliographic references. Shangé's paper was not included in RUP publication.
Soto, Juan Pedro. Includes news clipping, "Puerto Rico police investigated by U.S." ( New York Times, 4/16/1979: with picture of Soto and his son, who was allegedly killed by a death squad). Conference Papers, 1 (Box 4, Folder 4) include drafts in Spanish and in English translation. Spanish title, "La Ciudad Y Yo" (dated Feb. 25, 1980). Translated to, "The City and I," by Kal Wageheim.
Spencer, Stephen. Includes biographical and bibliographical materials. Selma Warner, agent. Correspondence of 10/9/1980 comments on other Warner clients: Edward Albee, Robert Penn Warren, and David Ignatow.
Taylor, Betty. Includes the draft of an article by Jaye and Watts, "Planning for the Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience," which Taylor helped edit. Includes documents relating to Taylor's Rockefeller Foundation Research Proposal: including a copy of Taylor's research proposal.
Thomas, Piri. Deposited papers included no copy of Thomas' conference paper, "The Last Prison is the Prison of the Mind."
Vendler, Helen. Earlier paper title: "Lowell's Cities," later changed to "The Poet and the City: Robert Lowell."
Ward, Douglas Turner. Some correspondence from Deborah McGee, assistant to Ward.
Warren, Robert Penn. Selma Warner, agent. Includes biographical and bibliographical. Includes publicity materials.
A. Participants' Correspondence with CLUE Organizers and Drafts of Conference Papers, 1978-1981:
Box Folder
1 1 Albee, Edward: Correspondence, December 1978-November 1980
2 Allen, Samuel W.: Correspondence, July 1978-November 1980
3 Anyon, Jean: Correspondence, March 1980-October 1980
4 Baldwin, James: Correspondence, April 1978-June 1981
5 Baldwin, James: Conference Papers
6 Baraka, (Imamu) Amiri: Correspondence, December 1978-October 1980
7 Baraka, (Imamu) Amiri: Conference Papers 1
8 Baraka, (Imamu) Amiri: Conference Papers 2
9 Baraka, (Imamu) Amiri: Conference Papers 3
10 Barrandas, Efrain: Correspondence, May 1979-October 1980
11 Bettelheim, Bruno: Correspondence, July 1978-December 1980
12 Bettelheim, Bruno: Conference Papers
13 Brown, Margery W.: Correspondence, October 1980
14 Burstyn, Joan N.: Correspondence, July 1978-October 1980
15 Burstyn, Joan N.: Conference Papers
16 Cartey, Wilfred: Correspondence, October 1980
17 Christian, Henry A.: Correspondence, August 1979-October 1980
18 Christian, Henry A.: Conference Papers
19 Ciardi, John: Correspondence, August 1978-November 1980
20 DuBois, Rachel Davis (Davis-DuBois): Correspondence, August 1978-October 1983
21 Eder, Richard: Correspondence, September 1978-June 1981
22 Eder, Richard: Conference Papers
23 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence: Correspondence, August 1978-June 1981
24 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence: Conference Papers
Box Folder
2 1 Fernandez-Fragaso, Victor: Correspondence, May 1979-October 1980
2 Fielder, Leslie: Correspondence, July 1978-November 1981
3 Fielder, Leslie: Conference Papers
4 Flagg, E. Alma: Correspondence, August 1978-December 1980
5 Gibson, Donald: Correspondence, February 1980-October 1980
6 Giovanni, Nikki: Correspondence, February 1979-June 1980
7 Giovanni, Nikki: Conference Papers
8 Goodlowe, Beverly: Correspondence, March 1980-October 1980
9 Hassan, Ihab: Correspondence, November 1979-October 1981
10 Hassan, Ihab: Conference Papers
11 Holt, John: Correspondence, July 1978-August 1981
12 Holt, John: Conference Papers
13 Howe, Irving: Correspondence, July 1978-October 1980
14 Ignatow, David: Correspondence, August 1978-October 1981
15 Ignatow, David: Conference Papers
16 Innaurato, Albert: Correspondence August 1978-December 1980
17 Kazin, Alfred: Correspondence, July 1978-June 1981
18 Kazin, Alfred: Conference Papers 1
19 Kazin, Alfred: Conference Papers 2
20 Kozol, Jonathan: Correspondence, August 1978-October 1980
21 Kozol, Jonathan: Conference Papers
22 Laguna-Diaz, Asela: Correspondence, November 1980-October 1980
Box Folder
3 1 Mangione, Jerre: Correspondence, January 1978-July 1981
2 Mangione, Jerre: Conference Papers
3 Marx, Leo: Correspondence, August 1978-February 1981
4 Marx, Leo: Conference Papers 1
5 Marx, Leo: Conference Papers 2
6 McWilliams, Carey: Correspondence, October 1979-October 1980
7 Mohr, Nicholasa: Correspondence, May 1979-October 1980
8 Morressy, John: Correspondence, October 1978-December 1980
9 Morrison, Toni: Correspondence, July 1978-June 1981
10 Morrison, Toni: Conference Papers
11 Novick, Julius: Correspondence, August 1978-October 1980
12 Oates, Joyce Carol: Correspondence, July 1978-November 1980
13 Oates, Joyce Carol: Conference Papers
14 Oliver, Doris: Correspondence, April-October 1980
15 Piercy, Marge: Correspondence 1, November 1978-December 1979
16 Piercy, Marge: Correspondence 2, January 1980-June 1981
17 Piercy, Marge: Conference Papers
18 Pietri, Pedro: Correspondence, September 1979-November 1980
19 Potok, Chaim: Correspondence, March 1979-June 1981
20 Potok, Chaim: Conference Papers
21 Price, Richard: Correspondence, January 1979-October 1980
22 Scott, James A.: Correspondence, June 1978-April 1980
Box Folder
4 1 Shange, Ntosaké: Correspondence, January 1979-October 1980
2 Shange, Ntosaké: Conference Papers
3 Soto, Pedro Juan: Correspondence, November 1978-June 1981
4 Soto, Pedro Juan: Conference Papers 1
5 Soto, Pedro Juan: Conference Papers 2
6 Spender, Stephen: Correspondence, February 1979-June 1981
7 Spender, Stephen: Conference Papers 1
8 Spender, Stephen: Conference Papers 2
9 Taylor, Betty: Correspondence, October 1979-January 1981
10 Thomas, Piri: Correspondence, November 1979-November 1980
11 Toth, Marian: Correspondence, October 1978-June 1981
12 Veal, Betty: Correspondence, March 1980-October 1980
13 Vendler, Helen: Correspondence, October 1978-June 1981
14 Vendler, Helen: Conference Papers
15 Ward, Douglas Turner: Correspondence, October 1978-October 1980
16 Warren, Robert Penn: Correspondence, March 1979-October 1980
17 Weiss, M. Jerry: Correspondence, August 1978-June 1981
18 Weiss, M. Jerry: Conference Papers
19 Wesley, Richard: Correspondence, October 1980
20 Williams, John A.: Correspondence, August 1978-October 1980
B. Correspondence of Persons Invited Who Declined Participation, 1978-1980:
Box Folder
4 21 Acosta, Edna, May 1979-April 1980
22 Ashbery through Brustein
23 Bentley, Eric, December 1978-May 1980
24 Cheever through Haupt
25 Heller, Joseph, May 1979-January 1980
26 Hellman through Koch
Box Folder
5 1 Jeanpierre, Wendell A., June 1978-February 1980
2 Lessing through Naipaul
3 McEniry, Joan 1980
4 Papp through Roth
5 Singer through Williams
6 Discussion Groups, Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1979-1980
C. Miscellaneous Papers Related to Participants, n.d.:
Box Folder
5 7 Organizers' Notes on Participants 1
8 Organizers' Notes on Participants 2
9 Organizers' Notes on Participants 3 (biographical facts only)
10 Organizers' Notes on Participants 4
11 Organizers' Notes on Participants 5
12 Participants' Permission Release Forms 1 (Allen through Kozol)
13 Participants' Permission Release Forms 2 (Laguna-Diaz through Williams)
14 Travel Invoices and Arrangements
II. CLUE Organizational Papers, 1978-1982
Arrangement: This series is divided into four subseries: A. Correspondence; B. Arrangements and Events; C. Forms and Reports and D. Publicity and Media. Folders within subseries are sorted by subject. Includes one folder of oversized (Box 14 folder 3), CLUE News Items.
Summary: This series includes various materials relating to organizational aspects of CLUE, dating from 1978 to 1983, with the bulk from 1978 to 1981. It includes organizational correspondence both within Rutgers and with representatives of the City of Newark, the Newark Museum, the Newark Public Library, and various media and news organizations. The content includes details of reports about the conference; arrangements for various events; invited sponsors lists; arrangements for luncheons, dinners, hotels, transportation, health care, and so on; legal and contractual affairs; and publicity arrangements.
The subseries "Correspondence" includes material related to correspondence between various organizations involved in the conference, such as Rutgers, the attorneys for the conference, and an advisory committee. Also included are resumes of CLUE organizers.
The subseries "Arrangements and Events" includes materials related to scheduling and accomodation and to planning of different events. The subseries "Forms and Reports" contains documents relating to both preliminary planning and final analysis of the CLUE conference. It also includes statistical data based on audience response.
The subseries "Publicity and the Media" contains material related to news items and press releases related to the conference. It also includes brochures and information about arrangements for coverage of the conference and about the videotaping of CLUE. Among the publications represented are the following: The Georgia Review; Impressions; Comparative Urban Research; NJEA Review; PMLA; Media & Methods; New Jersey Notes; Journal of Higher Education; College English; New York Times Book Review; Newark Star Ledger; American Poetry Review; The Razan Report; John O'Hara Journal; Hudson Review; Hudson Dispatch; El Diario.
A. Correspondence; Grouped by Subject, 1978-1981:
Box Folder
5 15 Rutgers Organizational Correspondence: Pre-Conference 1, July 1978-November 1978
16 Rutgers Organizational Correspondence: Pre-Conference 2, January 1979-April 1979
17 Rutgers Organizational Correspondence: Pre-Conference 3, September 1979-December 1979
18 Rutgers Organizational Correspondence: Pre-Conference 4, January 1980-April 1980
19 Rutgers Organizational Correspondence: Post-Conference 1, April 1980
20 Rutgers Organizational Correspondence: Post-Conference 2, May 1980-January 1981
21 Rutgers Organizational Correspondence: Post-Conference 3, March 1981-April 1981
Box Folder
6 1 CLUE Attorneys: Correspondence 1, October 1979-May 1980
2 CLUE Attorneys: Correspondence 2, June 1980-September 1980
3 Mailing-Lists 1—Pre-Conference, 1979
4 Mailing-Lists 2—Post-Conference,
5 Newark Community Advisory Committee: Correspondence 1 1978-1979
6 Newark Community Advisory Committee: Correspondence 2, 1980-1981
7 Open University Correspondence, March 1980-April 1980
8 Organizers' Resumes
B. Arrangements and Events; grouped by subject, 1980-1982:
Box Folder
6 9 Arrangements: Sponsors and Guests 1 (Lunches)
10 Arrangements: Sponsors and Guests 2 (Lunches)
11 Arrangements: Sponsors and Guests 3 (President's Dinner)
12 Arrangements: Sponsors and Guests 4 (President's Dinner)
13 Arrangements: General 1 (Caterers)
14 Arrangements: General 2 (Parking, Ushers, etc.)
15 Arrangements: General 3 (Health, Hotels, etc.)
16 Arrangements: General 4 (Registration, Flyers, etc.)
17 Arrangements: General 5 (Registration, Flyers, etc.)
18 Arrangements: General 6 (Schedules)
19 Arrangements: General 7 (CLUE Stationery [Invoices/Bills])
Box Folder
7 1 Events 1: Newark Museum, July 1978-November 1981
2 Events 2: W.P.A. Art Exhibit, September 1978-March 1980
3 Events 3: Jazz Institute, August 1978; November 1979; January 1980
4 Events 4: Newark Public Library 1 (Poet and the City Workshop)
5 Events 5: Newark Public Library 2, September 1979-January 1980
6 Events 6: Newark Public Library 3, February 1980-February 1982
C. Forms and Reports, 1978-1981
Box Folder
7 7 CLUE Reports 1: Pre-Conference Proposals 1, 1978
8 CLUE Reports 2: Pre-Conference Proposals 2, 1978?
9 CLUE Reports 3: Preliminary and Final Reports 3, 1981
10 CLUE Reports 4: Post-Conference Publication and Video Proposals 4
11 CLUE Evaluations 1: Forms
12 CLUE Evaluations 2: Reports
D. Publicity and Media; grouped by subject, 1978-1982:
Box Folder
7 13 Publicity 1, April 1979-December 1979
14 Publicity 2, January 1980-April 1980
15 Publicity 3—Brochures, etc., 1978-1979
16 Publicity 4—Brochures, CLUE Program, etc. (drafts)
17 Publicity 5—Brochures, CLUE Program, etc. (printed)
18 Newspapers and Journals 1—Mass Media and Local Papers, January 1980-April 1980
Box Folder
8 1 Newspapers and Journals 2-Scholarly Journals, September 1979-March 1981
2 Newspapers and Journals 3 (Magazines)
3 Newspapers and Journals 4—New Jersey Monthly, May 1979-June 1982
4 Newspapers and Journals 5 —"Humanities" (NEH publication), April 1980-April 1981
5 Radio and Television 1 (General information)
6 Radio and Television 2 (Radio: General inquiries)
7 Radio and Television 3 (Radio: WGBO-FM)
8 Radio and Television 4 (Television: WNET), April 1978-September 1979
9 Radio and Television 5 (Television: WNET) (Proposals, etc.)
10 Radio and Television 6 (Television: Various), September 1978-January 1980
11 Radio and Television 7 Television: Various, February 1980-March 1982
12 Video 1 (Production)
13 Video 2 (Brochure [drafts])
14 Video 3 (Orders [Correspondence 1])
15 Video 4 (Orders [Correspondence 2])
16 Video 5 (Orders [Inquiries])
17 Video 6 (Orders [Bills, Invoices, etc.])
18 Video 7 (Contents lists)
19 Video 8 (US Information Agency [purchase])
20 Video 9 (Screening [Dana Library, April 1981])
III. Fundraising Efforts, 1978-1983
Arrangement: The folders in this series are sorted according to subject and arranged chronologically.
Summary:These items date from 1978 to 1983, with the majority from 1978 to 1980. This series includes correspondence with various persons, companies and foundations, reports, and other materials related to pre- and post-conference CLUE fundraising. Rutgers Foundation correspondence with various foundations is included in "pre-conference folders."
The folders designated "CLUE Budgets" includes lists of contributions and draft budgets for CLUE. The "General Foundations" folders contain correspondence with large foundations such as Rockefeller Foundation, Mobil Corporation, Prudential, and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, The latter includes a copy of their annual report from 1980, which contains a reference to CLUE on pages 34 and 35.
Finally, the "National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)" folders include correspondence, budgets, and post-conference proposals and reports. NEH reports continue through 1983 and include the most complete accounts of post-conference activities, publishing and dissemination of materials. The folders include a copy of Alan Shusterman's complete evaluation of the conference for the New Jersey Committee for the Humanities (date from correspondence, May 27, 1980). Folders sorted by subject and arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
9 1 General Correspondence 1: Pre-conference, July 1978-December 1978
2 General Correspondence 2: Pre-conference, January 1979-September 1979
3 General Correspondence 3: Pre-conference, October 1979-December 1979
4 General Correspondence 4: Pre-conference, January 1980-July 1980
5 General Correspondence 5: Rutgers University Foundation (internal), February 1979-May 1980
6 General Correspondence 6: Malcolm Talbott, November 1979-February 1980
7 General Correspondence 7: Re: Budget, September 1978-June 1980
8 General Correspondence 8: News and Publication Memos, May 1980-September 1981
9 CLUE Budgets 1
10 CLUE Budgets 2
11 General Foundations 1: Rockefeller Foundation, August 1978-August 1983
12 General Foundations 2: Mobil Corp., August 1978-May 1980
13 General Foundations 3: Public Service Electric and Gas, September 1979-June 1980
14 General Foundations 4: Prudential
15 General Foundations 5: Victoria Foundation, August 1978-May 1980
16 General Foundations 6: American Hoechst, January 1979-May 1980
17 General Foundations 7: Schering-Plough, July 1978-June 1980
18 General Foundations 8: Bambergers, October 1979-May 1980
19 General Foundations 9: Automatic Data Processing Co., January 1980-May 1980
20 General Foundations 10: Hoffmann-La Roche, August 1978-February 1982
21 General Foundations 11: ITandT, September 1978-December 1978
22 General Foundations 12: Merck, March 1980-April 1980
Box Folder
10 1 General Foundations 13: Mutual Benefit Life, September 1979-July 1980
2 General Foundations 14: Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation , July 1978-April 1983
3 General Foundations 15: Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation (Annual Report), 1980
4 New Jersey Foundations 1: Newark Chamber of Commerce, January 1979-June 1980
5 New Jersey Foundations 2: New Jersey Bell, August 1980-October 1980
6 New Jersey Foundations 3: Fund for New Jersey, December 1979-December 1983
7 New Jersey Foundations 4: New Jersey Arts Council, 1980
8 New Jersey Foundations 5: New Jersey State Council for the Arts, December 1978-June 1980
9 New Jersey Foundations 6: New Jersey Committee for the Humanities, May 1978-December 1978
10 New Jersey Foundations 7: New Jersey Committee for the Humanities, January 1979-November 1980
11 New Jersey Foundations 8: New Jersey Committee for the Humanities, December 1980-February 1981
12 New Jersey Foundations 9: (New Jersey Committee for the Humanities: Post-Conference Reports)
13 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) 1: Correspondence, September 1979-August 1980
14 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) 2: Correspondence, December 1979-December 1983
15 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) 3: Reports and Proposals, 1980
16 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) 4: Post-Conference Reports, 1980-1983
17 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) 5: Post-Conference reports, 1980-1983
IV. Information on the Rutgers University Press (RUP) Publication Papers, 1979-1983
Arrangement: This series is divided into two subseries: A. Correspondence and Editorial Papers, and B. RUP Revisions of Participants' Papers. Correspondence is sorted by subject and then arranged chronologically. Subseries B is sorted alphabetically by participant's name. All other folders are sorted by subject. Includes oversized materials (Box 14)
Summary: This series dates from 1979 to 1983 with the majority from 1980 to 1981. It includes materials relating to the main conference print publication:
Jaye, Michael C. and Ann Chalmers Watts (eds.).Literature & the Urban Experience. Essays on the City and Literature. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1981
The Table of Contents is transcribed in Appendix C.
This series includes correspondence between organizers (Jaye and Watts), book contributors, and RUP concerning the publication. Drafts of participants' papers are included with this series. Researchers interested in seeing absolutely all the materials relating to individual writers, their papers, and the publication of this book are encouraged to also consult the relevant documents in Series I.
The editorial materials contian Jaye and Watts' revisions to the book jacket text, notes on authors, and the contents and introduction. Galley proofs of the book are in Oversized Box 14, as are various oversized contracts, permissions, and correspondence. The series also includes limited correspondence between CLUE organizers and other publishers (September 1979-May 1980).
The subseries "RUP Revisions of Participants' Papers" includes copies of participants' papers with editorial notes, correspondence, and other materials regarding RUP publication. Nikki Giovanni's paper in this series is a transcript of her talk: her essay was not included in the book.
A. Correspondence and Editorial Material, 1979-1983:
Box Folder
11 1 Correspondence 1: Publishers (Various), September 1979-December 1979
2 Correspondence 2: Publishers (Various), April 1980-May 1980
3 Correspondence 3: Manchester UP, September 1980-October 1981
4 Correspondence 4: RUP, October 1978; October 1979
5 Correspondence 5: RUP, November 1979-December 1979
6 Correspondence 6: RUP, January 1980-May 1980
7 Correspondence 7: RUP, May 1980-September 1980
8 Correspondence 8: RUP, September 1980-November 1980
9 Correspondence 9: RUP, January 1981-May 15/1981
10 Correspondence 10: RUP, May 1981-September 1981
11 Correspondence 11: RUP, November 1981-December 1981
12 Correspondence 12: RUP, January 1982-January 1983
13 Miscellaneous 1 (Permissions Lists)
14 Miscellaneous 2 (Instructions for Manuscript Production)
15 Miscellaneous 3 (Book Launch Clippings)
16 Copyright Pages 1 (Proofs and Corrections)
17 Copyright Pages 2 (Proofs and Corrections)
18 Editors' Revisions 1 (Book Jacket Text)
19 Editors' Revisions 2 (Notes on Authors)
20 Editors' Revisions 3 (Contents and Introduction 1)
21 Editors' Revisions 4 (Contents and Introduction 2)
22 Editors' Revisions 5 (Contents and Introduction 3)
B. RUP Revisions of Participants' Papers, n.d.:
Box Folder
11 23 Baldwin, James
24 Baraka, (Imamu) Amiri (1)
25 Baraka, (Imamu) Amiri (2)
26 Bettelheim, Bruno
27 Burstyn, Joan
28 Eder, Richard
29 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
Box Folder
12 1 Fielder, Leslie (1)
2 Fielder, Leslie (2)
3 Giovanni, Nikki
4 Hassan, Ihab (1)
5 Hassan, Ihab (2)
6 Holt, John
7 Ignatow, David (1)
8 Ignatow, David (2)
9 Kazin, Alfred (1)
10 Kazin, Alfred (2)
11 Mangione, Jerre (1)
12 Mangione, Jerre (2)
13 Marx, Leo (1)
14 Marx, Leo (2)
15 Morrison, Toni (1)
16 Morrison, Toni (2)
17 Oates, Joyce Carol (1)
18 Oates, Joyce Carol (2)
19 Piercy, Marge
20 Potok, Chaim
21 Soto, Pedro Juan
22 Spender, Stephen
23 Vendler, Helen
24 Weiss, M. Jerre
V. Photographs, 1980
Arrangement: Series V is divided into two subseries: A. Conference Photos, and B. Photos of Individuals/Publicity Shots. Sorted by Subject and Photographer. Kemper contact sheets are further sorted by the date they were taken at the conference (April 17, 18 and 19, 1980).
Summary: Dates from the Conference (April 1980), with a brief correspondence dating from May 1980 (Rutgers Alumni Magazine), and June 1981/June 1982 (?) (Renaissance Magazine—further details of this publication have not been ascertained).
All Kemper conference photos included in Box 13, folders 7-31, have the date noted on the back, and are cross-referenced to the Kemper contact sheets from which they were taken.
A. Conference Photos, 1980:
Box Folder
12 25 Kemper Contact Sheets 1 (nos. 1-5), April 17, 1980
26 Kemper Contact Sheets 2 (nos. 6-10), April 17, 1980
Box Folder
13 1 Kemper Contact Sheets 3 (nos. 11-14), April 17, 1980
2 Kemper Contact Sheets 4 (nos. 1-5), April 18, 1980
3 Kemper Contact Sheets 5 (nos. 6-10), April 18, 1980
4 Kemper Contact Sheets 6 (nos. 11-14), April 18, 1980
5 Kemper Contact Sheets 7 (nos. 1-6), April 19, 1980
6 Kemper Contact Sheets 8 (nos. 7-12), April 19, 1980
7 Group Photos
8 Speakers, etc. 1 (Organizers Speaking at CLUE)
9 Speakers, etc. 2 (Organizers Speaking at CLUE)
10 Audience, etc. 1
11 Audience, etc. 2
12 Audience, etc. 3
13 Audience, etc. 4
14 Audience, etc. 5
15 Audience, etc. 6
16 Correspondence (Re: Photos for Renaissance Magazine)
17 Correspondence (Re: Photo Orders Rutgers Alumni Magazine)
18 Miscellaneous Photos 1 (Photos returned by Renaissance Magazine)
19 Miscellaneous Photos 2 (Black Discussion Group and Street Book Sale)
B. Photos of Individuals/Publicity Shots, n.d.:
Box Folder
13 20 Albee, Edward
21 Baldwin, James
22 Baraka, (Imamu) Amiri
23 Bettelheim, Bruno
24 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
25 Giovanni, Nikki
26 Heller, Joseph
27 Oates, Joyce Carol
28 Soto, Pedro Juan
29 Thomas, Piri
30 Ward, Douglas Turner
31 Warren, Robert Penn
Oversized materials
Box Folder
14 1 RUP—Oversized 1 (Permissions, correspondence and agreements)
2 RUP—Oversized 2 (Contracts)
3 CLUE News Items (oversized clippings and added copies of articles) (From Series II, Organizational Papers)
Remainder of Box: RUP galley proofs with accompanying notes. These papers are not enclosed in folders.

Appendix A: Series I, Supplement A—List of Participants

1. Albee, Edward 20. Giovanni, Nikki 39. Piercy, Marge
2. Allen, Samuel W. 21. Goodlowe, Beverly 40. Pietri, Pedro
3. Anyon, Jean 22. Hassan, Ihab 41. Potok, Chaim
4. Baldwin, James 23. Holt, John 42. Price, Richard
5. Baraka, (Imamu) Amiri 24. Howe, Irving 43. Scott, James A.
6. Barrandas, Efrain 25. Ignatow, David 44. Shange, Ntosaké
7. Bettleheim, Bruno 26. Innaurato, Albert 45. Soto, Pedro Juan
8. Brown, Margery W. 27. Kazin, Alfred 46. Spender, Stephen
9. Burstyn, Joan N. 28. Kozol, Jonathan 47. Taylor, Betty
10. Cartey, Wilfred 29. Laguna-Diaz, Asela 48. Thomas, Piri
11. Christian, Henry A. 30. Mangione, Jerre 49. Toth, Marian
12. Ciardi, John 31. Marx, Leo 50. Veal, Betty
13. Dubois, Rachel Davis 32. McWilliams, Carey 51. Vendler, Helen
14. Eder, Richard 33. Mohr, Nicholasa 52. Ward, Douglas Turner
15. Ferlinghetti, Lawrence 34. Morressey, John 53. Warren, Robert Penn
16. Fernandez-Fragaso, Victor 35. Morrison, Toni 54. Weiss, M. Jerry
17. Fielder, Leslie 36. Novick, Julius 55. Wesley, Richard
18. Flagg, E. Alma 37. Oates, Joyce Carol 56. Williams, John A.
19. Gibson, Donald 38. Oliver, Doris

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Appendix B: Series I, Supplement B—List of Persons who Declined Participation

1. Acosta, Edna 20. Harrington, Michael 39. Morris, Wright
2. Ashbery, John 21. Haupt, Lehmann 40. Mumford, Lewis
3. Asimov, Isaac 22. Hellman, Lillian 41. Naipaul, V.S.
4. Barth, John 23. Herndon, James 42. Papp, Joseph
5. Barzini, Luigi 24. Jacobs, Jane 43. Paz, Octavio
6. Bellow, Saul 25. Jeanpierre, Wendell A. 44. Percy, Walker
7. Bentley, Eric 26. Heller, Joseph 45. Pynchon, Thomas
8. Bradbury, Ray 27. Huggins, Nathan 46. Roth, Philip
9. Brooks, Gwendolyn 28. Klapper, Zelda 47. Rothschild, Charles R.
10. Brustein, Robert 29. Koch, Kenneth 48. Singer, Isaac Bashevis
11. Cheever, John 30. Lessing, Doris 49. Sontag, Susan
12. Coles, Robert 31. Mailer, Norman 50. Steiner, George
13. Didion, Joan 32. Malamud, Bernard 51. Styron, William
14. Ellison, Ralph 33. Mamet, David 52. Terkel, Studs
15. Fader, Daniele 34. Mason, Marshall 53. Traketenberg, Alan
16. Frye, Northrup 35. McCarthy, Mary 54. Updike, John
17. Fussell, Paul 36. McEniry, Joan 55. Wilbur, Richard
18. Gardner, John 37. Meadow, Lynne 56. Williamson, Raymond
19. Grass, Günter 38. Miller, Arthur

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Appendix C: Series IV, RUP Publication Papers Supplement—Table of Contents, Literature and the Urban Experience. Essays on the City and Literature

—Introduction (by Michael C. Jaye and Ann Chalmers Watts)
Part 1:
—Modern Prose is Poetry (But It Is Saying Plenty / Lawrence Ferlinghetti
—Imaginary Cities: America / Joyce Carol Oates
—City Limits, Village Values: Concepts of the Neighborhood in Black Fiction / Toni Morrison
—Poetry and the Modern City / Stephen Spender
—The Poet and the City: Robert Lowell / Helen Vendler
—The Puzzle of Anti-Urbanism in Classic American Literature / Leo Marx
—New York from Melville to Mailer / Alfred Kazin
—Cities of the Mind, Urban Words: The Dematerialization of Metropolis in Contemporary American Fiction / Ihab Hassan
—Mythicizing the City / Leslie Fielder
Part 2:
—The Language of the Streets / James Baldwin
—Black Literature and the Afro-American Nation: The Urban Voice / Amiri Baraka
—Culture Confrontation in Urban America: A Writer's Beginnings / Chaim Potok
—A Double Life: The Fate of the Urban Ethnic / Jerre Mangione
—The City and I / Pedro Juan Soto
—Living with Change / David Ignatow
—The City as Battleground: The Novelist as Combatant / Marge Piercy
—The Child's Perception of the City / Bruno Bettelheim
—Borrowing and Lending: The Young Reader and the Library / Joan N. Burstyn
—Literature for Youth: The City as Heaven and/or Hell / M. Jerry Weiss
—A People's Paper for the Inner City / John Holt

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