R-MC 080

Guide to the Stephen S. Chang Papers, 1933-2001

By Meghan R. Vacca

June 2005

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Chang, Stephen S.
Title: Guide to the Stephen S. Chang Papers
Dates: 1933-2001; bulk, 1960-1988
Quantity: 13 cubic feet (40 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The Stephen S. Chang Papers document the extensive scientific research accomplishments of the former chair of the Food Science department at Cook College, Rutgers University. The collection consists of documents ranging in date from 1933 to 2001. The bulk of documents found in the collection were created from 1960 to 1988. Dr. Chang's research and business dealings with the American Lecithin Company, Kabi Vitrum, Pharmacia and the Lever Brothers companies comprise a significant portion of the collection. Personal photographs and letters as well as international and professional material are also included. Rutgers University policies and information regarding the Food Science department are represented as well. The papers contain a broad representation of formats, including correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, letters, patents and financial/budget plans. Handwritten notes are also found in the collection in addition to newspaper articles, photographs, negatives, programs and brochures.
Collection No.: R-MC 080
Language: English, Chinese and German
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives

Biographical Sketch of Stephen S. Chang

Dr. Stephen S. Chang (1918-1996) is widely recognized for his contributions to the Food Technology field as he was a distinguished educator, researcher and inventor. He is renowned for his work in flavor and lipids and was the recipient of the highest award in lipid research, the American Oil Chemists' Society's Lipid Chemistry Award. In addition he received the most prestigious award in food technology, the Nicholas Appert Award from the Institute of Food Technologists.

Dr. Chang was born in China in 1918. He arrived in the United States in 1947 and later became a naturalized American citizen. Chang received his undergraduate degree from National Jinan University of Shanghai (1941), an M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry from Kansas State University (1949) and a Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Illinois (1952). He spent several years in industry before he joined the Rutgers faculty in 1960. He went on to serve as Chair of the Food Science Department from 1977 to 1986. During his tenure at Rutgers, Dr. Chang served as National President of the American Oil Chemist's Society in 1970 and as Honorary President of the International Society for Fat Research in 1980. He received the Rutgers Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research in 1984, and the Rutgers University Award and Medal upon his retirement in 1988. Dr. Chang published over 100 articles, book chapters, and other works and was inventor or co-inventor of fifteen patents.

Dr. Chang was instrumental in exchanging food science information and technology with mainland China and Taiwan. He received the 1989 International Award from the Institute of Food Technologists and a special commendation from the Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China. His interactions with students in the classroom and the laboratories at Cook College, however, were Dr. Chang's most cherished achievements in his nearly forty year career. He helped many students launch their scientific careers.

After his retirement from Rutgers, the Changs endowed the Stephen and Lucy Chang Science Library at Cook College dedicated in October 1995. He endowed the Stephen S. Chang Award at the American Oil Chemists' Society in 1990 and the Stephen S. Chang Award at the Institute of Food Technologists in 1992. He also donated funds for educational buildings at the Anglo-Chinese College and at Hwa Nan Women's College. Both colleges are located at Fuzhou, Fujian, People's Republic of China. He established a scholarship fund for food science students at Jinan University at Guangzhou, Guangdong, People's Republic of China.

Born in China, Lucy Chang received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Hwa Nan Women's College in China. She received her D.D.S. degree from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. After marrying Stephen Chang in 1952, she served within the chemistry department of the University of Illinois and later joined the American Meat Institute Foundation. Thereafter, she devoted much of her time and energy assisting her husband in establishing his career.

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Scope and Content Note

The Stephen S. Chang Papers consists of documents ranging in date from 1933 to 2001. The bulk of documents found in the collection were created from 1960 to 1988. The collection totals 13 cubic feet of records housed in 40 letter-sized manuscript boxes.

There is a broad representation of formats in the collection. The most frequently occurring formats are typed documents including correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, letters, patents and financial/budget plans. Handwritten notes are also found in the collection in addition to newspaper articles, photographs, negatives, programs and brochures. Acetate transparency slides used with overhead projectors were also found in the collection. Due to the unstable nature of acetate these slides have been photocopied onto acid free paper. Diagrams for laboratories and building layouts are included in the collection as well as machinery blue prints. The bulk of these materials are written in English. About 20% of the collection is written in Mandarin Chinese and a few documents are in German.

The strength of the Stephen S. Chang Papers lies in Series III: Research and Consulting which comprises twenty boxes of the collection. Dr. Chang's research and business dealings with the American Lecithin Company, Kabi Vitrum, Pharmacia and the Lever Brothers companies comprise a significant portion of the series. Many other companies are also documented but little in-depth information about these companies is included in the collection. In addition to research projects for the companies correspondence, reports and budget information are also represented. A significant amount of information relating to specific research is included in this series regarding phospholipids, antioxidants including rosemary, fat emulsion, lecithin and various oils including soybean. The majority of patent information found in the collection is also found in this series. Patent searches, dealings with patent attorneys and copies of Dr. Chang's patents are documented. Dr. Chang also kept copies of his patents with his personal documents and can be now found in Series I: Personal Papers.

The strengths of Series II: Professional Affiliations lie with information regarding the American Oil Chemists' Society, Institute of Food Technologists, and the Cathay Food Consulting Co. A large bulk of this series documents Dr. Chang's international food technology career. However most of this material is written in Mandarin Chinese such as materials regarding the Taiwan University Institute of Food Science & Technology, the Advisory Committee to the Taiwan Food Industry and the Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction. With the help of a student from the East Asian Library in Alexander Library at Rutgers University the characters Dr. Chang used to write folder labels are translated into English using Pin Yin translations thus creating a general summary of the folders' contents. Business trips the Changs took to Taiwan, Hawaii, Florida etc. are also documented in Series II while vacations are documented in Series I: Personal Papers.

Series IV: Rutgers University Administration documents policies and procedures in use during the time Dr. Chang was chair of the Food Science Department (1977-1986). The series is also strong in its coverage of Food Science department issues during this period. This area of the collection documents plans for the Center for Advanced Food Technology and work done with the New Jersey Agricultural Experimentation Station and Cook College.

Due to the nature of Dr. Chang's work and consulting with other companies, Dr. Chang or the company issuing the documents labeled several documents "confidential" or "top secret." These documents were removed with a note left to indicate their original location and placed in Separated Material: Removed Confidential Items.

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Arrangement Note

The papers of Dr. Stephen S. Chang are arranged in the following series:

I. Personal Papers
II. Professional Affiliations
III. Research and Consulting
IV. Rutgers University Administration

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Separated Material

Removed Confidential Items, 1961-1991

Boxes 41-42 (17 folders)

Arranged alphabetically by original series, subseries and folder label. These documents have been removed from their original locations in the collection because they were marked "Confidential" by either Dr. Chang or other creators. A note has been left in the document's place to inform researchers of its existence and removal. The note also serves as a placeholder if the time comes when the document is no longer sensitive and can be re-incorporated into the collection. The container list reflects the series where the document originally came from. Single documents were treated with micro-folders and grouped together under the original series name and a general folder title. The original location of these items is documented on the micro-folder. In some instances entire folders were removed from a series and placed in Removed Confidential Items. These folders also maintain original series name as well as folder titles. If, in the future the information is no longer sensitive the folder(s) may be re-incorporated into the series alphabetically by subseries or folder title.

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Restrictions Note

Series I-IV of this collection are open to research; however, personal information reflected in the documents may not be published with out the permission of those who are referenced. The documents in Removed Confidential Items are restricted until it is determined the information is no longer sensitive or confidential to either Rutgers University or the companies sited in the material.

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Name and Subject Terms

Personal Names

Bengtson, Bengt
Bloustein, Edward J.
Blumenthal, Michael
Cayer, David
Chang, Lucy
Chang, Stephen S.
Chi-Tang, Ho
DeJongh, Donald
Dettmer, Marie
DiChiara, Victor
DiMarco, G. H.
Egan, Donald
Ekman, Lars
Gustafson, Kenneth
Hakansson, Ivàn
Hauck, Fred
Herslöf, Bengt
Hsieh, Oliver An-Li
Izzo, H.J.
Kleinschuster, Stephen
Lindhagen, Sigvard
Lindmark, Lars
Lövgren, Birger
Melander, Bengt
Nativg, Tore
Nieswand, George H.
Pelura, Timothy
Pramer, David
Schinagl, Erich
Sjöberg, Berndt
Stier, Elizabeth
Thelin, Hugo
Wolfson, Bernard

Corporate Names

3M Company
Advisory Committee to the Taiwan Food Industry
American Association of University Professors
American Lecithin
American Oil Chemists' Society
American Society of Horticultural Science
Cadbury Schweppes
Campbell Soup Company
Cathay Food
China (Republic : 1949- ). Bei Mei shi wu xie tiao wei yuan hui.
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Cook College. Dept. of Food Science
Food Science and Technology Association of Chinese in America
General Foods Corporation
Hunt-Wesson Foods
Institute of Food Technologists
Institute of International Development and Education in Agriculture and Life Science
Interstate Food
Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction
KabiVitrum Sverige AB
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Firm)
Lever Brothers Ltd
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works (Saint Louis, Mo.)
National Research Council (U.S.)
Nestlé Products Technical Assistance Co. Research Dept.
New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Pharmacia AB
Pharmacia Laboratories Inc.
Phi Tau Sigma
Pillsbury Company
Riviana Foods
Rutgers University--Faculty
Rutgers University. Center for Advanced Food Technology
Rutgers University. Food Science Dept.
Shiseid¯o (Tokyo, Japan)
Taiwan University. Institute of Food Science & Technology
Theobald Industries
Tyson (Firm)
Ungerer and Company
United Methodist Church (New Brunswick, N.J.)
World Bank

Subject Terms

Cookery (Rosemary)
Cookery (Tea)
Distillation, Molecular
Fat emulsions, Intravenous
Fatty acids
Fish oils
Linolenic acids
Parenteral feeding
Pilot Plants -- Rutgers University
Rice oil
Silicic Acid
Soy oil
Sunflower seed oil
Toxicity testing
United States. Dept. of Agriculture
Vitamin E

Geographic Names

Disneyland (CA.)
Orlando (FL.)
People's Republic of China

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Administrative Information

Provenance Note

Dr. Chang compiled his documents in a general alphabetical filing system throughout his career. He sought to save materials relating to scientific research and patents, documents necessary to serve as an administrator at Rutgers University as well as documents and photographs relating to other aspects of his professional and international career. After his death in 1996, Lucy Chang, his wife, added elements to the collection such as scrapbooks including personal documents and photographs.

Upon Dr. Chang's retirement from Rutgers in 1988 the collection was stored in East Brunswick, New Jersey at the Chang's home. Mrs. Chang donated the collection to Rutgers University Special Collections and University Archives in 2004. A team from the University Archives went to the Chang home to create a preliminary inventory of the records and re-box the files for transport to Alexander Library.

Preferred Citation

When citing material from this collection please reference: Guide to the Stephen S. Chang Papers, 1933-2001 (R-MC 080), Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Processing Note

The Chang collection arrived at Rutgers grouped into various sections. The first two sections were designated Kabi Vitrum and Pharmacia presumably by Dr. Chang in his filing cabinets. The remainder of the items were divided chronologically in bulk dates or places. These headings did not always correspond to the documents they represented, however. After going through the papers four significant series emerged. Dr. Chang's scrapbooks comprise Series I: Personal Papers. Kabi Vitrum, Pharmacia, consulting and other research are grouped together and given the series name Series III: Research and Consulting. In order to maintain Dr. Chang's original filing structure this series was divided into four subseries, Correspondence, Kabi Vitrum, Pharmacia, and Other Research, Patent and Literature. These were clear distinctions made by Dr. Chang. The remainder of the documents did not correspond to a subseries and are arranged alphabetically by folder title. Foreign and professional associations are grouped together as Series II: Professional Affiliations while Rutgers University policies, procedures and curriculum became Series IV: Rutgers University Administration.

Generally Dr. Chang arranged his folders alphabetically. Wherever possible Dr. Chang's original folder labels have been used and the folders filed alphabetically. Dr. Chang's original folder labels are enclosed in quotations on the folder. In many instances, however, the folder labels were abbreviations, incomplete or only made sense to the creator as a correlation between the label and documents inside could not be found. In these cases a label reflecting the documents was created or the original label was expanded upon to include more information. This was done to facilitate the use of the collection and adequately represent the documents. Dr. Chang labeled several folders with "A.C." It could not be discerned from the documents what exactly this acronym means as it could refer to an Advisory Committee, Agricultural Committee or Agricultural College. The number found in the lower left corner of the folder reflects the folder's original chronological placement in the collection. This allows one to recreate the original order of the folders if necessary.

The items are arranged chronologically inside the folders unless otherwise noted on the micro folders. Items with no date are found in the back of the folder. Some folders have no date because the item(s) inside are undated. Newspaper articles, acetate slides and information on acidic paper are photocopied to preserve the information. The originals have been discarded. Staples are removed from documents and replaced with PlastiKlips and/or micro folders. Loose photographs and negatives are sleeved. The scrapbooks are photocopied to preserve the original format of the items. The images and documents are now in photo sleeves, no longer in the scrapbooks. It was necessary to remove the items because the scrapbooks used "Magic Pages" containing a harmful adhesive to documents and photographs.

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Detailed Description of the Records/Container List

I. Personal Papers, 1961-2001 Boxes 1-5 (34 Folders)
Arrangement: alphabetically by folder.
Summary: The contents of this series are of a personal nature reflecting Dr. Chang's private life. Items include vacation photographs, honors Dr. Chang received and Christmas cards. Letters from friends and colleagues reflecting on Dr. Chang's career as he approached retirement are also located in this series as are publications Dr. Chang compiled relating to his own research and patents. The Changs bound the majority of the items found in this series together in three ring photograph/scrapbook binders. The items' arrangement reflected that the correspondence, photographs and articles inside were gathered and kept for nostalgic reasons rather than for research resulting in their placement in Personal Papers. Thus in addition to vacation photographs this series also contains correspondence of a personal nature, publication and patents associated with Dr. Chang. Users of Series I should be aware photographs of Dr. Chang's funeral and casket are included.
Box Folder
1 1 Agreement of Named Gift to Rutgers July 27, 1995, July 1995-October 1995
2 Chang Library-Photos, Clippings and Ephemera (1 of 2), ca.1994-2001
3 Chang Library-Photos, Clippings and Ephemera (2 of 2), ca.1994-2001
4 Christmas Letters from the Changs, 1965-1995
5 Communication Skills n.d.
6 Correspondence: Du Pont, August 1987
7 Compliments Received by Stephen Chang (1 of 2), 1961-1983
8 Compliments Received by Stephen Chang (2 of 2), 1984-1992
9 Compliments Received by Stephen Chang, 1962-1977
10 Curriculum Vitae of Stephen Chang, 1918-1984
11 Curriculum Vitae of Stephen Chang, 1918-1986
Box Folder
2 1 Donation to Various Organizations (1 of 2), ca. 1987-1990s
2 Donation to Various Organizations (2 of 2), ca. 1987-1990s
3 Dr. Stephen S. Chang - Complimentary Letters and Replies, 1962-1974
4 Honors to the Changs (1 of 2), ca.1970-1996
5 Honors to the Changs (2 of 2), ca.1970-1996
6 Images of Stephen Chang and Associates
7 Letters to Dr. Stephen S. Chang for the Reception at the Hyatt Regency Hotel March 21, 1986, March-April 1986
8 Patent of Stephen Chang, 1969-1993
Box Folder
3 1 Publications of Stephen S. Chang 1969, 1953-1969
2 Publications of Stephen S. Chang 1975, 1970-1975
3 Publications of Stephen S. Chang 1980, 1976-1980
4 Publications of Stephen S. Chang 1985, 1981-1985
5 Publications of Stephen S. Chang 1990, 1986-1993
6 Retirement (1 of 2), ca.1986-1989
7 Retirement (2 of 2), ca.1986-1989
8 Retirement Book 1 - Memory Book on the Occasion of Dr. Stephen S. Chang's Retirement, 1988
Box Folder
4 1 Retirement Book 2 - Memory Book on the Occasion of Dr. Stephen S. Chang's Retirement, 1988
2 Stephen Chang Memorial Photographs (1 of 2), ca.1996
3 Stephen Chang Memorial Photographs (2 of 2), ca.1996
4 Taiwan, Hawaii - Photographs, Clippings and Ephemera (1 of 2), 1986
5 Taiwan, Hawaii - Photographs, Clippings and Ephemera (2 of 2), 1986
6 Taiwan, Japan - Photographs, 1972
Box Folder
5 1 Wen, Chang, 1978-1982
II. Professional Affiliations, 1950-1989 Boxes 5-14 (221 Folders)
Arrangement: alphabetically by folder title.
Summary: This series contains documents relating to Dr. Chang's professional associations outside of Rutgers University. Dr. Chang has a well known and documented international career working with the People's Republic of China, the Taiwan Food Industry, Taiwan University, National Research Council, Institute of Food Technologists, the Council of Agriculture in China, Cathay Food Consulting Co., and the American Oil Chemists' Society among others. The majority of documents in this series are written in Mandarin Chinese. It is difficult to discern their contents, however, folder labels reveal the documents have less to do with the scientific research of these companies and more to do with their organization, administration and international roles.
Box Folder
5 2 4th Advisory Committee Report of Research n.d.
3 4th Meeting Discussion of North America Food Technology, 1987
4 19th Convention or Meeting - Iselin, 1987-1988
5 A.C. Convention, 1988-1989
6 A.C. Financial Recording, 1986
7 A.C. Important Letters, 1982-1988
8 A.C. Not Important, 1988
9 Advisory Committee to the Taiwan Food Industry n.d.
10 Advisory Committee to the Taiwan Food Industry Confidentiality By-laws and Accounting Correspondence, 1983-1984
11 Advisory Committee to the Taiwan Food Industry Financial Report, 1982-1986
12 Advisory Committee to the Taiwan Food Industry Original Proposal
13 Advisory Team for Executive Yuan, 1985
14 Agendas for Various Chinese and Science Related Conferences/ Delegations, 1983
15 Agriculture College Si Chuang, Hai Hu Tan, ca.1984
16 Agriculture Product Mass Production, 1983-1985
17 American Biographical Institute, Inc. Forms, ca.1987
18 American Chemical Society Spencer Award Nominating Blank, July 1983
19 American Oil Chemists' Society and American Society for Testing and Materials General Business and Committee Appointments, 1970-1973
20 American Oil Chemists' Society Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Honolulu, Hawaii, 1986
21 American Oil Chemists' Society Awards Manual, 1974-1975
22 American Oil Chemists' Society By-Laws and Membership Information, 1981-1984
23 American Oil Chemists' Society New Building in Champaign, Illinois, 1987
Box Folder
6 1 American Oil Chemists' Society Flavor Nomenclature, 1968-1976
2 American Oil Chemists' Society Foundation Donor Council and Building Fund Contributions, 1987
3 American Oil Chemists' Society Honored Student Program, 1963-1975
4 American Oil Chemists' Society Information for Associate Editors of the AOCS Journal, 1968-1971
5 American Oil Chemists' Society Meeting Minutes, 1970-1975
6 American Oil Chemists' Society Nominations & Elections, 1970-1972
7 American Oil Chemists' Society President's Club/Honor Roll, 1973-1976
8 American Oil Chemists' Society Schedule of Meetings, 1969-1978
9 American Oil Chemists' Society - Society Improvement Committee, 1971
10 American Oil Chemists' Society Stephen S. Chang Award, ca.1996
11 American Oil Chemists' Society Technical Meeting, 1950-1969, 1970-1971
12 American Society of Horticultural Science Meeting in Orlando, FL April 1987
13 American Soybean Institute Edible Oil Industry in Taiwan, June 1972
14 Antioxidant - Algae Reference Article by Kenshiro Fujimoto and Takashi Kandeda, 1980
15 Antiox Seasonings, April-May 1965 April-May 1965
16 Award, 1979, 1983
17 Beijing Agriculture Engineering University, September-October 1987
18 Bermuda Meeting, 1983
19 Brochures n.d.
20 Brother n.d.
21 Business Meeting/Trip to Orlando, ca.1977
Box Folder
7 1 Chinese American Food Society Newsletters and Communications, 1983-1987
2 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Agreements with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Republic of China, 1984-1987
3 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Agreements and Documents, ca.1986
4 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Budget, 1987-1988
5 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Business Letters/Communications, 1984-1987
6 Cathay Food Consulting Co. By-laws, 1983-1985
7 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Company Financial Record, 1983-1985
8 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Contracts, 1983-1986
9 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Correspondence with C. William Petrics, 1983-1984
10 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Financial Situation, 1989
11 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Food Color, 1986-1987
12 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Legal Retainers, April-May 1983
13 Cathay Food Consulting Co. List of Committee Members Attending, ca.1988
14 Cathay Food Consulting Co.- Petrics, C. William, 1989
15 Cathay Food Consulting Co. and Projects for Taiwan, 1986, 1988
16 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Robert Ma, 1987
17 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Search for a General Manager n.d.
18 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Shareholders Meeting, June-July 1989
19 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Tax Information, 1983-1984
20 Cathay Food Consulting Co. Tocopherol n.d.
21 Central China Agricultural College Tentative Lecture Invitations, 1985
22 China Before 1984, 1983-1984
23 China Department of Business, January 1983
Box Folder
8 1 China Department of Education, ca.1985
2 China Food Advisory - Recommendation - Elevate the Fat Industry Technology, ca.1987
3 China Food Sanitation Laws, ca.1982
4 China School Manual, ca.1984
5 The Chinese Agricultural Education Delegation to the United States of America, September-October 1980
6 Chinese Institute of Engineers, 1977-1978
7 Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology Slides, ca. 1989
8 Chinese Lecture n.d.
9 Chinese Teaching Scholars, ca.1984
10 College of Agriculture Huang Zhong, 1983-1987
11 Committee Naming Policy n.d.
12 Company Project, ca.1984
13 Congressional Record as Related to Agriculture, March-April 1965
14 Coordination Council for North American Affairs, July 1982
15 Correspondence with Dr. Ice Regarding the Authoring of a Book, August, November 1986
16 Correspondence Regarding Taiwanese Vegetable Oil Industry, October- November 1972
17 Correspondence U of I - Letters to and from Robert Teriil, Taketmi Sakuragi and Ogden, 1958-1959
18 Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan Chang, Xian Ziu, 1981-1988
19 Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan Food Preservation, ca.1986
20 Department of Agriculture Cattle/Diary and Fishing, 1982-1987
21 Department Chair, 1982
22 Department of Education, 1977
23 Disneyland Meeting, 1984 for the Advisory Committee to the Taiwan Food Industry, 1984
24 Documents, ca.1985
25 Dr. Chang's Articles and Notification of Retirement, 1974-1988
26 Dr. Chang's Speeches n.d.
27 Establishment of Model Food Science Department Using Rutgers University as a Model for the People's Republic of China, 1984-1985
28 Europe, 1969, 1967-1969
29 Europe, 1972, 1971-1972
Box Folder
9 1 Final Report to China Food Advisory Company, ca.1989
2 Financial Budget, ca. 1971
3 Food Industry Research Development Advisory Committee Minutes 17th & 18th, ca.1986
4 Food Industry Research & Development Agriculture & Economic Affairs Advisory Committees in the Republic of China Contact Information, 1976-1986
5 Food Research Institute, ca.1987
6 Food Research Institute Taiwan - Firdi, ca.1976
7 Food Science and Technology Association of Chinese in America (ACFSTA), 1976-1977
8 Food Science Technology Slides and Photographs n.d.
9 Food Sanitation n.d.
10 Friend in China, 1982-1987
11 Fuzhou City Industry Technology Research Institute, 1986-1987
12 Grain Science and Industry Education Delegation from the People's Republic of China, October 1982
13 Hertford, Reed, August-September 1986
14 Huang Zhong College of Agriculture - Department of Food Technology ca.1985
15 Huang, Zheng Hua, 1986
16 IDEALS- Institute of International Development and Education in Agriculture and Life Science, 1985-1987
17 IDEALS, July 1987
18 Important Documents for the 20th Convention, 1989
19 Important Documents for the Company, 1984,1986
20 Important Persons of Taiwan n.d.
21 Inexpensive Industry in China, ca.1982
22 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT,) 1978-1985
23 Institute of Food Technologists Award Winners, 1987-1988
24 Institute of Food Technologists Administrators, 1980-1986
25 Institute of Food Technologists - Chinese Association, 1975-1976
26 Institute of Food Technologists - Committees and Speakers, 1971-1976
27 Investigation/Inspection, ca.1987
Box Folder
10 1 Invitations to Join Honor Organizations Including American Publishing's Who's Who, 1987-1988
2 Jen n.d.
3 JiaGe Company, February 1988
4 Jilin University Jiang Fu Kang, 1986
5 Job Responsibilities of the Committee and the Results of the Committee, ca.1986-1988
6 Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction, ca.1973-1974
7 Lee, Shiu, ca.1983-1986
8 Lee, Shiu, August 1986
9 Li, Guo Din, ca.1986
10 Letters from the Committee, 1985-1986
11 Letters to the Committee, 1986-1987
12 Letter to a Committee Member, ca. 1981-1983
13 Letters to Agriculture Committee, 1988
14 Letters of Introduction and Arrangements for Dr. Chang's Research Trip to Alaska, March-June 1987
15 Ma, Paul, ca.1977-1987
16 Malone, Veronica M. - Hatch Centennial Products Exhibit, February 1987
17 Marketing of Chinese-Styled Foods in the U.S.- A Cooperative Approach, March, 1983
18 Meat Flavor, 1985-1987
19 Meetings/Newspaper Clippings, ca.1987
20 Midterm - Longterm Plan for Taiwan Food Technology, ca.1987
21 Minister Chao, Yao Dong, ca. 1982
22 Minutes of the 19th Meeting of the Advisory Committee to the Taiwan Food Industry - Iselin, New Jersey, U.S.A., June 1988
23 Minutes of a Meeting, ca.1984-1985
24 Minutes of a Meeting, ca.1986-1987
25 Minutes of a Meeting (1 of 2), ca.1987-1988
Box Folder
11 1 Minutes of a Meeting (2 of 2), ca.1987-1988
2 Mushroom in the Flavor Industry, 1984
3 National Chung Hsin University n.d.
4 National Research Council, 1977-1978
5 National Science Committee Executive Yuan, 1978-1987
6 National Science Foundation, 1978-1979
7 News Clippings Relating to Food Companies, 1986-1987
8 Newspaper Clippings, 1986-1987
9 Newspaper Clippings on Fat and Cardiovascular Disease, 1984, 1986-1987
10 Nomination for the General Foods Chair in Food Science, 1983-1984
11 Oil Industry - Taiwan, 1973-1987
12 Opinion of Advisory Members on Midterm Plan Current Technology, ca.1987
13 Palm Oil, April 1977
14 Paper Clippings, 1981-1986
15 Payment for the Company, ca.1987
16 Premier of the Republic of China - Y.S. Sun, ca.1978-1986
17 Proceedings of the Production and Technical Division Meetings of the Potato Chip Institute International (PCII), 1964-1967
Box Folder
12 1 Project Plan, 1985-1988
2 Proposal to Committee, ca.1985
3 Proposals to the Edible Oil and Fat Industry of the Republic of China, April, 1972
4 Publicity for Dr. Chang and Affiliated Organizations n.d.
5 Rapeseed, 1981-1983
6 Recommendation, 1987
7 Recommendation to Committee, 1984
8 Recommendations & Proposals to the People's Republic of China Oil Industry, ca.1972
9 Recommendation to Taiwan Food Industry 3/83, 1984-1985
10 Report for China Food Advisory Co., ca.1986-1987
11 Report and Recommendation to a Member of the Agriculture Committee n.d.
12 Report to Wang, You Zhao and Huang, Zheng Hua, ca.1985
13 Research and Development of Food and Flavor, ca.1987
14 Resignation 1984, 1973-1984
15 Resignation/Retirement Letters, 1988
16 Responsibility of the Job in Taiwan, ca.1985
17 Resume of Robert Ma n.d.
18 Robert Ma, 1984, 1987-1988
19 Robert Ma Closing Fee, 1989-1990
20 Robert Ma - Financial Matters n.d.
21 The Seventh Annual New Jersey Science/Technology Medal Dinner Honoring Dr. Carlyle G. Caldwell, 1986
22 Setup of the Department of Agriculture n.d.
23 Shanghi Inspection and Quality Control Technology in the Food Industry 3/87, 1987
24 Shen, Tian Yi, June 1984
25 Taiwan, ca.1988
26 Taiwan Advisory Committee of Food Science and Technology Recommendations for Appointment, 1977
27 Taiwan Baking School, 1982-1985
Box Folder
13 1 Taiwan Department of Economy, ca.1983
2 Taiwan Food Technology n.d.
3 Taiwan Important Documents, ca.1984-1988
4 Taiwan National Science Council, 1974
5 Taiwan Nutrition, July 1988
6 Taiwan Trip, 1980, 1982
7 Taiwan University Advisory Committee n.d.
8 Taiwan University - Establishment of an Institute of Food Science and Technology (1 of 2), 1975-1977
9 Taiwan University - Establishment of an Institute of Food Science and Technology (2 of 2), 1975-1977
10 Talented People on the Committee n.d.
11 Tan, Guang Ji, 1986-1987
12 Thank You Letters from Committee Members, ca.1989
13 Thank You Letter, Trip to Taiwan, 1987
14 Trip to China in 1984, 1977, 1983-1984
15 Trip to Taiwan 1986, April 1986
16 Trip to Taiwan in 1987, ca.1987
17 Urgent, 1988-1989
18 USDA Honor Awards Application, 1985
19 Visiting Investigators and Graduate Students from the People's Republic of China to the Rutgers University Food Science Department, 1982-1987
20 Wang, You Zhao n.d.
21 Wang, You Zhao, ca.1985-1987
22 Wheat Processing in Taiwan, April 1977
23 World Bank Project with the People's Republic of China, October 1983
24 World Soybean Research Conference IV - Buenos Aires, Argentina Invitation for Dr. Chang to Present a Flavor Reversion of Soybean Oil Paper, 1988
25 Wuxi College of Inexpensive Industry, 1983, 1987
26 Xie Tian Sha, 1984
Box Folder
14 1 Zhang, Yong Xin, 1986-1987
2 Zhu Jiang - River n.d.
3 Yu, Guang Yuan National Science Technology Council, ca.1982-1983
4 Zhang, Ke Zin Fuzhou Industry Science Technology Industry Research ca.1987
III. Research and Consulting, 1933-1997 Boxes 14-33 (385 Folders)
Arrangement: alphabetically by subseries when present followed by folder label.
Summary: The largest series of the collection, the Research and Consulting series documents the extensive scientific research of Dr. Chang. The majority of the research occurred at Rutgers University but was funded or sponsored by various other companies. A large amount of research was done for the Kabi Vitrum and Pharmacia companies. The Campbell Soup Company, Kalsec, Henkel Chemical Corporation and Lever Brothers are just a few of the other companies Dr. Chang was associated with. Correspondence to and from these companies regarding research and funding is included in this series as are meeting minutes and reports for Kalsec and Pharmacia. Items also relate to specific research projects including fat emulsion, antioxidants, lecithin, soybean oil, toxicity and flavor research. Dr. Chang documented information on and compiled by his research assistants as well. Research for patents, correspondence with the patent lawyers and copies of patents can also be found here.
A. Correspondence:
Box Folder
14 5 3M, 1981
6 American Lecithin Company (1 of 4), 1978-1979, 1997
7 American Lecithin Company (2 of 4), 1979
8 American Lecithin Company (3 of 4), 1979-1980
9 American Lecithin Company (4 of 4), 1979-1981
10 American Lecithin Company (1 of 2), 1978-1983
11 American Lecithin Company (2 of 2), 1983-1985
Box Folder
15 1 American Lecithin Company , 1985-1986
2 American Lecithin Company Research Projects, 1986-1988
3 Caldwell, Carlyle G., 1983-1984
4 De Jongh, Donald, 1970-1972
5 Denton, Arnold E., January 1987
6 Flessner, K.G., 1973
7 Firmenich, 1978-1982
8 Firmenich Regarding Payments, 1978-1981
9 General Foods Co., 1978-1984
10 Izzo, Henry, 1986-1987
11 AGreenburg, Marvin, October 1987
12 Hunt-Wesson, Inc., 1974
13 Interstate Foods Corporation, 1974-1975
14 Nestle Products Technical Assistance Co. LTD., 1980-1982
15 Pelura, Timothy, 1987
16 Su Crest Corporation, 1944, 1975
17 Theobald Industries, 1975
18 Tyson Foods, 1973-1974
19 Wretlind, Arvid, May-June 1987
B. Kabi Vitrum:
Box Folder
15 20 Accomplishments at Rutgers for the 8th Vitrum Meeting, 1981
21 Activated Bleaching Clays, 1981
22 Aluminum Oxide Reference Information, 1961,1972
23 Analysis, S.P. n.d.
Box Folder
16 1 Kabi Annual Reports (1 of 2), 1977-1979
2 Kabi Annual Reports (2 of 2), 1980-1981
3 Application of the Unique Knowledge in Lipid Chemistry…A Report to Kabi Nutrition, April 1989
4 Arrangements between Vitrum and Pharmacia, 1978-1982
5 Chemistry of Eggs & Egg Products n.d.
6 Cholesterol Reference Materials, 1984-1985
7 Commercial Fat Emulsion, 1982
8 Contracts 1986-1987 Renewal of Funding 1986-1987
9 Contracts 1987-1988 Renewal of Funding, 1987-1988
10 Kabi Vitrum Contract 1988 Draft Proposal, 1988
11 Contracts Letters of Agreement, 1973-1978
12 Contract Negotiation Materials and Figures, 1978
13 Contracts-New Renewal of Funding, 1978-1981
14 Correspondence Carmel - Herslof (1 of 4), 1978-1985
15 Correspondence Lindhagen - Lindmark (2 of 4), 1983-1985
16 Correspondence Sjoberg, Berndt (3 of 4), 1979-1980
Box Folder
17 1 Correspondence Wretling, Arvid, (4 of 4), 1978-1984
2 Correspondence Regarding Cheng Li Huang, 1978
3 Correspondence Regarding Hsieh, Oliver An-Li, 1978-1982
4 Correspondence Regarding Pelura, Timothy J. (1 of 2), 1979-1986
5 Correspondence Regarding Pelura, Timothy J. (2 of 2), 1979-1986
6 Correspondence UCB, May-September 1984
7 Correspondence with the Company, 1978-1985
8 Data Summary Oil, Phophatides and Emulsion n.d.
9 Determination of Non-Urea-Adduct-Forming Esters, 1961-1978
10 Drug Administration, 1975-1983
11 Emulsion Stability, 1979-1981
12 Expenses to Lindmark, 1978-1981
13 Fatty Acid Tryiglycerides and Silic Acid, 1961
14 Fat Emulsion Pilot Plant at Rutgers University, 1978
15 Fish Oil, 1982-1985
16 Fish Oils, Patent Search, 1940-1987
17 Fish Oil Reference Information (1 of 2), 1974-1986
Box Folder
18 1 Fish Oil Reference Information (2 of 2), 1974-1986
2 High Performance Liquid Chromatography, 1977-1982
3 Intravenous Fat Emulsion, 1960-1980
4 Kabi Finances, March-August 1978
5 Kabi Vitrum-Chang Meeting No. 9, October 1982
6 Kabi Vitrum-Chang Meeting No. 10, May 1983
7 Kabi Vitrum-Chang Meeting No. 11, April 1984
8 Kabi Vitrum-Chang Meeting No. 14 (See Also Box 23 Folders 16-20 and Box 24 Folders 1-2), January 1985
9 Kabi Vitrum Meeting, January 1985
10 Kabi Vitrum Meeting, 1985-1986
11 Kabi Vitrum Meeting, January 1986
12 Kabi Vitrum Reference Materials, 1977-1979
13 Kabi Vitrum Report by Mark Lee, 1984-1985
Box Folder
19 1 Kabi Vitrum Report by T.J. Pelura, 1985
2 Lecithin, 1962-1981
3 Lecithin and Cholesterol: Their Physiological Interrelationships, April 1975
4 Lecithin in Margarine, 1962-1983
5 Linolenic Acid, 1981-1985
6 Liposyn, 1979-1980
7 Mallinckrodt Inc., 1973-1981
8 Medium Chain Length Fatty Acid Esters, 1981
9 Medium Chain Triglycerides, 1959-1985
10 Micro Analysis, 1967
11 Minutes of Meetings with Vitrum, 1978-1981
12 Minutes: Vitrum-Chang Meeting No. VI, October 1980
13 Minutes: Vitrum-Chang Meeting No. VII, May 1981
14 Minutes: Vitrum-Chang Meeting No. 8, (See Also Box 24 Folders 1-2) December 1981
15 More Polar Minor Constituents in Oil, 1979
16 NORIT Activated Carbons, 1983
17 NUAFE Reference Materials (1 of 2), 1947-1974
18 NUAFE Reference Materials (2 of 2), 1947-1974
19 Nutrition International, 1979
Box Folder
20 1 Oil Processing n.d.
2 Oil Processing Reference Materials, 1950-1978
3 Oxidized & Autoxidized Fats, 1956-1981
4 Particle Sizes Reference Materials, 1978
5 Patent I: Phospholipid, 1980-1983
6 Patent II: Phospholipid, 1976-1983
7 Patent III: Phospholipid (1 of 2), 1951-1986
8 Patent III: Phospholipid (2 of 2), 1951-1986
9 Patent Applications & Disclosure Document, 1978-1983
10 Patents Issued, 1978-1986
11 Patent Negotiations between Dr. Chang, Pharmacia, and Vitrum, 1973-1978
12 Patent: Phospholipid Reference Information (1 of 2), 1949-1984
13 Patent: Phospholipid Reference Information (2 of 2), 1949-1984
Box Folder
21 1 Payments from Kabi Vitrum to Rutgers University, Staff & Students (1 of 2), 1978-1985
2 Payments from Kabi Vitrum to Rutgers University, Staff & Students (2 of 2), 1978-1985
3 Phosphatide Reference Materials, 1957-1982
4 Plan for the Vitrum Project, 1979
5 Progress Report No. 1 to Vitrum, February 1978
6 Progress Report No. 3 to Vitrum AB, December 1978
7 Progress Report No. 4 to Vitrum AB, June 1979
8 Progress Report No. 5 to Vitrum AB, February 1980
9 Progress Report No. 6 to Vitrum AB, October 1980
10 Progress Report No. 7 to Vitrum AB, May 1981
11 Progress Report No. 8 to Vitrum AB, December 1981
Box Folder
22 1 Progress Report No. 9 to Vitrum AB, 1982
2 Progress Report No. 9 to Vitrum AB Appendices, October 1982
3 Progress Report No. 10 to Vitrum AB, May 1983
4 Progress Report No. 11 to Vitrum AB, April 1984
5 Progress Report No. 12 to Vitrum AB, January 1985
6 Progress Report No. 13 to Vitrum AB, January 1986
7 Progress Report No. 13 Appendices Kabi Vitrum Report No. 13 (1 of 2), January 1986
8 Progress Report No. 13 Appendices Kabi Vitrum Report No. 13 (2 of 2), January 1986
9 Progress Report No. 14 to Kabi Vitrum AB, January 1987
Box Folder
23 1 Safflower Oil, 1982
2 Samples Sent to Sweden for Testing, 1978-1983
3 Patents: Silicic Acid, 1971, 1982
4 Silicic Acid, 1976-1981
5 Soybean Oil, Commercial, 1979-1982
6 Soybean Phospholipids, 1982-1983
7 Soybean Phospholipids Reference Information, 1935-1982
8 Specifications for Oil Emulsion, 1977-1982
9 Sunflower Oil (lecithin), 1983
10 Supercritical Fluid Extraction, 1983
11 Soybean Ulet Gum, 1982-1983
12 SweDrug Consulting AB, n.d.
13 TLC Analysis of Soybean Phospholipids, n.d.
14 Tocopherol, 1974
15 Vitrum Business, 1982-1984
16 Vitrum-Chang Meeting I, April 1978
17 Vitrum-Chang Meeting II, September 1978
18 Vitrum-Chang Meeting III, December 1978
19 Vitrum-Chang Meeting IV, June 1979
20 Vitrum-Chang Meeting V (See Also Box 18 Folders 5-8 and Box 19 Folders 11-14), February 1980
Box Folder
24 1 Vitrum-Chang Meeting VII, May 1981
2 Vitrum-Chang Meeting 8, December 1981
3 Waters Radial Compression Separation System, ca. 1981
C. Pharmacia:
Box Folder
24 4 8 & 5 Gallon Process Tanks for the Pharmacia Laboratory, June 1975
5 498,568 Purification of Oil form Presentation to the Examiner, September 1976
6 Analysis of Lipids in Soybean Lecithin, 1970-1974
7 Analytical Data - Patent Regarding Soybean Oil, ca. 1976
8 Analytical Procedures, 1974-1976
9 Applied Science Laboratory, 1976
10 Applied Science Laboratory Oil Samples, 1976
11 Applied Science Laboratory Phosphatide Samples, 1976
12 Ascorbyl Palmitate, May 1977
13 Budget to Conduct Research, 1976-1977
14 Cargill Regarding Sunflower Oil, 1973
15 Cholesterol in Intravenous Feeding & Oil in Water Emulsion, 1976
16 Chromatographic Column, 1976-1977
17 Clean Room Design, ca. 1975
18 Clean Room Procedure, ca. 1973
19 Conference-Pharmacia Project, July 1976
20 Correspondence: Ali - Egan, 1972-1978
Box Folder
25 1 Correspondence: Kaunitz - Wolfson, 1974-1977
2 Correspondence: Schinagl, Erich F., 1974-1977
3 Correspondence Regarding Amino Acid Emulsion, 1975
4 Correspondence Regarding Contracts, 1973-1977
5 Correspondence Regarding Fat Emulsion (Sweden), 1973/1976
6 Correspondence Regarding Intralipid, 1973-1977
7 Correspondence Regarding Phosphatides, 1975-1976
8 Correspondence Regarding Sterilization Conditions, February-March 1976
9 Current Status of Fat Emulsion Development, April 1976
10 Current Status of Fat Emulsion Development and Reference Material, April 1976
11 Demonstration of Differences between Wretlind Patent (U.S. P. 3,169,094) and Chang Patent Application (Ser. No. 498,569), 1975
12 Egg Specifications n.d.
13 Emulsion Stability, ca. 1976
14 Estimated Cost for 10% Fat Emulsion (Tentative), December 1976
15 Estimated Cost - Oil in Water Emulsion, 1974-1976
16 Fat Emulsion for Intravenous Administration, September 1976
17 Fat Emulsion Project, 1975-1976
18 Fat Emulsion Project Present Status, July 1977
19 Fat and Fatty Acids, 1961-1976
20 Flow Diagram of the Procedures for the Preparation of Fat Emulsion (Tentative), December 1976
21 Forms for Record Keeping of Oil Emulsion, 1976
22 Gaulin Corp. - Colloid Mill, March 1975
23 Holdings Labs and Equipment, 1975
24 Interim Progress Report - Oil in Water Emulsion for Parenteral Nutrition, October 1974
Box Folder
26 1 Intralipid Data, 1976-1977
2 Literature Review of Lecithin, Intralipid, Cholesterol and Fat, 1961-1976
3 Master Plan Development of an Oil in Water Emulsion for Intravenous Injection, April 1973
4 McKee Engineers and Contractors- Oil Seeds Division, 1975-1976
5 Meeting with Dr. Natvig, January 1977
6 Meeting Regarding Fat Emulsion, July 1974
7 Mesityl Oxide, 1976
8 Minutes: Oil in Water Emulsion Project, 1975-1976
9 Notes of An-Shun Huang Regarding PH, Particle Distribution and Preparation, 1975-1977
10 Notes of Cheng-Li Huang Regarding Particle Size, Emulsion, Intralipid, Phosphatides and Homogenizing System, 1975-1977
11 Notes of C.T. Ho Regarding Soybean Oil, Phosphatides, Silica Gel and Lecithin, 1976-1977
12 Notes of Timothy Pelura Regarding Phosphatides (See Also Box 26 Folder 10), 1977
13 Nutterman- Ingredient Supplier, 1975-19774
14 Oil Particle Size, 1976
15 Oil in Water Emulsion, Status, 1975
16 Organoleptic Procedure, 1961, 1972
17 Patent Serial No. 498,569 Amendment C, August 1974
18 Phospholipids and Antioxidant Activities, 1969, 1978
19 Photographs: Microscope n.d.
20 Pilot Plant - Oil Preparation, 1976
21 Preparation of Emulsions, 1974-1976
22 Preparation and EP Soybean, Egg Phosphatides, Cholesterol, Sterols and Tocopherol n.d.
23 Procedures for Projects, ca. 1976
24 Project L319 Parenteral Fat Emulsion, September 1976
25 Purification of Fats and Oils for use in Oil in Water Emulsion for Intravenous Feeding - Disclosure, 1974-1976
26 Purification of Oil, ca. 1976
27 Purification of Phosphatides, 1974-1976
28 Pyrogen Reference Material, 1933-1946
Box Folder
27 1 Reference Information Regarding Lecithin, Phosphatidyl (Choline) and Phospholipids, 1948-1970
2 Refined, Bleached, Deodorized Sunflower Oil, July 1976
3 Report to Dr. Ulf Rothman Oils and Emulsifiers, October 1976
4 Rice Bean Oil Reference Articles, 1965-1970
5 Rice Reference Articles, 1950-1953
6 Schedule of Projects, 1973-1980
7 Stoppers/Seals, 1976
8 Time-Consulting, May-August
9 Tocopherol, 1973-1976
10 Tofu, January 1985
11 Toxicity, Fat Emulsion Project, 1976
12 Toxicity, Phosphatides, 1976
13 Toxicity - Pyrogen, 1976
14 Toxicity and Pyrogenicity Analaysis, 1973-1976
15 Toxicity Suspension, 1976
16 Work Assignments-Replies, 1976
17 Work Assignments-Oil in Water Emulsion Project, 1976-1977
D. Other Research, Patents and Literature:
Box Folder
27 18 Agriculture, Food Industry and Cholesterol Reference Articles, 1976
19 AMF Cuno Division Consulting, 1970-1974
20 American Oil Chemists' Society Recommended Practice Flavor Panel Evaluation of Vegetable Oils n.d.
21 Antioxidant Analysis Notes, 1982-1983
22 Antioxidant and Citrus Oils n.d.
23 Antioxidant and Germini Base Competitors, 1970-1984
24 Antioxidants Literature, 1981-1982
25 Benefactors n.d.
26 Best Foods, 1974-1979
27 Biosynthesis of Food Flavors Project, July 1986
28 Biotechnology Reference Articles n.d.
29 Blumenthal, Michael n.d.
30 Butter and Coconut Oil n.d.
31 Butter Flavor, March 1985
32 Cadbury Schweppes Limited Research, 1975-1980
33 Canola Oil Publications from the Canola Council, 1987
34 Career Reference Articles, October 1985
Box Folder
28 1 Carotene Patent, 1970-1971
2 Campbell Institute for Research and Technology Grant, July 1982
3 Campbell Soup Company Off Flavor in Tomato Juice, 1982
4 Centrifugal Molecular Distillation Equipment, April 1985
5 Colgate-Palmolive Company, 1983-1985
6 Corporate and Industrial Services, 1981-1985
7 Corporate and Industrial Research Service-Rosemary Antioxidants, ca. 1986
8 Chemical Abstract Service, ca. 1967
9 Chemical Reactions involved in the Loss of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and the Formation of Biologically Harmful Minor Constituents During Deodorization of Menhaden Oil - Paper Notes to Bao n.d.
10 Dean L. Merritt (Chemistry of Potato Chip Flavor and Freeze Drying) n.d.
11 DNA Plant Technology Corporation (DNAP) Services Agreement, January 1987
12 Engelhard Percolation and Prorocel Products Relation to Plant Oils, 1985-1987
13 Enzyme Modified Flavor, French Fries, and Ginger Oil Reference Articles, 1984-1985
14 Faraday Laboratories Inc. Non-Disclosure Agreement, April 1987
15 Fatty Acid Composition Reference Materials, 1964-1986
16 Fish Flavor, 1980-1981
17 Food and Nutrition Board Reports, 1982-1983
18 French Fry Flavor, 1984
19 Frying Fat Statistics, n.d.
20 Genetic Engineering in Food Science, 1981-1983
21 General Foods Corporation-Dick Scarpellino, 1985
22 German Potato Chip Industry Trip to Germany, 1972-1973
23 Henkel Chemical Corporation, 1977-1981
24 Intoco Projects, 1974
25 Kalsec Herbalox Seasoning with Rosemary Antioxidant Properties, 1985-1987
26 Kalsec Food Processing Food Processing Magazine Inquiry Reports, 1986-1987
Box Folder
29 1 Kalsec Patent, 1985-1986
2 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), 1979-1981
3 Lecithin Flavor, 1982-1984
4 Lecithin Research with America Lecithin Company, 1986
5 Lever Brothers Company, 1982
6 License Agreements, 1973, 1976
7 Literature Used in Research, 1985-1986
8 M & M a Division of Mars, Inc., 1979
9 Maple Syrup Involving the Lever Brothers, 1981-1985
10 MASS SPEC, 1978
11 Mengtatco PTE.LD. Singapore, August 1983
12 Mir Oil Research Data and Information, 1984-1986
13 Mir Oil Research Literature, 1948-1984
14 National Starch and Chemical Corporation, 1979
15 New Jersey Agriculture, 1979
Box Folder
30 1 New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations Opening Research Project Forms, 1977-1979
2 NJAES Experiment Station Publications & Acknowledgement, 1979-1982
3 Nippon Oil and Facts Co., Ltd., 1979
4 Nomenclature of Lipids Reference Information, 1967-1968
5 Novel Process for the Manufacture of Natural Antioxidant Products from Tea and Spent Tea Patent Cost or Funding, March 1987
6 Now It's China's Cultural Thaw, December 1977
7 Nutmeg Industry in Grenada, 1985
8 Oil Lab Procedures and Guidelines, 1981, 1986
9 Palm Oil Zenith Process, February 1978
10 Patent Agreements with Colleagues, 1966-1981
11 Patent-Butter Flavor Natural Butter Flavor Biosynthesized via a Whey- Based Fermentation System, 1984-1986
12 Patent-Cheese Flavors by Yeast, 1982-1983
13 Patent Disclosure - Novel Methods for Producing Natural Antioxidant Composition from Rosemary and Sage, 1983
14 Patent Disclosures for Various Projects, 1976-1983
15 Patent Income Tea Agreement, January 1987
16 Patent Legal Assistance with the Antioxidant from Rosemary, 1983-1984
17 Patent Policies Including Rutgers University Policies, 1961-1985
18 Patent Regarding Natural Antioxidants from Rosemary, 1983-1985
19 Patents, Relating to Antioxidants, 1976-1984
Box Folder
31 1 Patent-Rosemariquinore & Dipherol, 1984-1985
2 Patent Search on Lecithin, 1977, 1982
3 Patent-Seltzer, 1985
4 Patent-Seltzer Inventor Rutgers Research & Educational Foundation, 1984-1985
5 Patent-Tea Antioxidant, February 1986
6 The Pillsbury Company, 1980-1981
7 Proctor & Gamble Position Openings, October 1984
8 Project Proposal-Biosynthesis of Food Flavors, 1981
9 Pui-Lee, Yip, 1987
10 Purification of Fish Oil - Foreign Patent, May 1996
11 Raney Nickel, August 1986
12 Research Corporation Project Status Report, 1984-1985, 1993
13 Research Corp. - Usual Agreement of Rutgers University with Licensee n.d.
14 Research and Grant Proposal Forms, 1974-1979
15 Research Projects, Staff and Plans, 1979-1990
16 Research and Training Contracts and Grants Awards, 1980-1981
17 Rice Bran Oil, September 1980
18 Rice Oil from Rice Bran Industries, Inc., 1986-1987
19 Rice Oil Literature, 1976
20 Riviana Foods Inc., October 1980
21 Rosemary Antioxidant Data, ca. 1982
22 Rosemary Antioxidant Literature, ca. 1981-1982
23 Rosemary Antioxidant Presentation Given to Kalsec n.d.
24 Rosemary Antioxidants Publications, ca. 1981-1982
25 Rosemary Cost-Yield, 1983-1985
26 Rosemary - Essential Oil n.d.
27 Rosemary - Herbalox Mayonnaise, 1986
28 Rosemary - Inquiries from Various Food and Cosmetic Companies, 1976-1987
29 Rosemary Officinalis Seed and Samples, 1983
30 Rosemary Patent - Chronology at Rutgers University, 1974-1986
Box Folder
32 1 Rosemary-Patent 2 Isolation of a Novel Antioxidant Rosmaridiphenol from Rosemarinus Officinalis L, 1987
2 Rosemary-Publicity, 1986
3 Rosemary-Research Corporation Project Status Reports, 1986-1987
4 Rosemary-Safety Information, ca. 1986
5 Rosemary-Traub, Harvey from the Rutgers News Service, 1986-1987
6 Rutgers University Food Science Department- New Research Project Numbering, 1979
7 Rutgers University Food Science Department Research Projects, 1967-1983
8 Science Research and Funding Reference Articles, 1975-1977
9 Sensory Evaluation-Organoleptic Evaluation of Edible Fats and Oils, June 1972
10 Shiseido Co., Ltd., 1978-1984
11 Shiseido Research on Rosemary Extracts and Antioxidants, 1982-1985
12 Smouss, Thomas H., ca. 1988
13 Soda Aromatic Company & Nobutomo Ichimura, 1978-1979
14 Soybean Growth in New Jersey, 1967-1983
15 Soy Lecithin-Emulsion Involving Cream Based Liqueurs, 1981-1983
16 Soy Lecithin-Extraction Involving Vanilla, 1981-1983
17 Soy Lecithin-Infant Feeding, 1981-1982
18 A Study of Mrs. Butterworth's Maple Syrup Flavor: A Report to Lever Brothers Company, May 1982
19 Stauffer Chemical Company Contributions, 1979-1980
20 Syrup Project Literature, 1953-1967
21 Tea Antioxidant Disclosure of Invention for Patent, January-February 1987
22 Tea Antioxidant-Release Information, 1985-1987
23 Tea Patent Application, 1986-1987
24 Tea Prices and Shipping Notification, November 1986
25 Television Scripts, ca. 1977-1979
Box Folder
33 1 Third International Colloquium on Soya Lecithin, 1983-1984
2 Toxicity Reference Articles, 1977-1978
3 Toxicity Relating to Antioxidants, 1971-1982
4 Trip to Korea, 1973
5 Trip to Taiwan, 1972, 1965-1972
6 Trip to Taiwan, 1974, ca. 1974
7 Trisun 80, Higholeic Sunflower Oil, May 1987
8 Turky - Yag ve Protein - Foreign Newsletter with an Article by Stephen Chang, August 1965
9 Ungerer Company Flavor Research, 1980-1983
10 Various Articles, Photographs & Pictures Relating to Different Projects, 1976-1985
11 Victor F. Weaver, INC. Frying Fats and Oils, 1980-1981
12 Winston Laboratories, INC. Oils and Fats, 1966-1981
13 World Food Supply Reference Articles, l975-1976
14 Wu Tea, 1986-1987
15 Wu - Tea and Tea - Antioxidant, 1983-1986
16 Wu Tian Yang n.d.
IV. Rutgers University Administration, 1963-1987 Boxes 33-40 (178 Folders)
Arrangement: alphabetically by folder label.
Summary: Items found in this series relate to Dr. Chang's administrative duties at Rutgers. University policy and procedures regarding consulting, travel and staff are included. A large portion of documents relate to the Food Science Department curriculum, exams, student lists, staff, policies and external reviews. Laboratory design and setup, equipment and financial information are also included in this series. In addition documents pertaining to the Center for Advanced Food Technology, the New Jersey Agricultural Experimentation Station and Cook College are documented.
Box Folder
33 17 Administrative and Non-Academic Policies and Regulations, 1964-1974
18 Agricultural Communication, 1973
19 Agreement between Rutgers University and Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters, 1970-1974
20 Agreement between Rutgers University and Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters, 1980-1986
21 Agreement between Rutgers University AFSCME Local 1761 and 888, 1979-1981
22 Agreement between Rutgers University and AFSCME Local 1761, 1986-1989
Box Folder
34 1 Alternate Benefit Program Salary Reduction Agreement for Rutgers University (TIAA), March 1987
2 Annual Report, NJAES Research Update, 1983-1984
3 Appointment and Promotion Policies, 1974-1977
4 Appointments (Professional), 1960-1977
5 Balance of Grants, 1976-1980
6 Budgets, 1962-1963
7 Budget for Teaching, 1982
8 CAFT (Center for Advanced Food Technology) Advisory Board Goals, 1985, 1987
9 CAFT Building Projects, 1968-1969, 1984-1985
10 CAFT Funding Lines, 1986-1987
11 CAFT Reports (1 of 2), 1984-1986
12 CAFT Reports (2 of 2), 1984-1986
13 CAFT Research, 1984-1985
14 CAFT Staffing, Budgets and Funding, 1984-1985
15 Chang's Student List, 1967-1986
16 Chemical Disposal (Non Radioactive), May 1970
17 Chemistry Courses, 1974, 1977
18 Chemistry Department Minor Requirements, December 1985
19 Chinese Student's Club, 1973-1974
20 College of Agriculture and Environmental Science Travel Policy, 1969-1971
21 College of Agriculture Policies, 1961-1970
22 College Planning Redirections for the Seventies, 1975
23 Conflict of Interest Resolution n.d.
24 Consulting or Outside Employment Policies, 1987
25 Consulting Policies, 1977-1983
26 Consulting Regulations, April 1977
27 Cook College Assembly, 1976-1977
Box Folder
35 1 Cook College Communications and Minutes, 1973-1976, 1986
2 Cook College Research Forum, 1974
3 Cook College Teaching Forum, 1974
4 Cook College Travel Policy, 1982, 1984
5 Correspondence with Bloustein, President Edward J., 1977
6 Correspondence with Bloustein, President Edward J., 1977-1983
7 Correspondence with Dettmer, Marie, ca. 1977
8 Correspondence with DiMarco, Dr. G. Robert, 1964-1974
9 Correspondence with Dutton, Dr. Herbert and Frankel, Dr. Edwin Regarding Named Chair, January 1987
10 Correspondence with Kleinschuster, Dr. Stephen J., 1985
11 Correspondence with Kleinschuster, Dr. Stephen J., 1986-1987
12 Correspondence with Lachance, Dr. Paul A., 1987
13 Correspondence with Lund, Dr. Daryl B., August-September 1987
14 Correspondence with Min, Dr. David, ca.1988
15 CCorrespondence with Pintauro, Dr. Nick, 1987
16 Correspondence with Walton, Grant F., 1976
17 Correspondence with Wheeler, Kenneth, 1985
18 Curriculum Vitae for Stephen J. Kleinschuster III, December 1984
19 Dedication of the Food Science Building, March 1973
20 Department Chairperson Responsibilities, 1982
21 Dr. Stier n.d.
22 Disciplinary Action, January 1978
23 Discord between Cook College and Rutgers University, 1985
24 Douglass-Cook Writing Center n.d.
25 Douglass Library Policies n.d.
26 Educational Standards, Research and Funding Reference Articles, 1975-1977
27 Faculty Search Procedures, February 1982
28 Faculty Study Leave Program (FASP), 1985-1987
29 Field Trip, September 1974
30 FEMA/ Flavor Chemistry Program, 1979
Box Folder
36 1 Food Chemistry Preliminary Examination, 1970-1977
2 Food Extension Activities and Specialist, 1977-1985
3 Food Science Continuing Education with the Campbell Soup Company in Camden, NJ - Budget and Course Information, 1983-1986
4 Food Science Continuing Education with the Campbell Soup Company in Camden, NJ - Budget and Tuition Documentation, 1983-1986
5 Food Science Course Outline, ca. 1972
6 Food Science Department Advisors and Alumni, 1983
7 Food Science Department Advisory Committee, 1977
8 Food Science Department Advisory Committee Conference Minutes and Memoranda, 1987
9 Food Science Department (DAFS-Faculty Meeting) Agendas and Minutes, 1986-1988
10 Food Science Department Alumni, 1949-1973
11 Food Science Department Balance of Grants, 1963-1971, 1986
12 Food Science Department Cooperative Stat Research (CSRS) Reviews, 1973-1977
13 Food Science Department Course Evaluations, ca. 1977-1981
14 Food Science Department Course Outline, 1977
15 Food Science Department Course Outlines for 501, 502, and 505 n.d.
16 Food Science Department Curriculum n.d.
Box Folder
37 1 Food Science Department Election Information, March 1983
2 Food Science Department Equipment, 1966-1976
3 Food Science Departmental Faculty Meeting Agendas, 1977-1986
4 Food Science Department Faculty Meeting Chairman's Reports, 1978-1986
5 Food Science Department Graduate Student and Faculty Matters 1970-1971
6 Food Science Department Honorary Professors, 1982
7 Food Science Department Laboratory Desk Assignments, 1974-1975
8 Food Science Department Mission, Goals & Program Outline, 1975,1977
9 Food Science Department Newsletter, 1982
10 Food Science Department Personnel (1 of 2), 1964-1975
11 Food Science Department Personnel (2 of 2), 1964-1975
12 Food Science Department Philosophy of Food Science Applied to the Graduate Program, 1961-1972
13 Food Science Department Physical Plant, 1977-1978
14 Food Science Department Pilot Plant, September 1976
15 Food Science Department Preliminary/Qualifying Examinations, 1966-1970
Box Folder
38 1 Food Science Departmental Qualifying Examinations, 1980-1984
2 Food Science Department Safety Issues, 1980, 1983
3 Food Science Department Search for Faculty Member, Department Chairman & Dr. Chang's Final Message as Chairman, 1986
4 Food Science Department Search for a New Chairperson (1 of 2), 1985-1986
5 Food Science Department Search for a New Chairperson (2 of 2), 1985-1986
6 Food Science Department Statistics, 1981-1986
7 Food Science Department Undergraduate, 1976-1982
8 Food Science Department Undergraduate Forum, 1973
9 Food Science Department USDA Review, 1986
10 Food Science Department USDA Review 1986Preparations and Data Compilations, 1979-1986
11 Food Science Faculty Teaching Loads, 1981-1985
12 Food Science Program External Review, 1978, 1977-1984
13 Food Science Program External Review, 1981
14 Food Science Program External Review, 1984, April, 1984
15 Food Science Research Fund, July 1981
16 Food Science Seminar, 1969, 1976
17 Food Science Teaching Assistant Allocations, 1983-1985
18 Foreign Personnel Appointment Guidelines, 1987
19 Graduate Program Evaluation Task Force, 1982-1985
Box Folder
39 1 Graduate Students, 1979, 1982-1983
2 Graduate Students Participation, 1978-1979
3 Graduate Studies Examinations, December 1982
4 Graduate Study, School and Student Rules, 1970-1977, 1982
5 Guidance Examination for Food Science Graduate Students, 1971-1976
6 Housing Program for Visiting Faculty, 1983, 1986
7 Important Figures: Personnel, Budgets & Accomplishments, 1981-1986
8 Indirect Cost and Fringe Benefit Rates for Sponsored Research and Training Agreements, 1979-1983
9 Indirect Cost Return Program, 1983
10 Insurance Coverage and Benefits, 1973, 1976
11 International Program at Cook College, 1987-1988
12 International Program of Food and Agriculture, 1981-1985
13 Items Relating to Dr. Endel Karmas, 1987
14 Long Range Planning, 1981
15 Lucy Sun Huang's Appointment as a Visiting Professor, 1986
16 Merit Award, 1976-1977
17 Monthly Account Reports, August 1978
18 Name Chair/Named Professorships, 1980-1985
19 New Brunswick Departments Chairmen n.d.
20 New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Reports, 1968-1969
21 New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Reports, 1970-1976
22 New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Distribution of Research Time, 1972-1973
23 New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Cook College Logo, 1983
24 New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Project Initiation Forms, October 1963
25 Newspapers and Magazine Clippings, 1979-1985
Box Folder
40 1 Notice of Appointment Form for the Visiting Scholar, 1976-1982
2 Office of University Counsel Request for Legal Assistance, February 1984
3 Personnel OL Employment, Salary and Termination, 1969-1982
4 Philosophy-Basic Research, ca.1973
5 Phi Tau Sigma-President's Letter, July 1973
6 Policy for Special Applicant Interviews Recommended for Admission to Cook College, September 1986
7 Phi Tau Sigma Programs and Membership, 1980-1983
8 Procedures for New Student Interviews and Non-Matriculating Students, September 1983
9 Program in American Language Studies, November 1985
10 Proposed Institute of Biomolecular Research in the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University n.d.
11 Purchasing of Laboratory Supplies & Equipment, 1970-1975
12 Research Council, 1961-1977
13 Research Projects Policy, 1975
14 Retirement - Conversion Privileges, July 1974
15 Retirement, Early Incentive Program, April 1987
16 Rutgers Newsletter 1986-1987 Publication Dates, September 1986
17 Rutgers Publications with Contributions from Dr. Chang, 11984, 1986
18 Rutgers Rules-Policies Regarding Appointments, Immigration and Salary Recovery, 1987-1988
19 Rutgers University Libraries, 1984
20 Rutgers University Patent and Invention Policies, August 1986, June 1987
21 Sabbatical Leave, 1969, 1972
22 Salary Scales, 1971-1985
23 Salary Scales and Literature, 1968-1970
24 State of the Food Science Program, June 1982
25 Status of the Food Science Department Cook College, Rutgers University, 1982-1983
26 Task Force on University Policy and Future Directions Relating to Student Status, September 1981
27 Teaching of Undergraduate and Graduate Courses at Cook College, 1976-1986
28 Teaching Policy and Resident Instruction, 1976, 1979
29 Tetsuya Suzuki - Potential Post Doctoral Fellow, March 1980
30 Time Effort Reporting n.d.
31 Time Magazine article Raiders in the Groves of Academe with Information Regarding Rutgers University, November 1987
32 TOEFL, 1980-1986
33 Transfer of the Food Science Department Chair from Dr. Chang to Acting Chair Dr. Nicholas Pintauro, 1986
34 Travel Policies, July 1987
35 Undergraduate Food Science Program, 1974-1975
36 University of California, Davis Chair of Food Science Department Position Opening, February - March 1987
37 University Rules and Procedures, 1983-1984
38 Visiting Faculty Housing Program, March 1987
39 World Hunger Questionnaires, July 1976