RG 40/A1/03

Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Office of University Librarian (Donald F. Cameron), 1925-1971

By Christiane Mills, Laura Haines, and Michael Banick

May 1998

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Rutgers University. Office of University Librarian
Title: Inventory to the Records of the Rutger University Office of University Librarian (Donald F. Cameron),
Dates: 1925-1971
Quantity: 14.8 cubic feet (37 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The administrative records in this collection document the activities of the Office of University Librarian under the leadership of Donald F. Cameron. Not only does it outline the regular operations of the office, but it also records the multitude of activites that Cameron partook in as the University Librarian. The Annual Reports of the Librarian of the University relate the activities of the library as a whole, its departments, and its units and were issued for accountability purposes. The Budget and Financial records include letters and memos on budgetary matters, budget sheets, salary rates, accountings of endowments, and financial statistics. The General Correspondence series mainly consists of letters, the majority of which document the mundane matters of Cameron's everyday work. Within the Subject Files is documentation of Cameron's leadership of the Rutgers Libraries. The Library Buildings series documents the planning and construction of many Rutgers University libraries, which were overseen by Cameron.
Collection No.: RG 40/A1/03
Language English.
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives.

Administrative History of the Office of the University Librarian (Donald F. Cameron)

Born out of a small collection of theology books beginning the late eighteenth century, the Rutgers University Libraries have grown to comprise twenty-four libraries, collections, and reading rooms holding over 2.4 million books, 640,000 bound periodicals, 4 million government documents, and 5 million manuscripts. This growth can be attributed to a number of people, not the least of whom includes Donald F. Cameron.

The transition began in 1944, when Donald Cameron assumed the role of university librarian, succeeding the retiring George Osborne. At that time, the University Library's collection, housed in the Voorhees Library, numbered approximately 400,000 volumes. It had long been recognized that the collection, the staff, and the library building itself would need to be expanded to sufficiently provide for Rutgers' growing community. As University historian Richard P. McCormick wrote in 1966: "Adequate for the purposes of undergraduate instruction, the library was housed in a building that had long since become crowded to capacity and was handicapped by inadequate staff and a minuscule book fund. The growing emphasis on graduate instruction and research would require facilities and resources vastly larger than those available." (1) These were the challenges Donald Cameron took on during his twenty-two year tenure as university librarian.

Cameron came to Rutgers as an associate professor of English in 1929. It was fifteen years later when he became university librarian. Though he had no working experience as a librarian when he was appointed, he was actively involved in library issues and helped to found the Associated Friends of the Library of Rutgers University in 1937. This group initiated the publication of The Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries, which featured excellent articles based on library materials and generally constituted a vocal constituency in behalf of the library's needs. (2) Cameron also championed faculty research as a co-founder (and later editor) of the Rutgers University Press and organizer of the University Research Council. In fact, Cameron was active throughout his career at Rutgers, contributing to university governance through his service on numerous committees.

Cameron's appointment to the position of university librarian came at a time of great change at Rutgers. Prompted by World War II, new attitudes were being taken toward life in general and higher education in particular. According to University historian Richard McCormick: "As the war entered its final stage, with the promise of a victorious peace seemingly assured, the American people were conscious, even determined, that a different and better world must follow the holocaust . . . . A host of Governmental planning groups were at work . . . [developing among other things] daring proposals for a vast expansion of higher education." (3)

Set into motion by this widespread initiative for expansion, the state legislature moved to clarify the status of Rutgers as the state university. By 1945, the declaration was made; Rutgers was designated the State University of New Jersey. With this official designation and eventually, the end of the war, came several internal organizational reforms, a merger with the Newark Colleges, a new corps of faculty, and the appointment of several new key administrators, including Cameron.

The atmosphere of change was reinforced by an influx of returning veterans entering college on the GI Bill. Enrollments soared from a prewar high of 7,000 to 16,000 by early 1948. The explosive expansion witnessed after the war forever changed Rutgers. From this point on, the university would continue to expand its constituency, which would require the provision of more and larger library buildings, collections, and services.

As the library acquired new collections in the early years of Cameron's tenure, space issues that were always recognized became desperate. The remedy to this problem, a new University Library was finally constructed under Cameron's direction. The carefully planned building, designed to hold over 1,500,000 volumes and to seat 1,200 students, was formally dedicated in November 1956. (4) Four million dollars in the making, the University Library, which was eventually renamed the Archibald S. Alexander Library, was a tremendous feat and is the accomplishment for which Donald Cameron is perhaps most remembered.

Library construction was a hallmark theme of Cameron's term as university librarian. In total, he was instrumental in the planning of over fourteen million dollars worth of library buildings on the various campuses. In a 1966 article reporting his retirement, Cameron's record of building was summarized: "He was consultant for the new library built at Douglass College in 1958, the library the went up on Rutgers Camden campus in 1959, the library for Rutgers Newark finished in January [1966], and is involved in planning for the new library of science and medicine for which ground will be broken in the fall. He's also helping to plan a new addition to the Camden library." (5)

Cameron filled these new buildings with thousands of acquisitions. The records reflect hundreds of gifts and purchases. During his twenty-two years as university librarian, holdings increased from 400,000 volumes to 1.2 million.

Donald Cameron retired from Rutgers in 1966. Robert Kriendler expressed a common sentiment in a letter to Cameron dated May 26, 1966, writing: "Something seems out of joint here. Your retiring from Rutgers is something like Billy the Silent uprooted from his observation post at the foot of Bleecker Place. It's like Old Queens without the ivy." (6)

For a total of thirty-seven years at Rutgers, Donald Cameron presence was significant. One thing is for sure, Cameron left his mark in the library system he helped to build.

After leaving Rutgers, Cameron remained active in the library community, acting as a consultant to New Jersey and New York state college and university libraries and to the American Library Association until his death in 1974 at the age of seventy-three.

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(1) McCormick, R. P. (1966). Rutgers: A Bicentennial History. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 241.

(2) Ibid.

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(5) "Rutgers Librarian Comes Out for Air." (1966, June 5). New Brunswick Home News.

(6) This personal correspondence and selected others may be found in the Donald Cameron Rutgers faculty biographical file (R-Bio: Faculty), held in Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University.

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Scope and Content Note

The administrative records of Donald Cameron, University Librarian, range in date from 1925 to 1967. They are organized into six series: Annual Reports, Budget and Financial Records, General Correspondence, Subject files, Building files, and the Rutgers University Press and Press Council. Taken as a whole, the records contain reports, meeting minutes, and correspondence of a professional and, less often, personal nature.

The Annual Reports of the Librarian of the University relate the activities of the library as a whole, its departments, and its units and were issued for accountability purposes. A source for library statistics including volumes held and circulation, they run from the fiscal year 1943-44 to 1965-66 with some large gaps in the series. From 1949-50 onwards, in addition to the report itself, the files also contain reports from individual library departments (including circulation, reference, order and periodical, and cataloging) and library units (including the NJ College for Women and the report of the law librarian). Though there is almost always some of this supporting material included in each file, that material varies from year to year.

The Budget and Financial records include letters and memos on budgetary matters, budget sheets, salary rates, accountings of endowments, and financial statistics. In most cases, an itemized budget sheet is included. Like the Annual Report files, there is some inconsistency in the records saved from year to year. In general, records of the latter years (from 1951-52 onwards) are more full. There is also one gap; the fiscal year 1956-57 is not represented.

The General Correspondence series mainly consists of letters, the majority of which document the mundane matters of Cameron's everyday work. The subject matter is largely professional, a great number of letters being library gift acknowledgments and letters of reference. These letters are generally brief, with only one or two letters per recipient. They are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the recipient and placed in file folders labeled A through Z. An attempt has been made to arrange the letters alphabetically by correspondent within each folder.

Arranged alphabetically by folder heading, the Subject Files contain meeting minutes, reports, and correspondence relating to a specific topic. Within the Subject Files is documentation of Cameron's leadership of the Rutgers Libraries, including correspondence with the librarians at the Management and Labor Relations Institute Library, the Newark College Library, the Physics Department Library, the College of Pharmacy Library and the Newark Law Library. Other folders within the Subject Files provide correspondence and minutes of meetings with the various library department heads within the University Library (first the Voorhees Library, later the Alexander Library). These folders contain meeting reminders, meeting minutes, memoranda and general correspondence with the heads of the cataloging department, the binding department, circulation, government documents, periodicals, reference, reserve, special collections and the order department. Each department of the University Library has a folder in which can be found monthly reports, documentation of day to day activities, yearly reports, statistics and correspondence with Cameron. There is extensive documentation of correspondence between the head of the catalog department, Mrs. Catherine Merritt, and Mr. Cameron. The Subject Files also include Cameron's correspondence with other Rutgers University faculty and staff, such as the registrar, Wherry E. Zing, professor of English William Lamont (who also appears to be a personal friend), and University President, Lewis W. Jones, as well as others.

Cameron visited many libraries after he was appointed librarian, and folders within the Subject Files titled with the name of the institution visited contain library publications he obtained on these visits, as well as his notes about the library. There is a folder containing general information on his library visits, including travel itineraries, receipts, notes and a map documenting all the libraries he visited. Consultations he provided to these and other libraries are also documented in the Subject Files series. Various collections acquired by Cameron during his administration are documented in the Subject Files, and can be found under the name of the collection.

This series provides many records of Cameron's involvement in professional associations and committees, as well as documentation of his involvement in organizations of personal interest to him. Cameron belonged to the New Jersey Library Association, Melville Dui Association, Proprietors of Eastern and West Jersey, New Jersey Historical Society, New Brunswick Historical Club, Library Advisory Board, Library Committee, and New Jersey Press Association, as well as others. Folders with these headings contain meeting announcements, meeting minutes, correspondence with other members, and invitations to special events. Cameron was also appointed to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (New Jersey chapter) in 1962, and two folders contain reports put out by the Commission from 1936 to 1976. Cameron was interested in the problems of migrant laborers in New Jersey, and these two folders provide excellent documentation on the Commission and Cameron's role within it.

Of particular interest is his friendship with Robert Kriendler, Rutgers alumnus, Friend of the Library, and "21 Club" owner. Kriendler was very active in the Rutgers community as an alumnus, and as a library donor. Two folders, entitled "Kriendler," contain personal correspondence, invitations for parties and special events, postcards, photos, lists of collections donated by Kriendler, biographical information on Robert Kriendler and his brother, and records of the class of 1936, to which Kriendler belonged and Cameron was an honorary member. These folders provide documentation of not only Kriendler's involvement with Cameron and Rutgers University, but of Kriendler's personal and professional activities, particularly the development of the 21 Club.

Some of the more notable subjects documented include the controversial publication of a graphic story of an abortion, titled Cumberland Street. Funded in part with public money, the Rutgers literary magazine Antho was under threat of being suspended for publishing the story. However, a committee appointed by the university president investigating the matter, headed by Cameron, recommended that the suspension be lifted and that steps be taken to regulate publications. The report of the committee, some correspondence on the matter, and the Antho issue in question are included in the file. Generally, the files may be characterized as follows: professional, both library business and involvement in Rutgers University committees; and personal, including membership in outside organizations like the American Library Association, the Grolier Club, and the Middle States Association.

The Library Buildings series documents the planning and construction of many Rutgers University libraries, which were overseen by Cameron. These folders contain construction plans, drawings, blueprints, construction contracts, and material orders for the Douglass Library, the College of South Jersey Library, Newark Dana library and the Newark Law Library. Of particular interest are the reports generated as to the various stages of the progress of buildings. These reports can be found in the folder of each library built during Cameron's administration. As Cameron was involved in the planning of these buildings these folders also contain planning committee minutes and memoranda which document the planning process.

There is extensive documentation on the planning and construction of the Alexander S. Alexander Library on College Avenue in New Brunswick. By the 1950's, it was understood by the administration that the University was in need of physical expansion in order to keep up with its increasing enrollment. One of the most outgrown facilities of all was the Voorhees Library, which served as the University Library at the time. Collections were stored in basements, as well as in off-site locations. A new, larger library was necessary.

In 1952, New Jersey Governor Alfred E. Driscoll recommended the appropriation of $2 Million for the construction of a new library. Careful planning of the new facility ensued. Construction began on October 1, 1953 and ended on October 3, 1956. The new library was dedicated on Saturday, November 17th, 1956, at 10:00 am. The new library contains over 2 million cubic feet of space and has a capacity for 1.5 million volumes. There is seating capacity for 1,200. The total cost of the new library was $3,936,128.35.

Contained in this series are minutes to the 155 planning meetings which were held from 1952-1954. Plans, drawings, and correspondences with architects are included. Specification on the building, from the infrastructure to the furnishings are also part of the collection. Bound copies of the construction contracts are also included. The series ranges from 1952 through 1959.

In 1932, a plan for the creation of a graduate faculty was approved by the Board of Trustees. These professors became strong advocates for increased scholarship and research at Rutgers. As a result of this quest for productive scholarship came the Rutgers University Press, a press that would publish the works of the Rutgers faculty. The plan for the establishment of the Rutgers University Press was adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1936. The Press, headed by Donald F. Cameron of the English Department and Earl S. Miers of the Department of Alumni and Public Relations, published four books in its first year. In 1939, nine titles were published. The Press' prestige surged through the 1940's, establishing a name for itself with the release of The Lincoln Reader, which was even selected by the Book-of-the-Month Club.

The Press Council evolved over time from a two-man team to a large advisory board. Donald F. Cameron remained active on this board, holding the title of Secretary, through the 1960's. The Rutgers Press and Press Council series contains documentation on the development and ensuing activities of the Press, 1945 to 1967.

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Arrangement of the Papers

The records of the Office of University Librarian (Donald F. Cameron) are arranged into six series:

I. Annual Reports
II. Budget and Financial Records
III. General Correspondence
IV. Subject Files
V. Library Buildings
VI. Rutgers University Press and Press Council

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Name and Subject Terms

Researchers can facilitate access to related materials in other collections by searching the Rutgers University Libraries' online public catalog (IRIS) and other union catalogs under the following index terms used for people, organizations, and subjects represented in these records.

Personal Names

Adams, Ruth M.
Beck, Lewis C. (Lewis Caleb), 1798-1853
Bentley, Arthur Fisher, 1870-1957
Blaustein, Albert P., 1921-
Boyd, Julian P. (Julian Parks), 1903-
Cameron, Donald F.
Case, Clarence Edwards, 1877-1961
Clothier, Robert C. (Robert Clarkson), 1885-1970
Cole, William Harder, 1892-1967
Corwin, Margaret Trumbull
Davidson, Carter, 1905-1965
Demarest, G. S.
Dix, William S.
Doak, Lowell C.
Drury, Francis K. W. (Francis Keese Wynkoop), 1878-1954
Easton, Elmer Charles, 1909-
Edmonds, Anne C. (Anne Carey), 1924-
Erftt, Kenneth
Fiordalisi, Vincent E.
Gross, Mason W.
Hartley, O.G.
Hurley, Francis K.
Jones, Lewis Webster
Kriendler, I. Robert (Irving Robert), 1914-1974
Lamont, William
Lewis, Fred
MacCarter, Beatrice
McCormick, Richard Patrick, 1916-
McDonough, Roger H.
Meder, Albert E.
Merritt, Catherine
Metzger, Karl E.
Miers, Earl Schenck, 1910-1972
Molnar, August J.
Moreland, Wallace S. (Wallace Sheldon)
Nelson, Thurlow C. (Thurlow Christian), 1890-1960
Nichols, Roy F. (Roy Franklin), 1896-1973
Reynarowych, Roman
Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976
Rutgers, Henry, 1745-1830
Ryan, Donald
Schlatter, Richard, 1912-1987
Shoemaker, Richard H.
Sinclair, Donald A.
Sloane, William, 1906-
Swink, John L., 1914-
Wilhelm, C.W.
Williams, Harrison A.
Worley, Parker
Zing, Wherry

Corporate Names

21 (Restaurant : New York)
American Library Association
Army Specialized Training Program (U.S.)
Association of College and Reference Libraries (U.S.)
Board of Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey
Brown University. Library
Committee on Library Education--New Jersey
Cornell University. Library
Council of Proprietors of the Western Division of New Jersey
Dartmouth College. Library
Douglass College. Library
Duke University. Library
Eagleton Institute of Politics. Library
Friends of the Rutgers University Libraries
Grolier Club
Harvard University. Library
International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Technical, Salaried & Machine Workers, AFL-CIO
John Marshall College
Lafayette College. Library
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Library
Melvil Dui Association
Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Muhlenberg College. Library
National Interfraternity Council
Newark Public Library
New Brunswick Historical Club
New Jersey College for Women
New Jersey Historical Society
New Jersey Library Association
New Jersey Press Association
Northwestern University. Library
Princeton University. Library
Purdue University. Library
Rutgers College. Alumni and alumnae--Japan
Rutgers University. College of Pharmacy. Library
Rutgers University. Committee on Naming New Buildings
Rutgers University. Committee on Research
Rutgers University. Dept. of English
Rutgers University. Dept. of Mathematics
Rutgers University. Dept. of Physics. Library
Rutgers University. Dept. of Psychology
Rutgers University. Dept. of Public Relations
Rutgers University. Graduate School of Library Service
Rutgers University. Institute of Management and Labor Relations. Library
Rutgers University. Library. Special Collections and University Archives
Rutgers University. Library Advisory Board
Rutgers University. Library--History
Rutgers University. Newark Law Library
Rutgers University. Newark Law School
Rutgers University. Office of the University Librarian
Rutgers University. Publications Committee
Rutgers University. Research Council
Rutgers University. School of Journalism
Rutgers University. Trustees
Rutgers University-- Faculty
Rutgers University-- History-- Sources
Rutgers University-- Presidents
Rutgers University--Societies, etc.
Syracuse University. Library
United States. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps.
United States. Library of Congress
University of Chicago. Library
University of Illinois. Library
University of Michigan. Library
University of North Carolina. Library
University of Pennsylvania. Graduate School
University of Pennsylvania. Library
University of Rochester. Library
University of Virginia. Library
University of Wisconsin. Library


Annual Reports
Building construction-- Libraries--New Jersey
Buildings-- Libraries--New Jersey
Farmington Plan
Fraternities - Journals, Newsletters, Rulebooks, Regulations
Greek letter societies
Japanese students--New Jersey--New Brunswick
Library administration-- New Jersey
Literary manuscripts
New Brunswick--History-- Sources
New Jersey--History-- Sources
Soldiers--Education, Non-military--United States--History
University Administration-- New Jersey
World War, 1939-1945--United States
World War, 1939-1945--War work--Schools

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Selected Bibliography

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Detailed Description of the Records/Container List

Series I: Annual Reports, 1943-1956, 1961-1966
Arranged chronologically.
Contained in this series are the Annual Reports of the Librarian of the University, running from the fiscal year 1943-44 to 1965-66. There are some notable gaps in the series; Annual Reports for 1945-46, 1946-47, and 1956-57 through 1960-61 are missing. These reports relate the activities of the library as a whole, its departments, and its units and were issued for accountability purposes. From 1949-50 onwards, in addition to the report itself, the files also contain reports from individual library departments (including circulation, reference, order and periodical, and cataloging) and library units (including the NJ College for Women and the report of the law librarian). Its inclusion in the files is inconsistent. In other words, though there is almost always some of this supporting material included in a file, that material varies from year to year.
Box Folder
1 1 Annual Report, 1943-1944
2 Annual Report, 1944-1945
3 Annual Report, 1947-1948
4 Annual Report, 1948-1949
5 Annual Report, 1949-1950
6 Annual Report, 1950-1951
7 Annual Report, 1951-1952
8 Annual Report, 1952-1953
9 Annual Report, 1953-1954
10 Annual Report, 1954-1955
11 Annual Report, 1955-1956
12 Annual Report, 1961-1962
13 Annual Report, 1963-1964
14 Annual Report, 1965-1966
15 Annual Report: Miscellaneous
Series II: Budget and Financial Records 1944-1966
Arranged chronologically.
The files of the Budget and Financial records encompass letters and memos on budgetary matters, budget sheets, salary rates, accountings of endowments, and financial statistics. In most cases, an itemized budget sheet is included. Like the Annual Report files, there is some inconsistency in the records saved from year to year. In general, records of the latter years (from 1951-52 onwards) are more full. There is also one gap; fiscal year 1956-57 is not represented.
Box Folder
1 16 Budget and Financial Records, 1944-1945, 1945-1946, 1946-1947
17 Budget and Financial Records, 1947-1948
18 Budget and Financial Records, 1948-1949
19 Budget and Financial Records, 1949-1950
Box Folder
2 1 Budget and Financial Records, 1950-1951
2 Budget and Financial Records, 1951-1952
3 Budget and Financial Records, 1952-1953
4 Budget and Financial Records, 1953-1954
5 Budget and Financial Records, 1954-1955
6 Budget and Financial Records, 1955-1956
7 Budget and Financial Records, 1957-1958
8 Budget and Financial Records, 1958-1959
9 Budget and Financial Records, 1959-1960
10 Budget and Financial Records, 1960-1961
11 Budget and Financial Records, 1961-1962
Box Folder
3 1 Budget and Financial Records, 1962-1963
2 Budget and Financial Records, 1963-1964
3 Budget and Financial Records, 1964-1965
4 Budget and Financial Records, 1965-1966
5 Budget and Financial Records: Miscellaneous, References
Series III: General Correspondence, 1944-1966
Arranged alphabetically by recipient.
General Correspondence folders contain correspondence between Cameron and personal friends, copies of thank you letters sent to library donors, and correspondence with companies from whom materials were ordered. These folders also contain letters of recommendation written by Cameron, requests for information about job candidates, and correspondence with the many libraries Cameron advised. Extensive documentation of library donations and acquisitions is provided through the many thank you letters written by Cameron to donors detailing the donation. Authors of letters that appeared frequently in the General Correspondence folders were extracted and given their own folder, which is now in the Subject Files series. An attempt was made to keep letters written by the same person together within a folder. Letters by correspondents of particular interest can be found by looking in the folder with the first letter of his/her last name.
Box Folder
3 6 General Correspondence - A
7 General Correspondence - A
8 General Correspondence - B
9 General Correspondence - B
10 General Correspondence - B
Box Folder
4 1 General Correspondence - C
2 General Correspondence - C
3 General Correspondence - D
4 General Correspondence - E
5 General Correspondence - F
6 General Correspondence - G
Box Folder
5 1 General Correspondence - H
2 General Correspondence - H
3 General Correspondence - H
4 General Correspondence - I
5 General Correspondence - J
6 General Correspondence - K
7 General Correspondence - K
Box Folder
6 1 General Correspondence - L
2 General Correspondence - Mc
3 General Correspondence - Mc
4 General Correspondence - M
5 General Correspondence - M
6 General Correspondence - M
7 General Correspondence - M
Box Folder
7 1 General Correspondence - N
2 General Correspondence - O
3 General Correspondence - P
4 General Correspondence - P
5 General Correspondence - Q
6 General Correspondence - R
7 General Correspondence - R
8 General Correspondence - S
Box Folder
8 1 General Correspondence - S
2 General Correspondence - S
3 General Correspondence - S
4 General Correspondence - T
5 General Correspondence - U
6 General Correspondence - V
7 General Correspondence - V
8 General Correspondence - W
Box Folder
9 1 General Correspondence - W
2 General Correspondence - X, Y, Z
Series IV: Subject Files, 1925-1971
Arranged alphabetically by folder heading.
The Subject Files contain the bulk of records that document Cameron's years as the University Librarian. These Subject Files can be divided into four categories: records that document correspondence between Cameron and other faculty or staff at Rutgers University, records that document the day to day administration of Rutgers Libraries, records pertaining to the many professional associations and committees to which Cameron belonged, and documentation of acquisitions made by Cameron. Of the first category, there are many folders that contain memoranda between Cameron and various faculty or department chairs, such as the chair of the Psychology Department and professors of English. These folders contain correspondence with other Rutgers University officials, such as the President and the registrar. Letters between Cameron and different schools within Rutgers University, such as the School of Journalism, the Law School, and the Graduate School of Library Service, are also numerous. These documents can be found under the name of the school, the department, or the individual.
Of the second category, documentation of the day to day administration of Rutgers Libraries, there are many folders that contain correspondence with the head librarians at the other libraries of Rutgers besides Alexander. There are also records of the administration of each of the departments within Alexander Library. Most departments, such as the catalog department, submitted monthly and yearly reports to Cameron. These can be found in the folders under the name of the department. There are many folders that contain documentation of Cameron's involvement in professional and personal associations and committees. These folders contain meeting minutes, invitations, memoranda, meeting reminders, and plans for future events. The folders are titled with the name of the organization. Finally, the Subject Files provide documentation of collections acquired by Cameron. These papers record what is in the collection, who donated it and the manner in which it was received. They can be found in folders titled with the name of the donor or the name of the collection.
Box Folder
9 3 Academic Honesty, Committe on, 1954-1955
4 Acquisitions, 1945
5 Adams, Ruth M.: Dean, Douglass College, 1963-1965
6 Adelphi College: Report for the Middle States Association of Colleges, 1951-1952
7 Administrative Survey, 1954
8 Africa, Ad Hoc Committee on, ca. 1961
9 Agriculture, College of: Library, 1944-1965 with gaps
10 Alcohol Studies, Center of, 1962-1963
11 Alumni-Faculty Center, 1956-1962
12 American Defense: Rutgers Group, 1940-1941
13 American Library Association, 1943-1963 with gaps
14 American Library Association: Library Building Institute Meeting at Rutgers, 1957
15 Anthologist (Rutgers Literary Magazine): Dispute Concerning - Cumberland Street, 1950
Box Folder
10 1 Archivist, University, 1962-1964
2 Army Specialized Training Program, 1941-1943
3 Art Department, 1959-1964
4 Arts & Sciences, College of: Dean Harry Owen, 1961-1964
5 Arts & Sciences, College of: Dean's Search Committee, 1944-1945
6 Arts & Sciences, College of: Library Committee, 1963-1966
7 Arts & Sciences, College of: Personnel Procedures Committee, 1949
8 Association of College and Reference Libraries: Building Committee, 1956
9 Association of Research Libraries, Fiftieth meeting, 1958
10 Banking, Stonier Graduate School of, 1962
11 Beck, Lewis C. Papers, 1960-1966
12 Bentley, Mrs. Arthur F.: Collection, 1953-1955
13 Bindery, Independent Cooperative, 1945-1946
14 Biology Library, 1950-1965
15 Bloomfield College Library, 1966
16 Board of Trustees: Reorganization, 1955
17 Bookplates
18 British History Project, 1957-1958
19 Bucknell University, 1965
20 Business, School of, 1964
21 Cameron, Donald: Military Data, ca. 1940
22 Cameron, Donald: Personal
23 Cameron, Donald: Speeches, Statements
24 Cameron, Donald: Retirement Dinner, June 1966
25 Case, Clarence E. - library donor, 1951-1960
Box Folder
11 1 Chemistry, School of: Library, 1956-1965
2 Civil War Centennial, 1959-1965
3 Class of 1933, 1954-1958
4 Clothier, Robert C. - University President, 1945-1965
5 Cole, William H. - Director, Research Council of Rutgers, 1947-1952
6 Cole, William H.: Dinner
7 Congressman (NJ): Letter Supporting Legislation, 1965
8 Corporations Using the University Library, 1950-1951
9 Corwin, Margaret T.: Dean, Douglass College, 1951-1954
10 Council of the National Library Association: Committee for Visiting Foreign Librarians, 1960-1963
11 Daily True American Microfilm Project
12 Davidson, Carter - President, Union College, 1954-1964
13 Dean of Students, 1949-1963
14 Demarest, G.S. - Associate Dean, University College, 1958-1965
15 Development, University Committee on, 1944-1945
16 Dewey Archives Committee, 1959-1965
17 Dissertations, 1954-1958
18 Dix, William - Librarian, Princeton University, 1955-1958
Box Folder
12 1 Donations to the Library
2 Dormitory Libraries, 1962
3 Douglass College Library (NJ College for Women): Librarian Anne C. Edmonds, 1953-1961
4 Douglass College Library (NJ College for Women): Librarian Francis K. Hurley, 1949-1954
5 Douglass College Library (NJ College for Women): Librarian Francis K. Hurley, 1954-1963
6 Drury, Mr. F.K.W.: Drury Keese Library Fund, 1959-1965
7 Eagleton Institute and Library, 1959-1965
8 Easton, Elmer C.: Dean, College of Engineering, 1950-1956
9 Education, School of, 1954-1965
Box Folder
13 1 Endowment Funds, Library, July 1958
2 Engineering, College of, 1961-1965
3 English Department, 1954-1966
4 English Majors, ca. 1941
5 Evaluation: Middle States Association, 1954
6 Ewald Diary, ca. 1964
7 Faculty Rank for Librarians, 1948-1964
8 Famulener, Lemuel Bequest, 1958
9 Farmington Plan, 1947-1952, 1958
10 Fraternities, 1943-1966
11 Fraternities, Committe on: Meeting and Correspondence, 1963
12 Fraternities, Committe on: Reports, 1963
13 Fraternities, Committe on: Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1963
14 Fraternities, Committe on: Dean of Men, 1963
15 Fraternities, Committe on: Other Institutions Studying Fraternities, 1963
Box Folder
14 1 Fraternities, Committe on: Fraternity Journals, Newsletters, etc., 1963
2 Fraternities, Committe on: National Fraternities-Correspondence 1963
3 Fraternities, Committe on: National Interfraternity Council, 1963
4-5 Fraternities, Committe on: Fraternities Rule Books and Regulations, 1963
6 Frelinghuysen, Mrs. Joseph S., Library Donor, 1951-1964
7 French, J. Milton, Chair, English Department, 1954-1961
8 Friends of the Library: Desiderata, New Jerseyana, 1961-1964
9 Furman, David D., Attorney General, New Jersey, 1959-1960
10 Garloch, Lorena A., University Librarian, University of Pittsburgh, 1958-1961
11 Golf Committee, University, 1960-1964
12 Goodhart, Lillian B., Head, Library Periodicals, 1958-1960
Box Folder
15 1 Graduate Education Advisory Board, 1965-1966
2 Graduate School, 1955-1965
3 Griffis Collection, 1964
4 Grolier Club: Correspondence, 1961-1967
5 Grolier Club: Events, Invitations, Booklets
6 Grosh, Miriam, Librarian Upsala College, 1958-1961
7 Gross, Mason W., University President, 1950-1966
8 Guide to Historical Manuscripts, 1961
9 Hebraic Studies Advisory Committee, Leon A. Feldman, 1962-1966
10 Heller (Robert) Associates, 1963, 1965-1966
11 Henry Rutgers Scholars, 1955-1956
Box Folder
16 1 Highland Park Library, 1960-1963
2 Holland Land Company Archives, 1956
3 Honorary Degrees, Faculty Committee on, 1949-1952
4 Honorary Degrees, Faculty Committee on, 1952-1953
5 Honorary Degrees, Faculty Committee on, 1953-1954
6 Honorary Degrees, Faculty Committee on, 1955-1956
7 Honorary Degrees, Faculty Committee on, 1956-1957
8 Hungarian Studies, A.J. Molnar, President American Hungarian Studies Foundation, 1962, 1963
9 Insurance, 1959-1960
10 Interlibrary Loans, Report, 1958
11 International Union of Electrical Workers, 1965
12 Japanese Students at Rutgers, 1963, 1964
13 John Marshall College, 1949-1950
14 Jones, Lews W., University President, 1951-1958
15 Journalism, School of, 1962-1964
16 Krause Periodicals, Inc., 1952-1961
Box Folder
17 1 Kriendler, I. Robert, Rutgers Alumnus, 1950-1957
2 Kriendler, I. Robert, Rutgers Alumnus, 1958-1966
3 Lafayette College Library: Report, 1959
4 Lamont, William, Professor of English, Rutgers University, 1951-1966 with gaps
5 Laurel Book Service, 1960
6 Librarians, Associate, 1962
7 Librarians Education, Committee on, NJ, 1950-1951
8 Librarians: Meetings and Memoranda, 1953-1965
Libraries Visited After Cameron Appointed Librarian:
Box Folder
17 9 General, 1944
10 Brown University, 1937, 1944
11 Chicago, University of, undated
12 Cornell University, 1942/43, 1944, 1954/55
13 Dartmouth College, 1925, 1929
14 Duke University, 1942-1944
15 Harvard University, visits in 1944 and 1949
16 Illinois, University of, 1942-1944, 1953/54
Box Folder
18 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1945
2 Michigan, University of, 1944
3 North Carolina, University of, 1942-1943
4 Northwestern University, 1944
5 Pennsylvania, University of, 1942, 1945
6 Princeton University, 1945
7 Purdue University, 1944
8 Rochester, University of, 1944
9 Syracuse University, 1943-1945
10 Virginia, University of, 1941/42, 1944
11 Wisconsin, University of, undated
12 Library Advisory Board, 1939-1963 with gaps
13 Library Committee, 1949-1964 with gaps
14 Library Committee: Trustees, 1944-1966
15 Library Course: Organization, 1936
Library Departments Reports:
Box Folder
18 16 Binding, 1931, 1954
17 Catalog-Department Reports, 1948-1950
Box Folder
19 1 Catalog-Department Reports, 1951
2 Catalog-Department Reports, 1952
3 Catalog-Department Reports, 1953
4 Catalog-Department Reports, 1954
5 Catalog-Department Reports, 1955-1956
6 Catalog-Merritt, Catherine, 1944-1957
7 Catalog-Merritt, Catherine, 1958-1963
Box Folder
20 1 Catalog-Merritt, Catherine, 1964-1966
2 Catalog-Miscellaneous, 1956
3 Catalog-Voucher and Statistical Statements, 1964-1966
4 Circulation-Classified Lists of Borrowers, 1934-1955
5 Circulation-Miscellaneous Memoranda, 1948-1962
6 Circulation-Monthly Reports, June 1947-Dec. 1951
7 Circulation Monthly Reports, June 1951-Jan. 1957
8 Circulation-Monthly Statistics
9 Circulation-Report, Fiscal Year, 1943-1944
10 Government Documents, 1951-1966
11 Order, 1952-1962
12 Periodicals, 1944-1965
13 Reference, 1961
14 Reserve, 1939, 1963
15 Special Collections, 1945-1965
Box Folder
21 1 Library Education, Committee on, New Jersey, 1948-1952
2 Library Equipment, undated
3 Library of Congress, 1942, 1963
4 Library School (Graduate): Bosshart Committee, 1951-1953
5 Library Service, Graduate School of, 1953-1965
6 Library Service, Graduate School of: Harlow, Neal, Dean, 1961-1965
7 Library Staff, 1962-1964
8 McAllister Papers, 1963-1964
9 McCormick, Richard P., Chairman, New Jersey Tercentenary Commission, 1955-1962
10 McDonough, Roger H., Director, Division of the State Library, 1952-1965
11 Management and Labor Relations Institute Library, 1948-1963
12 Manchester, Duke of: Collection, 1962-1965
13 Mathematics Department, 1961-1964 with gaps
14 Meder, Albert E., Vice Provost and Dean of the University, 1948-1964
15 Melvil Dui Association, 1960-1965
16 Mettlar's Cannon (John Mettlar): Loan to Fred Lewis, 1958
17 Metzger, Karl E., University Secretary, 1953-1966
Box Folder
22 1 Microbiology, Institute of, 1953-1964
2 Miers, Earl S., Library Donor, 1957-1966
3 Miscellaneous Documents, ca. 1940-1965
4 Muhlenberg College, 1964
5 Naming New Buildings, Committee on, 1956
6 National Library Week, 1958-1959
7 Nelson, Thurlow C., Library Donor, 1958
8 Newark College Libraries, 1950-1966
9 Newark College Library: Ryan, Donald, Librarian, 1959-1965
10 Newark College Library: Shoemaker, Richard H., Librarian, 1947-1960
11 Newark Law Library, 1950-1966 with gaps
12 Newark Law Library: Fiordalisi, Vincent E., Librarian, 1950-1965
13 Newark Law School, 1953-1964
14 Newark Public Library, 1952, 1954, 1963
Box Folder
23 1 New Brunswick Historical Club, 1954-1958
2 New Jersey Historical Society, 1950, 1966
3 New Jersey Library Association, 1950-1959 with gaps
4 New Jersey Library Association: Development Committee Questionnaire, 1953-1954
5 New Jersey Press Association, 1951
6 Nichols, Royal F., Dean of Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania (See Proprietors of West Jersey), 1953-1963, 1965
7 Pharmacy, College of: Library, 1953, 1960-1962
8 Physics Department Library, 1961, 1963
9 Portraits, 1944-1966 with gaps
10 Princeton University Librarian: William Dix, Julian P. Boyd, 1939-1965 with gaps
11 Printing "Catalog", 1948
12 Projects Committee, 1963-1965
13 Proprietors of Eastern Jersey, 1949-1965 with gaps
14 Proprietors of West Jersey, 1947-1965 with gaps
15 Proprietors Fund, 1957-1964 with gaps
16 Pssychology Departments, 1954, 1962-1963
17 Public Relations, Department of: W.S. Moreland, Director, 1961-1965
18 Publications Committee, 1948, 1950-1951
19 Questionnaires, 1948-1964 with gaps
Box Folder
24 1 Raritan Campus Planning, 1965
2 Readex Microprint Corporation, 1952-1958
3 Registrar, Wherry H. Zing, University Registrar, 1948, 1965
4 Research Council; Projects Funded, 1946-1963 with gaps
5 Research at Rutgers, Committee on, 1950, 1953
6 Reynarowych, Roman, Cataloger, 1959-1960
7 Robeson, Paul, Rutgers Graduate and Actor/Singer, 1961
8 Roebling Papers, 1958, 1962-1966
9 Rules and Regulations, 1945-1963 with gaps
10 Rutgers Fund, 1961-1966
11 Rutgers, Henry, 1955, 1964-1965
12 Rutgers University Studies, 1939-1943
13 Salary Scale, 1944, 1948, 1952
14 Sang, Philip D., Chicago, Ill., 1965-1968
15 Schlatter, Richard, 1959-1966
16 Science-Medical Library Planning Committee, 1963-1966
17 Science-Medical School Library, 1962-1964
Box Folder
25 1 Serials Program Survey, 1949
2 Sienna College Evaluation, 1952
3 Sinclair, Donald A., 1955-1959
4 Sledd, Warren G. (Buffalo, NY), 1959
5 Sobolevitch, Serge, 1957-1965
6 Social Work, Graduate School of, 1959-1965
7 Society for the Propogation of Faith in Foreign Parts, 1959
8 South Jersey, College of (Camden), 1950-1965
9 South Jersey, College of - Library Reports, 1950-1955
10 South Jersey, College of - Library - Parker Worley, 1961-1964
11 South Jersey, College of - Beatrice MacCarter, Librarian, 1950-1955
12 South Jersey, College of - Beatrice MacCarter, Librarian, 1956-1958
13 South Jersey, College of - Beatrice MacCarter, Librarian, 1959-1961
14 South Jersey Law Library (Camden), 1955-1956
15 South Jersey Law Library (Camden) - Albert P. Blaustein, 1955-1966
16 South Jersey Law Library (Camden) - Correspondence, 1950-1959
17 Special Libraries Association, ca. 1955
Box Folder
26 1 Spirit of the Times, 1952-1958
2 Squibb (New Brunswick, NJ), 1954-1966
3 State Teachers College - Glassboro, NJ, 1953
4 Statistics - Rutgers Libraries - Ledgers, 1935-1964 with gaps
5 Statistics - Rutgers Libraries - Use (Requests, Borrowers, Reference Questions, Missing Books, Notices Sent, Telephone Calls), 1947-1964
6 Statistics - Rutgers Libraries - Miscellaneous, 1942-1966
7 Statistics - Student Use of the Library, 1936-1943
8 Statistics - Book Circulations, 1939-1949
9 Statutes of the University, 1953, 1955
10 Stechert-Hafner Publishing Co., 1948
11 Stern (Louis E.) Foundation - Art Collection, 1962-1964
12 Student Council, 1948-1962 with gaps
13 Subscriptions, 1951-1952
14 Summer Session - Miscellaneous, 1945-1961
15 Swimming Association, 1961
16 Symington Collection, 1949-1950
Box Folder
27 1 Thefts, 1941-1942
2 Treasurer's Office - Albert S. Johnson, Comptroller, 1950-1956
3 Treasurer's Office - Omar G. Hartley, 1945-1963
4 Treasurer's Office - Kenneth Erftt, 1957-1962
5 Treasurer's Office - James A. Haworth, 1957
6 Treasurer's Office - Lowell C. Doak, Controller, 1963-1965
7 Treasurer's Office - John L. Swink, as Vice President and Treasurer, 1962-1966
8 Treasurer's Office - John L. Swink, as Dean of Administration, 1959-1962
9 Trustee's Meeting, Jan. 1946
10 Union College, Schenectady, NY, 1953, 1962, 1966
11 University Bibliographer, 1958-1959
12 University Bibliographer, 1960
13 University Bibliographer, 1960-1964
14 University College, 1954-1965
15 University Publications, 1958
Box Folder
28 1 Urban Studies Center, 1959-1963
2 Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA, 1964
3 U.S. Civil Rights Commission - NJ Advisory Committee, 1936-1962 with gaps
4 U.S. Civil Rights Commission - NJ Advisory Committee, 1962-1971 with gaps
5 Van Horn, Russell - Retirement Dinner, 1963
6 Volker Fund, ca. 1952
7 Voorhees, Tracy S., 1964-1965
8 Watson, Russell E. & Dudley, 1957-1963
9 Westcott, Ralph W.: Walt Whitman Foundation, 1952
10 Westby, Cleve O., 1953
11 Wilhelm, C.W. "Curly", 1959-1963
12 Williams, Harrison A. - United States Senator, 1960-1962
13 Winkler, Henry - History Department Chair, 1961-1963
14 World War II Material, 1945-1947
15 Wright, Dr. Ralph G., 1950-1956
Series V: Library Buildings 1945-1965
Arranged alphabetically by folder heading.
The Library Buildings series folders contain documentation of the planning and building processes of the various libraries built under the direction of Cameron. These files provide documentation of the planning and construction of the Douglass College library, the College of South Jersey library, the Newark Law Library, and the Archibald S. Alexander Library, as well as general information on Rutgers Library Buildings planning committees. Planning committee folders, general and for the specific libraries, contain meeting reminders, meeting minutes, memoranda, documentation of the planning process, actions taken to implement plans, and progress updates. Folders by the name of the individual libraries contain construction plans, blueprints, drawings, photographs, construction contracts, material order forms, and progress reports.
Box Folder
28 16 Library Building Plans, Cooperative Committee on, 1945-1952
Box Folder
29 1 College of South Jersey: Construction, 1954-1958
2 Douglass Library: Plans and Drawings, 1958-1963
3 Douglass Library: Construction -- 1958-1959
4 Douglass Library: Construction -- 1960-1961
5 Newark Law Library: Construction -- 1959
Box Folder
30 1 Newark Planning Committee: Library Building -- 1954-1965
2 Rutgers Library Building (Alexander): Planning, 1945-1952
3 Rutgers Library Building (Alexander): Planning, 1953-1956
4 Library Building Committee: Minutes to Meetings #1-34, 1952-1954
5 Library Building Committee: Minutes to Meetings #35-91, 1954-1955
6 Library Building Committee: Minutes to Meetings #92-155, 1955-1956
Box Folder
31 1 Library Committees -- 1952-1953
2 Library Building - Plans and Specification -- 1952
3 Library Planning -- 1952-1954
4 Architects - York & Sawyer -- 1952-1957
5 Architects - Anderson & Beckwith -- 1952-1954
5 Architects - Anderson, Beckwith & Haible -- 1955-1957
Box Folder
32 1 Library Building - Construction Budget and Awarded Contracts, 1953-1957
2 Library Building - Furniture, Equipment, Furnishings, 1953-1959
3 Library Building - A.S. Johnson, Comptroller -- 1952-1957
4 Library Building - Misc. correspondence (4) -- 1953-1955
5 Library - Moving -- 1956
6 Library Building - Photographs and Sketches -- 1953-1956
7 Library Building - Charles F. Sullivan, State of New Jersey, Directory of Purchase & Property -- 1955-1956
8 Library Dedication -- 1956-1957: Ceremony: Nov. 17, 1956
9(v) Book - Contract # 1: General Construction -- July 6, 1953
10(v) Book - Contract # 2: Structural Steel, Misc. Iron, and Ornamental Metal -- July 6, 1953
11(v) Book - Contract # 3: Plumbing -- July 6, 1953
12(v) Book - Contract # 4: Heating and Ventilating -- July 6, 1953
13(v) Book - Contract # 5: Electrical Work -- July 6, 1953
Box Folder
33 1(v) Book - Contract # 6: Geared Passenger Elevators -- July 6, 1953
2(v) Book - Contract # 7: Hydraulic Elevator -- July 6, 1953
3(v) Book - Contract # 9,10,11,12: Site Development: General Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, and Topsoil, Seeding, and Planting -- July 6, 1953
4(v) Book - Contract # 13: Furniture -- July 6, 1953
5(v) Book - Contract # 14: Upholstered Furniture -- July 6, 1953
6 Library Construction - Specifications Addenda -- 1953-1956
7 Library Construction - Bid Tabulations -- 1955
Series VI: Rutgers University Press and Press Council, 1945-1967
This series contains agenda and minutes to quarterly meetings from 1946 through 1967. Agenda include reports to the director, book sales, projects accepted and manuscripts rejected. Also contained in this series are various publicity materials, promotional items, and numerous correspondences.
Box Folder
33 8 Rutgers University Press Council, 1945
9 RUPC, 1946
10 RUPC, 1947
11 RUPC, 1948
12 RUPC, 1949
13 RUPC, 1950
14 RUPC, 1951
Box Folder
34 1 Rutgers University Press Council, 1952
2 RUPC, 1953
3 RUPC, 1954
4 RUPC: Correspondence, 1949-1951
5 RUPC: Correspondence, 1952-1954
6 RUPC: Application for Director's Position, 1954-1955
7 RUPC, 1955
8 RUPC, 1956
9 RUPC, 1957
Box Folder
35 1 Rutgers University Press Council, 1958
2 RUPC, 1959
3 RUPC, 1960
4 RUPC, Jan - June, 1961
5 RUPC, July - Dec, 1961
6 RUPC, Jan - June, 1962
7 RUPC, July - Dec, 1962
8 RUPC, Jan - June, 1963
9 RUPC, July - Dec, 1962
Box Folder
36 1 Rutgers University Press Council, Jan - June, 1964
2 RUPC, July - Dec, 1964
3 Rutgers University Press and Press Council: Advertising, Memoranda, and Correspondence, 1960-1964
4 RUPC, Jan - June, 1965
5 RUPC, July - Dec, 1965
6 RUPC, Jan - June, 1966
7 RUPC, July - Dec, 1966
8 RUPC, Jan - June, 1967
9 RUPC: Correspondence, 1966-1967
Box Folder
37 1 Rutgers University Press: Financial Statements, 1954-1958
2 RUP: Financial Statements, 1959-1962
3 RUP: Financial Statements, 1963-1964
4 RUP: Financial Statements, 1965-1968
5 Rutgers University Press Council: Memoranda and Correspondence from William Sloane, Director , to the RUPC Members, 1955-1957
6 Rutgers University Press Council: Memoranda and Correspondence from William Sloane, Director , to the RUPC Members, 1958-1960
7 Rutgers University Press Council: Memoranda and Correspondence from William Sloane, Director , to the RUPC Members, 1961-1963
8 Rutgers University Press Council: Memoranda and Correspondence from William Sloane, Director , to the RUPC Members, 1964-1967