R-MC 089

Guide to the Elizabeth R. Boyd Historical Collection on Rutgers University, 1795-1956

By Thomas J. Rosko and Caryn Radick

May 1995

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Finding aid encoded in EAD, version 2002 by Caryn Radick, March 2007

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Boyd, Elizabeth R.
Title: Guide to the Elizabeth R. Boyd Historical Collection on Rutgers University,
Dates: 1795-1956
Quantity: 1 cubic foot (3 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box)
Abstract: This collection primarily consists of Rutgers University documents and notes and printed material relating to Rutgers. Many of the original Rutgers University documents were housed in the Rutgers University Archives for a number of years. Then they became separated. At some point, perhaps in the 1950s, these documents came into the possession of Elizabeth R. Boyd, who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1930s through the 1950s and was the first curator of the Rutgersensia collection, which was a collection of historical information on Rutgers. Other information regarding painters and paintings was compiled by Alexander Stuart Graham who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1920s and 1930s. Although some of the materials were originally housed in different collections, their collation into the Boyd collection has been maintained, with some exceptions. The collection is divided into three series: I. Rutgers University Files, II. William Henry Steele Demarest Files, and III. Boyd/Graham Files
Collection No.: R-MC 089
Language: English
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives

Rutgersensia and the Boyd Collection

"Rutgersensia exists to serve the University, as well as to preserve the things of its history." (1)

The Rutgers historical items found in the Boyd Collection were once part of Rutgersensia—a university history collection. The term Rutgersensia is still used to refer to Rutgers items.

Although Rutgersensia materials' existence parallel the history of Rutgers, as a library collection it first was unofficially under the charge of Alexander "Sandy" Stuart Graham. Graham, a self-educated man, came to Rutgers in 1915, after forty years working as a cutter and designer at the Janeway & Carpender wallpaper firm in New Brunswick. He became interested in systematizing and making usable the items he found about Rutgers in "old stone cellars." He also initiated the alumni biographical files and started a Rutgers bookcase featuring the work of Rutgers graduates. Graham's work at Rutgers extended beyond the library. In 1927, he undertook a commission to search for the original Queen's Charter in Europe. He worked on tracing the artists of the portraits in Kirkpatrick Chapel. He also ran a small rare and used bookstore At The Sign of the Thistle at his home on Hale Street in New Brunswick. Graham retired in 1936. (2)

In addition to Graham's work, George Osborn, Rutgers' head librarian from 1907 to 1945, had collected objects relating to Rutgers' history. In 1934, these items combined with Graham's material and other Rutgers historical objects and documents were opened as a collection called the Rutgersensia section in Voorhees Library. Elizabeth Boyd, who had come to Rutgers from the Princeton Library in 1932, was named curator. She left Rutgers in the mid-1950s. (3)

In the early 1960s, the library established a university archives department and hired William Miller to serve as Rutgers' first university archivist. The Rutgersensia materials then fell under the province of the University Archives.

It is likely that in the course of doing research on Rutgers History, Elizabeth Boyd selected some Rutgersensia documents along with some of Graham's notes, and took them home to help her in her work. These documents were not returned, however, until the 1990s, and with the changes in the library that had occurred over the years, the original placement of many of these documents became difficult to determine.

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(1) "Of and About Rutgers" Rutgers Alumni Monthly Vol. 29, no. 4 (Jan. 1950), 13.

(2) Information about Graham can be found in Milton Tucker's "Alexander Stuart Graham—Gentleman" in Rutgers Alumni Monthly Vol. 6, no. 9 (June 1927), 252-252, and in E.W.D. [Elizabeth W. Durham], "Garry and Sandy—in Appreciation," Alumni Monthly Vol. 26, no. 4 (January 1947), 27.

(3) Information about Boyd and Rutgersensia can be found in "Of and About Rutgers" Rutgers Alumni Monthly (Jan. 1950), Vol. 29, no. 4 (Jan. 1950), 12-13.

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Scope and Content Note

The Elizabeth R. Boyd Historical Collection on Rutgers University consists of three series, The Rutgers University Files, William Henry Steele Demarest Files, and Boyd/Graham Files. The Rutgers University Files series is divided into seven subseries and consists of original documents, transcriptions, clippings, photographs, notes, and ephemera pertaining to the history of Rutgers. Some of the original documents date back to when Rutgers was known as Queen's College (1766-1825). The series contains many letters from people who played significant roles at Rutgers such as presidents Theodore Frelinghuysen and Philip Milledoler. Other documents detail lotteries held to support Rutgers, business matters, and faculty meetings. All the other subseries also relate to Rutgers and its history.

The William Henry Steele Demarest Files series contains approximately one inch of the correspondence of Rutgers President William H. S. Demarest (1906-1924). It includes correspondence related to Van Nest Hall; letters to and from his classmates concerning fund raising for the "Class of 1883" Gates; and correspondence on other topics.

The Boyd/Graham Files include folders containing papers of Elizabeth R. Boyd, curator of Rutgersensia and material related to her husband, William M. Boyd and his 1932 painting of the first Rutgers versus Princeton football game in 1869. The Graham correspondence file contains Graham's correspondence about paintings and painters. Graham was a librarian at Rutgers and ran a rare book store in New Brunswick, so was possible his interest was both personal and related to the art at the university. There are also some notes about paintings at Rutgers and American painters.

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Arrangement Note

The Elizabeth R. Boyd Historical Collection on Rutgers University is divided into three series:

I. Rutgers University Files
II. William Henry Steele Demarest Files
III. Boyd/Graham Files

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Related Material

Many of the original documents and notes in this collection were taken from other collections in the Rutgers University Archives. Information pertaining to topics found in this collection can also be found in the following collections:

Rutgers Vertical Files (R-Vert) Collection.
Rutgers College. Office of the President. (William H. S. Demarest) Records. See Inventory to the Records of the William H. S. Demarest Administration, 1890-1928 (RG 04/A11)
Peithossophian Society of Rutgers College Records. See Guide to the Records of the Peithossophian Society of Rutgers College, 1825-1927 (RG 48/A1)
Philoclean Society of Rutgers College Records. See Guide to the Records of the Philoclean Society of Rutgers College, 1825-1927 (RG 48/A2)

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Separated Material

Volume I of the Minutes of the Rutgers College Faculty was removed from the collection and placed with the other volumes of faculty minutes.

Photographs of paintings of people related to Rutgers history and places at Rutgers were removed to the R-PHOTO collection in University Archives.

A number of Rutgers publications were also separated for cataloging and inclusion in the Rutger Publications (R-PUBS) section of the University Archives.

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Name and Subject Tracings

Researchers can facilitate access to related materials in other collections by searching the Rutgers University Libraries' online public catalog (IRIS) and other union catalogs under the following index terms used for people, organizations, and subjects represented in these records.

Personal Names

Adrain, Robert, 1775-1843
Benedict, William H.
Boyd, Elizabeth R.
Boyd, William M.
Demarest, William H. S. (William Henry Steele), 1863-1956
Doolittle, Theodore Sandford, 1836-1893.
Frelinghuysen, Theodore, 1787-1862.
Graham, Alexander Stuart
Hill, Frederick Parsell, 1862-1957
Livingston, John Henry, 1746-1825
Milledoler, Philip, 1775-1852
Miller, Isaac L. Kip
Rutgers, Henry, 1745-1830
Scott, Austin, 1848-1922
Thompson, William
Van Bergh, Dinah

Corporate Names

(Queen's College, New Brunswick, N.J.). Grammar School.
Athenian Society (Queen's College).
Queen's College, (New Brunswick, N.J.)
Queen's College Lottery.
Rutgers College.
Rutgers College. Grammar School.
Rutgers University.
Rutgers University. Board of Trustees.
Rutgers University--History.
Rutgers University--Rowing.
Rutgers University--Sports.

Subject Headings

College buildings--New Jersey.
College presidents--New Jersey.
College sports--New Jersey.
College students--New Jersey.
College teachers--New Jersey.
College trustees.
Portraits, American.
Universities and colleges--History.
Universities and colleges--New Jersey.
Universities and colleges--Societies, etc.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Elizabeth R. Boyd Historical Collection on Rutgers University (R-MC 089), Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

Acquisition and Processing Note

The original Rutgers University related documents in this collection were in possession of Rutgers University and were housed in the Rutgersensia section, which contained information on Rutgers. The documents became separated and came into the possession of Elizabeth R. Boyd, who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1930s through the 1950s and was the first curator of the Rutgersensia collection. Although the materials were originally housed in different collections, their collation into the Boyd collection has been maintained.

Rutgers University Archives regained possession of this collection when the University Archivist, Thomas J. Frusciano, was contacted in July 1994 by Harold B. Elsasser, a nephew of the Boyds. Elsasser, who is the Attorney-in-Fact for Mrs. Boyd and the Estate Administrator for Mr. Boyd had been clearing out Mrs. Boyd's house in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, when he discovered a large box of items that became the basis for this collection.

This is an "artificial" collection due to its consisting of materials that originated in other Rutgers collections. Many of the documents were removed from the Rutgersensia section and were temporarily stored with notes and transcriptions relating to them. Materials arrived in general disarray. Some items arrived in labeled folders and where possible the original folder headings were utilized, particularly in the Subject Files subseries. All documents were refoldered. Original order was disrupted because original nineteenth-century documents arrived interfiled with twentieth-century notes and transcriptions of the documents and they were segregated. Most of the folder labels were created to attempt to bring some order to the collection. Most folder headings are specific, but there are a few that are broad that contained disordered or miscellaneous papers. This finding aid contains descriptions of contents in folders. Although these are not exhaustive, they are intended to provide a high level of detail about the contents since the materials were often gathered from different sources.

Printed material and most of the ephemera were separated out and organized as separate subseries. Some of the ephemera can be located in the Subject Files subseries under specific subjects.

Upon arrival at Rutgers University Archives, Volume I of the Minutes of the Rutgers College Faculty was removed from the collection and placed with the other volumes of faculty minutes. The archival staff decided to maintain some of the collection in its artificial state rather than return each item into the collection to which it may have belonged. Along with the Minutes, publications were also separated for cataloging and inclusion in the Rutgers Publications section of the University Archives. Finally, photographs pertaining to Rutgers history were removed to the R-PHOTO collection in the University Archives.

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Detailed Description of the Papers/Container List

This section provides descriptions of the materials found within each series. Each series description is followed by a container list, which gives the titles of the folders and their locations in the numbered boxes that comprise this collection.

I. Rutgers University Files, 1795-1953
Arrangement: The Rutgers University Files series is divided into seven subseries A. Original and Facsimile Documents, B. Subject Files, C. Transcriptions, D. Notes, E. Ephemera, and F. Printed Material. The subseries are arranged alphabetically or chronologically.
Summary: The "Original and Facsimile Documents" files are a rich source of material documenting the history of Rutgers. The oldest item it contains, from 1795, is John Neilson's letter to James Stevenson informing him of Queen's College's closure, stating the Trustees' wish to support the Grammar School, and offering Stevenson the position of teacher/director. Other early Rutgers documents include petitions addressed to the Legislature and General Assembly of New Jersey from the people of New Brunswick asking permission to hold lotteries to assist in the completion of the college dating from the early 1800s. Note that some material from this subseries may be found in Box 4, which contains oversize material.
This subseries also contains other documents that bring nineteenth-century Rutgers and New Brunswick to life. The letters of Rutgers student Isaac L. Kip Miller (Class of 1840) to his brothers Augustus C. and William A. Miller describe his time at Rutgers and beyond with humor and warmth (See "Miller Brothers: Correspondence" folder). Other letters, written by William I. Thompson (class of 1834) between 1831 and 1861 discuss Rutgers and life in New Brunswick (See "Thompson, William L.—Correspondence" folder). An untitled document in the folder labeled "Faculty, Reports, Accounts, Petitions" is an 1838 report of several students who were questioned about behaviors such as card playing, being intoxicated, and knowing "bad women."
Other files in this subseries include lists of Civil War veterans who graduated from Rutgers, correspondence of Rutgers Presidents Theodore Frelinghuysen and Philip Milledoler; business-related items such as an insurance policy between Rutgers and the American Insurance Company from 1903 (in Oversize Box 4); manuscripts of articles about Rutgers written by faculty, and a signed report of President Merrill E. Gates, upon his resignation. There are also files of faculty minutes, reports and papers, and a file of Trustees' documents including resolutions, bylaws, a petition, and correspondence. Also included in this subseries are photostat copies of two important documents: a letter in reference to the Athenian Society dated 1776 and a letter from George Washington dated 1781.
The "Subject Files" subseries primarily contains background information pertaining to various Rutgers people and subjects. It includes correspondence, clippings, transcriptions, and notes. There is background information relating to professors Robert Adrain and Joseph Nelson, former president John Henry Livingston, Henry Rutgers, and Dinah Van Bergh, the wife of Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh, the first president of Queen's College. Some subjects of interest include the history of crew at Rutgers and an investigation into whether a race occurred between Harvard and Rutgers in the 1870s, secret societies (fraternities), and glee club. Events covered in other folders include the Cannon War between Rutgers and Princeton students in 1875 over ownership of a Civil War cannon, and the Ballantine Gymnasium Fire, which occurred in 1930. The "Eclipse of the Sun" folder contains an account of a trip by Rutgers students to South Carolina view an eclipse around the turn of the twentieth century, a photograph of this eclipse is also included in the folder.
Several folders contain notes, transcriptions, brochures and articles regarding building construction at Rutgers and there are also individual files on the Old Queen's Building (including a file on the source of the red sandstone used in its construction), the Library, and Neilson Field. Of particular interest is correspondence of Charles Miller dating between 1943 to 1956 regarding a fireplace crane that hung at Van Harlingen House, the building Queen's College students lived and studied at during the Revolutionary War when British troops were in New Brunswick (see folder "Old Crane at Van Harlingen House"). Miller's brother purchased the crane at an antiques store and offered it to Rutgers. The correspondence indicates that although the crane was given to Rutgers, and there was some discussion about where it should go, no one knew what had happened to it after its arrival.
Also included in this series is correspondence of former president Austin Scott. The Class of 1882 file includes correspondence of W. I. Chandler, Charles L. Edgar, and Frederick P. Hill, a Rutgers alumnus who as part Hill and Stout Architects, designed the Class of 1883 gates. The American Bank Note Company correspondence pertains to the engraving of diplomas. Lastly, there are a few folders on general Rutgers historical background, consisting of notes and clippings. Newspaper clippings span from the 1860s to the 1940s and include clippings from Christian Intelligencer, New Brunswick Fredonian, Targum, and other local newspapers. The articles often provide insight into life at Rutgers at different times.
As indicated by its title, the "Transcriptions" subseries contains typed and handwritten transcriptions. Included are transcriptions of the Brunswick Gazette newspaper regarding Trustees meetings, accounts of commencement (1789-1791); excerpts of minutes of the Board of Trustees (1782-1825); and Transactions of the Athenian Society (1776-1787). The file labeled "miscellaneous" contains a transcript of a New York Journal announcement about the coming opening of Queen's College in 1771, and transcriptions of letters by Dinah Van Bergh, Theodore Frelinghuysen, and Henry Rutgers. Some transcriptions can also be found with background information in the Subject Files and Notes subseries. The dates on the folders relate to the dates of the original items, but the transcriptions were most likely made in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The "Notes" subseries consists of handwritten and typed notes on notebook paper and index cards. Most of the notes relate to the history of Rutgers and were taken by Elizabeth Boyd, Rutgers president William H. S. Demarest, and William H. Benedict. The notes, which also include transcriptions and some original documents, detail topics such as societies and clubs at Rutgers, meetings of the trustees, and origins of Rutgers traditions and accounts of events at Rutgers. A few non-Rutgers related items are found within these folders, including an account of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and a journal written by Samuel Kirkland who was a missionary "to the Oneida Nation of Indians and others of the Six Nations." However, it is not always apparent why these were collected.
The "Ephemera" subseries includes a tuition bill from 1821; a matriculation ticket from 1826; lecture and concert announcements from the 1860s through the 1900s; library book return notices from the 1880s; and the sheet music to "Loyal Sons of Rutgers," the theme song of Ozzie Nelson, class of 1926.
The "Printed Material" subseries consists of catalogs, brochures, reports, addresses, and histories dated between 1826 and 1946. Most items are Rutgers publications, but some are outside publications with writings about Rutgers.
A. Original and Facsimile Documents, 1795-1927
Note: For oversize items in this subseries see Box 4.
Box Folder
1 1 Account Book Page and Letter, 1821-1913
2 Athenian Society—Photostat Copies, 1776
3 Building Construction Documents, 1847-1871
Items include material on Van Nest Hall, gateways, street grading, and fences.
4 Civil War—Rutgers Veterans, 1870
Items include lists of Rutgers men who fought in the Civil War.
5 Division Officer and Secretary Records for Second and Third Terms—Hasbrouck, Isaac, 1873-1874
6 "Education"—by J. L. See, Class of 1841, undated
Handwritten manuscript.
7 Faculty—Minutes and Miscellaneous Papers, 1829-1833
Items include class rolls, lecture schedules. Order for Lectures Jan. 4, 1832 moved to Box 4 (Oversize).
8 Faculty—Reports, Bills, Accounts, Petitions, 1838-1846
Items include petition to use chapel for lessons; an account of students accused of card-playing, drinking, and knowing "bad women"; letter signed by J. Janeway regarding resignation of rhetoric tutor Dr. McClelland; Professor Lewis C. Beck's lab orders/expenses.
9 Frelinghuysen, Theodore—Correspondence, 1843-1859
Items include correspondence to students' parents and to faculty.
10 Gates, Merrill E.—Report at Resigning, 1890
11 Hazing Incident—Faculty/Student Committee Minutes, 1894
12 "Lottery" Petitions to Finish College, 1809-1822
See Box 4 (Oversize) for October 21, 1811 lottery document.
13 Milledoler, Philip—Correspondence with S. B. Now, 1833,1836
Items include a letter disavowing an impeachment of character at a Philoclean Society meeting.
14 Miller Brothers—Correspondence (I. L. K. Miller, Class of 1840 to A. C. Miller, Class of 1841 and W. A. Miller, Class of 1842), 1840-1843
Three letters from Isaac Miller to his brothers about life at Rutgers and offering advice.
15 Miscellaneous, 1784-1859, undated
Items include authorization to borrow $2000 for moving apparatus for the new electrical chair and lab equipment; copy OF 1784 letter about copies of work by J. H. Livingston; item by George Cook, 1887 about appropriation of U.S. land grants to Rutgers Scientific School; "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" parody (refers to President Demarest); extracts from faculty minutes, literary societies; letter from literary societies stating wish to choose orators; Rutgers Quarterly editors' apology for publication of offensive letter in January 18, 1859 issue.
16 Neilson James—Correspondence about Portraits (from J. W. Jarvis, and Henry Inman), 1818-1927
17 Neilson, John—Correspondence (to James Stevenson), 1795
Contains letter regarding establishment of Grammar School during Queen's College closure.
18 "Rutgers College," by T. S. Doolittle, undated
Handwritten manuscript.
19 Thompson, William I.—Correspondence, 1831-1861
Items include twenty letters from Thompson to his family about life and events at Rutgers and in New Brunswick.
20 Trustees, 1858-1910
Items include extracts from minutes, correspondence about faculty matters, and finances.
21 Van Bunschooten Bequest—Notes, 1860
Items include notes on the bequest, which involves money for support and education of theological student recommended by Synod. Also, notes on the Synod and Rutgers.
22 Washington, George—Photostat Copy of Letter, 1781
Contains letter to Simeon de Witt ordering survey of road.
23 Water Commissioners of New Brunswick, N.J. and Trustees of Rutgers, 1865
Includes items regarding Water Commissioners application for five acres of agricultural farm as site for reservoir and Rutgers' refusal.
B. Subject Files, 1828-1953
Box Folder
1 24 Adrain, Robert (Professor), undated
Items include biographical details, notes, and publication excerpts.
25 American Bank Note Company—Correspondence, 1905
Includes items on the printing and engraving of diplomas.
26 Ballantine Gymnasium Fire—Clippings and Notes, 1930
27 Building Construction (Background Information), 1889-1955
Includes material on Class of 1883 gate plans, the Schank Observatory, the Student Union, Old Queen's, Van Nest Hall, Kirkpatrick Chapel, Student Dorm Floor Plans (Winants, Ford, Hegeman, Leupp, Pell, Wessells), list of items enclosed in cornerstone of Alexander Library.
28 Cannon War—Rutgers Versus Princeton—Clippings and Notes, circa 1880-1932
29 Class of 1882 Gates (Financial), 1906-1907
30 Crew History—Clippings, 1869-1933
31 Crew History—Correspondence—Harvard and Rutgers Alumni, 1943
Contains material regarding a race between Rutgers and Harvard in the 1870s that does not appear in Harvard's records.
32 Crew History—Ephemera, 1877-1898
Contains material on Rutgers Rowing Club, Rutgers Boating Association. Also contains regatta programs, dance cards.
33 Eclipse of the Sun, ca. 1900, 1953
Includes copy of an account by Margaret H. Prentiss Carter, daughter of Professor Robert W. Prentiss, who during Austin Scott's presidency (1891-1906), took Rutgers students to South Carolina to observe an eclipse. Also includes photo of the eclipse.
34 Election of President, 1890
Includes copy of Rutgers Charter with information about the 1890 Election of a Rutgers President. Also includes letter to G. C. Ludlow about designation "President of the Council."
35 Glee Club—Ephemera, 1890s
Includes announcements, tickets, and program for Princeton Glee Club at Kirkpatrick.
36 Glee Club—Historical Sketch, 1894
37 Glee Club—Notes, late 1800s
38 Library—Notes, undated
Includes regulations of grammar school library, "Skeleton Sketch of Queen's—Rutgers Libraries" by W. H. Benedict, notes on acquisitions and bequests.
39 Library (Sage)—Clippings, 1866, 19232
40 Livingston, John, 1866-1923
Items include picture (from printed work), biography from Targum, articles on Livingston and his house.
41 Milledoler Funeral, 1852-1940
Includes account of funeral and watercolor depicting it.
42 Neilson Field—Clippings and Notes, 1890-1927
Contains short history of field and proposal for new field.
43 Neilson Field—Correspondence, 1890
Contains letter from Mahlon C. Martin to Professor F. A. Wilbur, objecting to field being built next to his premises.
44 Neilson Field—Ephemera, 1890-1891
Contains printed announcements of intention to build Neilson field, requests for subscriptions, and account of Mahlon Martin's objections and attempts to stop field.
45 Nelson, Joseph (Professor), June 20, 1876
Includes notes on back of adverts, a short biography, and an excerpt from address by Edward Vail, (class of 1839) at Rutgers, June 20, 1876.
46 Old Crane from Van Harlingen House, 1946-1953
Contains correspondence between Charles Miller (RC 1913), Earle Reed Silvers, and Elizabeth Boyd. Letter from Miller first inquires if Rutgers is interested in accepting a donation of a fireplace crane that hung in Van Harlingen House, where Rutgers met during the Revolution when General Howe had occupied New Brunswick. Subsequent letters indicate that the crane was donated, but after several years could no longer be found.
Box Folder
2 1 Queen's Building—Clippings, 1926-1932
2 Queen's Building—Correspondence About Etchings, 1929-1933
Contains correspondence from and to Arthur C. Busch (alumni secretary) offering opportunity to purchase one of five etchings of Queen's from the forty-seven etchings done by Walter R. Duff in 1916.
3 Queen's Building—Notes and Transcriptions, undated
Items include notes concerning the Second College House; the Onderdonk family in America; the stone in Queen's Building; and "Old Queen's" from Scarlet Letter 1908, by J. P. Wall.
4 Queen's Building—Red Sandstone, 1933
Includes letter from Cornelius I. Haring (Class of 1881) to President Robert C. Clothier, April 19, 1933, regarding source of red sandstone used in building of Old Queen's; Dr. Clothier to Haring, April 21, 1933, thanking Haring for the information.
5 Rutgers, Henry, undated
Items include transcription of obituary from New York Mercury; article in Targum November 14, 1901, "The Life Record of Henry Rutgers"; Notes, "Patriot of the Revolution."
6 Rutgers Historical Background, undated
Includes items on Queen's College, Library, Winants' Hall, Rutgers Boating Association; Rutgers House early societies (polemical society and Athenian), charters, Demarest's house; Geological Hall; Kirkpatrick chapel, Schank Observatory. Notes from the Peter Randell Letters; students studying electricity in 1800s/relationship with Edison; transcript Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church, 1830.
7 Rutgers Historical Background—Clippings, undated
Contains various newspaper clippings about Rutgers.
8 Rutgers Historical Background—Magazine Clippings, 1828-1929
Includes items about the college charter from History of Rutgers College; Transcription of address about Rutgers from Magazine of the Dutch Reformed Church, 1828; Rutgers Alumni Monthly April 1926; William Linn; histories of Rutgers Buildings; Obituary of Francis Cuyler van Dyck; Chapter from American Universities and Colleges by George Howard Cowie; The Alcade article "Rutgers on the Raritan"; The Reformed Church in America, Rutgers College, by T. S. Doolittle; The Outlook, article "A New College and an Old One"; "Life at Rutgers"; "History of the Van Bunschooten Bequest."
9 Scott, Austin—Correspondence, 1893-1904
Items include letter from George Buckham, July 20, 1893 regarding a wall on George Street; Letter from David Murray, June 24, 1902, about Murray's appointment as chair of committee to superintend building of library building using Ralph Voorhees gift of $50,000; Letter from W. H. S. Demarest, October 28, 1904, regarding telescope offered to Rutgers by Mr. W. J. Cooper.
10 Secret Societies—Publications, [1850]-1917
Contains The Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly, February 1917 "Fifty Five Years of DKE at Rutgers"; Pages from a book on secret societies; "Articles of Confederation as Revised by the Anti-Secret Confederation Met in Convention at Springfield, July 6th and 7th, 1859."
11 Van Bergh, Dinah, 1939
"Dinah Van Bergh" Manuscript by W. H. S. Demarest.
12 Van Bergh, Dinah—Notes, undated
Items include exhibit captions for Van Bergh's trousseau dress, a short biography, and a transcription of a letter from Van Bergh to her future husband Johannes Frelinghuysen, January 31, 1750.
C. Transcriptions, undated
Box Folder
2 13 Brunswick Gazette, 1789-1791
Items include Trustees' meeting notices; accounts of commencement; death announcement for J. R. Hardenbergh.
14 Crew History—Correspondence, 1874-1878
15 Library, 1825-1855
Items include statistics, excerpt from minutes of Board of Trustees meeting, July 15, 1835, library rules and regulations.
16 Minutes of the Trustees, 1782-1825
17 Miscellaneous, 1755-1873
Items included announcement of opening of Queen's College from the New York Journal October 24, 1771; Henry Rutgers correspondence to William P. Deare, November 18, 1815; Rutgers and others to Major General Andrew Jackson in Franklin Gazette and Jackson's reply, February 1819; Rutgers to George Clinton, July 5, 1780 and reply July 8, 1780; An indenture between Philip French, New Brunswick, and Queen's College Trustees December 14, 1771; Account of flag raising at Rutgers, May 1861; Copy of commencement address given by Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh; letters from Dinah Van Bergh, Simeon DeWitt, Frederick Frelinghuysen, and Theodore Frelinghuysen.
18 Steele, Richard H.—Correspondence, 1840-1843
Items include letters to sister Mary Frances. See Guide to the Richard Holloway Steele Letters, 1840-1843 for information about Steele and his papers.
19 Transactions of Athenian Society, 1776-1787
D. Notes
Box Folder
2 20 Benedict, William H., undated
Contains chronology entitled "Information about events in the college houses," which gives a history of Rutgers Grammar School and College with source annotations. Also contains a chronology of Queen's college and notes about property and French/Albany Street in New Brunswick.
21 Bibliography—"Oaths of the Trustees of Queen's College," 1880
Items include General Catalogue of Rutgers College, New Edition, 1770-1871; Literary Addresses before the Alumni; oaths of the Trustees with attached item written in shorthand.
22 Letters and Documents (1 of 4), undated
Items include notes on professors of science, letters about Rutgers by A. H. Bruyn; the Cannon war; Rutgers men left out of catalogs; Boat Club form; societies; Memories of D. D. Demarest; descriptions of drawings of Rutgers and Queen's and inaccuracies; transcript of a letter from Daniel Webster.
Box Folder
3 1 Letters and Documents (2 of 4), undated
Includes items on Henry Rutgers; people; properties; letter to President Abraham Bruyn Hasbrouck regarding "false commencement bills" that make fun of students and faculty; notes on presidents; buildings; Rutgers Motto; Howard Fuller's reminiscence of writing of "On the Banks of the Old Raritan"; NJ Agricultural Experiment Station; notes on Philoclean and Peithossophean Societies; inaccurate accounts of duel that took place in 1835; relating to President Lincoln's assassination; Journal of Samuel Kirkland, Missionary from the Corporation of Harvard College to the Oneida Nation of Indians and others of the Six Nations October 16-December 31,1803, later from April 1-October 1 1804; Letter from Sylvanus Palmer to Rvds. Alexander Miller, John Bassett, and Mr. Christian Miller, June 3d 1805; one page transcription of signatures of oath of government and oath of trustees pursuant to the charter of Queens College.
2 Letters and Documents (3 of 4), undated
Items include Rutgers Reminiscences; bios of early presidents; information on Rutgers exhibit in Philadelphia Centennial; Memories of 1916 150th anniversary celebration; list of contents of cornerstone of J. H. Ford Dormitory (now Ford Hall); About John Vanderlyn; "A Branch of Rutgers College" copied from "History of Union and Middlesex Counties, NJ"; about Johannes Leydt; references in Ecclesiastical Records to Queens College; time line of Rutgers.
3 Letters and Documents (4 of 4), undated
Includes items about call for meeting of Trustees of Queen's College, Issued April 4, 1767; Acts of the deputies July 18, 1763; President W. H. S. Demarest's 1908 Charter Day speech; Queen's College students during the Revolutionary War; notes about search for the Van Harlingen crane (see folder "Old Crane from Van Harlingen House"); notes on Professor Edgar Solomon Shumway; chronology from Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church in North America at New Brunswick, June 1830; Notes on Peter Randell Letters (same as in "Rutgers Historical Background" folder); notes about student pranks and satires; football.
4 Portraits of Rutgers Figures, undated
Items include notes on subjects Dr. John Cochran; Raritan River and Delaware and Raritan canal; Henry Rutgers; Frederick Frelinghuysen; J. R. Hardenbergh; Abraham Bruyn Hasbrouck; Joseph Phil Bradley; Garret Augustus Hobart; 1954 list of portraits needing relining; list of new portraits received and added to Rutgers collection since 1937; notes on art and painting; December 1944 Rutgers Alumni Monthly article "The Man on This Month's Cover" (J. R. Hardenbergh); 1889 faculty regulation on personal rights of students; list of prints in vault.
E. Ephemera 1821-1930s
Box Folder
3 5 Ephemera, 1821-1889
Items include Rutgers College library Regulations, 1885-1886; library postcards [acknowledging receipt, asking for books to be returned]; Rutgers Medical College Matriculation ticket; Tuition receipt, 1821; Ticket to T. S. Doolittle's lecture on architecture, May 1883; Vedder Lectures program (on doubt) 1888; Ticket to concert in aid of the chapel organ fund of Rutger's [sic] College, 1866; Program for "Classical Soiree" 1862; two satirical programs/order of exercises, 1840, 1841.
6 Ephemera, 1890-1930s
Items include regulations for Ballantine Gymnasium; invitation/tickets to lectures; invitation from Mrs. William H. Campbell to Miss Runyon, who later married Rev. C. Brett in 1865; voting form for annual Election of the Targum Association of Rutgers College, March 3, 1922, on back note on origin of name "Scarlet Letter" for yearbook; announcement of intention to publish Rutgers Quarterly, 1895; printed letter from alumni expressing regret at Edgar Shumway's resignation; Christmas open house at college cafeteria program, early 1930s; sheet music, "Loyal Sons of Rutgers"; engravings of Rutgers College; yearbook photos of late 1800s-early 1900s faculty.
F. Printed Material, 1828-1916
Box Folder
3 7 Publications, 1881-1916
Includes material by and about Professor Edgar S. Shumway; "Rutgers College Turmoil" article from New York World (N.J. Edition) about student efforts to secure removal of President Merill E. Gates; Christian Intelligencer about Rutgers' 150th anniversary celebration in 1916; form letters and circulars.
8 Publications about John Livingston 1828-1840
Contains article about Livingston from October 1928 Magazine of the Dutch Reformed Church and "Memoir of the Rev. John H. Livingston" from February 1840 American Quarterly Register.
9 Publications—Rutgers Library Annual Reports, 1891-1892
II. William Henry Steele Demarest Files, 1906-1938
Arrangement: The William Henry Steele Demarest Files Series is arranged chronologically.
Summary: The Demarest Series contains correspondence of Rutgers President William H. S. Demarest. It includes correspondence regarding research he was conducting, letters to and from the grandson of the architect of Van Nest Hall. The largest amount of correspondence are letters written between 1926 and 1938 to and from his classmates concerning fund raising for the "Class of 1883" Gates. These letters often refer to the economic difficulties suffered by Rutgers alumni after the Wall Street Crash of 1929.
Box Folder
3 10 Correspondence—Van Nest Hall, 1906-1907
Contains letters from John S. Bussing (Abraham Van Nest's grandson) to Demarest, June 28, 1906 and March 13, 1907; from Demarest to Bussing February 26, 1910; Demarest to A. A. Titsworth December 1, 1906.
11 Correspondence, 1917-1930
Contains letters to Demarest from Charles A. Bloomfield March 16, 1917, re: portrait of Bishop Croes; from Asa B. Kellogg January 3, 1922 re: Rutgers College Boating Association stock certificate; from James Sullivan, archivist University of State of New York, July 25, 1923 re: possible photostats of manuscripts pertaining to Queen's history; from Richard E. Day, Division of Archives, University of State of New York, re: request for copy of Hugh Wallace's May 26, 1773 letter; from William J. Leggett, October 29, 1923 and November 5, 1923 re: Rutgers Crew (question of missing name on roster); from William Chapman, February 5, 1924 suggesting Madison Monroe Ball (Class of 1873) as missing name; copy of M. M. Ball's class questionnaire; claims to have rowed against Harvard in 1870 [see Crew files] also, was Civil War veteran; from J. A. van Nest, November 5, 1923 re: crew; July 22, 1924 re: Voorhees Library; from Louis Ayres July 24, 1924 re: building of dormitory (Pell Hall); from John C. Van Dyke, September 3, 1927 re: Livingston Portrait; from Demarest to Charles Bradley, January 11, 1930 expressing sadness over fire at Ballantine Gymnasium; to Walter T. Marvin February 28, 1923; re: honor society and faculty matters.
12 Correspondence—Class of 1883 Gates, 1926-1938
Contains correspondence soliciting funds for the construction of the Class of 1883 Gates.
13 Correspondence—Miss Demarest, undated
Contains letter from Henry Hoover, thanking Miss Demarest for her letter and her hospitality during his day at Rutgers College.
III. Boyd/Graham Files, 1923-1956
Arrangement: This series is arranged alphabetically.
Summary: The Boyd/Graham series consists of the papers of curator of Rutgersensia Elizabeth R. Boyd, her husband William M. Boyd, and Rutgers University librarian Alexander S. Graham. Elizabeth Boyd's folder includes mostly correspondence regarding Rutgers topics. It also contains press releases and notes. William Boyd's folder contains photographs and negatives of Boyd's 1932 painting of the Rutgers versus Princeton football game in 1869.
Box Folder
3 14 Boyd, Elizabeth—Personal Items, 1947-1956
15 Boyd, William S.—Photographs and Negatives; Rutgers versus Princeton Football Painting, undated
16 Graham, Alexander S. (R. U. Librarian)—Correspondence 1923-1935
Contains correspondence regarding painters and artists, seemingly related to art at Rutgers.
17 Painters Background Information, ca. 1950s
Contains notes about paintings at Rutgers and clippings about artists and paintings.
18 Peale, Rembrandt—Silhouette, undated
Contains fabric and paper silhouette of a boy. On back is written "Silhouette by Rembrandt Peale of one of the Anderson children. Purchased from the Anderson estate 2/1/32."
Oversize Material
Material in this box was taken from Rutgers University Files subseries "Original and Facsimile Documents."
Box contains the following items:
American Insurance Co.—Policy Insuring Trustees of Rutgers College, 1903
Order of Lectures for January 4, 1832, from Box 1, Folder 7, "Faculty—Minutes and Miscellaneous Papers, 1829-1833"
Lottery Document, October 21, 1811, from Box 1, Folder 12, "'Lottery' Petitions to Finish College, 1809-1822"