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Descriptive Summary

History of Collective Bargaining at Rutgers University

Scope and Content of the Collection

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I. Origins of Faculty Bargaining, 1956-1978

II. Recognition Process, 1968-1974

III. Primary Bargaining Process, 1970-1979

IV. Contractual Rule Changes, 1968-1974

V. Alternate Bargaining, 1970-1977

VI. Unilateral Management Actions: External Agencies and Institutional Management, 1966-1975

VII. Governance 1968-1985

VIII. Contractual Grievance Procedure, 1969-1978

IX. Contractual Rules Application, 1972-1978

X. Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters, 1958-1976

XI. Research Study, 1963-1977

XII. Interviews, 1972-1976

XIII. Articles and Talks by Begin, 1971-1975

XIV. Collected Articles, Papers, and Speeches, 1970-1980

XV. Miscellaneous, 1967-1981

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