Inventory to the New Brunswick Vertical File Collection

By Louise Lobello

February 2018

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

Finding aid encoded in EAD, version 2002 by Tara Maharjan, February 2018
Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University received an operating support grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State.

Descriptive Summary

Title: New Brunswick Vertical File
Dates: 1801-present, bulk 1935-1960
Quantity: 15 cubic feet (8 filing cabinet drawers)
Abstract: The New Brunswick File is a classed arrangement of newspaper clippings, pamphlets, photographs, manuscripts, etc., relating to numerous aspects of New Brunswick history. The file was begun about 1935 and is no longer augmented. There are roughly 225 classifications, totaling some 7,500 items.
Collection No.: NJ014
Language: English
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives

Arrangement Note

This collection is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

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New Brunswick Historical Club Papers and Addresses, 1870-1938. Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

New Brunswick File Collection. NJ014. Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

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Detailed Description of the Collection/Container List

This section provides descriptions of the materials found within each series. Each series description is followed by a container list, which gives the titles of the "containers" (for example, folders, volumes, or cassettes) and their locations in the numbered boxes that comprise the collection. The availability of any digital items from a container is indicated with a hyperlink.

Addresses – Athletic Clubs (2 Folders)
Addresses – Memorial
Clippings, U.S. Grant Memorial Booklets
American Mechanics, Junior Order of – Goodwill No. 32
Clippings, Programs, Funeral Notice, Membership Letter
American Legion
Clippings, Booklet, Program
Broadside, Photograph, Recital Programs
Clippings, Bulletins, Programs
Art Center Association
Exhibition Programs, Clipping, Invitations, Press Release
Artist A-E – John W. Dawson, Charles B. Attaya, Hiram Danzi, and Others
Correspondence, “Cue” Magazine 8(21), Small Print, Exhibition Programs, Clippings
Artist F-Z – James McAvoy, Anne Waldron, Doris Perry, and Others
Business Cards, Correspondence, Drawings, Wedding Announcement, Clippings
Athletic Clubs – New Brunswick Cricket Club, New Brunswick Bicycle Club, and Others
Clippings, Booklets, Meeting Minutes
Authors (3 Folders)
Booklets, Manuscript, Photos, Correspondence, Clippings, Program
Balls (Parties)
Clippings, Invitations, Newspaper transcriptions
Banks – Citizens National Bank
Banks – Liberty Bank
Clippings, Brochure
Banks – Middlesex Title Guarantee and Trust Company (Missing)
Banks – National Bank of New Jersey (3 Folders)
Announcements, Booklets, Broadsides, Brochures, Bank Notes, Advertisements - Vocational Series, Manuscript Correspondence, Reports
Banks – New Brunswick Saving Institution (3 Folders)
Brochures, Booklets, Clippings, Statements, Reports
Banks – New Brunswick Trust Company
Announcements, Brochures, Booklets, Clippings
Banks – People's National Bank
Clippings, Statement, Booklet
Banks – People's National Bank – Bibliography
Banks – State Bank At New Brunswick (2 Folders)
Bank Notes, Clippings, Manuscript Correspondence
Barbers – H.B Zimmerman, Philip Weigel
Clippings, Receipts, H.B Zimmerman’s Human Hair Goods Journal
Clippings, Manuscript Correspondence, News Transcriptions
Clippings, Soiree Invitations, Meeting Announcements
Travelers in New Brunswick, Alexander Hamilton in New Brunswick, James Birket Remarks
Clippings, Photograph
Biography A-G
Clippings, Certificate, Genealogical Research, Dinner Programs
Biography H-R (2 Folders)
Clippings, Manuscript Letter, Genealogical Research, Correspondence, Death Announcement, The Magazine Antiquities—April 1931
Biography S-Z
Booklets, Clippings, Dinner Programs
Blacksmiths - A.J Voorhees
Board of Education
Booklets, Clippings, Meeting Minutes
Board of Education – Annual Reports (Missing)
Board of Health (4 Folders)
Booklets, Clippings, Correspondence, Inspection Surveys, Scrapbook, Pamphlets, Reports, Poster
Board of Trade (2 Folders)
Booklets, Pamphlets, Reception Programs, Clippings, Assessment Lists
Boat Club
Clippings, Program, Pamphlet, Announcement, Postcard, Regulations
Booksellers and Bookselling
Broadsides, Business Cards, Pamphlets, Receipts, Bookmark, Photographs and Negatives
Boy Scouts of America
Clippings, Pamphlets
New Stone Bridge and Albany St. Bridge Blueprints, Clippings, Booklet, Transcribed News Articles
Building and Loan Associations (2 Folders)
Booklets, Annual and Semi-annual Statements
Cabinet Makers – Egerton Family (3 Folders)
Clippings, Correspondence, Photographs, Pages from “The Antiquarian” Magazine, Inventory
Celebration of 1930 (17 Folders)
Booklets, Clippings, Programs, Photographs, Pamphlets, Correspondence, “Pageant of New Brunswick”, Sheet Music, “New Brunswick, On The Highway” Sunday Times Supplement, “New Brunswick 1680-1930”, Mounted Medals, Police Memorandum, Centennial Scrapbook, Reception Invitations, Committee on Historical Exhibit Records, Bulletins, Pennsylvania Railroad Correspondence, Pageant Correspondence
Celebration of 1930 – Quartermillenial of Settlement and Bicentennial of 1730 (2 Folders)
Clippings, Bulletins, Programs, Pamphlets, Maps
Cemeteries and Burying Grounds
Clippings, Correspondence, Deeds, List of Gravesites, Receipt
Cemeteries and Burying Grounds – Willow Grove Cemetery
Clippings, Annual Reports, Photographs, Booklet, Research on Japanese Section
New Brunswick Census, October 7, 1912
Centennial – 1884
Clippings, Reception Invitations
Chamber of Commerce
Clippings, Rosters, Programs, News Bulletins, Pamphlets
Charitable Societies – Charity Organization Society (Missing)
Charitable Societies – Doi – Cas Society and Day Nursery
Clippings, Performance Programs
1 Program, 1 Clipping
Charters and Ordinances (5 Folders)
Typescript Copies of Charters (1730, 1763, 1886), City Charter Research, Reception Programs, Correspondence, Bound Charter of New Brunswick and Early Ordinances
Child Welfare
Studies and Reports on Juvenile Delinquency
Children of The American Revolution
October 12, 1922 List of Board and Member
Christmas in New Brunswick
Clippings, Programs
Clippings, Programs, Pamphlets
Churches – Baptist – Ebenezer
Clippings, Programs
Churches – Baptist – First
Clippings, Photographs, Bulletins, Programs
Churches – Baptist – Livingston Avenue
Clippings, Bulletins, Programs, Robert Prentiss Manuscript Speeches, Typescript Dedication of Livingston Ave Church
Churches – Christian Science
Lecture Series Announcements
Churches – Jewish – Ahavas Achim Synagogue
Churches – Jewish – Es Ahaim Emeth Memorial Temple (Missing)
Churches – Jewish – Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple
Clippings, Programs
Churches – Jewish – Es Ahaim Sepharedith Congregation
Churches – Jewish –O’hav Emeth Congregation
Churches – Lutheran – Emanuel
Clippings, Programs
Churches – Methodist
Booklet, Programs, Pamphlets
Churches – Methodist Episcopal
Bulletins, Booklets, Clippings, Festival Ticket 1852, Resolution of Merger
Churches – Methodist Episcopal – First
Correspondence, Clippings, Photographs, Ribbon, Postcard, Pamphlets, Booklets
Churches Methodist Episcopal – Pitman
Clippings, Bulletins, Pamphlets
Churches – Methodist Episcopal – St. James
Clippings, Programs, “Excursion” Ticket 1866
Churches – Presbyterian – First (3 Folders)
Bulletins, Correspondence, Clippings, Programs, Pamphlets, Mortgage Burning Ceremony Script 1938, Financial Statement, “Handbook for Teachers”
Churches – Presbyterian – Second
Clippings, Photographs, “Letters of Rev. Henry Neill”
Churches – Presbyterian – Hungarian
Churches – Protestant Episcopal
Churches -- Protestant Episcopal – Christ Church (8 Folders)
Photographs, Photographs—Summer Camp, Pamphlets, Programs, “Records Copied From Grave Stones In The Christ Church Yard”, Pamphlets, Receipts of Purchase, Transcripts of Church Records and Grave Stone Records, Booklets, Index to Minutes, Clippings, Correspondence, Receipts of Payment
Churches – Protestant Episcopal – St. John The Evangelist
Clippings, Certificate of Incorporation, Programs, Pamphlets, Correspondence
Churches – Reformed, Dutch
Clippings, Pamphlets, Programs
Churches – Reformed, Dutch—First (3 Folders)
Book Chapters, Postcards, Manuscript List of Elders and Deacons 1880-1911, Clippings, Bulletins
Churches – Reformed, Dutch – Second
Pamphlets, Programs, Photographs, Clippings
Churches – Reformed, Dutch – Suydam Street
Clippings, Programs
Churches – Reformed (German) – Livingston Avenue
Clippings, Programs
Churches – Reformed – (Mayger)
Churches – Reformed Catholic (Missing)
Churches – Roman Catholic – Sacred Heart
Clippings, Booklet, Manuscript Correspondence
Churches – Roman Catholic – St. John The Baptist
Clippings, Manuscript Correspondence
Churches – Roman Catholic – St. Ladislaus
Churches – Roman Catholic – St. Mary of Mt. Virgin
Churches – Roman Catholic – St. Peter’s
Clippings, Manuscript Correspondence, Treasurer’s Report 1862-1866
Churches – United Methodist
1987 Church Conference
Churches – Wray Memorial Chapel
1933 Clipping
City Finances
Clippings, “Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Commissioners…”1915
City Planning Commission (4 Folders)
Clippings, “The New Brunswick Plan”1925, Booklets
Civic Improvement
Programs, Map
Civic Improvement Societies -- City Club
Clippings, Pamphlets
Civic Improvement Societies – City Improvement Society
Common Council
Manuscript Correspondence, List of Members, Pamphlets
Common Council – Aldermen, Proceedings of The Board of
Common Council – Board of Commissioner
Clippings, Pamphlets, Booklet, Meeting Minutes
Common Council – Charters and Ordinances (5 Folders)
Booklets, Clippings, Transcriptions
Common Council – Finance (3 Folders)
Booklets, Interim Audits, Broadsides, Annual Reports
Common Council – Proceedings and Rules of
Clippings, Advertisements, Broadsides
Community Calendar (1934)
Community Chest (2 Folders)
Booklets, Pamphlets, Clippings
Consumer’s Club
Bulletins, By-Laws
Conventions – The NJ Conference for Social Welfare (1924), Inter-Seminary Missionary Convention (1880)
Copper Mines and Mining
Clippings, Typescript transcriptions, Lists of Imprints
County Club and Golf Club
Clippings, Booklets, Pamphlets, 2 Typescript Constitutions
Court House
Clippings, Typescript Transcriptions and Correspondence, Programs
Crime and Criminals
Clippings, Pamphlets
Daughters of The American Revolution – Jersey Blue Chapter
Debating Societies
Delaware and Raritan Canal (2 Folders)
Clippings, Pamphlets, Bulletins
Dentists – Dr. Iredell and Others
Clippings, Programs, Receipts
Directories (2 Folders)
1899-1900, 1903-1904, 1901-1910 Directory Covers, 1899 Directory Typescript Transcription, 1954-1955 Directory
Clippings, Receipts, Business Card, Correspondence
Eagles, Fraternal Order of
Clippings, Pamphlets, Programs
Egarton Documents (Missing)
Elks, Benevolent and Protective Order of
Clippings, Pamphlets, Programs
Ellis, Mary
Clippings, Photograph
Emergency Relief
Clippings, Coupon
Exchange Club
Executive Club
Bulletins, Meeting Minutes, Membership Roster 1955
Typescript Timeline of NB Ferry Systems
Fire Department
Clippings, Photographs, Postcards, Pamphlets
Clippings, Photographs
Fourth of July Celebration
Clippings, Programs
Freemasons (2 Folders)
Clippings, Pamphlets, Programs, Map of Masonic Hall, “Directory of the Most Prominent Citizens of New Brunswick…1829”, Rents Paid for Space in Masonic Hall 1888-1889
Garden Club
Constitution, Bulletins, Pamphlets, Programs
Gas Light Company of New Brunswick
Receipts, Pamphlets
Family Bible Transcriptions and Notes on Multiple Families (Manley, Schuyler, Bell, Stryker, etc)
Genealogy – Abeel Family
Genealogy – Bishop Family
Photographs, Postcards, Typescript and Handwritten Notes, Clippings
Genealogy – Kemper Family
Portrait Illustrations, Typescript Notes
Genealogy – Neilson Family (2 Folders)
Photographs, Correspondence, Clippings, Typescript Notes
Genealogy – Prominent New Brunswick Families
Clippings, Photographs
Genealogy – Thompson Family
Bound Memo Book
Genealogy – Viehman Family
Typescript Notes, Clippings
“Germans in New Brunswick” By Rev. C. H. Gramm – Supplementary Notes
Girl Scouts
Clippings, Photographs
Grand Army of The Republic
Clippings, News Transcription, Pamphlet
Habima Guild (Jewish) (Missing)
Highland Park (2 Folders)
Pamphlets, Clippings, Bulletins, Advertisements, Map
Highland Park – Churches
Clippings, Pamphlets, Bulletins, “The Historical Discourse of the Rev. John Bodine Thompson, D.D…1898”
Highland Park – Politics and Government
Correspondence, Pamphlets, Ballots
Highland Park – Schools
Clippings, Programs
Historic Buildings
Clippings, Booklet
Historic Houses
Clippings, Correspondence, Pamphlet
Historic Houses – Buccleuch
Clippings, Photographs, Pamphlets, Typescript Notes, Binder: “Buccleuch Memories”
Historic Houses – Guest House
Clippings, Pamphlets, Bulletins, Photographs, Correspondence
Historic Houses - Ross Hall
Clippings, Portrait, Photograph
History (12 Folders)
Typescript and Written Notes, Programs, Clippings, Maps, “New Brunswick on the Highway”, Pamphlets, Bulletins, Brochures, Manuscript, Booklets
History – John P. Wall
Pamphlets, Programs, Correspondence, Clippings
History – Revolution
Clippings, Notes, Pamphlets
History – War of 1812
History – Gold Rush – 1849
Clippings, Invitation
History – Civil War
“Lincoln in New Brunswick”, Photographs, Clippings, Newspaper Transcriptions
History - Negatives
Photo Negative
History – Spanish American War
Manuscript Correspondence, Reception Ticket
History – Tercenteniary Committee
Pamphlet, Reports
History – World War
Pamphlets, Medal Design
History – World War I - (4 Folders)
Clippings, and Materials From John P. Wall including Broadsheet, Photograph, Autographs From Soldiers and Misc Items
History – World War II (2 Folders)
Clippings and Other Items
Horse Racing
Booklets and Clipping
Hospitals – Middlesex General (3 Folders)
Booklets, Articles, Photographs, Clippings, Letter From P.H Benedict To Prof R.W Prentiss, 1909, Reports, 1950s Items, and 1872 Charter
Hospitals – St. Peter’s
Hospitals – St. Peter’s - Rebuilding Campaign
Hospitals – St. Peter’s General
Booklets and Clippings
Hotels and Taverns - Map of Taverns in New Brunswick in 18th Century, By Benedict
Hotels and Taverns - Indian Queen Tavern and Others
Hotels, Taverns, Etc. (2 Folders)
Booklets, Programs, and Clippings
Hotels, Taverns, Etc. - Andy’s Tavern
Hotels, Taverns, Etc. - Special Section, New Brunswick Sunday Times (2 Folders)
Brochure and Press Release
Housing and Slum Clearance and Redevelopment
Reports, Booklets, and Clippings
Industries (3 Folders)
Articles, Booklets, Clippings, and “Scrapbook of Army-Navy Humor”
Industries – Hosiery - Interwoven Stocking Company
Industries – Hosiery - Norfolk and New Brunswick Hosiery Company
Photograph and Several Notices To Stockholders
Industries – Medical Supplies - E.R. Squibb & Sons / Programs and Articles
Industries – Rubber - Clippings and Patents
Industries – Rubber - New Brunswick Rubber Company vs. Commissioners of Streets & Sewers in The City of New Brunswick, 1871
Industries – Wallpaper - Stocks, Receipts and Clippings
Insurance - Act To Incorporate New Brunswick, 1826
Receipts, Booklets and New Brunswick Fire Insurance Company Charter circa 1920
Jail, 1916
Jewish Community Center
Jewish War Veterans of The United States – Post 133 (Empty)
Jews in New Brunswick
“The Growth and Migrations of The Jewish Community…” By Aleshnick; Clippings
Junior Chamber of Commerce
Booklets, 1927 and 1946
Kiwanis Club
Clippings and Programs
Knights of Columbus
Programs, 1922 and 1955
Ladies of Columbus (Missing)
Ladies Depository
Mostly Clippings and Photographs
Laymans’ Council of New Brunswick and Highland Park
Libraries – Free Public (2 folders)
First Annual Report, Receipts, Clippings and Letters
Lincoln Centenary, 1909
Booklet and Correspondence
Lion’s Club
Livery Stables, 1870s
Livingston Park
Clippings, Fascism of Ticket
Clippings and Maps
Clippings and Photographs
Merchants (3 Folders)
Miscellaneous Booklets and Pamphlets
Merchants – Clothing
Merchants – Coal
Receipts and Periodical
Merchants – Dry Goods
Receipts and Clippings
Merchants – Hardware
Receipts and Clippings
Merchants – Ice
Merchants – Shoes
Receipts and Photograph
Includes Tours and Seal of New Brunswick
Miscellaneous (2 Folders)
Missions - New Brunswick City Mission - Address, 1866
Monuments - War Memorials
Correspondence and Clippings
Moving Picture Theater
Programs and Clippings
Musical Entertainment
Programs and Clippings
Musical Societies - New Brunswick Choral Society, 1860s
Tickets, Programs and Music Association
Natorium, 1928-1929
Clipping and Image
Neighborhood House, 1929
Mostly Clippings and Photograph
North Brunswick Township, 1866
Clippings and “Receipts and Expenditures”
North Brunswick Township – Government and Politics, 1940s
Papers by John Wall
North Brunswick Township – School
Various Documents Including “List of Scholars,” 1866
Nurseries (Horticulture)
Catalog, 1893 and Clipping, 1931
Obituaries (3 Folders)
Obituaries II
Odd Fellows - Independent Order of New Brunswick Lodge No. 6
Clipping, 1936
Orphans and Orphan Assylums – Children’s Industrial Home
Pageants, 1930
Parker Memorial Home
Clippings and Booklet
Clippings and Photograph
Photographic Societies
Booklet and “Extracts From The Blue Book of Amateur Photographers,” 1893
Plumbers and Plumbing
Receipts From Hugh Mckeag and “Plumber Gas and Steam Fitter,” 1866-1870
Clippings and Ms
Political Clubs
Politics -Grove’s Case 1909
Politics and Government (4 Folders)
Clippings Concerning Bond Issue of 1890s – Most Incomplete, Booklets 1800s – 1930s and Clippings (Most From 1930-1), Ballots and Handbills (From 19th Century and 1930s)
Clippings, circa 1910
Post office
Clippings and Receipts
Potters and Pottery
Photographs and Articles
Clippings &Program / Anti-Saloon League
Public Welfare (4 Folders)
Booklets, Reports, Clipping, Bulletin, and “Why A Regional Social Service Exchange?” 1950 Paper
Tickets, Ms, and Clippings
Raritan Landing
Clippings, 1930s, “The First Settlers of New Brunswick,” by Benedict, 1912
Raritan River
Mostly Clippings, Several Booklets
Real Estate
Booklets, Clippings, and Business Cards
“The Recreation Division Megaphone,” 3rd edition, 1936
Red Cross
Clippings, Ms, and Buttons
Registers of Births
Notebook of Clippings, Invitation, and Clippings – Births and Marriages
Program, 1885 and Clipping, 1917
Clippings and Ms
Rotary Club
History, Photo, Constitution, and Clippings
Salvation Army
Clippings and Booklets
Schools (2 Folders)
Schools – Collegiate School
Clippings and Course of Study
Schools – Lancasterian
Clippings, Ms, and Typescript
Schools – Parochial
Schools – Private – Anable School
Photo, Clippings, and Programs
Schools – Private – Hannah Hoyt’s Seminary (2 Folders)
Photos, Programs, and Diploma
Schools – Public
Programs, Newspaper Transcriptions, Pamphlets, “Reward of Merit” Cards
Schools – Public – High School (2 Folders)
Clippings, Pamphlets, Reunion Invitations, Song, Program, Certificate
Schools – Public – Junior High School
Booklets, Clippings, Blueprint
Schools – Vocational
Booklet, Clippings
Scientific Societies
Sculptors – Frazee, John (1790-1852)
Clippings, Correspondence, “A Refutation of the Charges Against John Frazee…”
Sewage (2 Folders)
Bills, Booklets, Clippings, Correspondence
Clipping, Trade Cards, Receipt
Silversmiths – Lupp (Leupp) Family
Correspondence, Photographs
Manuscript Correspondence, Clippings
Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monuments – Civil War Monument
Clippings, Historical Accounts by John P. Wall, Booklets, Souvenirs, Photographs
Stage Coaching
Clipping, Illustration
Steam Boats
Clippings, Receipt, Illustration, Photograph
Street Cars
Streets (3 Folders)
Clippings, “Hiram Street in New Brunswick”, Historical Sketches, Booklets, Pamphlets, Map, Correspondence
Sunday Schools
Receipt – A.H. Rheinelander
Maps, Postcard, Correspondence
Taxation (4 Folders)
Clippings, Petition, Financial Statements, Pamphlets
Clippings, Pamphlets
Temperance Societies
Program, Invitation
Pamphlets, Programs, Theater Maps
Theatricals (2 Folders)
Programs, Announcements, Clippings, Theater Map
Theatricals – Amateur (2 Folders)
Clippings, Programs
Clippings, Correspondence, Pamphlets
Trowel Club of New Brunswick
Testimonials – W. G. De Hart
Undertakers and Undertaking
Union Club
Booklets, Broadside, Clippings
United Fund
United Workmen, Ancient Order of
Statements of Deaths, 1913-1915
The Urban League
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Clippings, Pamphlets
Views (3 Folders)
Clippings, Photographs, Souvenir Postcards, Illustrated Booklets
Visiting Nurses Association
Clippings, Annual Reports
Water Supply (2 Folders)
Clippings, Photographs, Inspections, Correspondence, Pamphlets, Booklets
Water Works
Clippings, Calendar
Clippings, Pamphlets
Women – Societies and Clubs – The College Woman’s Club, The Woman’s Club, The Study Club
Clippings, Pamphlets, Programs, Lesson Plans
World Trade Foundation Public Opinion Polls
Clippings, 12 Bound Public Opinion Polls
Young Men’s Bible Society
Sermons, Programs
Young Men’s Christian Association (2 Folders)
Clippings, Pamphlets, Programs. Correspondence, Photographs, Broadside
Young Women’s Christian Association
Programs, Pamphlets, Clippings