Collection Number 1

Martin and Harriet Diamond Vertical Files of American Art.

Ephemeral Art Exhibition Catalogs.

By Sara Harrington

February 5, 2003

Art Library, New Brunswick Libraries, Rutgers University

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Diamond, Martin
Title: Martin and Harriet Diamond Vertical Files of American Art
Dates: 1915-1995
Quantity: 3 cubit ft. (700 items0
Abstract: This collection contains ephemeral art exhibition catalogues dating primarily from the twentieth-century, with many examples from the first half of the century, and scattered examples from the late nineteenth-century. The collection is divided into folders, generally by artist's name, but occasionally by organization name. The collection contains approximately three hundred folders and over seven hundred individual catalogues.
Collection No.: Collection Number 1
Language English.
Repository: Rutgers University. Art Library.

History of the Martin and Harriet Diamond Collection

Martin and Harriet Diamond created this collection of ephemeral art exhibition catalogs over a span of more than twenty years. The Diamonds were the owners of Martin Diamond Fine Arts, a gallery in New York City dedicated to American artists who worked between 1900 and 1950. Martin Diamond Fine Arts specialized in the work of the American Abstract Artists, the Transcendental Painting Group, and others. The ephemeral art exhibition catalogues held in this collection were part of the Diamond's private vertical files, and form a rich resource for those interested in twentieth-century American art.

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Summary of the Diamond Vertical File Collection

This collection contains ephemeral art exhibition catalogues dating primarily from the twentieth-century, with many examples from the first half of the century. The collection is divided into folders, generally by artist's name, but occasionally by organization. The collection contains approximately three hundred folders and over seven hundred individual catalogues.

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Arrangement Note

The Diamond Collection is arranged alphabetcally by artist or organization. The exhibition catalogues are contained in folders stored in record storage boxes.

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Detailed Description of Collection/Container List

The Diamond Vertical File Collection
Box Folder
1 1 American Academy of Arts and Letters
American Academy of Arts and Letters.Memorial Exhibition: Federico Castellon, Rockwell Kent, Karl Knaths, Robert Laurent, Thomas W. Nason, Henry Varnum Poor, Mark Rothko, Walter Stuempfig. March 3, 1972-April 9, 1972.New York: The American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1972.
American Academy of Arts and Letters.Memorial Exhibition: Marcel Breuer, Wallace K. Harrison, Joseph Hirsch, Julian Levi, Toni Smith. November 15-December 19, 1982.New York: American Academy of Arts and Letters,1982.
Box Folder
1 2 American Women Artists
R.W. Smith BooksellerAmerican Women Artists. Catalogue 24. New Haven: R.W. Smith Bookseller,n.d.
Box Folder
1 3 Angarola, Anthony
ACA Galleries.Anthony Angarola: An American Modernist. May 5-June 4, 1988.New York: ACA Galleries, 1988.
Box Folder
1 4 Archipenko, Alexander
Perls Galleries.Archipenko: Recent Polychromes. October 14-November 9, 1957.New York: Perls Galleries,1957.
Kingore Gallery.The Archipenko Exhibition. Introduction and catalogue by Christian Brinton.New York: Kingore Gallery1924.
Box Folder
1 5 Associated American Artists
Associated American Artists.Fortieth Anniversary Exhibition: 1934-1974. November 4-27, 1974.New York: Associated American Artists,1974.
Associated American Artists.American Master Prints 1980.New York: Associated American Artists,1980.
Associated American Artists.American Master Prints.New York: Associated American Artists,n.d.
Associated American Artists.American Master Prints II.New York: Associated American Artists,n.d.
Associated American Artists.American Master Prints III.New York: Associated American Artists,n.d.
Associated American Artists.American Master Prints VII: Between the Wars. New York: Associated American Artists,1981.
Associated American Artists.Catalogue of Signed, Original Etchings and Lithographs Contributed by Leading American Artists.New York: Associated American Artists,n.d.
Box Folder
1 6 Audubon Artists
Audubon Artists.Sixth Annual Exhibition: Oils, Watercolors, Pastels, Drawings, Prints, Sculpture. December 11-29, 1947.New York: Audubon Artists,1947.
Audubon Artists.Seventh Annual Exhibition: Oils, Watercolors, Pastels, Drawings, \ Prints, Sculpture. December 2-15, 1948.New York: Audubon Artists,1948.
Box Folder
1 7 Auerbach-Levy, William:
Auerbach-Levy, William.William Auerbach-Levy (1889-1964). September 15-October 32, 1970. New York: ACA Galleries,1970.
Box Folder
1 8 Avedon, Richard:
Whitney Museum of American Art.Richard Avedon: Evidence 1944-1994. March 24-June 26, 1994.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1994.
Box Folder
1 9 Avery, Milton:
Donald Morris Gallery.Milton Avery: Oil Paintings/The Middle Years 1941-1949. January 23-February 20, 1971.Detroit: Donald Morris Gallery,1971.
Lunn Gallery.Milton Avery. Mary 4-June 18, 1974.Washington, D.C.: Lunn Gallery/Graphics International,1974.
Borgenicht Gallery.Milton Avery in the Forties. February 3-March 1, 1979.New York: Borgenicht Gallery,1979.
Yares Gallery.Milton Avery: The Transcending Years: 1921-1941. January 1982.Scottsdale: Yares Gallery,1982.
Box Folder
1 10 Barber, John:
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Florida.John Barber: Mexican Paintings 1941-1965. May 9-July 31, 1985.Hollywood, FL: Art and Culture Center of Hollywood,1985.
Box Folder
1 11 Beal, Gifford:
The Storm King Art Center.Gifford Beal. Paintings, Water Colors, Drawings and Etchings. June 29-August 25, 1968.Mountainville, NY: The Storm King Art Center,1968.
Kraushaar Galleries.Gifford Beal: 1879-1956: Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings. April 29-May 29, 1975.New York: Kraushaar Galleries, 1975.
Kraushaar Galleries.Gifford Beal: 1879-1956: A Centennial Exhibition. November 6-December 1, 1979.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1979.
Box Folder
1 12 Beal, Reynolds.
Royal Galleries.Reynolds Beal 1867 to 1951.Englewood, NJ: Royal Galleries, n.d.
The Phillips Collection.Reynolds Beal: Oil, Watercolors, Drawings, Etchings.Washington, D.C.: The Phillips Collection,1971.
Box Folder
1 13 Bearden, Romare
Cordier and Erkstrom.Romare Bearden Odysseus Collages. April 27-May 28, 1977.New York: Cordier and Ekstrom,1977.
Box Folder
1 14 Bellows, George
Mickelson Gallery.George Bellows: 1882-1925: An Exhibition of Original Lithographs. November 7-November 28, 1977.Washington, D.C.: Mickelson Gallery,1977.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.George Bellows and the War Series of 1918.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1983.
Box Folder
1 15 Benn, Ben
Branchville Solo Gallery. Ben Benn.Ridgefield, CT: Branchville Soho Gallery,n.d.
The Jewish Museum.Ben Benn: Painter. April 14-May 23, 1965.New York: The Jewish Museum,1965.
Hammer Galleries.Ben Benn: An American Painter 1884-1983. October 25-November 12, 1983.New York: Hammer Galleries,1983.
Box Folder
1 16 Benno, Benjamin
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.Benno 1930s: American Modernist in Paris. May 4-June 15, 1991.New York: Michael Rosenfeld Gallery,1991.
Box Folder
1 17 Benrimo, Tom
Forth Worth Art Center.An Exhibition of the Work of Tom Benrimo: 1887-1958.Forth Worth: Fort Worth Art Center,1965.
Museum of New Mexico.Tom Benrimo.Museum of New Mexico,1973.
Box Folder
1 18 Ben-Zion
The Jewish Museum.Ben-Zion Biblical Paintings.New York: The Jewish Museum,1948.
Duveen-Graham Gallery.Ben-Zion. November 7-26, 1955.New York: Duveen-Graham,1955.
Box Folder
1 19 Berman, Eugene
The Museum of Modern Art.The Theatre of Eugene Berman.New York: MOMA,1947.
Box Folder
1 20 Bess, Forest
Whitney Museum of American Art.Forrest Bess. October 7-December 13, 1981.New York: Whitney,1981.
Box Folder
1 21 Biederman, Charles
Borgenicht Gallery.Charles Biederman: Selected Works 1937-1980. March 1-27, 1980.New York: Borgenicht Gallery,1980.
Box Folder
1 22 Bisttram, Emil
George Nix Gallery.Emil Bisttram: Recent and Early Paintings. November 2-24, 1973.Colorado Springs: George Nix Gallery,1973.
Harwood Foundation Museum of Taos Art.Emil James Bisttram. October 1-22, 1983.Taos: The Harwood Foundation,1983.
Box Folder
1 23 Blume, Peter
Currier Gallery of Art.Peter Blume: Paintings and Drawings in Retrospect 1925-1964.Manchester, NH: Curriery Gallery,1964.
Terry Dintenfass Inc.Peter Blume "From the Metamorphoses:" Recent Paintings and Drawings. March 8-18, 1980.New York: Terry Dintenfass,1980.
Box Folder
1 24 Bohrod, Aaron
Danenberg & Roman Galleries.Aaron Bohrod: Master of Trompe L'Oeil. November 8-27, 1971.New York: Danenberg & Roman Galleries,1971.
Box Folder
1 25 Bolotowsky, Ilya
Smithsonian Institution.Ilya Bolotowsky. December 20-February 17, 1975.Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian,1974.
Washburn Gallery.Ilya Bolotowsky: WPA Murals. October 1-November 1, 1980.New York: Washburn Gallery,1980.
Washburn Gallery.Ilya Bolotowsky. January 6-February 23, 1983.New York: Washburn Gallery,1983.
Washburn Gallery.Ilya Bolotowsky: Five Decades. April 4-May 5, 1984.New York: Washburn Gallery,1984.
The Fine Arts Center Gallery, State University of New York at Stony Brook.Homage to Bolotowsky: 1935-1981. June 17- September 19, 1985.Stony Brook: The Gallery,1985.
Washburn Gallery.Ilya Bolotowsky. January 7-31, 1987.New York: Washburn Gallery,1987.
Box Folder
1 26 Cadmus, Paul
Whitney Museum of American Art.Paul Cadmus: The Sailor Triology, Collection in Context. June 1-September 1, 1996.New York: The Whitney,1996.
Box Folder
1 27 Calder, Alexander
Buchholz Gallery.Alexander Calder. December 9-December 27, 1947.New York: The Gallery,1947.
Sims, Patterson.Alexander Calder: A Concentration of Works from the Permanent Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. February 17-May 3, 1981.New York: The Whitney,1981.
Box Folder
1 28 Carles, Arthur B.
Philadelphia Museum of Art.Arthur B. Carles.Philadelphia: The Museum,1970.
Washburn Gallery.Arthur B. Carles. September 13-October 27, 1984.New York: Washburn Gallery,1984.
Box Folder
1 29 Carter, Clarence
Van Wickle Gallery, Lafayette College.Eschatos: Clarence Carter. October 5-31, 1975.Easton, PA: The Gallery,1975.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Clarence H. Carter. January 14-February 18, 1989.New York: Hirschl & Adler,1989.
Box Folder
1 30 Carruthers, Roy
Harriet Griffin Gallery.Roy Carruthers: Recent Drawings.New York: The Gallery,n.d.
Box Folder
1 31 Castellon, Federico
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.Federico Castellon Surrealist Paintings 1933-1934 Rediscovered. September 12-October 31, 1992.New York: The Gallery,1992.
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.Federico Castellon Surrealist Drawings 1933-1939. November 14, 1996-January 18, 1997.New York: The Gallery,1997.
Box Folder
1 32 Cavallon, Giorgio
Kelder, Diane.Giorgio Cavallon: A Signal Luminosity. April 4-June 30, 1995.New York: Archives of American Art,1995.
Box Folder
1 33 Celentano, Daniel
Janet Marqusee Fine Arts.Daniel Celentano.New York: Janet Marqusee Fine Arts,1992.
Box Folder
1 34 Chapman, Charles S.
Parker-Edwards Gallery Ltd.Charles S. Chapman: 1879-1962. April 4-April 30, 1965.New York: The Gallery,1965.
Box Folder
1 35 Cherry, Herman
Lowe, Sarah M.Herman Cherry. April 16-May 17, 1985.New York: City University Graduate Center,1985.
Box Folder
1 36 Christy, Howard Chandler
Allentown Art Museum.Howard Chandler Christy: Artist/Illustrator of Style. September 25-November 6, 1977.Allentown, PA: The Museum,1970.
Box Folder
1 37 Cikovsky, Nikolai
ACA Gallery.Nikolai Cikovsky. May 1-May 20, 1967.New York: The Gallery,1967.
Box Folder
1 38 Content, Marjorie
Washburn Gallery.Marjorie Content: Photographs. March 29-April 29, 1995.New York: The Gallery,1995.
Box Folder
1 39 Corcoran Gallery of Art
Corcoran Gallery of Art.The Seventeenth Biennal Exhibition of Contemporary American Oil Paintings. March 23-May 4, 1941.Washington, D.C.: The Corcoran,1941.
The Corcoran Gallery of Art.Twentieth Biennal Exhibition.Washington, D.C.: The Corcoran, 1947.
Box Folder
1 40 Corcos, Lucille
Babcock Galleries.Lucille Corcos: 1908-1973.New York: Babcock Galleries in association with Janet Marqusee Fine Arts, 1992.
Box Folder
1 41 Cramer, Konrad
Zabriskie Gallery.Konrad Cramer: 1888-1963. March 22-April 22, 1989.New York: The Gallery,1989.
Box Folder
1 42 Crawford, Ralston
Nordness Gallery.Ralston Crawford: Retrospective of Lithographs. October 3-October 21.New York: The Gallery,n.d.
Zabriskie Gallery.Ralston Crawford. April 27-May 15, 1971.New York: The Gallery,1971.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.The Prints of Ralston Crawford. November 23, 1985-January 4, 1986.New York: The Galleries,1986.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries. Ralston Crawford's America. September 28-November 9, 1996.New York: The Galleries,1996.
Box Folder
2 1 Daphnis, Nassos
Camillos Kouros Gallery.Nassos Daphnis: Biomorphic Paintings, 1947-1948. February 19-March 15, 1985.New York: The Gallery,1985.
Box Folder
2 2 Dashburg, Andrew
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.Andrew Dasburg. March 3-April 21, 1957.Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 1957.
The University Art Museum. University of New Mexico.The Drawings of Andrew Dasburg.Albuquerque: The University Art Museum,1964.
The University Art Museum. University of New Mexico.Andrew Dasburg: 188-1979.Albuquerque: The University Art Museum,1979.
Salander-O'Reilly Galleries.Andrew Dasburg: Drawings. January 5-January 31, 1985. New York: Salander-O'Reilly Galleries,1985.
Box Folder
2 3 Daugherty, James
Salander-O'Reilly Galleries.James Daugherty: Biblical Inspirations. December 22, 1989-February 28, 1990.New York: The Galleries, 1990.
Janet Marqusee Fine Arts.James Daugherty, 1887-1974: American Modernist Works on Paper from the New Deal Era.New York: Janet Marqusee Fine Arts,1992.
Box Folder
2 4 Davidson, Jo
The American Academy of Arts and Letters and The National Institute of Arts and Letters.First Retrospective Exhibition of one hundred and seventy portrait busts and other works by Jo Davidson. November 26-February 1, 1948.New York: The Academy, 1947.
The Knoedler Galleries.Jo Davidson: Sculpture Portraits in Bronze, Terra Cotta and Plaster. July 17-August 25, 1967.New York: The Knoedler Galleries,1967.
Box Folder
2 5 Davies, Arthur B.
Associated American Artists. Arthur B. Davies: An Exhibition of a Collection of Etchings, Drypoints and Lithographs. November 1-November 26, 1966.New York: Associated American Artists, 1966.
Whitney Museum of American Art.Arthur B. Davies, 1862-1928: An Exhibition of Etchings, Aquatints, Woodcuts and Lithographs. July 9-August 6, 1972.New York: The Whitney, 1972.
Box Folder
2 6 Davis, James
West Virginia University Permanent Art Collection.James Edward Davis: 1901-1974. Exhibition 1: Landscape Paintings. August 28-September 27, 1991.West Virginia University Permanent Art Collection, 1991.
Box Folder
2 7 Davis, Stuart
Borgenicht Gallery.Stuart Davis: Works on Paper. January 6-31, 1979.New York: The Gallery, 1979.
Esther-Robles Gallery.Stuart Davis: Paintings-Early Twenties April 6-May 31, 1979.Los Angeles: Esther-Robles Gallery, 1979.
The Whitney Museum of American Art.Stuart Davis: A Concentration of Works from the Permanent Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. August 20-October 12, 1980New York: The Whitney, 1980.
Borgenicht Gallery.Stuart Davis: Still Life Paintings 1922/24. September 27-October 23, 1980.New York: The Gallery, 1980.
Washburn Gallery.Stuart Davis: Works from 1913-1919. November 3-December 23, 1983.New York: The Gallery,1983.
Box Folder
2 8 Dawson, Manierre
Robert Schoelkopf Gallery.Manierre Dawson Paintings 1909-1913. April 5-May 1, 1969.New York: Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 1969.
Museum of Contemporary Art.Manierre Dawson 1887-1969: A Retrospective Exhibition of Painting. November 13, 1976-January 2, 1977.Chicago: Museum of Contemporary Art, 1977.
Robert Schoelkopf Gallery.Manierre Dawson: Paintings 1910-1914. March 28-April 22, 1981New York: The Gallery, 1981.
Whitney Museum of American Art.Manierre Dawson: Early Abstractionist. July 8-September 11, 1988.New York: The Whitney, 1988.
Box Folder
2 9 De Creeft, Jose
Passedoit Gallery.Jose de Creeft. November 17-December 11, 1942.New York: The Gallery,1942.
Kennedy Galleries.An Exhibition in Honor of Jose de Creeft's ninety-fifth Birthday. New York: Kennedy Galleries,1979.
Childs.Jose de Creeft: Sculpture and Drawing 1917-1940.New York: Childs,n.d.
Snyder Fine Art.The Watercolors of Jose de Creeft. April 1-May 7, 1992.New York: Snyder Fine Art,1992.
Box Folder
2 10 De Kooning, Elaine
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.Elaine de Kooning. June 21-September 6, 1994.Washington, D.C.: The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 1994.
Wasburn Gallery.Elaine de Kooning: Artists and Writers. October 5-November 19, 1994.New York: Washburn,1994.
Washburn Gallery.Elaine de Kooning: Paintings 1955-1965. October 23-November 30, 1996.New York: Washburn,1996.
Box Folder
2 11 De Kooning, Willem
Whitney Museum of American Art.Willem de Kooning: Painting and Sculpture and The Drawings of Willem de Kooning.New York: The Whitney,1984.
Box Folder
2 12 Dehn, Adolf
Harmon-Meek Gallery.Adolf Dehn Retrospective. American Landscapes in Watercolor 1937-1968.Naples, FL: The Gallery,1984.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Watercolors and Drawings of Adolf Dehn: 1895-1968. September 25-October 25, 1986.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries, 1986.
Box Folder
2 13 Dehner, Dorothy
Kraushaar Galleries.Dorothy Dehner: Landscapes of Memory. May 8-June 6, 1998. New York: Kraushaar Galleries, 1998.
Marter, Joan and Sandra Kraskin. Dorothy Dehner: A Retrospective of Sculpture, Drawings and Paintings. March 15-April 16, 1991.New York: City University of New York,1991.
Box Folder
2 14 Demuth, Charles
Salander-O'Reilly Galleries, Inc.Charles Demuth: Watercolors and Drawings. April 30-May 30, 1981.New York: The Galleries,1981.
Box Folder
2 15 Dickinson, Edwin
The Cushman Gallery.Edwin Dickinson: A Retrospective. March 30-April 25, 1958.Houston: The Cushman Gallery,1958.
Graham Gallery, New York.Edwin Dickinson. February 1-March 11, 1961.New York: Graham Gallery,1961.
Box Folder
2 16 Diller, Burgoyne
Meredith Long Contemporary.Burgoyne Diller: Paintings, Drawings, and Collages 1938-1962.New York: Meredith Long Contemporary, 1979.
Rand, Harry.Burgoyne Diller: Constructions, Related Drawings and Paintings.New York: Meredith Long Contemporary,1980.
Box Folder
2 17 Dove, Arthur
Richard York Gallery.Arthur Dove: Major Works. October 5-November 17, 1990. New York: Richard York Gallery,1990.
Box Folder
2 18 Drewes, Werner
Princeton Gallery of Fine Arts.Werner Drewes: Recent Paintings. April 24-May 15. Princeton, NJ: The Gallery, n.d.
Galerie Ralph Jentsch.Werner Drewes.Munchen: Galerie Ralph Jentschn.d.
Associated American Artists.Werner Drewes, 1899-1985: A Memorial Exhibition of Etchings, Woodcuts, Lithographs and Related Works. September 7-October 5, 1985.New York: Associated American Artists,1985.
Box Folder
2 19 Du Bois, Guy Pene
Graham Galleries.Guy Pene du Bois: 1884-1958. March 17-April 15, 1961.New York: Graham Galleries,1961.
Graham Galleries.Guy Pene du Bois: 1884-1958. January 6-January 31, 1970New York: Graham Galleries,1970.
Graham Galleries.Guy Pene du Bois: Painter, Draftsman and Critic. March 27-May 12, 1979.New York: Graham Galleries,1979.
Graham Galleries.Guy Pene du Bois. October 19-December 3, 1983.New York: Graham Galleries,1983.
James Graham & Sons.Guy Pene du Bois: Returning to America. May 7-June 13, 1998. New York: James Graham & Sons,1998.
Box Folder
2 20 Du Bois, Yvonne Pene
Graham Galleries.Yvonne Pe`ne du Bois: Paintings from the Last Four Decades. June 12-July 3, 1985New York: Graham Galleries,1985.
Box Folder
2 21 Dunn, Harvey
South Dakota Memorial Art Center.Harvey Dunn and his Circle. July 1-August 26, 1979.Brookings: The Art Center, 1979.
Box Folder
2 22 Eichenberg, Fritz
Associated American Artists.Fritz Eichenberg: 47 Years of Prints & Illustrated Books.New York: Associated American Artists, n.d.
Box Folder
2 23 Eilshemius, Louis M.
Karstrom, Paul.The Romanticism of Eilshemius. April 3-29, 1973.New York: Bernard Danenberg Galleries, 1973.
Smithsonian Institution.Louis M. Eilsehemius: Selections from the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. November 9, 1978-January 1, 1979.Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution,1978.
Box Folder
2 24 Epstein, Jacob
The Gallery of Modern Art.An Exhibition of Sculptures, Water Colors, and Drawings by Sir Jacob Epstein from the Collection of Edward P. Shinman. December 11, 1968-February 9, 1969.New York: Farleigh Dickinson University,1968.
Smithsonian Institution.The Sculpture of Jacob Epstein: The Eisenberg-Robbins Collection.Washington, D.C.: The Smithsonian Institution,n.d.
Bernard Danenberg GalleriesJacob Epstein: Sculpture, Watercolors and Drawings from the Collection of Edward P. Schinman. New York: Danenberg Galleries,n.d.
Box Folder
2 25 Evans, Walker
Robert Schoelkopf Gallery Ltd.Walker Evans: Photographs 1930-1971. March 7-April 2, 1977.New York: The Gallery,1977.
Box Folder
2 26 Evergood, Philip
Taylor, Kendall.Philip Evergood: The Years at ACA. September 9-27, 1986.New York: ACA Galleries,1986.
Box Folder
2 27 Federal Art Project
Associated American Artists.Prints from the Federal Art Project, 1935-1943. June 11-July 3, 1943.New York: Associated American Artists,1991.
Box Folder
2 28 Federal Reserve Board.
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. In Celebration of Twenty Years of Collecting Art at the Federal Reserve Board. April 9-June 7, 1996.Washington, D.C.: The Federal Reserve Board,1996.
Box Folder
2 29 Federation of Modern Painters & Sculptors
Federation of Modern Painters & Sculptors.Second Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors. May 21 to June 10.New York: The Federation,n.d.
Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors.Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors 22nd Annual Exhibition. January 13-27, 1963.New York: The Federation,1963.
Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors.Invitation Preview Reception.Invitation Preview Reception. New 1973.
Box Folder
2 30 Gilmore, Ada
Mary Ryan Gallery.Ada Gilmore: Woodcuts and Watercolors. June 29-July 30, 1998. New York: Mary Ryan Gallery, 1998.
Box Folder
2 31 Goulet, Lorrie
Kennedy Galleries.Lorrie Goulet: Sculpture. September 24-October 11, 1975.New York: Kennedy Galleries,1975.
Box Folder
2 32 Grabach, John R.
Graham Galleries.John R. Grabach, 1880-1981: Urban America between the Wars. October 21-December 5, 1981.New York: Graham Galleries,1981.
Graham Galleries.John R. Grabach: 1880-1981. March 21-May 5, 1984.New York: Graham Galleries,1984.
Box Folder
2 33 Graham, John
Andre Emmerich Gallery.John. D. Graham: 1881-1961. May 25-June 30, 1966.New York: Andre Emmerich Gallery,1966.
Box Folder
2 34 Greene, Gertrude
Hyman, Linda.Gertrude Greene: Constructions, Collages, Paintings. April 4-April 25, 1981. New York: ACA Galleries,1981.
Box Folder
2 35 Gropper, William
Associated American Artists Galleries.William Gropper.New York: Associated American Artists,n.d.
ACA Gallery.Gropper. February 7-27, 1944.New York: ACA Gallery,1944.
Associated American Artists.Gropper: Twelve Etchings. With a forward by Alan Fern. New York: Associated American Artists,1965.
ACA Galleries.Exhibition of Paintings by William Gropper. March 30-April 18, 1970New York: ACA Galleries,1970.
Box Folder
2 36 Gross, Chaim
Forum Gallery.Chaim Gross: Watercolors, Drawings. May 18-June 13, 1964.New York: Forum Gallery,1964.
The Chaim Gross Studio Museum.Chaim Gross: A Memorial Exhibition. October 27-November 26, 1994.New York: The Chaim Gross Studio Museum, 1994.
Box Folder
2 37 Grosz, George
Luna Gallery.Grosz. October 2-November 14, 1974.Washington, D.C.: Luna Gallery,1974.
Soufer Gallery.George Grosz. April 1-May 15, 1982.New York: Soufer Gallery, 1982.
Box Folder
2 38 Gee, Yun
Vanderwoulde Tananbaum Gallery.Yun Gee: Early Modernist Paintings 1926-1932. November 8-December 10, 1993.New York: The Gallery, 1993.
Box Folder
2 39 Halpert, Samuel
Bernard Black Gallery.Samuel Halpert. January 7-25, 1969.New York: Bernard Black Gallery ,1969.
Davis & Long Company.Samuel Halpert: 1884-1930. December 7-December 29, 1977.New York: Davis & Long,1977.
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Samuel Halpert: A Conservative Modernist. April 9-May 31, 1991.Washington, D.C: The Board,1991.
Box Folder
2 40 Harari, Hanahiah
Stavitsky, Gail.Hananiah Harari: A Personal Synthesis.Montclair: The Montclair Art Museum,1997.
Box Folder
2 41 Hart, George Overbury
Zabriskie Gallery.George Overbury Hart: 1868-1933 February 1-17, 1960.George Overbury Hart: 1868-1933. February 1-17, 1960. 1960.
Box Folder
2 42 Hartley, Marsden
Marsden Hartley.Amsterdam,1960.
Marsden Hartley: Painter/Poet, 1977-1943.Los Angeles: University of Southern California,1968.
Box Folder
2 43 Haseltine, Herbert
Graham Galleries.Herbert Haseltine: 1877-1962.New York: Graham Galleries,1973.
Box Folder
2 44 Hassam, Childe
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Childe Hassam: 1859-1935. February 18-March 7, 1964. New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries, 1964.
Bernard Danenberg Galleries.Childe Hassam: An Exhibition of his 'Flag Series' commemorating the Fiftieth Annivesary of Armistice Day. November 12-30, 1968.New York: Bernard Danenberg Galleries,1968.
Hammer Galleries. Childe Hassam. February 4-21, 1969. New York: Hammer Galleries, 1969.
Kiehl, David W. and Doreen Bolger Burke.Childe Hassam as a Printmaker: A Selection in Various Media. June 28-September 11, 1977.New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art,1977.
Box Folder
2 45 Hebald, Milton
Norton Gallery of Art.Milton HebaldWest Palm Beach, FL: Norton Gallery of Art,1969.
Box Folder
2 46 Held, John Jr.
Smithsonian Institution.The Art of John Held, Jr.Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution,n.d.
Graham Gallery.John Held, Jr. Golf Show. May 12-June 12, 1971.New York: Graham Gallery, 1971.
Graham Galleries.John Held, Jr.: 1889-1958. November 3-November 27, 1976.New York: Graham Galleries,1976.
Graham Galleries.The Watercolors of John Held, Jr., 1889-1958: Cityscapes, Landscapes and Flowers, 1919-1936. December 9, 1981-January 30, 1982.New York: Graham Galleries, 1982.
Box Folder
2 47 Heliker, John
Kraushaar Galleries.John Heliker. April 19-May 14, 1977.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1977.
Box Folder
2 48 Hillsmith, Fannie
Louise E. Thorne Memorial Art Gallery.Paintings and Constructions by Fannie Hillsmith. June 4-23, 1972.Keene, NH: Keene State College,1972.
Box Folder
2 49 Hirsch, Stefan
The Phillips Collection.Stefan Hirsch. November 5-December 4, 1977.Washington, D.C.: The Phillips Collection, 1977.
Box Folder
2 50 Hofmann, Hans
Kootz Gallery.Recent Paintings by Hans Hofmann. November 15-December 5, 1949.New York: Kootz Gallery,1949.
Kootz Gallery.Hans Hofmann: New Paintings. January 7-26, 1957.New York: Kootz Gallery,1957.
Provincetown Art Association and Museum.Hans Hofmann as Teacher: Drawings by his Students. Hans Hofmann: Provincetown Scenes. August 1-Octber 12, 1980. Provincetown, MA: The Association, 1980.
Box Folder
2 51 Holtzman, Harry
Washburn Gallery.Harry Holtzman: Drawings 1930's-Sculpture 1980's. September 11-October 27, 1990.New York: Washburn Gallery, 1990.
Box Folder
2 52 Hondius, Gerrit
The William Benton Museum of Art.Gerrit Hondius: 1891-1970. April 24-May 28, 1976.Storrs, CT: The University of Connecticut, 1976.
Box Folder
2 53 Hopkins, Edna Boies
Mary Ryan Gallery.Edna Boies Hopkins: Color Woodcuts 1910-1923.New York: Mary Ryan Gallery, 1986.
Box Folder
2 54 Hopper, Edward
The Brevard Art Center and Museum.Edward Hopper: The Early Years.Melbourne: The Brevard Art Center and Museum,1980.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Edward Hopper: Early and Late Drawings Watercolors, and Paintings. March 14-April 18, 1987.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1987.
Currier Gallery of Art.Watercolors by Edward Hopper with a selection of his Etchings.Manchester, NH: The Currier Gallery of Art,1959.
Susan Sheehan, Inc.Prints by Edward Hopper. June 1-June 30, 1988.New York: Susan Sheehan Inc.,1988.
Brettell, Richard. Hopper. June 23-September 19, 1993. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1993.
Box Folder
2 55 Huntington Gallery
Huntington Gallery.A Selection of Fine Prints by 19th and 20th Century American and European Masters.Huntington, NY: Huntington Gallery, [1972]
Huntington Gallery.A Selection of Fine Prints by American Masters.Huntington, NY: Huntington Gallery,[1973]
Huntington Gallery.A Selection of Fine Prints by American and International Masters.Huntington, NY: Huntington Gallery,[1973]
Huntington Gallery.A Selection of Fien Prints by American and European Masters.Huntington, NY: Huntington Gallery,[1973]
Box Folder
3 1 Jonson, Raymond
Milwaukee Art Institute.Exhibit of Paintings by Raymond Jonson.Milwaukee: The Art Institute,1922.
Museum of Fine Arts of Houston.Exhibition of Oils, Watercolors and Drawings by Raymond Jonson. Houston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1928.
Delphic Studios.Exhibition of Paintings by Raymond Jonson. November 23-December 6, 1931New York: Delphic Studios,1931.
Museum of New Mexico Art Gallery.A Retrospective Exhibition of Painting by Raymond Jonson. April 1-April 30, 1956.Santa Fe: Museum of New Mexico Art Gallery,1956.
Deren Coke, Van.Raymond Jonson: A Retrospective Exhibition.Albuquerque: The University of New Mexico Press,1964.
McCauley, Elizabeth AnnRaymond Jonson: The Early Years. January 27-March 2, 1980.Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Art Museum, 1980.
Berry-Hill Galleries.Raymond Jonson, 1891-1982: Pioneer Modernist of New Mexico. February 11-March 1, 1986.New York: Berry-Hill Galleries,1986.
Ferran, Gregg.Raymond Jonson Abstract Landscape 19222-1947. June 7-July 22, 1988. Albuquerque, NM: Jonson Gallery, 1988.
University of New Mexico Jonson Gallery. Raymond Jonson: Geometric Form in the Pursuit of a Unifying Principle June 5-September 14, 1990Albuquerque: The Gallery,1990.
Raymond Jonson Gallery of The University of New Mexico.Raymond Jonson Gallery of The University of New Mexico. November 27, 1990-January 18, 1991Albuquerque: Raymond Jonson Gallery, 1990.
Blankenship, Tiska.The Raymond Jonson Centennial Retrospective: University of New Mexico Art Museum. October 13-December 22, 1991.Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Art Museum,1991.
Gerald Peters Gallery.Raymond Jonson: Late Abstractions. May 1-May 31, 1992. Santa Fe: Gerald Peters Gallery,1992.
University of New Mexico Jonson Gallery.Symbolizing New Mexico: Native Iconographic Influences in Raymond Jonson's Paintings. June 9-August 14, 1992. Albuquerque: The Gallery,1992.
University of New Mexico Jonson Gallery.Poetry of the Theatre: Raymond Jonson and the Chicago Little Theatre Years 1912-1917.Albuquerque: The Gallery,1994.
Jonson Gallery of the University of New Mexico Art Museum.1945: Abstractions by Raymond Jonson, Drawings from Iwo Jima by Robert Hooton.Albuquerque: The Gallery, 1995.
Jonson Gallery of the University Art Museums.Professor Johnson: Teacher of Art and Ideals. May 26-August 14, 1998.Santa Fe: University of New Mexico Art Museums,1998.
Box Folder
3 2 Jules, Mervin
A.C.A. Gallery. Mervin Jules: An Exhibition of Paintings. January 12-25, 1941. New York: ACA Gallery,1941.
Box Folder
3 3 Kainen, Jacob
Lunn Gallery.Jacob Kainen: Recent Works. May 20-July 7, 1978. Washington, D.C.: Lunn Gallery, 1978.
Box Folder
3 4 Kamrowski, Gerome
Washburn Gallery.Gerome Kamrowski: The 1940's. October 28-November 21, 1987.New York: Washburn Gallery,1987.
Washburn Gallery.Gerome Kamrowski: The 1940's. January 4-February 4, 1989.New York: Wasburn Gallery,1989.
Box Folder
3 5 Karfiol, Bernard.
The Brummer GalleryKarfiol: Exhibition February 14-March 12, 1927.New York: The Brummer Gallery,1927.
Box Folder
3 6 Keller, Arthur
Cragsmoor Free Library.A.J. Keller: Painter and Illustrator, 1866-1924.Cragsmoor, NY: The Free Library,1978.
Box Folder
3 7 Kelpe, Paul
Long Beach Museum of Art.Paul Kelpe: American Abstract Artist. May 18-June 15, 1980.Long Beach, CA: Long Beach Museum of Art,1980.
Box Folder
3 8 Kennedy Galleries.
Kennedy Galleries.Five Centuries of Fine Prints: Old Master Etchings and Engravings, European and American Graphics, French Moderns.New York: Kennedy Galleries, 1960.
Box Folder
3 9 Kent, Rockwell
Associated American Artists.The Prints of Rockwell Kent.New York: Associated American Artists, 1975.
The Associates of the Swarthmore College Libraries.The Many Faceted Rockwell Kent. January 5-March 31, 1982. Swarthmore, PA: The Associates, 1982.
Associated American Artists.Rockwell Kent: Prints and Drawings, 1904-1962. March 3-28, 1987.New York: Associated American Artists, 1987.
Associated American Artists.The Prints of Rockwell Kent. September 5-29, 1990.New York: Associated American Artists,1990.
Box Folder
3 10 Kerkman, Earl
World House Galleries.Earl Kerkman. February 26-March 23, 1963.New York: World House Galleries,1963.
Box Folder
3 11 Knaths, Karl
The Art Institute of Chicago.Paintings by Karl Knaths. January 22-February 23, 1942. Chicago: The Art Institute, 1942.
Paul Rosenberg & Co.Memorial Exhibition Paintings from 1922 to 1971 on Loan from Museums and Private Collections by Karl Knaths. January 18-February 19, 1972.New York: Paul Rosenberg & Co., 1972.
Paul Rosenberg & Co.Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Karl Knaths. October 16-November 11, 1967.New York: Paul Rosenberg & Co., 1967.
Young, Jean and Jim Young.Karl Knaths, 1891-1971: Works on Paper.Syracuse, NY: Everson Museum of Art,1982.
Box Folder
3 12 Kerns, Maude
Sheffield, Anne.Maude I. Kerns.Eugene, OR: Maude I. Kerns Art Center,1981.
Box Folder
3 13 Koch, John
Kraushaar Galleries.Paintings on Exhibition from February 17 to March 8, 1969.New York: Kraushaar Galleries, 1969.
Kraushaar Galleries. John Koch. February 28-March 25, 1972.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1972.
Kraushaar Galleries. John Koch. November 19-December 14, 1974.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1974
Kraushaar GAlleriesJohn Koch: A Memorial Exhibition. November 4-29, 1980.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1980.
Box Folder
3 14 Koerner, W.H.D.
Fenn Galleries.W.H.D. Koerner.Sante Fe: Fenn Galleries,[n.d.]
Box Folder
3 15 Kopman, Benjamin
World House Galleries.Benjamin Kopman: Paintings and Gouaches. May 6-June 13, 1959.New York: World House Galleries, 1959.
Forum Gallery.Benjamin Kopman. November 3-November 23, 1963.New York: Forum Gallery,1963.
Box Folder
3 16 Kuh, Katharine Mallory, Nancy and Avis Berman.
Katharine Kuh: Interpreting the New.New York: Archives of American Art,1995.
Box Folder
3 17 Kuhn, Walt
Marie Harriman Gallery.Exhibition of Paintings by Walt Kuhn.New York: Marie Harriman Gallery,1932.
Maynard Walker Gallery.An Exhibition of Works by Walt Kuhn: 1877-1949. April 18-May 7, 1966.New York: Maynard Walker Gallery,1966.
Burk, Efram L. Walt Kuhn: 1877-1949. Orono, ME: University of Maine Museum of Art, 1980.
Box Folder
3 18 Kuniyoshi, Yasuo
Salander-O'Reilly Galleries.Yasuo Kuniyoshi, 1893-1953: Paintings.New York: Salander-O'Reilly Galleries, 1981.
Whitney Museum of American Art.Yasuo Kuniyoshi. April 11-June 19, 1986.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris, 1986.
Box Folder
3 19 Kunstler, Mort
Hammer Galleries.Mort Kunstler, History Recorded: The Indian and White Man in Early America. October 12-October 22, 1977.New York: Hammer Galleries,1977.
Hammer Galleries.Mort Kunstler: Epic Paintings of America. October 27-November 7, 1981.New York: Hammer Galleries,1981.
Hammer Galleries.Mort Kunstler: Epic Paintings of America. November 23-December 11, 1982.New York: Hammer Galleries,1982.
Box Folder
3 20 Lachaise, Gaston
Knoedler Galleries.Gaston Lachaise: 1882-1935. January 20-February 15, 1947.New York: M. Knoedler & Company,1947.
Box Folder
3 21 Laning, Edward
Bernard Danenberg Galleries.Edward Laning. November 4-22, 1969.New York: Bernard Danenberg Galleries,1969.
Box Folder
3 22 Lassaw, Ibram
Morris R. Williams Center for the Arts.Ibram Lassaw: Detwiller Visiting Artist. October 24-December 9, 1983.Easton, PA: Lafayette Collete,1983.
Heckscher Museum.Ibram Lassaw. June 9-July 22, 1973.Huntington, NY: Heckscher Museum1973.
Box Folder
3 22 Laurent, Roberg
Kraushaar Galleries.Robert Laurent: Memorial Exhibition. January 3-22, 1972.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1972.
Box Folder
3 23 Lawson, Ernest
ACA Heritage Gallery.Ernest Lawson: 1873-1939. April 25-May 20, 1967.New York: ACA Gallery,1967.
Box Folder
3 24 Lipchitz, Jacques
Buchholz Gallery.Jacques Lipchitz. January 21-February 14.New York: Buchholz Gallery,n.d.
Brummer Gallery.Jacques Lipchitz. December 2-January 31.New York: Brummer Gallery,n.d.
Curt Valentin Gallery.Jacques Lipchitz: Early Stone Carvings and Recent Bronzes. March 23-April 17, 1948.New York: Curt Valentin, 1948.
Buchholz Gallery. Jacques Lipchitz. May 1-26, 1951.New York: Buchholz Gallery, 1951.
Fine Arts Associates.Jacques Lipchitz. Fourteen Recent Works: 1958-1959, and Earlier Works: 1949-1959. November 10-December 5, 1959New York: Fine Arts Associates, 1959.
The Corcoran Gallery of Art.Jacques Lipchitz: A Retrospective Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawings. March 12-April 10, 1960.Washington: The Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1960.
Box Folder
3 25 Lozowick, Louis
Sid Deutsch Gallery.Louis Lozowick 1892-1973: Paintings and Drawings. October 6-31, 1990.New York: Sid Deutsch Gallery, 1990.
Solomon, Elke M.Louis Lozowick: Lithographs November 21, 1972-January 1, 1973New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1973.
Hirschl & Adler.Louis Lozowick. Lithographs of Louis Lozowick: 1892-1973. September 25-October 25, 1986.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries, 1986.
Robert Hull Fleming Museum.Abstraction and Realism: 1923-1943: Paintings, Drawings, and Lithographs of Louis Lozowick. March 14-April 18, 1971.Burlington: The University of Vermont,1971.
Associated American Artists.The Prints of Louis Lozowick. November 1-24, 1982.New York: Associated American Artists,1982.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Louis Lozowick, 1892-1973: Works on the Precisionist Manner. February 16-March 15, 1980.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1980.
Associated American Artists.Louis Lozowick's New York. January 5-January 31, 1976.New York: Associated American Artists,1976.
Newark Public Library.Louis Lozowick: Lithographs and Drawings. December 20, 1972-January 31, 1973.Newark: Newark Public Library,1973.
Newark Public Library.Louis Lozowick: Graphic Retrospective. February 28-March 28, 1969.Newark: Newark Public Library,1969.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Lithographs by Louis Lozowick. March 3-April 14, 1990.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1990.
Box Folder
3 26 Luks, George
ACA American Heritage Gallery, Inc.George Luks: Forty Drawings from his Sketch Books. April 5-May 1, 1965New York: ACA Galleries,1965.
Childs Gallery.An Exhibition of Watercolors, Drawings, and Oil Paintings by George Benjamin Luks (1867-1933).Boston: Carl L. Crossman, Inc.,1973.
Box Folder
3 27 Lundeberg, Helen
Tobey C. Moss.Helen Lundeberg: Paintings. March 15-April 30, 1983.Los Angeles: Tobey C. Moss,1983.
Box Folder
3 28 MacIver, Loren
East River Gallery.MacIver. March 29-April 16, 1938.New York: East River Gallery,1938.
Box Folder
3 29 Manship, Paul
Smithsonian Institution.A Retrospective Exhibition of Sculpture by Paul Manship. February 23-March 16, 1958.Washington, D.C: Smithsonian Institution,1958.
Box Folder
3 30 Maril, Herman
James Graham & Sons, Inc. Herman Maril, 1908-1986: Paintings and Works on Paper from the 1920s and 1930s. April 29-June 4, 1999.New York: James Graham & Sons,1999.
Box Folder
3 31 Marin, John
Marlborough Graphics.John Marin. February-March, 1971.New York: Marlborough Graphics,1971.
Downtown Gallery.John Marin: Paintings in Oil 1902-1953.New York: The Downtown Gallery, 1963.
University Art Museum.Marin in New Mexico/1929 & 1930.Albuquerque: The University of New Mexico,1968.
Box Folder
3 32 Marinko, George
Falk, Peter Hastings.George Marinko, 1908-1989: Pioneer American Surrealist.Madison, CT: Sound View Press,1989.
Box Folder
3 33 Markman, Kyra
The Witkin Gallery.Kyra Markham: American Fantasist, 1891-1967. October 13-November 7, 1981.New York: The Witkin Gallery,1981.
Box Folder
3 34 Marsh, Reginald
Bernard Danenberg Galleries.Aspects of New York: A Summer Exhibition and Sale of Works by Reginald Marsh. July 29-August 15, 1969.New York: Bernard Danenberg Galleries,1969.
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.Reginald Marsh: Fiftieth Anniversary Exhibition. November 4-28, 1973.Kalamazoo: The Institute,1973.
Associated American Artists.The Prints of Reginald Marsh. September 13-October 2, 1976.New York: Associated American Artists,1976.
Vincent Astor Gallery. New York Public Library at Lincoln Center.Reginald Marsh: The Art of Popular Entertainment. September 6-November 19, 1977.New York: The Gallery,1977.
Bernard Danenberg Galleries.Reginal Marsh. July 29-August 13, 1971.New York: Bernard Danenberg Galleries,1971.
Box Folder
3 35 Mason, Alice Trumball
Whitney Museum of American Art.Alice Mason Trumbull. May 17-June 12, 1973. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1973.
Washburn Gallery.Alice Trumbull Mason: Paintings from 1930-1950. November 7-December 1, 1979.New York: Washburn Gallery,1979.
Washburn Gallery. Alice Trumbull Mason. April 3-27, 1985.New York: Washburn Gallery,1985.
Washburn Gallery.Alice Trumbull Mason. May 19-June 25, 1999.New York: Washburn Gallery,1999.
Washburn Gallery.Alice Trumbull Mason: Drawings from c.1930 to c.1950. January, 1981.New York: Washburn Gallery,1981.
Washburn Gallery.Alice Trumbull Mason: Paintings from 1929 to 1969. January 6-February 6, 1988.New York: Washburn Gallery,1988.
Box Folder
3 36 Matulka, Jan
Kloomok, Isaac.Matulka. June 5-June 26, 1944.New York: ACA Gallery,1944.
Box Folder
3 37 Maurer, Alfred
Uptown Gallery, Continental Club.Memorial Exhibition: Works of the Late Alfred Maurer: Oils and Gouaches Covering Work of Thirty-Five Years.New York: Uptown Gallery,1934.
Kaplan, Katherine.Modernist Expressions: Alfred Maurer Heads, 1920-1932..New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1998.
Pollack, Peter.Alfred Maurer and the Fauves: The Lost Years Rediscovered. February 27-March 31, 1973.New York: Bernard Danenberg Galleries,1973.
Babcock Galleries.A.H. Maurer's Statement. January 8-February 2, 1963.New York: Babcock Galleries,1963.
Box Folder
3 38 McBride, Henry
Knoedler Galleries.To Honor Henry McBride: An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, and Water Colours.New York: M. Knoedler Galleries,1949.
Box Folder
3 39 McNeil, George
Terry Dintenfass.George McNeil: Paintings/Lithographs 1977-1979.New York: Terry Dintenfass,1979.
University Art Museum.The Paintings of George McNeil. February 6-23, 1966.Austin: The University Art Museum of the University of Texas,1966.
Box Folder
3 40 McVicker, J. Jay
Harco Gallery.J. Jay McVicker: Works on Paper 1940-48.The Gallery,n.d.
Box Folder
3 41 Mechau, Frank
Denver Art Museum.Frank Mechau, 1904-1946: Memorial Exhibition. November 18-December 30, 1946.Denver: Denver Art Museum,1946.
Denver Art Museum.Frank Mechau Retrospective, 1904-1946. June 29-August 27, 1972.Denver: Denver Art Museum,1972.
Box Folder
3 42 Meert, Joseph
Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center.Color Rhythms: The Late Watercolors of Joseph Meert. August 4-October 29, 1994. East Hampton: Pollock-Krasner House, 1994.
Box Folder
3 43 Meierhans, Josef
Princeton Gallery of Fine Art. Josef Meierhans, 1890-1981: An American Modernist, Works from the 1940s and 1950s.Princeton: Princeton Gallery of Fine Art, 1985.
Box Folder
3 44 Merrild, Knud
Steve Turner Gallery.Knud Merrild: Works from the 1930's and 1940's. September 27-November 16, 1991.Los Angeles: Steve Turner Gallery, 1991.
Box Folder
3 45 Miller, George
National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution. George Miller and American Lithography. February 13-April 4, 1976.Washington: Smithsonian Institution,1976.
Box Folder
3 46 Miller, Kenneth Hayes
Art Students League.Kenneth Hayes Miller.New York: Art Students Leagure,1949.
Zabriskie Gallery.Kenneth Hayes Miller: 1876-1952. October 6-31, 1970.New York: Zabriskie Gallery,1970.
Box Folder
3 47 Moffett, Ross
Worcester Art Museum.Ross Moffett: 1888-1971.Worcester: Worcester Art Museum,1975.
Box Folder
3 48 Mora, F. Luis
Thomson Gallery.F. Luis Mora: A Retrospective Exhibition of Drawings & Watercoors. March 18-29.New York: Thomson Gallery,n.d.
Box Folder
3 49 Morris, George L.K.
The Corcoran Gallery of Art.George L.K. Morris: A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture, 1930-1964. May 1-May 30, 1965.Washington, D.C.: The Corcoran Gallery of Art,1965.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.George L.K. Morris: A Retrospective Exhibition. October 5-October 30, 1971.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1971.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.George L.K. Morris: Abstract Art of the 1930s. May 4-May 31, 1974.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1974
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.George L.K. Morris: The Years 1945-1975. April 7-28, 1979. New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1979.
Box Folder
3 50 Mocsa, August
Grand Central Art Galleries.August Mosca: A Fifty Year Retrospective. January 30-February 28, 1990.New York: Grand Central Art Galleries,1990.
Box Folder
3 51 Murphy, Gerald
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.Gerald Murphy: Toward an Understanding of his Art and Inspiration. September 21-December 1, 1983.New York: Board of Governors, 1983.
Box Folder
3 52
Museum of Modern Art. Museum of Modern Art.Painting and Sculpture by Living Americans. December 2, 1930-January 20, 1931.New York: Museum of Modern Art,1930.
Box Folder
3 53 Myers, Ethel
Robert Schoelkopf Gallery.Ethel Meyers. April 2-April 30, 1963.New York: Robert Schoelkopf,1963.
Box Folder
3 54 Meyers, Jerome
Kraushaar Galleries.Jerome Myers: 1867-1940. April 13-May 2, 1970.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1970.
Delaware Art Center.Jerome Myers: An Artist in Manhattan.Wilmington, DE: The Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts,1967.
Box Folder
4 1 Nevelson, Louise
Washburn Gallery.Louise Nevelson: Sculpture and Drawings from the 1930s. March 21-April 19, 1997.New York: Washburn Gallery,1997.
Washburn Gallery.Louise Nevelson: Sculpture and Drawings from the 1940s. September 9-October 8, 1998.New York: Washburn Gallery,1998.
Box Folder
4 2 New York Society of Women Artists
ACA GAlleries.New York Society of Women Artist: 1925. March 7-28, 1987.New York: ACA Galleries,1987.
Box Folder
4 3 Noguchi, Isamu
Altshuler, Bruce.Isamu Noguchi: Early Abstraction. April 21-June 19, 1994.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1981.
Box Folder
4 4 O'Keeffe, Georgia
Sims, PattersonGeorgia O'Keeffe. July 8-October 4, 1981.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1981.
Box Folder
4 5 Parrish, Maxfield
Vose Galleries.Maxfield Parrish, 1870-1906: An Exhibition of Original Paintings and Drawings.Boston: Vose Galleries,1977.
Box Folder
4 6 Pascin, Jules
Washington Irving Gallery.Jules Pascin: Drawings.New York: Washington Irving Gallery,n.d.
Perls Galleries.Jules Pascin: 1885-1930. Septebmer 22-October 25, 1952.New York: Perls Galleries,1952.
Perls Galleries.Jules Pascin: 1885-1930. November 11-December 20, 1980.New York: Perls Galleries,1980.
Perls Galleries.Jules Pascin: 1885-1930. October 16-November 17, 1984.New York: Perls Galleries,1984.
Box Folder
4 7 Peirce, Waldo
Colby College Art Museum. A Retrospective Exhibition: Waldo Peirce. April 7-April 30, 1965.Waterville: Colby College,1965.
Box Folder
4 8 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. The One Hundred and Forty-Second Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. January 26-March 2, 1947.Philadelphia: The Academy,1947.
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.The One Hundred and Forty-Third Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. January 25-February 29, 1948.Philadelphia: The Academy,1948.
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.The One Hundred and Forty-Fourth Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. January 23-February 27, 1949. Philadelphia: The Academy,1949.
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.The One Hundred and Forty-Fifth Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. January 22-February 26, 1950.Philadelphia: The Academy, 1950.
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.The One Hundred and Forty-Eighth Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. January 25-March 1, 1953.Philadelphia: The Academy,1953.
Box Folder
4 9 Perkins, Philip
Randall Galleries.Three Decades of the Art of Philip Perkins. November 2-November 19, 1977.New York: Randall Galleries,1977.
Randall Galleries.The Paintings of the Sixties by Philip Perkins. November 1-November 18, 1978.New York: Randall Galleries,1978.
Box Folder
4 10 Peterson, Jane
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.An Itinerant Spirit: The Early Works of Jane Peterson. March 8-April 15, 1995.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1995.
Box Folder
4 11 Pleissner, Ogden
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Recent Watercolors and Oils by Ogden Pleissner. November 5-November 29, 1975.New York: Hirschl & Adlger Galleries,1995.
Box Folder
4 12 Porter, Fairfield
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Fairfield Porter: His Last Works 1974-1975. May 4-28, 1976.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1976.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.Fairfield Porter: Figurative Painting. November 3-December 1, 1979.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1979.
The Whitney Museum of American Art.Fairfield Porter. June 1-August 19, 1984.New York: The Whitney,1984.
Box Folder
4 13 Prendergrast, Charles
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.The Art of Charles Prendergrast. March 5-March 22, 1969.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1969.
Box Folder
4 14 Prendergrast, Maurice
Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris.Monotypes by Maurice Prendergrast. February 26-April 22, 1987.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1987.
Box Folder
4 15 Ray, Man
New Jersey State Museum.Two Generations of Photographs: Man Ray and Naomi Saage. December 14, 1968-February 9, 1969.Trenton: New Jersey State Museum,1968.
Box Folder
4 16 Refregier, Anton
ACA Gallery.Anton Refregier. March 16-23, 1942.New York: ACA Gallery Publication,1942.
Box Folder
4 17 Reiss, Winold
Shepherd Gallery.Winold Reiss: An American Designer 1920s through 1940s. October 5-December 3, 1988.New York: Shepherd Gallery,1988.
Box Folder
4 18 Robinson, Boardman
George Nix Gallery.Tribute to Boardman Robinson. May 17-June 14.Colorado Springs: George Nix Gallery,n.d.
Box Folder
4 19 Robus, Hugo
Forum Gallery.Hugo Robus, 1885-1964: Memorial Exhibition. January 18-February 12, 1966.New York: Forum Gallery,1966.
Box Folder
4 20 Ronnebeck, Arnold
Conner Rosenkranz.Arnold Ronnebeck: 1885-1947.New York: Conner Rosenkranz,1998
Box Folder
4 21 Rosen, Charles
Salander-O'Reilly Galleries.Paintings by Charles Rosen.New York: Salander-O'Reilly Galleries,1981.
Box Folder
4 22 Rosenborg, Ralph
Princeton Gallery of Fine Art.Ralph Rosenborg: Recent Oil and Watercolor Paintings. March 12-April 2, 1983.Princeton: Princeton Gallery of Fine Art,1983.
Whitney Museum of American Art.The Theodore Roszak Bequest. January 21-March 18, 1984.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1984.
Princeton Gallery of Fine Art.Ralph Rosenborg: Watercolors 1940-1988. November 14-December 4, 1988.Princeton: Princeton Gallery of Fine Art,1988.
Snyder Fine Art.Ralph Rosenborg: Oil and Watercolor Paintings from the 1960s. January 15-February 23, 1991.New York: Snyder Fine Art,1991.
Snyder Fine Art.Ralph Rosenborg: 1913-1992 January 14-Feburary 20, 1993.New York: Snyder Fine Art,1993.
Box Folder
4 23 Russell, Morgan
Washburn Gallery.Morgan Russell. February 7-March 4, 1978.New York: Washburn Gallery,1978.
Box Folder
4 24 Ryan, Anne
Stable Gallery.Anne Ryan: Collages. April 24-May 11.New York: Stable Gallery,n.d.
Kraushaar Galleries.Catalogue of Color Wood Block Prints by Anne Ryan. December 2-28, 1957.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1957.
Kraushaar Galleries.Anne Ryan. December 6-31, 1977.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1977.
Washburn Gallery.Anne Ryan: Collages. November 5-December 21, 1985.New York: Washburn Gallery,1985.
Washburn Gallery.Anne Ryan & Circle. Mau 4-30, 1987.New York: Washburn Gallery,1987.
Washburn Gallery.Anne Ryan: A Centennial. October 3-November 4, 1989.New York: Washburn Gallery,1989.
Washburn Gallery.Anne Ryan: Collages from Three Museums. November 5-30, 1991.New York: Washburn Gallery,1991.
Washburn Gallery.Anne Ryan: 1889-1954. June 10-July 31, 1998.New York: Washburn Gallery,1998.
Box Folder
4 25 Saint-Gaudens, Augustus
The Cooper Union.Augustus Saint-Gaudens: The Real and the Ideal. November 14-December 18, 1984.New York: The Cooper Union,1984.
Box Folder
4 26 Salamme, Attilio
Duveen-Graham Gallery.Attilio Salemme: 1911-1955. May 2-31, 1955.New York: Duveen-Graham,1955.
Whitney Museum of American Art.Attilio Salemme. April 14-May 30, 1959.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1959.
Box Folder
4 27 Scaravaglione, Concetta
Kraushaar Galleries.Concetta Scaravaglione. October 5-22, 1983.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1983.
Box Folder
4 28 Scarlett, Rolph
Washburn Gallery.Rolph Scarlett: Works from c.1940. January 12-February 6, 1982.New York: Washburn Gallery,1982.
Washburn Gallery.Rolph Scarlett: Drawings and Watercolors. April 26-May 14, 1983.New York: Washburn Gallery,1983.
Woodstock Artists Association.Rolph Scarlett: Early Master of the Non-Objective. July 31-August 22, 1993.Woodstock: Woodstock Artists Association,1993.
Washburn Gallery.Rolph Scarlett: Works on Paper, c. 1945. January 18-February 11, 1995.New York: Washburn Gallery,1995.
Box Folder
4 29 Schamberg, Morton
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.Paintings by Morton L. Schamberg: 1881-1918. November 21-December 24, 1963.Philadelphia: The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts,1963.
Box Folder
4 30 Schankenberg, Henry
Kraushaar Galleries.Henry Schankenberg: Memorial Exhibition Janaury 13-February 7, 1976.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1976.
Kraushaar Galleries.Henry Schankenberg. March 31-April 19, 1969.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1969.
Box Folder
4 31 Schanker, Louis
Bethesda Art Gallery.Louis Schanker: Color Woodcuts.Bethesda: Bethesda Art Gallery,n.d.
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Associated American Artists.Louis Schanker: Prints and Drawings. September 4-27, 1986.New York: Associated American Artists,1986.
Box Folder
4 32 Schrag, Karl
Kraushaar Galleries.A Self-Portrait Retrospective 1940-1995: Kark Schrag. October 12-November 16, 1996.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1996.
Box Folder
4 33 Schwartz, William S.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries.The Paintings, Drawings, and Lithographs of William S. Schwartz: 1896-1977. November 24-December 29, 1984.New York: Hirschl & Adler Galleries,1984.
Box Folder
4 34 Seliger, Charles
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.Chalres Seliger: A Selection of Paintings and Drawings from the 1940s and 1990s. April 14-June 3, 1995.New York: Michael Rosenfeld Gallery,1995.
Box Folder
4 35 Shaw, Charles
Washburn Gallery.Reliefs by Charles G. Shaw. January 5-February 3, 1979.New York: Washburn Gallery,1979.
Washburn Gallery.Charles G. Shaw: Paintings from the 1930s. February 10-March 13, 1982.New York: Washburn Gallery,1982.
Washburn Gallery.Charles G. Shaw: Montages. April 5-23, 1983.New York: Washburn Gallery,1983.
Richard York Gallery.Charles G. Shaw: Abstractions of the Thirties. May 1-30, 1987.New York: Richard York Gallery,1987.
Washburn Gallery.Charles G. Shaw. January 15-February 22, 1997.New York: Washburn Gallery,1997.
Box Folder
4 36 Sheets, Millard
Dalzell Hatfield Galleries.Millard Sheets: Paintings from Around the World. June 6-July 15.Los Angeles: Dalzell Hatfield Galleries,n.d.
Box Folder
4 37 Shinn, Evertt
University of Pittsburgh.Everett Shinn: An Exhibition of his Work. February 25-March 28, 1959.Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh,1959.
DeShazo, EdithEverett Shinn: 1873-1953.Trenton: New Jersey State Museum,1973.
Owen Gallery.Everett Shinn: Important Paintings & Pastels. October 22-December 14, 1996.New York: Owen Gallery,1996.
Box Folder
4 38 Simkhovitch, Simka
Janet Marqusee Fine Arts.Simka Simkhovitch Paintings: 1893-1949.New York: Janet Marqusee Fine Arts,n.d.
Box Folder
4 39 Siporin, Mitchell
Museum of Art. University of Oklahoma.Mitchell Siporin: Watercolors: Gouaches, and Drawings. November 2-23, 1980.Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma,1980.
Box Folder
4 40 Sloan, John
C.W. Kraushaar Art Galleries.Catalogue of the Complete Etchings by John Sloan. February 1937.New York: C.W. Kraushaar Art Galleries,1937.
Kraushaar Galleries.John Sloan: Paintings and Drawings. January 11-February 6, 1966.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1966.
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IBM Gallery of Science and Art.John Sloan: Spectator of Life. April 26-June 18, 1988.New York: IBM Gallery of Science and Art,1988.
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Kraushaar Galleries.John Sloan: The Art of the Printmaker. April 29-June 5, 1999.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1999.
Kraushaar Galleries.John Sloan: The Gloucester Years.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,n.d.
Box Folder
4 41 Slobodkina, Esphyr
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood.Esphyr Slobodkina: An Introspective. February 16-March 18, 1984.Hollywood: Art and Culture Center,1984.
Box Folder
4 42 Smith, David
Washburn Gallery.David Smith: Paintings from 1930-1947. September 20-October 30, 1983.New York: Washburn Gallery1983.
Washburn Gallery.David Smith: Paintings from the 1930s. March 3-28, 1987.New York: Washburn Gallery,1987.
Washburn Gallery.David Smith: Painting into Sculpture. October 30-December 1, 1990.New York: Washburn Gallery,1990.
Washburn Gallery.David Smith: The Inspiration of Music. Feburary 15-March 25, 1995.New York: Washburn Gallery,1995.
Box Folder
4 43 Smith, Leon Polk
Washburn Gallery.Leon Polk Smith. September 22-October 30, 1982.New York: Washburn Gallery,1982.
Washburn Gallery.Leon Polk Smith. December 11, 1981-January 30, 1982.New York: Washburn Gallery,1981.
Washburn Gallery.Leon Polk Smith. March 4-April 4, 1981.New York: Washburn Gallery,1981.
Washburn Gallery.Leon Polk Smith: Constellations 1967-1973. January 11-February 25, 1980.New York: Washburn Gallery,1980.
Box Folder
4 44 Smith College Museum of Art.
Smith College Museum of Art.Ten Women Who Paint. October 14-November 3, 1949.Northhampton: Smith College,1949.
Box Folder
4 45 Soyer, Moses
ACA Gallery.Moses Soyer. November 19-December 8, 1962.New York: ACA Gallery,1962.
ACA Galleries.Moses Soyer: A Selection of Paintings, 1960-1970/ November 1-21, 1970.New York: ACA Galleries,1970.
Box Folder
4 46 Soyer, Raphael
Associated American Artists.Raphel Soyer: Sixteen Etchings.New York: Associated American Artists,n.d.
Margo Feiden Gallery.Raphael Soyer: Looking Over the Artists's Shoulder.New York: Margo Feiden Gallery,n.d.
ACA Gallery.Raphael Soyer. November 28-December 17, 1960.New York: ACA Gallery,1960.
Box Folder
4 47 Speicher, Eugene
American Academy of Arts and Letters.Eugene Speicher: Landscape and Still-Life Paintings. January 17-February 9, 1969.New York: The Academy,1969.
Salander-O'Reilly Galleries.Eugene Speicher.New York: The Galleries,n.d.
Box Folder
4 48 Spencer, Niles
Washburn Gallery.Drawings by Niles Spencer. October 25-November 25, 1972.New York: Washburn Gallery,1972.
Jeffers, WendyNiles Spencer: A Portrait in Words and Images. April 24-June 20, 1990.New York: Archives of American Art,1990.
Box Folder
4 49 Sprincorn, Carl
Tom Veilleux Gallery.Carl Sprincorn: American Modernist.Farmington, ME: Tom Veilleux Gallery,n.d.
Tom Veilleux Gallery.Carl Sprincorn: 1887-1971.Farmington, ME: Tom Veilleux Gallery,n.d.
Tom Veilleux Gallery.Carl Sprinchorn: Paintings from the Artist's Estate. July 16-August 16, 1994.Farmington, ME: Tom Veilleux Gallery,1994.
Tom Veilleux Gallery.Carol Sprinchorn. August 5-September 2, 1995.Farmington, ME: Tom Veilleux Gallery,1995.
Tom Veilleux Gallery.Carl Sprinchorn: Modernism Rooted in Tradition. August 13-September 7, 1996.Farmington, ME: Tom Veilleux Gallery,1996
Box Folder
4 50 Steichen, Edward
The New Britain Museum of American Art.Edward Steichen: The Innermost Eye. November 5-30, 1966.New Britain, CT: The New Britain Museum of Art,1966.
Federal Reserve.From Tonalism to Modernism: Teh Paintings of Edward J. Steichen. October 4-December 9, 1988.Washington, D.C.: Federal Reserve,1988.
Box Folder
4 51 Steinberg, Saul
Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.Saul Steinberg. October 4-November 26.Washington, D.C.: Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden,n.d.
Box Folder
4 52 Stella, Joseph
Richard York Gallery.Joseph Stella: 100 Works on Paper.New York: Richard York Gallery,n.d.
Zabriskie Gallery.Joseph Stella. April 15-May 17, 1958.New York: Zabriskie Gallery,1958.
Harry Salpeter Gallery.Joseph Stella: Works Done in Various Moods & Media 1908/1944. November 1963.New York: Harry Salpeter Gallery,1963.
Pensler Galleries.Joseph Stella: Paintings and Works on Paper. October 11-November 26, 1994.Washington, D.C.: Pensler Galleries,1994.
Box Folder
4 53 Sternberg, Harry
The University Gallery. University of Minnesota.The Prints of Harry Sternberg.Minneapolis: The University Gallery,n.d.
Box Folder
4 54 Sterner, Albert
Ira Spanierman.Albert Sterner, 1863-1946: An Exhibition of Paintings, Pastels, Drawings. April 20-May 11, 1968.New York: Ira Spanierman,1968.
Box Folder
4 55 Stevens, Will Henry
Richard York Gallery.Will Henry Stevens, 1881-1949: A Modernist's Response to Nature. October 1-31, 1987.New York: Richard York Gallery,1987.
Box Folder
4 56 Stone, Louise
The Noyes Museum.Images in Art. March 10-May 19, 1985.Oceanville, NJ: The Noyes Museum,1985.
Box Folder
4 57 Storrs, John
Robert Schoelkopf Gallery.John Storrs. March 4-March 29, 1975.New York: Robert Schoelkopf Gallery,1975.
Robert Henry Adams Fine Art.John Storrs: Sculpture and Related Drawings. April 24-June 2, 1998.Chicago: Robert Henry Adams Fine Art,1998.
Box Folder
4 58 Suba, Miklos
John Graham & Sons.Miklos Suba: Precise Impressions. November 6-December 13, 1997.New York: John Graham & Sons,1997.
Box Folder
4 59 Taubes, Frederic
Butler Institute of American Art.Taubes. February 6-27, 1983.Youngstown, OH: Butler Institute of American Art,1983.
Box Folder
4 60 Tchelitchew, Pavel
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.Pavel Tchelitchew 1898-1957: Nature Within & Without. October 31-December 14, 1991.New York: Michael Rosenfeld Gallery,1991.
Box Folder
4 61 Thompson, Bob
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.Bob Thompson: Heroes, Martyrs & Spectres. September 11-November 8, 1997.New York: Michael Rosenfeld Gallery,1997.
Box Folder
4 62 Tobey, Mark
Whitney Museum of American Art.Mark Tobey: Retrospective Exhibition. October 4-November 4, 1951.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1951.
Willard Gallery.Mark Tobey. April 1-May 2, 1953.New York: Willard Gallery,1953.
Box Folder
4 63 Torr, Helen
Heckscher Museum.Helen Torr: 1886-1967.Huntington, NY: Heckscher Museum,1972.
Graham Gallery.Helen Torr, 1886-1968: In Private Life, Mrs. Arthur Dove. March 25-May 17, 1980.New York: Graham Gallery,1980.
Box Folder
4 64 Trajan, Turku
Albert Landry Galleries.An Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawings by Turku Trajan. May 1960.New York: Albert Landry Galleries,1960.
Box Folder
4 65 Turbull, Rupert Davidson
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.Memorial Exhibition: Rupert Davidson Turbull, 1899-1960.Montreal: Museum of Fine Arts,1960.
Box Folder
4 66 Valente, Alfredo
Wickersham Gallery.Alfredo Valente: Imaginary Landscapes after Thirty-Five Years. May 10-May 22, 1971.New York: Wickersham Gallery,1971.
Box Folder
5 1 Van Everen, Jay
Tucker, MarciaJay Van Everen: 1875-1947, January 12-February 13, 1972.New York: Whitney Museum of American Art,1972.
Box Folder
5 2 Vedder, Elihu
Graham GalleriesElihu Vedder: An American Visionary in Rome. November 19-December 14, 1974.New York: Graham Galleries,1974.
Box Folder
5 3 von Wiegand, Charmion
Larsen, Susan C.Charmion von Wiegand: In Search of the Spiritual. November 18, 1993-January 14, 1994.Hartford: Joseloff Gallery,1993.
Larsen, Susan C.Spirit and Form: Charmion von Wiegand Collages, 1946-1963. September 10-October 31, 1998.New York: Michael Rosenfeld Gallery,1998.
Box Folder
5 4 Vytalcil, Vaclav
The Art Students League of New York.Vaclav Vytlacil.New York: The Art Students League,n.d.
Madison Art Center.Vaclav Vytlacil. February 18-March 11, 1973.Madison, WI: Madison Art Center,1973.
The Art Students League of New York.Vaclav Vytlacil: A Retrospective. September 22-October 10, 1997.New York: The Art Students League,1997.
Box Folder
5 5 Wachtel, Simon M.
Thomas McCormick Works of Art.Simon M. Wachtel, 1900-1965: High Adventure in the Realm of Art.Chicago: Thomas McCormick Works of Art,n.d.
Box Folder
5 6 Walkowitz, Abraham
Bernard Danenberg Galleries.Albraham Walkowitz: 50 Early Works. Feburary 23-March 13, 1971.New York: Bernard Danenberg Galleries,1971.
Box Folder
5 7 Ward, Lynd
Associated American Artists.Lynd Ward: Wood Engravings 1929-1977. March 4-29, 1986.New York: Associated American Artists,1986.
Box Folder
5 8 Warthen, Ferol Sibley
Provincentown Art Association and Museum.Ferol Sibley Warthen. June 28-July 21, 1985.Provincetown: Provincetown Art Association and Museum,1985.
Box Folder
5 9 Wells, Cady
Art Galleries of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor.Cady Wells: Memorial Retrospective Exhibition.San Francisco: California Palace of the Legion of Honor,n.d.
Box Folder
5 10 Wenzell, Albert Beck
Maxwell Galleries.The Age of Elegance: Paintings, Drawings, and Pastels by Albert Beck Wenzell. February 10-28, 1967.San Francisco: Maxwell Galleries,1967.
Box Folder
5 11 West, Michael
Stuart and Roberta Friedman.Michael West: The Five Decades.Granite Springs, NY: Stuart and Roberta Friedman,1993.
Box Folder
5 12 Whistler, James A. McNeil
M. Knoedler & Company.A Whistler Centenary. October-November 1934.New York: M. Knoedler,1934.
M. Knoedler & Company.Exhibition: Etchings and Lithographs by Whistler.New York: M. Knoedler,1973.
Associated American Artists.James A. McNeil Whistler: An Exhibition of Lithographs. November 6-December 2, 1972.New York: Associated American Art Artists,1972.
Assocated American Artists.James A. McNeil Whister: An Exhibition of a Collection of Etchings and Lithographs. November 1-November 27, 1965.New York: Associated American Artists,1965.
Box Folder
5 13 White, Wade
Janet Marqusee Fine Arts.Wade White: 1930's Precisionist.New York: Janet Marqusee Fine Arts,1989.
Box Folder
5 14 Wolff, Robert Jay
Washburn Gallery.Robert Jay Wolff. January 8-February 2, 1980.New York: Washburn Gallery,1980.
Box Folder
5 15 Wood, Beatrice
Rosa Esman Gallery.Beatrice Wood and Friends: From Dada to Deco. May 16-June 16, 1979.New York: Rosa Esman Gallery,1978.
Box Folder
5 16 Xceron, Jean
Rose Fried Gallery.Xceron: Selected Paintings 1920-1962. April 16-May 19.New York: Rose Fried Gallery,n.d.
Rose Fried Gallery.Jean Xceron: Recent Paintings. May 16-June 30, 1961.New York: Rose Fried Gallery,1961.
Rose Fried Gallery.Jean Xceron: Recent Paintings. April 3-May 2, 1963.New York: Rose Fried Gallery,1963.
Camillos Kouros Gallery.Jean Xceron. May-June 1984.New York: Camillos Kouros Gallery,1984.
Box Folder
5 17 Young, Mahonri
M. Knoedler & Company.Mahonri M. Young. March 11-April 12, 1969.New York: M. Knoedler & Company,1969.
Box Folder
5 18 Zorach, Marguerite
Montross Gallery.Exhibition of Embroidered Tapestries by Marguerite Zorach. February 1-17, 1923.New York: Montross Gallery,1923.
Colby College Art Museum.Marguerite Zorach.Colby, ME: College Museum of Art,1968.
Kraushaar Galleries.Marguerite Zorach. February 5-24, 1968.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1968.
Kraushaar Galleries.Marguerite Zorach: At Home and Abroad. March 11-April 6, 1974.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1974.
Kraushaar Galleries.Marguerite Zorach: Cubism and Beyond. October 5-November 2, 1991.New York: Kraushaar Galleries,1991.
Castle Gallery. College of New Rochelle.Marguerite Thompson Zorach: American Modernist. April 22-June 13, 1993.New Rochelle, NY: College of New Rochele,1993.
Box Folder
5 19 Zorach, William
The Downtown Gallery.William Zorach: Recent Sculpture. January 27-February 15, 1931.New York: The Downtown Gallery,1931.
The Art Students League of New York.William Zorach: A Retrospective Exhibition of Sculpture Commemorating his Twenty-First Year as Instructor at the Art Students League of New York. November 5-30, 1950.New York: The Art Students League,1950.