MC 833

Inventory to the Records of the Women's Project of New Jersey, 1984-2004

By Carla B. Zimmerman

April 2008

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Finding aid encoded in EAD, version 2002 by Carla Zimmerman 2008

This finding aid has been underwritten with affection by the Women's Project of New Jersey, Inc. to honor and celebrate the life of Dr. Caroline Coughlin, a founding member of the Board of Trustees.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Women's Project of New Jersey
Title: Inventory to the Records of the Women's Project of New Jersey
Dates: 1984-2004
Quantity: 14 cubic feet (11 records center cartons, 5 document boxes, 1 newspaper box)
Abstract: The Records of the Women's Project of New Jersey document the work undertaken by the Women's Project of New Jersey to produce Past and Promise: Lives of New Jersey Women. The papers also provide details of the Project's other endeavors to promote understanding of the roles of women in the history of New Jersey. The records consist of documents, photographs, audiovisual materials, and an artifact.
Collection No.: MC 833
Language: English
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives

Historical Sketch

The Women's Project of New Jersey, Inc. (WPNJ) was a non-profit corporation organized in October 1984, originally for the purpose of publishing a reference book on representative and extraordinary women in New Jersey's history. As the organization developed and its work progressed, related projects emerged. Its interests became broader to encompass "promoting the understanding of the role of women in the history and culture of New Jersey." By the end of 2004, the WPNJ had produced the publication and a paperback reprint, a traveling exhibition, a lecture series, a speakers' panel series, two school workbooks, a speakers' bureau, posters, and a Web site.

The comprehensive volume, Past and Promise: Lives of New Jersey Women, was published in 1990. The idea for a publication about New Jersey women began under the auspices of the Mendham Free Public Library, but the dimensions of the project soon outgrew the resources of the public library. A separate organization was formed and incorporated in July 1985. The Board of Trustees was composed of a variety of professionals, including historians, librarians, writers, a lawyer, an accountant, a publicist, an educational equity specialist, women's studies specialists, and an art historian. The Board met monthly or bi-monthly from October 1984 to September 1990 and less frequently after the book was published.

During the first year of operation, the organization focused on the contents of the publication. The initial activities included defining research methods and scope, and establishing an editorial board. Over 250 researchers and writers were selected, trained, and assigned subjects. The editorial board grew to included Joan N. Burstyn, editor-in-chief, Delight Wing Dodyk, Carolyn DeSwarte Gifford, and Carmela Ascoleses Karnoutsos, associate editors, Caroline Wheeler Jacobus and Gayle Samuels, managing editors, Patricia Smith Butcher, bibliographic editor, Lois Krieger, copy editor, and Doris Friedensohn, Ferris Olin, and Barbara Rubin, photographic editors.

The managing editors devised several means of keeping this relatively disparate group cohesive and involved. They sent annual summaries of the project in December, issued notices regularly, and offered workshops on research methodology. To bring the board members, writers, and researchers together, they planned special events such as the 1986 performance of "Solo Flight" about the life of Rev. Jeannette Piccard, who was a New Jersey women and the first woman to pilot a stratosphere balloon.

The editorial board selected biographical subjects, all born in or before 1923 (the year of the introduction of the first Equal Right Amendment by Alice Paul), "whose lives illustrated the role of women in the more private domains of family, community, and religious life, along with those who made outstanding contributions in the public spheres of science, medicine, letters, sports, government, business, education, the arts and entertainment." [Past and Promise, p. ix]. They contacted the living subjects, some of whom were interviewed, and asked all to review their biographies before publication.

During 1986 and 1987, the researcher/writers composed the biographical essays, which were edited by the associate editors and then re-worked by the writers. Subjects were withdrawn and others were added over the course of this period. Researchers and editors located photographs, images and audio-visuals about the subjects, and inventories were made. Some were collected later for the publication and exhibition.

During 1988 the editors prepared the final manuscript and worked with the publisher, Scarecrow Press in Metuchen, New Jersey. The WPNJ controlled the editorial process and hired their own professional book designer, Linda C. Quinn. The publishers handled the advertising, sales, and distribution of the book and agreed to keep it in print.

The board focused on fundraising for projects throughout the life of the WPNJ. A fundraising committee's 1987 event, "The Violin Octet," a performance by musicians playing a family of violins invented by Carleen Maley Hutchins, a New Jersey women, raised money while highlighting the contribution of women to the science of music. Corporations, foundations, and state and federal agencies granted funding for the writers/researchers' honoraria, administrative costs, and special projects. Sources of money included the Community Foundation of New Jersey, the Florence and John Schumann Foundation, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Division on Women, the New Jersey Historical Commission, and Worldworks Foundation, Inc., among others. By 1991 over $100,000 was raised for the reference volume and exhibition, primarily by Project Director and President Gayle Samuels.

While the main goal of the WPNJ was the production of the reference book, the information gathered during the research allowed the creation of other educational formats: a traveling exhibition, classroom workbooks, lectures and presentations, an educational poster set, contributions to the New Jersey Women's Heritage Trail, and entries in The Encyclopedia of New Jersey. A speakers bureau engaged essay authors for lectures to organizations and schools. With the advent of the Internet, the WPNJ board created a Web site in 1997 to take advantage of the new technology to put forward more biographical and historical materials, documents, images, a time line, educational tools on New Jersey women, not included in the reference volume.

WPNJ curators created the traveling photographic exhibition during 1988 and 1989. It presented five themes: law and politics; the economy (agriculture, business, and industry) community life; arts and letters; sports and physical fitness. The curators for the exhibit were Doris Friedensohn and Barbara Rubin, of Jersey City State College, and Ferris Olin, of Rutgers University. The exhibition preview coincided with the book's debut on March 1, 1990 at the New Jersey State Library. A gala opening at the Newark Public Library was held a few days later on March 11. Under the direction of Caroline Coughlin, head of the Drew University Library, the exhibition traveled throughout the state to colleges and universities, schools, museums, libraries, corporations, and conferences until June 1994.

Early in the project three of the essay writers initiated a workbook for students at the upper elementary level. Created by WPNJ contributors Arlene Ferman, Helen Svihra, and Grace A. Aqualina, Better Than Our Best: Women of Valor in American History was published in 1991. In 1993 the Women's Project sponsored a publication on women's suffrage in New Jersey, Reclaiming Lost Ground: the Struggle for Woman Suffrage in New Jersey by Neale McGoldrick and Margaret Crocco. This volume was designed for use in secondary schools and is filled with archival documents and images, as well as narratives.

During the academic year 1985-1986, the WPNJ collaborated with the women's studies program of Drew University to launch "Women's History Through Biography," a project promoting the study of women's history and based on the research being gathered for Past and Promise. A series of lectures by nationally known scholars, followed by workshops for the local contributors to the WPNJ's publication, were held at Drew University. A documentary film series was offered for public viewing. Finally, the public was invited to attend panel sessions with Past and Promise essayists held in various communities. These educational events, many conceived by Wendy Kolmar of the Drew women's studies department and funded by a state grant, kept the writers and researchers of the WPNJ involved and productive, while also serving to keep the work of the WPNJ in the public's eye.

Newspapers and academic journals, radio talk shows, and later, announcements on their Web site and on the New Jersey History Listserv publicized the projects of WPNJ. The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) awarded the WPNJ its Certificate of Commendation in 1986 for the "Women's History Through Biography" project. In 1991, the WPNJ was honored with awards from the AASLH and the New Jersey Historical Commission for the book and exhibition's contributions to the advancement of state and local history.

The organization's activities quieted for a few years after the publication of Past and Promise, although articles and presentations about the project continued, and biographical files on the subjects were maintained. In 1997 WPNJ produced an updated paperback edition, published by Syracuse University Press, with a new introduction and a necrology of subjects who had died since 1990.

Seven years after its completion of the initial publication goal, the WPNJ still found new ways to disseminate information about New Jersey women. In 1997 the WPNJ launched a Web site entitled "New Jersey Women's History," in collaboration with the Margery Somers Foster Center, Rutgers University Special Collections and University Archives, and Rutgers University Libraries Scholarly Communication Center. The New Jersey Historical Society joined the effort the following year. This Web site was designed, researched, embellished and edited in several phases, and was publicized broadly to educators. These activities were funded through grants from the New Jersey Historical Commission.

The Web site is "a resource for students, teachers, and all interested people who want to know more about the history of New Jersey women." [WPNJ Web site, 2001] The site includes facts, images, documents, material objects, educators' resources, as well as a topical index, a bibliography, and a listing of related Web sites. The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) again awarded the WPNJ a Certificate of Commendation in 2004 for the Web site. The administration of the Web site was transferred to the Alice Paul Institute in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey in 2006. During the time the WPNJ administered the Web site it was the only such state women's history Web site in the country.

In addition to providing a virtual presence of women's history on the Internet, the WPNJ was involved in the creation of a survey of historic sites in New Jersey. It provided an historical context essay and bibliography for the New Jersey Women's Heritage Trail, a project of the Department of Environmental Protection's Historic Preservation Office. The selection of historic sites was established in 2002 and detailed in the DEP's guidebook, New Jersey Women's Trail. Preservation Partners published its own book, Women's Place in New Jersey History (2004), using the historical information provided by the WPNJ.

Most recently, WPNJ President Delight Dodyk served on the advisory board of The Encyclopedia of New Jersey (2004) and helped select subjects from Past and Promise for inclusion in the encyclopedia. The research for WPNJ's initial project continued to nurture the dissemination of women's importance in American society, culture and history.

The records of the WPNJ document the enormous effort exerted to accomplish the organization's mission to promote the understanding of the role of women in the history and culture of New Jersey. Gathered in this collection is a wealth of primary and secondary materials about people who have made contributions to the state as well as to the nation and world. More than that, these records reveal how the lives of ordinary and extraordinary New Jersey women were illuminated the members of the Women's Project of New Jersey.

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This summary was culled from examining various documents in the collection, from telephone conversations and email exchanges with Delight Dodyk, the current President, and from the Web site. Below are printed sources with summaries of the WPNJ's history.

Jacobus, Caroline Wheeler. "The Women's Project of New Jersey: The Issues and Process of a State-Based Women's History," The Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries, December 1991 (v. 53, n. 2), pp. 27-42.

Past and Promise: Lives of New Jersey Women (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1990).

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Women's Project of New Jersey, Inc. Officers and Board Members

Board of Trustees
Millicent H. Fenwick, Honorary
Anne E. Aronovitch
Joan N. Burstyn
Caroline Coughlin
Robert J. DiQuollo
Delight Wing Dodyk, Vice-President and President (April 1989 - present)
Doris Friedensohn
Carolyn DeSwarte Gifford
Barbara Smith Irwin
Caroline Wheeler Jacobus, Secretary
Carmela Ascolese Karnoutsos
Rebecca L. Lubetkin
Ferris Olin, Treasurer
Barbara Polk Riley
Barbara Rubin
Gayle Samuels, President (1984 - March 1989 )
Editorial Board
Joan N. Burstyn, Editor-in-Chief
Delight Wing Dodyk, Associate Editor
Carolyn DeWarte Gifford, Associate Editor
Carmela Ascolese Karnoutsos, Associate Editor
Caroline Jacobus, Managing Editor
Gayle Samuels, Managing Editor
Patricia Smith Butcher, Bibliographic Editor
Doris Friedensohn, Photographic Editor
Ferris Olin, Photographic Editor
Barbara Rubin, Photographic Editor

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Scope and Content Note

The Women's Project of New Jersey, Inc. records consist of 14 cubic feet of material, spanning the period 1984 to 2004, with the bulk dating between 1985 and 1990. The records reflect the life of the organization, from its early period of formation and incorporation, through the process of creating a reference publication and the activities and projects that supplemented and promoted the publication. Fewer records document the quieter period after the publication when the organization's main function was to create and maintain its Web site and provide reference on women's history in New Jersey.

Most of the collection is in paper format, comprising of correspondence, minutes, reports, and newspaper clippings. Other formats are photographs and audio-visual materials, stored separately by format. Publications that arrived with the donations have been separated from the archival collection and placed in the book collection in Rutgers University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives.

These records are the files kept by the presidents and the secretary. They reflect the administration of the organization, as found in the series ADMINISTRATIVE FILES, FINANCIAL RECORDS, GRANTS FILES, LEGAL FILES, PUBLICITY FILES, and RELATED PROJECTS FILES. The records kept by the treasurer, legal counsel, and other board members are not present, although their letters and reports can be found in the general correspondence files and their reports in the bimonthly meeting minutes. These minutes also contain summarized details of the organization's operation. Summaries of less detail are located within the grant applications, the president's annual December letter to the researchers and writers, and in the PUBLICITY FILES.

As the presidents were also on the editorial board, the records also reflect the production of Past and Promise, as found in the series PAST AND PROMISE CONTENTS FILES, BIOGRAPHICAL DATA FILES, PHOTOGRAPHS, and AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS. The refining of the arrangement of the biographical information, as well as the selection of subjects, for the publication is revealed in these files. They also include specific data compiled for each biographical subject, including drafts of the essays. Some of the biographical subjects have samples of their work, which can be found in the BIOGRAPHICAL DATA FILES and in the AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS. Images corresponding to the subjects are located in the folders of PHOTOGRAPHS.

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Arrangement Note

The Records of the Women's Project of New Jersey are arranged into eleven series:


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Administrative Information

Conservation Note

The newspaper clippings were photocopied onto acid-free paper, and the originals discarded. Articles found in whole issues of journals and magazines were photocopied and the journal and magazine removed to the book collection or discarded. The photographs and negatives were placed in inert plastic sleeves.

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Name and Subject Tracings

Researchers can facilitate access to related materials in other collections by searching the Rutgers University Libraries' online public catalog (IRIS) and other union catalogs under the following index terms used for people, organizations, and subjcts reprsented in these records.

Personal Names

Adams, Harriet Stratemeyer
Akers, Ida May, b. ca. 1863
Alexander, Mary Spratt Provoost, 1693-1760
Alexander, Sarah
Allen, Elizabeth Almira, 1854-1919
Anderson, Catharine, 1749-1806
Apgar, Virginia, 1909-1974
Appleton, Agnes Morgan Reeves, 1839-1901
Askew, Sarah Byrd, 1877-1924
Atchison, Anna Mahala Field, 1904-1985
Augusto, Mary Crapelli, 1901-1982
Bailey, Catherine Hayes, 1921-
Balding, Ann
Ball, Caroline Peddle, 1869-1938
Bancroft, Margaret, 1854-1912
Barton, Clara, 1821-1912
Bayles, Sarah Staats, 1787-1870
Beach, Sylvia Woodbridge, 1887-1962
Bechtel, Alice Kellam, b. ca. 1866
Beggs, Vera Wadsworth, 1892-1968
Bell, Enid, 1904-
Bennett, Mary Katharine Jones, 1864-1950
Blackwell, Antoinette Louisa Brown, 1825-1921
Blake, Maria De Castro, 1911-
Bodly, Elizabeth Ray Clark, 1737-1815
Boehm, Helen F.
Bonaparte, Charlotte, princess, 1802-1839
Botto, Maria Boggio, 1870-1915
Boudinot, Catharine, 1749-1797
Boudinot, Rachel Bradford, 1764-1805
Bourke-White, Margaret, 1904-1971
Brackett, Elizabeth Rock, 1892-1974
Bradford, Cornelia Foster, 1847-1935
Bradford, Stella Stevens, 1871-1959
Branthwaite, Louise Delling, 1898-1991
Brodkin, Eva Topkins, 1899-1994
Brown, Charlotte Emerson, 1838-1895
Brown, Margaret Christina, 1891-1990
Bryson, Bernarda
Burch, Mary Beasley, 1906-
Burgio, Jane Grey, 1922-
Burr, Esther Edwards
Caldwell, Hanna Ogden, d. 1780
Carroll, Jane Wall
Carteret, Elizabeth, 1615-1696
Carty, May Margaret, 1882-1958
Cascone, Jeannette Lake, 1918-1998
Churchman, Gladys St. John, 1902-1974
Coleman, Emma, 1864-1935
Condict, Jemima, 1754-1779
Conley, Dorothy Allen, 1904-1989
Connolly, Ann Hora, 1824-1880
Cooper, Elizabeth, 1920-1995
Cooper, Hannah Dent, b. 1754
Costa, Marianna Fidone, 1915-
Cowl, Jane, 1884-1950
Crane, Elizabeth, 1775-1828
Creighton, Mary McCulloch French
Crook, Elizabeth, b. ca. 1718
Cross, Dorothy, 1906-
Cusack, Margaret Anna, 1829-1899
Cushing, Juliet Clannon, 1845-1934
Davis, Mary Fenn, 1824-1886
Davis, Rebecca Harding, 1831-1910
deAngeli, Marguerite Lofft, 1889-1987
Delaney, Geraldine Owen, 1907-1998
De Leeuw, Ade`le, 1899-
Dergan, Bridget, 1843-1867
DeVries, Lini, 1905-1982
Dickinson, M. Frances, 1886-1984
Dix, Dorothea Lynde, 1802-1887
Dodge, Geraldine R. (Geraldine Rockefeller), 1882-1973
Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Doremus, Nell, 1891-1964
Dorety, Helen Angela, Sister, 1870-
Douglas, Amanda Minnie, 1831-1916
Douglass, Mabel Smith, 1877-1933
Douglass, Minnie Radcliffe, 1877-1955
Downs, Sarah Jane Corson, 1822-1891
Driggs, Elsie Belknap, 1898-1992
Dubois, Silvia, 1788 or 9-1889
Dulfer, Elizabeth Sutliff, 1790-1880
Dunlap, Elizabeth Davis Brick Worthington, ca. 1705-1761
Dwyer, Florence Price, 1902-1976
Eager, Mary Ann, d. 1984
Eagleton, Florence Peshine, 1870-1953
Edwards, Emma Ward, 1845-1896
Edwards-Madison, Lena Frances
Egg, Eleanor, 1909-
Eldridge, Dorothy
Elmer, Elizabeth
Elstner, Anne, 1899-1981
Epps, Emma
Estaugh, Elizabeth Haddon, 1680-1762
Eustis, Dorothy
Evans, Madge, 1909-
Fallon, Irene T.
Fauset, Jessie Redmon
Feickert, Lillian Ford, 1877-1945
Fenderson, Grace Baxter, 1882-1962
Fenwick, Millicent
Finkler, Rita Sapiro, 1888-1968
Flagg, Alma E.
Ford, Theodosia Johnes, 1741-1824
Forest, Sarah Clark Graham, d. ca. 1793
Fowler, Susan Pecker, 1823-1911
Foxlee, Ludmila Kuchar, 1885-1971
Franklin, Elizabeth Downes, 1728-1777
Freeman, Grace Margaret, 1897-1967
Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins, 1852-1930
Fuld, Caroline Bamberger Frank, 1864-1944
Ga´g, Wanda, 1893-1946
Gamble, Kathryn, 1915-
Gardiner, Muriel , 1901-1985
Garrison, Lucy McKim, 1842-1877
Gaston, Mary Exton, 1855-1956
Gaver, Mary Virginia, 1906-
Gilbreth, Lillian Moller, 1878-1972
Goldman, Hetty, 1881-1972
Gonzalez, Alberta, 1914-1996
Goodwin, Abigail.
Gordon, Ruth E. (Ruth Evelyn), 1910-
Green, Hetty Howland Robinson, 1835-1916
Greenbaum, Dorothea S.
Greenough, Emilie Koehler, 1863-1955
Grimke´, Angelina Emily, 1805-1879
Grimke´, Sarah Moore, 1792-1873
Groome, Anne Louise Sando McGee, 1923-
Guy, Alice, 1873-1968
Haines, Florence, 1869-1955
Hall, Sarah Clement
Hanaford, Phebe A. (Phebe Ann), 1829-1921
Hancock, Cornelia, 1840-1927
Hancock, Joy Bright, 1898-
Harland, Marion, 1830-1922
Harris, Mary B. (Mary B.)
Hartshorn, Cora Louise, 1873-1958
Harvey, Ethel Browne, b. 1885
Hawes, Elizabeth, 1903-1971
Hayes, Lydia Young, 1871-1943
Henle, Carye-Belle, 1898-1977
Herberman, Margaret Sullivan, 1878-1963
Herrick, Christine Terhune, 1859-1944
Hiawatha, Margaret Creswell, 1899-1978
Hickman, Emily
Hicks, Beatrice Alice, 1919-1979
Hobart, Jennie
Holm, Celeste, 1919-
Hopkins, Alison Low Turnbull, 1880-1951
Horton, Eunice Foster, 1722-1778
Hoyt, Hannah, 1805-1871
Hubbs, Rebecca, 1772-1852
Hughes, Mildred Barry, 1902-1995
Hutcheson, Martha Brookes Brown, 1871-1959
Hutchings, Mary Catherine, 1843-1913
Hutchins, Carleen Maley,
Hyde de Neuville, Anne Marguerite Henriette, ca. 1749-1849
Hymer, Esther, 1898-2001
Jay, Sarah Van Brugh Livingston, 1756-1802
Jeritza, Maria, 1887-1982
Johnson, Cordelia Thomas Greene, 1887-1957
Jones, Sarah E., 1829-1884
Kassell, Paula, 1917-
Katzenbach, Marie Louise Hilson, 1882-1970
Kearse, Myra Smith, 1899-1982
Keasbey, Elizabeth Miller, 1828-1852
Kelsey, Jennie, b. ca. 1893
Kempson, Julia Hart Beers, 1834-1913
Kiersted, Sarah Jans, 17th cent.
Kinnan, Mary Lewis, 1763-1848
Kinney, Elizabeth C. (Elizabeth Clementine), 1810-1889
Kirsten, Dorothy, 1910-1992
Kite, Elizabeth Sarah, 1864-1954
Klein, Ann Rosenweig, 1923-1986
Knox, Rose Markward, 1857-1950
Lakey, Alice, 1857-1935
Lamb, Ella Condie, 1862-1936
Lee, Helen Jackson,
Lee, Jarena, b. 1783
Lefort, Marie Louise, 1874-1951
Levine, Sophie Kresch, 1905-1988
Liberti, Minnie, 1898-1984
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-2001
Lindner, Anna, 1845-1922
Lippincott, Miriam
Lowe-Porter, H. T. (Helen Tracy), 1876-1963
Lowry, Edith Elizabeth, 1897-1970
Maass, Clara Louise, 1876-1901
Macculloch, Louisa Sanderson, 1785-1863
Macfadden, Mary Williamson, 1892-1969
Magee, Abbie Eliza, 1847-1909
Manners, Lucille
Marchione, Margherita Frances, 1922-
Martindell, Anne Clark, 1914-
Marvin, Dorothy Hope, 1904-1986
Masters, Sybilla, b. 1720
McCarroll, Ernest Mae, ca. 1898-1990
McCrea, Jane, 1753-1777
McDowell, Rachel K. (Rachel Kollock), 1880-1949
McMillon, Vera Brantley, 1909-1987
Mehegan, Mother Mary Xavier, 1825-1915
Miller, Alice Duer, 1874-1942
Montgomery, Charlotte Nichols, 1904-1994
Moore, Elisabeth "Bessie" Holmes, 1876-1959
Moorfield, Amelia Berndt, b. 1876
Moran, Mary Nimmo, 1842-1899
Morris, Margaret Hill, 1737?-1816
Morton, Nelle Katharine, 1905-1987
Munro, Jeannette, 1894-
Nagao, Mary Yamashita, 1920-1985
Nakamura, Ellen Noguchi, 1919-2000
Neave, Helen Josephine, 1911-
Neel, Alice Hartley, 1900-1984
Nickerson, Ruth, 1905-
Norman, Mabel, 1892-1930
Norris, Sarah Kay, d. 1757
Norton, Mary Teresa, 1875-1959
Oakley, Annie, 1860-1926
Ogden, Maria, 1792-1874
Olden, Marian S. (Marian Stephenson), b. 1888
Osborn, Mary Darby, 1756-1848
Padgham, Estella Elizabeth, 1874-1952
Parker, Nellie Katherine Morrow, 1902-
Paterson, Cornelia Bell, 1755-1783
Patt, Ruth Marcus
Pattison, Mary, 1869-1951
Paul, Alice Stokes, 1885-1977
Paul, Mary Stiles, b. 1830
Pearce, Louise, b. 1886
Petterson, Eleanore Kendall, 1916-2003
Philbrook, Mary
Piccard, Jeannette Ridlon, 1895-1981
Pitcher, Molly, 1754-1832
Plume, Annetje Van Wagenen, 1752-1816
Polk, Olive Mae Bond, 1894-1979
Post, Dorothea Miller, 1878-1947
Potter, Ellen Culver, 1871-1958
Precker, Jennie, 1892-1981
Presley, Sophia, 1834-1909
Ramsey, Alice Huyler, 1886-1983
Randolph, Florence Spearing, 1866-1951
Read, Jessie D., 1903-1978
Reeves, Martha Austin, 1760-1832
Revey, Restelle Elizabeth Richardson, 1866-1939
Roebling, Mary Gindhart Herbert, 1905-
Rogers, Audrey
Rosenthal, Ida Cohen, 1886-1973
Ryan, Anne, 1889-1954
Ryerson, Margery Austen, 1886-1989
Saltzman, Winifred Rose Loeb, 1912-
Sayles, Mary Buell, b. 1878
Schaub, Katherine, 1902-1933
Schectman, Vera, 1890-1971
Scudder, Antoinette Quinby, 1888-1958
Shea, Marion
Silverman, Hannah, 1896-1960
Singer, Ava Hamilton
Slaughter, Lenora Susan, 1906-2000
Smith, Cora Peterson, 1884-1986
Smith, Erminnie Adele Platt, 1836-1886
Snethen, Maria
Spencer, Lilly Martin, 1822-1902
Spring, Rebecca Buffum
St. Denis, Ruth, 1880-1968
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, 1815-1902
Starkey, Florence Tenney, 1901-
Steele, Mary Mercer, 1849-1936
Steinberg, Fannie
Still, Charity, ca. 1775-1857
Stockton, Annis Boudinot, 1736-1801
Stockton, Betsey, 1798-1865
Stone, Lucy, 1818-1893
Stone, Mildred F.
Stout, Penelope, 1622 or 3-1732 or 3
Streeter, Ruth Cheney, 1895-1990
Strickland, Sarah, 1812-1872
Studley, Miriam Van Arsdale, 1899-1984
Sydnor, Edythe Lois, 1920-
Taeuber, Irene Barnes, 1906-1974
Takaezu, Toshiko
Taylor, Clara Mae, 1898-
Thompson, Geraldine
Thompson, Mary Wolke, 1886-1970
Tillotson, Mary E., b. 1819
Treat, Mary, b. 1835
Turnbull, Agnes Sligh, 1888-
Tyson, Frances Bartlett, 1874-1971
Valde´s-Mun~oz, Concepcio´n, 1917-1980
Van Ness, Jennie C., b. ca. 1890-
Van Ness, Marjorie Schuyler, 1914-1990
Varnay, Astrid
Vogt, Grace J., 1873-1976
Voorhees, Florence E., b. 1879
Wall, Florence Emiline, 1893-1988
Ward, Gertrude Potter, 1875-1956
Ware, Harriet, ca. 1873-1962
Warne, Margaret Vliet, 1751-1840
Washington, Sara Spencer, 1889-1953
Waters, Susan Catherine Moore, 1823-1900
Wells, Carolyn, d. 1942
Wells, Charlotte Fowler, 1814-1901
Wells, Rachel Lovell, ca. 1735-ca. 1796
Wells, Viola Gertrude, 1902-1984
Westcott, Cynthia, 1898-
Whitall, Ann Cooper, 1716-1797
White, Alma Bridwell, 1862-1946
White, Elizabeth, 1871-1954
White, Katharine Elkus, 1906-1985
White, Pearl, 1889-1938
Whitney, Phyllis Ayame, 1903-
Wick, Temperance, fl. 1780
Willard, Mary Hatch
Williams, Madeline Worthy, 1894-1968
Williamson, Emily Hornblower, 1869-1909
Willoughby, Frances Lois, d. 1984
Wilson, Theresa Louise Martens, 1880-1975
Winser, Beatrice, 1869-1947
Witkin, Evelyn Maisel, 1921-
Wittpenn, Caroline Stevens, 1859-1932
Wolfe, Deborah Cannon Partridge, 1916-
Wood, Edith Elmer, 1871-1945
Woodruff, Constance Oneida Williams, 1921- 1996
Woodruff, Marietta Huntoon Crane, 1837-1912
Woody, Regina Jones, 1894-1983
Wright, Marion Manola Thompson, 1904-1962
Wright, Patience Lovell
Wykoff, Annie, ca. 1850-ca. 1920
Yardley, Margaret Tufts, d. 1928
Zuck, Florence Lydia McEnally, 1912-2004
Zwemer, Susanna Weare Peirce

Subject Headings

Delaware Indians--New Jersey--History
Delaware women--New Jersey--Biography
Jewish women--New Jersey--History
Jews--New Jersey--History
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women
Women--New Jersey--Biography
Women--New Jersey--History

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Detailed Description of the Papers/Container List

This section provides descriptions of the materials found within each series. Each series description is followed by a container list, which gives the titles of the folders and their locations in the numbered boxes that comprise this collection.

ADMINISTRATIVE FILES, 1984-2004 (1.75 cubic feet)
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by record type and subject.
Summary: Types of documents include constitution and bylaws, correspondence, meeting minutes, and forms. The bulk of the series is composed of meeting minutes and correspondence.
This series best documents the details of the WPNJ's activities. It contains correspondence and meeting minutes, as well as corporate documents. The earliest beginnings of the project at the Mendham Free Public Library are not covered in these records, although some light is shed in the files "Meeting Minutes, 1988," when the heated issue of who should receive credit for the founding of the project arose. The details of the day-to-day organization and operation of the project are covered in this series, such as selecting the board of trustees, soliciting and securing funding and support, and event planning.
Helpful annual summaries can be found in the files, "Correspondence with Authors," as most years, the president, Gayle Samuels, sent a December letter to the writers and researchers reporting the year's progress and the next year's goals. The secretary's "Meeting Minutes" provide bimonthly updates and discussions by the board of ongoing issues.
Included in "Correspondence, General" are notes and discussions on the selection of the biographical entries. General correspondence dwindles after the 1990 book publication, with most of the post-1990 correspondence in electronic mail format located in the "Related Projects Files" regarding the creation and operation of the Web site.
Correspondence with the entry authors concerns the research and writing of the biographies. The correspondence with living subjects is of particular interest, as they contain letters to and from women whose lives are documented in Past and Promise. Follow-up correspondence from 1995 documents the activities of these women since the volume's publication.
Folders containing lists of women's organizations and women's history repositories are found in the "Corporate Solicitation" files. Summaries of the WPNJ's activities can be found in solicitations for funding in "Correspondence -- Foundation Requests."
Box Folder
1 1 Board of Trustees, 1984-[1990], and 2001
2 By-laws, 1986
3 Certificate of Incorporation, 1985
4 Correspondence--Corporate Solicitations, 1985-1987
5 Correspondence--Corporate Solicitations, January-March 1988
6 Correspondence--Corporate Solicitations, April-October 1988
7 Correspondence--Corporate Solicitations, 1989-1990
8 Correspondence--Foundation Requests, 1985-1988
9 Correspondence--General, 1984
10 Correspondence--General, January-April 1985
11 Correspondence--General, May-September 1985
12 Correspondence--General, October-December 1985
13 Correspondence--General, January-June 1986
14 Correspondence--General, July-December 1986
15 Correspondence--General, January-February 1987
16 Correspondence--General, March-April 1987
17 Correspondence--General, May-July 1987
18 Correspondence--General, August-September 1987
19 Correspondence--General, October-December 1987
20 Correspondence--General, January-February 1988
21 Correspondence--General, March-April 1988
22 Correspondence--General, May-June 1988
23 Correspondence--General, July-October 1988
24 Correspondence--General, November-December 1988
25 Correspondence--General, January-April 1989
26 Correspondence--General, May-December 1989
27 Correspondence--General, 1990
28 Correspondence--General, 1991
29 Correspondence--General, 1992
30 Correspondence--General, 1993
31 Correspondence--General, 1994
32 Correspondence--General, 1995
33 Correspondence--General, 1997-1998
34 Correspondence--General, 2004
35 Correspondence--Publication Reception and Exhibition Opening, 1989-1990
36 Correspondence--Suggested Subjects, 1985-1986
37 Correspondence--With Authors, July-August 1985
38 Correspondence--With Authors, September-October 1985
39 Correspondence--With Authors, November-December 1985
40 Correspondence--With Authors, January-March 1986
41 Correspondence--With Authors, April-July 1986
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence--With Authors, August-October 1986
2 Correspondence--With Authors, November-December 1986
3 Correspondence--With Authors, January-February 1987
4 Correspondence--With Authors, March-April 1987
5 Correspondence--With Authors, May-June 1987
6 Correspondence-- With Authors, July-August 1987
7 Correspondence--With Authors, September-December 1987
8 Correspondence--With Authors--Re: Solo Flight Performance, 1986
9 Correspondence--With Authors, 1990-1992
10 Correspondence--With Living Subjects, August 1985-October 1989
11 Correspondence--With Living Subjects, 1990
12 Correspondence--With Living Subjects, 1995
13 Correspondence--With Publishers, 1986-1987
14 Correspondence--With Publishers, 1988-1989
15 Correspondence--With Publishers, 1996-1997
16 Fundraising Committee, 1986-1988
17 Materials Distributed to Authors, 1985-1988
18 Meeting Minutes, October 24, 1984-December 5, 1985
19 Meeting Minutes, February 4, 1986-December 3, 1986
20 Meeting Minutes, January 30, 1987-December 5, 1987
21 Meeting Minutes, January 18, 1988-December 13, 1988
22 Meeting Minutes, January 31, 1989-May 31, 1989
23 Meeting Minutes, June 15, 1989-December 7, 1989
24 Meeting Minutes, February 1, 1990-September 14, 1990
25 Meeting Minutes, 1991
26 Meeting Minutes, 1992-1993
27 Meeting Minutes, 1994
28 Meeting Minutes, 1995
29 Meeting Minutes, 1996-1997
30 Meeting Minutes, 1998
31 Meeting Minutes, 1999
32 Meeting Minutes, 2000
33 Meeting Minutes, 2001
34 Meeting Minutes, 2002-2003
35 Public Relations Committee, 1987
36 Tax Exempt Forms, 1985
37 Women’s Organizations and Women’s History Repositories, undated
FINANCIAL RECORDS, 1985-1991 and 2002-2004 (4 folders)
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by type of record.
Summary: Types of documents include budgets, treasurer's reports, and financial statements.
From the presidents' and secretary's files, this series is limited and represents the financial operation of the WPNJ as a whole. The extensive files on grant funding for specific projects are in a separate series. Additional financial information is located in the meeting minutes in ADMINISTRATIVE FILES. Items such as invoices and receipts were discarded.
Box Folder
2 38 Book Marketing and Sales, 1989-1990
39 Budgets, 1985-1991
40 Financial Statements, 1986-1990
41 Treasurer's Reports, 2002-2004
GRANTS FILES, 1985-2003 (18 folders)
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by grantor.
Summary: Types of documents include correspondence, forms, reports, and budgets.
This series covers funding to support the operation of the WPNJ and its many projects. These files are most helpful for summaries of the history and goals of the WPNJ and its related projects found in the grant proposals. Mid-project and final reports to the granting agencies supply information on the status of the funded activity.
Box Folder
3 1 AAUW Education Foundation, 1988
2 Charles Edison Fund, 1986-1988
3 Community Foundation of New Jersey, 1987-1989
4 Florence and John Schumann Foundation, 1987-1989
5 Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, 1985-1988
6 New Jersey Committee for the Humanities, 1985-1987
7 New Jersey Committee for the Humanities, 1988-1990
8 New Jersey Council for the Humanities, 1990-1993
9 New Jersey Dept. of Community Affairs, Division On Women, 1984-1993
10 New Jersey Historical Commission, 1985-1987
11 New Jersey Historical Commission, 1987-1990
12 New Jersey Historical Commission, 1998-1999
13 New Jersey Historical Commission, 2000-2001
14 New Jersey Historical Commission, 2002-2003
15 New Jersey Humanities Grant Program, 1985
16 Preservation Partners for the Heritage Trail, 2000-2001
17 Women's Educational Equity Act Program (Federal), 1988
18 Worldworks Foundation, Inc., 1987-1989
LEGAL FILES, 1985-1991 (0.5 cubic feet)
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by type of record.
Summary: Types of documents are correspondence and legal agreements. The bulk of the series is composed of legal agreements.
This series' items regard copyrights with the entry authors and with the owners of images used in the publications, exhibition, and posters.
Box Folder
3 19 Agreement with Authors A-B, 1985-1988
20 Agreement with Authors C-D, 1985-1987
21 Agreement with Authors E-G, 1985-1987
22 Agreement with Authors H, 1985-1988
23 Agreement with Authors J-L, 1985-1988
24 Agreement with Authors M-O, 1985-1987
25 Agreement with Authors P-R, 1985-1987
26 Agreement with Authors S-Y, 1985-1987
27 Agreement with Drew University (Exhibition), 1989
28 Agreement with Scarecrow Press, 1987
29 Editorial Releases, 1989
30 Photograph Reproduction Permissions: Subjects A-C, 1988-1989
31 Photograph Reproduction Permissions: Subjects D-G, 1987-1988
32 Photograph Reproduction Permissions: Subjects H-L, 1988
33 Photograph Reproduction Permissions: Subjects M-P, 1987-1991
Box Folder
4 1 Photograph Reproduction Permissions: Subjects R-T, 1987-1989
2 Photograph Reproduction Permissions: Subjects W and unknown, 1986-1991
PUBLICITY FILES, 1985-2004 (0.5 cubic feet)
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by type of record or subject.
Summary: Types of documents include newspaper clippings, journal articles, press releases, and correspondence. The bulk of the series is composed of newspaper clippings.
The WPNJ's accomplishments are noted in this series. The history of the organization is delineated in the journal articles and in the presentations given at local and regional conferences of library professionals and on women's history.
Of particular interest are the 3-ring binders containing the WPNJ's applications to the AASLH for its Certificate of Commendation award, which was bestowed in 1991 and 2004. These volumes offer summaries of the WPNJ's work and includes color snapshots of the gala exhibition opening in March 1990 and examples of their Web site. The binders are located in Box 17 (newspaper box).
Box Folder
4 3 Awards--AASLH--Correspondence, 1986, 1991, and 2004
4 Awards--NJHC--Correspondence, 1990
5 Book Reviews, 1990-2002
6 Clippings, 1985
7 Clippings, 1986
8 Clippings, 1987
9 Clippings, 1988
10 Clippings, 1990
11 Clippings, 1991
12 Clippings, 1992
13 Clippings, 1996-2001
14 Journal Articles About the WPNJ, 1988-1991, and 1999
15 Presentations, 1985-1987
16 Presentations, 1989-1993
17 Presentations, 1999-2003
18 Press Releases, [c.1985]-2000, undated
19 Promotional Material, 1990, 1997
20 Radio Interviews, 1987, 1988
21 Web Site Publicity, 1999
RELATED PROJECTS FILES, 1985-1993 and 1998-2005 (0.75 cubic feet)
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Summary: Types of documents include correspondence, ephemera, and drafts of publications. The bulk of the series is composed of correspondence.
These files highlight Past and Promise's many complementary projects. Correspondence, ephemera, and drafts represent the organization's activities with the workbook and teaching compilation, the traveling exhibition and posters, the panel of speakers' presentations, and lecture series. This series also contains records about the creation and development of the Web site and the WPNJ's participation in the New Jersey Women's Heritage Trail.
Box Folder
4 22 Encyclopedia of New Jersey Entries, 1998, 2002
23 Exhibition--Correspondence, 1986-1990
24 Exhibition--Prospectus, 1988
25 Lecture Series at Drew University, 1985
26 New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail--Contracts,
27 New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail--Correspondence, 1999-2000
28 New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail--Correspondence, 2001
29a New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail--Preservation Partners’ NJHC Grant Application, 2003
29b New Jersey Women's History Email Listserve, 2001
30 Panel Presentations, 1985 October 22-1986 April 4
31 Panel Presentations, 1986 April 5-June 25
32 Posters--Correspondence, 1991-1992
33 Rutgers University Special Collections Exhibition, 1998
34 School Workbook, 1986-1991
35 Speakers Bureau, 1990
36 Web Site--Contents--Draft, 1998
37 Web Site--Contents--Notable Facts [Timeline], 1998, 1999
38 Web Site--Contents--Topical Index, 2001
39 Web Site--Feedback, 1998
40 Web Site--Task Force--Correspondence, 1997-1998
41 Web Site--Task Force--Correspondence, 1999
42 Web Site--Task Force--Correspondence, 2000
43 Web Site--Task Force--Correspondence, 2001-2003, and 2005
44 Web Site--Task Force--Meeting Minutes, 1997-2002, and 2005
45 Web Site--Task Force--Members, 1997-2001
46 Web Site--Teacher Training/Focus Groups, 2001
47 Web Site--Teacher Training/Focus Groups Evaluation, 2001
Box Folder
5 1 Women’s History Conference, 1989-1990
2 Women’s Suffrage Teaching Unit Compilation, 1993
PAST AND PROMISE CONTENTS FILES, 1988-1995, [2004] 1 cubic foot
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Summary: Types of documents include resumes, correspondence, journal articles, bibliographies, and index cards. The bulk of the series is composed of resumes and journal articles.
This series reveals the process of the selection of the biographical entrants, with the initial gathering of articles and bibliographies about New Jersey women's history and the creation of index cards on notable New Jersey women as possible entries.
The complicated process of shaping the content of the book can be found in the drafts of outlines, samples of compilations of women's biographies, and contact information lists. The files show the selection of entries, the authors' training for writing bibliographies, and the tracking of the entries in process.
Files on subjects not included in the volume contain brief information or single articles. There is also a folder with subjects for a possible second volume. Subjects who were researched and have some substantial data, but did not make it in the final draft, have files in the series, BIOGRAPHICAL DATA FILES (noted with asterisks).
Box Folder
5 3-4 Articles About New Jersey Women’s History
5 Authors’ Resumes: A-C, 1988
6 Authors’ Resumes: D-G, 1988
7 Authors’ Resumes: H-K, 1988
8 Authors’ Resumes: L-N, 1988
9 Authors’ Resumes: P-R, 1988
10 Authors’ Resumes: S-Y, 1988
11 Authors Training Workshops, 1985
12 Bibliographies about New Jersey Women’s History
13 Board Members’ Resumes, 1988
14 Book Jacket Design, 1989
15 Bylines Format, undated
16 Contacts/Living Subjects, 1985-1997
17 Draft Outlines, undated
18 Editors’ Entry Tracking, 1985-1987
5 [Card File] Index Card File of Subjects Considered, undated
Box Folder
5 19 Living Subjects Necrology, [2004]
20 Samples of Women’s Biographies Compilations, 1984, 1985, undated
21 Subjects Not Included: A-F
22 Subjects Not Included: G-L
23 Subjects Not Included: M-R
24 Subjects Not Included: S-Y
25 Suggested Subjects for Volume II, 1985-1992
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by biographical subject.
Summary: Types of documents include materials generated by research for the essays, including WPNJ biography forms, original and photocopied published articles, birth and death certificates, letters from living subjects, and drafts of the essays. The bulk of the series is composed of drafts of the essays and photocopied published articles. In addition to the biographical subjects in the book, this series holds files on individuals who were considered for entry in the book, and some research on the subject conducted, but were not included in the final product due to lack of information or withdrawal of the writer from the project (these are noted with an asterisk).
Box Folder
6 1 Adams, Harriet Stratemeyer, 1892-1982
2 Akers, Ida May, b. ca. 1863 *
3 Alexander, Mary Spratt Provoost, 1693-1760
4 Alexander, Sarah Livingston, 1725-1804
5 Allen, Elizabeth Almira, 1854-1919
6 Anderson, Catharine, 1749-1806
7 Apgar, Virginia, 1909-1974
8 Appleton, Agnes Morgan Reeves, 1839-1901?
9 Askew, Sarah Byrd, 1877-1924
10 Atchison, Anna Mahala Field, 1904-1985
11 Augusto, Mary Crapelli, 1901-1982
12 Bailey, Catherine Hayes, 1921-
13 Balding, Ann *
14 Ball, Caroline Cheever Peddle, 1869-1938
15 Bancroft, Margaret, 1854-1912
16 Barton, Clara, 1821-1912
17 Bayles, Sarah Staats, 1787-1870
18 Beach, Sylvia Woodbridge, 1887-1962
19 Bechtel, Alice Kellam, b. ca. 1866 *
20 Beggs, Vera Wadsworth, 1892-1968 *
21 Bell, Enid, 1904-1994
22 Bennett, Mary Katharine Jones, 1864-1950
23 Blache, Alice Guy *
24 Blackwell, Antoinette Louisa Brown, 1825-1921
25 Blake, Maria De Castro, 1911-
26 Bodly, Elizabeth Ray Clark, 1737-1815
27 Boehm, Helen, 1920-
28 Bonaparte, Charlotte, 1802-1839
29 Botto, Maria Boggio, 1870-1915
30 Boudinot, Catharine, 1749-1797 *
31 Boudinot, Rachel Bradford, 1764-1805
32 Bourke-White, Margaret, 1904-1971
33 Brackett, Elizabeth Rock, 1892-1974
34 Bradford, Cornelia Foster, 1847-1935
35 Bradford, Stella Stevens, 1871-1959
36 Branthwaite, Louise Delling, 1898-1991
37 Brodkin, Eva Topkins, 1899-1994
38-39 Brown, Charlotte Emerson, 1838-1895
Box Folder
7 1 Brown, Margaret Christina, 1891-1990
2 Burch, Mary Beasley, 1906-
3 Burgio, Jane Grey, 1922-
4 Burr, Esther Edwards, 1732-1758
5 Caldwell, Hanna Ogden, unknown-1780
6 Carroll, Jane Wall *
7 Carteret, Elizabeth, 1615-1696
8 Carty, May Margaret, 1882-1958
9 Cascone, Jeannette Lake, 1918-1998
10 Churchman, Gladys St. John, 1902-1974
11 Coleman, Emma, 1864-1935
12-13 Conley, Dorothy Allen, 1904-1989
14 Conlon, Emma Loehwing, 1899-
15-16 Connolly, Ann Hora, 1824-1880
17 Cooper, Elizabeth, 1920-1995
18 Cooper, Hannah Dent, unknown-1754
19 Costa, Marianna Fidone, 1915-
20 Cowl, Jane, 1883-1950 *
21 Crane, Betsey, 1775-1828
22 Creighton, Mary McCulloch French *
23 Creswell, Margaret (Hiawatha), 1899-1978
24 Crook, Elizabeth, ca. 1718-unknown
25 Cross, Dorothy (Jensen), 1906-1972
26 Cusack, Margaret Anna, 1829-1899
27 Cushing, Juliet Clannon, 1845-1934
28 Davis, Mary Fenn, 1824-1886
29 Davis, Rebecca Harding, 1831-1910
30 deAngeli, Marguerite Lofft, 1889-1987
31 Delaney, Geraldine, 1907-2000
32 DeLeeuw, Adele, 1899-1988
33 Dergan, Bridget, 1844-1867
34 DeVries, Lini, 1905-1982
35 Dickinson, M. Frances, 1886-1984 *
36-37 Dix, Dorothea Lynde, 1802-1887
38 Dodge, Geraldine Rockefeller, 1882-1973
39-40 Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
41 Doremus, Nell, 1891-1964
42 Dorety, Sister Helen Angela, 1867-1951
43 Douglas, Amanda Minnie, 1831-1916
44 Douglass, Mabel Smith, 1877-1933
45 Douglass, Minnie Radcliffe, 1877-1955
46 Downs, Sarah Jane Corson, 1822-1891
47 Driggs, Elsie Belknap, 1898-1992
48 Dubois, Silvia, 1768-1888
49 Dulfer, Elizabeth Sutliff, 1790-1880
50 Dunlap, Elizabeth Davis Brick Worthington, ca. 1705-1761
51 Dwyer, Florence Price, 1902-1976
52 Eager, Mary Ann Rowley, 1904-1984
53 Eagleton, Florence Peshine, 1870-1953
54-56 Edwards, Emma Ward, 1845-1896
57 Edwards, Lena Frances, 1900-1986
58 Egg, Eleanor, 1909-
Box Folder
8 1 Eldridge, Dorothy Daggett, 1903-1986
2 Elmer, Elizabeth Harker, 1832-1915
3 Elstner, Anne, 1899-1981
4 Epps, Emma *
5 Eustis, Dorothy Lieb Harrison Wood, 1886-1946
6 Evans, Madge, 1909-1981
8 Fallon, Irene Taylor, 1866-1952
9 Fauset, Jessie Redmon, 1882-1961
10 Feickert, Lillian Ford, 1877-1945
11 Fenderson, Grace Baxter, 1882-1962
12 Fenwick, Millicent Hammond, 1910-1992
13 Finkler, Rita Sapiro, 1888-1968
14 Flagg, E. Alma, 1918-
15 Ford, Theodosia Johnes, 1741-1824
16 Forest, Sarah Clark Graham, d. ca. 1793 *
17 Fowler, Susan Pecker, 1823-1911
18 Foxlee, Ludmila Kuchar, 1885-1971 *
19 Franklin, Elizabeth Downes, 1728-1777
20-21 Freeman, Grace Margaret, 1897-1967
22 Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins, 1852-1930
23 Fuld, Caroline Bamberger Frank, 1864-1944
24 Gag, Wanda Hazel, 1893-1946
25 Gamble, Kathryn, 1915-
26 Gardiner, Muriel Morris, 1901-1985
27 Garrison, Lucy McKim, 1842-1877
28 Gaston, Mary Exton, 1855-1956
29 Gaver, Mary Virginia, 1906-1991
30 Gilbreth, Lillian, 1878-1972
31 Goldman, Hetty, 1881-1972
32 Gonzalez, Alberta, 1914-1996
33 Goodwin, Abigail, 1793-1867
34 Gordon, Ruth Evelyn, 1910-
35 Green, Hetty Howland Robinson, 1834-1916
36 Greenbaum, Dorothea Schwarcz, 1893-
37 Greenough, Emilie Koehler, 1863-1955
38 Grimke, Sarah and Angelina, 1792-1873; 1805-1879
39 Groome, Anne Louise Sando McGee, 1923-
40 Haddon, Elizabeth, ca. 1680-1762
41 Haines, Florence, 1869-1955
42 Hall, Sarah Clement *
43 Hanaford, Phebe Ann Coffin, 1829-1921
44 Hancock, Cornelia, 1840-1927
45 Hancock, Joy Bright, 1898-1986
46 Harris, Mary Belle, 1874-1957
47 Harrison, Jemima Condict, 1755-1779
48 Hartshorn, Cora Louise, 1873-1958
49 Harvey, Ethel Browne, 1885-1965
50 Hawes, Elizabeth, 1903-1971
51 Hayes, Lydia Young, 1871-1943
52 Henle, Carye-Belle, 1898-1977
53 Herberman, Margaret Sullivan, 1878-1963
54 Herrick, Christine Terhune, 1859-1944
55 Hickman, Emily Gregory, 1880-1947
56-57 Hicks, Beatrice Alice, 1919-1979
58 Hobart, Jennie Tuttle, 1849-1941
59 Holm, Celeste, 1918(1919?)-
60 Hopkins, Alison Low Turnbull, 1880-1951
61 Horton, Eunice Foster, 1722-1778
62 Hoyt, Hannah, 1805-1871
63 Hubbs, Rebecca, 1772-1852 *
64 Hughes, Mildred Barry, 1902-1995
65 Hutcheson, Martha Brookes, 1871-1959
Box Folder
9 1 Hutchings, Mary Catherine, 1843-1913 *
2 Hutchins, Carleen Maley, 1911-
3 Hyde de Neuville, Anne, unknown-1849
4 Hymer, Esther, 1898-2001
5 Jay, Sarah Van Brugh Livingston, 1756-1802
6 Jewish Farm Women
7 Jeritza, Maria, 1887-1982
8 Johnson, Cordelia Thomas Greene, 1887-1957
9 Jones, Sarah E., 1829-1884
10 Kassell, Paula, 1917-
11 Katzenbach, Marie Louise Hilson, 1882-1970
12 Kearse, Myra Smith, 1899-1982
13 Keasbey, Elizabeth Miller, 1828-1852
14 Kelsey, Jennie, b. ca. 1893 *
15 Kempson, Julia Hart Beers, 1834-1913
16 Kiersted, Sarah Jans, 17th century
17 Kinnan, Mary Lewis, 1763-1848
18 Kinney, Elizabeth C.D.S., 1810-1889
19 Kirsten, Dorothy, 1915-1992
20-21 Kite, Elizabeth, 1864-1954
22 Klein, Ann Rosenweig, 1923-1986
23 Knox, Rose Markward, 1857-1950 *
24-26 Lakey, Alice, 1857-1935
27 Lamb, Ella Condie, 1862-1936
28 Lee, Helen Jackson, 1908-
29 Lee, Jarena, 1783-unknown
30 Lefort, Marie Louise, 1874-1951
31 Lenape Women
32 Levine, Sophie Kresch, 1905-1988
33 Liberti, Minnie, 1898-1984
34 Lindner, Anna, 1845-1922
35 Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-2001
36 Lippincott, Miriam, 1877-1947
37 Lowe-Porter, Helen Tracy, 1876-1963
38 Lowry, Edith Elizabeth, 1897-1970
39 Maass, Clara Louise, 1876-1901
40 Macculloch, Louisa Sanderson, 1785-1863
41 Magee, Abbie Eliza, 1847-1909
42 Manners, Lucille, 1911-
43 Marchione, Margherita Frances, 1922-
44 Martindell, Anne Clark, 1914-
45 Marvin, Dorothy Hope, 1904-1986
46 Masters, Sybilla, unknown-1720
47 McCarroll, Ernest Mae, ca. 1898-1990
48 McCauley, Mary Ludwig Hays (Molly Pitcher), ca. 1754-1832
49 McCrea, Jane, 1753-1777 *
50 McDowell, Rachel K., 1880-1949
51 Macfadden, Mary Williamson, 1892-1969
52 McMillon, Vera Brantley, 1909-1987
53 Mehegan, Mother Mary Xavier, 1825-1915
54 Miller, Alice Duer, 1874-1942
Box Folder
10 1 Montgomery, Charlotte Nichols, 1904-1994
2 Moore, Elisabeth "Bessie" Holmes, 1876-1959
3 Moorfield, Amelia, 1876-1950
4 Moran, Mary Nimmo, 1842-1899
5-9 Morris, Margaret Hill, 1737-1816 (5 folders)
10 Morton, Nelle Katharine, 1905-1987
11 Munro, Jeannette, 1894- *
12 Nagao, Mary Yamashita, 1920-1985
13 Nakamura, Ellen Noguchi, 1919-2000
14 Neave, Helen Josephine, 1911-
15 Neel, Alice Hartley, 1900-1984
16 Nickerson, Ruth, 1905- *
17 Norman, Mabel, 1892-1930
18 Norris, Sarah Kay, d. 1757 *
19 Norton, Mary, 1875-1959
20 Oakley, Annie [Phoebe Annie Moses], 1860-1926
21 Ogden, Maria, 1792-1874 *
22 Olden, Marian Stephenson, 1888-1981
23 Osborn, Mary Darby, 1756-1848 *
24 Padgham, Estella Elizabeth, 1874-1952
25 Parker, Nellie Katherine Morrow, 1902-
26 Paterson, Cornelia Bell, 1755-1783
27 Patt, Ruth Marcus, 1919-
28 Pattison, Mary Stanalan Hart, 1869-1951
29 Paul, Alice Stokes, 1885-1977
30 Paul, Mary Stiles, 1830-unknown
31 Pearce, Louise, 1885-1959
32 Petterson, Eleanore Kendall, 1916-2003
33 Philbrook, Mary, 1872-1958
34 Piccard, Jeannette Ridlon, 1895-1981
35 Plume, Annetje Van Wagenen, 1752-1816
36 Polk, Olive Mae Bond, 1894-1979
37 Post, Dorothea Miller, 1878-1947
38 Potter, Ellen Culver, 1871-1958
39 Precker, Jennie, 1892-1981
40 Presley, Sophia, 1834-1909
41 Ramsey, Alice Huyler, 1886-1983
42 Randolph, Florence Spearing, 1866-1951
43 Read, Jessie D., 1903-1978
44 Reeves, Martha Austin, 1760-1832
45 Revey, Restelle Elizabeth Richardson, 1866-1939
46 Roebling, Mary Gindhart Herbert, 1905-
47 Rogers, Audrey *
48 Rosenthal, Ida Cohen, 1886-1973
49 Ryan, Anne, 1889-1954
50 Ryerson, Margery Austen, 1886-1989
51 St. Denis, Ruth, 1879-1968
52 Saltzman, Winifred Rose Loeb, 1912-
53 Sayles, Mary Buel, 1878-1959
54 Schaub, Katherine, 1902-1933
55 Schectman, Vera, 1890-1971
56 Scudder, Antoinette Quinby, 1888-1958
57 Shahn, Bernarda Bryson, 1903-2005
58 Shea, Marion *
59 Silverman, Hannah, 1896-1960
60 Singer, Ava Hamilton *
61 Slaughter, Lenora Susan, 1906-2000
62 Smith, Cora Peterson, 1884-1986
63-65 Smith, Erminnie Adele Platt, 1836-1886
66 Snethen, Maria *
67 Spencer, Lilly Martin, 1822-1902
Box Folder
11 1 Spring, Rebecca Buffum, 1811-1911
2 Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, 1815-1902
3 Steele, Mary Mercer, 1849-1936
4 Starkey, Florence Tenney, 1901-
5 Steinberg, Fannie, 1899- *
6 Still, Charity, ca. 1775-1857
7 Stockton, Annis Boudinot, 1736-1801
8 Stockton, Betsey, 1798-1865
9 Stone, Lucy, 1818-1893
10 Stone, Mildred, 1902-2002
11 Streeter, Ruth Cheney, 1895-1990
12 Strickland, Sarah, 1812-1872
13 Stout, Penelope, 1602-1712 *
14 Studley, Miriam Van Arsdale, 1899-1984
15 Sydnor, Edythe Lois, 1920-
16 Taeuber, Irene Barnes, 1906-1974 *
17 Takaezu, Toshiko, 1922-
18 Taylor, Clara Mae, 1898-
19 Terhune, Mary Virginia Hawes, 1830-1922
20 Thompson, Geraldine *
21 Thompson, Mary Wolke, 1886-1970
22 Tillotson, Mary E., 1819-unknown
23 Treat, Mary Lua Adelia Davis, 1830-1923
24-26 Turnbull, Agnes Sligh, 1888-1982
27 Tyson, Frances Bartlett, 1874-1971
28 Valdéz-Muñoz, Concepción, 1917-1980
29 Van Ness, Jennie C., ca. 1890-unknown
30 Van Ness, Marjorie Schuyler, 1914-1990
31 Varnay, Astrid, 1918-
32 Vogt, Grace J., 1873-1976
33 Voorhees, Florence E., 1879- *
34 Wall, Florence Emiline, 1893-1988
35 Ward, Gertrude Potter, 1875-1956
36-37 Ware, Harriet [Krumbhaar], ca. 1873-1962
38 Warne, Margaret Vliet, 1751-1840
39-41 Washington, Sara Spencer, 1889-1953
42 Waters, Susan Catherine Moore, 1823-1900
43 Wells, Carolyn, 1862-1942
44 Wells, Charlotte Fowler, 1814-1901
45 Wells, Rachel Lovell, ca. 1735-ca. 1796
46 Wells, Viola Gertrude, 1902-1984
47 Westcott, Cynthia, 1898-1983
48 Whitall, Ann Cooper, 1716-1797
49 White, Alma Bridwell, 1862-1946
50-53 White, Elizabeth, 1871-1954 (4 folders)
54 White, Katharine Elkus, 1906-1985
55 White, Pearl, 1889-1938
56 Whitney, Phyllis Ayame, 1903-
57 Wick, Temperance, fl. 1780
58 Willard, Mary Hatch *
59 Williams, Madeline Worthy, 1894-1968
60 Williamson, Emily Hornblower, 1869-1909
61 Willoughby, Frances Lois, d. 1984 *
62 Wilson, Theresa Louise Martens, 1880-1975
63 Winser, Beatrice, 1869-1947
64 Witkin, Evelyn, 1921-
65 Wittpenn, Caroline Stevens, 1859-1932
Box Folder
12 1 Wolfe, Deborah Cannon Partridge, 1916-
2 Wood, Edith Elmer, 1871-1945
3-4 Woodruff, Constance Oneida Williams, 1921- 1996
5 Woodruff, Marietta Huntoon Crane, 1837-1912
6 Woody, Regina Jones, 1894-1983
7-8 Wright, Marion Thompson, 1902-1962
9 Wright, Patience Lovell, 1725-1786
10 Wykoff, Annie, c. 1850-c. 1920 *
11 Yardley, Margaret Tufts Swan, 1844-1928
12 Zuck, Florence Lydia McEnally, 1912-2004
13 Zwemer, Susanna Weare Peirce
PHOTOGRAPHS, (1.25 cubic feet)
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by biographical subject.
Summary: Types of documents include photographs, negatives, slides, and correspondence. The bulk of the series is composed of photographs removed from the BIOGRAPHICAL DATA FILES. The images include portraits, artwork, buildings, and gravestones. The sources of the images vary from the biographical subjects or their family members to repositories and agencies. There are also snapshots taken by researchers. Most of the images were used in the publications, exhibition, and Web site. The reproduction rights to these images are located in the series LEGAL FILES.
Box Folder
13 1 Adams, Harriet Stratemeyer
2 All-woman jury
3 Apgar, Virginia
4 Atchison, Anna Mahala Field
5 Augusto, Mary Crapelli
6 Barton, Clara
7 Beach, Sylvia Woodbridge
8 Beggs, Vera Wadsworth
9 Blake, Maria De Castro
10 Boehm, Helen
11 Botto, Maria Boggio
12 Bourke-White, Margaret
13 Brackett, Elizabeth Rock
14 Branthwaite, Louise Delling
15 Brown, Charlotte Emerson
16 Brown, Margaret Christina
17 Burch, Mary Beasley
18 Burgio, Jane Grey
19 Carteret, Elizabeth
20 Civil War women [one photo: Gettysburg]
21 Conley, Dorothy Allen
22 Cooper, Elizabeth
23 Costa, Marianna Fidone
24 Cresswell, Margaret (Hiawatha)
25 Cross, Dorothy
26 Dergan, Bridget
27 Dix, Dorothea Lynde
28 Douglass, Mabel Smith
29 Douglass, Minnie
30 Dress reform graphic
31 Dubois, Silvia
32 Eager, Mary Ann
33 Edwards, Emma Ward
34 Edwards, Lena Frances
35 Egg, Eleanor
36 Elmer, Elizabeth Harker
37 Elstner, Anne
38 Eustis, Dorothy Lieb Harrison Wood
39 Fallon, Irene Taylor
40 Fauset, Jessie Redmon
41 Fenwick, Millicent Hammond
42 Finkler, Rita Sapiro
43 Fowler, Susan Pecker
44 Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins
45 Gamble, Kathryn
46 Gardiner, Muriel Morris
47 Gilbreth, Lillian
48 Gonzalez, Alberta
49 Gordon, Ruth Evelyn
50 Green, Hetty Howland Robinson
51 Greenbaum, Dorothea Schwarcz
52 Hancock, Cornelia
53 Hancock, Joy Bright
54 Hayes, Lydia Young
55 Hicks, Beatrice Alice
56 Hobart, Jennie Tuttle
57 Hutchins, Carleen Maley
58 Hyde de Neuville, Anne
Box Folder
14 1 Jeritza, Maria
2 Jewish farming women
3 Jones, Sarah E.
4 Kassell, Paula
5 Kearse, Myra Smith
6 Kierstad, Sarah Jans
7 Lee, Jarena
8 Levine, Sophie Kresch
9 Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
10 Lowry, Edith Elizabeth
11 Maass, Clara
12 Macculloch, Louisa Sanderson
13 Magee, Abbie Eliza
14 Manners, Lucille
15 Marchione, Margherita Frances
16 Masters, Sybilla
17 Mehegan, Mother Mary Xavier
18 Moore, Elizabeth “Bessie” Holmes
19 Moran, Mary Nimmo
20 Morris, Margaret Hill
21 Nagao, Mary Yamashita
22 Nakamura, Ellen Noguchi
23 Oakley, Annie
24 Parker, Nellie Morrow
25 Paterson silk workers
26 Patt, Ruth Marcus
27 Paul, Alice Stokes
28 Pettersen, Eleanore Kendall
29 Philbrook, Mary
30 Piccard, Jeannette Ridlon
31 Polk, Olive Mae Bond
32 Post, Dorothea Miller
33 Precker, Jennie
34 Ramsey, Alice Huyler
35 Revey, Restelle Elizabeth Richardson
36 St. Denis, Ruth
37 Shahn, Bernarda Bryson
38 Spencer, Lilly Martin
39 Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
40 Stockton, Annis Boudinot
41 Stockton, Betsey
42 Stone, Lucy
43 Streeter, Ruth Cheney
44 Strickland, Sarah
45 Suffrage graphic
46 Takaezu, Toshiko
47 Tallis, Mary Anne
48 Taylor, Clara Mae
49 Terhune, Mary Virginia Hawes
50 Treat, Mary Adelia
51 Tyson, Frances Bartlett
52 Valdéz-Muñoz, Concepción
53 Wells, Carolyn
54 Wells, Viola Gertrude
55 White, Elizabeth
56 Whitney, Phyllis A.
57 Wick, Temperance
58 Winser, Beatrice
59 Witkin, Evelyn
60 Wittpenn, Caroline Stevens
61 Wolfe, Deborah Cannon Partridge
62 WPNJ--AASLH Certificate of Commendation presentation, 2004
63 WPNJ--Book party, 1990 March 11
Box Folder
15 1 WPNJ--Book celebration, Jacobus home, Mendham, 1990
2 WPNJ--Editorial Board, 1987-2004
3 WPNJ--Exhibition opening, 1990
4 WPNJ--Exhibition panels, 1990
5 WPNJ—NJHC annual conference table, 2002
6 WPNJ--Past & Promise images, slide show, 1990
7 WPNJ--Web-based Training Project, teacher focus groups, 2001
8 Woodruff, Constance Oneida Williams
9 Wright, Marion Thompson
10 Wright, Patience Lovell
11 Unknown
AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS, 1986-1990, 1994 (9 items)
Arrangement: Arranged by type of medium.
Summary: Types of materials are six audiocassettes, an audiotape, a videotape, and an LP vinyl recording. This series includes original recordings by biographical subjects as well as interviews with subjects. There are also recordings of presentations at conferences and of a radio interview.
16 Jeanette Cascone, Interview by Vernon E. McClean (Beta videotape), [1986]
Dorothy Conley Elam and Lavinia A. Franklin, "Historical Interpretation of Negro Spirituals and Lift Every Voice and Sing" (audiotape), undated
Charlotte Nichols Montgomery, Interview by Marcia Kastenbaum, with Marjorie Stallings Pavelac (audiocassette), 1985 December
Eleanore Kendall Petersen, Interview by June Shatken (2 audiocassettes), 1986 February 4
WPNJ, "Focus on Women" radio interview, (audiocassette), 1987 March 3
WPNJ, Panel session at Women's History Conference (audiocassette), 1990 March 16
WPNJ, session at AASLH (audiocassette), c. 1994
ARTIFACT, 1985 (1 item)
Arrangement: Series contains one item.
Summary: Contains the WPNJ corporate seal.
16 Corporate Seal, 1985