MC 1015

Inventory to the William Elliot Griffis Collection (East Asia), 1859-1928

By Wendell Piez, Ruth Simmons, and Fernanda Perrone

August 1994

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Griffis, William Elliot, 1843-1928
Title: William Elliot Griffis Collection
Dates: 1859-1928
Quantity: 120 cubic feet
Collection No.: MC 1015
Language: English
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries. Special Collections and University Archives

Biographical Note

William Elliot Griffis was born on September 17, 1843, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The second son in a large family, early in his life he was exposed to decisive influences of family and culture. His mother, a devout church-goer, instilled in Griffis a profound faith and confidence in Christianity. His father was a coal merchant, involved in the rapid expansion of international trade in the burgeoning nineteenth-century American economy, traveling as far away as Europe, Africa, China and the Philippines. Among the significant events of his early life, Griffis later recounted with pride his witnessing, from his father's shoulders, the launching in 1850 of the U.S.S. Susquehanna, the largest steamship then built, which was soon to be used by Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry as flagship on the historic mission to open the far-away island empire of Japan. Again, Griffis recollected, in 1860 he was in the crowd of admirers when the first Japanese emissary to the U.S. toured the country.

Griffis served briefly in the Civil War in Pennsylvania's 44th Regiment. After the war, aware that advancement in his chosen fields of divinity and letters required higher education, Griffis entered Rutgers College in the class of 1869. It was at Rutgers (notwithstanding his earlier brushes with the East) that Griffis first became properly aware of Japan. A classmate and close comrade was Robert Pruyn, Jr., son of Robert H. Pruyn, the successor of Townsend Harris as U.S. Minister to Japan from 1861 to 1865. Among Griffis's and Pruyn's activities at Rutgers, their founding of the Rutgers Targum is memorable. Of much greater significance, however, was the appearance at Rutgers of the first Japanese students to come to the U.S. to learn English and Western sciences.

The first Japanese students in the U.S. were directed to Rutgers through the offices of the Dutch Reformed Church Board of Foreign Missions in New York. They were "Ise" and "Numagawa," the assumed names of the Yokoi Brothers, nephews of the reformer Yokoi Heishiro. Soon joined by others, notably the brilliant Kusakabe Taro and the flashy Soogiwoora Ko-Zo (Hatakeyama Yoshinari, later briefly to be Superintendent of the Kaisei Gakko in Tokyo), these students formed the nucleus of a thriving community of expatriate Japanese, ambitious and proud young men determined to master Western learning for the benefit of their emerging nation. Not only did Griffis move in the same social circles as the Japanese, but also tutored a number of them, including Kusakabe, in English and Latin.

It was natural, therefore, that Griffis should be offered a position "for a young man single not a minister to go to Japan and teach the Nat[ural] Sciences & organize educational work generally." The offer was forwarded by D.T. Reiley of the Rutgers Grammar school: the applicant was to go to the province of Echizen in Japan, whose Daimyo, Matsudaira Shungaku, was among the most forward-looking Japanese statesmen of the pre-Meiji period. Griffis, perhaps still unsure of his professional course after a year at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, but undoubtedly fascinated by the possibilities, accepted and sailed for Japan. He arrived in Echizen in early 1871, teaching there for a year before moving to Tokyo, where he taught English and Chemistry for three years at the Kaisei Gakko (later Tokyo University). In Tokyo, he was joined by his sister Margaret Clark Griffis, who also worked as a teacher and participated in the modern revolution of Japanese women's education (and whose papers are also preserved in the Griffis Collection).

Griffis's work in Echizen (renamed Fukui), at the Kaisei Gakko, and his contributions to educational reform have been discussed by historians. Of at least equal significance, however, was Griffis's freelance work in Japan. Traveling widely, and moving in social circles with missionaries and other yatoi as well as with the elite of the early Meiji government, Griffis worked from the beginning with the awareness that in Japan, he had a subject for which his methods of working were well-suited. He immediately began writing for the popular press, both the English-language press in Japan and for American periodicals and reference books. In 1874, he returned to the U.S., where he sensed that his career prospects as a writer were considerably enhanced by his exposure to a field of study still largely open. And this proved to be the case, as was demonstrated by the publication in 1877 of The Mikado's Empire. The book, the first monograph to treat Japanese history and culture systematically for an American and British audience, met with immediate critical and popular success, and eventually went through twelve editions.

Griffis's subsequent career was built on this success. After studying at Union Theological Seminary to realize his goal of becoming a minister, he embarked on a fifty-year career of preaching, lecturing, and writing. He served as pastor at three churches: the First Reformed Church in Schenectady, New York; Shawmut Congregational Church in Boston; and First Congregational Church in Ithaca, New York, before retiring in 1903 to devote himself full time to writing. He authored over fifty books and innumerable journal articles and entries in encyclopedias and reference books, including a great many on Japan, the Far East, and the American role in the Pacific. Over the same period, Griffis maintained his contacts both with Japanese students and associates as well as with other Westerners involved in work with Japan, including missionaries and yatoi (foreign employees of the Japanese government). He was part of what today would be called a Japanese-American network. In 1926-1927, Griffis made a return visit to Japan. He died the following year.

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Chronology of Events

Date Event
1843 Born September 17 in Philadelphia, the fourth child of seven and second son, to John Limeburner Griffis and Anna Maria (Hess) Griffis.
1850 Observes the launching of the U.S.S. Susquehanna in Philadelphia. The Susquehanna, the largest steamship yet commissioned by the U.S. Navy, was to be Commodore M. C. Perry's flagship on the 1853-1854 Naval Expedition to Japan.
1860 Sees the Shogun's Mission, the first Japanese Embassy to the U.S., when it visits Philadelphia.
1863 Serves in Pennsylvania's 44th Regiment in the Civil War.
1866 Enters Rutgers College.
1869 Graduates with A.B. from Rutgers College. In the summer, tours Europe with his sister Margaret Clark Griffis and family friend Edward Warren Clark.
1870 Sails for Japan to organize schools in Echizen.
1871 Named Superintendent of Education in Echizen. [Iwakura Mission 1871-1872].
1872 Awarded A.M. from Rutgers College.
1872 Publishes, in Yokohama, The New Japan Primer and The New Japan Pictorial Primer.
1872-1874 Serves as Professor of Physics at the Imperial University, Tokyo. In 1872, Griffis's sister Margaret Clark Griffis joins him in Tokyo, and is appointed teacher, and then principal, of the first government school for girls (to become the Tokyo Female Normal School).
1873 Publishes The Tokio Guide and The Yokohama Guide (Yokohama).
1874 Griffis and Margaret Clark Griffis return to America
1876 Publishes The Mikado's Empire.
1877 Graduates from Union Theological Seminary.
1877-1886 Serves as Pastor of the First Reformed Church, Schenectady, NY.
1879 Marries Katherine L. Stanton (1859-98).
1880 Publishes Japanese Fairy World: Thirty-five Stories from the Wonderlore of Japan.
1882 Publishes Corea: the Hermit Nation.
1883 Lillian Eyre Griffis (daughter) born in Schenectady.
1884 Awarded D.D. from Union College.
1885 PublishesCorea: Without and Within.
1886-1893 Serves as Pastor of the Shawmut Congregational Church in Boston, MA.
1887 Stanton Griffis (first son) born in Boston.
1887 PublishesMatthew Calbraith Perry: A Typical American Naval Officer.
1889 Publishes The Lily Among Thorns: A Study of the Biblical Drama Entitled"The Song of Songs".
1890 Publishes Honda the Samurai: A Story of Modern Japan.
1891 PublishesSir William Johnson and the Six Nations, and an edition of The Arabian Nights.
1892 Publishes Japan: In History, Folklore and Art.
1893 John Elliot Griffis (second son) born in Boston.
1893-1903 Serves as Pastor of the First Congregational Church, Ithaca, NY.
1894 Publishes Brave Little Holland and What She Taught Us.
1895 Publishes The Religions of Japan From the Dawn of History to the Eraf Meiji: Shinto, Buddhism and Confucianism, and Townsend Harris, First American Envoy in Japan [an edition of Harris's journals].
1897 PublishesThe Romance of Discovery: A Thousand Years of Exploration and the Unveiling of Continents.
1898 Publishes Charles Carlton Coffin: War Correspondent, Traveler, Author and Statesman; The Romance of American Colonization; The Pilgrims in Their Three Homes.
1898 Katherine Stanton Griffis dies in Ithaca on December 9.
1899 PublishesAmerica in the East: A Glance at Our History, Prospects, Problems and Duties in the Pacific Ocean; The Romance of Conquest: The Story of American Expansion Through Arms and Diplomacy.
1899 Awarded L.H.D. by Rutgers College
1900 Marries Sarah Frances King (1868-1959).
1900 Publishes The American in Holland: Sentimental Rambles in the Eleven Provinces of the Netherlands; The Pathfinders of the Revolution: A Story of the Great March into the Wilderness and Lake George Region of New York in 1779; and Verbeck of Japan: A Citizen of No Country.
1901 PublishesIn the Mikado's Service: A Story of Two Battle Summers in China.
1902 Publishes A Maker of the New Orient: Samuel Robbins Brown, Pioneer Educator in China, America, and Japan, the Story of his Life and Work, and Mighty England--Our Old Home.
1903 Resigns pastorate to write and lecture full time.
1903 Publishes John Chambers: Servant of Christ and Master of Hearts, and his Ministry in Philadelphia; Sunny Memories of Three Pastorates; and Young People's History of Holland.
1904 Publishes Dux Christus: An Outline Study of Japan.
1907 Decorated with the Order of the Rising Sun, Fourth Class, by the Emperor of Japan.
1907 Publishes The Japanese Nation in Evolution: Steps in the Progress of a Great People,and Christ, the Creator of the New Japan.
1908 PublishesThe Firefly's Lovers and Other Fairy Tales of Old Japan.
1909 Publishes The Story of the New Netherlands, the Dutch in America
1911 Publishes China's Story in Myth, Legend, Art and Annals, and The Unmannerly Tiger and Other Korean Tales.
1912 Publishes A Modern Pioneer in Korea: The Life Story of Henry G. Appenzeller; Might England: the Story of the English People; The Call of Jesus to Joy; Belgium, the Land of Art.
1913 Publishes Hepburn of Japan and His Wife and Helpmates: A Life Story of Toil for Christ.
1913 Margaret Clark Griffis dies in Ithaca, December 15.
1914 Publishes The House We Live In, Architect and Tenant: Talks About the Body and the Right Use of It.
1915 Publishes Millard Fillmore Constructive Statesman, Defender of the Constitution, President of the U.S.; The Mikado, Institution and Person: A Study of the Internal Political Forces of Japan; The Story of Belgium.
1916 Publishes Bonnie Scotland and What We Owe Her.
1918 PublishesDutch Fairy Tales.
1919 Publishes Belgian Fairy Tales.
1920 Publishes Swiss Fairy Tales; Young People's History of the Pilgrims.
1921 Publishes Welsh Fairy Tales; The Dutch of the Netherlands in the Making of America
1922 Publishes Korean Fairy Tales; Japanese Fairy Tales.
1923 Publishes The Story of the Walloons, at Home, in the Lands of Exile and in America
1924 Publishes Proverbs of Japan: A Little Picture of the Japanese Philosophy of Life as Mirrored in Their Proverbs.
1926 Publishes The American Flag of Stripes and Stars: Mirror of the Nation's History, Symbol of Brotherhood and World Unity.
1926-1927 With Frances King Griffis, journeys to Japan for the second time, stopping in Korea and Manchuria.
1926 Decorated with the Order of the Rising Sun, Third Class.
1928 Dies in Florida, February 5.

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Scope and Content Note

The William Elliot Griffis Collection (East Asia) in Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives is approximately 120 cubic feet in size. The collection also includes approximately 120 cubic feet of unprocessed material assembled by Griffis that documents Holland; New York State and American history (including the 1779 Sullivan Expedition against the Iroquois); and many other topics. The East Asian material comprises five sub-groups: the William Elliot Griffis Papers, the Margaret Clark Griffis Papers, the Griffis Family Papers, Papers Collected by Griffis, and Griffis Related Materials. Document types include papers, publications, photographs, ephemera and artifacts created and collected by William Elliot Griffis, one of the first foreign employees (yatoi) of the Japanese Government during the second half of the 19th century, and the foremost interpreter of Japanese culture for the American public from 1876 to the First World War.

Over a fifty-year period spanning the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, William Elliot Griffis was well known as a popular author and lecturer, a "Japan hand" who was perhaps the foremost American expert on Japan and the Far East and on American relations with East Asia. After returning to the United States in 1874, Griffis embarked on a career writing and lecturing on Japan and related subjects. His 1876 volume The Mikado's Empire was for decades the authoritative reference in the West on Japanese culture and history.

The entire range of his output is represented in the Griffis Collection at Rutgers. Manuscripts, in various stages of completion, are joined by copious notes on Griffis's many projects and interests: Japan, its history and religion; Korea and China; important figures in the history of Japanese-U.S. relations from Millard Fillmore and Matthew Calbraith Perry to the missionaries Guido Verbeck, James Ballagh, J.C. Hepburn and Samuel Robbins Brown; fine and applied arts; folklore; current events and world affairs; biblical literature; theology and the challenges offered Christianity by its exposure to the religions and cultures of the East, and so on.

In addition to the considerable quantity of Griffis's own work, his working subject files contain remarkable source materials on the various issues in which he was interested. The materials Griffis gathered, even more abundant and broad-ranging than those he himself produced, include numerous items rare or unique to the collection and of great historical interest. Among them, notably, are not only numbers of very rare printed materials in Japanese—books, pamphlets, maps—from the late Tokugawa and Meiji periods, but also nearly 350 manuscript essays written in English by Japanese students of Griffis and Margaret Griffis, on numerous subjects: growing up in pre-Meiji Japan; Japanese history (including contemporary history); customs; games; theater; occupations and crafts; religion, folklore and superstitions. Another valuable asset of the Griffis papers is their reflection of the popular image of Japan in the American public as it developed up to the turn of the century and beyond. Furthermore the papers' extensive documentation of the American popular press (Griffis carefully saved notices and reviews of his own and others' work), and his personal contacts with publishers and audiences, offer a close view of nineteenth-century American popular and intellectual culture. As a result of his work as a public speaker the collection contains many materials in media besides print, notably photographs, lantern slides, and oversize material including maps, prints, broadsides, and posters. The collection also includes a small group of artifacts that Griffis acquired in Japan.

Parts of the Griffis Collection were microfilmed in 2000. Researchers are requested to use the microfilm to access the JOURNALS and SCRAPBOOKS series, which are very fragile. The microfilm has now been digitized and is available at Rutgers and by subscription through the Area Studies: Japan database.

Because the Griffis Collection is used so frequently by visiting groups, some originals and reproductions of particular interest have been separated and stored in Boxes X, Z, and the Fukui Exhibition box.

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Arrangement Note

A U.S. Department of Education Title II-C Grant was awarded in late 1993 to support comprehensive processing of the Griffis Collection. At that time, the collection had been closed to researchers due to its deteriorating condition. The collection had come to Rutgers University in a series of accessions between 1928 and 1982: many of the most valuable parts of the collection had been processed and segregated from the body of the collection, but in several stages at different points in the collection's history. Research and arrangement of early accessions had been done by Frederick Welden (notably on the Brunton Manuscript), with the support of the American Council for Learned Societies, in the 1930s; and many areas of the collection of personal interest (held by the family and presented to Rutgers in later accessions) had been researched by Griffis's granddaughter, Katherine G.M. Johnson. The collection arrangement, while a fascinating object study in the complex and nuanced history of a rich manuscript collection such as this one, had become cumbersome, reflecting the various organization schemes introduced by this work, and later archivists', placed over the last remaining vestiges of Griffis's original arrangement of his papers - which clearly had itself been opportunistic and haphazard.

When the 1994-1995 project began, the first thirty-five or forty boxes contained the catalogued "William Elliot Griffis Far East Collection," a broad mix of materials, sorted into a subject arrangement and listed by box contents. Heavily used by researchers, the Far East Collection had been instituted in the early 1960s by Prof. Ardath Burks with the assistance of Jerome Cooperman and the support of the Rutgers Research Council. It was only a portion of the entire collection, however, which continued to be added to, with new accessions eventually amounting to nearly 250 manuscript boxes in all. Burks' and Cooperman's arrangement was later supplemented by collection curators Clark Beck and Ruth Simmons, who successively segregated correspondence and such important groupings as the STUDENT ESSAYS. Many boxes in the collection, containing voluminous research materials of less immediate interest (primarily Griffis's America and Europe researches) remained unsorted and undocumented. In preparation for the grant applications that led to the 1994 grant, a collection survey, the first to be comprehensive, was conducted in 1993 by Ruth Simmons and Project Archivist Wendell Piez.

While the Burks-Cooperman arrangement was more than adequate for the purposes of researchers at that time, it was not all-inclusive, and although most important materials were accessible, documentation was not sufficient to prevent the necessity of researchers' combing through materials in an attempt to locate specific items. This practice was having a deleterious effect on many of these fragile, acidic materials. The 1994-1995 Title II-C Grant, which supported the employment of a Project Archivist and the application of electronic text technologies for producing and searching finding aids, enabled comprehensive processing of the collection at a level hitherto impossible (in the case of many series, at the item level). The purpose of this comprehensive sorting was two-fold: to allow preservation of the materials by rehousing them in a permanent arrangement reflecting provenance and media type, and to permit a thorough documentation of the collection contents, reducing the need for searching by hand and supporting the creation of a microfilm edition of the unique Japan/Far East materials. While this rearrangement ran the risk of obscuring Griffis's own arrangement even further than it had already been, it was judged to be necessary to address preservation concerns. Issues of original order are addressed, to some extent, in Series Descriptions (and in any case the researcher can refer to the 1993 survey to discern the collection arrangement when this project began).

Although the full two-year Title II-C Griffis Project had to be curtailed to one year (due to the termination of the Federal program in 1994), these objectives of arrangement and description have been largely achieved. The current group and series arrangement was decided, all boxes systematically reviewed, and Japan and Far East-related materials removed to this arrangement. The project was reduced in size and scope by relegating, again, the America-Europe boxes to a less highly processed group. Full listings were created in the process of sorting and rehousing.

The present arrangement of the collection gives comprehensive access to the Japan/Far East materials. They are divided into four groups. The main group, William Elliot Griffis materials, comprises the greatest bulk of the collection: it contains Griffis's own writings as they survive in print and manuscript (with the exception of the bound volumes catalogued in the X-GRIF section of the Rare Books Collection, which fell outside the purview of this project), notebooks, diaries, research notes, as well as extensive materials collected by him in the course of his researches or as memorabilia. (The specific series may be seen in the Finding Aid Table of Contents and are described in detail in the Finding Aid). Group II, Margaret Clark Griffis Materials, contains the extant diaries of Griffis's sister, significant because of her work in the earliest period of the formal education of Japanese women (a copy of her Tokyo contract also appears in the group). Group III contains papers pertaining to other members of the Griffis family, notably the war journals of Montgomery Patterson Griffis (brother of William Elliot Griffis) and diaries and account books of Griffis's two wives, Katherine Lyra Stanton Griffis and Sarah Frances King Griffis; as well as family correspondence. Group IV is a highly important group: it contains manuscript materials collected by Griffis, not as part of his own researches (some materials of this kind appear in Group I), but rather in the course of his work as an editor or intermediary. The Richard Henry Brunton manuscript appears in this series, as do significant works such as memoirs and journals by missionaries James Ballagh and Samuel Robbins Brown; manuscripts in English by Japanese literary figures; scrapbooks on Polar Exploration by Captain Silas Bent (a member of the Perry Expedition to Japan of 1853-1854); and others. Letters from Griffis to Harada Tasuku (President of Doshisha University), which were accessioned into the Griffis Collection in 1970, are also included in this group.

Also held in the Griffis Collection, but not strictly belonging to it, are materials relegated to the category Griffis-Related Materials. This is a very open category, including materials routinely useful to new researchers (such as Griffis Collection-related materials from the University Archives), plus those materials stemming from researchers' work on the collection which were actually sorted from the collection in the process of arrangement. A larger quantity of such material, of minimal value to present researchers, remains undescribed.

The America/Europe boxes of the collection remain for the most part unsorted. A survey of these boxes, updated from the 1993 Collection Survey, is available to researchers for consultation as an appendix to this Finding Aid.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

William Elliot Griffis Collection, MC 1015, Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

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Detailed Description of the Collection/Container List

This section provides descriptions of the materials found within each series. Each series description is followed by a container list, which gives the titles of the "containers" (for example, folders, volumes, or cassettes) and their locations in the numbered boxes that comprise the collection. The availability of any digital items from a container is indicated with a hyperlink.

Summary: The BIOGRAPHICAL FILE contains a mix of print and manuscript material segregated from the main series because of their direct reflections on Griffis's own life and work. They include autobiographical manuscript materials (excluding the series "Vignettes of Memory," part of which appears in PUBLISHED WORKS); newspaper clippings referring to Griffis or reviewing his lectures or books, found either loose (grouped loosely in folders) or pasted into Kraft-paper bindings (these bound items are listed at the end of the series); ephemeral materials, such as items pertaining to his pastorates in Boston (the Shawmut Congregational Church) and Ithaca; listings of Griffis's library holdings, Rutgers Targum articles, and various miscellaneous materials of a similar nature.
Box Folder
1 1 Clippings and Published Items about William Elliot Griffis
2 Clippings ‑- References to Griffis by Contemporaries in Japan
3 Rutgers Targum articles about Griffis
4 Clippings about Award of the Order of the Rising Sun
5 "William Elliot Griffis D.D., L.H.D.n his Second Visit to Japan" [Japanese journal article, 1926]
6 Clippings ‑- Interviews, Press Notices, Articles, Citations
7 Ephemeral Printed Materials Citing Griffis
8 Letters to the Editor Responding to Griffis
9 Reviews and Notices of Griffis ‑- Press in Japan
10 Itinerary,"Dr. Griffis' Program in Kyoto," [1926]
11 Clippings - Griffis in Japan, [1926-1927]
12 Clippings - Griffis in Japan, Japanese News Accounts of 1926 Visit, [1926-1927]
13 Obituaries of William Elliot Griffis, [1928]
14 Griffis Genealogy
[annotated offprint]
15 Typescripts: Rutgers and New Brunswick
16 "Intimate Glimpses": Rutgers Reminiscences
17 Rutgers Alumni Material
18 Notes for Autobiography
19 "The Pentagons" MS
20 "Pentagons" materials?
[gathered by KGMJ]
21 Griffis Book Gift to Schenectady Historical Society, list and receipt
22 Griffis Gift to Cornell Library receipt
23 Shawmut Pastorate ephemera
24 Ithaca Pastorate ephemera
25 Pulaski Pastorate ephemera
26 Letter to Union Theological Seminary Class of 1877, [1919]
27 American School Institute Employee Referral Form, [1875]
28 1875 Contacts ‑- Miscellaneous Records
29 Griffismeishi or address slips?
30 Targum information solicitation for "Rutgers Graduates in Japan," [1916]
31 Solicitation for Information on Margaret Clark Griffis
32 "Dr. Griffis's Japanese Record"
[printed resume]
33 Bibliographical Notes by Katharine Johnson, with Rutgers College Library list of books by Griffis
Box Folder
2 1 Bound volume: Typescript Catalog to Griffis's Library, [after 1897]
2 MS Catalogue of Griffis's Library of Japanese Books
3 Publishers' catalogs listing Griffis books
4 Publicity and advertising on Griffis books
5 Printed listings of books by Griffis
6 Reviews of books by Griffis
7 MS bibliography of works by Griffis
8 Typescript bibliography of books by Griffis, [after 1921]
9 Publisher's ephemera and related notes and correspondence on Matthew Calbraith Perry: A Typical American Naval Officer, [1885]
Including proofs of front matter.
10 Mission News [Yokohama] including review of Dux Christus and Griffis response, [1905]
Griffis is challenged on a claim of authority (priority) as a yatoi.
11 Reviews and receipts for Honda the Samurai
12 Reviews and notices of Sir William Johnson
13 Reviews and publicity for Korea, the Hermit Nation [9th ed.] and A Modern Pioneer in Korea: The Life Story of Henry G. Appenzeller
14 Reviews of The Mikado: Institution and Person
15 Reviews of The Lily Among Thorns
16 Publisher's announcements and reviews, Japanese Fairy World
17 Reviews of Griffis lectures
18 Reviews of Griffis lectures on China
19 Reviews of Griffis lectures on Japan
Box Folder
3 1 "Noted Traveller Will Speak Here" Newspaper announcement of Griffis lecture, undated
2 "The History of Japan: Rev. Dr. Griffis' Address in Presbyterian Church" Review of Griffis lecture, October 6, 1905
3 "Japan as Seen by Rev. Dr. Griffis" Interview with Griffis, March 8, 1898
4 "The New Cabinet in Japan Magazine article [signed G.D.], The Nation, October 6, 1898
5 "Japan Past and Present" Review of Griffis lecture, February 15, 1906
6 "Saw Japan Born Again" Interview with Griffis, January 27, 1905
7 "Dr. Griffis's Notable Work" Newspaper article, undated
8 "Timely Lecture on Japanese" Review of Griffis lecture, undated
8 "Among the Japanese" Review of Griffis lecture, January 25, 1888
9 "The New Japan" Interview with Griffis by Harold Murray, undated
10 "...Lectured on Japan..." Review of Griffis lecture, undated
11 "...Talks Interestingly About Japan..." Review of Griffis lecture, Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, January 19, 1903
12 "Lecture on the Japanese" Review of Griffis lecture, undated
13 "Japanese Basic Stock White" Newspaper article citing Griffis, undated
14 "Progress in Japan" Review of Griffis lecture,
15 "'Brown Men' are Thrifty" Review of Griffis lecture, undated
16 "Dr. W.E. Griffis Brings Message from Far East" Review of Griffis lecture, undated
17 "Japan Will Win the War" Review of Griffis lecture [circa 1905]
18 "Japan, Russia" Review of Griffis lecture, [circa 1905]
19 "War Talk Originates Here" Review of Griffis lecture, October 13, 1911
19 "Thinks Enmity to United States Japan's Last Thought" Newspaper interview with Griffis, July 8, [1911?]
20 "War Talk Again Rapped As Conference Closes" Review of Griffis lecture and conference speeches, undated
21 "Says the Japs Excel in Art" Review of Griffis lecture, Ithaca Daily News, December 15, 1908
22 "Literary Japan" Review of Griffis lecture, undated
23 "Aims and Purpose of Japanese Policy" Review of Griffis lecture, The Ithaca Journal," October 2, 1919
23 "Asks Fairness Towards Japan" Review of Griffis lecture," [October 1919]
24 "Japs to Fight for Social Equality" Review of Griffis lecture [Philadelphia Press," February 1919]
25 "Japan's Policy Defended by Dr. W.E. Griffis" Review of Griffis lecture," undated
26 "The Christianizing of Japan" Newspaper article citing Griffis, The British Weekly," undated
27 "Japanese Buddhism and Christianity" Review of Griffis, The Evolution of the Japanese People, in The New York Observer," March 12, 1908
[Lloyd, Arthur]
28 "Rev. William E. Griffis Tells of Pioneer Days in Japan" [80] Interview with Griffis [The Herald, Boston?]," undated
29 "Upholds Japan in Far East Dispute" Newspaper photograph of Griffis, Syracuse NY," May 13, 1915
29 "Monroe Doctrine Wanted for Asia by the Japanese" Review of lecture by George Durand Wilder," undated
30 "Making Pleas for Foreign Missions" Newspaper account of missionary conference, including a speech by Griffis," February 21, 1906
30 "The Evening Session"
Continuing account of"Making Pleas for Foreign Missions"?
31 "Dr. Griffis: His Story of the Japanese as Related by an Eye Witness" Newspaper interview with Griffis [Peoria IL]," March 19, 1905
32 "Authenticity of Note Doubted" Interview with Griffis, Ithaca Daily News," March 1, 1917
33 "Long Bright Day Ahead of China" Review of Griffis lecture," May 10, 1915
33 "Dr. Griffis to Talk on Chinese Situation" Notice of lecture upcoming," May 8, 1915
33 "Sees Great Future in Store for China" Interview of Griffis," circa 1915
33 Reviews of Griffis lecture: "Doubts Success of Chinese Republic"
33 Reviews of Griffis lecture: "Great Men and Women of the Chinese Empire"
33 Reviews of Griffis lecture: "Americans are in China 'For God and the Dollar'"
33 Reviews of Griffis lecture: "China's Cromwell, Dr. Griffis Says of Yuan Shi Kai"
33 Reviews of Griffis lecture: "Clergyman Bangs the Missionary"
33 Reviews of Griffis lecture: "New Thoughts on China"
33 Review of the Eleventh Annual Report of the Society for the Diffusion of Christian and General Knowledge Among the Chinese: magazine notice by William Elliot Griffis.
34 "Address of Rev. William Griffis" Review of Griffis address.
34 "The Chinese People" Review of Griffis address.
34 "Chinese Exclusion: An Indignation Meeting in Boston" Press notice of event attended by Griffis.
35 "Chinese Have Done Great Good for the World" Review of Griffis lecture.
36 "Japanese Rule Best for China, Says Dr. Griffis" Interview with Griffis.
37 "Americans Are After God and the Dollar" Review of Griffis lecture.
38 "New Republic of China Has a Great Future" Review of Griffis address.
39 "Peculiar Customs to be Found in Korea" Review of Griffis lecture.
39 "No Men on Streets after 9 p.m. in Korea" Review of [same] Griffis lecture.
40 "Japan; Mr. Keizo Koyano" By Griffis D.D. 69'
Five Clippings, one Letter, bound together.
Summary: Engagement Calendars represented in the collection mainly cover the years from 1900 through Griffis's 1926-1927 trip to Japan, inclusive. Following Griffis's return to the U.S. in June 1927 only scant entries appear in the final calendar: Griffis died on February 5, 1928. The two earlier calendars in this series date from Griffis's college years and hold a greater variety of notes and memoranda than the later calendars, whose entries mainly note appointments, addresses and finances. No engagement calendars from the intermediate period are found in the collection.
Box Folder
4 1 "First College Year / 1865-1866"
Pocket Engagement Calendar for 1866.
Penciled and penned entries include short diary notes, notes to Bible reading, Greek study, lists, etc.
2.5" x 4"
2 "1868 College Notes"
Pocket Engagement Calendar for 1868.
Entries much like in the previous item.
2.5" x 4"
3 "1900"
Excelsior Pocket Diary for 1900.
Engagement and financial notes.
2" x 5.5"
4 "1901"
Excelsior Pocket Diary for 1901.
Engagement and financial notes.
2" x 5.5"
5 "1902"
Excelsior Pocket Diary for 1902.
Engagement and financial notes.
2" x 5.5"
6 "1903"
Excelsior Pocket Diary for 1903.
Engagement and financial notes.
2" x 5.5"
7 "1904"
Excelsior Pocket Diary for 1904.
Engagement and financial notes.
2" x 5.5"
8 "1905"
Excelsior Pocket Diary for 1905.
Engagement and financial notes.
2" x 5.5"
9 "1906"
Excelsior Pocket Diary for 1906.
Engagement and financial notes.
2" x 5.5"
10 Pocket Calendar, 1902
Samuel Usher Calendar for 1902.
A few engagement notes.
2.75" x 5.5"
11 Pocket Calendar, 1905
Fort Hill Press [Samuel Usher] Calendar for 1905.
Documents lecture trips.
2.75" x 5.5"
12 Pocket Calendar, 1906
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1906.
Documents lecture trips.
2.75" x 5.5"
13 Pocket Calendar, 1907
Fort Hill Press [Samuel Usher] Calendar for 1907.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
14 Pocket Calendar, 1908
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1908.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
15 Pocket Calendar, 1910
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1910.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
16 Pocket Calendar, 1911
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1911.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
17 Pocket Calendar, 1912
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1912.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
18 Pocket Calendar, 1913
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1913.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
19 Pocket Calendar, 1914
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1914.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
20 Pocket Calendar, 1915
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1915.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
21 Pocket Calendar, 1916
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1916.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
22 Pocket Calendar, 1917
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1917.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
23 Pocket Calendar, 1918
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1918.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
24 Pocket Calendar, 1919
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1919.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
25 Pocket Calendar, 1920
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1920.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
26 Pocket Calendar, 1921
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1921.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
27 Pocket Calendar, 1922
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1922.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
28 Pocket Calendar, 1923
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1923.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
29 Pocket Calendar, 1924
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1924.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
30 Pocket Calendar, 1925
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1925.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc.
2.75" x 5.5"
31 Pocket Calendar, 1926
Laird & Lee's Diary and Time-Saver for 1926.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc. [includes second Japan trip].
2.75" x 5.5"
32 Pocket Calendar, 1927
Lett's Quikref Diary for 1927.
Documents lectures, engagements, etc. [includes second Japan trip].
2.75" x 5.5"
Summary: Griffis kept accounts of his ongoing financial affairs in notebooks. Typically an account book contains monthly accounts of income and expenses of various miscellaneous kinds, loosely organized. A single notebook may cover up to a ten-year period in all. In addition, in later years Griffis did considerable work organizing subscriptions for a number of memorial funds. Smaller pocket notebooks were dedicated to these listings. Finally, the series contains a number of loose financial documents, mainly book contracts, receipts, etc. (A significant number of minor financial papers of the latter kind remain amidst the unsorted portion of the collection.)
Box Folder
5 1 Account Book, 1864-1868
Financial accounts for college years.
3" x 5"
2 "Finance / 1874"
Includes financial accounts for work done in Japan, 1871-1874, as well as subsequent work in the U.S. as late as 1877.
3.75" x 5.5"
3 Account Book, 1874-1882
Sketchy notes to finances composed 1881 and emended 1882.
3" x 5"
4 Marriage Accounts, 1879
Small notebook documents expenses and household plans associated with Griffis's 1879 marriage to Katharine Stanton.
Kanji on one cover reads [in Japanese] 'Konrei' ["marriage ceremony"]; 'Ie' ["household"].
Many blank pages.
2.75" x 4.5"
5 Pastor's Pocket Record, circa 1878-1884
Documents pastoral engagements, expenses and income associated with pastoral work, sermon subjects, records of teaching.
A few loose items are inserted.
Fragile, boards almost broken.
3.5" x 5.75"
6 Account Book, 1880-1886
Includes accounts of income, regular expenses, a few miscellaneous accounts (e.g. a list of books received for review, 1881), covering from January 1880 - December 1886.
A couple of supplementary notes are inserted.
Spine missing; boards broken.
3" x 7.5"
7 Account Book, 1887-1897
Includes running financial accounts similar to those in previous item.
Loose boards.
3" x 7.5"
8 Account Book, 1897-1908
Includes running financial accounts similar to those in previous items.
3" x 7.5"
9 Account Book, 1908-1915
Includes running financial accounts similar to those in previous items.
3.5" x 7.25"
10 Account Book, 1916-1918
"Income and Expense W.E.G."
Small notebook of financial accounts.
2.5" x 4.25"
11 Account Book, 1920-1922
"Cash Book W.E.G. January 1, 1920."
Financial accounts kept in pocket address book.
2.5" x 4.5"
12 Subscription List, Holland Tablets, 1913
"Paid Subscribers to the Holland Tablets / Plockhoy / Rotterdam / Middleburg / Hage / 1913."
Small address book bound in black leather.
3" x 5"
13 "Expense Account / Holland Tablets / 1913"
14 "Subscriptions to the Middleburg Memorial"
15 "First National Bank, Ithaca NY / Holland Tablets Fund / W.E Griffis"
16 "Subscriptions to the Amsterdam Pilgrim Memorial"
17 "Names and Addresses of Leeuwarden Subscribers"
18 "Subscriptions to the Utrecht-Rutgers Memorial"
19 "Subscriptions for the Jean Luzac Tablet at Leyden University / Leyden / Netherlands"
20 "Subscriptions to the Nijkerk-Van Curler Memorial"
21 "Subscriptions for the Van Curler Memorial at Nijkerk / Netherlands"
22 "Subscriptions to the Plockhoy Memorial"
23 "Subscriptions for the Rotterdam Tablet / in Sailor's Home / the Scotch Church"
24 "Subscriptions to the Hague Memorial"
25 "Subscriptions for the Leeuwarden Tablet / Independence of the United States / 1782"
26 "Finance Tablets / 1913"
27 "Subscriptions to the Amsterdam Memorial"
28 "Subscriptions for the Rutgers College Memorial at Utrecht - Netherlands / Sol Justitiae Illustra Nos - etccidentem 1648-1766"
29 "Holland Tablet Fund / W.E. Griffis" [Bank ledger booklet for First National Bank, Ithaca NY]
30 Account Book for "M.C. Griffis Memorial Fund"
Names of subscribers with amounts are listed.
In First National Bank (Ithaca NY) Pass Book.
3.5" x 5.5"
Box Folder
6 1 Miscellaneous Financial Accounts
2 Contracts and Related Documents
3 Contracts and Related Documents
4 Miscellaneous Receipts, etc.
5 Yokohama Specie Bank Note, 1889
Made out to Kenchio Suyematsu for fifteen yen (silver).
Summary: The term "journal," Griffis's own preferred term, is used to designate both Griffis's regular diaries, and the occasional journal recording a specific trip. Volumes from early years also include other materials. Later volumes are more strictly notes to Griffis's daily activities.
Griffis's early journal work is occasional and sporadic; only in 1877 does he appear to have developed a consistent system for keeping and maintaining journals. The final sequence of nineteen journals [Ac. 2074; nos. 14-32], beginning with this date, was collated and dated by Katharine G.M. Johnson, whose brief notes appear in most volumes. Titles are given as they appear on volume spines. A number of volumes also have one or a few clippings pasted into the front. Because of the fragility of this material, researchers are requested to use the microfilm.
Box Folder
7 1 "Journal," 1859-1862
Annotated by Katharine G.M. Johnson.
6.5" x 8"
Box Folder
8 2 Journal, entitled "Webster Literary Society" (1860); includes diary, 1862-1864
Opening pages (and an insert in front) are examples of popular verse apparently recited by Griffis on public occasions, 1856-1860, and transcribed by him 1860-61.
Journal begins with May 24, 1862, ends September 10, 1864; excludes July 3-August 28, 1863 [war service; see next item].
In the back are some pages given to memorializing friends and war comrades; at the end, a catalog of figures from the Old Testament.
Volume has some blank pages.
Annotated by Katharine G.M. Johnson
7.5" x 10"
Box Folder
9 3 Civil War Journal, 1863, and account book 1864-1865
Label reads "Penna. Campaign 1863 / To Wilkes Barre etc. / Notes etc."
War journal covers July 3 - August 28, 1864.
Journal of trip to Wilkes Barre covers July 1 - 14, 1864.
Also included are financial accounts, address records, some other journal entries from October-November 1864, and other notes.
Enclosed in worn black leather binding; pages are loose.
2.75" x 4.75"
Box Folder
10 4 Journal, 1864-1870
Begins September 17, 1864; end October 24, 1870: covers college years.
A gap during the summer of 1867 is covered in next item.
There are few blank pages; a couple of indexes at the back.
Annotated by Griffis and by Katharine G.M. Johnson.
7.5" x 10"
Box Folder
11 5 "Journal 1867" and Miscellaneous Notes, June 28, 1867 - September 15, 1867
Starting from p. 66 (and interspersed earlier) the book includes notes and ideas on miscellaneous subjects.
Some entries are in pen, but mostly the volume is written faintly in pencil. Penciled journal entries have been written over in ink by KGMJ.
A few loose leaves of notes are inserted.
4" x 6.5"
Box Folder
12 6 "Note Book" [WEG's title]: Europe Travel Journal, 1869
[Includes commonplace book]
Diary entries run from July 9, 1869 - October 7, 1869, mainly on recto of pages.
Also noted are miscellaneous ideas for lectures, writings etc.
From the back, a few pages detail quotes and notes from reading. Annotated by Katharine G.M. Johnson.
Binding broken from text block in front, and almost in the back.
4.5" x 7.5"
Box Folder
13 7 Address Book / College / Upper Red Hook [?]."
Including short diary entries for 1870, addresses, etc.
A few small pressed leaves and flowers are enclosed.
Small spring-closing leather bound notebook, with broken spine and loose cover.
2.25" x 3.5"
Box Folder
14 8 WEG's Travel Journal 1871-1872, and Japan notes, 1870-1874
Opening pages contain lists of friends and contacts (Pruyn family. Clark family et al.)
Entries from November 15, 1870-January 12, 1871 (p. 38). Covers transcontinental train journey, trans Pacific voyage and arrival in Japan. The bulk of the book comprises notes on Japanese subjects: Important: Notes on classes, students and their contributions.
6.5"x 7.5," wrapped.
Box Folder
15 9 WEG's Fukui Journal, 1871-1877
Journal begins in January 1871 [Yokohama?], published portion begins with March 1871.
Accounts of WEG's walking tours, people met, books and studies, weather.
Book includes annotations [by WEG at a later date and by KGJ] not included in printed version.
Following 1871 entries are financial accounts, lists of correspondents, articles written [for American papers], books read, tea parties, necrology, books needed, etc.
Enclosed are also typed copies of letters [by KGJ]
Other pages have quotations and commonplaces, lists of lecture topics, notes for classes and/or articles, "Outline of the Science of Chemistry" [divided into chapters], list of yatoi and other foreigners in Japan with addresses.
Then the journal begins again with January 1, 1872.
Broken by similar lists as hitherto, the journal continues through March 27, 1877 [sometimes out of order].
More notes include notes to Tokyo Guide [q.v.], lists of articles written for periodicals, notes for sermons, recollections, accounts, addresses, books read, correspondence, etc.
Box Folder
16 10 Japan journal, 1871
Leather bound pocket calendar for 1870.
Labeled "Hakuzan and trips from Fukui / Mikuni e.g."
Scattered throughout are organizational notes for teaching, etc.
In the middle pages are journal entries recording trips made in the interior in 1871.
In the notebook pouch are also a few loose notes with a clipping on sugar-milling (on which there are also notes inside).
Box Folder
17 11 Japan diary pages, 1872-1873
Loose sheets from a notebook [possibly transcribed from elsewhere?]: irregular entries covering a period February 13, 1872 -October 9, 1873.
Entries are very informative and observant.
Annotated by Katharine G.M. Johnson.
28 leaves; recto only.
8" x 10"
Box Folder
18 12 Travel Journal, 1873
In Kazura; January 1873; to Shizuoka, March, 1873.
Small ledger volume; many pages blank.
Binding broken and pages loose; in wrappers.
3.5" x 5.75"
Box Folder
19 13 "Journal / 1877 to 1883 / Schenectady."
Covers from May 21, 1877 - January 26, 1884.
4.25" x 7.25"
Boards broken from text block.
Box Folder
20 14 "Boston, April 1885 - October 1887"
Covers from January 26, 1885 -October 14, 1887.
4" x 6.5"
Box Folder
21 15 [Journal]
Covers from October 15, 1887 - December 31, 1890 [Boston]
4" x 6.5"
Spine missing.
Box Folder
22 16 "January 1, 1891 Ithaca December 31, 1894"
Covers January 1, 1891 - May 27, 1891; June 30, 1892 - December 31, 1894.
4" x 6.5"
Box Folder
23 17 "May 24, 1891 Boston - Europe June 30, 1892"
Box Folder
24 18 "January 1, 1895 Ithaca March 20, 1898"
Covers January 1, 1895 - March 31, 1898.
Box Folder
Box 25 19 "1898 Ithaca 1901"
Covers April 1, 1898 - May 17, 1901.
Box Folder
26 20 "Europe 1900" Notebook
Journal entries cover from July 4 - September 17, 1900: honeymoon voyage of Griffis and Frances King Griffis to England (with children and Griffis's sister Martha).
Interspersed are many notes on English culture, landscape etc.
Box Folder
27 21 "May 18, 1901 Ithaca August 1, 1904"
Box Folder
28 22 "Ithaca August 1904 to August 1907"
Covers August 1, 1904 - August 1, 1907.
Box Folder
29 23 "1907 - Ithaca - 1910"
Covers August 1, 1907 - April 14, 1910.
Box Folder
30 24 "1910 - Ithaca - 1913"
Covers April 15, 1910 - June 12, 1913.
Box Folder
31 25 [Journal]
Covers June 13, 1913 - June 17, 1916.
Box Folder
32 26 [Journal]
Covers June 18, 1916 - March 31, 1919.
Box Folder
33 27 [Journal]
Covers April 1, 1919 - March 15, 1922.
Box Folder
34 28 [Journal]
Covers March 22, 1922 - November 13, 1924.
Box Folder
35 29 [Journal]
Covers November 14, 1924 - September 17, 1926.
Box Folder
36 30 [Journal]
Covers September 17, 1926 - January 1, 1928.
Documents second trip to Japan.
Box Folder
37 31 [Journal]
Covers January 2, 1928 - February 3, 1928.
Volume is mainly blank; after the last entry a transcription by KGMJ of a letter by Frances King Griffis describes his last illness.
Summary: This series contains the United States Passports of William Elliot Griffis. Four passports are extant. Later passports contain visas for entry into countries in Europe (1920; 1924) and into Japan (1926).
Box Folder
38 1 1869
2 1920
3 1924
4 1926
Summary:Mostly Griffis wrote his notes on loose scraps and then bundled them together by project or time period (see NOTES AND SUBJECT FILES). In certain cases, however, he devoted a new or used notebook to a current project. Sometimes he kept a notebook for stray memoranda when travelling. Typically notebooks are not filled from front to back. Rather, Griffis would reuse a notebook, starting a new topic with a new section. Many notebooks have numerous blank pages, both following and between entries.
Listed in this series are notebooks that could be identified with projects with Far East interest. Notebooks relating to America and Europe are collected and listed separately (see Appendixes) or, in a very few cases, remain in the unsorted America/Europe boxes.
Box Folder
39 1 Ithaca High School Note tablet, [circa 1900]
English Notebook of Sarah Frances King [Griffis]. The first pages contain high school assignments and notes [were pinned closed].
The bulk of the notebook contains a translation of the author's introduction to a book of Japanese Fairy Tales as well as a version of the Momotaro story. Citation names David Brauns, Halle, June 1884.
[Citation would be to David Brauns, Japanische Märchen und Sagen (Leipzig: W. Friedrich, 1885).]
The hand is Mrs. Griffis's in pencil; emendations by Griffis in ink.
6" x 9"
2-10 Note Tablet
Japanese Fairy Tales Translations from German by Mrs. W.E. (Frances King) Griffis.
Frances Griffis's hand, in pencil and pen.
Contents listed on covers by W.E. Griffis.
4.75" x 7.5"
Box Folder
40 11 Bound ledger volume used for notes and MS on "Life of Mutsuhito" (Or "Life of the Emperor Meiji"), 1927.
Box Folder
41 12 Bound ledger volume: indexes and MS. 1860's; 1877; undated
First used as a subject index to citations in Griffis's reading [late 1860's?]; also pasted in is a copy of the [printed] index forThe Mikado's Empire.
Later, facing pages are used for the MS to a novel about Korea.
8" x 10.5"
Box Folder
42 13 Bound volume contains miscellaneous notes on China and Korea.
Front pages, possibly notes on "Comparative Theology / P. Schaff," are pasted shut with interleaved paper. A few miscellaneous notes are also inserted.
Detached covers.
8" x 9.75"
Box Folder
43 1 Notebook, titled "Pictures." [no date]
Short lists and notes; also a longer list of "Ivories" (87 items listed).
Many pages are blank.
Paper bound.
3.75" x 5.75"
2 Notebook, titled "Japan/Centennial." [circa 1876]
Mostly notes in pencil on various subjects.
Leather bound.
3" x 7.25"
3 Notebook, titled "Proverbs"
Lists of Japanese proverbs, with glosses and translations, in pen and pencil.
Leather bound.
4" x 6.5"
4 Notebook, leather bound, titled "Notes on Japan / My Circular Notes" [circa 1876].
Headings on the cover are listed: "Eastern High Asia"; "Amer. Geog. Socy. address Russia"; "Dai ('Great') Japan"; "Horses"; "Dai Nihon Shi."
First entries are notes to J.F. Campbell, My Circular Notes(New York: Macmillan and Co., [1876]).
Other entries are notes to other reading and to numerous subjects in Japanese history, legend and culture [in preparation forThe Mikado's Empire?].
Notebook reads from both ends.
4" x 6.5"
5 Notebook, titled "Onna Dai Gaku" [Women's Higher Learning].
Dated April 20, 1874, with the name 'Hashi' (WEG's interpreter?).
In addition to transcripts of digests from the book named (on Japanese women and women's culture), the booklet contains miscellaneous notes on Japanese history and culture.
Paper bound.
4" x 6.5"
6 Pocket notebook, "Mikado Realm / Aino Realm"
Contains notes of books by Tsuboi, Koganei, on archeology and cultural anthropology.
2.5" x 6"
7 Alphabetized ledger volume, "Index to the MS of Mikadoism June 1905."
Subject index [to page numbers of MS?].
4" x 7"
8 Penny pad, "Bakin's Ishidomaro Karukaya Monogatari / The Golden Wind Bell of Kamakura / Read by T. Harada, June 1889."
A transcription by Griffis of Harada's oral rendering of the text [text is possibly incomplete].
Cf. Group IV, Harada letters, for more on Griffis's and Harada's work on Bakin.
Paper cover; back (cardboard) cover is broken off.
3" x 4.75"
9 Notebook, "Korea / Catologue [sic] of Fairy Stories of Korea / for 1911"
Contains miscellaneous notes mainly on Korean fairy tales.
3.5" x 5.5"
10 Pastor's Memoranda Book for 1911, labelled "Second Korean Fairy Book"
Only a few pages of notes, with a couple of notes inserted.
2.75" x 5.5"
11 Ledger booklet, "The Story of the Korean / 1874 - 1918+ / June 11, 1920."
Contains mainly rough notes; stretches of blank pages.
Several clippings are inserted in p. 103.
Red leather binding.
5" x 7.5"
12 Notebook, "China's Story / Evolution"
Contains rough notes.
3.5" x 5.5"
13 Pocket notebook, "Literary Tokio /Old Yedo / Imperialism."
Contains 4 pp. of sketchy notes.
2.5" x 6"
14 Pocket diary notepad (for 1890) with leather cover, "Japan Notes / W.E. Griffis / Ana etc."
Contains miscellaneous notes in pencil and pen mainly on Japan and Far East international relations [Russo-Japanese War]; dated as late as 1904.
2.5" x 4"
15 Holland-America Line notebook, paper bound (with 1900, 1901 calendars), labeled "Fukui Monogatari."
Includes short and sketchy but very interesting notes reflecting Griffis's conception of his own role and relation to modern Japanese history.
4" x 6"
16 Notebook, paper bound, titled "Pictures /Ozawa / Japan."
Mainly seems to be a list of subjects and questions for inquiry or development. [Apparently not related either to the photographer Ozawa - cf. lantern slides 'British Blue Books', which appears as a marginal note.] otherwise very brief notes on Japanese subjects.
Most pages are blank.
3.5" x 5.5"
17 Small notepad with leather cover, "The Japanese and Their Country."
Notepad is for 1891.
Penciled notes organizing subjects for a book.
2.5" x 4"
18 Small leather bound notebook, entitled "Fukui and Tokyo / Japanese"
Includes various miscellaneous notes on Japanese language and culture, diary entries recording journeys, etc., dated 1871.
Covers are detached.
2.75" x 4.5"
19 Notebook, titled "Class Register, Kaisei Gakko." [circa 1873]
Contains lists and marks for several classes of Japanese students.
A loose page is inserted in front; two other pages are glued together.
A number of blank pages.
4" x 6.5"
20 Notebook, leather bound, titled "History / Geography," and newly titled "Geography / Nihon Riyaku Shi." [circa 1874]
Contains geographical notes in pen (lists of provinces and cities).
Penciled notes in the book from reverse cover Japanese history [Nihon Ryakushir outline of Japanese history].
Some pages towards the back are interleaved with tissue paper.
4" x 6.5"
21 Small notebook titled "Notes on Echizen 1871."
Mainly notes on history, apparently drawn from a printed source (chapter numbers are given).
Front cover loose.
3" x 5"
22 Small notebook, titled "Echizen Notes 1871"
(KGJ's note designates it Echizen II.)
Contains notes on Fukui region, etc.; also notes on an 1873 trip and glossary to useful phrases in Japanese.
Spine broken off.
3" x 4.75"
23 Notebook, [circa 1871]
From one side, titled "Chemistry / Qualitative Analysis" and dated October 4, 1870 (on first page), are teaching notes.
From the other, "Japanese and English," the notebook contains notes on Japanese language.
Spine is badly worn.
3.5" x 5.75"
24 Notebook, "Notes / Correspondence etc."
Internal note reads "Written September 28th 1872."
Includes interesting project notes by Griffis, mainly on Japanese subjects (religion, children, e.g.).
Enclosed in front is a fragment of a pamphlet on composing photoplays.
3.5" x 5.75"
25 Notebook, entitled "H.H. / Japan / 1926-1927 / Mutsuhito / Psychology of History."
Contains sketchy notes on Japan's modern history, many with a personal retrospective quality.
Clothbound address notebook.
4.5" x 7.5"
26 Autograph pad, [1871-1874]
Contains autographs of Rutgers classmates; Delta Upsilon Fraternity Brothers of various colleges; Japanese friends and acquaintances.
27 Pocket notebook, blue leather bound. [circa 1876]
The first page is titled "Court Life in Kyoto / Boys' Life in Japan," but the various notes are to a variety of different projects on Japanese subjects, including Westerners' lives in Japan, Japanese mythology and folklore, and Buddhism.
[Further annotations seem to have been made at later dates.]
5" x 7.5"
28 Notebook, "Notes/ Correspondence etc".
Internal note reads "Written September 28th 1872".
Includes interesting project notes by Griffis mainly on Japanese subjects: religion, children, etc.
Enclosed in front is fragment of a pamphlet on composing photoplays.
3.5"x 5.75".
29 Notebook, entitled "H. H. / Japan / 1926-1927 / Mutsuhito / Psychology of History".
Contains sketchy notes on Japan's modern history, many with a personal retrospective quality.
Clothbound address notebook.
4.5"x 7.5".
30 Autograph pad, [1871-1874].
Contains autographs of Rutgers classmates; Delta Upsilon Fraternity brothers of various colleges; Japanese friends and acquaintances.
31 Pocket notebook, blue leather bound. [circa 1876].
First page titled "Court Life in Kyoto / Boys' Life in Japan," but various notes are on different projects on Japanese subjects, including Westerners' lives in Japan, Japanese mythology and folklore and Buddhism.
[Further annotates made at later dates].
5"x 7.5".
32 Small ledger book, labeled "Marquis Ito / Incarnation of Modern Japan."
Edge is also labeled "Pilgrim Romances."
Many notes in planning for the book on Verbeck.
Bound in red leather.
5" x 7.5"
33 Notebook, found enclosed in an envelope labeled "Notes / Epitome by W.E.G. /f the Brunton Manuscript." [circa 1903]
Contains Griffis's synopsis of the Brunton MS [q.v.].
Loose covers and pages.
Two loose pages are inserted.
3" x 5.25"
Box Folder
44 34 Notebook with printed title "Records."
on title page: "Oberlin, Ohio, March 21, 1907."
Title note identifies it as "Outline of the bookThe Japanese Nation in Evolution." Contains organizational notes and MS material.
At the end is an outline for "New Netherlands, Its Story and its People."
5.5" x 8.5"
Arrangement: The correspondence is arranged first in alphabetical order, then in chronological order. Japanese names are filed surname first. Within each alphabet letter there are the following types of files:
NAME FILES - Filed by sender, in chronological order, fragments and undated items at end.
ALPHABET FILES - Filed by letter (A,B,C...) In chronological order, fragments and undated items at end.
UNDATED, UNSIGNED, UNCLEAR - Appear after Z in Japan subseries and at the end of some letter files in the Korea, China subseries.
KGMF NOTES - WEG's granddaughter Katherine's notes are found in two places: In individual alpha/chrono folders, and in KGMJ files after Z in the Japan subseries.
Summary: The correspondence files consists primarily of letters received by Griffis, though there are some letters sent to others and forwarded to him. There are also some letters, and drafts of letters, written by (Griffis to people other than his family) filed under his name. Letters sent to family members are filed in Group III, Griffis Family Papers.
The correspondence series is divided into three subseries: Japan Letters, Korea Letters, and China Letters. This arrangement was roughly created years ago and was refined at the item level for filming. Despite the use of the names Japan, Korea, and China, this series documents the entire Griffis "network" and his full range of interests. A group of less important letters was not filmed.
Box Folder
45 1 Akai Y., 1876
2 Akashi T., 1910
3 Amano K., 1876
4 Amenomori Nobushige, 1876, 1904-1905
5 American-Japan Society, 1927
6 Ando Taro, 1905
7 Antisell, Elizabeth
8 Aoyama Hajime, 1874
9 Arai I., 1888
10 Araki A., 1926
11 Araki S., 1927
12 Armstrong, A., 1916-1918
13 Asahi, Shimbun, 1926-1927
14 Asakawa K., 1921-1926
15 Aston, W.S., 1900-1906
16 Atkinson, R.W., 1906
17 Azuma T., 1872
18 A, 1851-1876
19 A, 1876 (cont'd)- 1879
20 A, 1880-1886
21 A, 1887
22 A, 1888-1892
23 A, 1893-1894
24 A, 1895-1897
25 A, 1898
26 A, 1898
27 A, 1899-1901
28 A, 1902
29 A, 1903-1904
30 A, 1904-1905
31 A, 1905
32 A, 1906
33 A , 1908-1911
34 A, 1912-1916
35 A, 1916
36 A, 1916-1918
37 A, 1919-1920
38 A, 1921-1925
39 A, 1926
40 A, 1926-1927
41 A, 1927
42 A, 1927
43 A, 1927
44 A, Undated
46 Baker, George, 1872-1873
47 Ballagh, Jas. H., 1870-1900
48 Ballagh, Jas. H., 1901-1903
49 Ballagh, Jas. H., 1904-1919
50 Batchelor, John, 1893
51 Bedello, Heweilla, 1902
52 Beldon, Bauman, 1891-1982
53 Bigleow, Poultney, 1922-1927
54 Bingham, John A., 1888
55 Briggs, Charles A., 1883-1923
56 Brooklyn Institute of the Arts & Sciences, 1895-1896, 1905
57 Brown, A.R., 1906
58 Brown, S.R., 1842-1874
59 Brown, S.R., 1875-1880
60 Bruggencate, K.ten, 1892-1903
61 Brunton, R. Henry and Elizabeth, 1877-1906
62 Brunton Manuscripts, 1906-1907
63 Bryan, J. Ingram, 1915
64 Buckley, Edmund, 1894-1898
65 Buffalo Historical Society, 1906-1908
66 Bull, Earl R., 1923-1924
Box Folder
46 1 B, 1872-1875
2-3 B, 1876-1879
4 B, 1880-1888
5 B, 1889-1890
6 B, 1891-1892
7 B, 1893-1895
8 B, 1896
9 B, 1897
10 B, 1898
11 B, 1899
12 B, 1900-1901
13 B, 1902
14 B, 1903
15 B, 1904
16 B, 1905
17 B, 1906
18 B, 1907
19 B, 1908
20 B, 1909
21 B, 1910-1911
22 B, 1912-1913
23 B, 1914-1915
24 B, 1916-1917
25 B, 1918
26 B, 1919-1921
27 B, 1922
28 B, 1923
29 B, 1924
30 B, 1925
31 B, 1926
32 B, 1927-1928
33 B, undated
34 Campbell, William, 1906
35 Campbell, Rev. W., undated
36 Carrothers, C., 1916-1917
37 Century Magazine, 1888-1913
38 Chamberlain, Basil Hall, 1889-1891
39 Chamberlain, Basil Hall, 1892- 1899
40 Chamberlain, Basil Hall, 1900-1927
41 Clark, Edward Warren, 1871
See Box 166 for oversize material
42 Clark, Edward Warren, 1872-1873
43 Clark, Edward Warren, 1873-1874
44 Clark, Edward Warren (Clarkie) , 1890-1895
45 Clark, Edward Warren, 1895-1899
46 Clark, Edward Warren, 1903-1904
47 Clark, Edward Warren, 1904
48 Clark, Edward Warren, 1905
49 Clark, Edward Warren, 1905, 1915
50 Clement, Ernest, 1888-1890
51 Clement, Ernest, 1893-1899
52 Clement, Ernest, 1903-1918
53 Clement, Ernest, 1919-1925
54 Clement, Ernest, 1926
55 Government General of Chosen, 1927
56 Consulate General of Japan, 1918
57 Correll, Mrs. Irwin H., 1927
58 Corwin's Family, 1887-1917
59 Costenoble, 1927
60 Crosby, Frank N., 1905
Box Folder
47 1 C, 1870-1879
2 C, 1880-1885
3 C, 1886-1889
4 C, 1890-1895
5 C, 1896-1897
6 C, 1898-1900
7 C, 1901-1902
8 C, 1903
9 C, 1904-1905
10 C, 1906-1909
11 C, 1910-1912
12 C, 1913-1914
13 C, 1915-1918
14 C, 1919
15 C, 1920-1922
16 C, 1923-1925
17 C, 1926
18 C, 1927
19 C, 1927
20 C, Undated.
21 Dan Takuma, 1927
22 Daughaday, Adelaide, 1907
23 De Boer, Louis, 1924
24 DeForest, Charlotte B., 1923-1927
25 DeForest, John H., 1890-1897
26 DeForest, John H., 1902-1906
27 Deguchi Yonekichi, 1901
28 Dennis, James, 1905-1906
29 Detweiler, James, 1913-1915
30 Divers, Edward, 1906
31 Dixon, James Main, 1912-1915
32 Dixon, W. Gray, 1912
33 Dodd Mead & Co., 1896-1899
34 Doshisha Girls Schools, 1912
35 Doshisha University, 1919-1927
36 Droppers, Garret, undated, 1907
37 Dunlap, John, 1905-1910
38 D, 1870-1885
39 D, 1886-1896
40 D, 1897-1900
41 D, 1901-1904
42 D, 1905-1909
43 D, 1910-1915
44 D, 1916-1919
45 D, 1920-1923
46 D, 1924-1926
47 D, 1927
48 D, undated
49 Ebina Danjo, 1923
50 Education, Dept. of, Tokyo Japan, 1927
51 Elliot, Mrs. Henry R., 1907 (Elizabeth)
52 Ewing, James Alfred, 1906
53 E, 1880-1910
54 E, 1911-1925
55 E, 1926
56 Fenollosa, Mary, 1910
57 Fischer, Blanche, 1901
58 Fouji, Gazoo, 1892
59 Fujisawa R., 1909, 1916
60 Fujigawa Yukichi, 1900
61 Fukui Girls High School, 1927
62 Fukui Technical College
63 Fukunaga M., 1927
64 Fulton, G. W., 1894-1899
Box Folder
48 1 F, 1870-1880
2 F, 1881-1901
3 F, 1902-1909
4 F, 1910-1919
5 F, 1920-1923
6 F, 1924-1926
7 F, 1927
8 F, 1928
9 F, Undated
10 Garrison, 1885-1889
11 Geographical Society, 1879
12 Gordon, M. L., 1894
13 Goto Shimpei, 1902
14 Gratama S., 1907
15 Greene, Dr. D. Crosby, 1902
16 Griffis, William Elliot, 1872-1873
17 Griffis, William Elliot, 1873-1875
18 Griffis, William Elliot, 1876-1878
19 Griffis, William Elliot, 1879-1888
20 Griffis, William Elliot, 1889-1893
21 Griffis, William Elliot, 1894-1907
22 Griffis, William Elliot, 1908-1910
23 Griffis, William Elliot, 1911-1915
24 Griffis, William Elliot, 1916-1924
25 Griffis, William Elliot, 1925-1926
26 Griffis, William Elliot, 1927-1928
27 Grisby, Kate Savell, undated
28 Gulick, Luther, 1876
29 G, 1871-1875
30 G, 1876-1889
31 G, 1890-1894
32 G, 1895-1899
33 G, 1900-1904
34 G, 1905-1909
35 G, 1910-1915
36 G, 1916-1919
37 G, 1920-1922
38 G, 1923-1926
39 G, 1927
40 G, 1927
41 Haas, Dr. Hans, 1905
42 Hacada Taniku, 1908
43 Hakawisawa H., 1923
44 Hanazono Kanesada, 1927
45 Hanihara M., 1923-1925
46 Hansen, Maurice, 1897-1902
47 Hara, Takahashi [Prime Minister], 1919
48 Hara G. R., 1927
49 Harada Tasuku, 1890-1891
50 Harada Tasuku, 1892-1893
51 Harada Tasuku, 1894-1895
52 Harada Tasuku, 1896-1897
53 Harada Tasuku, 1898-1899
54 Harada Tasuku, 1900-1909
55 Harada Tasuku, 1910-1919
56 Harada Tasuku, 1920-1923
57 Harada Tasuku, 1924-1925
58 Harada Tasuku, 1926
59 Haraguchi K., 1877
60 Harper & Brothers, 1886-1898
61 Harper & Brothers, 1899-1900
62 Harper & Brothers, 1901-1919
Box Folder
49 1 Harrell, Carrie Elizabeth, 1901-1915
2 Harris, Townsend, 1887-1914
3 Harris, Townsend, 1915-1919
4 Harris, Townsend, 1920-1927
5 Hartshorne, Anna C., 1927
6 Harris, Townsend Shinichiro, 1926
7 Hasegawa Y., 1877
8 Hashimoto Tsunatsune, 1907
9 Hasuao Saku, 1925
10 Hatakeyama Yoshinari ("Kozo Soogiwoora") , 1870-1874
11 Hatton Tasuke, 1888
12 Hayashi Aisaku, 1921
13 Hayashi, Ambassador, 1925
14 Hayashi Uta, 1919-1926
15 Hayashi Uta, 1926-1927
16 Hepburn, 1884-1926
17 Hepburn of Japan, 1895-1914
18 Hepburn of Japan, 1914-1915
19 Hirai Kuiza, 1915
20 Hirai, Lilly, 1916
21 Hirota, K., 1919
22 Hohuan (?), 1927
23 Hokaido Imperial University, 1927
24 Hoshi Hajime, 1902
25 Hoshino Yuzo, 1904-1906
26 Houghton Mifflin & Co., 1892-1897
27 Houghton Mifflin & Co., 1898-1899
28 Houghton Mifflin & Co., 1900-1910
29 Houghton Mifflin & Co., 1911-1924
30 House, E. H., 1888
31 Howell, William G., 1870-1879
32 Hozumi Shigeto, undated
33 Hozumi Uta, 1914, 1927
34 H, 1870-1876
35 H, 1877-1889
36 H, 1890-1895
37 H, 1896-1899
38 H, 1900-1903
39 H, 1904-1905
40 H, 1906-1909
41 H, 1910-1914
42 H, 1915-1916
43 H, 1917-1919
44 H, 1920-1922
45 H, 1923-1924
46 H, 1925
47 H, 1926
48 H, 1927
49 H, 1928
50 H, Undated
51 Ichikawa T., 1920
52 Ide Kikue, 1927
53 Ideta Arata, 1927
54 Ideura K., 1927
55 Ideura R., 1871-1874
56 Ikamoto Masu, 1916
57 Ikamoto Seidia, 1915
58 Ikeda, Phillip, 1926
59 Ikeda, Phillip, 1926-1927
60 Ikeda Y., 1927
61 Ikemoto Seichi E., 1914-1915
62 Ikeura S., 1927
63 Imadate Toyei, 1875
64 Imadate Tosui, 1875
65 Imadate Tosui, 1875-1879
66 Imadate Tosui, 1927
67 Imamiya Middle School, 1927
68 Immigration, 1901-1920
69 Immigration, 1921-1927
70 Imura E., 1912
71 Inari Y., 1927
72 Inazawa, Joseph K., 1911
73 Independent, The, 1876
74 International Friends Association, 1927
75 Inumaru T., 1927
76 Iramoto Kiyo, undated
77 Ishida N., 1888
78 Ishii K., 1918
79 Iwakura Tomosada, 1873-1874
80 Iwakura, Prince, 1909
Box Folder
50 1 Iwoski Nagai, 1868
2 Iyenaga T., 1919
3 Iyesato Tokugawa, 1921
4 I, 1895-1905
5 I, 1906-1914
6 I, 1915-1926
7 Japan Advertiser, 1915
8 Japanese American Commercial Weekly, 1908
9 Japan Gazette, undated, 1901
10 Japan Institute, 1940
11 Japanese Mutual Aid Society, 1913
12 Japan Society, N. Y., 1914
13 Japan Society, N. Y., 1915-1919
14 Japan Society, N. Y., 1900-1926
15 Japan Times, 1912
16 J, 1871-1899
17 J, 1900-1904
18 J, 1905-1909
19 J, 1910-1917
20 J, 1918-1922
21 J, 1923-1924
22 J, 1926-1927
23 J, undated
24 Kaburogi Goro, 1910
25 Kadomo Hayao, 1905
26 Kaisei-Gakko, 1873
27 Kaji, Clara Whitney, 1904-1907
28 Kamada Gikichi, 1922
29 Kamenoi Hotel, 1927
30 Kamide R. M., 1922
31 Kaneko Kentaro, 1900-1909
32 Kaneko Kentaro, 19190-1927
33 Kasahara C., 1874-1875
34 Kasahara, Carl, 1910
35 Kasahara, Carl, 1916
36 Kataoka Keukichi, 1903
37 Kato, G., 1927
38 Kato Hiroyuki, 1902
39 Kato K., 1919-1922
40 Katsu Awa, undated
41 Katsu Kaishu (Awa), 1897
*Discusses the opening of Japan and U.S. - Japan relations.
42 Katsuyama, 1927
43 Katz, K., 1871
44 Kawai Unkichi, 1908
45 Kawakami, Karl K., 1902-1903
46 Kawakami, Karl K., (before 1910)
47 Kawakami, Karl K., 1926
48 Kasai B., 1927
49 Kawamura B., undated
50 Kempff, Rear Admiral Louis, 1911
51 Kennedy, P. J. & Sons, 1918
52 Kerr, Grace Kilbourne, 1925
53 Ketcham, W. H., 1896
54 Kishimoto Nobuta, 1890
55 Kitasawa S., 1927
56 Kitasawa S., 1927
57 Kitasawa S., 1927
58 Kitashima Watari, 1892
59 Kito Taijuro, 1891
60 Kiyonari Yoshida, 1874-1878
61 Knipping, Erwin, 1905
62 Knox. George W., 1888-1899
63 Kobe College, 1914, 1926-1927
64 Kojima B. Y., 1927
65 Komakin Ushihiko, 1895
66 Komatsu M., 1897
67 Komatz Midori, 1896-1900
68 Komatz Midori, 1901-1906
69 Komura Jutaro, 1875
70 Komura Kimichi, 1912
71 Komura Kimichi, 1915
72 Komura Kimichi, 1927
73 Komura Kimichi, 1927
74 Komuro T., 1927
75 Koster, Edward, 1897-1926
76 Koster, Paul, 1894-1904
Box Folder
51 1 Koyano Keizo, 1891-1900
2 Koyano Keizo, 1926-1928
3 Kozai G. (?) J., 1927
4 Kozaki H., 1896
5 Kozaki Nariaki, 1891
6 Kubushiro. [O'Chimi] , 1927
7 Kudono Chokuro, 1894
8 Kui Yamei, 1902
9 Kukis, R., 1887
10 Kumagae Santaro, 1927
11 Kumamoto Shigeyoshi, 1907
12 Kurahara Korehiro, 1889-1890
13 Kurino S., 1894
14 Kuroda Koto, 1926
15 Kuroda Koto, 1927
16 Kuroda, Marquis, 1913
17 Kuroda Nagaatsu, Viscount, 1914-1921
18 Kuroda Nagaatsu, Viscount, 1927
19 Kusakabe Benjiro, 1912
20 Kusakabe Benjiro, 1914
21 Kusakabe Benjiro, 1924
22 Kusano T., 1914
23 Kuyper, Jennie, 1923
24 K, 1873-1879
25 K, 1880-1888
26 K, 1889-1902
27 K, 1903
28 K, 1904-1913
29 K, 1914-1919
30 K, 1920-1925
31 K, 1927
32 Lee, Betty, 1915-1923
33 Loomis, Henry, 1885-1911
34 Low, John, 1900-1916
35 Lucy, Alfred, 1872-1917
36 Lyman, Benj. Smith, 1891-1917
37 L, 1870-1879
38 L, 1880-1889
39 L, 1890-1894
40 L, 1895-1899
41 L, 1900-1907
42 L, 1908-1909
43 L, 1910-1914
44 L, 1915-1919
45 L, 1920-1923
46 L, 1924-1925
47 L, 1926-1928
48 L, undated
49 Mabie, Hamilton W., 1889-1912
50 MacArthur, General Douglas, 1927
51 Macdonalds, A. Caroline, 1917-1920
52 Maclay, Arthur, 1889
53 Makino Toraji, 1927
54 Marshall, J. Mc. N., 1884
55 Masao Tokichi, 1896
56 Masoake N., 1915
57 Mason, Caroline, 1900-1905
58 Mason, W. B., 1919
59 Masujima R., 1900-1919
60 Masujima R., 1927
61 Matano M. [Tokyo Imperial Museum], 1914
62 Matsuda S., 1927
63 Matsudaira K., 1917
64 Matsudaira Mochutoki, 1908
65 Matsudaira T., 1925-1928
66 Matsudaira Viscount, 1926-1927
67 Matsudaira Yatsutaka, 1927
Box Folder
52 1 Matsui N., 1879
2 Mayeshima H., 1903
3 McCarter, Dr. D. B., 1887-1891
4 Meckel, Jacob, 1905
5 Meiji Japan Society, 1926-1927
6 Merrian, G & C, 1875-1876
7 Merrill, George E., 1905-1906
8 Miyakawa Masuji, 1913
9 Miller, Mary, 1890, 1905
10 Miller, E. Rothsay, 1888
11 Miller, R. S., 1898-1904
12 Millet, J. B. Company, 1902-1904
13 Milne, J., 1906
14 Mitsukuri R., 1927
15 Mitzuoka Takeo, 1879
16 Mitzuoka Takeo, 1909
17 Miura Eiichi, 1927
18 Miyake A., 1889
19 Miyake K., 1902-1903
20 Miyamori A., 1913
21 Miyaoka T., 1918
22 Miyaoka T., 1926
23 Miyazaki, 1926
24 Moji Station Inquiry Office, 1927
25 Monteith, James, 1874
26 Mori Hiroko, 1927
27 Morimura Trading Co. Ltd., 1927
28 Moore, Joanna P., undated, 1914
29 Morris, Roland S., 1917-1923
30 Morse, Edward S., 1887-1906
31 Motakawa Ichiro, 1915
32 Mudgeth, T. E. H., 1872
33 Mudgeth, T. E. H., 1873-1874
34 Mujagawa T., 1914
35 Mujamori A., 1913
36 Muller, Frederick & Cie, 1891-1903
37 Munro, Gordon, 1919
38 Murakami S., 1906
39 Murakawa K., 1918
40 Murata T., 1902
41 Murata T., 1927
42 Murray, David, 1870-1879
43 Murray, David, 1873-1902
44 M, 1870-1874
45 M, 1875-1876
46 M, 1887
47 M, 1888-1889
48 M, 1890-1891
49 M, 1892-1894
50 M, 1895-1899
51 M, 1900-1901
52 M, 1902
53 M, 1903
54 M, 1904
55 M, 1905
56 M, 1906-1909
57 M, 1910-1913
58 M, 1914
59 M, 1915-1917
60 M, 1918-1919
61 M, 1920-1922
62 M, 1923-1925
63 M, 1926
64 M, 1927
65 M, 1927
66 M, 1928
67 M, undated
Box Folder
53 1 Nagai Mabizo ? , 1907
2 Nagai, 1926
3 Nagai Tamaki, 1927
4 Nagasaki College of Commerce, 1927
5 Nagasaki Girls' High School of Nagasaki Prefecture, 1927
6 Nakahama Masao, 1927
7 Nakahashi T., 1919
8 Nakamigawa Katsu, 1911
9 Nakamigawa Tetsushiro, 1915-1916
10 Nakamura K., 1874
11 Nakamura K., 1927
12 Nakamura T., 1914-1916
13 Nakamura Z., 1911
14 Nakano K., 1925
15 Nakano K., 1927
16 Nakashima Tokumatsu, 1894
17 Nambu G., 1920
18 Naruse Juizo, 1910-1914
19 Nasu S., 1919
20 Nation, The, 1919
21 National Committee on American & Japanese Relations, 1924
22 "Nation's Friend" Office, 1896
23 National Geographic Magazine, 1927
24 Naya Takeo, 1895
25 Nemato Sho, 1927
26 New Century Teacher, 1925-1927
27 New York Times, 1905
28 Nishio S., 1927
29 Nishimura Shinji, 1915-1916
30 Nitobe Inazo, 1890-1904
31 Nitobe Inazo, 1905, 1919
32 Nitobe Inazo, 1904-1905
33 Nitobe Inazo, 1905-1906
34 Nitobe, Mary, 1905
35 Niu Ihige Nagai [Shige Nagai Uriu], 1908
36 Nobi, General, 1912
37 Nogi Kiten, 1912
38 Nomatzu M., 1917
39 N, 1875-1885
40 N, 1886-1894
41 N, 1895-1899
42 N, 1900-1904
43 N, 1905-1912
44 N, 1913-1915
45 N, 1916-1919
46 N, 1920-1922
47 N, 1923-1925
48 N, 1926
49 N, 1927
50 Obata, 1927
51 Odajiri M., 1927
52 Ohgimi Nboto, 1927
53 Ohtani N., 1927
54 Oi Emi, 1920
55 Okada G., 1926-1927
56 Okajima Matsutaro, 1927
57 Okazaki F., 1920
58 Okuda Y., 1913-1920
59 Okuma Ujihiro, 1904-1905
60 Okuno M., 1904
61 Oriental Information Society, The, 1911
62 Osaka Asahi, 1926
63 Osaka Higher Commercial School, 1927
64 Osakamainichi Tokionichichi, 1926
65 Osborn, George, 1922-1924
66 Osaka, 1908
67 Osaka, 1927
68 Ota Inazo, 1886-1887
69 Otani N., 1923
70 The Outlook, 1898-1904
71 The Outlook, 1912
72 Oyama S., undated
73 Ozaki Yei Theodora, 1904
74 Ozaki Y., 1919
75 Ozawa Nankoku, 1877-1879
76 O, 1895-1899
77 O, 1900-1906
78 O, 1907-1919
79 O, 1920-1926
Box Folder
54 1 Pan Pacific Club of Tokyo, 1926
2 Pearson, Fred (U.S.S. Jamestown) , 1864-1865
3 Pearson, Fred, 1895-1897
4 Pearson, Fred, 1898
5 Pearson, Fred, 1898
6 Perry, Matthew C., 1848-1852
7 Princeton University Press, 1914-1915
8 Princeton University Press, 1915-1916
9 Pumpbelly, Raphael, 1901, 1918
10 Pruyn, Robert C. & Mary, 1871-1923
11 Putnam's, G. P. Sons, 1905-1915
12 P, 1876-1879
13 P, 1880-1889
14 P, 1890-1896
15 P, 1897-1899
16 P, 1900-1904
17 P, 1905-1909
18 P, 1910-1911
19 P, 1912-1914
20 P, 1915-1916
21 P, 1917-1919
22 P, 1920-1925
23 P, 1926
24 P, 1927-1928
25 P, undated
26 Q, 1875, 1895
27 Ran Kikutaro, 1898
28 Rankin, Henry, 1923
29 Revell, Flemming H. & Co., 1899-1917
30 Rutgers College, 1916
31 R, 1887-1892
32 R, 1893-1899
33 R, 1900-1905
34 R, 1906-1910
35 R, 1911-1914
36 R, 1915-1919
37 R, 1920-1924
38 R, 1927
39 Saito ?, 1927
40 Saito Hiroshi, 1911-1913
41 Saito M., 1927
42 Saito Shinichiro, 1875
43 Saito Shizuga, 1927
44 Saito T., 1927
45 Sakai Tokutaro, 1905
46 Sakai Riyomei (written for her husband), 1926
47 Sannomiya Y. ? [Minister of State for Affairs of the Imperial Household], 1901
48 Sasaki C., 1874
49 Sasaki, Prof. C., 1906, 1926-1927
50 Sasaki Nagaatsu, 1906
51 Sato A., 1889-1916
52 Sato, Dr., 1914
53 Sato Genzo, 1927
54 Satoh, Henry, 1894-1900
55 Scribner's, Charles Sons, 1889-1912
56 Scott, M. M., 1907, 1919
57 Scudder, Doremus, 1914-1920
58 Seherer, James, 1902-1905
59 Sewall, John S., 1885-1905
60 Shibama C., 1924
61 Shibusawa, Viscount, 1923
62 Shibusawa, Baron E., 1913, 1927
63 Shidahara Kijuro, 1913, 1919
64 Shidahara Kijuro, 1914
65 Shidehara T., 1911
66 Shiga T., 1912, 1926
Box Folder
55 1 Shimada S., 1901
2 Shimadzu Seisakakusho Ltd., 1927
3 Shimonoseki ?, 1927
4 Shoda Yoshi, 1912
5 Smith, Emily, 1903, 1919
6 Smith, P.A., 1916
7 Smith, Roy, 1927
8 Sokabe Shiro, 1916
9 Soyeshima M. (Count) , 1904-1927
10 Stanford, Arthur, 1891-1898, 1913
11 Stanton, George, 1895-1897
12 Stevens, D. W., 1888-1904
13 Stewart, S. A., 1926-1927
14 Strain, Helen Knox, 1905
15 Sufu Kohey, 1907
16 Sumi Mizuko, 1927
17 Sunada T. K., 1911
18 Suyematsu K., 1904
19 Suzuki E., undated
20 S, 1870-1884
21 S, 1885-1889
22 S, 1890
23 S, 1891-1894
24 S, 1895
25 S, 1896-1897
26 S, 1898-1899
27 S, 1900-1901
28 S, 1902-1903
29 S, 1904
30 S, 1905
31 S, 1906-1907
32 S, 1908-1909
33 S, 1910-1911
34 S, 1912-1913
35 S, 1914
36 S, 1915-1916
37 S, 1917-1919
38 S, 1920-1922
39 S, 1923
40 S, 1924
41 S, 1925
42 S, 1926
43 S, 1927
44 S, 1927
45 S, undated
46 Takagaki S., 1910
47 Taguchi Toranosuke, 1927
48 Takahashi Goro, 1888-1889
49 Takahashi Korekujo T., 1895-1925
50 Takahira M., 1905-1909
51 Takino I., 1926-1927
52 Takaki Shunzo, 1912
53 Takamatsu College of Commerce, 1927
54 Takasu, 1902
55 Takasugi Eijiro, 1927
56 Takasugi, Jas. E., 1903
57 Takasugi, Jos. Y., 1895-1897
58 Takayanagi Kenzo, 1924
59 Takayanagi, T., 1889
60 Takeda Y., 1927
61 Takehisa S., 1887
62 Tamanca Iwao, 1927
63 Tamura, N., 1898, 1927
64 Tanaka, Akamaro, 1909, 1926
65 Tanaka Fujimaro, 1873-1896
66 Tanaka Fujimaro, 1877
67 Tanaka I., 1891-1906
68 Tanaka Shasai Fuzimaro, 1873
69 Tanaka Suma, 1926
Box Folder
56 1 Tayokawa Ryo, 1927
2 Tegima S., 1903-1914
3 Terry, Henry Taylor, 1907-1908
4 Teshiwa P., 1912
5 Thomas, Reuen, 1896-1904
6 Togo, Count, 1911
7 Tokugawa, Prince, 1926
8 Tokutomi I., 1909
9 Tomeoka K., 1894
10 Troup, James, 1906
11 Tsuda College, 1927
12 Tsuda Ume, 1892-1927
13 Tsunimi Yusuke, 1924
14 Tuyematsa K., 1889
15 Twombly, A. S., 1896-1913
16 Tyler, Charles Mellon, 1896-1916
17 T, 1874-1885
18 T, 1886-1890
19 T, 1891-1896
20 T, 1897-1899
21 T, 1900-1905
22 T, 1906-1911
23 T, 1912-1921
24 T, 1922-1925
25 T, 1926
26 T, 1927
27 T, undated
28 Uchida, 1898-1910
29 Uchikata H.M., 1927
30 Uetake Gentaro, 1926-1927
31 Upson, S. S., 1887
32 Uraguchi B., 1915
33 Urai K., 1891
34 Uriu S., 1909
35 Uyeda Kyuske, 1927
36 Uyeda Yoshitake, 1910-1915
37 U, 1870-1902
38 U, 1903-1908
39 U, 1909-1914
40 U, 1915-1927
41 Van Heldan, Adrian, 1898-1905
42 Van Name, Addison, 1872-1887
43 Veeder, P.V., 1874-1875
44 Verbeck, 1870-1899
45 Verbeck, A.F., 1900-1920
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57 Waddell, John Alexander Low, 1918
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60 Watanabe, Rinsei, 1895
61 Watanabe S., 1902
62 Wilde, W.A. & Company, 1900-1901
63 Williamson, Harriet, 1901-1914
64 Wilson, Horace, 1874-1894
65 Wilson, Woodrow, 1905
66 Whitney, Dr. Willis Norton, 1898-1899
67 Women's Christian College of Japan, 1924
68 Wyckoff, Anna, 1912-1919
69 Wyckoff, Martin N., 1873-1877
70 Wyckoff, Martin N., 1892-1906
Box Folder
57 1 W, 1871-1878
2 W, 1880-1889
3 W, 1890-1894
4 W, 1895-1897
5 W, 1898-1899
6 W, 1900-1902
7 W, 1903-1904
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10 W, 1916-1919
11 W, 1920-1925 some undated
12 W, 1926-1927
13 Yaginuma S., 1919-1927
14 Yamagawa K., 1923
15 Yamaguchi H.S. K., 1927
16 Yamaguchi Minosuke, 1920
17 Yamaoka G., 1872-1874
18 Yamaoka Nariakira, 1875
19 Yanawaki H., 1915
20 Yashida Tetsutaro, 1893
21 Yasui Tetsu, 1917-1926
22 Yake K., 1878
23 Y.M.C.A. International Committee of 1916
24 Yokkaichi Presbyterian Church, 1890
25 Yokohama Specie Bank, 1889
26 Yokoi Tokino (I.T. Ise), 1889-1899
27 Yokoi Tokino, 1900-1920
28 Yoshida M., 1928
29 Yoshimura H., 1927
30 Yukawa Shodo, 1919
31 Yusen, 1927
32 Y, 1870-1899
33 Y, 1900-1913
34 Y, 1914-1923
35 Y, 1924-1925
36 Y, 1926
37 Zabriskie, A.A., 1902
38 Zumoto Motosada, undated
39 Z, 1922
40 Unsigned, unclear, undated
41 KGMJ's notes A-E
42 KGMJ's notes F-G
43 KGMJ's notes H
44 KGMJ's notes I-K
45 KGMJ's notes K
46 KGMJ's notes L-M
47 KGMJ's notes N-O
48 KGMJ's notes P-R
49 KGMJ's notes S-U
50 KGMJ's notes V
51 KGMJ's notes W-Z
Box Folder
58 1 Allen, Young J., 1889-1903
2 Ament, W. S., 1894-1905
3 American Board of Foreign Missions, 1926
4 A, 1904-1920
5 B, 1898-1919
6 Chinese Legation, 1903-1916
7 Chinese Students Monthly, 1914
8 C, 1908-1926
9 Dutton, E. P. & Co., 1910
10 Foreign Missions, Board of 1923
11 F, 1918-1921
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44 Unidentified
Box Folder
59 1 Allen, Horace Newton, 1888-1890
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Box Folder
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21 Unidentified
Box Folder
126 [Oversized] 1 Letter to Griffis from D.T. Reiley [September 6, 1870] offering him the position in Japan.
2 Draft letter from Griffis to Murata, December 9, [1871]
3 3. Two letters from Guido Verbeck to "George and Selma": one undated [annotated by Griffis, "Wakasa"]; one dated September 5, 1866. Letter to Griffis from Edward Warren Clark, March 16, 1870 [incomplete].
Summary: A variety of published works collected by William Elliot Griffis.
Box Folder
61 1 "Death of a Noted Japanese" obituary," undated
[Iwakura Tomosada]
2 "Death of Mr. Hatakeyama" obituary, undated
[Hatakeyama] [perhaps alias Soogiwoora]
3 "Entertaining Angels Unaware" Magazine article, undated
[Yokoi Bros.; Joseph Neesima]
4 "Japanese Students Educated Abroad: Their Influence and Record" Newspaper article, undated
5 "First Glimpses of Japan" Newspaper article, Christian Intelligencer, undated
6 "James Curtis Hepburn: Pioneer of Science and Religion in Japan" Magazine article, The Missionary Review of the World, December 1, 1911
[Two copies] [Hepburn, James Curtis]
7 "Japan's New Premier - Kei Hara" Newspaper article, The Sun, October 2, 1918
[Hara Kei]
8 "Japan's Loss in Premier Hara" Newspaper article, The New York Herald, November 6, 1921
[Hara Kei]
9 "First Man North of Tokio to Assume the Important Portfolio Kei Hara..." Newspaper article, [Philadelphia] Public Ledger, October 20, 1918
[Hara Kei]
10 "New Japan: She Will Yet Become a Christian Nation" Newspaper article, undated
11 "Japan Will Not Be Degraded by Even Uncle Sam" Newspaper article, Ithaca [Dai]ly Journal, July 9, 1907
12 "The Last of the Military Premiers of Japan" Newspaper article, The Sun, October 24, 1919
[Terauchi Seiki]
13 "The Father of the Japanese Constitution" Magazine article, undated
[Ito Hirobumi]
14 "Japan's Transformation Since her Hermit Days" Magazine article, Life and Light for Woman, September 1, 1901
15 "The Japanese Emperor" Newspaper article, The Sun," November 10, 1915
[Taisho Tenno]
16 "Count Okuma and Townsend Harris" Letter to the Editor, New York Tribune, November 7, 1908
17 "What is Going on in Japan" Newspaper article, The Sun, January 30, 1917
18 "The Japanese Red Cross" Newspaper article, The Sun, July 20, 1918
19 "A Footnote to the Japanese Supplement" Letter to the Editor, New York Evening Post, January 8, 1917
20 "The Old and the New Japan" Magazine article, Life and Light for Woman, January 1, 1900
Also includes Christianity's Blessing for the Women of Japan," by Hide Yegashira.
21 "The New Emperor of Japan" Magazine article, November 17, 1915
[Taisho Tenno]
22 "Ito, the Victim" Newspaper article, Cornell Daily Sun, October 27, 1909
[Ito Hirobumi]
23 "In the Heart of Japan" Letter to the Editor, The Christian Intelligencer, April 27, 1871
[Letter posted from Fukui]
24 "Japan: Past and Present" Magazine article, undated
25 "An Apostle of Christian Unity: The Life and Work of David Thompson, of Japan" Magazine article, The Missionary Review of the World, September 1, 1916
[Thompson, David]
26 "Okuma and the New Era in Japan" Magazine article, The North American Review (104, no. 732).
27 "Japan's First Ambassador to the United States" Magazine article, The Outlook, undated
[Aoki Shiuzo]
28 "The Empire of the Risen Sun" Magazine article, The National Geographic Magazine, October 1, 1923
29 "Japan's Civilian Premiers" Magazine article, The North American Review, January 1, 1922
[Hara Kei; Takahashi Korekiyo]
30 "Two Valuable Hints from one Who Knows" Letter to the Editor, [Ithaca, NY] October 2, 1909
[Ishibashi; Iwaya; Kanda; Kumagae; Midzuno; Shibusawa]
31 "Yoshihito" Newspaper article, The Sun, October 31, 1917
"[Taisho Tenno] An anonymous poem on the Taisho succession is also included.
32 "Three Royal Ladies of the Orient" Magazine article in two parts, The Christian Work, April 4-11, 1895
32 "[Empress Dowager of China; Queen of Korea; Empress of Japan] A Chinese Woman's Work for Women" Magazine article, undated
33 "What's in a Cup of Tea?" Magazine article, undated
34 "The First Benefactor of the Japanese in America" Magazine article, The Christian Intelligencer, September 27, 1916
[Ferris, John Mason]
35 "General Nogi: His Opposition to Ultraconservatism in Japan" Letter to the Editor, The New York Herald, April 11, [1912?]
[Nogi Kiten]
36 "No 'Coolies' in Japan" Letter to the Editor, The Tribune," July 3, 1914
37 "Japan's Sailor Prince" Newspaper article, undated
[Prince Yorihito]
38 "Aladdin and Mercury in Japan" Magazine article, undated
39 "Do We Understand the Chinese and Japanese Peoples?" Newspaper article, May 7-13 [?]
By William Elliot Griffis..
40 "Two Japanese Men of Letters" Magazine article, The Independent, September 21, 1893
[Michizane; Rai Sanyo]
41 "General Nogi's Suicide and the Old Japan" Magazine article in two parts, [1912]
[Nogi Kiten]
42 "The Land of the Rising Sun: the Japanese at Home" Magazine article, undated
43 "Count Okuma" Newspaper article, The Sun, May 31, 1914
[Okuma Shigenobu]
44 "The Future Empress of Japan" Magazine article, [1899]
"[Princess Sada]
45 "Boston's Welcome to Togo" Magazine article [The Christian Intelligencer], [circa 1906]
[Togo Heihachiro]
46 "The Holy Places of the Orient" Magazine article, undated
47 " "Japan's Decorations Explained by Griffis" Letter to The Fairhaven Star, as printed in The Morning Mercury, August 2, 1919
48 "The Coming Financial Embassy of Japan to America" Newspaper article, The Sun, November 11, 1917
[Megata Tanetaro]
49 "Komura as a Former Teacher, Dr. Griffis, Knew Him" Newspaper article, The New York Times, July 30, 1905
[Komura Jutaro]
50 "What I Know of Tasuke Harada" Magazine article, undated
51 "Our Welcome to the Japanese" Newspaper article, The Sun, September 27, 1917
52 "Traveller's Luck in Japan" Magazine article, undated
53 "Japanese Polo" Letter to the Editor, New York Herald, May 10, 1876
Box Folder
62 1 "Japan Since 1854" Magazine article, undated
2 "The Mikado's Birthday" Newspaper article, undated
[Meiji Tenno]
3 "The Game of Go" Magazine article [The Nation], undated
4 "The Second Ambassador from Japan" Newspaper article, The Sun, November 8, 1919
5 "Death of Prof. Gustaaf Schlegel"
Obituary, undated
[Schlegel, Gustaaf]
"Death of Dr. David Thompson" obituary, undated
[Thompson, David]
"General Otani" Newspaper article, The Sun, August 11, 1918.
[Otani Kikuzo]
"The Japanese Lincoln" Letter to the Editor, March 17, 1904.
[Meiji Tenno]
"Japanese Jurist" Newspaper notice, undated
[Masujima R.]
Box Folder
62 6 "Welcome to Ishii" Two newspaper articles, unidentified [1917] and The Sun, August 17, 1917
[Ishii Kikujiro]
7 "The Career of the Mikado" Magazine article, undated
[Meiji Tenno]
8 "The Late Empress Dowager of Japan" obituary, undated
9 "Japan's Aryan Blood" Letter to the Editor, New York Herald, January 28, 1924.
10 "The Present Aspect of Affairs in Japan" Address, as printed in The New Ideal, July-August 1890
11 "Names of [Japanese] Royalty" Letter to the Editor, New York Herald, February 6, [?].
12 "Japan's 'Grand Old Man', Fukuzawa" Magazine article, undated
13 "The Leper Asylum in Tokio" Charity appeal (in memory of Martin N. Wyckoff), undated
14 "The Mind of Modern Japan" Magazine article, The Homiletic Review, February 1905
15 "The original of Uncle Remus' Tar Baby in Japan" Magazine article, The Folklorist, undated
16 "Japan as I Knew It, and Know It" Magazine article, Home Progress, undated
17 "Japan and the United States: Are the Japanese Mongolian?" Magazine article, North American Review, June 1913
18 "Edmund Roberts, Our First Envoy to Japan" Newspaper article, The New York Times, August 6, 1905
[Roberts, Edmund]
19 "The Man Who Rules Japan" Magazine article, undated
[Meiji Tenno]
20 "Admiral Togo and Virtue of Mikado" Letter to the Editor, The Tribune, June 9, 1905
[Togo Heihachiro]
21 "Dr. Griffis on Japan" Letter to the Editor, The Journal, [circa 1911]
22 "How Some Men of New Japan Stooped to Conquer" Magazine article, undated
23 "Aimaro Sato" Newspaper article, undated
[Taisho era] [Sato Aimaro]
24 "Will Adams, Pilot" Letter to the Editor, The Sun, September 28 [?]
[Adams, Will]
25 "Japan's New Premier" Letter to the Editor, The New York Herald, November 16 [circa 1920]
[Takahashi Korekiyo]
26 "The Samurai of the Ages; The Christ of Japan" Magazine article, undated
27 "Nature and People of Japan" Magazine article, The Century Magazine, December 1889
28 "Are the Japanese Mongolian?" Magazine article, North American Review, June 1913
[Two copies; one in binder]
29 "The Empire of the Risen Sun" Magazine article, National Geographic Magazine, undated
30 "Marquis Ito: The Mikado's Premier Who Rose from the Ranks" Magazine article, The Craftsman, undated
[Ito Hirobumi]
31 "Coercion in Japan" [Anonymous] letter to the Editor, Evening Post, February 24 [?],
32 "Roosevelt and Japan" Letter to the Editor, New York Herald Tribune, August 9, 1924
[Roosevelt, Theodore]
33 "Japanese Victories: Are They a Menace or a Blessing?" Magazine article, Sunday Magazine, October 29, 1905
34 "The Japanese at Mukden" Newspaper article, The Evening Register, October 17, 1904
35 "Orient's 'Power to Become' Expressed in Western Terms" Newspaper article, [Philadelphia Ledger] 1916
[Two copies]
Box Folder
63 1 "China and Japan at the World's Peace Table" Newspaper article, undated
2 "War Degrading" Magazine notice [circa 1915]
3 "Japan as an Ally" Newspaper article ["The Journal"], February 5, 1918
4 "Getting Along with the Orientals" Magazine article, The Christian Intelligencer
5 "Japan in the World War" Magazine article, The North American Review (208, no. 5), 1915
6 "A Coming World Power" Newspaper interview with Griffis, undated
7 "The Japanese Peace Commission" Magazine article, The Outlook, July 22, 1905
8 "Japan's Absorption of Korea" Magazine article, The North American Review, October 1910
9 "Our New Treaty with Japan" Newspaper article, New York Herald, December 13, 1920
10 "A St. Andrew's Day in Japan" Magazine Article, undated
11 "William Elliot Griffis Sees Only Future Peace in Her [Japan's] Recent Diplomatic Triumph Over China" Newspaper article, The Sun, May 30, 1915
12 "International Friendship Illustrated" Magazine notice, undated
13 "Steady Stream of Friendship Out of America to Japan" Newspaper article [Japan Advertiser], undated
14 "What Caused It All?" Magazine article, undated
15 "Japan and the Treaty Powers" Magazine article, undated
16 "Our Honor and Shame With Japan" Magazine article, North American Review [October 1914]
[Two copies]
17 "The 'Wyoming' in the Straits of Shimonoseki" Magazine article, The Century Magazine, April 1892.
[Two copies]
18 "Relations Between the United States and Japan" Letter to the Editor, Magazine of American History, undated
19 "Japan as an Industrial Power" Magazine article, undated
20 "Says Japs Will Stay with Allies" Newspaper interview with Griffis, undated
21 "Democratic Japan Draws up a Chair to the Peace Table" Newspaper article, Public Ledger [Philadelphia], January 5, 1919.
22 "Our Ally Japan and her Flag" Newspaper article, The Sun, September 17, 1917.
23 "Japan at the Peace Table" Newspaper article, The Sun, December 30, 1918.
24 "Japan's Debt to Korea" Magazine article, August 1919. [Following a copy of "Sky Lotus," a poem by Elizabeth J. Coatsworth.]
25 "The New World of Books in Japan" Magazine article, The Critic, undated
26 "The Literary Movement in New Japan" Magazine article, The Outlook, undated
27 "It Was America that Taught the Japanese to Sing" Newspaper article, The Sun, December 20, 1916.
28 "Art Competition" "Bilingual Report 1902-1903" "Japanese Educational Influence in China" Magazine notices, undated
29 "Japanese Art Symbols" Magazine article, Scribner's Magazine, January 1889.
30 "Oriental Portraits" Magazine series, The Nation, September 1918 - May 1919.
Signed "Eothen" [William Elliot Griffis]
"I. Lieutenant-General Kikuzotani"
"II. Terauchi, Ex-Premier of Japan"
"III. Kei Hara, Journalist-Premier"
[IV. missing]
"V. The Japanese Peace Delegates"
Box Folder
63 31 "The Changeful and Adaptable, not the Immovable Orient" Newspaper article, The Sun, September 3, 1916.
32 "Says the Japanese Stand for Both Manhood and Honor" Newspaper article, The Sunday Herald [Boston], August 3, 1913.
33 "Bushido Holds" Newspaper article, undated
34 "Japanese Commercial Morality" Newspaper article, December 28, 1909.
35 "The National Exposition in Japan" Magazine article, The Outlook, August 1, 1903.
36 "The Craftsman's Life and Lot in Japan" Magazine article, undated
37 "The Sorrows of a Non-Partisan" Magazine article, The Missionary Herald [September 1919]
38 "The Call of the Famine Witnesses in Japan" Magazine notice [March 17, 1919].
39 "What is the Meaning of the Food Riots in Japan?" Newspaper article, The Sun, August 21, 1918.
40 "Constitutional Japan" Magazine article, The Illustrated Christian Weekly, February 7, 1891.
41 "The Government of Japan" Magazine article [1889]
42 "The Constitution of Japan" Magazine article [The Chautauquan, February 1891].
43 "The Samurai of the Ages: the Christ of Japan" Magazine article, Homiletic Review, July 1913.
44 "Japan: A Paradox in Education" Magazine article, undated
45 "A Glorious Company" Magazine article, The Missionary Link, September 1918.
46 "Christian Missionary Influence on Music in Japan" Letter to the Editor, The Journal-News, January 25, 1923.
47 "The Complete Bible in Japanese" Magazine article, The Congregationalist, December 26, 1889.
48 "The Insult to Japan and the Rift in the Church" Letter to the Editor [The Journal-News], June 6, 1924.
49 "Christian Art in Japan" Magazine article, The Bible Magazine, undated
50 "Japanese Buddhism" Magazine article, April 5, 1888.
51 "The Missionary That Made Sunshine" Magazine article, June 22, 1893.
[Brown, Samuel Robbins]
52 "The Japanese Interpretation of Christianity" Magazine article, The Homiletic Review, May 1910.
53 "Woman's Progress in Japan" Magazine article, The Missionary Review of the World, July 1915.
54 "Japan's Moral Progress" Magazine article, undated
55 "The Japanese in Formosa" Magazine article, undated
55 "Formosa: Home of the Morning-Glory, Tea-Garden of the Pacific" Magazine article, undated
56 "Democracy in Japan" Review of Griffis article, New York Tribune [December 29, 1921].
57 "A Modern Miracle - Commercial Japan" Newspaper article, The Sun, October 12, 1917.
Box Folder
64 1 "Allies' Siberian Leader Typical of Jap Democracy" Newspaper article, Philadelphia Public Ledger, August 18, 1918.
[Otani Kikuzo]
2 "Readers in Council: Friends of Japan Are in a Quandary" Letter to the Editor, Tokyo, August 22, 1919.
3 "Pouring Water in a Frog's Face" Letter to the Editor, Japanese American Commercial Weekly, undated
4 "The Voice of Japan's Premier" Newspaper article, The Sun, October 23, 1918.
[Hara Kei]
5 "Count Okuma's Appeal" Magazine article, The Christian Intelligencer, undated
[Okuma Shigenobu]
6 "Democracy in Japan" Newspaper article, The Sun, July 15, 1920.
7 "The Unknown Soldier" Magazine article, The Homiletic Review, May 1921.
8 "The Peace That Is No Peace" Newspaper article, The Ithaca Journal, December 7, 1917.
9 "The Ancient and Lasting Friendship of America for Japan" Magazine article, Munsey's Magazine [1917?].
10 "Delta U's Pioneers in Christian Work in Japan" Magazine article quoting Griffis, Delta Upsilon Quarterly, undated
11 "The Personality of the Mikado" Magazine article [The Outlook, July 6, 1901].
12 "Dr. William E. Griffis Discusses Japan" Newspaper reprint of Griffis article, "An American View" [in The Nation], Ithaca Daily News, June 15, 1919.
"Why Japan Has Sent No Army to Europe" Newspaper article [ The Sun, 1918?]
13 "Takahira: Student and Ambassador" Magazine article, undated
[Takahira Kogoro]
14 "Teaching of Wang Yang-ming Recoils from Japan to China" Newspaper article, Philadelphia Public Ledger, August 17, 1916.
15 "Technical Training in Japan" Newspaper article, The Sun, May 3, 1916.
16 "Passing of the Makers of New Japan" Newspaper article, January 15, 1922.
17 "Past and Present Christian Work for Japan" Magazine article, Missionary Review of the World, March 1905.
18 "Three Decades of the Mikado's Reign" Magazine article, The Independent, undated
19 "Three Japanese Birthdays" Magazine article in two parts, undated, October-November 1912.
20 "Story of Baron Komura Told by Dr. W.E. Griffis" Newspaper article, Ithaca Daily News, undated, August 7, 1905
[reprinted from The New York Times].
[Komura Jutaro]
21 "Prince Iwakura" Magazine notice, The Christian Intelligencer, undated
[Iwakura Tomosada; Iwakura Tomomi]
22 "Marquis Okuma: Japan's Veteran Educator" Magazine article [No. IV of "Oriental Portraits," q.v., The Nation], December 7, 1918.
[Okuma Shigenobu]
23 "Bishop Channing M. Williams, of Japan" Magazine article, Missionary Review of the World, September 1913.
[Williams, Channing Moore]
24 "The Awakening of Japan" Letter to the Editor, The New York Times, May 28, 1924.
25 "Baron Kaneko's Verdict on Occidental Christianity" Magazine article, The East and the West: A Quarterly Review for the Study of Missions, October 1906.
[Kaneko Kentaro]
26 "American Sympathies" Letter to the Editor, The Sun, March 4 [1904].
27 "Why Russian and Japan Should Shake Hands" Magazine article, The Outlook, August 19, 1905.
28 "America in the Far East" Magazine series, The Outlook, November 1898 - January 1899.
"The Signal Gun at Manila"
"The Anglo-Saxon in the Tropics""
"American Leaven in the Chinese Mass""
"What Americans Have Done for Japan""
"The Pacific Ocean and our Future There""
Box Folder
64 29 "Woman's Progress in Japan"
Magazine article, The Missionary Review of the World, July 1915. ""
"The Women of Chosen" Magazine article, The Missionary Review of the World, March 1918. ""
Box Folder
64 30 "The Launching of the Ship" Magazine article, The Sailor's Magazine and Seaman's Friend, February 1919
31 "British and American Cooperation in Asia" Magazine article, The Landmark7 no. 9, September 1925
32 Review of "The Third Annual Report of Reforms and Progress in Korea (1909-10)" Magazine article, The Nation undated
33 "The Statemanship of Yuan Shi-Kai" Magazine article, The North American Review [circa 1916]
"China's Cromwell"
Griffis interview on Yuan Shi-Kai, June 7 1916.
34 "The Makers of New China" Magazine article, undated
35 "Real Friends of China" Letter to the Editor, New York Herald Tribune, August 29, 1925.
36 "Europe in China" Magazine article, Harper's Weekly42 no. 2143 [1898?]
37 "Before and Behind China's Throne" Magazine article, undated
38 "The Chinese Students in America" Magazine article, undated
39 "The Young Nation Teaching the Old" Newspaper article, The Sun, January 2, 1919.
40 "The Troubles in China" Letter to the Editor, New York Herald-Tribune, July 23, 1925.
41 "Young J. Allen, the Man who Seeded China" Magazine article, The Missionary Review of the World, September 1912.
42 "Chinese Discover a Contrast" Letter to the Editor, Syracuse Post-Standard, June 19, 1925.
43 "The Corean Uprising" Magazine article, The Christian Intelligencer, April 2, 1919.
44 [Untitled synopsis of Korean news] Magazine notice, undated
45 "Coreans, Americans and Japanese" Newspaper article, undated
46 "Korea for Christ" Magazine notice, undated
47 "The Land of the Winged Tiger" Newspaper article, August 6, 1898
48 "Russia and Japan in Korea" Magazine article, undated
49 "Korea, the Pigmy Empire" Magazine article, [The New England Review, undated].
50 "Kim the Korean" Magazine article, The Outlook, undated
51 "Japanese Workers Make Demands"
51 Newspaper article, June 10 [?]
51 "Puts ''O.K.' on Oriental Races" Review of Griffis lecture, July 1 [?]
51 "Origin of the Japanese" Letter to the Editor, The Sun, January 29 [?]
By William Elliot Griffis.
51 "Ex Oriente Lux" Review of lecture by Arthur Lloyd on Buddhism in Japan, undated
By William Elliot Griffis. [Lloyd, Arthur]
51 "The Japanese a Young Nation" Letter to the Editor, The Tribune, September 4, 1904
By William Elliot Griffis.
51 "Forty Years of Mission Work in Japan" Report by H.N.C. of Yokohama dinner recognizing Mr. and Mrs. James Ballagh, undated
51 "The Seed and the Harvest" Magazine notice, The Christian Herald, October 23, 1918.
By William Elliot Griffis.
51 "For the Hall of Fame" Letter to the Editor, The Post-Standard, May 15 [?]
By William Elliot Griffis. [Verbeck, Guido]
51 "The Westminster Club" Review of Griffis lecture, undated
51 "Japan Regards U.S. as a Big Brother" Interview with Griffis, Grand Rapids MI, undated
52 "The Mikado's Ancestors"
Box Folder
64 52 Letter to the Editor by Albert S. Ashmead, The Tribune, October 19, 1905
"Togo and 'The Mikado's Ancestors'"
52 Letter to the Editor, The Tribune, October 17, 1905
By William Elliot Griffis.
53 "Shidehara: Japan's New Ambassador"
53 Newspaper article, undated
By William Elliot Griffis. [Shidehara Kijuro]
Box Folder
64 53 "Dr. Griffis and Japan" Interview with Griffis, Japanese-American Commercial Weekly, undated
53 "Dr. William Elliot Griffis on Japan" Letter to the Editor, February 15 [?]
54 "Dr. Griffis Gets a Letter on Old School in Japan"
54 Newspaper article, undated
54 "Chinese Students in America" Letter to the Editor, The Tribune, October 12, 1910
By William Elliot Griffis.
55 "Dr. Griffis Heard in Aid of Japanese Fund"
55 "Girl's Graphic Quake Letter Read in Pulaski" "Raising Funds for Quake Sufferers" "1400 Rescued on Collapsed Yokohama Pier" Newspaper articles, September 30 -October 1 [1913?]
55 "Japan's Calamity" Letter to the Editor, The New York Times, January 15, 1914
By William Elliot Griffis.
56 "The Famine in Japan"
56 Letter to the Editor [February 24, 1906]
By William Elliot Griffis.
56 "Famine Relief Needed in Japan" Letter to the Editor, New York Tribune [February 25, 1906]
By William Elliot Griffis.
56 "Famine Breaker" Letter to the Editor, The Christian Herald, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
56 "Japan Earthquake Relief Fund" Newspaper notice, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
56 "Names of Royalty: The Japanese Emperor Does Not Bear a Family Name" Letter to the Editor, New York Herald, February 6
By William Elliot Griffis.
56 "Dr. Griffis on the Japanese" Newspaper article, undated
56 "Sui Komu! Prevent Grippe" Magazine notice, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
56 "Japan and R.P.I." [Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute] Letter to the Editor, Troy Times, October 4, 1924
56 "Central High's Annual Dinner: Alumni Listen to Educator of Japanese Discourse on Peace Prospect" Review of Griffis lecture, December 12
56 "The Ethics and Politeness of Breath" Magazine article, undated
57 "Will the Japanese Become a Christian Nation?"
57 Magazine article, The Christian Work and Evangelist, September 30, 1905
By William Elliot Griffis.
57 "Will Japan Become a Christian Nation?" Newspaper articles by Griffis, T. Kuma, R.G.F. Candage, Kikichiro Matsuki: Boston Sunday Globe, August 20, 1905
57 "Japanese Will Become Christians" Review of Griffis lecture, undated
58 "The Religions of Japan"
58 Magazine article, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
58 "Religion in Japan" Review of Griffis lecture, April 4, 1888
59 "Townsend Harris Hero"
59 Newspaper article, Albany NY, December 14, 1919
59 "Townsend Harris, Center of Japanese Drama" Magazine article, New York Times Magazine, December 28, 1919
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "Americans Copy, Orientals Create"
60 Review of Griffis lecture, undated
60 "Houses Roofed with Gold" Letter to the Editor, The Tribune, November 1, 1918
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "A Memorial for War Horses" Magazine article, citing Griffis, undated
60 "Why Japanese Grow Taller" Letter to the Editor, May 30, 1921
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "A Glimpse Into the Christian Life in Japan" Magazine notice, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "Madame Miura" Magazine article, undated
By William Elliot Griffis. [Miura]
60 "Greetings to the Emperor" Magazine article, Japanese-American Commercial Weekly, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "The Jar of Candy: A Story for the Young Folks from the Japanese" Magazine article, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "Sabotage for Germs" Letter to the Editor, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "Medicine in Japan: The Part Americans Played in Her Progress" Letter to the Editor, The New York Herald, March 23 [190-]
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "Ro-nin and Rowdy: The Imitative Nature of Japanese Progress" Letter to the Editor, New York Herald Tribune, June 10, 1924
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "Japanese Physique" Newspaper article citing Griffis, June 16, 1913
60 "The Earthquake Fish (A Japanese Tale Sent by Dr. William Elliot Griffis)" Magazine article, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "The Jinrikisha's Inventor" Letter to the Editor, The New York Herald, February 21 [?]
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 [No title] Magazine article [The Nation], undated
60 [No title] Magazine article, The Nation, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
60 "'Coolies' Abound in Japan" Letter to the Editor by Hamilton Butler, The Tribune, August 6, 1914
[refuting Griffis].
61 "Japan's Friendship"
61 Letter to the Editor, New York Herald, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
61 "Japanese at Portsmouth" Letter to the Editor, The Tribune, October 23, 1911
[Komura, Takahira]
61 "Problems of the Far East" Notice of upcoming conference, undated
61 "Treaty Relations of Japan" Newspaper article, undated
61 [Untitled] Letter to the Editor, The World, February 15, [191-].
By William Elliot Griffis.
61 "Meaning of Togo's Victory" Letter to the Editor, as reprinted from The Sun, undated
By William Elliot Griffis.
61 "England and Japan" Letter to the Editor, The Sun, undated
61 "Arm against Japan!" Magazine notice [Japan Society Bulletin, 1916] citing Griffis.
61 "Japan Desires Peace" Newspaper interview with Griffis, July 8 [191-]
61 "Dr. W.E. Griffis's Views" Newspaper interview with Griffis [same as previous article].
61 "Student of the Japanese Believes War is Far off" Newspaper interview with Griffis [see preceding article].
61 "No Chance of War with Japs" Review of Griffis lecture, November 25, 1908
61 "Who Opened Japan?" Magazine notice [Japan Society Bulletin, undated]
Citing Griffis.
62 "Korea, Its History and Its Late Development"
62 Newspaper article by William Elliot Griffis [Philadelphia Press, February 28, 1904]
62 "Corea's Last Emperor" Newspaper article [by Griffis?], The Sun, January 26, 1919
62 "Fruits of Militarism in Korea Under Japan" Newspaper article, Ithaca Daily News, June 3, 1919
62 "Korea Situation is Explained by Dr. Harada" Newspaper interview with Tasuke Harada [circa 1919]
[Harada Tasuke]
Box Folder
65 1 "American Makers of the New Japan," The Century, August 1913
2 "A Call on a Bonze" Article from [unidentified] journal or tabloid, undated
Blacked out reference at top reads "(From Lippincot Magazine)."
3 "The Central High School Alumnus in Japan," The Barnwell Bulletin 2 no. 16 (February 1926), 5-11.
4 "Christ the Creator of the New Japan"
Pamphlet, Envelope Series (American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions), 10 no. 1 (April 1907).Five copies; one is annotated by WEG (May 20, 1918).
5 "Christianity in Japan," The Japan Christian Intelligencer 2 no. 8 (October 10, 1927), 168-172.
Two complete copies of the magazine.
6 "Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, the Typical American Naval Officer" A number of copies clipped from The Magazine of American History 13, no. 5 May 1885
Holograph MS in MANUSCRIPTS.
7 "The Craftsman's Life and Lot in Japan," The Craftsman 8 no. 3 (June 1905), 293-311
Three copies.
8 "The Development of the Hardy Japanese," [The Craftsman], 178-201.
9 Dux Christus syllabus to Chapter IV; study pictures.
Supplementary materials for use of the volume as a classroom text.
10 "The Empire of the Risen Sun," from The National Geographic Magazine 44, no. 4 October 1923
Two copies.
11 "A Glance at the History and Symbolism of Japanese Art," The Art Interchange, p. 37 undated
12 "Guido Fridolin Verbeck, Pioneer Missionary in Japan," The Auburn Seminary Record, 5 no. 5 (November 10, 1909), 358-365.
Complete copy of the magazine.
13 "The Hope of Japan" Pamphlet, Envelope Series (American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions), 25 no. 1 April 1922
14 "Jack and the Giant in Korea," The Outlook, 11 August 1894, 212-213.
15 "Japan At the Time of Townsend Harris" Printed in Japan: A Comparison(New York: The Japan Society, 1923), 5-29.
Three copies.
16 "Japan: Geographical and Social" [The Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, 1878]
17 The Japan Primer, no. 1 San Francisco: A.L.Bancroft, 1872
18 "Japanese Art, Artists, and Artisans," Scribner's Magazine, 3 no. 1 (January 1888), 108-121.
Three copies; one cut in pieces.
19 "Japanese Art Symbols," [Scribner's Magazine 5 (1889), 88-101]
Clipped Article.
20 Japanese Fairy Worldtext block
Text block removed from the binding, with emendations by Griffis in pencil. Somewhat disarranged, with sections missing.
21 Japanese Fairy Worldmaterials, [1880]
Illustrations and front matter clipped from the book.
22 "The Japanese Students in America," The Japanese Student, 1 no. 1 (October 1916), 8-15.
Complete copy of the magazine.
23 "A Literary Legend: the Oriental" Article reprinted from The Journal of Race Development, 3 no. 1 (July 1912), 65-69.
Four copies.
24 "The Literary Movement in New Japan," The Outlook (January 27, 1894), 169-170.
25 "Little Jo-Ji's Dream - Travels on a Purple Cloud" From The Rutgers Targum (undated)
Box Folder
66 1 "The Makers of the New China" [circa 1908]
2 "Marquis Ito: the Mikado's Premier Who Rose from the Ranks" In The Craftsman 8, no. 2 (May 1905): 135-149. Two copies.
3 The Mikado's Empire 10th edition, "Introduction" [offprint]
4 "Nature and People in Japan," Century Magazine[undated], 231-239.
5 "New Japan and the Gospel" offprint article
6 "Our First Pioneer in Korea: An Account of the Life and Works of Dr. Horace G. Underwood," The Delta Upsilon Quarterly [December 1916], 47-51.
7 "The Personality of the Mikado," The Outlook 68 no. 10 (July 6, 1901), 559-569.
Complete copy of the magazine; also a clipping of the article.
8 "Pioneering in Chemistry in Japan" Reprinted from Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 16 no. 11 (November 1924), p. 1195.
9 "Prayer for Japan in 1827" [undated].
Two copies.
10 "The Russo-Japanese War: A Review" In The Outlook (December 24, 1904), pp. 1038-1040.
11 The Rutgers Graduates in Japan Pamphlet published by the Rutgers College Alumni Association (Albany, 1886).
Three copies.
12 The Rutgers Graduates in Japan [revised and enlarged]
Revised and enlarged edition (Rutgers College 1916).
13 Some of Japan's Contributions to Civilization: Direct and Indirect Pamphlet, Japan Society (New York, circa 1925).
14 "Student Life in Old and New Japan," Delta Upsilon Quarterly, 266 no. 3 (May 1908), 226-232
15 "The Temples and Palaces of Kyoto," Life and Light(January 1896), 3-9.
16 The Tokio Guide Guide booklet (Yokohama: F.R. Wetmore, 1874)
17 "The Unknown Soldier," The Homiletic Review 81 no. 5 (May 1921), 347-353.
18 "Vignettes of Memory" Clippings of series of reminiscences as they appeared in The Christian Intelligencer.
19 "What Hath God Wrought in Japan," The Missionary Herald123 no. 11 (November 1927), 403-404.
Complete copy of the magazine includes a photograph of the Griffis party entering Fukui, 1926 (p. 406).
20 What I Saw in Japan Pamphlet, Instructor Literature Series (Danville NY: F. A. Owen, No. 246C), [undated]
21 "Why China and Japan Are At War" [circa 1894]
Box Folder
66 22 Personal Reminiscences and Reflections
23 Personal Reminiscences and Reflections: Japan in 1927
24 Sir Edwin Arnold
25 China
26 "Coercion in Japan"
[Cf. PUBLISHED WORKS - KRAFT-BOUND ARTICLES and PRINTED MATERIALS - NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS for more on this subject. Also cf. Ardath Burks, "'Coercion in Japan': A Historical Footnote" inRutgers Library Journal, 15 no. 2 (June 1952): 33-52.]
27 Current Affairs - Far East
28 Ethnology
29 Fairy Tales
30 Harada Tasuke
31 Harper's AtlasEntry on Japan
32 Japanese Culture
33 Japanese Immigration to the U.S.
34 Korea
35 Leprosy
36 Missionaries and Christianity
37 David Murray (Rutgers Targum obituary)
Summary: The series LECTURES contains extant records of Griffis's lectures in the form of published texts, typescripts, notes and ephemeral material. William Elliot Griffis had a long and busy career as a public lecturer on all subjects which interested him, often supplementing his lectures with exhibitions of artifacts or projection of lantern slide illustrations. This series represents only a fraction of his work as a lecturer: for the most part holdings are limited to MS volumes in which Griffis recorded early lectures (of biographical importance and therefore selected out despite their America/Europe subject matter); published transcripts of a few lectures and addresses; and notes or scripts (those that have survived date mainly from the 1926-1927 trip to Japan). In addition, this series contains some ephemera and publicity materials for lectures by Griffis. Newspaper accounts of lectures may be found in the BIOGRAPHICAL FILE.
Box Folder
67 1 Notes, "A Christian Man's View of the Situation in China and Japan" [1915]
Lecture in Baptist Church, Ithaca NY, May 9 1915.
2 Lecture transcript, "Literary Japan" [1890]
Printed in a memorial program for the Annual Reunion of the Alumni of Nichols Academy (Dudley, MA), June 20 1890.
3 Lecture typescript on Will Adams [1926?]
Very fragile, on acidic paper.
4 Lecture MS, "The People of Japan" [1924]
Header reads "Field Museum, Chicago October 11 1924."
5 Lecture notes, "Oberlin Lectures" 4-6
Notes to lectures on Japanese history and culture, bundled and tied by Griffis.
6 Lecture typescript, "Impressions of Meiji Tenno" [1927]
Note at header reads "June 4, 1927 / At the Imperial Hotel / 3-5 P.M."
7 Miscellaneous lecture notes
Suggestive notes for a lecture on Japan, Christianity, and the role of women.
8 Transcript of address, "The Song of Songs" [1896]
Printed inThe Bulletin of the Cornell University Christian Association, 11 no. 2 (April 1896).
9 Lecture typescript, "The Historical Geography of Japan"
10 [Fragmentary] transcript of lecture on M.C. Perry
Pages from lecture as printed inThe Seaman's Friend. A newspaper clipping recounting a Griffis lecture on Perry is enclosed.
11 Bound MS volume, "Lectures on Europe, 1869."
Contains the texts of lectures: "Paris the Magnificent"; "Seven Cities in Northern Italy"; "Switzerland, its People, Mountains and Glaciers"; "The Old World and the New."
12 Bound MS volume [Lectures on Europe]
Contains the text of a lecture, "The People and the Sights of Europe, No. 2: England's Metropolis." Enclosed is a fragmentary clipping from a newspaper review (of a Hawthorne book?), with suggestive underlining.
13 Bound MS volume, "Ocean Life and the Sights of Europe, No. 1: Ocean Life and a Week in Scotland."
Griffis's note reports the lecture was composed in 1869 in New Brunswick, delivered several times in NJ, and bound in Tokyo.
14 Lecture Notes, "Modernized Japan" [1926]
15 Lecture typescript, "The Great Meiji Tenno" [1926]
16 Notes for addresses, 1926-1927
17 Printed Lecture, "The Great Meiji Tenno" [1927]
Printed in theTransactions of the Meiji Seitoku Kinen Gakkai [Meiji Japan Society], vol. 30 (Autumn 1928). The entire issue is extant.
Box Folder
68 1 Notes, "Syllabus of Four Lectures on the Far East"
2 Lecture Notes - China, Korea Notes bundled by Griffis. Includes [at least] "Oberlin Lecture III."
3 Miscellaneous Lecture Notes Clutches of notes found together.
4 Lecture Advertisements [1875]
5 Lecture Announcements, Programs, Publicity
6 Clippings and Ephemera from Lectures
Summary: The series SERMONS comprises a few materials - notes to sermons, clippings of printed versions, pamphlets - representing Griffis's work as a clergyman of the Dutch Reformed (Congregationalist) Church. It is to be expected that these works bear only a tangential, if a potentially interesting relation to Griffis's work on the Far East. (MANUSCRIPTS and PUBLISHED WORKS also contain materials which shed light on the relation between Griffis's Christianity and his Internationalism.) Some materials on sermons remain scattered throughout the unsorted America/Europe boxes.
Box Folder
69 1 Miscellaneous Sermons (Notebooks)
Booklets contain extensive notes to sermons (with quotes from scripture pasted in) given in Shawmut, Ithaca, Pulaski.
2 Printed Sermons (Clipped Articles)
"The Anabaptists" (December 1895); also "The Song of Songs" from The Bulletinof the Cornell University Christian Association, 11 no. 2 (April 1896).
3 Printed Sermons (Pamphlets)
"Abraham's Day and Christ's: The Harmony of the Old and the New" (Boston: Beacon Press, 1886) [four copies]
"Open Doors of Usefulness" (Boston: Beacon Press, 1892) [two copies].
4 Miscellaneous Sermons (Newspaper Clippings)
Including the printed text of a hymn by Griffis on the Pilgrim Fathers.
5 Griffis Sermon translated into Armenian
"Christian Experience" [?] in Armenian translation, clipped from a newspaper.
Also a form letter of request with Griffis's note of explanation.
Summary: The series MANUSCRIPTS contains a variety of materials and material types representing Griffis's work in progress at various stages of completion. At the high end are galley proofs and completed typescript essays; at the low end are MS fragments and draft materials from projects never completed. Necessarily, there is some overlap between this series and NOTES AND SUBJECT FILES (q.v.).
Most of Griffis's manuscripts to published works are not extant, having been retained or disposed of by their publishers. Only a few complete manuscripts to books or published articles may be found in this series. Most items are manuscripts to articles never published, or draft manuscripts of writings in progress. Some items, such as the manuscript of the essay "The Daimyo's Government" or the fragments of reminiscences on early days in Tokyo, are very valuable; many others are clearly less so.
Because of this, and their generally ambiguous nature, these materials were not treated consistently by early archivists and researchers: some were removed to the more accessible early boxes, while others were overlooked or left as received. Since no attempt has been made to organize the manuscripts more systematically, their present order reflects nothing beyond the subject groupings used in the early boxes of the old arrangement. Numerous manuscripts treating American History or Europe may still be found in the America/Europe section. Occasionally the researcher may find a few source materials (not by Griffis) intermixed with manuscripts. More often, only coherent manuscripts were placed in this series and more fragmentary notes, intermixed with newspaper clippings etc., were removed to NOTES AND SUBJECT FILES (q.v.). Old folders were generally not preserved, even if they were Griffis's own, due to their decrepit condition and high acid content. On occasion such folders were photocopied to give researchers an impression of Griffis's working methods.
Box Folder
70 1 Two fragments of manuscripts on lacquer
2 "Japanese Ivory Carvings"
MS pages on the reverse of correspondence.
A typed transcript is also enclosed.
[Article was printed inHarper's Magazine76, no. 455 (April 1888), 709-714.]
3 "Vignettes of Memory"
See PUBLISHED WORKS for some clippings from this series.
4 Japanese Fairy World
Typescripts and notes. Included is a carbon copy of a reviewer's comments.
5 Fairy Tales: manuscripts and typescripts
6 "Brer Rabbit in the Far East" typescript
7 Miscellaneous partial or fragmentary typescripts, mainly observation of early Meiji Japan
[On Tokyo in 1871; Komura]
"Literature of Japan" [p. 1]
[On religion in early Meiji Japan; pp. 17-20]
[On history of feudal Japan: chapter 18]
[Same? chapter 19]
[From the same? memoirs of Japan in 1871, pp. 1-8]
[Also unidentified; pp. 142-150, 159-164]
"The Modernizing of a Feudal Japanese City"
8 "My Object in Going to Japan"
Two copies; fair copy is incomplete
9 Emended typescript, "Japan's Foreign Helpers"
10 Partial MS on Japanese Geography, etc.
11 Unidentified MS on Aryans and Ainu.
12 "Four American Makers of Japan," typescript
13 "Are the Japanese Mongolian?" manuscript
14 "Japan and Her Government" manuscript
15 Japan's Contributions to Civilization, Direct and Indirect
New York: The Japan Society (December 26 1927).
Holograph and typescript MSS.
16 "The Launching of the Susquehanna 1850"
For theOsaka Mainichi. Holograph notes and MSS.
17 "Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, the Typical American Naval Officer"
Holograph MS
A clipping of the printed article appears in PUBLISHED WORKS.
18 "Rebuilding an Empire," manuscript and typescript
19 "The Rise of the New Japan"
ForThe National Review.
Holograph and emended typescript MSS.
20 "Japan: Child of the World's Old Age" "
For The National Geographic Magazine
Holograph and typescript MSS.
Box Folder
71 1 Miscellaneous notes and manuscripts towards "Oriental Portraits"
2 Further notes and manuscripts towards "Oriental Portraits"
Including at least fragments towards "A Literary Legend: The Oriental"
3 "The Statesmanship of Okuma"
Holograph manuscripts, notes and clippings.
4 The Mikado: As Institution and Person
Holograph and typescript notes and MSS.
5-7 Japan's Great Emperor: Mutsuhito and his Reign, 1868-1912
Holograph and typescript MSS and notes
Box Folder
72 1 "The White Kimono"
Manuscript notes.
2 "The White Kimono"
Holograph and typescript draft manuscripts.
3-4 Japanese Literature
Notes and manuscripts towards [unidentified] book
Likely an early draft ofThe Story of Literary Japan.
Box Folder
73 1-3 The Story of Literary Japan Second Draft
Emended typescript draft of book to be called The Story of Literary Japan [unpublished?]
Box Folder
74 1 The Story of Literary Japan Third Draft Notes
2 The Story of Literary Japan Third Draft Chapter Folders
Card folders inscribed with chapter titles.
3-5 The Story of Literary Japan Third Draft
6 Century Papers - "Japan's Peasant Army"
Holograph and typescript manuscripts.
7 "Philosophy in the Far East" typescript
8 "Japan as Factor and Cause in the War of 1914" typescript
9 Century Papers - "A Lifetime with the Japanese"
Rough holograph manuscripts and partial typescript.
10 "Japan Then and Now"; East-West synthesis
Holograph Manuscripts.
11 Narrative on Russo-Japanese War [?]
Partial typescript of a fictional treatment, with emendations.
12 "The New Soul of Japan: A Tomorrow of Ideals"
Typescript with emendations.
13 "Wash Day in Monkey Land"; "The Magic Drop"
Typescripts of humorous recollections.
14 "Sleeves"; "New Tongues for Old"
Manuscript and typescript.
Box Folder
75 1 "A Daimio's Government"
2 "Events Leading to the Revolution of 1868"
3 "A Jaunt in Kadzusa and Awa"
4 "L'Envoi" Hand not Griffis's; Griffis emendations.
5 "A Daimio's Stable"
6 "Courts, Prisons, Punishments etc."
7 [On Japanese Literature]
8 "Mr. Mori's Proposition"
9 "A New Premier in the New Japan" [Okuma Shigenobu]
Fair copy typescript [circa 1914]
10 "New Japan"
11 "Japanese Eugenics"
12 [On tea]
13 [On Japanese political culture; partial]
14 "The Different Classes of the People"
15 "Uyeno"
16 "Money and Measures"
17 "Shiba"
18 [Detailed account of Japanese politics and international relations, early 1870s]
19 "A Visit to Kamakura"
20 [On Japanese music]
21 [On Abolition of the Eta class]
22 "Japanese Politeness"
23 "Japanese Fox Myths"
24 "A Chapter of Daily News Items"
25 Manuscripts towards Geographic Gazetteer of Japan and Korea
Holograph glossary notes on cards.
26 "Visitor from Mars and a Japanese"
original manuscript [badly acidic paper]
27 "Visitor from Mars and a Japanese," acid-free photocopy
28 "A Japanese Don Quixote" manuscript fragment
29 "A Wife in Japan," manuscript
30 "Japan's Knightly Weapon"
Typescript final draft.
31 "The Japanese Sword Guard"
Typescript final draft with scattered notes.
Box Folder
76 1 "Japan's Moral Progress"
Carbon copy of final draft typescript.
2 "The Samurai of the Ages: Christ and Japan"
Notes; associated scraps and source materials.
3 "Introduction of Chemistry into Japan: An Appreciation of the Service of Charles William Eliot as a Chemist" [galley] Galley proof for article printed in Chemical Age, April 17 [no year].
4 "Japanese Art Symbols," [Scribner's Magazine 5 (1889), 88-101]
Galleys proofs [see clipping in PUBLISHED WORKS.
5 Notes, Clippings etc. regarding Wellesley Temple Bell's
Includes a printed placard translation of the bells' inscription by Griffis and K. Kurahara [1889]
6 Chronology: China-Korea-Japan-the West
Holograph manuscript table.
6 "Origins of the Three Kingdoms" manuscript and notes
6 "Korean Topknots and Marriages"
Emended typescript.
6 Corea: The Hermit Nation [9th edition]
Holograph bibliography; partial galleys to the ninth edition.
6 "Korea: The Land of Morning Splendor" typescripts
6 Manuscripts and typescripts on Korea
Includes "Cupid in Korea," "The American Boys in Korea:
Among the Tiger Hunters," "Korea: The Lady of Kingdoms."
6 "The Civilization of Korea" typescripts [1919]
6 "A Corean Bugbear" manuscript
6 Two typescripts on Formosa
6 "China's Great Idealist," "Chinese Literature" manuscripts [/Wang Yang-ming]
6 "China's Outburst of Witchcraft" typescript
6 "The Sazaye and the Tai" manuscript [early]
6 Manuscript on Japan's Yatoi policy in perspective [circa 1920]
6 "Literary Criticism in Asia" typescript
6 "Preamble: America's Gift to Japan" manuscript
6 "Oriental Portraits: Shimada Saburo" typescript
6 Miscellaneous [unidentified] typescripts
Box Folder
77 1 "When the Female Theater Came to Happy Well"
Successive typescript drafts with emendations.
2 "What Does Japan Want?" manuscript [circa 1920]
3 "A Glance at the Missionaries" manuscript
4 "Japan's Cycle of Cathay" typescript
5 Typescripts
"How the Bayonet Saved a Nation"
"Japan's New Premier and his Literary Tastes"
"The Silk Industry"
"Congregationalism in Korea"
Box Folder
77 6 Typescripts
"When Japan Had No Army"
"A Japanese Wedding in High Life"
"Japan and the World's Democracy"
Box Folder
77 7 Manuscripts
"The Old and New Japan"
"The Passing of a Noble Editor"
Box Folder
77 8 "The Prince of Wales in Japan" manuscript
9 "Blue Lotus and Bayonets" typescript
10 "Japan: Fifty-seven Years After" typescript
With miscellaneous notes.
11 "Japan's Foreign Helpers"; "Japanese Feudalism" typescripts
12 [Unidentified] typescript fragment on Echizen's army, 1870
13 Manuscript, "The Man-Power Wagon" [early]
Accompanying carte-de-visite photograph moved to PHOTOGRAPHS.
14 Manuscript on Japanese Archery, [circa 1878]
15 Typescript and holograph catalogs of tsuba [sword guards]
16 Typescript article, "The Rise of the New Japan"
17 The Mikado's Empire 12th edition [partial] galleys
18 "The New Soul of Japan" typescript
19 "Hard Lessons" MS
Accompanying carte-de-visite photograph of young Japanese student at work removed to PHOTOGRAPHS.
20 "The Peace Class and its opportunities" MS
Reflects on the Rutgers College Class of 1869.
21 MS article and notes, "The Whole World Kin"
22 MS article on Japanese politics, militarism [partial; circa 1920?]
23 "Takahira: Student and Ambassador" typescript
24 MS, "A Journey Through Japan" [incomplete]
Note on reverse reads "Kaga Trip."
25 "Kichi and the Wild Boar" typescript
26 "Japanese Feudalism" typescript, [1906]
27 "Japan: Fifty-Seven Years After" typescript, [1927]
28 "Rutgers and the Orient" typescript
29 MS, Japan's Great Emperor
With Introduction for 1928 presentation to Viscount Kaneko, 1927.
Box Folder
78 1 Life of the Emperor Meijitypescript
2 "Audiences of the Mikado" typescript
For Japan's Great Emperor?
3 Miscellaneous typescript fragments found with Japan's Great Emperor
4 "Japan Revisited" MS, [1927]
5 "Christianity in Japan: Surface Breezes of Deep-Sea Currents?" MS, [1927]
6 "Trade in Civilizations" typescript
7 "Echizen Shungaku" MS
Holograph manuscript of sketch on the person of Matsudaira Yoshinari [Shungaku] [circa 1920].
8 "Japanese Wood and Its Virtues" emended typescript
9 "The New Korean and the Japanese War" emended typescript
10 Typescript Fragments on China
11 "A Church Service in Japan" emended typescript fragment
12 Boy's Life of Dr. [Samuel Robbins] Brown typescript pages [partial and out of order]
13 Corea: the Hermit Nation
Notes and MS scraps
14 "One Little Woman of Great Japan" MS, [circa 1920]
[K's note suggests the subject is Mrs. Margaret Sanger; but Griffis's polemic concerns Japanese militarism generally, not any specific person or event.]
15 "Cupid in Korea" typescript
16 "The Princess Sada Kujo"
MS and scraps
17 "The Boy Who Obeyed Both his Parents" typescript
18 "Empire of the Risen Sun" draft typescript
A first draft of article forThe National Geographic Magazine.
Correspondence with the editor is enclosed.
19 "Emperor Good Man" typescript
[On Emperor Yoshihito]
20 China's Story notes and galley proof fragments
21 Book review of L.M. Underwood's Fifteen Years Among the Top-Knots, typescript
22 "Japanese Girls at School" MS
23 Typescript biography of Margaret Clark Griffis by William Elliot Griffis
Typescript by Katharine G.M. Johnson, 1965.
24-25 Rutgers Reminiscences: miscellaneous manuscripts
Box Folder
79 1-2 Roaring Days at Rutgers manuscript
3 "Japanese and American Beauty" typescript
4 Jesus of the International Mind manuscripts
5-6 Jesus of the International Mind typescript
7 "The New Japanese Cabinet" manuscript, [circa 1923]
8 "Personnel" manuscript
Remarks reacting to Japanese government policies regarding relief workers, circa 1923.
Summary: The series NOTES AND SUBJECT FILES is separated into two subseries for storage purposes, reflecting preservation needs of the materials. The Griffis Collection contains a large quantity of scattered notes mixed with source materials, which Griffis produced and collected either in preparation for specific works or on topics of general interest to him. It was his practice to gather these materials, either in improvised folders or in packets or "clutches," and save them for later review and consolidation.
Smaller, relatively coherent groupings are stored as files, placed in the subseries FILE FOLDERS and described by project (when evident) or subject. Typically a file contains notes mixed with clippings and various ephemera. Whenever located, photographs, complete manuscripts, significant correspondence and other important items were pulled to appropriate series. As most subject files, however, contained few or no such materials, the files as preserved still offer a useful view of Griffis's working methods in identifying and researching subjects and refining his perspective and arguments. Considerable overlap may be expected between this series and others such as PRINTED MATERIALS - NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS or EPHEMERA.
Larger packets could not be stored upright, and so have been saved as a separate subseries, BUNDLES AND CLUTCHES. These bundles tend to be much less focussed than the smaller files, often being nothing more than the collected clippings and memoranda of a given time frame, extraneous to whatever projects Griffis was working on concurrently.
Significant quantities of similar materials with no apparent Japan or Far East subject connection remain in the America/Europe boxes of the collection.
Box Folder
80 1 Miscellaneous notes on Drawing
2 Miscellaneous notes on Japanese Drama
3 Miscellaneous notes on Japanese Arts
4 Miscellaneous notes on Japanese Ceramics
5 Miscellaneous notes on Flower Arrangement, Applied Arts
6 Miscellaneous notes on Proverbs
7-8 Notes and source materials ‑- Proverbs
9-10 Subject Files ‑- Proverbs
11 Notes and source materials ‑- Lullabies
12 Notes ‑- Fairy Tales
Box Folder
81 1 Miscellaneous notes on Feudal Japan and Early Japanese History
2 Miscellaneous notes on Japanese Education and Culture; Tea, Drinking Customs
3 Miscellaneous notes on Japanese Statesmen
4 Miscellaneous notes and source materials on Yatoi; Christianity
5 Miscellaneous notes and scraps on Yatoi
6 Source Materials ‑- Japanese Students in the U.S.
7 Miscellaneous notes, outlines and manuscripts on Mikadoism
8 Notes on Arthur Lloyd, The Creed of Half Japan [Buddhism]
9 Unidentified manuscript fragments and notes on Japanese history
10 Research Notes on Japanese Literature
Includes cardboard folders with chapter headings; notes and clippings are enclosed in folders on "Meiji Era" and "Bookmaking."
11 "Japanese Animal Stories" ‑- Notes and manuscripts
Includes research materials, scattered notes, a typescript.
Box Folder
82 1 Century Papers ‑- Miscellaneous notes and MSS, possibly towards "American Makers of the New Japan"
2 Century Papers ‑- "Hellas and Nippon"
3 Notes on Wang Ying-Ming [Oyomei] and religion
4 Fragmentary manuscripts on Japanese Literature
5-6 Questions and Answers on Japan
Rough holograph drafts.
7 Notes on Oyomei
Rough holograph and typescript notes.
8 Manuscripts to cyclopedia entries
Holograph notes to entries under 'N': Nagoya, Nagasaki, et al.
9 Miscellaneous notes on the history of U.S.-Japan relations, [circa 1926]
10 Notes and clippings regarding Wellesley Temple Bell
Includes a rubbing of the bell's inscription, and notes to translation by an informant.
11-12 Miscellaneous notes, manuscripts and source materials on Korea
13 Notes and source materials ‑- Korean Fairy Tales
14 Miscellaneous notes on Korean economics and politics
Box Folder
83 1 Miscellaneous notes on Korea
2 Miscellaneous manuscripts and notes on Korea
Including "Chosen and Tsuma."
3 Subject File: Rutgers graduates in China
4 Notes on China's Story [see also NOTEBOOKS] and miscellaneous notes on China
5 Miscellaneous notes on Japan
6 Miscellaneous fragmentary MSS on Japan
7 Miscellaneous [unsorted] notes
8 MS charts and tables, showing daimyo and Tokugawa family information and status [income in koku]
9 Source files for chronology of U.S.-Japan relations
10 Subject file: Ranald MacDonald
Photographs in this file were pulled to Box P-6.
11 Miscellaneous unsorted notes
12 Partial name lists of Yatoi?
One list covers B-F (including Brinkley, Chamberlain, Fenollosa); H-V (on reverse). Another listing runs through alphabet: Japan contacts for fund-raising purposes?
13 Kraft paper file folders
[Apparently left from an earlier sorting of collection materials, these folders have subject headings in Griffis's hand.]
Box Folder
84 1 Subject file: Perry Expedition survivors
2 Miscellaneous notes and clippings, mainly on Yatoi
3 Miscellaneous [fragmentary] subject files
4 Notes on Japanese literature
5 MSS and notes, "Japanese and American Beauty"
6 MS and source materials, "The Citizen Rights of Missionaries"
7 Miscellaneous notes and clippings
8 "Sayonara/ August 1874" notes
9 MS scraps and notes on Matthew Calbraith Perry
10 Notes and correspondence on "The Japanese Bride"
11 Unsorted Notes
12 Miscellaneous scraps and notes on Margaret Clark Griffis
[Apparently dating from a range of periods, these are mainly organizational and outline notes to the prospective book about Margaret Clark Griffis.]
13 Copy editor's notes to an [unidentified] MS on the Mikado, [1927?]
14 MS and notes on Leprosy, [circa 1927]
15 Notes and clippings on Ito Hirobumi
Box Folder
85 1 Miscellaneous scraps and notes on Japan, Korea, India
2 Clippings and notes ‑- various Far East subjects
3 Notes on Korean Fairy Tales
4 Miscellaneous scraps and notes ‑- Japan and Far East
5 Notes, scraps and source materials ‑- Internationalism
6 Clippings and researches towards Jesus of the International Mind
7-9 Notes and source materials ‑- Internationalist Christianity
TowardsJesus of the International Mind.
10 Notes and clippings ‑- Rutgers men in China
11 Notes and clippings ‑- Townsend Harris
12 Miscellaneous clippings and notes
Box Folder
86 1 Clutch of loose notes on Korea
2 Envelope "Art ‑- Notes ‑- Misc."
[F.Welden note]
3 Envelope, "Misc."
4-5 Bundle
6 Bundle: 1918 Clippings and Notes
7 Bundle, "Japan"
8 Bundle
Box Folder
87 1 Clutch
2 Clutch [photos of Tsuba were removed]
3-4 Clutch
5 Clutch on Japan and Christianity
6 Misc. Notes and clippings, mainly 1910
7 Clutch from 1915
Box Folder
88 1 Unsorted Misc.
2 Clutch
3 Misc. clippings and notes, including from 1926-1927 Japan trip
4 Christianity in Japan
5 Jesus; Christianity in Japan
6 Misc. items and clippings mainly not Japan-related
Box Folder
89 1 Misc. notes (many on Japan)
2 Misc. notes, mostly America/Europe
3 Misc. notes and clippings (many on Japan)
4 Misc. notes and clippings, mostly America/Europe
Summary: The largest series in the collection, PRINTED MATERIALS joins together the bulk of printed materials collected by Griffis in his researches presently extant in loose form. (Bound volumes, books and pamphlets, may be found largely in the Rare Books collection under X-GRIF.) It comprises three subseries: PERIODICALS, PAMPHLETS AND PUBLIC DOCUMENTS; CLIPPED ARTICLES; and NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS.
The subseries PERIODICALS, PAMPHLETS AND PUBLIC DOCUMENTS is the most diverse in its contents. It includes discrete published materials saved by Griffis in their entirety, mainly issues of journals and pamphlets. Also included in this subseries are a few items produced for public distribution in non-print formats, such as mimeographed translations of speeches from the Japanese Diet, or public documents relating to the Korean Independence Movement. Items have been sorted by title, with the exception of a limited number of pamphlets, which have been grouped together in more general subject categories to facilitate access (for example the groupings "Missions in Japan" and "Missions in Korea." Excluded from this subseries are photojournals (located in GRAPHIC AND PICTORIAL MATERIALS) and periodicals in Japanese (in JAPANESE LANGUAGE MATERIALS).
NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS and CLIPPED ARTICLES are self-explanatory subseries. The Griffis Collection contains a large quantity of newspaper clippings which were separated out by earlier archivists and disposed into subject groupings: these survive intact in this subseries pending appraisal for further organization and preservation work. The researcher should be warned that there is scant order and substantial overlap among subject headings and folder contents in this subseries, reflecting the incomplete arrangement of the collection prior to this project. In particular, materials from later boxes in the old arrangement were often too miscellaneous to be given a specific subject heading other than "unsorted." CLIPPED ARTICLES contains articles clipped by Griffis from journals and magazines which have been deemed too significant to place amidst newspaper clippings: these are listed by author.
Box Folder
90 1 Ainu Mission - Public Letter by John Batchelor
Mimeograph copy of public letter on missionary efforts in Hokkaido, June 1894.
2 All the World[clipped articles]
Pages 101-128 clipped from missionary periodical.
3 An Alphabet for China
Typescript outline of questions to be posed in a symposium at Harvard University, January 30, circa 1915.
4 America-Japan 1921: The Crown Prince and the Emperor Meiji (America-Japan Society of Tokyo: July 1921.)
Two copies.
5 "America-Japan Problem" - Pamphlets and Publications, [1920-27]
Pamphlets and publications on Immigration and Education Reform and U.S.-Japan Relations.
6 American Influence upon the Agriculture of Hokkaido, Japan
(Sapporo: Tohoku Imperial University College of Agriculture, 1915.)
7 American Peace Society of Japan Bulletin Nos. 2-4 (1911-1912)
8 "The Basis, Philosophy and Motives of Foreign Missions"
Published sermon by William Wilberforce (Pittsfield, MA: 1882).
9 The Bay View Magazine
Vol. 12 no. 7 (April 1905)
10 Bible Societies' Committees for Japan - Annual Reports, 1895, 1898, 1900
11 Bible Society Record
Vol. 35 no. 1 (January 16, 1890); vol. 33 no. 4 (April 19, 1888) [clipping].
12 "The Brinkley Collection"
["Description of a Collection of Japanese, Chinese and Korean Porcelain, Pottery, and Faience made by Captain F. Brinkley..." (New York: Edward Greey, undated]
13 Blue Triangle News(New York: YWCA War Work Council)
No. 78, October 24, 1919.
No. 79, October 31, 1919.
"Buddhism and Christianity: A Crusade which Must be Met"
By F.F. Ellinwood, D.D.
Two copies.
14 "Catalogue of a Collection of Choice Japanese Colour Prints"
Wm. B. Paterson [London 1906]
15 "Catalogue of the Private Collection of Paintings by European and American Artists, and of Chinese, Cochin-Chinese, Korean and Japanese Keramics, &c." [Thomas E. Waggaman, 1888]
16 China - Miscellaneous Pamphlets
17 China's Voice
Published by the Publicity Bureau of the Chinese Students in the University of Illinois.
No. 4 (April 9, 1920)
18 The Chinese Students' Monthly
Vol 8 no. 7 (May 10, 1913)
19 Christian Literature Society for China Thirty-fifth Annual Report (1921-1922)
20 "Christian Missions in Japan" By Adachi Kinnosuke (New York: Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada, 1911).
A partial copy is also included, as printed in The Century Magazine; it also includes a comment by Griffis.
21 The Chrysanthemum: A Monthly Magazine for Japan and the Far East
Vol. 1 nos. 8-10 (August -October 1881).
22 "Commodore Perry's Landing in Japan"
Excerpt from Narrative of the Expedition(1856), printed as Old South Leaflets no. 151.
23 "Description of Collection of Japanese Swords"
Boston: Press of Coburn Bros. & Snow, 1885.
24 "A Descriptive Catalogue of General Horace Capron's Collection of Japanese Works of Art Now on Deposit in the Smithsonian Institution," [1883]
(Washington D.C.: National Republican Printing House, 1882.)
Two copies. "Revised Descriptive Catalogue of the Capron Collection..." [1883]
(Washington: R.A. Waters, Printer, 1883.) Two copies.
25 "The Development of the International Mind: An Address Delivered Before the Academy of International Law at the Hague, July 20, 1923"
By Nicholas Murray Butler. International Conciliation no. 192 (Greenwich, CT: American Association for International Conciliation, 1923).
26 Diet Speeches, 1924-1927
Typed and printed transcripts of Japanese Diet speeches.
Box Folder
91 1 "Early American Policy in Korea, 1883-7"
By Tyler Dennett. Reprinted from Political Science Quarterly38 no. 1 (March 1923), pp. 82-103.
2 "An Economic Alliance Between Japan and the United States"
By Baron Kentaro Kaneko. Reprinted from Japan and America, January 1903. Inscribed by the author to W.E. Griffis.
3 Episcopal Missions in Japan - Reports
4 "The Faith of Japan"
By Harada Tasuku. Address printed by the Central Union Church, Honolulu, 1925.
5 "Famine in North Japan": Appeal for Aid in Famine Relief, [circa 1906]
6 Foundations of Japanese-American Friendship: And A Tribute to Ambassador Edgar Addison Bancroft
Pamphlet by Jiuji G. Kasai; introductions by Prince Iyesato Tokugawa, Viscount Kentaro Kaneko, Dr. H.B. Benninghof (Tokyo 1925).
7 The Friend Honolulu, Hawaii.
Vol 93, No. 3 [partial, with Griffis annotations], and Vol. 93, No. 4 [intact].
8 "Hyaku-Nin Isshu, or Stanzas by a Century of Poets"
Translated by F.V. Dickins (Tokyo: The Museum office, 1892).
9 Japan-British Exhibition, London, 1910
Print and mimeograph documentation.
10 Japan Customs Reports: Trade Statistics, 1874
11 "Japan Daily Herald" Directory and Hong List, 1872
Directory of legations and businesses in "Yokohama, Yedo, Kobe, Osaka, Hakodate, Niigata, and Nagasaki, January 1872." With map of Yokohama tipped in; advertisements; list of Bluff residents, etc.
12 Japan Gazette Yokohama Semi-Centennial
(Yokohama, July 1909.)
13 Japan Health Care Sector Publications
14 The Japan Magazine March 1911, April 1911
15 "Japan: Questions Answered" (New York: Japan Society, 1926.)
16 The Japan Review
Vol. 5 no. 11 (September 1921).
17 Japan Society - Publications
"Brief on China-Japan."
"In Re Japan / Aide Memoir" by Lindsay Russell.
18 Japan Society - "United States and Japan Questionnaire"
May 1918 Questionnaire with Griffis's answers in holograph.
Undated Questionnaire [later], likewise answered.
Also included: typescript questionnaire with answers [provenance unclear].
19 Japan Society Bulletin
Bulletin Nos. 9-20, 21 [three copies], 22, 23, 26, 36, 37, 41, 43, 45
Bulletin Nos. 51, 58
Bulletin, unnumbered [1913]
20 Japan Society Bulletin
September 1921 News Bulletin [two copies]
December 1922 News Bulletin
May 1923 News Bulletin
March 1924 News Bulletin
September 1925 News Bulletin
Trade Bulletin No. 1 (January 26, 1916)
Box Folder
92 1 Japan Society Report, 1912-1913
Sixth Year; Eugene C. Worden, Secretary.
2 Japan Society Report, 1916
Ninth Year; Eugene C. Worden, Secretary.
3 Japan Society Report, 1918
Eleventh Year; Eugene C. Worden, Secretary.
4 Japan Society Report, 1923
Sixteenth Year; Eugene C. Worden, Secretary.
5 Japan Society Year Book and Travelogue, 1914
Seventh Year; Eugene C. Worden, Secretary.
6 The Japan Weekly Mail (Yokohama) February 16, 1889
7 The Japanese-American Commercial Weekly New Year Supplement, 1907
8 "Japanese Art Treasures" Catalogue of sale items for auction by Thos. E. Kirby [New York], 1881
9 "Japanese Students in North America" Prepared and Compiled by Kato Katsuji (New York: Committee on Friendly Relations Among Foreign Students, 1915).
10 Japanese Sword Guards Photographic plates representing collection of tsuba (Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, undated).
The Japanese Translation of the Bible: Meeting to Celebrate Its Completion
Pamphlet reprinted from the Japan Daily Mail (Yokohama: February 3, 1888)
11 "Japan's Part" By Theodore Roosevelt. [New York: Japan Society, 1918.]
12 "Japan's 'Peaceful Penetration'" By V.S. McClatchy. Reprinted from The Sacramento Bee (June 1919).
13 "Jerome Dean Davis" By Frank Lombard. Pamphlet, Envelope Series 14 no. 2 (July 1911).
Journal of the American Asiatic Association
Vol. 14, no. 7 (August 1914).
Journal of the Indo-Japanese Association
No. 3 (July 1910)
No. 5 (February 1911)
[Both copies contain articles on the history of Japanese race and language by Hirai Kinza.]
14 Korea under Japanese occupation - Tourist Literature [1925-1927]
Pamphlets and publications collected by Griffis on his 1926-1927 Tour.
15 Korean Independence Movement - Typescript and Mimeograph Documentation
Box Folder
93 1 Korean Independence Movement - Pamphlets
2 "Korean Treaty with the United States: Treaty of Amity and Commerce, May 22, 1882"
Typescript copy of an earlier original, circa 1920.
3 L'Ambassade de Belgique à Tokyo
By A. de Bassompierre (Brussels: Librairie Nationale d'Art et d'Histoire, 1923).
4 "Leader's Supplement to 'Japan for Juniors'" Teacher's or discussion leader's flyer to supplement mission band/Sunday school text.
5 Leprosy and Missionary Work - Pamphlets and Clippings
6 Life: A Periodical Magazine for Japanese Students of English [Renamed Life and Light: A Survey of Modern Life, Thought and Art.] Edited by Naruse Jinzo.
Vol. 1 no. 1 (July, 1910)
Vol. 1 no. 2 (November -December 1910)
Vol. 1 no. 4 (Mar.-April 1911)
Vol. 1 no. 6 (July-August 1911)
7 "The Lord's Prayer in Japanese" Photo reprint reproduced from manuscript by the American Bible Society, shows a Japanese version of the Lord's Prayer (translated by American Missionaries).
8 Manchuria under Japanese occupation - Tourist Literature, [1923-1926]
Pamphlets and publications collected by Griffis on his 1926-1927 Tour.
9 Missionary Tracts by H. Loomis
"Among Japanese Soldiers"
"Seventeen Years in Prison, or, The Story of Yoshitaro Kochi."
"War Time in Japan," No. 2.
10 Missions (General) - Publications, [various dates]
11 Missions in China - Miscellaneous Pamphlets
12 Missions in Japan - Miscellaneous Pamphlets
Box Folder
94 1 Missions in Japan - Periodical Publications [various dates]
The Church in JapanNew Series no. 26 (March 1923)
Gleaningsvol. 2 no. 4 (Yokohama, January 1896)
The Messengervol. 3 no. 1 (October 1912) ; vol. 7 nos. 2, 3 (January -February 1917)
Mission Newsvol. 11 no. 4 (January 15, 1908) ; vol. 17 no. 2 (November 15, 1913)
The Missionary Link vol. 54 no. 8 (September 1923)
Box Folder
94 2 Missions in Japan - Statistical Tables and Reports (compiled by H. Loomis and others)
For the years 1887, 1888, 1894-1899.
3 Missions in Korea - Public Correspondence. Pieces in carbon, gelatine and other copy formats, and an article in galley proof: accounts of missionaries in Korea.
4 Missions in Korea – Publications, [various dates]
5 "More Race Questions" By A.F. Griffiths (address to Social Science Association, March 1, 1915).
6 "Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / Department of Japanese Art / An exhibition of Japanese Paintings and Metal Work. / Lent by Mr. F. Shirasu, of Tokio, Japan. / Catalogue"
(Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son, 1894.)
Two copies.
7 "My Burnt Book" Pamphlet by Arthur Lloyd reprinted from the Japan Mail (Tokyo: February 29 1908).
[Contains a synopsis of Lloyd's pioneering work on the early history of Mahayana Buddhism and its possible relation to Christianity; the book's manuscript was burned in a Yokohama fire before being printed.]
8 Nippon Denchi Kabushiki Kaisha Publications Pamphlet and carbon copy publications [1926-1927] on Shimadzu Lead Powder and its applications.
One document has photographs of tests pasted in.
9 "On the Identity of the East Asian Language with the Aryan Languages" By Hirai Kinza [circa 1910]
cf. also Michi [Japanese journal included in Japanese language materials]; also Journal of the Indo-Japanese Association(July 1910 and February 1911) [in this series].
10 "On the Identity of the Japanese Language with the Aryan Languages," Appendixes
By Hirai Kinza [circa 1910]: Vocabularies supporting Hirai's hypothesis.
11 Oomoto: The New Spiritual Movement" (Ayabe, Japan: circa 1924).
12 The Open Court (July 1911.)
["A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion, the Religion of Science, and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea."]
13 "The Other Side of the Korean Question: Fresh Light on Some Important Factors"
By Frank Herron Smith. Reprinted by the Seoul Press from The Japan Advertiser(May, 1920).
14 "The Outlook for Christianity in Japan: An Address Delivered before the Tokyo Conference, December 6th, 1894"
By D.C. Greene (Yokohama: Japan Mail, 1894).
15 "Recent Developments in our Relations with the Orient"
By Sidney Gulick (New York: National Committeen American-Japanese Relations, 1922).
16 "Report of the Widely Loving Society at Osaka, Japan"
[English language publicity pamphlet on Osaka orphanage.] (Osaka: Hakuaisha, 1922.)
17 "Review of the Chapter on Painting in Gonse's 'L'Art Japonaise'"
By Ernest F. Fenollosa (Boston: James R. Osgood, 1885).
18 "The Romance of Christian Investments in the Mission Fields"
By Brewer Eddy. Pamphlet, Envelope Series 26, no. 4 (January 1924).
Three copies.
19 Sendai Esperanto Federation Documents Materials collected on 1926-1927 Tour.
20 "Some Points of Contact With, and Opposition To Christianity in Japanese Character"
Address by T. Harada, reprinted from The Japan Mail [undated]
21 H. Suito Catalogue ["H. Suito's 733 photograph in different subjects with various interesting repeals picturing Oriental life as seen in Japan" (Tokyo, undated.]
22 "The Teachings of Jesus as Factors in International Politics, with Especial Reference to Far-Eastern Problems"
By Jeremiah Jenks. Reprinted from Christianity and Problems of Today (Charles Scribner's Sons: 1922).
23 "Theodore Wores' Collection of Paintings of Japanese Subjects"
"Exhibition at Reichard & Co.'s, 226 Fifth Ave."
24 "To D.B. McCartee, M.D. from the American Presbyterian Mission of East Japan: A Memento of the Fiftieth Anniversary of his Arrival on the Mission Field"
Pamphlet (Tokyo: February 19, 1894).
25 "Townsend Harris: A Chapter in American Diplomacy"
By Roland S. Morris (U.S. Ambassador to Japan, 1913-1921). (New York: Japan Society, undated)
26 "Why War Between Japan and the United States of America is Impossible"
By Baron Sakatani (International Service Bureau/Japan Gazette Press: Tokyo, 1921).
27 "William S. Ament: An Ideal Missionary" By Jeremiah C. Cromer. Pamphlet, Envelope Series 12, no. 2, (July 1909).
Box Folder
95 1 Japanese Music
2 Japanese Drama
3 Japanese Art [Newspaper Articles]
Including an interview of Ernest Fenollosa.
4 Japanese Ceramics
5 Japanese Gardens, Flower Arrangement
Including clippings from Sir Edwin Arnold's series "Japonica," as printed in Scribner's Magazine.
6 Japanese Applied Art
7 Japanese Proverbs and Folklore
8 Japanese Literature
9 Ainu
10 Children and Family Life in Japan
11 Two Feudal Japan
"The Boston of Feudal Japan," by Ernest W. Clement [regarding the city and province of Mito].
""The Life of a Monastic Shô in Medieval Japan,"" by K. Asakawa."
12 Japanese Women
[Including a newspaper article on two American women married to Japanese.]
13 Education in Japan
14 Religion in Japan
15 The Suicide of General Nogi
[Nogi Kiten]
16 Tea and Tea Ceremony
17 Emperor Mutsuhito
[Meiji Tenno]
18 Empress Haruko
19 The Japanese Imperial Family
20 Emperor Yoshihito
[Taisho Tenno]
21 Japanese Economics, Finances, Trade
22 Japanese Economics, Labor
23 Japanese Statesmen and Politics
[Okubo; Terauchi; Katsura]
Box Folder
96 1 Japanese Government and Parliamentary Politics
2 Japanese Military
3 Japanese Naval Vessels Built in U.S.
4 Japanesen Civilization
5 Yatoi
6 D.C. Greene
7 Miscellaneous Yatoi
8 H.W. Dennison
9 David Murray
10 Yatoi in Technical Fields
11 Unsorted
12 Missions in Japan; Christianity in Japan
13 Missionary Education in Japan
14 Missions and Churches in Japan
15 Missionaries in Japan
16 Comparative Religions
17 The Japanese Bride
Clippings represent Western views of the controversy over the book by Tamura Naomi.
18 Missionary Work
19 Christianity in Japan
20 Missionaries and Christianity
21 Christianity in Japan
22 Extraterritoriality
23 Russo-Japanese War
24 Russo-Japanese War
25 Japan, Russia, Socialism
26 Agriculture
Box Folder
97 1 Japan, China, Great Power Politics
2 Hara Assassination; 1921 Washington Disarmament Conference
3 Japanese Immigration to U.S.
4 Japan-U.S. Diplomacy
5 Japanese Character
6 Japanese Society
7 Japanese Geography and Natural Disasters
8 Miscellaneous Book Reviews
9 "Coercion in Japan" Controversy
[Also see Griffis clippings in Published Works.]
10 Meiji Statesmen
11 Reviews of Books on Japan
12 Reviews of Books on China and the Far East
13 Korean Buddhism
14 Women and Family in Korea
15 Clippings, Pamphlets, Flyers ‑- American Ginseng Cultivation
16 Korean Economy
17 Korean (-Japanese) Politics
Box Folder
98 1 Missionary Activity in Korea
2 Japan in Korea
3 Korean Independence Movement
4 U.S.-Korean Relations
5 Japanese occupation of Korea (Anti-Japanese)
6 Japanese occupation of Korea (Pro-Japanese)
7 Korea (General)
8 Reviews of Books on Korea
9 Chinese Language and Religion
10 Chinese Economy and Trade
11 Chinese Imperial Court
Box Folder
99 1 Chinese Politics
[Li Hung Chang, Sun Yat-Sen, Yuan Shih-Kai]
2 Chinese Foreign Relations and Big Power Politics
3 The Boxer Rebellion
4 Foreigners in China
5 Missionaries in China
6 Missionaries in China; Anti-Christian Agitation
7 China, Russia, Manchuria
8 Western Powers in China
9 Japan in China
Box Folder
100 1 Sino-Japanese War [1894]
2 Formosa Under the Japanese
3 China-U.S. Relations and Trade
4 U.S. in China; China-U.S. Relations
5 Chinese Culture and Society
6 Chinese Students Abroad
7 Book Reviews on China
8 Clippings, Pamphlets, Flyers - Publicity for Publications on China and the Far East
9 Asian Influences on Western Art
10 Miscellaneous Far East and Asia
11 Yoshitsune and Genghis Khan
12 Unsorted
Box Folder
101 1 Unsorted
2 Miscellaneous unsorted
3 Miscellaneous unsorted
4 Unsorted [China; missionaries]
5 Unsorted
6 Unsorted
7 Miscellaneous Unsorted
8 Japan and Rutgers; David Murray
Box Folder
102 1 Shimabara Rebellion Discussion
2 Unsorted [1896?]
3 "Jesus the Soldier," Yatoi, & al.
4 Unsorted
5 Unsorted
6 Unsorted
7 Unsorted
8 Miscellaneous and Ethnology [relates to "The Whole World Kin" MS, q.v.]
9 America in the East
10 Dr. David Thompson
Box Folder
103 1 Lafcadio Hearn
2 Commodore M.C. Perry; U.S. Naval Expedition to Japan [includes Silas Bent interview]
3 Miscellaneous Unsorted
4 Verbeck and miscellaneous
5 by and about H.V.S. Peeke
6 Miscellaneous, especially on Women's Education
7 Death of Yoshihito [Taisho Tenno] and miscellaneous [including some notes]
8 Editorials by "JB" on religious themes
9 America in the East [1904]
10 Miscellaneous on Japan, China, Korea [1923]
11 Japanese Fairy Tales
12 Korea; Folklore; Religion [with some notes enclosed]
13 Miscellaneous [including Japanese in Korea; Komura]
14 Miscellaneous [including Russo-Japanese War; Komura]
15 Buddhism
Box Folder
104 1 [Anonymous] "Japanese and Chinese Art" From The Decorator and Furnisher (April 1885)
2 [Anonymous] "Japanese Humour" From The Magazine of Art [undated]
3 [Anonymous] "Some Pictures of Japan"
4 Arnold, Edwin. "By Sea and Land"
Newspaper columns posted from Japan [to theLondon Daily Telegraph] by Sir Edwin Arnold, 1889-1890. Also enclosed: a clipped newspaper article citing Arnold, "Japanese Warships: Significance of Their Names"; press responses to Arnold; other articles relating to him.
5 Ashmead, Albert. Miscellaneous Articles
6 Babbit, Irving. "Interpreting India to the West"
Clipping fromThe Nation105 no. 2729 (October 18, 1917) reviews Coomaraswamy,Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism.
7 Ballagh, James. Galley Proofs
Articles and letters to the editor reprinted fromThe Japan Gazette.
Also an article, "The First Protestant Church in Japan," in galley.
8 Bigelow, Poultney. "Colonial Japan" [1923]
9 Bosquet [? conjecture of F. Welden]. "Art in Japan."
Clipped articles, nos. 1 and 3 of a series, fromThe Far East [Yokohama, 187?]
10 Brinkley, Frank. "Why Japan Values American Good-Will," [1905]
FromMunsey's Magazine[undated]
With Griffis annotations.
11 Carpenter, Frank G. "The Two Capitals of Japan"
FromThe Cosmopolitan, 7 no. 5 (September 1889).
With a newspaper clipping on the city of Tokyo.
12 Child, Richard Washburn. "Japan, the Peace and the Destiny of Asia"
13 Cox, George W. "Japanese Art"
14 Davis, W. Watson. "The Monroe Doctrine and Perry's Expedition to Japan"
15 DeForest, J.H. "The Japan of 1890" and other yearly letters to The Independent: 1890-1893; 1895; 1899; 1900; 1903; 1905; et al. Number for 1913 is by D.C. Greene.
Also includes other articles by DeForest.
16 Fenollosa, Ernest F. "Contemporary Japanese Art"
17 17. Fenollosa, Ernest F. "An outline of Japanese Art: Part II" From The Century Magazine [undated]
18 Fletcher, John Gould. "The Secret of Far Eastern Painting" From The Dial, vol 62 no. 733 (January 11, 1917)
19 Flowers, Montaville. "Japanning America"
A protest against the Japan Society, its influence, and pro-Japanese propaganda.
20 Hansard, Capt. Arthur C. "Early Days in Japan"
21 21. Hardy, Arthur Sherburne. "The Army of Japan" From The Cosmopolitan 10, no. 1 (November 1890)
22 Heromich, Shugio [sic]. "Japanese Book Illustration" From The Book Buyer [undated]
23 Holt, Hamilton. The Dawn of the World's Peace" From The World's Work [circa 1910]
24 Holt, Hamilton. "Japan Today ─ II" From The Independent [undated]
25 Honda, Masujiro. "The Far Eastern Diplomacy and America" From The Journal of Race Development 8 no. 4 (1918): 401-410
26 Howard, Elliot. "The Religions of Japan" From The Missionary Review of the World, July 1905
Preceding the listed article in the journal is another, "'Bushido' Among the Japanese: the Relation Between Chivalry and Suicide Among the Japanese," by "A Christian Japanese Woman."
27 House, Edward H. "The Cliffs of Hayakawa" [1889]
28 Hubbard and Jernigan, "Japan: Report of Minister Hubbard," and "Osaka and Hiogo: Report of Consul Jernigan" Diplomatic dispatches as printed in an unidentified government document [circa 1887].
29 Kinnosuke, Adachi. "The Nippon Soldier in the Making" From The Independent, undated
30 Kinnosuke, Adachi. "The Philosophy of Hara-Kiri" From The Independent, undated
31 Knipping, E. Articles on Meteorology
Articles in German fromAnnalen der Hydrographie und Maritimen Meteorologie (February, May 1894).
Pages are uncut.
32 Knox, Thomas W. "Pictures of New Japan" From Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly [circa 1890]
33 LaFarge, John. "The Shrines of Iyeyasu and Iyemitsu in the Holy Mountain of Nikko"
34 Lowell, Percival. "The Fate of a Japanese Reformer"
Article on the assassination of Mori Arinori from an unidentified journal [November 1890]
35 Lyman, Benjamin Smith. "The Nature of the Japanese Verb, So-Called" [1912]
36 Matsui, Naokichi. "Joji Sakurai"
Biographical articlen the eminent chemist, 1907.
37 Morse, Edward S[ylvester]. "Notes on Hokusai" From The American Art Review [undated]
38 Nicholson, Comm. S. "How America Opened Japan to Trade"
Personal Account of the Perry Expedition by Comm. S. Nicholson (an officer on the mission), clipped fromHarper's Weekly [1904].
39 Noguchi, Yone. "The Evolution of Modern Japanese Literature" From The Critic [undated]
40 Noguchi, Yone. "The Truth about Intellectual Japan" From The Independent [undated]
41 Okuma, Count. "The Position of Japan in the Household of Powers" From The Independent [undated]
42 Ozaki, Yei. "New Year's in the Streets of Tokyo" From The Independent [undated]
43 Peeke, H.V.S. "Quarterly Letters" Magazine clippings, series 3 nos. 18-21, 26, 28 [undated]
44 Russell, Bertrand. "Can China Teach Us?"
Passages excerpted from Russell, The Chinese Problem, printed inThe Centurion.
45 Schley, Winfield Scott. "Admiral Schley's own Story"
Including an account of action in Korea; clipping is incomplete and source unidentified.
46 Scudder, Doremus. "America and Asia"
47 Smedley, Agnes. "The Awakening of Japan" From The Birth Control Review, undated
48 Spencer, David S. "Some Thoughts on the Political Development of the Japanese People"
49 White, Andrew D. "The Holy Saint Josaphat of India" From The Open Court [undated]
[On historical links between Buddhism and Christianity.]
50 Wilds, Edith. "Art in the Commonplace of Japan" From The Art World, January 1918
51 Winslow, W. Henry. "Japanese Popular Art and Sketchbooks"
52 Wores, Theodore. "An American Artist in Japan"
53 Van Ingen, W.B. "The Field of Art"
Summary: This series comprises materials collected by Griffis presumably for reference and bibliographical purposes. It includes journal clippings, publishers' ephemera (book lists and advertisements) and printed bibliographies in several forms. Substantial materials of this kind, not bearing on Japan or the Far East, remain in the America/Europe boxes of the collection.
Box Folder
105 1 Japanese Book List, 1875
Holograph MS in Japanese, with English translation.
2 MS bibliography on Korea [circa 1907]
Hand is unknown.
3 Printed bibliographies on Far East subjects (clippings)
[Knipping served as ayatoicontemporary with Griffis.]
4   Publisher's ephemera regarding Meteorology by E. Knipping
5 Offprint bibliographies
6 Book dealers' catalogues and bibliographies
7 American Book and Magazine Ex. Co. book list
Carbon copy book list of rare titles for sale.
8   "American Tract Society Publications of the Committee for North Japan"
Printed book list of titles available in Japan (April 1884).
9 Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Natur- und Völkerkundestasiens Festschrift, 1902
Largely an index to articles contained in the Proceedings of the society [German language].
10 A.J.C. Geerts ‑- Catalogue of Japanese Books [1887]
[French language.]
11 Kelly and Walsh, Ltd. [Yokohama] ‑- Book lists and indexes
Various lists.
12    "Industrial Arts: A List of Books and Plates Illustrating Choice Specimens of Ornamental Art Workmanship"
Catalogue no. 111 of Karl W. Hiersemann, "Publisher and International Bookseller," Leipzig 1893.
13 Luzac's Oriental List [1903]
Partial copy of the list, vol 14 nos. 11-12 (November-December 1903).
14 Publishers' Publicity and Ephemera
Clipped announcements of books on Far East subjects.
15 Publishers' Publicity and Ephemera
16 Publicity of books by J.A. Waddell
17 Clipping regarding David Murray Papers
From the RutgersTargum
Summary: Griffis was interested in original materials by his contemporaries for a variety of reasons: sometimes he was able to serve as an editor or intermediary between author and publisher; sometimes his expertise was consulted; and always his own research interests were rewarded by his study of works by Japanese associates and by other Westerners who worked in the field. This series reflects manuscripts gathered by Griffis which, falling into the last category, were retained by him and found their way into his papers. (More substantial manuscripts collected by Griffis not primarily for his own researches may be found in Group IV.) The materials appearing here fall largely into two groups: manuscripts dealing directly with Japanese or Far Eastern culture, history or personages, and materials gathered by Griffis in researching the careers of the Yatoi or of other Westerners in the Far East.
Authors may be identified for some of these MSS, but the greater part of them cannot be attributed. The series has therefore been arranged alphabetically by title; or, when a title has been lacking, by interpolated title (subject). When the subject has been identifiable as a Yatoi, the entry has been glossed.
Box Folder
106 1 "The Adventures of Ten-Ichibo"
Anonymous manuscript relating a Japanese historical folk tale.
2 "Around the Ewha Table" [1926]
Typescript of a skit "given at conference, 1926" representing missionary work in Korea (players including "Miss Appenzeller" and "Miss Van Fleet"].
3 "The Beginning of the Japan of To-Day," by John Mason Ferris, 1905
Typescript essay in three parts, recording early contacts between Ferris and the firstryugakusei.
4 [Bibliographical Notes]
Anonymous holograph notes towards Japanese bibliography [1891?].
Possibly by T. Harada.
5 "Biographical Sketch" by Albert S. Ashmead
Holograph autobiographical account of the doctor and missionary.
6 "Biographical Sketch of Kido Koin"
Anonymous third-person MS biography of the Meiji statesman.
7 "Biography of Dr. Ryokichi Yatabe"
Japanese MS with [anonymous] holograph translation.
8 "Decorated by the Mikado"
Holograph transcription of a newspaper account of the award of Dr. Ernest Teigel with the Order of the Rising Sun (1885).
Handwriting possibly of Albert S. Ashmead. [Yatoi]
9 "Eugene Miller Van Reed: An Opening Wedge of Japan"
Calligraphic holograph booklet memorializing the diplomat, 1907.
By Margaret Van Reed Biddle [his sister]. [Yatoi]
10 "Fifty-three Post Stations" partial translation
Anonymous holograph translation, in pencil on onion paper, of the opening pages of theTokaidochu Hizakurige.
11 "Hitotsutoya" and other songs: anonymous music MSS
l2 "Hakkenden – Bakin [Takizawa]," "Atago Yama," "Theatres"
Anonymous informants' notes on Japanese literature.
Notes on Bakin may have some connection to T. Harada [q.v.].
13 "International Morality and Japanese Nationalism" by Kawakami Isamu [1922]
Typescript essay on Japan in the aftermath of the Washington Disarmament Conference.
14 "Japan Science Notes" by Kochi Chujiro
Brief notes on the history of natural science in Japan.
15 [Japanese Geography and Language - Notes]
Miscellaneous partial notes to Japanese geography and language, in several hands.
16 [Japanese History]
Brief narrative account of Japanese history from the Minamoto through the Tokugawa.
17 [Japanese Literary Figures]
Anonymous MS biographical notes, possibly translations from a Japanese source.
18 "Keijo (Seoul)," "On Historic Remains in Keishu," "Heijo (Pyengyang)"
Typescript and carbon copy essays or travellers' notes on these locales.
19 [Liggins, Rev. John] MS biography
An anonymous account of the career of the missionary and linguist.
On very brittle paper.
20 "A List of Authors' Books"
A summary list of Japanese classics in MS, with brief introduction, by an unidentified Japanese associate.
21 "Literature" typescript [Anonymous]
General notes and commentary on Japanese literature typed on Griffis's typewriter, possibly by a Japanese student or guest.
22 "The Little Journal" by Colin Alexander McVean
Manuscript autobiographical account by the engineer and surveyor. [Yatoi]
23 Men of Progressexcerpt regarding John C. Berry
Third-person account, possibly by Berry, with his emendations in pen. [Yatoi]
24 "A Monument to Yokoi Shonan Sensei" [1920]
Typescript documentation of a memorial for the reformer Yokoi Shonan, assassinated in 1869.
25 "Osaka, the Industrial Capital of Japan" by Yokoi Tokiwo
Holograph essay.
26 "Outline Life of Bishop C.M. Williams"
Brief synopsis of Williams' life and work, in typescript, with emendations in pen by Griffis.
27 "The Second Volume of the Showing of Crowed Books" [sic]
MS translation by an unidentified Japanese associate of a catalogue of Japanese historical books.
28 Sentetzusodantranslations
Anonymous partial translations of Sentetzusodan[?].
29 "A Sketch of the Life of Hashimoto Sanai"
Japanese MS and [anonymous] holograph translation.
30 "Teikoku Daigaku," "Government Survey Department," "Government Telegraph Department," "Kobu Dai Gakko"
MS directory of some Yatoiemployed at these institutions, with notes on subsequent history
[Teikoku Daigaku seems to be a later name for Kaisei Gakko]. Possibly by K.H. Smith: on the reverse is Griffis's listing of his chronology.
31 ["The Three Gold Fish"]
Chapter 1 of an unidentified Japanese novel: MS translation by an anonymous Japanese associate.
32 "Verbeck, Guido F." 1895
A transcription, apparently, of an oral account of Verbeck's career (shorthand is on verso of pages). [Yatoi]
Summary: Among the most important and interesting groups of materials in the Griffis Collection are the 340 or so student essays. These are essays written in English for Griffis by students in Fukui and Tokyo (at the Kaisei Gakko), or for Margaret Clark Griffis in her two years as teacher at the Tokyo Government Girls' School (Kanritsu Tokyo Jo Gakko). These are school compositions, mainly in fair copy (some with minor corrections by Griffis or Margaret Griffis). In aggregate they reveal quite clearly what assignments Griffis (and Margaret Griffis) made: the typical early assignment was to write an autobiography or relate a folk-tale; Griffis also asked students to give accounts of the geography of their home provinces in Japan, and later essays delved into subjects in culture (including "Children's Games"; "The Money of Japan"; "Street and Shop Signs"; "Theater"), history, or historiography (for example, a comparison between Japanese and English approaches to history). Also assigned was the revealing topic "My First Impressions of Foreigners." Astonishingly proficient in English, the essays were clearly intended to serve multiple purposes. From the start Griffis found them useful as original source materials on the Japanese nation and culture. Now, they provide an unparalleled view not only into early Meiji Japan, but also into the methods of education Griffis introduced, the formidable powers - in language, learning, and critical ability - of these elite students, and the fascinating early results of this meeting between cultures and ideologies.
The importance of these essays was early recognized, and almost all had been segregated from the main collection for preservation. Some bear the traces of gummed labels used to tip them into scrapbooks (they seem to have been removed by Katharine Johnson). The essays are arranged at the item level.
Box Folder
107 1 "Aino" by S. Hirai
2 "The Ainos" by Ibi
3   "The Ainos" by Iriye
4 "The Ainos" by T. Kikuchi
5 "The Ainos" by Matsui
6   "About the Ainos" by Miyasaki
7   "About the Aino" by Nakayama
8 "The Aino" by Nomura
9 "About the Ainos" by T. Okamura
10 "About the Aino" by H. Shimidzu
Box Folder
107 11 "Hidari Gingoro [Jingoro]" by Fukuyo
12 "Famous Drawing Masters in Japan" by Kobayashi Kans
13 "The Artists" by Kuharu
14 "The Drawing-master" by Nakakuki
15 "The Famous Drawing-masters or Artists and their Productions" by M.N. Takeo
16 "A Famous Drawing Master" by W. Watanabe
17 "Japanese Artists" [unsigned]
18 "The Japanese Drawing" [unsigned]
Box Folder
107 19 "Thrilling Incidents and a Few Sketch of My Life" by "Joh Adam" [sic]
20 [Autobiography] by "Edward"
21 "Life of T.F." by T. Fujita
22 [Letter to Griffis regarding student autobiography, from K. Haraguchi]
23 "A Short Sketch of My Life" by K. Haraguchi
24 "Life of S. Hatakeyama"
25 "Sketch of My Life" by M.I. Ichikawa
26 "Sketch of My Life" by N. Iriye
27 "Life of Fukutsu" [noted as "Kawakami" by WEG]
28 "My Autobiography" by Komura Jutaro
29 "History of My Life" signed "Thomas M---"
30 "Life of John" signed by J. Matsumura
31 [Autobiography] by Nishikawa
32 "The Sketch of My Life" by T. Okamura
33 "The Sketch of My Life" by M.N. Sagisaka
34 "The Sketch of My Life" by Takasu Rokuro
35 "The Story of My Life" by Toyama Toshi Toyama relates he is shortly to be adopted as Kawakatsu
36 "My Life" by Wakamatsu or Aidzu? [WEG's attribution]
37 [Autobiography] by Yezawa
38 [Autobiography] "My father was..." [unsigned]
39 [Autobiography] "It was on 15th..." [unsigned] Written with brush on Japanese paper.
40 "Short Account of My Life During the Civil War..." [unsigned]
41 "Short Sketch of My Life" [unsigned]
42 "A Sketch of My Life" [unsigned]
Box Folder
107 43 "Burial Customs" by N. Nakakuki
44 "Burial Customs" by S. Suzuki
45 "Burial Customs" by M.N. Takeo
Box Folder
107 46 "The Children's Play" [unsigned]
47 "Children's Playing" [unsigned]
48 "The Game" [unsigned]
49 "The Games of Children," "As it would be impossible..." [unsigned]
50 "The Games of Children," "In every quarter of the globe..." [unsigned]
51 "The Games of Children," "It is the general rule..." [unsigned]
52 "The Games of the Children of Tokio" [unsigned]
53 [Games of Children] "Though I am now in the second class..." [unsigned]
54 [Games of Children] "When a large kite flies..." [unsigned]
55 "The Plays of Children," "The instruction of..." [unsigned]
56 "Plays of the Japanese Children," "The name of the play..." [unsigned]
57 "The Plays of the Japanese Children," "Though it would be..." [unsigned]
58 "The Plays of the Japanese Children" (illustrated) [unsigned]
Box Folder
108 59 "The Scientific Ignorance of the East" by W. Amakadzu
60 "The Japanese Titles" by Haraguchi
61 "The Difference Between the Mind of Woman and that of Man" by Isogi Ishiguro
62 "The Papers of Japan" by K. Kobayashi
63 [Chinese Market Customs and Downfall of Shiogun] by Mitzukana
64 "The Opinions of the Old People of Japan" by M.P. Okada
65 "History" by Sugioka
66 "The Battle of Ueno" by K. Suzuki
67 [About the Post Stations from Tokio to Kanazawa] by Takahashi
68 "Kanda Miyojin" by Tsuda
69 "Celebrated Archers" by Ushiba Kataoka
70 "About the Statue of Rikiu and that of Nobunaga" [unsigned]
71 "Bell of Daibutsu" [attributed to Iwadate by KGMJ]
72 "Books Which Were Published in Mito" [unsigned]
73 "The Brief Statement of Different Characteristics of the Various Buddhist Sects in Japan" [unsigned]
74 [Japanese Castle Gates] [unsigned]
75 [Japanese Foods] [unsigned]
76 "About Frugarity [sic]" [unsigned]
77 [Funeral of ex-prince of Kaga] [unsigned]
78 [Glossary of kanji with readings and translations] [unsigned]
79 "Grace" [unsigned]
80 [Japanese History, Narrative Notes to] [unsigned]
81 "Judzu (number beads)" [unsigned]
82 "Kattszusendai" [?] [unsigned]
83 "List of Kuanrei's during Ashikaga Shogunate" [unsigned]
84 "List of Names of Sake" [unsigned]
85 [List of officers] [unsigned]
86 "Military Affairs, officers, and People" [unsigned]
87 "Mirror" [unsigned]
88 [On Sanshiwo: notes] [unsigned]
89 "Yamato no kusushi nomio" [unsigned]
Box Folder
108 90 "The Idea of the Japanese Concerning the Dreams" by Hirai
91 "Dream" by Iriye
92 "Dream" [unsigned]
Box Folder
108 93 "About Fox" by Fukuyo
94 "About Badgers and Foxes" by Hatakeyama
95 "Foxes and Badgers" by Ito
96 "The Death of Osan" by K. Kawakami
97 "About the Fox and the Badger" by Kobayashi
98 [Fox narrative] by Kobayashi
99 [Fox narrative fragment] by Kobayashi
100 "The Story of Riugoo" by Osawa
101 "Foxes and Badgers" by Z.S.
102 "A Story of a Fox" by Takamatsu
103 "Chiuo of the Kingdom, In" by Watanabe
104 "About the Fictions of Foxes and Badgers" and "My Native Province" [unsigned]
105 "Dojoji" [unsigned]
106 [Fox narrative] "In my native province..." [unsigned]
107 [Fox narrative] "In my province there were..." [unsigned]
108 [Fox narrative] "In a certain place..." [unsigned]
109 [Fox narrative] "It is supposed..." [unsigned]
110 [Fox narrative fragment] "Foxes and badgers are..." [unsigned]
111 [Fox narratives] "I will tell you stories..." [unsigned]
112 "Miidera" [unsigned]
113 "Mischief Mischief Misfortune" [unsigned]
114 "The Picture on the Obverse / The Picture on the Reverse" Annotated by Griffis as "Greenback Stories." [unsigned]
115 "Popular Superstitions Concerning the Fox and the Badger" [unsigned]
116 "A Story of a Fox" [unsigned]
117 "The Story of Fox" [unsigned]
118 "Story of Hare and Badger" [unsigned]
119 "Story of Momotaro' [unsigned]
120 "The Waterfall of Yoro" [unsigned]
Box Folder
108 121 "The Japanese Fans" by Matsui
122 "The Japanese Fan" by H. Mayeda
123 "Fans" by M.T. Nishimura
124 "Japanese Fans" by Sakura
125 "Fans" by R.T.
126 "Fan" [unsigned]
Box Folder
108 127 "My First Impressions of Foreigners" by T. Kikuchi
128 "My First Impressions of Foreigners" by N. Kishiro
129 "My First Impressions of Foreigners" by Masuda
130 "My First Impressions of Foreigners" by Matsui
131 "The First Impressions of Japanesen Foreigners" by Miyazaki
132 "My First Impressions of Foreigners" by Nagai
133 "Contents of Nagai Ichiiran" ["Synopsis of Internal/External (Affairs)": A Listing of a Table of Contents] [unsigned]
134 "Our First Impressions of Foreigners" by Okamura
135 "My First Impressions of Foreigners" by Takasu
136 "My First Impressions of Foreigners" by Tanaka
137 "My First Impressions of Foreigners" [unsigned]
Box Folder
109 138 "The Geography of My Province" (Coshiu) by Amano
139 "The Geography of My Province" (Iyo) by Iriye
140 "Lake Biwa" by Iwaya
141 "The Geography of My Province" (Iwate) by Kikuchi
142 "The Geography of Sooruga" by T. Kishiro
143 [On Hot Springs] by R. Kobayashi
144 "The Geography of My Own Province" (Mimasaka) by Kuhara
145 [Sulphur Springs of Beppu] by Masuda
146 "Mino" by Matsui
147 "My Own Province" (Yamato) by Matsumoto
148 "The Geography of Mywn Country" (Shimodsuke [sic]) by Nishimura
149 "Description of the Province Kotsuke" by Nomura
150 "The Geography of My Province, Kadsusa" by Okamura
151 "My Native Province" (Dewa, Uzen) by Sagisaka
152 "The Geography of My Province" (Kaga) by J. Sakurai
153 "The Geography of My Own Province" (Oshiu) by Sawaki
154 "The Geography of My Province" (Chikugo) by H. Shimidzu
155 "The Geography of My Own Province" (Yamato) by N. Taniguchi
156 "The Greatest Earthquake of Tokio" by Urin
157 "About Ancient Tokio" [unsigned]
158 "About My Native Province" (Yashima in Ugo) [unsigned]
159 "About Nanboo" [unsigned]
160 "About Provinces" (Echigo, Shinsue) [unsigned]
161 "About the Province" (Hitachi) [unsigned]
162 "About the Provinces of Ise and Iga" [unsigned]
163 "About Yedo" [unsigned]
164 "Chikuzen" [unsigned]
165 "The City of Nagasaki" [unsigned]
166 "The City of Tokei" [unsigned]
167 "Composition about Daishoji" [unsigned]
168 "Composition about My Province" (Aizu) [unsigned]
169 "Description of Kioto" [unsigned]
170 "Description of Tokio" [unsigned]
171 "The Description of Yedo" (illustration) [unsigned]
172 "The Description of Yedo Six or Seven Years Ago" [unsigned]
173 "The Geography of My Native Province" (Musashin) [unsigned]
174 "The Geography of My Province" (Musashi) [unsigned]
175 "Kaga" [unsigned]
176 "Kanazawa" [unsigned]
177 "Kurume" [unsigned]
178 "My Native City" (Fukuyama) [unsigned]
179 "My Native City" (Iwate) [unsigned]
180 "My Native City" (Minakuchi inmi) [unsigned]
181 "My Native City" (Nambu) [unsigned]
182 "My Native Land" (Tokio) [unsigned]
183 "My Native Province" (Iwatsuki) [unsigned]
184 "My Native Province" (Nakatsu in Buzen) [unsigned]
185 "My Native Province" (Shimosa) [unsigned]
186 "My Native Province" (Takasu) [unsigned]
187 "The Province Iwakuni" [unsigned]
188 "The Province of Iyo" [unsigned]
189 "The Province of Kaga" [unsigned]
190 "The Province of Yechijen" [Echizen] [unsigned]
191 "Some Parts of the Province of Hitachi" [unsigned]
192 "Tokaido Places" [unsigned]
193 "Tokio" "In the province called..." [unsigned]
194 "Tokio" "There are three large cities..." [unsigned]
195 "Tokio Tokio, one of the Largest" [unsigned]
196 "Tsugaru" [unsigned]
197 ("My Province is Bitchin...") [unsigned]
198 ("The Province Yamato...") [unsigned]
199 ("When I had been in my native province...") (Omi) [unsigned]
Box Folder
109 200 "Japanese Historical Works" by N. Iriye
201 [Contrasts of Historical Styles] by T. Kikuchi
202 "Contrasts in Historical Works" by Komura
203 Letter to Griffis regarding contrasting historical styles, by R. Miura [?]
204 "The Comparisons of Historical Styles" by Nakayama
205 "The Japanese Historical Work" by Nomura
206 "The Comparison of the Works of the Celebrated Japanese Writers with Those of the English" by Y. Okamura
207 "The Comparison of Historical Styles between Japan and England" by M.N. Sagisaka
208 [Contrasts in Historical Styles] by S. Saito
Box Folder
109 209 "House-hold Superstition" by Fukuda
210 "Household Superstitions" by T. Hanawa
211 "Household Superstitions Among the Japanese People" by Hasegawa
212 "Household Superstition" by Ichikawa
213 "House-hold Superstitions" by Imaseki
214 "Household Superstition" by Ishigaru
215 "Superstition of Household" by Ishimatsu
216 "The Japanese Household Superstitions" by Isono
217 "Household Superstition" by Iwaya
218 "The Superstition Concerning the Fox and the Badger" by O. Kimura
219 "Household Superstition" by Miyabara
220 "Household Superstitions" by Omeus
221 "Household Superstition" by Sugioka
222 "Household Superstition" by S. Suzuki
223 "Householder's Superstition" by H.Y. Yamaoka
224 "The Household Superstition in Japan" [unsigned]
225 "Household Superstitions" [unsigned]
226 "Hous-hold [sic] Superstition" [unsigned]
227 "Japanese Domestic Superstition" [unsigned]
228 "Japanese Superstitions" [unsigned]
229 "Japanese Household Worships" [unsigned]
230 "A Story about the Family Superstition of Japan" [unsigned]
231 [Unidentified fragment on superstitions]
Box Folder
109 232 "The Diary of the Journey" [unsigned]
233 [Diary of 4 days of a 16 day journey] [unsigned]
Box Folder
110 234 "Kakke" by Haraguchi
235 "Kakke" by Masuda
236 "Kakke" by Matsui
237 "The Disease Kakke" by H. Mayeda [?]
238 "About the 'Kakke'" by Miyasaki
239 "The Kakke" by Oishi
240 "Kakke" by Sakiki
241 "Kakki" by J. Sakurai
242 "The Kakke" [Beriberi] by Sugiura [?]
243 "Kakke" by Taniguchi
244 "Kakke" "Kakke which is..." [unsigned]
245 "Kakke" "This disease has..." [unsigned]
246 [Kakke] "At the present time..." [unsigned]
247 [Kakke] "In Japan during the summer..." [unsigned]
Box Folder
110 248 "The Marriage Ceremonies" by R. Fukuda
249 "Marriage" by T. Isono
250 "Marriage Ceremonies" by Satake
251 "Marriage Ceremonies" by S. Suzuki
Box Folder
110 252 "The Japanese Money" by Fukuda
253 "The Money of Japan" by M. Ichikawa
254 "The Money of Japan" by I. Ishiguro
255 "The Money of Japan" by T. Isono
256 "The Money of Japan" by Kobayashi
257 "The Money of Japan" by Miyabara
258 "The Japanese Money" by M. Motoyama
259 "The Money of Japan" by N. Nakakuki
260 "The Japanese Money" by M. Sugioka
261 "The Money of Japan" by S. Suzuki
262 "The Money of Japan" by Takeo
263 "The Money of Japan" by Yamaoka
264 "The Money of Japan" by Yezawa
265 "The Money of Japan" [unsigned]
Box Folder
110 266 "Shop Signs" "In this empire..." (illustrated) [unsigned]
267 "Shop Signs, Streat [sic] Shows, and Streat [sic] Characters of Tokio and Other Cities of Japan" "I do not write..." [unsigned]
268 "Shop Signs, Street Shows and Street Characters" illustrated by Kobayashi
269 "Shop Signs, Street Shows and Street Characters of Tokio" "I do not know anything about..." [unsigned]
270 "Shop Signs, Streets' Show and Character of Streets of Tokio and Other part of Japan" "I was commanded from the teacher..." [unsigned]
271 "Shop Signs, Street Shows and Street Characters of Tokei" "Under the general custom..." [unsigned]
272 "Shop Signs in Tokei" "All the shop-signs..." [unsigned]
273 [Shop Signs] "I am sorry that..." [unsigned]
274 [Shop Signs] "I do not know..." [unsigned]
275 [Shop Signs] "In Tokio there are..." [unsigned]
276 [Shop Signs] "Please escuse [sic] me..." [unsigned]
277 [Shop Signs] "The shops of the streets of Tokio..." [unsigned]
278 [Shop Signs] "Since Tokio is the largest..." [unsigned]
279 [Shop Signs] (15 illustrations) [unsigned]
280 "Signs of the Buck Meat [sc. Buckwheat] House" and "Signs of the Daugh House" (illustrated) [unsigned]
Box Folder
110 281 "The Sins of Mean" [sic] by Ibi
282 "The Greatest Sin" by Kahara
283 "About the Sin" by Masuda
Box Folder
110 284 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People of a Country" by Amano
285 "The Theatre" by Fukuda
286 "Theatres" by T. Hanawa
287 "The Theatre of Japan" by Ichikawa
288 "Japanese Theatres as They are at the Present Time" by Imaseki
289 "The History and Origin of Theatres in Japan" by Irye
290 "Theatre" by I. Ishiguro
291 "Theater" by S. Ishimatsu
292 "Theatre" by Isono
293 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People of a Country" by T. Kikuchi
294 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People of a Country" by N. Kishiro
295 "The Theatre" by Kobayashi
296 "Theatres" by Kuhara
297 "Theatre" by Masuda
298 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People of a Country" by H. Mayeda
299 "Theatre" by N. Miyabura
300 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People of a Country" by Miyasaki
301 "Theatres" by Nakakuki
302 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People of a Country" by Nakayama
303 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People of a Country" by Ogasawara
304 "The Theatre in Japan" by T. Okamura
305 "Theatre" by Oki
306 "The Theatre" by Ozawa
307 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People of a Country" by J. Sakurai
308 "The Japanese Theatres as They are at the Present Time" by H. Shimidzu
309 "Theatre" by Sugioka
310 "Theatres" by K. Suzuki
311 "Theatre" by S. Suzuki
312 "Theatres" by K. Takahashi
313 "The Effects of Theatres upon the People" by Takasu
314 "Theatre" by Takeo
315 "Theatres in Japan" by N. Taniguchi
316 "Theatre" by Yezawa
317 "Theatres" [unsigned]
318 [Noh Theatre, a draft] [unsigned]
319 Research Notes by Katharine G.M. Johnson
For Margaret Griffis's students' Essays, see Group II.
Summary: This series contains a mix of materials retained by Griffis, as was his habit, as both memorabilia and sources for research. The first folders listed contain materials saved from his work at the Kaisei Gakko in Tokyo (earlier called the Daigaku Nanko) from 1872 to 1874 or directly relating to that period; among other items they include autograph slips of his students in the Second and Third scientific classes (many of whose work appears in the STUDENT ESSAYS); an official script of a speech given at the Kaisei Gakko by the Meiji Emperor; and the contract, with translation, of Edward Cornes, a colleague of Griffis's. (The last item was presumably sent to Griffis at a later date as source material on the Yatoi.) Similarly valuable items reflecting on this period may be found among the NOTEBOOKS, the STUDENT ESSAYS, and in the Exhibition Boxes of the collection.
Later folders hold materials collected by Griffis in connection with his general interests in Japanese education, such as statistical tables and school catalogues. Similar, if less substantial items may be found in EPHEMERA. Other materials bearing on Japanese education may also be found in PRINTED MATERIALS. In this series, items are listed in chronological order.
Box Folder
111 1 [In Envelope] Autograph slips of students in the Second and Third Scientific Classes, with names and home provinces, from the Kaisei Gakko [1873-1874?]
2 [Blank] Attendance form, Daigaku Nanko [circa 1872]
3 Contract of Edward Cornes, with official translation. Cornes was a colleague of Griffis's at the Kaisei Gakko.
4 Official transcript of a speech of the Mikado [Meiji Emperor] given at the Kaisei Gakko, 1873
Instructors' names are listed in katakana. [Japanese language]
5 Engineering Conversion Tables, Kaisei Gakko, 1876
6 Directory of Yatoi employed in the field of education, 1870-1906, with salaries listed
7 Calendar of the Meiji Gakuin, 1890
8 Catalogue [?]f the Meiji Gakuin, 1891-1892
[Japanese language]
9 "Prospectus of the Sugamo Katei Gakko, or, Family School" (Yokohama: Fukuin Printing Co., [1899])
10 "Extract of Annual Report 1903-1904" of the Imperial Library of Japan
10 "Extract of Annual Report 1904-1905" of the Imperial Library of Japan
11 Catalogue, Technical School of Tokyo Prefecture, 1914
12 Statistical Tables, Tokyo Higher Normal School for Women, 1914
13 Tabular Account of the Tokyo Higher Normal School, 1915
Summary: The series Scrapbooks is among the most interesting in the Griffis Collection: typical of nineteenth century scrapbooks, they are bound volumes into which have been pasted all types of materials, most especially newspaper and journal clippings and ephemera. Because of the fragile condition of the scrapbooks, researchers are requested to use the microfilm version. These scrapbooks span the dates of 1859 to 1914 and chiefly concern Griffis's Asian interests. Two scrapbooks belong to Griffis's sons, Stanton Griffis and John Elliot Griffis. Additional scrapbooks can be found in the United States/Europe material.
Box Folder
112 A 1-16 Rutgers College Scrapbook, 1859-1916
17 College Life [Scrapbook 1858-1869]
Box Folder
112 B 1-2 Commonplace Book No. 2 [Scrapbook 1866-1869]
3 Scrap Book No. 3 [circa 1869]
Box Folder
112 C 1-14 Fukui Scrapbook 1871 [1871-1874]
Box Folder
112 D 1-3 Souvenir of Shidzuooka [Scrapbook] 1873
4-6 MCG to Japan & WEG in Tokyo [Scrapbook 1872-1874]
112 E Tokio Scrapbook 1872-1880
Box Folder
112 of 1-7 Clippings by WEG and others [Scrapbook circa 1869-1880]
8-14 Encyclopedia & C./Japan/Scrapbook [circa 1874-1901]
112 G Japan Scrap-Book, No. 2 [1874-1903]
Box Folder
112 H 1-3 Griffis Scrapbook 1875- [circa 1875-1901]
[Photocopy available]
Box Folder
112 I 1-2 The Mikado's Empire/Sullivan's Expedition [Scrapbook circa 1887-1911]
3-7 Articles and Reviews [Scrapbook circa 1880's]
Box Folder
112 J 1-5 Lectures/Europe Japanese Arts & C. [Scrapbook]
6-8 Japanese Fairy World [Scrapbook]
9-11 Letters/Shimonoseki Incident [Scrapbook]
Box Folder
112 K 1-5 Reviews of Corea and Scrapbook II
6-10 Corea Scrap-Book
Box Folder
112 L 1-4 Corea [Scrapbook]
5-8 Ithaca 1901/Articles and Reviews
Box Folder
112 M 1-2 Chino-Japan War 1894-1895/Europe 1914
3-8 Articles and Reviews [Scrapbook 1890s]
Box Folder
112 on 1-3 Art Scrapbook
Box Folder
112 1-8 Letters on M.C. Perry [Scrapbook]
9-15 M.C. Perry/WEG [Scrapbook]
112 P Stanton Griffis Scrapbook
Box Folder
112 Q 1-5 John Elliot Griffis Scrapbook
Box Folder
112 R 1-11 [Articles and Reviews Scrapbook]
Summary: The distinction between GRAPHIC IMAGES and PHOTOGRAPHS in the collection is made for preservation purposes based on media type. If printed through a photochemical process, an item was placed in the PHOTOGRAPHS. This series, therefore, includes something of a mix of materials. One major category of great interest are the examples here of Japanese print images, including maps and books from the pre-Meiji era. (Woodblock print books may also be found amid the JAPANESE LANGUAGE MATERIALS; this series includes only print images). A number of maps of later origin are also in this series, as are printed photographs clipped from magazines, photo journals or photographic essays (if printed in ink on paper). Finally, a box of postcards is included in this series. For the most part, these are unposted cards of Far East Origin, collected by Griffis. At an undiscerning point in the collection's history, however, these were intermixed with postcard collections of non-Griffis provenance: an undiscerning number of cards have yet to be systematically identified (some are identifiable by addressee) and removed. Oversize items can be found in Box 127.
Box Folder
113 1 Map: Imperial Palace, Kyoto [?]
2 Missionary Map of Japan
With printed photo of J.C. Hepburn.
3 Japanese Maps
4 Japanese Maps
5 Missionary Map of Amoy
6 Japanese Maps
7 [Japanese] Pocket Reference Map of Japan
Two copies.
8 Diagram of Heian Castle Interior Court
9 Maps - Korea
10 Japanese Hydrographic office Map of Sakhalin [1906]
11 [Japanese] Military Map of China
12 Diagram of Japanese Palace Grounds? [unidentified]
13 Antique Map of Japan [1822]
14 [Early] Meiji-era city map of Kyoto [?]
Box Folder
114 1 Pre-Meiji Japanese Graphic Directory of Arms and Armaments Dated Kaei 1 [1848]
2 Miscellaneous clipped graphics
3 "Buddha's Path in China"
A printed photo essay by Maynard. Williams.
4 Clipped Images -- Korea
5 China Images
6 Printed plates: Scenes of Japan [and Formosa?]
7 Miscellaneous clipped graphics
8 Miscellaneous clipped graphics
9 Clipped graphics - Korea
10 Lithograph: Panoramic View of Matsushima
11 Woodblock Prints - Tokaido Board Game
12 Woodblock Prints - Traditional Japanese Livelihoods
13 Woodblock Prints - War Propaganda Posters
14 Maps of Naval Battles
Prominently including the Battle of Shimonoseki, annotated by Griffis.
15 Maps of Shimonoseki Naval Encounter
Box Folder
115 1 Perry Memorial Banner
2 American Popular Japonisme
A broad mix of various ephemera, etc., representing American printing with a Japanese influence. Probably includes a few stray items of non-Griffis provenance.
3 Map of Japan [Welcome Society of Japan]
A tourist map.
4 Miscellaneous images
Mainly clipped from magazines.
5 Asahi Graph8, no. 1 (January 1, 1927)
6 "Capture at Ping Yang" print [Sino-Japanese War]
7 Maps of Formosa
[Non-Griffis provenance?]
8 Photo Pamphlet, "The Dewey Islands: Our Possessions in the East"
[On the Philippines, 1898.]
9 Graphic facsimile: an example of the Empress' Court Poetry. [circa 1892; printed 1909?]
10 Graphic: Print of Buddhist Cave Painting
11 Map showing railroad through-connections between China and Japan
12 Clipped Images: Shizuoka Church; Mikado's Gifts
13 Painting with calligraphy [poster]
14 Printed image of Amitabha Buddha
15 Monthly Historical Photos [Journal] May 1918, June 1918
16 Monthly Historical Photos [Journal] July 1918, August 1918, September 1918
17 Monthly Historical Photos [Journal] November 1918, December 1918
18 Monthly Historical Photos [Journal] January 1919, February 1919
This box contains miscellaneous postcards of Far East Origin, generally Japanese. They are generally blank and unposted (but see the Series Description).
Box Folder
127 [Oversized] 1 Three-part woodblock print showing procession of the Meiji Emperor
2 Japanese woodblock print of American frigate, 1853
3 Map of Japan, circa 1859
4 Map of Japan, 1871
5 Map of Japan
Summary: The series EPHEMERA contains various kinds of ephemera, almost all saved by Griffis as memorabilia of people or events. The more coherent and noteworthy groups of ephemera have been sorted by origin or subject and listed alphabetically. A second box contains the many meishi or calling cards collected and saved by Griffis, including calling cards of important or noteworthy Japanese. Two other photo boxes contain loose unsorted ephemera of comparatively lesser interest except as curiosities. A few loose fragments of other materials too minor to be sorted into series (such items as scraps of newspaper clippings or manuscript notes) also appear in these boxes.
Box Folder
117 1 1926-1927 Trip Memorabilia
[3 folders]
2 1926 Trip Ephemera -- Organization Membership Lists
3 Advertisements
4 American Asiatic Association -- Announcement and Constitution
5 Asiatic Monthly; Asiatic Institute; Japanese Mutual Aid Society
6 Asiatic Society of Japan
7 Association Concordia
8 Bible Quotation Cards [Japanese Language]
9 Chinese Equal Rights League Solicitations
10 Chinese Students' Alliance in Japan Announcement [circa 1914]
11 Calendars [Japonisme]
12 Charity Appeals
13 China Missions Solicitations
14 Dinners and Receptions - Invitations, menus et al.
15 Delta Upsilon
16 Doshisha University
17 Ends of the Earth
18 First Universal Races Congress, 1911
19 Folklore [American Folklore Society]
20 Folk-Lore Society
21 Harada Tasuku
22 Hondo Christian Church [Yokoi Tokiwo] [1886]
23 Japan Society
24 Japanese Embassy Press Releases
25 Japanese Tourist Information - Chosen [Korean] Railroad; Travel to Dairen [1926]
26 Korean Independence Movement
27 Lectures on Japan
[not Griffis]
28 Memorial Cards
29 Military [Japanese]
30 Missionary Work
Including solicitation for support of Harada Tasuku.
31 Ogawa, Photographer
Catalogue and ephemera [broadside encapsulated for preservation].
32 Osaka Church Directory, 1900
33 Perry Monument Broadside
[encapsulated for preservation]
Article by Baron Kaneko Kentaro, Tokyo, January 1901.
34 Religious Leaders in Japan - pro Russo-Japanese War materials
35 Rising Sun Order
36 Rutgers Fundraising
37 Solicitations [Advertising]
38 Theater Programs [Japonisme]
39 Theater Programs etc. from 1926-1927 trip
40 "To the Yatoi" postcard
41 Trade Relations - miscellaneous documents
42 Tsuda College
43 Union Church of Tokyo Service [1919]
44 Wanamaker's Department Store [Japanese Language]
45 Yamei Kin - Lectures Flyer
Containsmeishi [calling cards] mainly of Japanese associates and contacts of Griffis.
Contains mixed unlisted ephemera.
Contains mixed unlisted scraps and small ephemera.
Box Folder
128 1 Diaries - Explanations
2 Diary & Journal, 1858-September 1860
3 Diaries, October 1, 1860 - December 31, 1862; January 9, 1863 - January 9, 1868
4 Diaries, January 21, 1868 - March 16, 1871
5 Diaries, March 1, 1871 - May 8, 1874
6 Journal, May 10, 1874 - December 31, 1905
Notes by William Elliot Griffis, 1913.
Initial entries are in Tokyo.
Paper is in better shape than many volumes; spine is missing and covers loose. Presently in wrappers.
Box Folder
129 1 European Travel Journal, June 7, 1887 - September 23, 1887
2 Diary, loose pages covering July 31 - August 14, 1892 and August 1 - 28, 1895
Very brittle pages pulled from a writing tablet, written in pencil.
A faint photocopy is included.
3 Diary, January 1, 1906 - November 5, 1913
Annotations by William Elliot Griffis, with an outline to a prospective biography at the end of the volume.
Summary: In addition to these materials, the researcher may want to consult the typescript biography of Margaret Clark Griffis written by William Elliot Griffis (as edited and transcribed by Katharine G.M. Johnson in 1965), which may be found in Group I, MANUSCRIPTS.
Box Folder
129 4 Tokyo Contract (English copy), March 1, 1873
5 Reference Materials, Correspondence and Notes regarding Margaret Clark Griffis
Collected and annotated by Katharine G.M. Johnson.
Also known as Jo Gakko Autobiographies.
Box Folder
130 1 "The Story of My Life" by Terada Kin
2 "The History of My Life" [unsigned; Jo Gakko]
3 "The Story of My Life" by Miyashita Saku
4 "The Story of My Life" by Midzno Tsune
5 "The Story of My Life" by Okura Yasu
6 "The Story of My Life" by Ban Yoshi
7 "The Story of My Life" by Terruyama Hana
8 "The Story of My Life" by Toyama Kan
9 "The Story of My Life" by Yasui Chiyo
10 "The Story of My Life" by Kayo Niwa
11 "The Story of My Life" by Nagai Masu
12 "The Story of My Life" by Yoshida Fusaye
13 "The Story of My Life" by Tominaga Kei
14 [Autobiography] by Oi Kei
15 [Autobiography] by Sugi Yo
16 "History of My Self" by Sugi Yo
17 "The History of My Life" [unsigned]
18 "The History of My Life" [unsigned]
19 "History of My Life" by Miura Kei [?]
20 "The Story of My Life" by Ishibashi Sa-da
21 "The Story of My Life" by Aoki Koto [transcription] Typed transcript by KGMJ
22 "History of My Life" by Iwaya Uka
23 "The Story of My Life" by Mitsuhashi Shio
24 [Autobiography] by Nakamura Fumi
25 "History of My Life" by Nakamura Sen
26 "The History of My Life" Shida Kiku
27 "The History of My Life" by Sida Tetsu
28 "The Story of My Life" by Tanida Iku
29 [Autobiography] by Masawa Yatsu
30 "The Story of My Life" by Tominaga Kumi
31 "The Story of My Life" by Tomita Yu
32 "The History of My Life" by Tsuda Kuni
33 "The Story of My Life" by Watanabe Fude
Arrangement: The papers are grouped by author and filed by generation. Within the author the papers are arranged by type of document and chronologically within type. Correspondence from non-family members is filed within those of the recipient. Photographs have been removed and are located in the Griffis Photograph Collection.
Summary: The Griffis Family Papers is the third sub-group of the William Elliot Griffis Collection. Documents include general Griffis family materials and the papers of individual Griffis family members. The types of documents represented in the sub-group are genealogies, correspondence, journals, account books, and ephemera. Correspondents include Hannah Eyre Griffis, John Limeburner Griffis, Elizabeth Eyre Griffis, Margaret Quandril Clark, Mary Eyre Clark, Anna Maria Hess Griffis, Sarah Anne Clark, Margaret Clark Griffis, Montgomery Patterson Griffis, Martha Chambers Griffis, William Elliot Griffis, Etta Snyder, Katherine Lyra Stanton Griffis, and Sarah Frances King Griffis.
Marginal notes in the letters are by William Elliot Griffis's granddaughter, Katharine G.M. Johnson.
AMHG - Anna Maria Hess Griffis (1812-1872), mother of WEG
EEG - Elizabeth Eyre Griffis (1806-1890), unmarried paternal aunt of WEG
ES - Etta Snyder (d. 1922)
HEG - Hannah Eyre Griffis (Clark) (1780-1830), paternal grandmother of WEG
JLG - John Limeburner Griffis (1804-1879), father of WEG
KLSG - Kathryn Lyra Stanton Griffis (1855-1898), first wife of WEG
MEC- Mary Eyre Clark (Bosler) (1811-1870), Aunt Polly, paternal aunt of WEG
MCG - Margaret Clark Griffis (1838-1913), Sister of WEG
MChG - Martha Chambers Griffis (1842-1923), Sister of WEG
MPG - Montgomery Patterson Griffis (1840-1902), brother of WEG
MQC - Margaret Quandril Clark (1811-1875), unmarried paternal aunt of WEG
SAC - Sarah Anne Clark (Hunter) (1813-1905), paternal aunt of WEG
SFKG - Sara Frances King Griffis (1868-1959), second wife of WEG
WEG - William Elliot Griffis (1843-1928)
Katharine G.M. Johnson, granddaughter of WEG
Clarence Hess Griffis (1849-1911), brother of WEG
Mary Bosler Griffis (1846-1909), Sister of WEG
Edward Warren Clark, friend of WEG
Box Folder
131 1 M. Gardiner? (Friend) to HEG. August 1, 1805, n. l. Sorry to hear HEB is sick. Hope son JLG feels better. Assures her that her husband in St. Croix will be home soon. 1 sheet ([2] p.)
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.
Summary: Most of the letters are to WEG and are filled with motherly concern and family news.
Box Folder
131 2 To SAC, [Philadelphia], February 10, 1837
A defensive letter. Apparently AMHG and SAC have had a disagreement, possibly about AMHG's Sunday school work. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
2 To SAC, New Brunswick, February 23, 1841
Religious tone. Church events. 1 sheet ([4] p.) [in JLG's hand, with additional letter by JLG]
2 To MPG with letter by WEG, Philadelphia, May 1, 1862
1 sheet ([4] p.) [filed under WEG]
2 To WEG, July 9, 1863
n. l. 1 sheet ([3] p.)
2 To WEG with note by MChG, Philadelphia, July 20, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.) [filed under MChG]
2 To WEG, Philadelphia, July 26, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.)
2 To WEG, Philadelphia, August 5, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.)
2 To WEG, August 18, [1863]
n.l. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
2 To WEG, August 20, [1863]
n.l. 1 sheet ([3] p.)
2 To WEG, Kaighn's Point [Camden, N. J.], February 22, 1866
1 sheet ([4] p.)
2 To WEG, [April 19, 1866?]
n.l. 1 sheet ([2] p.) with envelope
2 To WEG, Philadelphia, November 19, 1867
1 sheet ([2] p.) with envelope
2 To WEG, [December 7, 1867]
1 sheet ([4] p.)
2 Mr. and Mrs. Eliashib Tracy [friends] to AMHG and daughter, 1625 Arch Street, Philadelphia, May 21, 1869
1 sheet (1 p.) with envelope. Invitation to their 25th anniversary gathering. Includes calling card of J.F. McLaury.
2 To WEG, Philadelphia, October 10, 1870
1 sheet ([4] p.) Family reactions to WEG's decision to go to Japan
2 To WEG, November 12, 1870
n.l. Poem. 1 sheet (1 p.) in JLG's hand
2 To WEG, Philadelphia, November 14, 1870
Poem. 1 sheet ([3] p.)
2 To WEG, May 13, 1871
n.l. 2 sheets ([8] p.) Mentions Tegima.
2 To WEG, Philadelphia. June 21, 1871
1 sheet ([4] p.)
2 To WEG, Philadelphia, June 22, 1871
1 sheet ([4] p.) with envelope
2 To WEG, October 12, 1871
n.l. 2 sheets ([6] p.)
Arrangement: Arrange chronologically.
Summary: His letters are personal in nature with family news and his early church work.
Box Folder
131 3 To EEG, Albany, N.Y., March 16, 1832
Alludes to past problems [financial?]. Depressed. 1 sheet ([3] p.) incomplete
3 To MQC, New Brunswick, N.J., January 22, 1838
Refers to 1834 shipwreck and attack by "savages." Religious. Urging sister to be more religious. 1 sheet ([3] p.)
3 To SAC, New Brunswick, N.J., March 11, 20, 1839
Religious. Mentions his congregation. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
3 To EEG, New Brunswick, N.J., October 4, 1839
Will visit as soon as boats arrive. Discusses church. 1 sheet ([3] p.) incomplete
3 To SAC, New Brunswick, N.J., February 23, 1841
1 sheet ([4] p.) with letter by AMHG [filed under AMHG]
3 To MCG, Philadelphia, Sunday evening, March 15, 1858
Misses MCG [who is away teaching]. Sentimental. 1 sheet ([4] p.) additional letter from WEG
3 To WEG, Paradise, Baltimore, June 16, 1862
3 sheets ([12] p.)
3 Mr. And Mrs. Danenbower [friends] to JLG, Washington, D.C., October 9, 1865
Wedding anniversary invitation. 1 sheet
3 To WEG, Philadelphia, October 12, 1865
Engineer's Room, U.S. Navy Yard. 1 sheet ([3] p.) with envelope
3 To WEG, Philadelphia, November 1, 1870
1 sheet ([4] p.) Gives approval and expense information concerning the visiting Japanese in his home.
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.
Summary: The letters to family members describe MCG's activities and observations as a governess to families in Tennessee and later in Virginia before the outbreak of the Civil War. Returning to the Griffis family homes in Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey, MCG writes of family news. Her life in Japan, as well as her ailing health, is described in her letters home between 1872 and 1874.
Box Folder
131 4 To WEG, Madrid Bend, [KY], January 11, [1858]
1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG, Madrid Bend, [KY], February 7, 1858
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Madrid Bend, [KY], February 21, 1858
1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG, Meriwether's Landing, TN, March 14, 1858
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Sunday evening, [March 15, 1858]
n.l. 1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG, March 29, 1858
n.l. Writes of WEG's letter of March 8. 1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG, April 11, 1858
n.l. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, April 21, 1858
n.l. 1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG, Meriwether, [TN], April 25, 1858
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, May 2, 1858
n.l. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, May 16, [1858]
n.l. 1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG, June 10, 1858
n.l. 1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To "Sister." Meriwether Plantation [Meriwether Landing, TN], July 8, 1858
Describes a Southern barbeque. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, July 29, 1858
n.l. 1 sheet ([1] p.)
4 To AMHG, Meriwether Landing, TN, August 1, 1858
Teaching on Isler family plantation. Details slave "ball." 1 sheet ([4] p.) To WEG. [before October, 1858], n.l. 1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG and note to AMHG, Benville, VA, November 26, 1859
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To MPG, Benville, [VA], November 26, 1859
1 sheet ([4] p.) Discusses her teaching and three pupils.
4 To WEG, Benville, VA., December 10, 1859
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To [brother Clarence and sister Mary]. Christmas time, Benville, VA., December 24, 1859
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To "Soeur" [MChG?], Benville, VA., December 24, 1859
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To AHMG, Benville, VA., December 24, 1859
[MCG teaches on Robinson family plantation.] 1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Benville, VA., December 25, 1859
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Benville, VA., December 31, 1859
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Benville, VA., January 14, 1860
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Benville, VA., January 31, 1860
1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG, Benville, VA., February 19, 1860
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Benville, VA., March 3, 1860
1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To AMHG, Sunnyside, VA., February 12, 1861 [?]
Can see Alexandria, VA and Washington, D. C. Brief politics. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Sunnyside, VA., February 19, [20], 1861
2 sheets ([8] p.) with envelope MCG goes for a long walk one day and comes upon Mrs. Lee's place, a distant relative of General Robert E. Lee, who also lives in Georgetown. During the brief visit, MCG talks with a slave and learns a bit more about their living conditions. The slave also compares the coming war to the War of 1812 with regards to Washington, DC.
4 To WEG, Sunnyside, VA., February 28, 1861
1 sheet ([4] p.) MCG sees President Lincoln in disguise as he flees from an assassination attempt. Describes daily living with many soldiers about town and the different precautions they must take to remain safe.
4 To WEG, Sunnyside, VA., March 13, 1861
2 sheets ([6] p.)
4 To WEG, Sunnyside, VA., March 24, 1861
2 sheets ([6] p.)
4 To WEG, Sunnyside, VA., April 18, [19], 1861
2 sheets ([6] p.) Virginia secedes on April 19, 1861 and MCG begins to worry about her safety. Describes the preparations that Washington, DC takes to prepare itself for battle.
4 To WEG, Sunnyside, VA., May 5, 1861
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To AMHG, [circa July 23, 1862]
n.l. 1 sheet ([4] p.) incomplete, with a letter by WEG
4 To AMHG, Philadelphia, August 18, 1862
1 sheet ([2] p.) with letter by WEG [filed under WEG]
4 To AMHG, Baltimore, June 8, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.) with letter by WEG [filed under WEG]
4 To WEG, Fairmount, July 16, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.) WEG has left for camp. MCG describes how one of her charges, an infant girl, dies from illness in her arms.
4 To WEG, Fairmount, August 4, 1863
2 sheets ([6] p.)
4 To WEG, Fairmount, August 13, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Fairmount, October 22, 1863
2 sheets ([6] p.)
4 To AMHG, Fairmount, November 13, 1863
Living with aunt and uncle. Needs dress cleaned for school and needs new dress. MPG is there. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Fairmount, November 29, [1863]
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, Kaighn's Point [N.J.], October 7, [1865]
1 sheet ([4] p.)
4 To WEG, K[aighn's] P[oint] [N.J.], October 7, 1866
1 sheet ([2] p.)
4 To WEG, Philadelphia, September 22, [1867]
1 sheet ([4] p.) with envelope
5 To WEG, October 10, 1870
n.l. 1 sheet ([4] p.) with envelope MCG Consoles WEG over his heartbreak (Ellen) and asks for financial assistance.
5 To WEG, Philadelphia, November 1, 1870
1 sheet ([4] p.) [filed under JLG]
5 To "Sisters." Steamer China, July 20, 21, 1872
1 sheet ([4] p.) MCG is seasick.
5 To MCG from EWC, Shizuoka, Japan, July 24, 1872
1 sheet ([1] p.) A copy of page from scrapbook in unknown hand
5 To "Sisters." Steamer China & Yokohama, Japan, July 28, 29, August 11, 1872
1 sheet ([4] p.) Describes the ship and activities on board as well as fellow travelers. WEG meets MCG upon arrival.
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, Japan, August 18, 20, 1872
2 sheets ([8] p.) MCG has arrived in Japan and compares the common folk to Tegima. WEG will send home $300 per year. MCG is waiting for the government to decide on public education for women.
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, August 25, 1872
1 sheet ([4] p.)
5 To MEC, Yedo, August 25, September 1, 1872
2 sheets ([8] p.) MCG and WEG visit the graves of the 47 Ronin. Doctor says she has an enlarged liver (from taking quinine), heart palpitations. WEG sends $50 to give to "Pop" for life insurance, $50 for Uncle Elliot.
5 To "Hettie" [Etta Snyder], Yedo, September 4, 1872
2 sheets ([6] p.) Mentions impressions of Yedo.
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, September 21, 1872
2 sheets ([8] p.)
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, September 28, 1872
2 sheets ([8] p.) Notes that WEG has yet to save any money. MCG expresses frustration towards the government and teaching.
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, October 2, 9, 14, 1872
3 sheets (12 p.) The Mikado opens a railroad and there is a big celebration where she is the only foreign woman. In fact, the Emperor himself bows to her in passing. Discusses finances and WEG's need to marry.
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, October 21, 1872
1 sheet ([4] p.) Discusses financial concerns and a local festival. Would stay longer if her sisters could join her.
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, October 30, November 2, 1872
3 sheets (12 p.) Confides feelings about WEG's adjustment to life in Japan. MCG notes her frustrations from dealing with the Department of Education: "Female education is only an experiment." Describes Tokyo Girls' School. Discusses festivities for Mikado's birthday and gossip amongst foreigners. Describes Japanese family and customs.
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, November 17, 1872
3 sheets (10 p.)
5 To "Sisters." Yedo, November 27, December 2, 1872
3 sheets ([10] p.) MCG realizes that her sisters cannot come to Japan and plans to leave with WEG in one year. Foreigners have created a Literacy and Social Union. MCG is described as a "Philadelphia lady."
5 To "Hettie" [Etta Snyder], Yedo, January 4, 19, 1873
2 sheets ([8] p.) WEG is presented to the Mikado. MCG watches the Japanese dancing and describes the Japanese clothing.
5 To "Sisters." Tokyo, September 2, 1873
1 sheet ([4] p.) In July WEG sends $100 home, now MCG is sending $30 and WEG another $100 home. Visited by David Murray and his wife (professor of mathematics from Rutgers College).
5 To "Sisters." January 8, 11, 1874
n. l. 3 sheets ([12] p.) Gives $50 to sisters. Everything is one-third more expensive in Japan. Comments on the anniversary of AMHG's death. The Satsuma clan is rebelling and there is an attempted assassination of Iwakura.
5 To MEC, February 9–20, 1874
Describes her illness. Satsuma rebels. Iwakura resigns. Spends $10 per month on "jinrikisha" rides. 1 sheet ([4] p.) Incomplete.
5 To "Sisters." Tokyo, March 29, April 3, 5, 1874
1 sheet ([4] p.) MCG sends home $50 for Johnny's suit. Asks sister to solicit church donations to help fund schools.
5 To "Sisters." May 2, 6 [5], 8, 15, 1874
n. l. 3 sheets (12 p.) Describes illness and examination as well as parties and a wedding. MCG plans to return earlier than expected. No end.
Box Folder
131 6 To WEG, Philadelphia, July 20, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.) with note by AMHG
Arrangement: Arranged by document type and within type, chronologically.
Summary: Letters to family members are the bulk of this group of papers, documenting MPG's experiences in the U.S. Navy before and during the Civil War. This period is further detailed in MPG's journal, his memoirs, and poems.
Box Folder
131 7 To MCG, Wilmington, N.C., February 8, 1858
Talks of his trip to the West Indies. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
7 To AMHG, Wilmington, N.C., March 13, 1858
Is stuck there until he can make enough money to leave. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
7 To MCG, Boston, April 8, 1858
Writes of Georgetown, S.C. (attended Sunday "meeting of the slaves"), Martinique, Wilmington, N.C. Drunk captain discharged. French song. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
7 To AMHG and WEG, Boston, April 9, 1858
Determined to save money. Mentions brother John's grave. Saving "curios" to bring home. Also, a note in French written by a shipmate with translation by MPG. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
7 To AMHG, Boston, August 18, 1858
1 sheet ([4] p.)
7 To AMHG, Ellsworth, Maine, September 1, 1858
Unhappy with circumstances, being stuck there for lack of money. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
7 To AMHG, Ellsworth, Maine, September 3, 1858
Looking for a job. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
7 To AMHG, Bluehill, Maine, October 6, 1858
Mother sent money. Is heading for Baltimore. 1 sheet ([1] p.)
7 To AMHG, Baltimore, October 18, 1858
Staying with uncle. Will be home soon. 1 sheet ([2] p.)
8 To WEG, Ship Island, Miss., April 2, 1862
1 sheet ([3] p.)
8 To WEG, Mississippi River, June 13, 14, 1862
1 sheet ([4] p.)
8 To AMHG, New Orleans, August 8, 1862
U.S.S. Winona. Talks of ironclads and water battle. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
8 To WEG, U.S.S. Winona, Mississippi River, September 3, 1862
1 sheet ([4] p.)
8 To "Sister." U.S.S. Winona, off Mobile, September 6, 1862
1 sheet ([4] p.)
8 To AMHG, Mississippi River, opposite Donaldsonvile [sic], LA., December 18, 21, 27, 1862
U.S. Gunboat Winona. Skirmishes. Rebel spies dressed as women. 2 sheets ([8] p.)
8 To WEG, U.S.S. Winona, February 7, 8, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.)
8 To AMHG, Below Port Hudson, March 21, 1863
on U.S. Gunboat Winona. Skirmishes. 1 sheet ([4] p.)
8 To MCG, U.S. Gunboat Winona, March 21, 1863
Below Port Hudson (on the Mississippi River). Mentions ironclad Essex and Gunboat Sachem. Talks of coming home. 1 sheet ([3] p.)
8 To WEG, U.S. Gunboat Winona, below Port Hudson, March 22, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.) Talks about Admiral Farragut and his experiences with other crewmen. Describes various engagements with the Confederacy. Also talks to WEG about the discord between AMHG and JLG.
8 To WEG, U.S. Gunboat Winona, off Donaldsonville, LA., May 7, 1863
1 sheet ([4] p.) Describes life on the US Gunboat Winona. Asks after many relatives, mentions some of his superior officers.