MC 1460

Inventory to the Gloria Orenstein Collection on Women Artists

By Catherine Carey and Stephanie Crawford

November 2010

Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Orenstein, Gloria Feman, 1938-
Title: Gloria Orenstein Collection on Women Artists
Dates: 1975-2012, bulk 2006-2012
Quantity: 1.25 cubic feet (2 manuscript boxes, 2 audiovisual boxes)
Abstract: The collection is comprised of oral history interviews conducted by students of the feminist historian Gloria Orenstein between 2006 and 2012. Of special interest are additional materials provided by the interviewee Anne Gauldin, documenting the feminist performance groups The Waitresses and Sisters of Survival which were active in the 1970s and 1980s.
Collection No.: MC 1460
Language: English
Repository: Rutgers University Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives

Biographical Sketch

Gloria Orenstein is a professor emerita of Comparative Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California. Formerly she was assistant professor of English at Douglass College of Rutgers University from 1975 to 1981 as well as the chair of the Women's Studies Program at Douglass College from 1976 to 1978. Orenstein’s research centers on women's studies in contemporary art, literature and culture; ecofeminism in the arts; surrealism; women and surrealism; shamanism and Jewish women artists. Orenstein has published a number of books, book chapters, and journal articles on these subjects. She is recognized as an integral participator in the feminist art movement.

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Scope and Content Note

The Gloria Orenstein Collection on Women Artists consists of materials generated by the students of two of Orenstein’s USC courses, Women in Literature and Art and Ecofeminism. The students created short films of interviews with women artists in Southern California in which the artists spoke about their work, their gender, and sexism in the art world. These materials span the dates 1975 to 2012; however, the bulk of the materials date from 2006 to 2012. The contents of this collection are housed in two manuscript boxes and two audiovisual boxes. The collection is divided between the subject files on the artists and the audio/video files of the interviews. This collection includes DVDs of interviews with women artists residing in the Los Angeles area. Also included are the students’ papers written to accompany the visual material. These papers include rich biographical information about these artists, information about the artists’ works, as well as the personal experiences of the students. In addition, several of the artists provided exhibition catalogs, CVs, and other informational materials. Anne Gauldin provided information about her artwork, as well as her involvement in the performance group The Waitresses and the performance group Sisters of Survival. There is a bound copy of her 1978 master's thesis, “Quest Through the Matrix: Edinburgh Arts Europe '76, Feminist Education, Feminist Art”, Goddard College; a DVD video retrospective of The Waitresses and of End of the Rainbow: Sisters of Survival 1981–1985; promotional materials and clippings related to her work and exhibitions; as well as a publisher’s draft of The Waitresses Unpeeled: Performance Art and Life, by Jerri Allyn and Anne Gauldin. The draft of this book also includes an essay by Gloria Orenstein. Jean Edelstein provided an exhibition catalog, as well as computer printed images of her artwork. Bruria Finkel donated an exhibition catalog from 1985. Anne Isolde’s materials contains photographs of her artwork. Kivel Kesa provided information, including a short film on a DVD, about her project Girlhouse that was based on the iconic feminist exhibition Womanhouse. Harriet Zeitlin’s materials contain exhibition catalogs and exhibition announcements.

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Arrangement Note

When these materials were received, each interview (DVD) and corresponding student paper was contained in a plastic envelope and labeled with the artist’s name. The students’ papers and other materials were removed from the plastic envelopes and placed into acid-free folders. The DVDs were separated from the students papers and placed into audiovisual boxes for easier handling.

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Related Resources

Several of the oral history interviews have been uploaded to the YouTube channel “USC School of Cinematic Arts.”

Anne Gauldin

Anna Homler

Sharon Kagan

Nancy Macko

Barbara Smith

June Wayne

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Name and Subject Terms

Subject Names

Abeles, Kim, 1952-
Baca, Judith Francisca
Buchanan, Nancy, 1946-
Friis-Ross, Rosalie
Gauldin, Anne
Hirsch, Gilah Yelin
Maberry, Sue
Orenstein, Gloria Feman, 1938-
Pinkel, Sheila, 1941-

Subject Topics

Art History
Feminist Art
Women Artists

Corporate Names

University of Southern California

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

The Gloria Orenstein Collection on Women Artists. MC 1460. Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

Provenance Note

The contents of the Gloria Orenstein Collection on Women Artists was received by Rutgers University in 2010 and 2012.

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Detailed Description/Container List

This section provides descriptions of the materials found within each series. Each series description is followed by a container list, which gives the titles of the "containers" (for example, folders, volumes, or cassettes) and their locations in the numbered boxes that comprise the collection. The availability of any digital items from a container is indicated with a hyperlink.

SUBJECT FILES, 1975-2011 with gaps
Arrangement: Alphabetical by artists' surnames.
Summary: Largely composed of student papers, these files also contain reference information on The Waitresses, a feminist performance group that was fueled by creativity and humor. DVDs of The Waitresses were left in the files.
Box Folder
1 1 Abeles, Kim, about 2007
2 Allyn, Jeri, 2008
3 Baca, Judy, 2009
4 Bookout, Julia Cheryl, 2007
5 Buchanan, Nancy, 2009
6 Cutler-Shaw, Joyce, 2006
7 Duzy, Merrilyn, 2011
8 Edelstein, Jean, 2000
9 Edelstein, Jean, 2010
10 Finkel, Bruria, 1985 and 2006
11 Fried, Dwora, 2011
12 Friis-Ross, Rosalie, 2009
13 Gauldin, Anne, 2007-2008
14 Gauldin, Anne -- “Quest Through the Matrix: Edinburgh Arts Europe '76, Feminist Education, Feminist Art”, Goddard College, 1978
15 Gauldin, Anne -- The Waitresses; Sisters of Survival, 1982-1983 and 2007-2008
16 Gauldin, Anne -- The Waitresses; Sisters of Survival, DVDs, 2008
17 Gauldin, Anne -- The Waitress Unpeeled: Performance Art and Life, by: Jerri Allyn and Anne Gauldin, 2008
18 Gaulke, Cheri, 2007
19 The Group Nine, 2011
20 Hirsch, Gilah Yelin, 2009
Box Folder
2 1 Holcomb, Susan, 2011
2 Homler, Anna, 2008
3 Isolde, Ann, 2006
4 Kagan, Sharon, 2008
5-6 Kivel, Kesa, 2006
Concern the Girlhouse project; among the contents are photographs and 1 DVD.
7 Lazzari, Margaret, 2007
8 Maberry, Sue, 2009
9 Macko, Nancy, 2007
10 Maughelli, Mary, 2011
11 Mizraki, Ginette, 2006
12 Mueller, Sandra, 2007
13 Orenstein, Gloria, 2011
14 Rosenthal, Rachel, 2008
15 Safan-Gerard, Desy, 2011
16 Samuels, Gwen, 2011
17 Smith, Barbara, 2007
18 Wayne, June, 2008
19 Weisberg, Ruth, 2011
20 Zeitlin, Harriet, 2010
21 Zeitlin, Harriet, 1975-1985, 1995, 1999? and 2006
Arrangement: Alphabetical by artists' surnames.
Summary: Largely composed of DVDs of interviews with women artists conducted by students of Gloria Orenstein, together with related CDs. Several of the DVDs contain extra footage not used in the final video of an interview. There is also one Digital Video Cassette containing the unedited version of an interview.
3 Abeles, Kim, about 2007
3 copies.
Allyn, Jerri, 2008
1 copy.
Atlantis, Dori, and Karen Frimkess Wolff, 2012
2 copies.
Baca, Judy, 2009
2 copies.
Barkus, Mariona, about 2007
2 copies.
Bookout, Julia Cheryl, 2007
2 copies.
Brandstein, Eve, about 2007
2 copies.
Buchanan, Nancy, about 2007
1 copy.
Christian-Levy, Caryl, 2011
2 copies.
Cutler-Shaw, Joyce, 2006
3 copies.
Duzy, Merrilyn, 2011
3 copies.
Edelstein, Jean, 2010
3 copies.
Fertik, Irene, about 2007
2 copies.
Finkel, Bruria, 2006
1 DVD, 1 Digital Video Cassette.
Fried, Dwora, 2011
3 copies.
Friis-Ross, Rosalie, 2009
1 copy.
Gauldin, Anne, 2007
2 copies.
Gaulke, Cheri, 2007
2 copies.
Group Nine, 2011
2 copies.
Hirsch, Gilah Yelin, 2009
2 copies.
Holcomb, Susan, 2011
2 copies.
Homler, Anna, 2008
1 copy.
Isolde, Ann, 2006
3 copies.
Kagan, Sharon, 2008
1 copy.
Kivel, Kesa, 2006
2 copies.
4 Koblitz, Karen, 2012
2 copies.
Lakich, Lili, 2012
2 copies.
Lazzari, Margaret, 2007
1 copy.
Maberry, Sue, 2009
1 copy.
Macko, Nancy, 2007
2 copies.
Maughelli, Mary, 2011
2 copies.
McCarty, Kim, 2012
2 copies.
Mizraki, Ginette, 2006
3 copies.
Mueller, Sandra, 2007
3 copies.
Orenstein, Gloria, 2011
2 copies.
Pinkel, Shelia, 2009
2 copies.
Rosenthal, Rachel, 2008
1 copy.
Safan-Gerard, Desy, 2011
4 copies.
Samuels, Gwen, 2011
3 copies.
Smith, Barbara, 2007
2 copies.
Wayne, June, 2008
1 copy.