Book Arts and Artists' Books Collection

[Book] Nineteenth Century Children's Chapbook Collection, 1780-1946, bulk 1801 and 1900
[Book] Blaustein, Al Guide to the Al Blaustein Collection, 1960-2011 and undated. Bulk 1960-1980s.
[Book] Bryson, Bernarda Guide to the Bernarda Bryson Shahn Etchings, 1935-1990; bulk 1970-1990
[Book] Coron, BĂ©atrice (1956-) Beatrice Coron Collection , 1993-2017 Bulk 1996-2006
[Book] DePol, John, 1914-2004 Guide to the John DePol Collection, 1930-2004
[Book] Gelfand, Morris A. (Morris Arthur), 1908-1998 Stone House Press Archive , 1943-1998 Bulk 1980-1990
[Book] Glashausser, Suellen Suellen Glashausser Papers , 1956-2001 Bulk 1980-2000
[Book] Glashausser, Suellen Suellen Glashausser Artists' Books Collection, 1980-2000
[Book] Lubell, Winifred Milius Winifred Milius Lubell Collection, 1933-2014
[Book] Manola, Frances Frances Manola Collection, 1946-2014
[Book] Miniature Book Collection Guide to the Children's Miniature Books Collection, 1802-1993
[Book] Miniature Book Collection Guide to the Commercial and Other Miniature Books Collection, 1904-1999
[Book] Miniature Book Collection Guide to the Early Miniature Books Collection , 1727-1925
[Book] Miniature Book Collection Guide to the Miniature Fine Press and Artists' Book Collection, 1940-2000
[Book] Romano, Clare Clare Romano Collection, 1957-2012
[Book] Ross, John John Ross Collection, 1950-2009, bulk undated
[Book] Shahn, Ben (1898-1969) Ben Shahn Estate Collection , 1931-1991 Bulk undated
[Book] Stilwell, Brian The Stilwell Press Books Collection, 1814-2013, bulk 1900-1999
[Book] Ward, Lynd Guide to the Lynd Ward Collection , 1929-1937 and undated
[Book] Weiss, Harry Bischoff Harry B. Weiss Chapbook Collection, 1767-1945, bulk 1793-1850
[Book] Whittle, George Howes (1848-1921) George Howes Whittle Engraving Collection , ca 1870 - 1921 Bulk undated