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The Cross National Time Series Database

The Cross National Time Series Database contains important social and economic indicators. This website provides access to the database of 266 countries, 190 series and data beginning in the year 1815. You can search by keyword or browse through the variable listing. This database is a licensed resource and is available only to Rutgers University. Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff may obtain a password by emailing the Data Librarian for access.

First time users are encouraged to consult the Help Section. This will provide the user with important instructions on the use of the CNTS database as well as definitions for certain postfixes used in the database. Users are also encouraged to Contact the Administrator if they encounter any bugs or problems with the site. Any suggestions and recommendations are also welcome.

Users are also encouraged to browse through the Codebook. The Codebook is a listing of all variables used in the database. In addition, it also contains each variable’s scaling information (if applicable) and also definitions and additional notes. Certain entries that are calculated from other values also list the formula used to derive the numbers.

In addition to the Codebook, The SCC has also made the Bibliography for the CNTS database available for the user. The Bibliography is designed to reference specific repositories of statistics for countries that needed additional sources. The Bibliography is keyed to certain Country Codes. The Country Code column of the Search Results will link to the appropriate sections in the Bibliography.

To begin quickly, simply log on to the system via the UserID and password to your left. By logging in, you gain access to features of the website such as the variable search and user administration (if you are an administrator). Please note that accounts are not active indefinitely. Accounts are issued with an expiration date, typically four weeks from the registration date. After the expiration date has passed, the account will be deleted from the system. If you think your account will expire soon, please contact the Data Librarian. UserIDs and passwords will be renewed by request.