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Journal Abbreviations/Titles
Note: The following list contains abbreviations, with full titles, of the journals most frequently cited in the Alcohol Studies Database. For help in deciphering abbreviations that do not appear in this list, see the list of abbreviations commonly used in journal titles.
Accid. Anal. Prev.Accident Analysis and Prevention
Acta Psychiatr. Scand.Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica
Addict. Behav.Addictive Behaviors
Addict. BiologyAddiction Biology
Addict. Lett.Addiction Letter
Addict. Nurs.Addictions Nursing
Addict. Nurs. NetworkAddictions Nursing Network
Addict. Recov.Addiction and Recovery
Addict. Res.Addiction Research
Adolesc. CounselorAdolescent Counselor
Adv. Alc. Subst. AbuseAdvances in Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Alc. AlertAlcohol Alert
Alc. Drugs & Driv.Alcohol, Drugs and Driving
Alc. Hlth Res. WorldAlcohol Health and Research World
Alc. Res. HlthAlcohol Research and Health
AlcoholAlcohol: An International Biomedical Journal
Alcohol AlcsmAlcohol and Alcoholism
AlcoholismAlcoholism: Journal on Alcoholism and Related Addictions
Alcoholism/Natl Mag.Alcoholism, The National Magazine
Alcsm & Addict. Alcoholism and Addiction
Alcsm Clin. Exp. Res.Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research
Alcsm Treat. Quart.Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly
Amer. Indian Alaska Native Ment. Hlth Res.American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research
Amer. J. Addict.American Journal on Addictions
Amer. J. Drug Alc. AbuseAmerican Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Amer. J. Psychiat.American Journal of Psychiatry
Amer. J. Publ. HlthAmerican Journal of Public Health
Ann. NY Acad. Sci.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Aust. Drug Alc. Rev.Australian Drug and Alcohol Review
Behav. Hlth Manage.Behavioral Health Management
Bottom LineBottom Line on Alcohol in Society
Brew. Dig.Brewer=s Digest
Brit. J. Addict.British Journal of Addictions
Bull. Soc. Psychologists Addict. Behav.Bulletin of the Society of Psychologists in Addictive Behaviors
Contemp. Drug Probl.Contemporary Drug Problems
CounselorThe Counselor
CSAM NewsCSAM News [California Society of Addiction Medicine]
Dram Shop Alc. Report.Dram Shop and Alcohol Reporter
Drink./Driv. Law Lett.Drinking/Driving Law Letter
Drinking & Drug Pract. SurveyorDrinking and Drug Practices Surveyor
Drug Abuse Alcsm Newslett.Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Newsletter
Drug Alc. ReviewDrug and Alcohol Review
Drug Alcohol Depend.Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Drug Educ. J. Aust.Drug Education Journal of Australia
Drug Policy Lett.Drug Policy Letter
Drugs & Soc.Drugs and Society
Drugs Educ. Prev. PolicyDrugs: Education, Prevention and Policy
EAP DigestEAP Digest
Employee Assist.Employee Assistance
Employee Assist. Quart.Employee Assistance Quarterly
Europ. Addict. Res.European Addiction Research
Fam. Dyn. Addict. Quart.Family Dynamics of Addiction Quarterly
Focus Chem. Depend. Fam.Focus on Chemically Dependent Families
Focus Educ. Prof. Fam. Recov.Focus on Educating Professionals in Family Recovery
Focus Fam. Chem. Depend.Focus on Families and Chemical Dependency
Impair. Driv. UpdateImpaired Driving Update
Industr. Labor Relat. Rev.Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Int. J. Addict.International Journal of the Addictions
J. Abnorm. Psychol.Journal of Abnormal Psychology
J. Addict. Dis.Journal of Addictive Diseases
J. Addict. Nurs.Journal of Addictions Nursing
J. Adolesc. Chem. Depend.Journal of Adolescent Chemical Dependency
J. Alc. Drug Educ.Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education
J. Chem. Depend. Treat.Journal of Chemical Dependency Treatment
J. Child Adolesc. Subst. AbuseJournal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse
J. Clin. Psychiat.Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
J. Cons. Clin. Psychol.Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
J. Drug Educ.Journal of Drug Education
J. Drug IssuesJournal of Drug Issues
J. Ministry Addict. Recov.Journal of Ministry in Addiction and Recovery
J. Psychoactive DrugsJournal of Psychoactive Drugs
J. Stud. Alc.Journal of Studies on Alcohol
J. Subst. AbuseJournal of Substance Abuse
J. Subst. Abuse Treat.Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
J. Subst. MisuseJournal of Substance Misuse
J. Subst. UseJournal of Substance Use
JAMAJournal of the American Medical Association
Jpn. J. Alc. Stud. Drug Depend.Japanese Journal of Alcohol Studies and Drug Dependence
Md Med. J.Maryland Medical Journal
MMWR Morbid. Mortal. Wkly Rep.MMWR: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Mod. Read.Moderation Reader
New Engl. J. Med.New England Journal of Medicine
Prev. FilePrevention File
Prev. ForumPrevention Forum
Prev. PipelinePrevention Pipeline
Prof. Counsel.Professional Counselor
Psychol. Addict. Behav.Psychology of Addictive Behaviors
Psychol. Rep.Psychological Reports
Publ. Hlth Rep.Public Health Reports
Res. Commun. Alc. Subst. AbuseResearch Communications in Alcohol and Substances of Abuse
Res. Commun. Subst. AbuseResearch Communications in Substances of Abuse
Social Hist. Alc. Rev.Social History of Alcohol Review
Student Assist. J.Student Assistance Journal
Subst. AbuseSubstance Abuse
Subst. Use MisuseSubstance Use and Misuse
Traff. Saf.Traffic Safety
Treat. TodayTreatment Today
UMTRI Res. ReviewUMTRI Research Review [University of Michigan Transportation Research Review]
Violence Vict.Violence and Victims
World Hlth ForumWorld Health Forum