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Searching by Subject.

Type in a word or phrase.

Example: ecstasy

Example: blood alcohol level

Example: drinking and driving

From the list of results, check appropriate subject headings and click Select Terms. This will paste your selected terms into the full search screen. If no headings are appropriate, click Advanced Search to go to the full search screen. You can also search by additional criteria--e.g., author, keyword, date, etc., and limit your searches by special population or format. If you did not find appropriate subject headings, type words or phrases in the keyword field to represent your concept(s).


Using Boolean Techniques

When you select multiple search terms you can combine them with the logical AND or OR operators. If you select several subject terms from the same display list, they will be combined with OR (the database will search for any of the selected headings). You can combine terms from different search boxes using the AND/OR button between the boxes. Choose AND if you wish all terms to be present (this narrows your search); choose OR if you want any one of the terms to be present (broadens your search).

When typing in the search boxes, you can search for a single word, a phrase, or you can use the AND or OR operators within the field to search for multiple keywords. Keyword searches are for all terms, as if with AND operators, by default. If you wish to search for a phrase using the Advanced Search form, put it in quotation marks. For example:

Keyword: dysfunction

Keyword: dysfunctional families (= dysfunctional AND families)

Phrase: "dysfunctional families"

Multiple keywords: children OR offspring (either word must be present in the title)

Multiple keywords: family AND problem (both words must be present in the title)


To search by author you may use last name followed by a first initial, if known. To search for multiple authors, combine last names (with or without initials). For example:

Author: Page P (note: it is not necessary to type commas, periods, or other punctuation marks)

Authors: Page AND Weglarz

Authors: page weglarz (= Page AND Weglarz)

*Note: The search index is not case-sensitive. It is not necessary to use capital letters for names or boolean operators.


Limiting the Search

For those interested primarily in educational materials, it is possible to limit the search by special format. Select from the pull-down menu. These DO NOT APPLY for most of the research and professional materials in the database. Use only for educational/popular materials–for example, if you need videos or curricula on a particular topic. Users can also limit searches by special populations, which are used like subject headings and are found in much of the research literature.


Special Cautions

The web version of this database supports right-truncated queries. The query term "williams*" finds all records containing the word "Williams" or "Williamson", or any other word that starts with the prefix "williams."

Caution: since many of the records in the database contain some form of the words "alcohol" or "drug," users are advised not to choose these as keywords, to avoid slowing the search process significantly.

When searching by author, do not use authors’ first names (not included in this database). You may use the first initial, if known.

Avoid searching the database using a single subject heading only. Most subject headings will return several hundred records. It is best to combine several subject headings and/or to use keywords/phrases, author names, or limits to refine your search.


Links to Full Text

Many of the database records contain links that may lead to full-text documents. These links are found in the Detailed Description of the record. Select ActiveLink to search for the journal record in the Rutgers University Library catalog. The catalog record will contain a link to the online version of the journal, if one is available. Access to online documents is limited to current Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff.

For Further Assistance

If you need assistance in searching the database or in locating materials cited, please contact the maintainers:

Judit H. Ward

Jeffery A. Triggs

Ronald Jantz

The Center of Alcohol Studies Library is open to the public Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m.-4:30 noon

Rutgers University faculty, staff, and students have full borrowing privileges at the library. Guest borrowing privileges may be extended to alumni, Friends of the Rutgers Libraries, and individuals with special research needs. Contact the library for information:

Center of Alcohol Studies Library
607 Allison Rd.
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8001
phone: 732-445-4442
fax: 732-445-5944

The original Alcohol Studies Database website was designed and developed by Ronald Jantz and Michael LeBlanc. Extensive revisions to the Cold Fusion interface were made by Vincent Colonna. The recent conversion from Cold Fusion on Windows to PHP on Linux was done by Jeffery A. Triggs.  Questions regarding the design and operation of the website can be directed to rjantz@rci.rutgers.edu