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This web page enables you to search for citations to alcohol studies sources. Over 80,000 citations are available. Type text in the boxes below. You can select the type of search from the picklist at the right of the box. Click here to select subject terms from the thesaurus.




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  • Keyword - A keyword search will find items anywhere in the bibliographic record.
  • Thesaurus - A thesaurus search will find common subject terms from the Alcohol Studies Thesaurus to add to your keyword and then search the subject field.
  • Other Fields - A field search will find items that appear in the element corresponding to the selected field, e.g., "Title", "Subject", "Description", etc.
  • Boolean search - A search for "marijuana" or "ecstasy" will find records containing "marijuana", or records containing "ecstasy", whereas a search for "marijuana" and "ecstasy" will find items containing both "marijuana" and "ecstasy." Mixed Boolean searches such as "Jane and Doe or John" or "Jane or Doe and John" are not supported.
  • Truncation - Supports right-truncated queries. The query term "williams*" finds all records containing the word "Williams" or "Williamson", or any other word that starts with the prefix "williams."
  • Phrase searching - Use double quotes to search for a specific phrase. For example: "family history of alcoholism" as opposed to "family", "history", and "alcoholism" as keywords. Truncation does not work inside of phrases.
  • Date searching - Enter a four digit year.

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